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>when you miss your flight
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>when you miss your flight
>when you make your flight and go back to normal life
>>when you miss your flight
Dude, I have missed so many flights over the years....

Ideally, they're not no-refund e-tickets and you just get the next one.

Otherwise, you pull out your card, slap it down and tell them to get you on the next flight to Paris.
How the fuck do you miss a flight?
I'm the most disorganised procrastinating fuck around and I have never even come close to doing this.
This. The only reason I can think of, are major traffic jams or some ridiculous train delays.
Had a near miss last year. Delay during first flight combined with >1h queue for customs meant we almost missed our connecting flight despite having >2h to catch it. Attendant Irina initially refused to check us in because check-in was closed, but her boss Yuri noticed our second flight had a huge delay as well, and got us on the flight. Yuri was a cool dude.
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>tfw you're about to miss your train and your tuk-tuk driver almost gets you both killed trying to get there
Delay on your first flight?
>When you miss your flight
You go to the counter, feel sheepish, and then pay a few bucks for a seat the next day.
>At least that's what happened to me. Oh well, 24 extra hours in Bangkok. Could be a lot worse.
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WQHen you struggle all day with late and canceled flights, finally get onto a plane that will take you to a city about an 10 hour drive from the city you want to get to, and learn that you will not arrive at that city until after the flight to your home city leaves, and that's the last flight of the day, and it's freaking right after the holidays so available seats to get home are going to be scarce for a few days, and despair is starting to fill your soul, and then... THEN...

"Lafies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking, I am sorry but customs is going to be closed in (CITY ANON NEVER WANTED TO GO TO IN THE FIRST PLACE), so we will be unable to enter the country there, so we are diverting to (ANON'S FREAKING HOME TOWN!!!!!) Sorry for the inconvenience."

Happened earlier this month -- never before has incompetence and inefficiency been more welcome. Wound up getting home an hour earlier than I would have if ALL my flights that day had gone as planned, and a day or two earlier than I would have trying to get home fro where we diverted from and where I had already missed the connection.
Lurk (and travel) more.

Hint -- what are "connecting flights."

(Though I did once show up 14 hours early for a flight to Europe from the US through not catching the am/pm thing...)
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>Getting your 'Visa at arrival' denied
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>when the airline loses your bag with your camera and all your mementos
>a few bucks

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face palm3.jpg
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>Checking you camera...
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Ok guys, so I'am a big chicken and have been sheltered my whole life. I only took the plane once and I didn't have to do anything. So if I do ever go travel somewhere and I miss my flight what am i suppose to do? Have no friends so I only come here for advice. It's one of the things that scares me the most.

>no bully pls
Talk to the rep from your airline, if you missed a connection they'll get you on another flight. I've never known anyone to miss their initial flight, ut in that case I assume you blew it, but if you want to travel anyway, you'll need a ticket and they're the people you want to be talking to anyway...
I paid something like $100 for the reticketing fee. So more than a few bucks, perhaps, but not expensive. It was a refundable ticket, which surely helped.
Thanks for the reply.
>Talk to the rep
Who is the rep? And what will happen to my baggage that's on the plane?
Literally made 4 international connecting flights this month alone, two of them with a budget airline and one of them involving delays and a very short transfer window.
I can understand it might occur once in a blue moon but I have trouble believing it happens with the frequency anons here suggest.
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Not him, but as long as you're not flying cheapo airlines like Ryanair, there are a lot of big airports where branches of big airlines have some sort of office or booth. If not, you'll have to call them. If you can get to the 4chan, you can find a telephone number.

I cannot imagine a scenario where you would have checked in your luggage but not make it to the plane, short of unfortunate narcolepsy in the bathroom, accidental kilograms of cocaine in your bag or other weird shit like that.
Well sometimes your flight has three stops A>B>C and certain with certain airlines you drop off your baggage at A and pick it up at C. My question was what if you miss your flight at B? What will happen with the baggage? Will they hold it for me? Do i have to pay extra because they're holding it for me? Or is it better to just go lighter and just skip this part?
I've had missed connections with checked bags a few times. My bags always end up at my final destination without me having to do anything further about it. Sometime they get there on an earlier flight that didn't have a seat available for me, and I have to go to the baggage office to claim them. No further fees. No access to the baggage if I have to stay overnight before the new flight out.

I haven't yet had this happen when I had to clear customs at an intermediate stop -- I would hope that they would make sure that the bags arrive at the same intermediate stop as you do, when or before you arrive.
Ugh. Where was this, and what did you do? And did they tell you why?
Ive only missed a flight once.
Flying new york to la with brief stop in chicago. Intentionally get blackout drunk before boarding flight, too retarded in chicago to figure out where to go, miss flight.
>your flight has three stops A>B>C and certain with certain airlines you drop off your baggage at A and pick it up at C. My question was what if you miss your flight at B?

I've nearly done that in Singapore, lost track of time when showering in the flight lounge. Gate staff went looking for me, grabbed my carry-on and sprinted to the gate with me.

Probably less work than unloading my checked luggage.
No one flies with unaccompanied baggage since NK blew up a plane that way in the 80s.
I've flown hundreds of times and have never missed a flight that would result in having to pay for a new one. The few times I've missed a flight because of connection delays, it's always been on the same ticket, so the airline just organized me on the next one, and sometimes also a hotel to stay overnight.

That being said, I'm sure it will happen one day eventually. I've had some close calls but so far got lucky.
Lebanon. I was heading to Turkey from Jordan and made a stop at Beirut to spend the day there, they denied my entrance saying it was very strange for a christian to go to Jordan and not visit Jerusalem
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>not visit Jerusalem
What, was this before the Six-Day War, when Jerusalem was under occupation by Jordan?
No, it was last year
Almost every tourist that goes to Jordan also visits Jerusalem/Israel so the guy at the Beirut airport doubted that I hadn't entered Israel and didn't let me in the country

The only time I've missed a flight is when traveling with Kiwis or Aussies. Those are some lazy ass unorganized procrastinating bumbling people. But great to hang out with, so I wasn't too mad.

Didn't miss one flight, yet.
I had a couple of really close calls, though.

Once I went from Dali to Kunming in China the night before my flight. I'm gonna greentext this to make is shorter:

>Get on last bus to train station. Had to run to fetch it
>Bus stops on its way to fill up gas. Takes forever.
>try to get on last train
>All out of tickets
>shit. Should have listened to hostel staff.
>Hear there is a bus. Friendly businessman helps me find it
>No one speaks english, can't find out if bus will arrive in time.
>Try to check if taxi driver is faster.
>Have weird conversation with random taxi driver. Draw shit on the street. Still don't understand each other.
>accept bus as last chance
>Find out bus may arrive in time
>still watching the clock the entire time
>takes forever to depart. Get to next stop and wait another eternity
>finally on high way
>bus stops on highway
>drivers talking stuff outside. Dunno whats going on
>stop again. More talking.
>leave high way. Drive into little scrap yard village.
>Drivers go from house to house waking people up.
>Finally drivers and everyone they woke meet at a garage
>Watch 10 Chinese guys sitting around a piece of metal they just took out of the bus, discussing it and fixing it up with a grinder
>it's the middle of the night. Everyone else on the bus is asleep. I can see the guys from my window. It's a weird picture
>Finally get back on high way
>fall asleep
>wake up to first light
>Driving into Kunming
>Oh shit got about an hour left to the flight
>jump out of bus at first opportunity
>run to next taxi
>tell him "Airport, airport, woooosh" and make hand gesture miming an airplane taking off
>He looks at me as if I'm insane
>just about to repeat what I just said and he goes "Yeah, airport. I get it. That's 80."
>I don't care. Go.
>Get stuck in traffic. Less than 20 Minutes left
>Arrive at airport 10 minutes before departure
>make flight to bangkok
>can't believe I made it until I'm finally there.
>be me
>flight from New Delhi to Chicago was yesterday
>still in New Delhi
>zero fucks given
Sometimes I miss my flight because Im having a good time, so fuck it.
fuck off with the gay little slant eye cartoons
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>Budgeting your shit using foreign currency
Ive missed three flights (never missed a connecting flight funnily enough). Two of those flights i was charged absolutely nothing to change to the next flight. One time i had to pay $75.

One time caused by traffic. One time caused by me not knowing gate closes 10 mins before departure. One time caused by another airline closing 15 mins before departure.

You live, you learn, but 2/3 not being a real problem doesnt make me care that much. (Unless im flying across the world or some shit)
Fucking this lmao.
>Be me French tourist
>Flight from Miami to New York is delayed
>Biggest storm of my life
>Wait 3h
>Willing to wait even more if it means not flying into that lightning maze
>Finally check in and enter the plane
>First 30mn are better than expected
>Then suddenly we feel a drop of altitude
>Feels like gravity 0 during several seconds
>People starts screaming
>Black lady next row praying
>Surprisingly this flight's annoying kid is quiet now
>Plane stabilizes
>Still hell out there, lightning really close, plane shaking, distorded iron noises
>Gravity 0 happens twice again
>Finally land after 3h of flight
>Everybody claps and thanks Jesus

First time of my life I actually thought I was going to die when I saw the stewards panick
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>layover in Salt Lake City on the way to destination
>huge snow storm
>laughing at everybody running around and missing flights on 2hr layover
>2 weeks later
>snow storm departing for Salt Lake City
>flight delayed for deicing
>now im the retard running in the airport
Made the flight but had to run. They were calling my name by the time I got there.
Had a near miss once on a , travel agent messed up, they thought we were staying in the airport but we had planned 10 hour tour trip. They wanted us to pay $80 to get back into the airport and there were about 20 of us.
>Gate staff went looking for me, grabbed my carry-on and sprinted to the gate with me.
This was me and it pretty much happened again yesterday.

Shenzhen airport is fairly large and I allowed 25 minutes to get to the gate but it was just barely enough.

There's a long, long building with gates hanging off the sides and my gate was right at the end, even walking fast on the travellator, I was just barely at the gate and the gate staff ran and grabbed me and practically shoved me through the gate onto the shuttle bus, which then had to drive around half the airport to get to the plane.

I know airports fuck over airlines that aren't in bed with them but to stick a plane at the far end of a 15-20 minute walk and then make them use a shuttle bus that adds another 5 minutes to the boarding time must really make for a lot of delayed flights.
>Perfect reaction gif
When you drop 6500 in two weeks and your checking account is at -1700 and you do too much Molly and get your passport stolen at the Ibiza airport along with your work computer, causing you to get fired on the spot when you return home.

You don't know darkness op
>You don't know stupidity op
>Those are some lazy ass unorganized procrastinating bumbling people
100% Agree even walking the streets, they stop in the middle of the pavement or hang around the shop entrance before fully exiting.
Been in similar situations in Thailand, hate that feeling.
don't you have work?
So cool he's got a board named after him
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Nearly missed my flight out of KL yesterday because the connecting flight was an hour late. Had to collect my bag, go through immigration, get local money, take a train to the other half of the airport, go through immigration again etc. I was convinced I wasn't going to make it, but I got away with taking my bag as carry on luggage (check in was long closed) and running through the terminal like a wanker to the gate where they opened the doors up again to let me board.

>mfw not stranded in malaysia with $30 to my name
>in Dubai airport with 2 mates, first time travelling
>8 hour wait for a connecting flight to Indonesia
>fall asleep
>wake up
>feel like shit
>look at time
>10 minutes to make boarding
>oh fug
>look at what gate we're at
>it's a 20 minute walk
>wake friends up
>fucking sprint to the gate
>if you've ever been to Dubai airport you'll know how big it is
>get to gate
>only ones there
>flight attendant says we're lucky flight was delayed by 10 mins or we would have missed it

on way home

>getting flight from Bali to Jakarta where we're then flying home from
>go out that night
>friend feels ill, goes back to hostel
>no issue with that, he'll be the one to wake us up
>have night out
>get home
>set about 10 alarms on phone, mate does same
>get woken up in morning by someone tugging on my foot
>what the fuck
>open little curtain
>"did yhou not sey flight was today?" says Russian girl we befriended a few days before
>oh fug
>look at time
>half an hour to make flight
>fly out of bed
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>zoom downstairs and check out whilst mates are reluctantly packing up shit
>got the world hanging out my arsehole
>eyes look like two piss holes in snow
>ready to throw up at the drop of a hat
>say goodbye to russian girl
>go outside
>no cabs
>how can there be no fucking cabs at 8am in Bali
>finally find cab
>he zooms to the airport
>have about 5 minutes to make flight
>get to desk
>"we're not too late are we?"
>she looks at us like we're idiots "no?"
>realise airport is basically a desk, a metal detector (dubious as to whether it even worked) right next to desk and then 2 seats to wait for plane
>get on plane
>get to Jakarta
>am so stressed we go straight to one of those businessman spas
>brush teeth
>hot tub
>massage (no happy ending)

everything went better than expected
I can't stand not having time to spare when I get to the airport.
>get my hotel to organise a taxi at 6am to get me to DMK with plenty of time for my 9am flight to Singapore
>had a late night with a girl I took back from Nana Plaza
>decide to have an extra hour in bed because so tired
>Driver charges me 600 baht, too tired to haggle it down
>Get to the airport, check the departures board
>where the fuck is my flight?
>it was at 7:40 not 9
>If I didn't have the extra hour sleep I would have made it
>stuck in a shit airport for 6 hours hours, luckily the next flight only cost £40
>missed what should have been a day sightseeing in Singapore with friends to sit in an airport reading A Clash Of Kings
Is three hours enough for a flight arriving from Paris to BKK (Suvarabhumi int'l) to Phuket?

I need to buy a Bangkok-Phuket ticket, and I arrive at Bangkok at 7.05, was considering a ticket at 10.
Yeah its more than enough, I've been in a taxi 30 minutes after landing at BKK before
Thanks. Gonna go with thai airways. I was hoping to buy the tickets when I get there to minimize wiat time, but hell.. I'd rather play it safe
Does anyone know what SMILE value is Thailand.
thai airways sorry
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I missed a flight once, that was pretty devastating. I had a flight from Malaga to Prague which was supposed to leave at 22:10. I made a huge mistake trusting the God awful Spanish bus system from La linea/Gibraltar border.

Bear in mind I left as early as 3:30 PM and one late bus lead to another missed connecting bus and ended up reaching the airport at 23:00. Stayed at the airport overnight, forced to buy their crap wifi for 24 hrs. Eventually found another ticket a few days later for the same flight.

I almost missed a connecting flight. There was like a 2 hour lay over, but security was going super slow for whatever reason. By the time we got through all the queues (security, luggage, etc), we literally sprinted onto the flight. Made it by just a few minutes. Our bags didn't make, sadly.
When you're in this situation, why don't you people just cut to the front of the line and explain your situation? Or talk to an official who will fast track you. It's pretty simple stuff.
>studying in florence
>flight to paris from pisa
>train from florence to pisa was around 30 minutes? the last time i went
>unknowingly got on slow train that stops every 10 meters
>takes like 3 hours or some shit
>arrive at airport right at take-off time, no check-in needed
>security line so long its running through the airport towards baggage claim
>95% about to just go home
>fuck it i'll go through
>get to gate about 30 minutes late
>no one there
>see plane on runway
>show ticket, hecsays U VIIRY LAET
>they walk me out to the plane, open the door and let me on
>take off less than 3 minutes later


>cut the line

Because we're not savages. What third world hellhole are you from?

That's why you can't defend yourselves. Too small and too woosy beta.
You don't just barge in, you go to the person at the front and say, "I'm very sorry, but my flight departs in fifteen minutes and I really need to get through here quickly", and they say "Sure no problem", and you catch your flight on time. Do you even human being?
holy shit do you even travel? people do this in every airport in every city. it's considered normal, sometimes the staff even yells "is there anyone in this line for flight XXX"

please refrain from posting on /trv/ EVER again until you get a passport
you what now? i swear i will hook u in the gabber!! dont even question me again!
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it's situations like this that make me believe in a benevolent God
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