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Can /trv/ help me plan my trip around Eastern...
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Can /trv/ help me plan my trip around Eastern Europe for this summer for 3 weeks with my girlfriend?

So far I have this rough itinerary starting/ending in Ukraine but I would like suggestions for stuff to add or tweak, especially in the empty spot between Prague and Kyiv.

>Kyiv (mandatory) - 4 days
>Lviv (mandatory) - 2 or 3 days
>Krakow and Auschwitz - 3 days
>Zakopane - 2 days
>Prague - 3 days?
>End in Kyiv - 1 day

Some cities I might like to add in between Prague and Kyiv:
Dresden/Warsaw/Bratislava/etc...open to all suggestions

I would try to travel between cities at night in order to save time for sightseeing and such during the day.
that's not even around eastern europe, it's more like poland and friends. so yeah, broaden it further.

go to bosnia or croatia at least for some southern slavic vibe. or just hungary for some spas and stuff.
To be fair, Poland and the Czech Republic are central Europe. Why not see more countries? Russia is the epitome of Eastern Europe, Moscow or Saint Petersburg would definitely be something interesting to see. It's hard to suggest anything because you didn't state a budget or other restrictions or say what you enjoy doing. For example based on how much you like hiking you could extend your stay in Zakopane to three days or reduce it to one if you don't plan on walking up the mountains or just doing the basic tourist trail.

Do you have to limit yourself to Eastern Europe? If you're already seeing Western and Eastern Slavic countries you might as well check out the southern ones like Serbia and stuff.
Thanks -- I'm looking at a budget of maybe $2,000 (not including airfare).

I'm traveling with my Ukrainian girlfriend and she does not have much money/does not want at all to visit Russia.

We also don't want to travel further west than Prague and are considering visiting the Balkans and Romania next year.

Other than that we are open to all suggestions.
I suppose that post was still somewhat vague...I'll try to add on.

I'm really interested in hiking (the Swiss Alps are my dream but that is too expensive right now), and history, such as old European cities (Prague/Krakow) and war-related places such as Auschwitz.

My girlfriend will probably go anywhere except Russia.
Zakopane is an ugly, ad-plastered tourist trap filled with kitsch, horrible food and people itching to scam you out of your money.
The mountains of course are still beautiful, but unless you plan to do proper hiking (not just take a train up Gubałówka), it's definitely not worth a two day stay. Morskie Oko, Giewont and Kasprowy Wierch are the usual hiking destinations for short stays.
Dresden is extremely compact courtesy of the the bombings. It's a nice place and the sights are rebuilt well, but expect to run out of things to see in the city itself within half a day. However, there's a nearby fortress Königstein that's definitely worth a visit if you're doing Dresden.
If you're into history and WW2 stuff, Lower Silesia might be somewhat interesting and a short distance from Prague and Dresden. Wrocław is a pretty city with a troubled history, and the nearby towns offer attractions of their own - fortress in Srebrna Góra, castle Książ, the nearby Project Riese tunnels or the wooden churches in Jawor and Świdnica.
Another option others mentioned is going south - Austria and Hungary aren't far away and might be a good choice if you have the time to spare. There's plenty to do in both as well and Budapest and Vienna are amazing.
Thanks a bunch, I've checked out many of those places and they look great.
Since you're already going to the Czech Republic, you might also like to check out some other "cities" (brackets because not really big), you could for example check out the moravian capital Brno - it's an old university city with a lot of things to do, nature nearby and is not really expensive. It scored like #27 on the recent NY Times "places to go" poll.
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Are you me?
My GF works for General Electric and will be in Budapest for 2 weeks this summer. She is taking a week of vacation at the end. I will join in at some point before the 3rd week. Still in the early planning stages but this was our plan (pic)
Very nice, I hope two will have a great time.
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