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I got a job recently and I'm going to...
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I got a job recently and I'm going to have to move. They have many offices and are letting me have a top / bottom 3. They can guarantee I won't have any of my bottom 3, but my top 3 are merely hopefuls. However I really don't know much about these places that I have options for. Maybe I can get some insight from this pace. Here are the locations I have options for:

Anchorage, Alaska
Little Rock, Arkansas
Sacramento, California
Atlanta, Georgia
Springfield, Illinois
Boston, Massachusetts
Detroit, Michigan
St. Paul, Minnesota
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Salem, Oregon
Columbia, South Carolina
Nashville, Tennessee (x2)
Salt Lake City, Utah
Montpelier, Vermont
Olympia, Washington (x3)
Washington, D.C.
Charleston, West Virginia
Madison, Wisconsin
Top 3 would be difficult but I can give you some you absolutely should not probably take (then again I don't know your interests so I'm taking a shot in the dark)
>Madison, WI
Wisconsin in general is just hell
>Charleston, WV
I actually kinda like WV in a weird way but it is also hell on earth too.
>Nashville, TN
Just a shit city IMO, really gritty.
Unless you really want to be close to Seattle, most parts in WA that aren't Seattle are complete shit-heaps, trust me.
>Little Rock, AR
I really don't need to explain this.
>Columbia, SC
I would consider SC if it was Charleston, I really like that city, otherwise as a former North Carolinian I can tell you SC sucks
Places like Anchorage or Santa Fe definitely are not for everyone but they are very unique IMHO. If it was up to me my top 3 would be Boston (great city culturally, could use better public trans but it's access to Amtrak's NEC and close proximity to NYC would be nice), D.C. (great metro system, also access to Amtrak high speed trains to NYC, just a decent all around city, regardless of its crime issues), and maybe SLC or St. Paul.
You should give us some more info about you. Things like what climate you prefer; what hobbies you have, whether you're into nightlife or professional sports, or hunting moose... What sort of scenery or activities you're into as the life in Boston, Atlanta and St Paul is going to be much different from life in the smaller towns.

>Wisconsin in general is just hell
Funny you say that, my buddy who did an internship there said the same thing.

>I actually kinda like WV in a weird way but it is also hell on earth too.
>Just a shit city IMO, really gritty.
>I would consider SC if it was Charleston, I really like that city, otherwise as a former North Carolinian I can tell you SC sucks

Honestly picking a southern / eastern states is low on my list because of its general reputation. I'm not exactly into the conservative Christain thing. I would consider Arkansas because I have lots of family there, but a few hours from Little Rock, so maybe maybe not.

I used to live in Alaska and have friends there and I love the state, so it's actually one of my top picks. Not sure if I'd want it to be my top 3 though, because it's pretty difficult to live there. Cost of living is higher too.

> Santa Fe
Not sure about this place, don't think I've ever been to NM. One of my bigger hobbies is rock climbing and snowboarding so having local mountains would be a big bonus. What's good about NM?

> Boston
I was really considering Boston. I've never really been to the east coast and honestly cities / large densities of people have been appealing but kind of daunting. I'm sort of a private dude. Although I'm kind of a constitutional patriot so living there might be fun for me.

> Olympia, Sacramento, Salem
I live on the West Coast so living working close would be a bonus. Also West Coast is Best Coast. high cost of living in Cali though. And honestly California makes me want to throw up.

I would really like to live there I think. They have good mountains and are into sports and overall I hear good things. Not sure I'd be into that Mormon culture though.

> St. Paul
I have no idea. Literally.

> Springfield
License to Ill, amirite?

> Vermont, DC,
No idea, Don't really know the east coast. Although I wouldn't be entirely opposed to it.
Climate is sort of irrelevant for me. I usually like the full range or colder climates, but I can live anywhere.

I like rock climbing and snowboarding specifically, so I can live in colder, warmer, or both. I would really appreciate mountains however, they have always been important in my life.

I don't really care for general sports but I think it's fun when others are passionate about them. As long as they're not dipshits.

I like nightlife and I can be pretty crazy. However hopefully I'm going to use this job to move myself ahead in life so I'm considering taking a break from my wild side and just saving money.

Never lived in a large city before.
I think Salt Lake City might fit your bill
Looking into it now, but it seems like a good fit. Also I'm thinking Santa Fe might be good.
I just realized Utah's laws on alcohol. I'm not sure I can live like that.

>But the laws, which were relaxed in 2009, are still among some of the strictest in the country, driving the locals crazy. Locals have to get a temporary membership card to get into cocktail bars, where they can only buy a beer up to 3.2 percent alcohol content or cocktails with up to 1.5 ounces of alcohol content (but no doubles!) up until 1 a.m.

Stay Best Coast, Washington or Oregon, pal. Blow off Sacramento.

It's a shame you're options are Seattle or Portland, I'm more inclined to say Salem is a bit better than Olympia though.

Your* Aren't*. Jet lag is real.
Salem is pretty close to where I am now and it's sort of a shithole. The only thing people here recognize Salem for is the state penn. I'd probably take it over Olympia and probably Sac too, just because I probably wouldn't be placed there anyway. And I don't really like California well enough to go there on my salary.
St. Paul/Minneapolis are great cities. Except for the weather, which I shit you not, is colder than Alaska. (At least where most people actually live.) Also, no mountains, so the snowboarding is not that good.
Note on Detroit: the city proper is as bad as they say, but if your company's office is in the outlying suburbs, some of them are pretty ritzy. I lived on the outer Western edge of the Detroit metro area for many years (Canton, Plymouth, Northville, and Novi) and it is a White upper middle class utopia.

Despite the crummy cold weather climate, the Western suburbs of Detroit (basically everything west of I-275) are acceptable overall.
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All cities have good areas and bad areas, even the cities you select to be in your Top 3, so it's critical that you ask where EXACTLY their offices are located in those cities. This interactive map will help: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2015/07/08/us/census-race-map.html
1. Salem
2. Anchorage / Olympia
3. Santa Fe / Salt Lake / Olympia / West Virginia / Little Rock

Hey guys, thanks for the help. I think I've narrowed it down into a few places, with a few variations.

First, I'm going to pick Salem because it's very close to where I am currently, I know Oregon very well, would not at all mind staying here, and I have plenty of friends.

Second, I'm going to either pick Anchorage AK or Olympia WA. I'd like a secondary west coast option so I can stay local and enjoy the mountains I love.

Third, I have to decide between a few that I'm more unfamiliar with. Slightly leading is Santa Fe because of how close a local snowboarding mountain is (literally 15 miles from town) and because of how culturally rich the place is. I'm down with that. Next might me Salt Lake City. Not having good alcohol honestly would be pretty disappointing to me. Likewise, I doubt it would be easy finding pot or other drugs. Not that I'm interested, but sometimes they come around. However there is a plethora of outdoor goodness and that's really appealing. Then there's Olympia once again, I can select alongside Alaska.

I was also looking at West Virgina, and damn that place is beautiful, with TONS of climbing! That would be really awesome to live there. I'm just not sure I could get along with the politics and culture, since I'm coming the from the west coast. Also I'm looking for small doses of really good nightlife, and I'm not sure WV has that.

And then there's Little Rock. It might be a gamble but I could get along there I think.

Also, it looks like just about everywhere will be cheaper to live at than where I do currently, except for Alaska. Again thanks for the help, /trv/.

What's gritty about Nashville? I've never been, but I've always been interested in it.
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>I like rock climbing and snowboarding specifically, so I can live in colder, warmer, or both. I would really appreciate mountains however, they have always been important in my life.

sacrameto itself is a motherfucking shithole, but pic related is 3 hours away. plus tuolumne, tahoe, high sierra...

> I don't really like California well enough to go there on my salary

shit in the valley's cheap. but do some research so you don't end up in the barrio
Yeah Yosemite is pretty good, I've been there before. Kind of a tourist trap though and honestly I'd like to stay away from California.
OP Here,

I think I've settled on my List.

Salem, OR
Olympia, WA
Salt Lake City, UT

Salem because it's literally 30 minutes away from me and I'm really familiar with Oregon. I wouldn't need to make a bunch of new friends, in fact I could introduce the rest of the office to Oregon in ways they don't know.

Olympia because it's on the same road as Salem / Where I live, just a little farther north. There's good outdoors there, close to Seattle / Portland, and I wouldn't mind expanding my PNW presence. Also, pot is legal.

SLC because the outdoors is a fucking Mecca. Relatively close to home, and flying out / driving out friends would be easy. Decent cost of living, not too big not too small. Apparently the alcohol laws are not so bad that I wouldn't be able to get drunk, so I can deal with that.
>making life decisions based on regional differences in drug laws

Wew lad
>I'd like to stay away from California

>Salem because it's literally 30 minutes away from me

ah, little brother syndrome. gotcha.
While >>1064998 is right about Washington being mostly hicktowns besides Seattle, note that Olympia is a very liberal college town, and the fact that your company has 3 offices there could offer more job security, just sayin.

That would be my number one choice, simply because I like most the art/music that comes out of there.

Avoid the southeast. Shithole central.
Other than not knowing your salary, and so therefore, not knowing what quality of life this salary provides to you in the various locations...or exactly what hassle it might be to fly home on holidays...
My vote based on your qualities you like:
1) Washington D.C. (seriously one of the best places to live in the entire US for everything, nature, nightlife, foodies, culture, always something to do, great locals at the post-grad level education highest per capita of that as your 20 and 30 something peers). Boston is a close second but would need more income than VA/MD/DC to live nicely.
2) Montpelier Vermont (you said you liked nature, and it's all seasons of great road trips, and yet close enough to boston for cheap airfare and city trips too)
3) Anchorage might be fun as shit for you, naturewise, for a small part of your life, esp if you want to save money. Govt pays you a yearly stipend to be there. Locals super nice as well, and women outnumber men, and looking for "the one" which you might like.

Bottom 3 would have to be: Atlanta, SLC (are you mormom? if not GTFO attitude from locals, everyone stationed there by their jobs simply hates it), Madison, WI/Detroit, same thing, brutal winter and huge amount of muslims/crime/inner city bullshit.

The choices in WA and OR provided to you are boring as shit small towns, with nothing to do but alt-lifestyle stuff. Are you gay? Artsy? Hipster? If not, don't go there, you won't like it.

Nashville has some great internet, fyi, and good launching point for a lot of travel down South for nature reasons.
bonuses are bonuses.

excuse me? I'm a native Oregonian and California blows dick.


$80k/yr. The company will be moving me around about every year too, to a new location. And after a year they will give me better decisions about where I go. I actually am a small town person, but I wouldn't call it boring. Quite the opposite actually.
>excuse me? I'm a native Oregonian and California blows dick.

thank you for proving my point. no one in the entire world is as insecure, defensive and negatively kneejerk reactionary about california as an oregonian. which is too bad, because otherwise oregon's pretty awesome.
Because we're tired of dipshit Californians coming to Oregon.
>what is a confirmation bias
>what is gentrification
I've lived in WV. If you make the same salary at all those places choose WV. Your mind will be blown at how rich you are now.

Not once did anyone ask me to go to church with them. I had a lot of friends. There are quite a few bars in downtown charleston. i mean there are just as many racist hillbillies where I live in NJ as any other place I have lived.
DO NOT go to little rock arkansas. Arkansas is 100% redneck shithole.
Sacramento is your best bet. Boston should really be your top choice.
>increased quality of life is a bad thing

okay karl
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