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Hi /trv/, I'm going to visit Vienna...
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Hi /trv/, I'm going to visit Vienna and Budapest in mid february. I'll stay 4 days in Vienna and 3 in Budapest. How much of a budget would we need? We already booked the planes and hotels for the stay.

Also, what places do you recommend me to see? Thanks!
Bump for interest, I want to go to Budapest in March.

I think, personally, you're going to have to budget harder for Vienna, as it's really a more expensive city than Budapest. Budapest being a central/eastern European city in terms of development, and not costing as much as most western cities.
Go to golden time spa in veinna and have 3 ways with 9/10's
I've heard of that, we are on a tight budget but we are used to go to an expensive city like Barcelona so I don't think that would be much of a problem.

About Budapest, avoid exchanging your money in the airport, they will try to scam you. There are exchange shops all over the place in the city with much better rates.
which hotel will you stay at in Budapest?

it's a pretty inexpensive city by the way, compared to Vienna and other western capitals. in most pubs and bars a beer costs anywhere between 300 and 600 HUF (so 1 and 2 euros), while 30 euros will get you a three course dinner for two, accompanied by fine wines, at most of the nice restaurants, as long as you stay away from Váci utca's tourist traps.
(a Big Mac menu at McDonald's costs less than 4 euros)

I'll copy-paste a few sights you might be interested in in the next post
check out one of the baths (Király, Rudas and Veli Bej are Turkish baths, Gellért and Széchenyi are bigger, turn-of-the-century bathing complexes)

walk up to the Citadella on Gellérthegy

hike up to Normafa and check out the Elizabeth viewpoint

see the Budapest History Museum in Buda Castle

check out Aquincum, the nearby Gázgyári lakótelep and the two amphitheatres in Óbuda

take the H5 suburban train to Szentendre and stroll around the downtown area

do a pub crawl in the Jewish District (Kazinczy-Király-Wesselényi streets)

make a visit to Heroes' Square and the City Park behind it (it has a great zoo and a nice fake-castle built for the 1896 Millennium Celebrations)

stroll along the Danube Promenade (the pedestrian zone stretching from Lánchíd to Szabadság híd)

check out the garden of Várkert Bazár

spend a day walking around on Castle Hill, discover all its nooks and crannies

do all the bridges (except for Árpád híd, it's nothing special and the adjoining areas aren't too much of a spectacle either)

go to Margitsziget and drink a mug of mulled wine or something, see the ruins of a medieval monastery

take the stairs to the top of St. Stephen's Basilica and take in the view

check out one of the market halls (the most popular one is the Grand Market Hall on Fővám tér, but my personal favourite is the market hall in Hold utca, situated near the Parliament)

visit the Thermae Maiores in Óbuda near Árpád híd: it's basically the unearthed ruins of a 2,000 year old Roman bath, it's free to visit and most tourists don't even know of its existence since it's under an busy overpass

you should also go ice skating on the Műjégpálya between City Park and Heroes' Square, it's the city's biggest ice rink but it has a really cosy atmosphere
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so-called escape rooms are pretty popular in Budapest, the main idea is that you and your friends are locked up in room (or a series of rooms) and by solving little puzzles you have to escape before the time runs out. look them up, there's literally thousands to choose from, it's a fun experience if you like mysteries

also, if you have the time (but with only three days for Budapest, I'm guessing that you won't), check out Szentendre, a pretty baroque small town just 30 minutes north from Budapest. the H5 suburban railway (departing from downtown Buda) will take you there easily, it's a charming place

as for bars, pubs and party places, Budapest has a lot to offer, the most popular venues are Ötkert, Instant, Szimpla, Fogasház, Morrison's 2, Hellobaby, Grand, Tütü, Corvin Bar, A38, Akvárium, Gozsdu Udvar and Élesztő

for somewhere to eat, I'd recommend the restaurants Kéhli (Hungarian cuisine, near Árpád híd), Fióka, Pastrami, Momotaro Ramen, the street food joints Attaboy, Black Cab Burger, Arriba Taqueria, Pad Thai, and the soup buffets of Leves. and Bors. for inexpensive traditional Hungarian dishes check out Frici Papa Kifőzdéje on Király utca, but the Trófea Grill Restaurants are also fine: these are buffet style restaurants with all you can eat and drink options for a fixed price. look them up!
Thanks! I'll check those places out. We'll be staying in Eurostars Budapest Center, it looked pretty good and it's fairly cheap.
good choice, I work only a couple of streets away, getting around in the city will be easy from there. Váci utca, our main shopping street is only a few minutes from there, and the Party District (Király-Wesselényi-Kazinczy streets) starts nearby, too.
I live in Budapest and spend ~8 EUR per day on food and transport. As a tourist you can calculate with 25 EUR / day and you will be more than all right.
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>tfw just got flights + accommodation for 4 nights in Budapest for £100 return
I'm in Budapest for the weekend. Király is the perfect to experience the Turkish-Soviet crossover wibe, otherwise it's kinda meh. I'm gonna go for Rudas next time, that view from the outside pool is everything.
The massage in Rudas and Széczhenyi were better than Király.
Didn't expect the city to be that cheap.
Is there something like a high-class, safe, clean brothel in Budapest? It's no problem to find them in Austria or Germany.
Don't think so. There are a number of """"""massage parlours""""" scattered across the general downtown area which are really just whore houses, tho.
What would be a good place to exchange Euros in Budapest?
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