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Hi all, I have always wanted to visit Rome,...
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Hi all, I have always wanted to visit Rome, and in the summer, I will finally get to.

In order to prepare for the visit, I would like to hear from any of you fine people, where one should go or not. I would love to find some more off the beaten track, in order to immerse myself into the true atmosphere and culture of the capitol.
The only places I know for sure, that I'm definitely going to visit are the Pantheon, St. Peter's Basilica, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum and the Sistine Chapel.
Additionally, if any of you know of some fantastic restaurants, or any other kind of activity that one simply has to experience, please let me know :)

I would greatly appreciate your input, thank you very much in advance!

Hi anon, I studied in Rome for 5 months 2 years ago and I recommend it, but I didn't have much money and can't really recommend you good restaurants.

However, of the places that you mentioned, I'd add Villa Borghese for a picnic if the weather is nice, Campo de Fiori for dinner and drinks, and the Vittoriano/Altar of the fatherland for a great view of the town for free. Finally, the Spannish Steps may not be a nice sight these days, since there was an incident were some hooligans completely fucked up the fountain one year ago.

Hope I could help.
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Ostia Antica (kind of a mini-Pompeii, a short train ride from Piramide station)

EUR (fascinating and in places beautiful Mussolini-era suburb, built for a fascist imitator of the Olympics that the advent of war put paid to)- home of "the square Colleseum" amongst other things

the "English" (or protestant) cemetery,complete with its pyramid
I live in Rome, all of what you mentioned is good. It all depends on what you want to do and what your interests are. Roma is good for shopping, for museums, for just sitting at a bar and watching the beautiful people go by.
All resteraunts that are not right next to tourist hot spots are good. Italians know good food so resteraunts have to serve quality to stay open.
How long are you staying ?
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I really liked EUR, so definitley go there! But be aware anon that it is hot as hell in Rome in summer!
If you are into creepy stuff, visit Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini, it's small but worth the visit imo. Pic related.
OP here :)
Thank you all very much for your valued input! :)
I will definitely check out Campo de Fiori and Altare della Patria. In regards to the Spanish Steps.. Man, that's a total bummer! thanks!

EUR has been added to the list! Thank you!
Santa Maria della Concezione sounds a bit ominous, I will look into that.
I used to live in Singapore, so I'm not particularly worried about the heat :)

I'm fascinated by old historic architecture and paintings, and I love good authentic Italian food - not the watered down versions they serve here in DK.. Oh, and I LOVE coffee :)
Good tip, to avoid the touristy hotspots, I will keep that in mind!
I will be staying with some friends and family at the outskirts of Rome for about a week, so there should be plenty of time :)

Again, thank you all very much for your input!
Rome is interesting. You'll either love it or hate it depending on what mindset you're in. On one hand, it's an beautifully ancient city, at the heart of western civilization. You can't throw a rock in Rome without hitting some ancent monument. Art is everywhere. In the architecture and on the streets. I personally loved Rome.

On the other hand, it's busy, smelly, dirty, and full of tourists. If you're in the right mind set, you might be able to find the dirt, grime, and stench add to its appeal. I hope you enjoy Rome, and I'm glad to see someone accomplishing some of their life's dreams.
For the food you can just go to the Trastevere area, which is where good resteraunts are. There is one famous resteraunt called La parolaccia (the swearword) which is very old and famous. This is where the waiters and staff insult the clients in Roman dialect, you have to book in advance. If you can understand Italian Roman dialect its very funnny.
You wont have enough time to visit everything, but i suggest also Osxtia antica where the Roman port of the city used to be, very interesting.
I think like most tourists you will just go into sensory overload as Roma is just bursting with historical gems wherever you go to.
If you can hire a then also just on outskirts of city are some nice places with less tourists, in the summer its madness and very hot.
Masochistic restaurant goers. I've never understood this weird fetish.
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