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Alternatives to ESL
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So I'm about to finish up a 2 year teaching gig in Vietnam and plan on using the money I saved to travel.

Teaching was fun at first and I became pretty proficient, but after 2 years I'm done with it.

I'll have enough to travel for around 6-9 months but I'm thinking ahead and don't plan on returning home (UK) to work.

I'm wondering what other alternatives there are to English teaching in regards to working abroad and travelling.

I'll always have ESL to fall back on but I'd rather explore other jobs. Preferably adding more notches to my bow so to speak. (Qualifications like CELTA but for other industries would be nice)

Searching online only turned up results like 'blogging' and 'online surveys' but these are a bit unrealistic.

So far I've come up with these:

SCUBA instructing

Cruise Ship work

Fruit Picking (picking by kilo and not hourly)

Freelance work (I studied animation in Uni but don't know anything about freelancing)

Any ideas or opinions are welcome. Jobs that work from home/laptop would be ideal.

What course did you do?
If you are proficient at teaching, design lessons for schools. If you are proficient at teaching, teach incoming teachers. If you are proficient at teaching, do something related to teaching. ESL is what enabled you to reach Vietnam. Do you think you could have shown up[spoiler]I actually out loud as I began to type this[/spoiler]looking for work as a scuba instructing in Ho Chi Minh City? Be realistic, you autist.
If you want to make enough money you'll need to diversify.

Start writing. Blogs on travel or ESL teaching. Help guides for ESL teachers. Lesson plans.

Do freelance translations or write legal documents for foreign companies.

Buy/sell shit you can find locally to places where it's more expensive.

If none of those things work cruise ship jobs are a good way to save up money but the jobs will likely suck and you'll be working 10+ hour shifts 6 or 7 days a week for months. Some people are cool with that but others burn out quickly. As a westerner the jobs won't be the worst ones on the ship but hours put in are still hours put in.
I did the CELTA, it was expensive but I'm glad I did it, opened up a lot of doors for me.

Teaching in Vietnam kinda soured the whole ESL industry for me and I'd rather do something else. The colleagues and students are awesome but the businesses that ultimately run it suck the joy out of it.

Also you misunderstood me. You need to get PADI certified then do a instructor course which will take a while, but after that you can earn roughly $15 dollars an hour and work around SEA in dive schools. I don't think anyone thinks you can walk into these jobs.
Yeah my thoughts exactly. Diversifying is what I want.

Earning, learning or Qualifications are what I want to get. Just don't know which ones to dedicate my time to.

ESL is always gonna be a plan B. I don't know anywhere or anyone that sells lesson plans. Materials creation was an area of interest but outside publishing work I'm stumped on how to earn from that.

Translation pays very little in vietnam.

Buy/Sell shit? Do you have examples? Imports / exports here are controlled strictly and any electronics you import require massive taxes.

I like the idea of cruise ships. I had a friend who worked on a cruise ship for a while. So that's definitely an option. Long hours aren't a problem if I'm getting payed for them. Do you have any experience to share?
Hey, OP, couple of questions if you don't mind:

How did you find a job in Vietnam? Did you just Google it or found it through some recruiting agency or some shit? I'd like to teach overseas as well, so I'm very interested.

Also, how much they paid? Is it enough to live? Can you save a little dosh for the rainy day?

How old are you?
Monetizing on services is often difficult. I can't really suggest a legitimate way because I'm not in this industry however I imagine if you created a website/blog/vlog that gained in popularity with other ESL instructors and marketed yourself to beginners in the field you could eventually find a way to make money. Either through sponsors such as online TEFL certificate websites that would want to promote themselves on your website. Or possibly you could write a guide book that you could sell on amazon for people who enjoy your site. You could make lesson plans that require membership.

Like I said, monetizing services is a difficult process especially when starting out, it's why there's a million travel bloggers out there but only a handful make any money off of it. If you want a quick buck you might look into selling drugs or ass, whatever you're more into. Otherwise it might take a few years to start making enough.
Option 9: WHV in Australia. Wait tables for $20 an hour. Work 60 hour weeks for six months. Return to Vietnam with enough cash for two years.

Or, start studying. Open University isn't too bad, but I believe London University will do an online degree even cheaper.
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