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Hey, /trv/, I've got an idea for the board.

We post our native countries and state all the major pros and cons for those who would like to visit/live in it.

That way we would help a lot of people to decide on their next destination. Let's be open and honest.
Good idea.

Can anyone, please, write me something about Switzerland, Geneva?

I got a job offer (5000 CHF per month - is it enough?) but I've been told that it's pretty boring city/country. Can anyone expand on this?
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Good idea, i'd like to move to the NL, so if anyone can give some input it would be great.

I'm from malta
>great food
>nice beaches
>although small there are many places to go and enjoy yourself
>alot of festivities if you're into that kind of stuff
>gozo is very peaceful if you want to escape fore a weekend
>great weather, except for the hot summers
>can easily grab a ryan air flight for cheap and travel to most of europe.
>great free healthcare and free medicines
>great free education and good university. government even pays students 80e per month
>most people speak english, Maltese and Italian well, and sometimes even french

>pay:cost of living is generally low
>super over crowded
>nonexistent natural scenery
>infrastructure is bad, however it's steadily improving
>traffic/parking is a bloody nightmare and public transport is shit
>people can be ignorant and bigoted however that can be said to any country

monitoring tread, if you ahve any questions please ask
And I would HONESTLY ask everyone to post the minimum amount of money you need to live in your country.

It will make everyone's life so much easier.
Zurich here. 5000CHF sounds like a lot, and compared to salaries of many countries it is, but it's actually a pretty low salary for Switzerland. You won't be sitting pretty. Costs of living are high. If it's an introductory level job then it's fine, but if you're a trained and experienced professional you should get much more.

And yes, Geneva is boring, but at least there are loads of nice places not that far away. You can easily do lots of daytrips or weekend getaways by taking the train.
Well, I'm 24, can live on cup ramens and shit like that.

It's an entry job and compared to my country [spoiler]Russia[/spoiler] it's a step up in the right direction. Or not. I'm afraid of running myself into the ground with such austerity measures.
If you're from Russia and it's an entry level job... yes, by all means go for it. It will still be a major upgrade from your current life, even if you will be earning less than the median. Hopefully it's something that will let you get good experience and open doors for bigger and better career opportunities.

What field of work, if I may ask?
Good idea.
This is pretty accurate:

>plasma tv works fine
>Death road is mainly a turistic attraction, there is a new road.

If not mentioned in the video


>Natural scenery and fauna are 10/10
>Food is awesome (no Mcdonald's)
>Many places to visit and have fun (I lived here 23 years and I still don't know half Bolivia)
>Costs of living are pretty low: minimum wage (237$/month) will keep you struggling like fuck, 1000$/month and you'll be fine, 2000$+/month and you'll be rich.
>Foreigners drown in pussy
>Weather is nice most of the time
>Fresh Air almost everywhere you go
>Sense of adventure reaches its peak
>Just speaking English will get you a good job and there is plenty (learn Spanish though)
>party life is 10/10 in Bolivia (cheap and reliable drugs if you're into that, just be careful)

>Technology is a bit of a problem sometimes but we`re trying to catch up
>Public transportation is shit
>People tend to take advantage of foreigners (of course there are exceptions)
>Justice is a problem, even more if you're foreigner (Just stay away from trouble and you'll be just fine)
>La Paz is problematic sometimes, but same as above
>Lower your standards of hygene when visiting certaing parts of major cities and the country side. (just a little bit)
>tfw no ocean

All in all, life is pretty good here. Greetings from Bolivia /trv/
>Cheap booze and a decent night-life.
>Interesting people, if you can manage to get to know them.
>Great hostels for like 5 pounds a night.
>Surprisingly beautiful beaches if you travel away from the cities. Summer only, of course.
>Great alternative/ art scene if you can manage to break into it. Will probably require already knowing someone from it.

>People don't trust strangers. Ever. If a stranger walks up to you in Riga he is about 100% likely trying to scam or rob you, so we don't grow up trusting.
>It is still an Eastern European shithole in many ways.
>Kind of small, so there's not much to do after you've seen Riga, another 'city' and some nature.
>More people speak Russian than English. Still quite possible to get by with English only, but not nearly as easy as the average Latvian thinks.
>Best night-life spots are not 100% safe to outsiders, and SEEM absolutely terrifying. Still worth checking out.
>There is about a 90% chance that the government did something idiotic this week. Probably not going to affect you, but shit happens with Russia as your neighbor.
Minimum amount of money/month, I'd say around 700 in Riga, 400 anywhere else. I've not lived in Latvia for like 8 years now, so far from certain, but it should be about right.

> Natural scenery is amazing
> Local food is cheap and delicious
> People are the friendliest I've ever met
> Weather is good for most of the year
> Transportation to / within major cities is convenient
> Pretty much every form of outdoor activity has some sort of scene here
> Local music scene is also some good
> Again, the food
> Very good public healthcare system


> Part of the year will consist of only one type of weather, rain
> Outside of the cities, English proficiency rates will vary
> Besides a few cities (Taipei, Tainan, Kaohsiung) and the outdoors, not much else
> Taipei is overcrowded
Once again, post the minimum amount of money that will make you able to live there!
It's not a done deal yet, I'm afraid. They're reviewing my CV as we speak.

Field of work is translation.

I was wondering, [spoiler]what other countries might be interested in Russian/Spanish/English Linguistics major whose trade is simultaneous interpretation? [/spoiler]

Ruble has fallen, I need to provide for my family, that's why I'm looking to relocate somewhere for a year or two.
$1,000 / Mo and you'll be able to live comfortably.
From the US, so not exactly an unknown country.

pro: It is huge. Contains climates from tropical to arctic (when you include Alaska). Contains enough people with ancestors from your home country to fill a small town. Probably a lot more than that if you are from a country I can spell. (Such as, somehow there are enough people in my town for a Samoan Cricket League.) (Also they might even all live in the same town, speaking a weird, old version of your language.)
Someone here is making a lot of money doing your favorite hobby as a job.

cons: Although you could travel the country in an RV on $1000/month, maybe less, including the price of the RV. Going to the places and things you've actually heard of could easily blow your budget.
It might take forever to find the people and part of the country you actually like.
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I'll just go from a tourist perspective, because there are tons of perspectives on living in it.

>Still in Europe, easy to get to, enter and leave
>Cheap relative to other countries nearby
>Safe streets 24/7 within reasonable limits (don't go at 4 in the morning in the ghetto and you're okay)
>4 distinct and pronounced seasons, tourism is developed for all of them
>Respectable mountains, excellent sea coast
>Various (notably the religious) architecture from centuries back all the way to the Thracians and Byzantine
>Very well developed transport via train, air, busses and stuff
>Overall very welcoming and accepting of tourists
>Booze is legendary and cheap
>Amazing internet penetration, speeds and (free) wi-fi availability
>Can still get away with a lot of shit that you can't in W. Europe

>A kindergarten, nothing will challenge you, mostly a sight seeing experience
>Eastern Europeanism and Communism haven't been kicked out of everybody's heads yet
>Have a shitty feeling that tourists are fleeced in the tourist trap areas/street vendors
File: 1430159307292.png (2 MB, 1372x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1372x640
France reporting in

>Diverse as fuck landscapes and climates, thanks to our geographical position between the north and south of Europe
>Top tier food far from the Parisian clichés, local food is very simple yet excellent
>Great European country for those wo can't choose between Germany, Italy and Spain for instance. France has varied architecture
>Well managed transportations inside the cities or to go anywhere in the country
>Safe despite the memes, as long as you are smart enough to not go to obvious bad areas

More on nature and architecture since those are 2 things very important for French tourism
-You have high mountains (Pyrenees, Alps) "medium" ones (Massif Central, Jura, Vosges), plains with endless horizon (Beauce), forests (forest of the Landes, of Brocéliande), white sand beaches (Corsica, Provence), regular ones, and pebble ones, canyons (Verdon canyon, Tarn canyon, Ardèche canyon..), hills (Lot, Puy-de-Dôme), highest sand dune in Europe (Dune du Pyla), white cliffs like in England (Etretat), wetlands (Camargue), an ocean side...Not even talking about the oversea regions
As for architecture pick what you want. Roman remains (Highest roman aqueduct of the whole Empire, several arenas, bridges, roads, villas...), Greek ones (cities founded by them, remains of whole cities), Celtic ones (dolmens and menhir scattered all over the country, largest gathering of them in Europe), Medieval architecture with dozens of stunning cathedrals, walled cities, more than 1500 castles in only one department, and from a lot of different styles from Alsace to Brittany and the Spanish border it's not the same. Also our famous Loire Valley castles, the Haussmann buildings in several big cities, modern architecture in Paris mostly but a lot in Lyon too...
Well I could speak about France for days

Cont for the cons
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>Outside of big cities (when you are in rural France) you better know a little French because people can't speak English for shit
>Paris is still worth it but indeed turning to shit as each day passes
>Touristic spots are full of good looking places that are actually tourist bait with expensive prices and average qualities.
For this point you could say "yeah it's the same everywhere" and you are not wrong but still this is the most visited country on earth so trust me sometimes even as a French visiting another region you gotta be smart to know what you buy
Once again, I'd have to remind you to post the minimum amount of money you need to survive. Post the median for Paris, anon.

[spoiler]How bad is it in Paris, btw? [/spoiler]
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Time for me to be of help as well.

>The women. I can't stress it enough. Russia has amazing women. If you want sex - go to clubs, if you need wife-material, look outside Moscow and St. Petersburg - they've got a lot of gold diggers
>Moscow and St. Petersburg alone can make any list because of their architecture. Seriously, there are several eras immortalized in buildings
>There's zero tolerance for bullshit among people. No fake smiles, no peer pressure, no prejudice (except for gays, maybe). We have "Live and let die" policy
>Emphasize on "you can be free." You can be the most ractist guy in the world and you wouldn't be shunned. You can fuck other people's wives - that's your business. Just keep it to yoursefl and share it only with friends. They will always support you
>If you manage to get a job where they pay you in dollars - that's terrific, you'll be instantly high class
>If not, don't worry, you don't need a lot of money to live here
>Real estate is cheap. Like 140k$ for 2 room apt. in Moscow cheap
>Many ways to make money without a degree
>Fastest internet in all Eastern Europe
>Cheap food
>Cheap public transport
>Biggest country in the world, we've Northern Lights and we've got nightless nights (google it, it's cool) - you name it!
>Diverse scenery
>Moscow and St. Petersburg are becoming accepting of immigrants (save for "friends" from Middle Asia)
>Once you figure it out, you will find out that in your day-to-day business/life, Putin is not affecting you. Live and let die.

Cons in cont.

>I won't hide it - Russia HAS a crisis in its government. Most people who become politicians do it for stealing money, so don't be expecting help from the gov't
>International stigma of being "America's next top Hitler"
>Not everyone speaks English in Moscow
>There's a dismal difference of quality of life in Moscow and everywhere else, really
>Pace of life is really fast, almost NYC fast
>Dem world famous Russian drivers
>Can be difficult to earn the trust of people here (but once they open up - you'll be as thick as thieves)
>If you're gay - don't be flamboyant about it, Russia has plenty of fags but before of the military, they don't take kindly to anyone different
>Might be difficult to adjust to the Russian mindset (but I say it's worth it)
>Ruble is collapsing, if you're living in Russia and get paid in Rubles - be prepared to get frugal if you want to travel (for example, before the sanctions my salary was 1400-5000 $ per month - I'm a freelancer, hence the difference - but now I earn 750-2600$, which is MORE than enough, believe me, but it's a palpable change) or not, if you get a decent working position, I have no idea
>Moscow and St. Petersburg are relatively safe, but in other cities the crime rate is higher

Cost of living:
Food + rent in Moscow is about 450-800$. That depends if you want to co-share an apartment with someone or have it all to yourself.
500$ is frugal mode, 1000$ is comfy mode.

Last good thing about Russia
>Scientology has lost its licence as a religious organization and being buttfucked by countless lawsuits since 2015, it's hillarious to watch

I can post my email if you have more personal questions.
well, there are people who scrape by with 500e per month. Don't tell me how they do it tho. IMO it is atleast 1200e per month to live a conservative life without any type of security.

1600e per month should be good (this includes rent which can vary from 300e to 1500e depending on area)
Please give me one of those:

fastest internet of easter europe rotfl
Fuck, my mistake.

It's cheapest. At least for 8 MB.

But hey, we've got the most expensive renting prices in rich area!
Haaay !

Come from France guys ( Paris )


> Theres so many landscapes and climates here. City or country, beach and sun or mountains ! And really, landscapes here can be very ... Amazing and incredible. Trust me !
> Its a little country so its easy to move in car ( 12h ~ for Paris-Cannes )
> Easy to find local ( and very tasty ) food
> Next to Amsterdam for smoking kush in total legality ( I don't smoke but it can be a good argument for drugs-user )
> Lots of cool countrys just next to the France ( Suisse, Luxembourg, Holland and also ... Belgium ! )
> If you find good people in France you can discover funny and unexpected things ( like secret shows in the catacombs of Paris )
> Many various activities to do here, and easy to find.


> French people ( in big city ) are bigs asshole ( I hate people from Paris they're so dumb omg )
> French people speak English not very well
> French people are not helpful
> Expensive
> Lots of pickpockets in big city
> Cops are not funny here
> Girls can be easily offended ( and I'm not a boy )

Paris can be cool. But go to east or west. Middle is not very funny or interesting. And don't come in too big cities. Find young students ( 16 to 22 years old ) they can be very good guids and very helpful, funny and friendly.
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Bandera Autralia.gif
12 KB, 360x240
I grew up in Australia (Brisbane) but I'm a permanent resident of Canada. Will post my Canada one after.

>lots of sunny days
>high minimum wage (~$19/hr)
>easy access to nice beaches
>fantastic asian food
>no tipping
>quite good public transport by global standards

>incredibly high cost of living
>widespread racism
>people are generally pretty rude and aggressive (not all)
>very hot most of the year
>nanny state
File: Flag_of_Canada.svg.png (18 KB, 1280x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>people quite polite, at least up front
>integrated multiculturalism
>amazing, readily available weed
>good universal healthcare
>glorious nature/mountains/animals

>rent can be ridiculously high (on the West coast at least)
>lots of obnoxious australians in the mountains
>winter can get quite depressing, though the past few years it's been good
>having to tip
>gst not included
>people still use cheques
USA is too damn massive, so I'll just speak mostly about the Midwest (Ohio in particular)

>low cost of living
>Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland are midsize, homey cities
>fairly friendly people, more so outside the cities
>Appalachian Mts., woodlands, and lake, but best parts are in neighboring states
>Cincy and Cleveland have some history

>Agricultural as fuck outside of the major cities
>best natural scenery is not in the state
>Fairly mild, but temperamental weather
>Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland are midsize, homey cities

Decent jobs in the city, but pretty quiet overall. Unless you have ties here or a good job opportunity, another state will have more of what you like
>>Can still get away with a lot of shit that you can't in W. Europe
Could you develop on that?
>if you need wife-material, look outside Moscow and St. Petersburg - they've got a lot of gold diggers
Gold diggers aren't wife material.
What the hell.
File: Flagbig.gif (7 KB, 500x332) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sorry if this post isn't laid out well, I'm doing it from my phone.

So the UK:

>Rich history
>beautiful countryside
>every city has wonderful buildings
>free, decent healthcare
>a few perks from the old empire such as cheap travel, connections with certain embasys etc
>very proud and often cheerful people
>very different depending on where you visit
>people have decent freedom of speech and liberty

>again depending on where you visit people are very different, the typical international image of someome from the UK would be a middle class londoner which is dissproportionate from the truth
>high cost of living
>low salaries
>almost every job above minimum wage requires years of training
>people can appear cold, especially to foreigners
>general dislike to middle easteners, if you speak out against certain peoples you can be charged with hate crime

In London prices are very high and you're looking at £1000 ($1500)+ a month to live any sort of comfortable life with room to save, you could probably scrape by living in a shit hole like brixton on £600 a month in a studio apartment

Where I live its abit cheaper (up north in Lincoln) more like £800 a month to live comfortably, but I still wouldn't recommend moving here unless you had a niche, like traffice management specialist, or marine environment anaylist, jobs like that pay more than anywhere else because there's no one even close to being able to fill those roles
That's what I said.
IF you want a wife-material girl - look OUTSIDE Moscow and St. Petersburg BECAUSE they've got a lot of gold diggers.

Clear enough?
Yo, great posts, anons, but I don't see minimum amount of money you need to live in your country. Post it. It's an essential piece of info.
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>Northeast beaches
>If you are a gringo you are almost a woman magnet
>If you are that bad with woman, you can go to massage parlours and have sex (prostitution is not a crime, only pimping - and do not involve yourself with a U-18)
>Real is souring
>Historical cities in Minas Gerais are a must (look for Ouro Preto), but you must have strong legs
>We have a very good thermal water and water
therapy circuit
>Carnaval, for those who like it
>Rio de Janeiro, Foz do Iguaçu
>We still have freedom of religion. If you are a missionary, this is one of the less dangerous country of the world (but see the con)

>Rampant violence
>All Brazilian drivers suffer from Ayrton Senna's syndrome, so take care.
>No railway system
>Horrible public transport system
>Huehuehue culture
>People doesn't know English and think that know Spanish (but they don't)
>We have a bureaucracy that is worse than any communist country
>Murricans, Canadians Australians and Japaneses need a visa

Minimun ammount: first, it is another bureucratic hell for rent an apartment here, even for Brazilians. Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasília is expensive as fuck, but I think that with U$ 500/month you can rent something decent. Eating in self-services, where you pay what you eat, some other U$ 150/month, some other U$ 60/month for public transport. So, with U$ 1000/month you'll have a great time here.
actually that is pretty accurate
>If you are a gringo you are almost a woman magnet
Stop selling our women to gringos.

>All Brazilian drivers suffer from Ayrton Senna's syndrome, so take care.
I huehued.
How's the job market? What's the average salary in Sao Paolo?
From what I can see 1000$/month seems to be confy mode in most countries.
Thanks for the info. I'm American and I've got two little sisters who were adopted from Russia. I'm interested in going there to check it out but I wouldn't feel comfortable going without a native Russian to help me out. It seems like a great place to visit but I sense there's a thick barrier for an outsider like me -- especially an American outsider.
You obviously have a different perspective as a native, but I've been to Paris twice (once with my sore-thumb American family and later with two friends who could blend in better) and I've found most Parisians to be receptive and friendly. As in any other country, all they want is for their culture to be shown some respect -- i.e. visitors should learn basic phrases and adapt to the decorum.
>traffic/parking is a bloody nightmare and public transport is shit

is this really an issue? Can't you just walk everyone? My city is about the same size and I just walk to places.
>low salaries

You've obviously never left the UK or just have a shit degree or someshit.

I make enough to support 2-3 families in most mid-tier countries straight out of uni.
Fellow Ohioan here. Where are you from?
French here
I agree with you Paris is still worth visiting and Parisians don't seem that bad once you walk a bit in their shoes. Because their city is basically an open air giant museum and amusement park for Asians so living here 24h24h...
I've been to france, norway, ireland, egypt germany, belgium and the netherlands so far but you dont need to travel to realise that in the UK the salary compared to cost of living and level of inflation creates one of the worst qualities of life in europe by comparrison, but thank you for throwing your ignorant views into the mix without consideration towards others
> Portugal

Delicious food
Relatively cheap prices
Long as fuck days holy shit what's with the sunset at 9PM in May/June/July
Most people speak decent english

Littered streets
Political corruption
Population still 10-20 years backwards in time
10-20 years backwards.
not necessarily a bad thing
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Finland here:

- Excellent infrastructure
- Nice countryside for winter sport or hiking in summer
- Low crime, very safe in public
- Good education system

- Cold and dark a lot of the time with short summers
- High cost of living
- Only one large, cosmopolitan city (Helsinki) although Tampere and Turku have lots of students / young people
- If you don't speak Finnish it's hard to find work outside specialized areas
- Some people still have a provincial or xenophobic attitude

If you are a foreigner living in Helsinki, you would want a salary of at less 25 000 EUR per year (before tax), for smaller cities with cheaper rent maybe 20 000 EUR per year (before tax) would be enough.
the heat and all the hills will ensure that you will be sweaty wherever you go
That's what I was thinking, I actually liked being cut off in Cuba.

But it depends on what context he is referring to, I know nothing of Portugal so I can't even guess.
There needs to be a place to save it all for quick and easy access though
File: pl_en.gif (25 KB, 399x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 399x384

>beautiful women everywhere
>great mix of nature and cities to explore
>super cheap transportation (can get across the country for a few dollars on trains)
>even cheaper alcohol
>if you get genuine Polish friends they will be your best friends you've ever had
>job market sucks, you have to know people to get any decent job or get super lucky
>people are generally well educated and most young people speak a second language to some extent

>currently experiencing political turmoil
>religion is running and ruining certain aspects of the country
>bureaucratic mess in offices
>people are gloomy
>drunks everywhere especially in smaller towns
>the food gets boring fast, it's all meat and potatoes, very bland
>the weather is only nice in the summer
>certain amenities such as pools or ice rinks are either not available or expensive

Cost of living:
>Minimum: 1500zl (possible if living in a small town and have friend who help each other out)
>Bearable: 2500zl (might not be enough for the big cities but in most places this is good enough to have a normal life)
>Decent: 4000zl (good enough for all cities, this is around the average Polish wage these days)
>Western lifestyle: 6000zl+ (good for all cities, can enjoy Polish life to the fullest)

1000zl = $250 usd
with cost of living surely you mean 6000zl a month?
Yeah 6000zl per month will give you a pretty decent lifestyle, you'll be able to afford the sort of things middle-classes in North America and Western Europe are able to afford.

Generally anything imported into Poland like cars and electronics are the same price as in other countries which means they're very expensive for Poles but things like food and rent(outside of central Warsaw) are very cheap.
What kind of jobs earn you 6000zl? Is it normal to make this much or more? or not so much for young people?
You can get that much and more in IT these days. IT is the only field that I would say overpays people in Poland. Although they are still underpaid as compared to their western equivalents in their field. Some IT sectors pay at anywhere from 6000 to 8000zl per month and if you're competent enough can earn 10-15k after 5 years.

Otherwise you'll likely not earn that much if you're just an average person. Trades are severely underpaid (it's why all the construction workers went to work in the west), teachers earn something like 2500zl, doctors earn 5000-8000zl, nurses only around 3000zl. It varies quite a lot between places, people in Warsaw in general earn a lot more than any of the other cities.

Generally young people are getting fucked over by everyone. There's too many overqualified workers in Poland. A lot of people have finished masters degrees from the top universities in the country and still will earn 3000zl per month. My cousin recently finished law school and is earning a shit wage, all the practicums he did were unpaid and he'll likely have to do more of those.
Cincinnati, my man.

My bad OP. I'd say if you can rake in $25-30,000 a year post taxes, you'll live somewhat modestly, but comfortably. Per capita Ohio income is like $25k ($12/hr) pre-tax, for comparison.
>currently experiencing political turmoil
That's doesn't true
It's pretty true, it's in turbulence.
well, now its a bad time to search for a job cause the economy is going to shit, I advise not earning money here but spending it, mainly if you got the dollars since they are like 4R$, and that's the biggest amount since 1993 when we had the worst economy in the story.

But you can always get some minor jobs and gain shit for a mcdonalds job, or try to apply for a big bank company, the money lies there.
I can't be bothered to write a list of pros and cons for Norway, but on the cost of living, I'd say 150 000 NOK (16 000 EUR) is the bare minimum. Students often live on around 100 000 NOK, but they have access to cheap student apartments with shared kitchens.

Of course, nobody actually earns 150 000 NOK a year unless they're working part time. Even if you work retail wages start at 260 000 a year.
- the ruble falls, + kill babahs

What's going on in that video? I don't understand..
File: 14215293710440.gif (1 MB, 500x282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 500x282
The babahs are outraged that the Russians destroyed their base.
I'm curious, where's the best ratio of salary/cost of living? Where in Europe you can actually SAVE some money?

Because I've heard that rent is okay but day-to-day expenses are nightmare fuel. Is this true? If so, where can I save my dosh?
Which means what? You're all in debt? Using credit cards is a must in Norway?
Try reading my post again? Literally everyone earns more than the minimum cost of living.

>SAVE some money?

LEL. You are not going to be saving lots of money living in the inflation riddled, taxing everything to death, European nations, unless you make more than 200k a year.
>everything I know about Europe I learned from /int/

Inflation is next to zero right now, idiot. Your other points are also all wrong.
I'm not selling, this happens since our discovery
>Be a Portuguese navigator
>Arrive in the New World
>See that bunch of naked people
>With a lot of Native qts
>The chief give his daughter to you as a sign to godwill
If you are doubting, look for St. José de Anchieta's biography, when he became a sort of hostage in a tribe and most of naked, Indian woman wanting to do with him.
No politically correct culture, different morals and traditions. It's mostly stuff you wouldn't want to do anyway because it involves you being a prick and breaking the law, ex: speeding, littering, having sex with consenting minors, example 24 year old with a 16 year old.
I'd say the best places for that are in Asia these days. The cost of living is super low and as a foreigner you can actually earn wages comparable to what you'd make in the west if you have the right education/skills. Actually, Eastern Europe has something similar. A lot of western companies have gone into Eastern Europe for the cheap labour, if you work for a UK or German company and get sent over to manage an office in Poland or Romania you'll be earning a lot of money compared to the locals.

I'd rather earn 50,000 euros in Poland than 100,000 euros in Germany.

Living pretty frugally I'd say in both Australia and Western Canada you'd need an absolute minimum of $25k a year. That is assuming you wanna have some kind of social life and go on a couple of weeks vacation every year. I guess it's possible to live on less depending on your habits.
File: mexico.jpg (673 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
673 KB, 1920x1080


>Most visited country in Latin America and one of the ten most visited countries in the world

>The country with most Unesco heritage sites in America

>San Miguel Allende is the best city in the world according to Conde Nast Traveler and Mexico City is the main and most important touristic destination in 2016 according to The New York Times

>Gorgeous landscapes, beaches, etc

>Jungle, Desert, Forests, Mangroves, etc

>Amazing architecture (Pyramids, Castles, Churches, etc)

>One of the counties with most Museums in the world

>Exquisite cuisine


>Some parts of the country are dangerous and you should avoid (Tamaulipas, Sinaloa, Guerrero, Michoacan, Morelos)

>You can get pickpocketed in big cities (I guess this can happen in every part of the world)

>People sometimes can be ignorant

>Public transport can be bad

>Lots of traffic
I'd like to add a few to this list

>unbeatable fishing and hunting
>long, hot summer days
>clean air
>a huge variety of climates and geography, from rainforest to tundra
>very very safe
>dollar is weak right now so it's incredibly cheap
>friendly people
>scenic, picturesque small towns

>not the most exciting
>integrated multiculturalism
>even the big cities have so-so nightlife, mostly sports bars and run down concert venues
>huge amount of empty space between towns
>culture is nearly identical to America
File: money.jpg (257 KB, 800x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
257 KB, 800x300

Oh, as for money


>Minimum for a single resident to survive:
$500/week (just over minimum wage)
>For a single resident to have a good quality of life:
>To (barely) provide for a wife and kids:
>Good secure quality of life, wife, kids, house, 2 cars, dog, boat etc.


>hitchhiking, hostels, and ramen noodle backpacking
>backpacking with the occasional restaurant dinner/night out
>hotels some nights, hostels others, drinking most nights, meals in restaurants, a few tours
>hotels every night, visiting tourist traps and sightseeing tours, buying souvenirs
>living the good life
File: belgium_MED.gif (2 KB, 320x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 320x200
Belgium (Flemmish part)

>Excellent proxy base to see the rest of Europe
>Almost everyone can speak English
>Car can take you anywhere in 3 hrs.
>Public transport everywhere
>Festivals in the summer
>Good food
>Good Universities
>Very good healthcare

>People can come off shy/cold
>Things are pretty expensive
>Shameful government
>You gotta insure your whole fucking existence
>Govermental paperwork can be ungodly slow
>Weather can suck

Money-wise, in the bigger cities expect to pay 600+ euro per month if you are alone. Wages are pretty good. (I'm an engineer myself -> starter = 2k/month pre taxes)
Any country where being a foreigner (Caucasian white male) gives you an instant pussy magnet? I'm out of 8 year old relationship and just want to fuck.
Ukraine or eastern Europe in general

Peru, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Thailand, and Australia because you are white.
[spoiler]I'm from Russia so Ukraine is not the best option for me now. [/spoiler]
Weebs don't like to admit it because MUH GAIJIN REPUTATION but Japan. I shit you not they have dedicated bars for Japanese girls to pick up white men, these girls are called "gaijin hunters" and Japan is CRAWLING with them. They taste strange and fishy and have hairy pussies, just to warn you.
Asia and all of Latin America is where whites are worshiped. If you have blue eyes you will eventually get bored of fucking and want to do something else.
Same. Though I'm currently at OSU in Columbus. I feel sorry for the rest of the world for not being able to fully appreciate Skyline Chili.
>Latin America

Don't really want to be kidnapped.
I feel sorry for you being in ohio.
Only important/rich people get kipnapped. You'll be fine.
I'm white, I think that counts.

How do I avoid being kidnapped?
You won't be kidnapped unless you show off wealth. People there have normal lives too you know, don't believe in the bullshit media propaganda that it's a war zone over there. Hell, I'd be more scared in many American cities than in South America.
File: original.png (99 KB, 3141x2094) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The Philippines

>everything is super cheap; western currencies are strong
>easily pick up girls by being Caucasian
>provincial areas and beaches are amazing (visit Palawan and Siargao)
>Filipinos are generally warm and kind hearted; especially true in rural areas
>local foods are various and savoury
>some good nightlife in Manila, but you will have to dig deeper for the best ones

>won't really earn much if you work there unless you're an expat
>more likely to get scammed/pickpocketed in Manila; kidnapped in the dangerous parts of Mindanao
>all eyes on you if you're white
>Boracay (seriously, don't bother going there. It was only good a decade ago)
>westerner stomachs might not be able to handle some foods
>horrible traffic, pullituon, and crime in Manila
>"Filipino time" means everyone will always be late to some degree
>strong retarded Catholic presence, even in the government
>the humidity (gets hot and sticky)
The U.S.

You can shoot guns is a pro. Your rights are probably safe, if you don't catch the ire of someone rich.

You will be shot at some point, and the bill will be really high.
Former diplomat here, was stationed in Manila.

I have a love/hate relationship with your country.
I really stuck out like a sore thumb (maybe because I was always wearing a suit).
Your people were eyeing me up but nobody actually approached me or became friends with me.

Manila is a mixed bag. Makati City is cool but small and feels nothing like the rest of the Philippines (I was living in Tambo for a weak - I've seen a lot of crime during the nights when I ventured out to buy myself some bottled water).

Sadly, Pnoy girls are nothing to write home about. Only half-bloods are okay (most notably, Japanese-Filipinas), the rest are either after your money or want to lock you the fuck down to get a baby/green card from you.

And oh my god, Filipinos has ONE national pastime. You know what it is? That's right, niglet, it's GOING TO THE MALL.

I am serious, you've got a couple of rich families that built their chains of malls (SM, Greenbelt, Ayala and some other shit) where people lose their money they get from their relatives that went overseas to become OFW. That's fucking it.

Pollution is the worst. I mean, I visited your Manila Ocean Park that has a view on Manila bay (or Look ng Maynila, IIRC) and holy shit, what have you done with the water? It's black. It's full of human waste and garbage.

Food: that's something that I'd like to mention. Your meat and milk is overpriced as fuck. I get it that you have to import it but holy fuck is it easier to become vegan than eat a pound of meat per week.

You forgot to mention that you have a HUGE crisis in your gov't. I mean, remember the Mamasapano Massacre? I sure as fuck remember. Now tell me that our Aquino boy is good for something other than being a son of a president who got an airport named after him because he was assassinated.

It's near impossible to find a high-paying job. Financial sector is a bust.

But I miss the place. Would like to come back.
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(unless you are visiting some big city)
>a lot of really nice places not overridden with hordes of tourists
>cheap ruble
>good attitude towards foreigners
>no fags (well, almost)

>lack of infrastructure and services - prepare your backpack
>looooong distances
>nobody speaks english or any other foreign language
Not gonna lie, mate. A lot of what you said is true. And I fucking hate that side of that country.

The trouble with the local, "exotic" filipinas is what you mentioned: gold diggers. The halfies are indeed hot, but usually come from well off families. There are some real good looking filipinas that come from decent families, not the really dark skinned or uneducated ones. Those were the girls that I was thinking of.

Yeah, tell me about the fucking malls. At least they're not as boring as Singapore's. But then again, you gotta know where else to go for a good time. The UP Diliman campus and Maginhawa area are great ways to spend your weekend. Getting there from Makati is a bitch because of traffic though. Some people also head out of the city to Tagaytay for the weekend.

Also with the not-being-approached thing, Manila isn't really the place for that to happen, unless you know the right joints. What age group do you fall under?

I really wouldn't recommend Manila to anyone (unless I was there to personally guide them around) because the cons outweigh the pros there, but damn man, you should have seen the provincial areas. There you'd make connections, eat good seafood, see cleaner surroundings, check out fucking amazing beaches. I really recommend Siargao. It's worth the journey.

Don't get me started on the gov't. It's a shithouse. Everybody is corrupt. I don't even live there anymore and still I am angered whenever I come across the news about the PH gov't.

I'd only recommend going to the Philippines to see the nature, and not get stuck in the cities. Because with what you'd earn in the west, you'll get pretty far in the east. I'm only going back there to do more traveling around the provinces I haven't been to yet. Fuck Manila.
My bosses are Nepalese and I asked them about life there.They said it was amazing before the earthquake and that the lifestyle was almost first world tier but then the earthquake fucked everything up and its third world tier again.
You guys still have the artics(bendy buses)that London dumped on you? I saw pictures of those suckers navigate narrow streets there.
>Outside of big cities (when you are in rural France) you better know a little French because people can't speak English for shit

Bullshit. People in Lyon or Bordeaux cant talk or atleast dont understand english.

Going to a illegal rave in the Paris Catacombs is on my bucket list. and "Next to Amsterdam" is kinda exaggerated...

You forgot the ugly women.
neh, most of them started catching fire since they're not used to the heat and the government scrapped them
Anyone from the Netherlands would like to comment? me and my wife are trying to move over there. i'm a pharmacist and she's a midwife
I'm actually a Buckeye too. And Skyline hits the spot from time to time, but don't kid yourself, its not the end-all be-all
File: Bandera-Uruguay.png (145 KB, 2560x1707) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145 KB, 2560x1707

>Decent public transport by bus or taxi, inside cities and between them.
>Relatively safe (particularly when far from the capital) when compared to South American standards.
>Variatey. Locations, food and activities a plenty. You can spend a day in the beach partying, take a two hour bus and be in the middle of nowhere feeding cows and stuff.
>Food is amazing, specially ingredients wise. Good and fresh meats -particularly cow- vegetables a plenty.
>Very good telecom.


>Expensive as fuck. A dollar doesn't get you a litter of gas. A 500cc bottle of coke will cost you 1.5USD in the street, and up to 4USD in bars and restaurants.
>While beaches are touted as the best, they are far from it. They are good, but nowhere near the caribbean style blue water and white sand beaches ads and websites show.
>The capital (Montevideo) is riddled with petty crime. Purse snatchers, harassment from hobbos... Most issues -robberies, shootings- are more of a worry for locals.
>Montevideo is also dirty, and ugly. Its unkempt, and an urban planning mess.
>Infrastructure is collapsed. Gridlock and car accidents a plenty.
>Average socialist country. Voters thought they could trust the left to 'fix' the effects of a worldwide economic meltdown, which was a huge mistake. We got a lot of filler projects -pot legalization, abortion, crack down on smoking bans- which seem progressive, but are nothing more than a joke when you see that the country is collapsing economically with massive debts, taxation up the ass, public companies going belly up and unions paralizing the country every few days, while cartels try to dig in a place for themselves and crime is on the rise at an alarming rate.

All in all, Uruguay is pretty average: On paper, it's beautiful and quiet merge of the old and the new, but actually, its a run down economy with some (not a lot) to offer towards the tourist. Decent for visiting, absolute shit tier for living or staying longer than a couple of months.
I live in Canada and the province I live in is Alberta. Good things about Alberta is it is good about gun laws and safety but the bad thing is that we have a shit government in power which has lead to economic down fall
Alberta is also peaceful and beautiful
Elaborate, please.

Please, state the minimum/average amount of money required to sustain oneself in your country for a month. Thank you.
>Elaborate, please.
One of the few places in the world without rats.

Eastern Ukraine then, surely.
Living With us middle class standards? At least 1.5k
Is it worth it? Honestly speaking. Of all Latin countries, my bro said that only Chile and Uruguay are worth visiting. But what about living there for good?
I have a feeling your bro is a blowhard who's been to 5 cities in 3 countries (or zero). But sure, just do whatever he says.
> I'm an engineer myself -> starter = 2k/month pre taxes

quite low pre-tax for a starter tbqh. probably not in brussels region?
You should do factory work m80. 4100€ pre- taxes here and im a grunt.(night shifts only)
> tfw did nightwork as student

never again. Pay was quite good but it's just shit, especially during summer when you can't stay at bbq's for too long
He's been to 3 countries, yeah.

But I'm asking you, my man. You're more knowledgeable in this capacity.
I'm admittedly a cool guy to a lot of people I meet, and when we hang out for a couple days people are like "I HAVE to come to Canada sometime".
Honestly, you don't. It's highly 'liveable' but not exciting at all. Really nothing that cool to see. Summers are fine. Winters suck. And I live in a temperate region
This is cool info, thanks.

I'm thinking about learning the Russian language, if only for all the awesome literary applications. Also, the US Gov has some cushy jobs for Russian speakers with certain other qualifications.

Btw, you write excellently for a native Russian
File: hk-1.jpg (54 KB, 1020x808) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 1020x808
>food is cheap compared with US/UK
>the cityscape is so special
>people speak English
>beautiful seashores and beaches (sai kung)
>best parties in lan kwai fong
>people are open-minded
>tons of westerners
>for living,
> tons of international schools
>decent health system
>great culture, you gonna love it
>great people
>cheap flight tickets to China/Japan/Taiwan/SEA

>beer is super expensive in pubs
>overcrowded as Fuck
>sometimes the stuff are expensive
>rent is crazily high
>flat is small as FUCK
>tons of dumb tourists
>being invaded by China
>fucking retarded government
>wet in summer

just come and visit us.
Think twice before you decided to live here
forgot 'bout the cost

rent of a decent flat: 6000-8000 HKD per month
transport: 600-1000 per month
food : 3000 per month, if u dont cook.
misc: 1000 per month

7.8 USD= HKD
dont know about gas as i dont drive. but the transport system in HK is superb.
Elaborate on "think twice before you decide to live here".

What's so bad about Hong Kong? (What's better - China or Hong Kong, in terms of living?)

So, in total, it boils down to about 1550 USD, it's not so bad, if you think about it.

What's the average salary is like? Is it tough to find a job there?
>Gold diggers
Sorry, mate, but if you're a foreigner (like me), you'll get this attitude every goddamn time. You will not be able to make sincere friends because "Look at that whitey, I bet he's got his own house in Palo Alto and he can take in me, my mom and my 14 sisters in his house no problem". This is an undeniable fact. And it pains me to acknowledge it.
>Traffic in Manila
Dude, I'm from Russia and Moscow has NOTHING on Manila. I once spent 6 hours trying to get from Mall of Asia to Makati. After 5 p.m. it's GAME OVER, MAN, GAME OVER.

I mean, the country has approx. 7000 islands but there's nothing to gain there. It's Manila or bust. Sure, there's Cebu and gorgeous resorts but they cost money. And they aren't cheap either. If a capital cannot serve as a shining example of the country's overall quality, then I have some bad news.
>the not-being-approached thing
I'm actually the youngest former diplomat. I am turning 24 this year. Being a diplomatic worker is so fucking boring, it's basically a glorified clerk position.
I just walked around the city. Seriously, I went from Tambo to Makati and back. People would just stare at me. Men smiled as if they were undressing me with their eyes. Women looked worried or something. But yeah, it must've been my suit. Couldn't handle my slavic swag.
>provincial areas
Like I said, it should've been Manila that had to captivate me. Then I would've explored further. I mean, I was tied to the city, couldn't go outside (dem ambassadorial rules are crazy) so I was stuck, basically.
But then again, it's just for visiting. I am looking for a country to stay in, permanently. I bet these provincial towns has no need for a Russian interpreter.
Nuff said.
>Going back
Ah, dude, I'd love to go back, seriously. But Manila left a scar that won't heal anytime soon. And I wouldn't say that with the current sanctions I earn a lot. Thx Obama.
>good about gun laws
Move out of Canada you trump loving faggot
File: 53.png (22 KB, 769x745) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 769x745
Where should my buddy and I go clubbing when we visit in May? We are asian and white, not looking to spend $$$, just want a fun night out experience and talk to some girls, meet some locals, see how HKers do it. We're from Las Vegas.

Also, please teach me how to use the 141 walk-ups. You know where you take an elevator to the top and walk down floors of whores
What's 141? Some sort of wikipedia of HK whores?
I'm from The Netherlands, but I don't live on my own, so I can't really give any information about how much money you'll need. I also really don't like Dutch culture, so this might be biased.

>A lot of immigrants, so you won't stand out
>Most people speak basic English, the Dutch accent makes it sound terrible, though
>Public transport is fine, though delays happen every now and then
>A lot of different restaurants
>Decent nightlife in Amsterdam/Haarlem
>Can get weed from shops all over the place
>Pills and cocaine are easy to get as well
>Prostitution is legal, if you're into that kind of thing
>#6 best internet connection speed in the world and no stuff like monthly data caps.
>Nobody cares about piracy, either
>Sometimes snows during winter, which might be special to some people

>Terrible food compared to most other countries
>Dutch culture barely exists anymore
>Sightseeing is really mediocre
>If you're a non-white immigrant or from Poland, most people won't like you by default
>People also tend to be less accepting of people who don't speak Dutch
>A lot of Muslims everywhere
>Lower/Middle education is shit
>Shitty weather all year long, only July and August can be nice, but it certainly isn't guaranteed
>The sky is always looking grey and depressing
>Every place looks like a dump, litter everywhere
>Pothead culture
>Traffic jams are a common thing
>The moment it starts snowing, traffic and public transport almost completely shut down
>Almost no nature, except for a few littered parks
>Crime, vandalism and theft are pretty common
>Fucking infinite Nutella/Froyo stores all over Amsterdam
File: image.jpg (119 KB, 960x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119 KB, 960x720
But bias because I really enjoy traveling too much and it's expensive as shit

Hawaii, USA
>weather is practically always perfect especially if you're use to NL Summers
>easily make anyone jealous with a mention you're going to Hawaii
>all hikes usually end in a waterfall or amazing view of the island and ocean. Said "hikes" are usually 30 mins to a few hours
>water is pretty much always warm
>a few different weather environments on the same island
>have some kind of history as Hawaii was once it's own country
>if your visiting the bus isn't too bad and it's usually worth it if you are only going around Honolulu and or want to go to north shore for a day trip and drink a bit. $2.50 flat rate is worth it for long trips but the trips can take up to two and a half hours each way compared to the 45 minute drive

>expensive as balls. Pic related (averagely it's about $6 on Oahu. This is likely from big Island) I recently bought a cart full of food in Germany for $70 including some alcohol which would've been at least $400 locally.
>outside of tourist areas and Honolulu people can be incredibly racist
>I've never heard of pick pocketing but cars get broken into all the time especially at beaches
>hotels are usually over priced as well as Airbnb
>Airbnb onBig island usually won't list the fact they have no fucking hot water.
>a lot of hawaiihistory involves making you feel bad about being white and what the US did to Hawaii

In high school we were taught you and your partner need to make at least 70k a year (together) to live decently and afford a 1 bedroom apartment.

A small one bedroom apartment in a shitty area that gets especially hot and muggy is usually $1200. You can find a room in someone's house for about $800 in better parts.

To live you probably at least need to make 2.5k a month to stay alive and potentially live on your own in that one bedroom apartment with shitty neighbors. I don't drive though so maybe you need more.
Requesting Scandinavians to tell me where do you have the easiest girls. My money is on Sweden.

Accidently checked Stockholm's Tinder girls and holy smokes, they all have C cups.

Do they speak English at all? How's Sweden in general?
Actually I think the 70k was for a one bedroom house Morgage. I can't remember as that was like 8 years ago.
All are relatively easy, but probably Finnish girls are a bit more promiscuous than the rest.

>Do they speak English at all?
Do some fucking research before asking such a dumb question, please.
Sorry man, just saw their profiles and they are all exclusively in Swedish.

Thanks for the heads up for Finnish girls.

But wait... What about their "Stay away from my 5 meters of personal space"? I thought that they keep to themselves.
Not an issue after a little bit of alcohol.
Can I meet them in bars instead of clubs? I really hate loud noises after a concussion I've suffered.
Sure, it's easier to chat in them too. Just be an interesting foreigner and you'll have no problem chatting up any Scandinavian girls. And, yeah, use Tinder, it's popular.
what times of the year would you suggest traveling to bolivia? definitely want to check it out at some point.
Summer is great. Great weather, lots of activities and festivities. Carnival (february - march) is pretty much the summit of this season. You can go to Santa Cruz if you want a brazilian-ish carnival with some traditional dances. If you want a full traditional carnival and have a blast, go to Oruro and then to Cochabamba. The first half of the year is the most entertaining when talking about traditional dancing parades. Then it gets a little quite.
Summer is also rainy season but nobody cares, since weather is a bit odd (specially in La Paz)
File: YzWRL6D.jpg (2 MB, 2448x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2448x3264
Any argiebros out there that can talk about their country?
>Also, the US Gov has some cushy jobs for Russian speakers with certain other qualifications.
Could you elaborate on this?
Plenty of people in Bordeaux know english. Don't talk out of your arse please.
Oh, shit, never noticed your post. Thanks, btw.
I know exactly what he means. And it ain't pretty.

You have to teach the US troops/officers Russian. I'm not kidding. There were several postings recently on various job board.

This is rather unsettling but don't worry, anon, you have to have American citizenship to get close to their soldiers. Otherwise it's "shoot that dirty russki".
My husband-to-be and I are maybe planning to move and live in Canada. It sounds like a nice place to live, but my real issue would be how would I fit in as an American. My prior traveling and meeting folks from other countries have shown me that Americans are automatically hated and it takes a really long time for others to warm up to me because of it, even if I am nice.

I know my fiance, who is Dutch, may as well fit in just fine, but I just wonder about my own emotional well being if we decide to move to Canada. Is it worth it?
What part of Canada? This is important.

Maybe Calgary? Somewhere that is more nature-based, for sure, since my fiance loves to hike and camp out.
I have a bro from Canada and he's yet to say anything bad about Alberta state. If anything, he considers it rather "bland". So I wouldn't worry about any possible cases of severe xenophobia. Just don't act like you own the place and your laws apply there is all. That's pretty much the only rule for every foreigner who tries to fit in. I should know, I've travelled my fair share thanks to my job.
I lived near São Paulo (Brazil) before moving to Rio de Janeiro some years ago. The city has more than 11 million inhabitants (metropolitan region has more than 17 million), prominent business districts, convention centers and foreign companies abound - far more than in any place in entire South America.

If you want to try São Paulo, be in mind the following:

1. You won't earn 5000CHF, but as a translator you will be able to enter what we call "middle-class" here.

2. There are many people who "speaks" English in Brazil with low proficiency. Our market lacks really good English translators - especially for simultaneous translation. This means if your level at English language is really that good you're likely to get a job very quickly and earn a glamorous wage, otherwise you will end up unemployed or becoming an underpaid English teacher competing in an overcrowded market - so be honest to yourself!

3. Unlike many foreigners believe, we speak Portuguese, not Spanish. However the languages are similar (more in writing than in speaking), so people will understand you after some struggle.
Does anyone currently live in south africa? Any good cities? Thanks!
> Asia low cost of living

Singapore and Japan are notable exceptions. Only rich people can afford a car in Singapore or a 120m2 (1300sqft) home. If you can afford both you're almost a millionaire!
South Africa

>Amazing natural scenery. Savannahs, deserts, mountains, forest, fynbos. Its a big country.
>Huge variety of wildlife. In some places you can see the big 5 in just a few hours. Marine life and fishing is also great.
>The Rand is falling hard so foreign currency is strong here.
>huge stretches of world class beaches. International surf spots at jbay and in durban
>sun pretty much all year round, unless you're in the cape in winter
>really good meat and cheap food in general. The Indian people in Durban are famous for their ridiculously spicy cheap curries and bunny chow. Afrikaans women make the best desserts.
>Loads of different cultures so in some parts you feel like you're exploring a whole other country.
>mostly people are friendly and we have good looking women but a lot of them are super consertive.
>cape town

>our government is a farce. Slowly turning into Zimbabwe.
>periods of time where electricity regularly cut for a few hours.
>failure maintain water supply and roads in places.
>poverty is rampant and often in your face.
>crime is a huge problem. You always have to be careful.
>if you cant deal with black people then this is definitely not the place for you. And in recent weeks the racial tension has been getting worse.
>Conservative Christianity is everywhere. A lot of the blacks like their self appointed profits.
>the heat (we had 44C a few weeks ago) can be nearly obnoxious and our homes are rarely designed to deal with it. Not many people have aircon.

The government and crime are huge barrier to entry for a lot of people. Its a fantastic tourist destination with the rand like it is. In terms of renting, it can be between R5000 and R10000 per month for a small but nice place in the city but it fluctuates wildly depending on the area you're in. I paid R3500 per month for a room in a student commune 2km from my uni.
just go to lan kwai fong.
head to Fuji Building for chicks. the biggest brothel in hk (450 hkd - 1200 hkd). many of them are china chinese/ Russian/ thai girl.
This is about indigenous courtesy, not attraction. Indigenous women did the same to black slaves who managed to flee from their owners to the forest centuries ago.
Most people: 250 USD/month
Lucky blue-collar or shit degree: 400-1000 USD/month
Hot degree and profession: 1000-3000 USD/month

> Valid for São Paulo and South Region.

But notice federal govt takes a 27.5% tax from you if you earn much more than minimum wage. It doesn't include state and city taxes, social security, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc...............................
So you can kiss 35% of your salary goodbye?
Wow, it's just like living in, um, any country without massive oil reserves or ridiculous banking fraud.
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id like to visit New Zealand. im currently in line to spend 1 semester of my bachelor in NZ if everything goes after the plan.
What should i expect, people culture, cost of living, etc.

Im from norway
>High quality housing
>Free healthcare, etc
>Free education with great loans for housing
>High salary
>Beautifull nature.
>Mostly good public transport
>Great for winter sports
>Friendly and supportive people when you get to know them
>Most appartment are pre furnished mostly with IKEA stuff.
>If you like the outdoors you are gonna love it especialy because of "Allemannsretten" (Freedom to roam)
>Paid vecation and long vecations and short work weeks/days

>Everything is expensive
>The weather is always shit, (always raining in the summer, and windy and cold in winter)
>Very shy people, you dont talk to strangers
>Roads are very bad and getting from A to B can take a long time even if its not that far away.
>alot of Bureaucracy, some thing will take a very long time
>You need to learn norwegian. Although you can attent UNI in english you will probbably need to learn norwegian to get a job you will also need to know atleast some norwegian to get around, as most signs are only in norwegian
>parties in norway mostly involve quickly getting drunk and staying very drunk. move this to pro if this is your thing
Feel free to ask questions, i wrote what i could think of at the moment.
many thanks for Norway. What's the minmum cost of living in there (including rent and food)?
Other questions, if you don't mind:
>How many months of cold weather do you have?
>Immigrants from you-know-what-region - is it a trouble like in Germoney?
>What's the average salary in there?
>What's the income tax?
>What are women in there like?
>How is it to get a job for a foreigner?(With a degree in Pedagogics/Linguistics)
Depends on what you mean by "cold" if cold means snow that would be earliest sometime in oktober, and summer beginning sometime in april. although this year we didnt even have snow before christmas (around Oslo) although january has been at most -30C

I go to school in oslo and i havent really seen many "that kind of imigrant" if you are in the countryside you wont notice at all.

average salary is 370 000 NOK or about 42 000 USD.

The income tax ranges alot depending on how much you make i suggest you just read the wikipedia article on the subject https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taxation_in_Norway

Women here are pretty good i guess. easy anough to pick up strangers at a bar, but get a circle of friends if you are looking for girlfriend material.

If you learn Norwegian is shouldnt be to hard to get a job. Although degree spesific job im not really sure. The job market is pretty decent for anyone with athleast a bachelors degree though
Wops i forgot the first question.

The university of oslo suggests atleast 10 000 NOK to cover basic needs every month, although i have personaly lived on less.
my current living situation i live with 3 other people and i pay 3500 NOK for 16m^2. If you lived in oslo though you could maybe get 10
10m^2 for 4-7000 NOK. and from 2000-3000 on food. alot less ofcourse if you live on only pasta and noodles.

If you dont live in a big city housing is atleast half the price, but some times wont be worth it because of petrol prices if you need a car
So, 1000 EUR or so. About 30% income tax. Learning Norwegian can prove to be a bitch.

Thanks for the response, anon!
No problem.
if you have some sort of loan you may be able to get tax breaks,
also if you have a norwegian student loan its like 10 years where you dont pay intrest on the loan, and after that its only like under 5% you also get 40% of your loan convertet into a scholarship if you pass all your classes.
This might not be releavant though but good to know
Music is alright. Most western bands do not come to Taiwan. A lot of Japanese bands that don't go to the west will though.
House parties are nonexistent. If you have more than a few people over the cops will be called, guaranteed. Even if it's 7 p.m. on a Saturday night.
Most Taiwanese men hold grudges against foreign males, although they probably won't say anything to your face.
These are probably my biggest qualms. Besides that everything is great
All scandinavian girls are easy but Swedes are incredibly so. You don't even need tinder to get fitta... just go to anywhere that serves alcohol at any time. It is so so so easy. Just don't stay at a hostel, only lonely autists do so there.
Are there any other downsides to Switzerland other than expensiveness?
It's beyond boring. Like an elephant graveyard.
How can a city that has particle accelerators and international organizations be boring?
UN is dodshit, the biggest impotent organization in the world. It's like boasting having Red Sox as your roadside attraction.
LHC is a big gray box. What's there to be excited about?

The city is small, everything closes too damn early and there's nothing to do.
>integrated multiculturalism

How is this bad? Canada is looking like the adult in this part of the Western hemisphere, and it is extremely difficult to say that as an American.
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aka U S A

As >>1069523 said
>a vast swath of biomes, any climate you care to live in. Nature out your ass, amber waves of grain
>wildly varying costs of living, so you have choices. Coming from the East Coast, I was surprised how doable Cleveland (for example) was, and moreover how great of a city it was since I'd had a somewhat stuffy view of the Midwest previously
>certain regions really do have their own flair, homogeneity shouldn't be a real concern. (Although there are certainly places that are flat-out boring.)
>enormous sums of money to be made*
>similarly, if you do or make a particular thing people will be excited for you and congratulate you and whatnot regardless of creed, color, etc. (As opposed to asking "Why would you do that?" or "What's the point?") As Coolidge said, the business of America business.
>you can move around pretty easily to follow job opportunities, romantic connections, etc.
>people are generally pretty friendly, Easterners less so outwardly than Westerners, often very helpful, although there really isn't a "we're all in it together" spirit atm.

>*for some people. Otherwise, in general wages have been stagnating while cost of living rises. This may be negligible in rural areas but it's very palpable in major metropolises
>even if Donald Trump doesn't become emperor, our political gridlock and inter-party division probably doesn't look too appetizing. (Additionally, attitudes towards immigrants seems to be at a low.) But keep in mind, the populace isn't the gov't.
>there are people in this country who count never having left the U.S. a personal triumph
>t b h unless you're really striving for the folksy or homey, you will probably be uninterested in a large portion of the landmass and will probably just stay on the coasts. There are major Midwestern and Southern cities that are beautiful, however, it's just that I've noticed Europeans in particularly only think in terms of East vs. West Coast
Can anyone talk about China?

Is it better than Taiwan/Hong Kong? I want to get my master's degree in one of those.
>gov in power lead to downfall
you'd be right if you said the previous string of provincial governments over the last 20 years investing almost exclusively in a rapidly declining/fickle industry but you are from /k/ and this is not /int/ so I wont elaborate
What's your masters degree in? I would do some major research into this first. Chinese universities have a lot of issues with cheating and people with degrees from there, even Masters, are often not considered as highly as from western countries. There's a reason all the wealthy Chinese send their kids to study in the west, the education system there needs a lot of work.

I work in a university that has an offshoot campus in China.
I've been to Iran quite often, and I understand the culture and situation 99.9%, so here's my list:

>flights aren't too bad since it's not a popular destination
>lots of purchasing power because of weak Rial
>super friendly people
>really good food
>very low crime
>well-educated citizens (many speak English)
>lots of handicrafts and souvenirs for cheap

>no alcohol (but I hear it's easy to obtain)
>some need to go with a tour, and visa process can be a pain
>watch what you fucking say
>often times there isn't much time to visit since all the nice places are far apart (Shiraz, Esfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad, Yazd, "Shomal", Tehran)

But still, y'all should go. It's extremely safe, and the people are completely different than the government. They're pretty much like Americans, except much, much more hospitable, especially to foreigners. They want people to understand the Iranian culture, tradition, etc, and distinguish themselves between the Arab world and Iran.
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