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Going to las vegas next month, any advice?
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Going to las vegas next month, any advice?
Don't gamble that much.
-Walk through the casino/hotel when possible to reduce the time outside, as it gets rather warm (but then again, I'm basing it on March and Summer weather)
-try catching some of the free shows (such as the fountains, the Sirens of Treasure Island, and Circus Circus)
-do the buffets
Do blow off of a hooker's ass crack
So I'm in Vegas for the first time right now, for business....but I hope to find a bit of pleasure.
Thing is, I don't think they have my brand.
It isn't a city, that's my one problem.
It seems to just be an overpriced Disneyland for adults. Only I can't leave to get a decent meal in Orlando.
I'm staying at a casino on Freemont (not my choice) If I were on my own dime I'd be PISSED. This is the least accommodating "stared" hotel I've ever been in, EVERYTHING is extra on top of a 3 star room rate. I'd rather be in an airport Marriott.
So far I hate it.
Is there a "real" part of this city? Or is the whole experience going to be "luxury" accommodations populated by people who wouldn't know finery if it bit them in the ass?
Worst part: the staff, not that I blame them. The attitude is hard to explain, like I'm being insulted and accommodated at the same time. For a southerner it feels really weird being patronized.
Sorry if I'm jaded. I had to get it off my chest.
Any other opinions? suggestions?
Please prove me wrong Vegas lovers of /trv/ !!
I have 9 days to go.

I'm not OP btw, and I hope I don't turn you off of Vegas, annon. But I just don't think it's my bag.
If you have Vegas money, go to New York. If you're poor and want the party, go to New Orleans.
That's my 2 cents.
Sorry for being negative.
Please prove me wrong........

Ehh it's all pretty much an adult Disneyland as you described it. The Wynn is nice to walk around. Same with Caesars palace and some of the other new hotels on the strip. LA is only a four hour drive away

And Beijing noodle is actually a pretty good Chinese restaurant inside Caesars
eat at bachanal (cesars buffet)

for cheap but good quality steak, jacksons bar and grill

seafood is cheap if you are somewhere where its not and it is not a new hgih end hotel/resort/casino...leave

actually, all food is cheap in vegas or should be

if you need party favors ask any taxi or limo guy

use backpages to find whores

dont gamble
downtown is ass unless you are changchonging it up or smelly dumb

if you are nog and need to scare off locals claim "NTG SET NIGGA, OG CORNBREAD" and they will back off and respect

find a diamond or 7 star card players card in a slot, hold onto it and use it to cut into any lines, especially buffet lines

there are no pedestrain walking laws out there, hence why drivers dont give a fuck and will/regulalry kill people/check the last month news story of the shenog who ran over/killed a bunch of people in front of paris/planet hollywood crossing
see all those nice new casinos on the main strip with names you cant pronounce, enter into any one of those and feel embarrassed about what your idea of "finery" is

literally downtown poorfag shit
enjoy your stay in vegas compton
What's "party favors"?
Las Vegas has the country's best Thai food
Heroin, cocaine, MDMA, meth, and this drug gays use to expand their assholes so stuff will fit inside easier.......no I'm not kidding.
Vegas is fucking expensive but it doesn't have to be.

Go to the pawn shop on pawn stars early in the morning (most likely to see someone) I actually saw the old man when I was there.

GO TO THE PEPPERMILL (its chill as fuck) get the scorpion. its the size of a soccer ball.

Take a day to either check out the hoover dam/grand canyon

Take another day to go up to utah to check out bryce canyon and zion national parks.

bellagio fountain show

15 min walk to the welcome to vegas sign in front of the airport

Fremont street is really fun and then you should take a taxi to the bone yard (neon museum) at night. It's an hour and its really neat because they light up all of the old signs and give you an hour tour (the tours fill up very fast so book in advance)

In and out burger is right off of the strip (take a taxi there). If youve never been there, order a double double animal style and get fries (id suggest also animal style)

To win at craps, go to a table where people aren't happy and bet (don't come,don't go) I won 180 bucks doing that for not very long.

Don't try to walk the whole strip in a day, long as fuck.

I stayed at Encore so had access to Wynn and I must say, the buffet at the wynn was the best ive ever had.

Check to see who is playing at cesars palace ( i was lucky enough to see elton john)
Sirens of TI isn't THERE anymore. If you're going to give advice be informed.

Look OP, you're getting some shit advice in this thread, so here's a few things you should check out.

You posted a pic of the strip, so I'm going to assume you'll be staying there.

First, bring as much money as you comfortably can. The strip is expensive...just the way it is. I usually bring $1K a day spending money, and I'm by no means a baller.

If you're in town over a weekend, spend some time in the Cosmo. There's nothing like walking in the front door of the Cosmo on a weekend night, it'll blow you away.

Aria's cool too, IMHO stay away from Bellagio. Older/Asian clientele and it's not really any fun. NYNY and PH are mid-range fun, good vibes in the casinos.

Put on a dress shirt and check out the view from Skyfall bar at Delano at happy hour. Just trust me on this.

If you get off-strip, Double Down saloon over by Hard Rock is a blast, total dive bar.

Have a budget on gambling, if you're taking it in the ass on slots/tables just walk away and go sit in a bar for a while.

Best steak in town is Gallagher's at NYNY. Amazing and not too pricey. Good bar food at Rock House at Palazzo.

DON'T get sucked into going to strip clubs, it's a total scam in Vegas. You'll be better off picking up girls in casino bars.

Best late night bar is Vesper at Cosmo. Total comedy (you'll see what I mean) and great drinks.
>with names you cant pronounce
just kek dude. top kek.
>feel embarrassed about what your idea of "finery" is
So far I'm not, but I'll check em out, didn't pack a suit, but...... I bet I'll be fine
literally downtown poorfag shit
enjoy your stay in vegas compton
didn't notice the not my choice part huh?
If I had mine I'd stay out and drive in.
blew the greentext, but you get me
you pay for more than you get here
This place is for uncultured rednecks who think they are on a nice vacation.
in the new (emphasis on new) high end casinos, if you look like trash/casual and aren't seen heading to any form of high roller table or flaunting big money within 30mins of being inside, expect security to literally escort you off back to the main strip...

those places are built for legit high rollers and people looking to spend cash
they are not tourist attraction sites

I'm not talking about Bellagio, Venetian etc.etc. or those silly casinos...you are more than welcome there, enjoy

the casinos you are looking for that will impress you, they literally do not want tourists or sightseers inside
when walking
a Vegas block is like walking 3-4 regular blocks
Lake Las Vegas and Lake Mead are pretty.
sirens been gone for years...
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>This place is for people who like what I don't like.
File: mccarran.jpg (122 KB, 960x704) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Kind of off-the-strip Vegas:

- Pinball Hall of Fame; dozens of vintage pinball going from 1930s to 1980s, all playable. Also some early video games;

- National Museum of Atomic Testing;

- Mafia Museum was pretty good;

- Hoover Dam trip was good;

- My first time there, I did the Big Bus tour, which was OK, but also got the 2-day ticket and used it as a very cheap taxi;

- Saw Penn & Teller;

- Shot the shit out of WW1 & WW2 guns at Battlefield Vegas (a little pricey, but total gas).
As a resident of Vegas for 20 years, I have to tell you that has gone to shit. Everything is overpriced garbage save for the super premium shit you can't afford unless you're a whale. You can visit on the cheap and check out the sights, many for free. Anything else is a $100+ bucks every time you pull out your credit card. If you're not coming here to gamble, there are far better places to go.
I hear ya.
Thing is, and this is definitely my problem, not Vegas's....
I'm not a gambler, just don't get it, like at all.
I can see why folks like it, it just ain't my thing.
Now naked girls and alcohol? Sign me the fuck up!

But everybody tells me the strip clubs are a rip off.
Freemont is kinda fun saw a good band for free last night and drank a (relatively) cheap couple beers. That was fun.
I'll be the first to admit you nailed it. I'm making the best of it though. I do love a big city.
>National Museum of Atomic Testing;
This sounds neat!
I've stayed at every casino in Vegas with the exception of trump. I must say despite the reputation Fremont gets. It's the best place to stay for cheap. Unless you go full on crack motel. They just remodeled the plaza and the rooms are quite nice for about 80 bucks a night on the weekend. Cheaper during the week. The SLS has the nicest suites next to the bellagio and ceasars. For about $120-180 a night you can get a suite that will put the other two mentioned casinos equivalent to shame. The Rio is okay. Binions has the hottest slots. Stay away from the flamingo, its falling apart. The elevators in that place have broken down at least once every time I've stayed there. You can walk to the boneyard from freemont, its not that far. Any of the station casinos have good buffets. And if you sign up for their club card. You'll get a discount. Planet Hollywood has a ton of shows for cheap. I think I went to zombie burlesque for like 18 bucks. The stratosphere rides are expensive as fuck but if you find a local you can get a discount. Its worth it to just go up there at sunset and look around.
The atomic testing museum is like 12 bucks but very good if you're into that. Mob museum was like 20 and you can spend a whole day in there and still miss stuff. The hoover dam tour is awesome. Though it's not as impressive with the water level so low on mead. There's a b17 underwater around there that you can check out if your a diver.
You can do helicopter tours for about 120. They'll fly you over the grand canyon. Or at night fly you down the strip. Which is really cool. I do a week there for less than 2k for everything except gambling.
I think I would love gambling if I knew how to do something other than slot machines and that 21 game.

I bet it would be a lot more fun if I knew what the fuck Poker or Craps was. I once tried to read a tutorial on Poker and it was so fucking boring it literally put me to sleep.

For me Vegas is all about restaurants and just visiting a unique and globally recognized city.

There are whores and booze in nearly every town on Earth......and they are both more affordable.
>You can walk to the boneyard from freemont
what is this? I like the sound of it (i'll google we all like the (you))
Are you me?
>despite the reputation Fremont gets.
Mannnnnnnn, fuck it.
People are so afraid of shit.
I love me some sleaze and freaks.
Freemont is cool, and if you think it's dangerous you're and idiot and/or have never seen an actual "bad neighborhood" (it's your problem, people live in places, sometimes unfortunately violent places, folk is folk. Most folk is good)
Best goddamn buskers I've ever heard.
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