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Hi guys, im planning to take the Amtrak Crescent line in April from New Orleans to Atlanta where i will get to meet my fiancee's family.
So we are making the trip but would love to save as much as possible, therefore, we are taking the coach seats, and hoping we can have a lot of fun and adventures on this trip.
What advice can you give me, what can you tell me about the amtrak trains, this particular route, etc.
An tips welcome. Also you are welcome to discuss this route, or this kind of trains.
I've never been on a long distance Amtrak but I'm posting because I'm hoping to go on the California Zephyr this summer and wondering if /trv/ had any advice as well.
I have heard though that Amtrak in the south is pretty boring in terms of scenery.
Just fly you fedora toting faggot.

Amtrak is expensive, slow, and pointless. You're not going to be sitting there reading the paper and smoking a pipe like weird fantasy you've undoubtedly built up in your head. You're going to be watching hours of fields and swamps go by while you tap at your phone.
Gas is cheap as hell. Just drive. Honestly, who takes the train in America?
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People who don't live in flyover land with third world infrastructure. The trains in the northeast pretty much put the airline offerings in that area out of business. Who wants to pay $200 to get your anus probed by TSA at an airport 30 miles outside of the city that is a pain in the ass to get to when you can just take public transit to the train station downtown, and spend less on a comfy fast train ride from city to city?
Atlanta to New Orleans seems like a "just fly" route. It's not considered scenic at all, but I don't have experience with it.

I have however done the AutoTrain several times, which can break up a drive with pretty good space or luxury in Coach. I think this is their point, however, for this route. Snowbirds who want their cars with them, but don't enjoy driving 6-8 hours alone, and adding a hotel for an overnight, when going from the Northeast to Florida. It's good with vacationers from the mid-Atlantic going south too. Seats are like 1980s First Class, with foot rests, awesome width. There is a lounge car with circular family booths, movies, snacks and bar, and family movies. Most people are playing cards in there. The diner car is 50s diner booths too, with chain restaurant style microwaved kind of menu. They used to give free wine, free fruit, free koolaid, free hot water for your own teas/cocoa needs, and free snack mix. Seems to come and go each year. The bathrooms are spacious on bottom levels, with dressing areas that have sinks and lavatories both. Unless I had young kids to watch, or IBS and needed privacy/reserved bathroom, I wouldn't get a cabin. No need. The seats were sleepworthy, and wifi/outlets at each.

The Zephyr I was on about 20 years ago, from the SLC to Denver portion, which is deemed to be the most beautiful segment. You kind of first come first served the bubble cars back then, and people did come and go from those seats to get out of the sun and back to their assigned seats, not sure how they handle that nowadays. It went from gorgeous snowy mountain passes, to straight-from-the-movies, desert vistas with rolling tumbleweeds. Some activity in the Colorado river to watch, like rafters, from time to time. Both end points were good exploring cities as well for nature lovers. I don't recall the food/lounge.>>1077034
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Also, as far as i been reading, this particular part that im travelling trough has some intresting features as far as scenery goes (pic related). I compared fees to other methods of transport, and it actually IS cheaper than flying or renting a car (i don't live nor have a car on new orleans)

Besides that, and considering the fact that i DO want to take the train, i would appreciate useful advice.
Thanks for the advice.

I forgot to mention this is my first trip to America, so i would love to meet people and play cards, talk and whatever.

I know the mountains and deserts and whatever makes for more of a breathtaking view, but meeting my inlaws is the main point of this trip, so im trying to get the best bang for the buck, and have the best possible experience in the 20 or so days ill have in the US.
Hmm. I just looked up the timetables for the Crescent and the smokestops aren't as long as I remember. At Meridian and Birmingham, just take 3 or 4 minutes to walk outside the platform, at least. The crew will let you know when it's time to reboard.

And as far as baggage/luggage, you can pretty much take as much as you can carry on your person. Travelling as a couple you could each have a backpack and one suitcase between you. If you have more stuff, it can easily be checked into the baggage car for a small fee.
>i would love to meet people and play cards
As far as I know, they still sell decks of playing cards in the cafe car. You said you'll be travelling coach so feel free to walk to the front of the train for the cafe car. And the dining car is in front of that. Looks lunch is served from 11:30 to 3:00 PM. Make sure to leave a 2 or 3 dollar tip.
>Hmm. I just looked up the timetables for the Crescent and the smokestops aren't as long as I remember.
No one smokes in the US much anymore. It's really been a hasbeen habit since the 80s. Those that still do smoke are over the age of 60, and/or stupid. People who are 40-50 saw it phase out during their youth, though they had the most pressure to start it, with free coupons or free samples everytime you turned around. People 30 and under who smoke are dog stupid, and wear their rebel idiocy on their sleeves. Addiction went towards other things, unless you were the lowest or low uneducated class in the US. Employers wouldn't hire smokers in smoke-free workplaces, and/or charge more for insurance to penalize them. Finally, it becoming illegal in restaurants and public spaces were the final nail in the coffin. It's simply damn inconvenient to even be a smoker.

You notice a huge difference in smokers vs nonsmokers outside of the US.
>No one smokes in the US much anymore
That's not true.

Anyway, I wasn't referring to the actual smoking at a smokestop, but the time you could just get up and stretch your legs. I remember smokestops where you could run into a McDonald's at D.C. Union station and still have time to spare and take pictures of the consist.
It's short because people hate smokers.
Amtrak is only good at having awful customer service. Yes, the view is pretty in the mountains, but it is also pretty from a car. Which you'll want to get a sleeper, so the price might be similar to just renting a car; go where and when you want. On the train you will mostly meet "former" cokeheads avoiding airport security for no reason at all, and rude staff. Well one plus, at least the really poor people take the bus.
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