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Is there a single fucking city/country where...
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Is there a single fucking city/country where Taxi drivers don't try to rip you off? I live in the South East US so I have never dealt with them in the states but every city in Europe or Asia I have been to they try to overcharge you in anyway possible.
Protip: Don't ever just flag a taxi and get in. You look stupid that way, and will be treated like all the other stupid idiots that driver once drove. Use other transport to/from trains and airports, there should be kiosks where you pay first, and then a queue of taxi drivers receive a voucher from you and can't size you up or choose you as the passenger.
Have your hotel send a car for you, a limo is never that much more money when affiliated with your hotel, and the hotel trusts them/vetted them and their reputation rides on them. Have a local call for one when you need one somewhere, from a restaurant or just some hotel you walked past and asked a concierge a favor. Now if we're talking about Europe, you probably should navigate the metro/bus system if you are worried about your money.

Don't wave them down on the street, but if you do, you ask the price before getting in like you want a vague estimate and even say something like "hrm, the metro is only $5" like you're weighing if you want to get in, and you get a feel for the response and the person before getting into the car. Often, you get a return response like "okay, it'll be $10, and blahblahblah about how you should ride with them" and once the firm negotiation is over, you get in. You now look like someone who gives a damn about the price. And, go ahead and ask people how much it should cost to/from, or miles, and understand what would be fair before doing it. Ask a damn policeman at the door of the train station, how much me thinks it should be to city center, thank him, and use that as a baseline of honesty with the taxi driver.
>I live in the South East US so I have never dealt with them in the states
It's a regulated industry in the US. Union-negotiated fares are marked on stickers on windows, drivers are reported by 800 number, and you can reverse a credit card charge. On top of that, there will be competitively stated rates for all services to/from airports, and to/from ports, such as in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, New York, and transits such as that. It's posted and companies can't veer from that prices. Why are they higher? Or why are they capped? Because drivers must enter into queues not snatch passengers from each other, and there could be heavier rates during rush hour delays, and this means idling time. Local municipalities made it easy for tourists by making a set rate.
I dont think OP was asking for advice on taxis......
In Seattle they don't really rip you off, they go by the meter and all. It's just a huge pain in the ass to get them to actually show up in a reasonable amount of time when you call. So, Uber wins.

Uber is the future everywhere. It's even available in much of the large Asian cities now.
Use Über. Always.
Taxis I used in Munich were super cool. Expensive, but that was to be expected.

Some of the worst experiences:
Istanbul, Driver drove agreed on a price with us, drove past the dropoff and doubled back, then tried to demand more money and pretended he didn't speak English. Probably would've stabbed someone if we weren't a party of 4 huge dudes
Playa del Carmen, Taxi driver wouldn't listen to our directions because he was convinced he knew the city better than us, and just drove in circles. Then the Danish guy I was with started spewing racist shit at him and he kicked us out
In certain European cities they will lie through their teeth to rip you off. The drivers in Rome are notorious for it.

Irish taxi drivers are grand, and good talkers. Haven't tried anywhere else, walking's my preferred mode of transport.
I agree walking and public transport however sometimes a taxi is what's needed (or should I say wanted) and it sucks because you always wonder how much you will be ripped off.
In Yanji (China) from the Hotel to the airport (30 minutes drive) cost me like 25 RMB, I couldn't believe it. I gave the 50 RMB and I was like "keep the change". He was so happy.

A taxi in The Netherlands, from my home to the station which is like a 10 minute drive cost me 18 euro. I can't believe how expensive a taxi is in my country. Which is why I never wanna take one unless I really have to.

In South Korea they did not seem too expensive either. Just at the airport there was like an extra 10.000 Won charge or something.
Danish racism is so endearing; reminds me of the Danes I shared a cab with. We couldnt drive past a black person or a fat girl without them sticking their heads out the window like a joyful golden retriever and accurately summarizing them with tasty slurs.

The Swedes could learn something...


>In a restaurant on the outskirts of Tel Aviv
>Ask waitress how much it would be to the centre roughly
>She literally says in Russian, "Evri yest evri (Jews will be Jews)"
>Get in taxi, Driver: "My friend, it will be much cheaper if you get a fixed fare for 80 shekels, very good price"
>Me: "Nah mate, put the meter on, cheers"
>Driver: "Haha my friend, you are stupid! You will see how much more it will cost! You will regret it if the meter is on I swear!"
>Me: "Nah I'd prefer the meter"
>Driver: "You will see!!!"
>Arrive at destination, literally 29 shekels which he rounds to 30

>Talking English with my then QT
>Driver thinks we are stupid Western fucks
>Route from hotel to restaurant is a straight line but he keeps turning
>QT says in Russian, "What are you doing?"
>Driver (in Russian): "Oh shit, Ruskaya? Where are you from?"
>Her: "Moscow"
>Driver: "Oh sorry!!"
>Didn't have exact change so he pulls up at a shop and takes my cash and runs in to get change cause I wasn't tipping this fucker
>Runs back and throws me the change and shouts in English, "Go, go!"

Israel again

>Going back from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv
>It is Rosh Hashannah (Jewish new year)
>Arrive at Tel Aviv bus station
>Taxi driver, "It is the holidays so we will have to put on special holiday price! I am not even supposed to be working! I want to be home with my wife! 80 Shekels!"
>Ok..... (no public transport runs so have no option)
>Driving through South Tel Aviv and no Jews are on the streets, only African refugees
>Driver: "Look at all these black fuckers, they are disgusting, they don't belong in Israel! We need to deport all of them!"
>Arrive pay
>Hotel guy says maximum I should have paid was 40

Samefag but this is my best experience:


>Drive 1200km (750 miles) in a rental car in one day
>Parked up and waited for the rental car guy to come pick it up
>Young guy similar age to me pulls up
>Magnus: "Wow you drove a long distance!"
>Me: "Yeah mate, dying for a pint now, definitely heading to the pub"
>Magnus: "Oh mate I know the best place, I will drive you there"
>My QT: "Want to come with us?"
>Magnus: "...I am working...but..."
>Me: "Come on Magnus!!"
>Rental car guy literally drives us to his favourite pub in Reykjavik and comes in for a pint while on shift and has epic banter

Blue Car Rental, if anyone is in Iceland, use them!
In Brazil it's always the same story

>stop taxi, get in
>'aonde vai?' (where are you going)
>they hear my accent
>suddenly they go from good mood to frowny
>'de donde e' voce? argentino?' (where are you from? argentinian?)
>'eu sou uruguaio' (I'm uruguayan)
>'aaaahhh uruguaaaioooo' with the biggest smile
>talk all the trip about football, cheeky bantz
>give me advice on where to go, how to pick brazilian qts, dangerous places I should avoid
>watch out until I enter the place I'm going to

They treat me like I'm their favorite little brother
Germany and all of northern Europe.
Expensive af anyway
Just dont be fucking naive. Ask for price before the travel
They do not need to rip you off because of the insane prices
Thats the catch 22, in some countries demanding a set price beforehand will make sure you get a lower price so the driver wont drive around aimlessly, however like >>1074339 said sometimes paying a fixed price instead of the meter will fuck you over.
We do not have taximeters in Mexico besides DF and those for sure are tampered. Also by knowing the lical politics weather and other shit you can prove that you are not a stupid tourist
Name of, "best place?"
In Sweden it depends entirely on how well informed you are as a customer if you get ripped off. We have a de regulated taxi market where they can set any price they like.
If you can look at the legally required sign on the window, which has a comparative price (a 10km/15min journey I believe), and choose something that is reasonable, you won't be ripped off, as they have to follow the prices they set.

A lot of tourists end up paying stupid amounts for sort journeys because they don't know these things.
His advice is still much appreciated, I've only bought a taxi once in my life and it's kinda intimidating.
Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Iceland.

Expect very, very high prices though, especially in Norway.
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