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I live in the Netherlands and I am going to Buenos Aires for 3 weeks in May.

My plan is to go from Buenos Aires to Uruguay and then back to Buenos Aires. You guys have some cool places to visit?
Whats your plan there op?
Rent a car and drive around? Use the ferry? take flights? use the long distance buses?
Any plans for the 3 weeks beside BsAs and probably MVD like going to Iguazu or Bariloche?
3 weeks are pretty long for 1 and a half city.
i would recomen walking 8 hours a day with 2 hours of pause, sit down and rest in a bar; the drinks are cheap; also dont go out with a huge bypack , you look ridicoulos adn very easy to rob.
avoid the donw and souther districts; too much crime.
walk around every where,the same block or just a srting of blocks.
all the houses and buildings in buenos aires are differetn from one another in architectural style

I lived in Medoza (near the Chilean border) for 6 months and I had the chance to make a 1 week trip in BB.AA.
As said above, 3 weeks are quite long for a city, even for a big one as Buenos Aires so you'd better consider going to other places during your stay.
I'd be you I'll stay few days after my arrival in Buenos Aires and then head up to Iguazu because it is something worth to see according to every people I met who's been there (I did not).
I heard Bariloche is a nice place for siteseeing but it's apart from Argentinia in the way that there are a lot of tourists and rich people over there. Personally, I'd rather go to Patagonia or visit cities such as Salta and Cordoba before going to Bariloche.
If you're rich eough you could do a trip BB.AA-Cordoba-Salta-Mendoza-Bariloche-BB.AA. You might even have time for one more stop-over in Chile for example, or in the south of Argentina.

Argentinians mainly use long distance buses since they don't have trains over there. Buses are cheap and confortable, the only "problem" is the lengh of the trip but as you're there for 3 weeks that should be okay. If I remember well it took me 12 hours to travel to BB.AA and 12 hours to come back to Mendoza.

I totally agree with >>1075250 regarding the precautions for not being targeted as a tourist.
I remember going to the Bombonera in the district of La Boca...if you walk few streets away from the most frequented area you quickly enter "dangerous" places where the atmosphere is a bit gloomy: There, you can be easily spotted. That is the reason why people offered them to guide me to the bus stop on my way back because it was getting dark. North of the city tends to be safer, plus it is nice: there are places and local markets.
Don't miss Argentinian meats and ice creams, taste their wine as well!!! Would definitelly go there again!
My brother and his girlfriend are travelling over there for 2 years and I am going to lift with them. They have a car so most of the time I will sleep in the car with them or sleep in local houses using Couchsurfing.

Montevideo seems nice, heard lots of good things about it.
Oh so just stick with them and better don't be afraid of stray dogs, they're almost everywhere (with the exception of BsAs city center) and if you're female leave your jewelry and designer bag at home.

MVD is awesome and in my opinion one of the coolest cities I ever visited.
I read the term BiPolar Central here and imo it's spot on.
It's a large city but compared to BsAs it's just a small village.
It looks intimidating in some places yet I never felt unsafe even walking trough the ciudad vieja at 3am (Female and I travel alone)
Modern top tier infrastructure, turn your head you see commie blocks
Top of the line luxury cars surrounded by 1960-1980 era cars hold together by chewing gum (kind of reminded me of Cuba)
special tip: If you want the
>prohibition era underground mob gambling room
experience go to the Radisson Hotel Casino near the Plaza Independencia and look for the roulette/blackjack tables.

There's a lot of nice stuff but not much that is outstanding around BsAs and MVD might mention mar del plata, colonia and punta del este.

If you have time try to get either to Patagonia or to Iguazu. Those are the real gems.
porteños chupapijas!!! eea eea!!!!!
If u need drugs, let me know.

Buenos Aires is nice, but the real shit is inside the country, depends on what are u looking for.

Party here is awesome. Cheap drugs compared to AUS. Nice chicks, great music.

If u like nature, you can go backpacking to the north (Salta, Jujuy, Tucuman) or south (Bariloche, Neuquen, Chalten, Calafate) or near Brazil, you have the triple frontier (cheap electronics, very dangerous place even for locals), Iguazú, Corrientes)

Play safe, stay safe, keep you eyes open like in any big city. Don't come here looking like a fucking tourist.

You will fall in love with this country.

I'm from Posadas, about an hour from Iguazu, and yeah you should really visit there, its fucking incredible. Especially now they've build all new skypassages to see the falls suuuuper close and sick.

Posadas is a nice little town as well, you'll probably have to go there from BsAs and then take another bus to Iguazu. It'll probably be a 16-18 hr bus, but just take the overnight one and you should be good to sleep the whole way.
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