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So do any of you have stories about being...
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So do any of you have stories about being mugged / attempt at mugging while travelling? Extra points for escaping through violence / funny stories.

>Friends mother
>In south america in her younger days
>kid pounces on her from around corner
>as in, ~10 year old
>they have a gun ohshit.jpg
>"Put that down you naughty boy and go home this instant!"
>Kid looks confused, starts crying, runs away

I'll believe it
>be in kampala, uganda
>was doing a local girl in a seedy neighbourhood
>leave her places at about 1 in the morning, i have to walk along dirt paths through a slummy area for a few minutes to reach the main road
>couple of dudes come up behind me demanding money
>don't even turn around to look, just leg it down a random alley
>dead end
>climb wall, jump into somebody's yard
>guard dog shits itself
>i try to calmly walk across the yard while making "steady on" hand gestures to the dog as it stands up
>it gets it courage up and barks and races after me
>i sprint to the next wall and clamber up as it snaps at my heels
>hear a security guard shouting questions as i walk off towards the road
>wave down a boda (moto taxi thing) and go to hostel
>be me
>manlet (165cm)
>walking down the street
>Sarejevo, BiH
>5PM or so
>just going back to my hostel, minding my own business
>not even in a sketchy area
>suddenly there's a kid on either side of me
>didn't even see them sneaking up on me
>one brown kid
>one blonde, blue-eyed kid
>13 yo or so
>gypsy-bosniak duo for maximum robbery
>try talk to me in Bosnian
>shake my head
>pick up my pace
>start asking me for money in broken English
>tell them I haven't got any
>both start casually patting my pockets
>tell them to fuck off
>they get more aggressive
>you not give money we stab you
>half sure they wouldn't do that
>mfw I remember my hostel is a minute's walk away
>mfw hostel's owner is a chunk of muscle like you wouldn't believe
>tell them I don't have money but I'm close to home anyway
>kids look like they won the lottery
>walking up the stairs (hostel's on 1st floor) the gypsy kid has a face-wide grin
>Stairway to Heaven
>ex-commie bastard probably wouldn't know Led Z if it hit him in the face
>take out key
>go inside
>Bosniak kid stays outside, don't know why
>fine by me, I don't give a shit
>gypsy kid enters with me
>walk down the hallway
>common room's empty
>hostel's owner sits behind his desk
>"Hey Radko (don't remember his name), this kid tried to rob me on the streets"
>Radko storms up to us with a piece of wood as long as his arm
>this guy could easily be two meters
>gypsy kid bolts for it
>not before he gets two vicious whacks
>one on his neck
>one on his waist
>yelps out in pain
>Radko storms out of the hostel
>yells after them in furious Bosnian while they skitter down the stairs
In Morocco and in Marrakesh's Souks, was walking from hotel to a place to do laundry, on the way I guy chats up a storm with me. I am naive dont realize his partner rifling through my backpack. Had a chuckle when I got to laundrymat thing and two of my dirty underwear were gone.

Good boy

kek love how eastern europeans don't give fucks about anything
Are you white? Because I've been to kampala and holy shit are you a beacon made of money to the locals. Dangerous as fuck to go alone in the middle of the night
Not as much attempted mugging as a funny story so I'll write it down

>Be 15 in Almuñecar, Spain on language trip
>Hanging in the common room watching a movie on my iPod
>Suddenly a group of ~10 kids stand outside the window, all around 9-12 years old
>"Hey, Hey! Coca Cola!"
>I have a few cans of coke by me because I'd been to the store
>Just look at them weird and ignore them
>Casually give them the finger, keep watching my movie
>They put a fucking pitchfork through the window while screaming "EH PUTA COCA COLA!"
>I'm wondering why the fuck these kids have a pitchfork
>Owner comes into common room angry as fuck
>Kids disappear
Yeah I'm white. I didn't think Kampala was that bad, I spent a month there and loved the place. Locals are good fun and it's the easiest place to get laid I've been to.
>be me in Cuzco, Peru
>Entire city is shady as fuck, so it doesnt even mater that its mid day and in a populated area
>guy walks up to me acts all friendly
>has an enormous scar on his face, doesnt look tough though
>asks me how I am, tries to do some chitchatter
>gets friendlier the longer he talks
>eventually tries to hug me
>go in for half a hug, wrap my one arm around him while protecting my pockets with the other
>he lets go
>starts talking about random shit again
>I ask him how he got the scar, literally tell him it looks disgusting
>he doesnt get agressive so I know for sure that he wants to pickpocket me
>tells some half hearted story of how he fell down the stairs a few days ago
>he tries yet another hug
>same thing, I resspond by laying my arm around his shoulder
>he realizes Im onto him
>tells me to have a nice day and be careful, cause you know... loads of shady people around here.
>mhmm yeah right
overall ended up being the closest I came to being robbed or having something stolen during my SA trip.
lol i always have a tenner for people like that in my back pocket, just for working so hard on their pickpocketing game
>Be me, walking drunk, moderately late at night in the Pâquis neighborhood of Geneva--closest thing that rich little town has to a seedy neighborhood
>Little kid, perhaps 14 or 15, asks to bum a cigarette
>Give it to him
>As I light it for him, he grabs my wrist and tries to pull me under some construction scaffolding
>I outweigh this boy by perhaps 25kg
>Free my wrist from his grasp, make a fist
>Laughs nervously, says
>No, no, I just show you my kung-fu
>Crouches down and makes series of ridiculous arm movements
>No. Raise hand to slap the little shit.
>Runs away
He tried to rape you desu senpai

He probably just wanted to pop his cherry
>be in borneo on exchange
>out in the clubs with uni mates
>3am club closed split from friends
>start walking home (1km), on my phone
>some asian local guy comes up and asks for a lighter
>being slightly drunk and friendly i reach into my pocket to grab lighter
>he snatches my phone and runs off
>chase him down and punch him in the face alot
>fair amount of blood
>get phone back walk home
>knuckles hurt and are bloodied, i may have gone a bit overboard

bit still had phone, until it fell out of my scooter basket a few weeks later when going over a bump and was smashed to shit
I'll take "things that never happened" for 300, alex
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>gypsy-bosniak duo for maximum robbery

I can't breathe
>full moon party koh phangan
>drunk as shit
>tranny comes up to me and starts rubbing my junk
>speaking nonsense
>i think its hilarious
>tranny takes off
>hands in pockets, no more baht
>chase it down and confront the motherfucker
>actually gives me all my money back
I got mugged by a gang of little shits maybe 12-18 years old by the BT tower in west end London.

Apparently there's some orphanage/halfway house by there full of little brats, they get a get out of jail free card and pull this shit regularly.

I gave up my stuff pretty easily though, kind of a bitch move I know but who knows what those little psychos were capable of. I think that was the exact moment I realized the allies were on the wrong side of the war.
>Being shitfaced and gay enough that you let a tranny rub your junk
>chase down
>get money back

>go to Kuta
>mate disappears
>panicking a bit, but also a bit pissed so not arsed
>comes back off his fucking trolley, did a shroom milkshake
>walking back to hostel
>suddenly realise I'm talking to myself
>look back
>he's stood there mouthing my name and "help"
>surrounded by hookers rifling through his pockets
>laughing because I took all his stuff expecting something to happen
>pull him away from the crowd and walk him home

bless his cotton socks
the only time i was mugged was when i was 6 or 7. my parents sent me to buy potatoes from around the corner. a girl who later turned out to be 14 did it. she was apparently on the run from a youth detention centre... wasn't too smart, the police found her at her mom's place a bit later.

she asked me for directions first, i was like "idk", then she asked me for coins to call someone.
- let me go.
- you're not just strolling around, are you, you have money.
then i tried to leave in the direction of the grocery store, she physically stopped me, asked me for money again. i turned around so that she wouldn't see what i was doing, tried to get a coin from my mom's nearly emptied purse, my mom only left a bit there for the potatoes... then the actual kicking and fighting started. she won after some kicking me in the face, ran away, i ran home, etc.

it was quite upsetting at the time. on the bright side, i've never once been mugged or pick-pocketed or otherwise been target of similar crime afterwards. and i've regularly been to much more dangerous places than my parent's neighborhood. bonus: a few times i've stopped muggers who were targeting others, too.

just so that others learn from this, there are 2 to 3 points where you failed according to eastern euro standards
0. you didn't look confident/like a local
1. you responded to them, first nonverbally (not that bad), then in english (totally wrong)
2. you went straight "home" and didn't lead them to some neutral safe place (aka if they wanted to they could notify their gang and could cause trouble for Radko later, you should never show these kids where you live, they might get revenge)

the big no-no here is acknowledging them. handling beggar kids 101 in eastern europe, pretend they're not there right from the start.

btw there are some blonde gypsies.
I have a question but dont want you guys to take in an offensive way. For the people posting that have been harrassed/attacked, what is your build like? On a scale of 'an athletic build and walk with confidence' to 'chubby with bad posture', where would you place yourself during the time these things happened to you? Im just curious. My hypothesis is that a malnurished scrub will pick his battles and figure it not worth the risk confronting somebody that looks like they can handle themselves. I havent been outaide of U.S yet so im just kind of curious.
>Le manlet mene

I was jumped by two tracksuited gentlemen in at night in Tver back in 2006, and I'm 193 cm tall with a broad frame. If somebody waves a knife I'd rather hand over a few Euros than ending up in a hell-hole hospital.
I'm >>1075159

Those are good tips, thank you. I haven't really travelled anywhere sketchy thus far.
And in my defense I was leaving the day after. I was thinking about them coming to take revenge the next day, but I walked through all of the old town to get to the train station without having any problem at all.

were they pakis and niglets
Goes without saying
I'm the guy in >>1076499 who got mobbed by chavs. I guess at the time I was a bit skinnyfat, slimmer than an American but definitely out of shape, 180cm and 80kg (5 foot 11/175 lbs) and white.

Nothing screamed "easy target", I guess the kids just saw it as a not particularly difficult mug.
>bonus: a few times i've stopped muggers who were targeting others, too.

story plz

Twice, but never successfully

First time
>In home city
>late at night, waiting for bus, looking at phone
>Bitch comes up out of nowhere
>Super close to me on the right
>Holds out right hand
>Bogan bitch asks (demands) "a coupla dollars for the bus hey"
>literally feel her fingers slide in to my back pocket
>fresh air is what you get
>whip around quickly and grab my back pocket
>she realises she's been busted
>caught sight of her 'minder' / bf who was behind me the whole time, ready to beat me if shit went down

Cop walked past later and I told him about it, watched him arrest them a few minutes later a bit further down the road. Still wish I'd been quick enough to break that greedy bitch's wrist.

Second time:
>In paris with a tour group
>In a packed bar next door to the Moulin Rouge (tourist as fuck)
>Expecting pickpockets, so once again had wallet hidden
>trying to get to bar through gridlock
>once again, feel fingers in the pocket
>once again, fresh air
>once again, it was a bitch
>whip around, bitch sees me and whips head around
>just a bit fucking obvious
>keep looking at her
>she looks back to check if I'm looking to have another go
>sees me still looking, plays it casual lol
>"What's up you fucking pickpocket"
>"huh huh? no eeengleeesh"
>call her a "whore of shit" in french kek
>(only phrase I know)
>bitch tries to slap me but can't because gridlock
>laugh my ass off as I watch her get shuffled out the door by the crowd

The thing that gets me about pickpockets is the fucking greed, and the cowardly nature of it. You want to take my shit? Fight me for it you fucking coward. Pull a knife if you have the balls. But if you think you can my shit for free then you can go fuck yourself.
they're really boring, eg.

going home from work on the bus, pretty late
listening to music
not too tall, but well-built and seemingly angry guy on drugs starts to ask around for money
i pretend i don't hear anything, keep looking at nothing through the window, can hear him going further away
he sits himself across a better off couple, starts to ask them for money
the couple starts going on about how the guy should get a job (at this point i didn't want to help the couple at all, they were saying stuff that is total bs)
but then the guy starts to go on about how he'll kill them if they don't shut up and give him money, starts to wave this 3-5l can full of some liquid threateningly like it was nothing
he really looks high on something that gave him strength
at this point i finally acknowledge what's going on, and go
"hey there, i know you really need money, but look those are bastards, they won't give you any money anyway. and me, i'm just tired, i want to sit here in peace."

couple shuts up
guy shuts up, lets down the can
guy just pulls this wtf face
we just arrive at a bus stop
guy gets off
>fucking finally

couple starts to badmouth him again. i'm like "people, just shut your mouths" but they don't listen, they keep on cursing at the guy from the bus, while it starts to pull off.
they guy breaks the window of the bus where the girl from the couple sits, barely missing her head with that large can
pieces of the window end up all over the bus

guy runs away, thank god

sadly the couple stays there to wait for the police, and i had to wait with them... i regret ever since that i helped that extreme elitist/racist/etc idiot of a couple, though it's probably better seeing the bus in pieces than human's heads in pieces.
what else... ah yeah, just sitting close to a club with friends, drinking right in front of a building a minute or two away from the entrance of the club
sound of glass shattering, my friend has pieces of glass falling on him.
look up and see a group of kids waving bottles without the bottom.....
asking for our phones
lol sure, i didn't even fully listen, just left my friends there and ran
came back with the security guy of the club right away.
won't ever know whether the kids really wanted to glass us or not, cause they dispersed after seeing the security staff getting closer.

also i don't have experience around proper weapons, so wait a few years for actual stories.
I posted this a while back, but here it is again.

>be in yemen
>everybody in djibouti (where i arrived from) had been telling me i'd get beheaded if i went there
>went anyway because i couldn't really go anywhere else without flying (was barred from returning to ethiopia)
>take a share taxi from mocha to ta'izz
>everything is going smoothly on a nice highway, then suddenly see a bunch of cars stopped up ahead
>everybody in my car starts shouting in arabic
>there are some massive boulders on the road and about 15 men and kids with scarves covering their faces running around with swords and clubs
>some of them come up and look inside our car, i'm seated in the middle and i'm pretty tall so i sit up straight so they can't see my face from where they are
>some of the cars and vans in front are being escorted up a small dirt side road
>they start shouting at us and point back the way we came
>driver turns around and gets the fuck out of there while 12 year old kids with clubs scream at us and kick the car
>take an alternative route to ta'izz along another small dirt road through scenic farmland
You go anymore?
Bumping for more stories.
>capital city of Mozambique
>cops are notoriously corrupt
>walking home hammered drunk, alone
>cop car pulls up fully loaded with officers, maybe 12 of them
>one gets out and stumbles toward me, clearly drunk too
>puts his hand out to stop me
>exchange some words in Portuguese, explain to him that I don't have much money and I'm a schoolteacher, etc.
>he reaches into my pockets and pulls out cash and ID
>leafs through, takes a 200 met. bill (~$5) and starts to walk away
>I reach out and grab the bill
>we have a drunk, very weak tug of war over the bill, both of us too tired and intoxicated to really give a shit
>he finally gives in with a mumble and I walk away
Not really a mugging, but he did want my money
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>Liverpool on NYE
>4 am
>2 niggers ask if i wanna buy coke
>Why not
>They follow me to ATM to take out cash
>One looks at my code the other snatches my card
>Dont realise cause i am fucking hammered
>Realise it after like 30 mins
>Check account
>-275 gbp
Stupid fuck
You got what you deserved.
>first day in San Juan Costa Rica
>better find some food
>oh cool a chill lounge with kids my age
>flirting with girls through my shit tier spanish
>midnight better mob to the hostel
>walk one street to far and realize so turn around
>3/4 of the block up about to take my left 30 yards from hotel
>choke hold engaged
>struggle bus screaming ayudame to no one around but the dudes pummeling me and choking me
>wake up 20 minutes later sans wallet/hat/last fucking cigarette
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