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Have you ever been suspected of terrorism...
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Have you ever been suspected of terrorism at an airport?. It happened to me yesterday out of the blue, first they swabbed my hands with a cotton tissue and told me it was "ok", then one girl from the airline gives me bad looks while talking by the phone, when i hand my id and boarding pass, the guy from the airline tells me "It's ok Mr.Anon, you can pass", and right after that a guard when i was about to go to the plane a guard froze me and says
>-Where are you from?
>Where are you going to?

he kept thinking for like a minute and then let me go. I'm not even arab or arab looking, i didn't have a beard or anything just had a shitty 5 'o clock shadow
>swabbed your hands

Oh lord, they've got your dna now bro, it's over.
It's actually in order to check for explosive traces, pretty retarded desu.
Explosive traces of you cumming into your own hand?

Enjoy your lonely trips, terrorist.
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if my cum is terrorism then your mum is 9/11
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>coming back from a trip to Utah
>have a suitcase filled with slabs of slate and limestone because we're collecting fossil trilobites
>miss the flight back home because they thought the rocks were explosives and they had to swab them

You could actually see the fossils in them, fucking ridiculous. When I took my shoes off going through security in Chile they laughed their asses off. Is it safe to say the worst security is America and Israel?
They know you're a 4channer
I get "randomly" pulled out of line a lot when traveling in the US. I'm a 6'4" white dude in his thirties with a light beard and zero threat to anything. it's usually nothing major. worst I've ever had was explosives tests done to my work laptop. as long as you're cool about it, nothing takes too long.

I experienced worse with the Aussie and Kiwi customs folks with bio-security, which i was cool with. we just cracked jokes, but it took a while because they had to go through outdoors equipment.

all in all, it's a hassle compared to 90% of the world, but as long as you know and play the game, they don't care. welcome to the post jet fuel America.
As a brazilian I'm pretty used to it


They are testing for drug traces.
> asian
> never pulled out
> paid for TSA pre, get to skip the nudie scanner and keep my shoes on
> never hassled

middle eastern friend *always* gets "randomly" checked though
My mom and I got detained when I was 7 or 8. For whatever reason I was coming up in their system as someone to watch. My mom flipped out about how I was 7 and clearly not a terrorist. They searched our shit and let us go. This was pre-9/11.
I used the know a guy who had the same name and DOB as some KGB officer's fake passport. He got searched and detained everywhere for years. Took him a year just to find out why.

Well, that's what he told everyone anyway.
I had creatine in a baggie once and got pulled aside to be tested to see if it was coke

God bless the USA

You took a powdery substance in an unusual container yet you are somehow resentful towards the USA for being searched?
> resentful

Where at, mate. No resent here, I was just never called out on it while traveling before. US was the first one to test it
>leaving china
>go through the first checkpoint
>beep beep beep
>get pulled to the side
>sort through my bag and take out a souvenir ox horn
>start shaking it
>think to myself that i accidentally bought a cocaine filled horn
>brief interrogation on where i went, what i did, and where i bought the horn
>new security personnel appear and disappear over the course of an hour
>they all shake the horn and look at it under some machine
>eventually the horn is returned to me, and i am sent away
>wonder what the fuck that was about
>check in with my flight
>bag is scanned
>beep beep beep
>"you have got to be shitting me"
>woman at counter looks like she wants to shit herself
>get taken aside again
>try to explain to them that this same thing happened at the first security checkpoint not ten feet away
>none of them speak English or care to listen
>same procedure as before
>eventually one of the previous security personnel arrives (after forty minutes), smiles, and gives everyone the OK
>tells me that if i put it in my carry-on there will be no issue
>really like the horn so i do as he says
>boarding my flight
>third checkpoint
>sigh with relief and get on the plane
>layover in south korea a number of hours later
>have completely forgotten about the horn
>security checkpoint
>bag is checked, and woman tells me they want to check it again
>remember what happened in China
>all i can do is smile as my bag is checked again, and i am taken aside
>interrogated about where i went in China, what i did, and where i bought the horn
>when i am finally let go i throw out the horn in the closest trash
I have no fucking idea what was the problem. If it wasn't filled with drugs, why was everyone stopping me?
I'm always paranoid when travelling with my creatine because of this lmao. I have to carry the entire damned over-sized jar. I had a breeze passing through all security on the way to an Islamic republic. Getting back to my country the security chick gave me a dirty look. Probably because of my ISIS-looking beard, but it's easy to tell that I was just a regular guy.

Sometimes those items look weird on x-rays, the security is primarily looking for 1) bombs 2) weapons 3) drugs, and souvenirs are a somewhat common place to hide them
I did this flying out of Santiago as well.
Fuck 'em. If taking off shoes is the price for living in a country without shanty towns and roads lined with knee deep garbage I'm more than willing to pay it.
>Returning to NYC from Turkey last January
>Get in US Nationals passport control line
>Get directed to one particular line off to the side
>Very friendly woman asks me odd questions about my trip
>Asks me about my brother
>I have no brother
>...some sort of nervousness or consistency test perhaps?

I still don't know why my name came up as someone to detain. I have an uncommon name and the only other person I've found with my name is just a girl in Boston who is a year older than me. It has never happened since then so I really have no idea why we got detained.
>I have no fucking idea what was the problem. If it wasn't filled with drugs, why was everyone stopping me?
Antiquities/banned/restricted probably, maybe it looks like something nearly extinct. Could very easily be "a weapon" too, since it's sharp on the end. From a customs perspective, it's suspicious and would need some kind of identifying paperwork, I'd think. But stuffed with contraband? No idea if they were even thinking that, just uncertain whether they should let it pass or not.
What is that animal part on the wall? Curious.

Probably yes, a consistency test. Sometimes just being questioned at all will cause someone to act out. Guilty minds and all that. I suppose it's possible your name is equal to someone else and their computer triggered a check.

I fly standby about 50% of the time, and that gets a person scrutiny for being one-way, last minute, or even going to a gate without an actual boarding pass. I've had idiots the world over get confused about it. I argued 15 minutes with someone at JFK of all places who claimed it was impossible to go to the gate without a boarding pass. Total fool TSA.
I love the mexico city system of a Green/Red light button the passenger presses themself and then it triggers the "random" bag check. ROFL.
The nastiest jerk I've encountered was in Tallahassee of all places, where the agent actually tore away the glued lining of my very expensive luggage, from both sides of the bag. I meant to complain about him He had no provocation to do that upon arrival. This was right after 9/11, and I was headed to Miami. But, I don't fit a single profile by appearances, of course.
>I still don't know why my name came up as someone to detain. I have an uncommon name and the only other person I've found with my name is just a girl in Boston who is a year older than me. It has never happened since then so I really have no idea why we got detained.
Senator Ted Kennedy (jfk's brother) was on the no-fly list for years. If you don't check-in on time, check bags, anything at all, there's a little algorithm to detain or not detain. I doubt _anyone_ actually would tell you that your name was flagged. It is indeed a secret. Takes a while to figure out.
I have given a positive result for an explosive trace swab.
I was just politely taken to the side, asked to explain my situation (mucking around with det cord the previous evening )
I had a brief chat with a couple of federal police, signed some paper work and was able to board my flight.
I guess they checked my bag while this was going on.
P's. This happened in Australia
>come back from Iraqi-Kurdistan post fall of Mosul to ISIS
>transit through turkey and England and land in Canada
>CBSA throw me into secondary like I expected
>take my tablet, swab me, strip search, go through all my electronics
>read me my rights and lock me into a room with a toll free lawyer phone #
>chat with him for a while and shoot the shit because I did nothing wrong
>says I'm lucky that I'm white
>say see ya as CBSA pull me from the room again and begin interrogating me about Facebook messages
>begin to say they suspect me of being an ISIS-returnee
>chick informs me she will be contacting CSIS
>watch as she spends 20 minutes in another room with several other CBSA guards, on the phone and on the computer
>eventually they let me pack my stuff up and start demanding information on someone else from Canada I met over there
>finally ends with them giving me a number for a tip line or something
>total elapsed time detained: 3+ hours
>go home and pass out because 48hr trip to get home
>probably will be pepper sprayed when I try to transit through the US on my way to Mexico in the new year
Last year when coming back from Greece we had to stop in Philly to change planes (original dest is DFW). Get the most miserable C&I agent. He then asks me what I do for a living and for how long. Really? Anyways, mildly irritated with those two questions, but whatever. A year later I'm in the C&I line at the port of Galveston after getting off a cruise and not only do I get the same questions, but get asked my birth date. Very strange. I think they're profiling me because of my long hair (and I'm a guy).
Got taken to secondary when coming back from Panama. Asked me a lot of stupid questions, looked at my dirty clothes, and let me go. I'm not really mad about this. What I am mad about is that they wasted over 2 hours of my time because although there were 10+ people in the line, there were only 2 border guards checking peoples baggage. I've seen at least 10 other ones just walking back and forth doing fuck all, looking at us from time to time, drinking coffee, etc. Fuck those lazy bastards.
they routinely try to scare and intimidate passengers to give the impression that their security is high tech and impenetrable

they figure if the bad guys think it's rock solid they won't try

my father and I always get drug swabbed, our camera bags, our gear, everything
it's just because of where we go and our visibly dishevelment

I went to a few middle eastern countries early last year before all this media ISIS shit, and now I'm getting a new passport because the stamps I've got ring alarm bells

when I crossed into turkey via greece on the road I got really shaken down; most people fly but I was too broke so I got the bus; whih made me suspicious
they took my tech, yelled at me, took me into a empty cement room, the whole experience was quiet confronting
"why are you here?"

man fuck the turks
all sorts of things will give a positive swab test, shoe polish, ammonia, fertiliser obviously, anything related to anything that you can make explosives from.
Going back to Italy from NYC In 2014 me and all other people in their 20s that were in line were made to pass through some full body scanner thing and patted down, nothing really happened but I found strange that they checked us more thoroughly when leaving than when arriving.
That's a whale's cock
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Are you ypgbro from /k/?
I have an unusual arabic last name and someone with the same last name killed a bunch of tourists this year in the name of allah

So im really scared of flying to the US even though i would love to go there once
>they checked us more thoroughly when leaving than when arriving
That's because it makes more sense to hijack an aircraft that is leaving the US, because it is full of fuel that makes a bigger bang than one arriving that has half empty fuel tanks.

The 9/11 hijackings were mostly departing flights.
>be me
>year of our Lord 2014
>flying from Oz to LAX
>visited Turkey and Iran in 2012
>visible warning bells on the dude checking my passport
>"Sir would you follow that officer please"
>ushered into interrogation room

Say what you want about American immigration officers, but they've refined their good cop/bad cop routine to a work of art.

>"sir what were you doing in Iran?"
>tourism, sir.
>smirks on their faces
> >tourism
>tbqh I was shitting bricks
>"sir do you sympathise with any terrorist organisations?"
>"sir do you know members of any terrorist organisations?"
>cyclical interrogation continues for about an hour
>don't want to be sent to Guantanamo
>one of them hands me my camera
>mfw that camera was at the bottom of my bag
>"your travels sound very interesting sir, would you mind showing us some pictures?"
>them smiling like they've got me
>constant 'sirs' are getting to me
>both of them relatively appreciative of my pictures though
>"alright sir, that will be enough"
>knock on the door
>one of the two steps out
>hushed voices in the corridor
>steps in again
>"ok sir you are free to go"
>go to retrieve my backpack
>literally everything had been searched
>even my undies
>one zip is broken pretty badly
>briefly thought about filing a complaint
>decide not to
>probably would have been sent to Guantanamo for real then and there
>ducktape'll do the trick

My hands were shaking for a decent 30 minutes after that. That passport is about to become invalid anyway, if I ever decide to travel to the US again.

No, although I probably met him. I do frequent /k/, but I didn't go overseas to fight with the Lions or the YPG or PKK.

I've got an Iraqi stamp from earlier this year. I was planning on going to South America in the new year, but I'll have a layover or two in the US. Do you think they'll give me any problems since I'm not actually staying in the US?
>Go to South America for several-month-long business trip
>Last half of trip involves looking over infrastructure stuff on the ground in the ass-end of nowhere
>Remoteness and busy schedule lead to total lack of shaving and trimming hair
>Big ol' bags under my eyes from lack of sleep
>Time to head home
>Thank God, chance at two days for showers and a shave in Cuzco before my flight
>Goddamn landslide on the highway
>Reach Cuzco three hours before my flight
>Set world record for speed shower and packing
>Hit airport with two months' worth of ragged beard and hair that's now long enough to tie back
>Arrive in Miami exhausted
>Apparently set off suspicions of everyone in customs
>Tested and scanned for everything
>Searched again
>Pulled aside and interviewed for an hour by 3 different agents, one at a time
>End up pulling out my camera and showing them work pictures to finally convince them

Thanks to being so hairy and super tan after all that time down there, I looked like a combo of Kebab's Best Explosive Nephew and smooth-talking Pablo Cocaine. Combine that with passport stamps from 3 different Andean countries and being exhausted and a little irritated, I'm not surprised at it all.
Iraq != Iran, pal.

I reckon you'll be fine.
I smoked a joint on my way up to Canada from the US once. They held me for about an hour, presumably searching every nook and cranny in my car, and then told me I wasn't allowed across the border.
>be indigenous South American Hispanic/European white mix
>while Arabs know better, plenty of other people think I look like a Palestinian or Iraqi
>tfw I can't even grow a proper middle eastern beard


>Canadian security "randomly" pulls me aside four times in the past three months

At this point I just pretend to be surprised at how "random" it all is.
I went through with a cracked laptop one time and they took it aside for explosives testing.

Other than that, no because I'm white.
>want to get a job traveling the country like George Clooney in Up in the Air
>realize I'd have to do the shoes and belt bullshit multiple times a week

Fuck that.
Fuckin' A. I travelled to Canada for the first time earlier this year with friends. None of us have any kind of dirt on us, one has his pilot's license, and we didn't even bring any weed with us up or anything. Had us searched and questioned for a couple hours. I live in a border state, they're from farther south visiting, which was an oddity to them. We just were going up for a single day, which they also found odd. Bunch of fit officers alert as fuck, and the woman was cute as hell.

Return back to the US early that evening, just get waved through without even coming to a stop by a fat border agent.

You think you were suspected of terrorism for a simple swab? Fuck I get swabbed every time I use an airport.

Hell I have dinged positive for drugs, and a wide variety of explosives. You know how much hassle that has been for me? Zero. First time I asked them what they were doing they told me looking for chemicals and explosives and I got excited and said "let me guess what you are going to find"
I listed off a few different compounds including Comp B, PETN, RDX and got them all correct as well as a few I missed and then was free to go.

Told them what I did and was on my way. They didn't check, they didn't confirm, nothing. A simple "oh, ok. Have a nice day" and 15 minutes later I was in a plane.

Its really not a big deal
I was once stopped by a random security guy when leaving the UK and basically asked to tell him my life story. I was 17 at the time and travelling on my own, so I suppose he thought I might be trying to run away or I'm some kind of slave. This only happened once although I travelled through the same airport many times, before and after that.


>went to Turkey, Iraqi-Kurdistan, the Caucuses, Emirates, India, and a couple -stans
>return to USA after a while in India
>flying into JFK
>have my customs form properly filled out
>officer stared at my immigration for a long, long time
>doesn't give it back to me and tells me to come with him
>brings me to some preliminary holding area
>I'm literally the only white personal in there
>all the other people are Arab or South Asian
>have to sit there for three hours before they call my name
>ask me questions about where I went, where I go to school, etc, for three minutes
>give me my passport back, says I'm free to go
>ask him if he knows why the fuck I had to do all this stuff
>tells me it was probably just because I hadn't "taken a trip like that before"
>haven't gotten harassed by customs since but do get selected for "random" screenings disproportionately

Oh, another time:

>crossing into Canada to drive from MI to NY
>give border officer on Canadian side of MI border my passport
>he spends a solid minute flipping through the pages looking confused
>asks me why I have so many stamps from Turkey
>tell him it's a fun country to visit and that lots of people go there
>he keeps insisting Turkey is "dangerous" and asking why I'd go
>have to explain that I went before ISIS and that it was still fine even after that
>he doesn't ask a single question about my Iraqi stamps or any others, literally just fucking fixated on turkey

*stared at my passport, not immigration

Flying back new years eve a few days ago, I was flying home and forgot that i had a knife in my carry on (i put in my side pocket when i was traveling for work, travelling by car, didnt take it out) of course it didnt make it through, they pulled my bag aside, told me they believed there was a knife inside and asked me if i needed to put back in my car or give it to someone not travelling. they took it and i went on my way.

this is the second time this is has happened to me. Whats interesting is that this was my return flight, and it originally got through security on the flight i took christmas eve, which by the way was out of an international airport.
>forgot that i had a knife in my carry on
This happened to my friend except that he was going into a court building.

He has a record now for concealed weapons.
Got swabbed for drugs and explosives. Not even poon in the loo status. Just a crusty tanned asian.
Just the same old story that everyone who goes into Israel gets.

>be white, blonde christian
>Israeli border guard goes ballistic at the umpteen stamps of my well-traveled passport
>sent to extended interrogation room
>get asked what country this is, "is this a muslim country"
>do you know any muslims
>do you know any arabs
>what is your relationship to muslims and arabs

They're pretty openly racist about their hatred of muslims and arabs.
>They're pretty openly racist about their hatred of muslims and arabs.

well shit... there goes my archaeological tour of Israel ;_;
what if im not arab looking?
Apply for a second passport.

UK national, but live & work in the gulf. One passport is full of stuff that is questionable to Israel. The other is pretty clean and what I use to travel to visa-free or stamp-free borders.
I've been frisked once and padded on my arm once. Though I have had more problems with luggage like forgetting to take my laptop/consoles out of my carry ons and bringing an oddly shaped microphone in a book bag. They had to wipe it down with a sterile cloth.

Honestly I can't really blame TSA for taking so many precautions nowadays and it isn't even because of 9/11. Tech has gotten so much smaller since the end of the 20th century and most terrorists have gotten smarter when it comes to constructing weapons that can fly easily under the radar.
I get "randomly" patted down almost every time I go through an airport. It's a bit odd because I'm a young middle class white guy from Ireland and I dress and conduct myself in a pretty normal fashion, but whatever, it only takes a minute..
>Transfer at Beijing airport
>travel with camera gear (body, few lenses, spare batteries, external battery charger, laptop.)
>take out laptop and phone and put them in the tray
>dirty look from the security guard that looks like some high school student telling me to take out the camera.
>After doing this get another dirty look, asked if i have any batteries. Remove them
>spend the next 15 minutes unpacking everything (including lenses), getting shit for carrying 3 camera batteries, having an external battery charger and putting everything in my bag, much to the delight of my fellow travelers.

On the way back home the same shit happened at Beijing except I was prepared and unpacked everything beforehand. This time the security guard tried to confiscate all of my batteries for no apparent reason and I ended up losing just my battery pack.
Never had to unpack everything like that in an airport before and I'll probably avoid Beijing like the plague from here on out. That whole security part is absolutely dreadful there.
I'm brown and I get "random" checks a bit, sometimes the dreaded SSSS

It happens to me more when I'm clean shaven and dressed in business casual. It never happens to me when I'm dressed down (hoodie and jeans and sneakers and 8 weeks beard), or when I'm wearing a (nice) suit and tie. Or when I'm wearing glasses. This is how I know it's not random, apparently the average terrorist looks like a brown man with a generic business haircut, generic looking light blue dress shirt and tan slacks, no glasses. Apparently the TSA believes terrorists all look like IT helpdesk monkeys?

Usually they're cool about it after they start asking "random" questions and I don't respond with a 1990s comedy arab terrorist accent... also I've learned to either go full business suit, or dress like a complete hippie dirtbag slob. In between is asking for trouble.
Got frisked twice because my shoes set off the metal detector, and got tested for explosives once, but that's about it.

My usual travel buddy on the other hand...
>tiny girl
>white as fuck
>nothing suspicious about her at all
>gets pulled aside for explosive tests all the fucking time
It boggles the mind. I think she gets pulled aside 20% of the time.
The SSSS is of course random for like x number of passengers on the flight, and then outside of that, it's not random, but because of your one way, your late check-in, your not checking a bag, and other crap. If you got it all of the time it'd be related to your name and a list of course, but occasionally? Statistically it's from your travel habits that flight, not random.

Check-in 3 days ahead, fill out 100% of the tsa-pre junk, family contacts and all that. If you fly standby, oh well, you'll get it. When it is not printed on the ticket itself, the random stuff is basically based upon the staff at hand, which supervisor is watching, if they are busy and well-staffed, unbusy and bored, your eye contact is poor, your luggage is ugly and pretty disposable looking, wires that day that affect that routes security, anything at all.

I used to ask for "no x-ray" but that shouting "opt-out!!!! opt-out!!!" is such horrific and the following super scrutiny and hand search of the bag and all that is just too much, just to avoid some radiation? I'll take the cancer risk now. I've had a lifetime of CTscans, really wish to avoid more, and I even tell my dentist "no-no" if it's under 5yrs since the last one. /sigh
They feel her tiny tits
They pull aside white girls like that sometimes just to prove they aren't being racist by ONLY pulling aside brown dudes with beards.
>They pull aside white girls like that sometimes just to prove they aren't being racist by ONLY pulling aside brown dudes with beards.
No. But, terrorists and drug runners like to use white women/grandmas in wheelchairs/childrens backpacks or anyone with crutches.
Stop trying to figure it out, seems like you'll just be wrong.
She's got a double F cup.
Absolutely disgusting
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>visiting costa rica
>friend who left the day before stuffed little pea sized nugget of hash in my backpack
>i dont want it, but forget about it
>in taxi going to airport next day and thankfully remember, toss it out window
>whew that was close lol
>land back in states, walking toward customs
>drug k9 loses his shit when i walk by
>butthole clenches
>guards whsiper, start walking behind me, while pup is losing it
>start visibly sweating, maybe there was more hash than i knew of
>guard asks me to stop for a sec
>dog is freaking out and howling at me
>guard asks if he can peek in my bag, i say sure
>he looks in, sees nothing
>"hmm, well, i guess its nothing, haha. you know, these little pups make mistakes sometimes. but not really. you know what i mean?"
>he's just staring at me without saying anything, clutching the leash of this thrashing dog
>stares at me, emotionless, not saying anything for like 20 seconds
>"uhhhhhh....can I go now?"
>"go ahead sir. have a nice day."
>punch my friend really hard when i see him again
Well thats your answer. Are you so naive?
The smell was there

oh and the same trip:

>going through CR security
>wearing my steel toe boots since they wont fit anywhere
>of course they set off metal detector
>i do my best to tell guards that the metal is in my zapatos
>they dont get it
>wand me, freak out when it beeps on my feet
>start whispering to each other suspiciously
>tell me to take them off, fine
>they start banging them around, look just like the monkeys at the beginning of 2001
>im doing my best to explain what these shoes are and why they have metal in them
>still not getting it
>guards obviously getting more and more suspicious
>one disappears while the other keeps looking
>returns with hacksaw, the other one starts screaming at him
>they argue for a few minutes if they should cut my boots apart
>eventually decide not to
>thank goodness
A Singaporean customs guy was really confused by my shoe trees
I had been warned in advance that Singapore didn't give a shit about nice shoes but I figured it's a first world country, no one is so barbaric as to allow their uppers to crack
>work in a public office in the UK
>travelling to Russia in April 2014 as Crimea was being annexed
>Have 5 Russian visas in the same passport
>get through security and everything fine, and when I got to the actual flight gate some bloke in a suit comes up to me and blocks me going through the gate
>"Where are you travelling today sir?"
>"Oh you're British? Can I see your passport? Why? How long for? It is odd to travel to Russia so much right? Who do you know there? How did you meet them?" etc.
>eventually lets me through
>land in Moscow and get to passport control
>border guard flicks through my passport for 15 mins shaking his head and asking me in broken English why I am here, constantly looks me in the eyes and compares it to my passport photo, asks a colleague something in Russian, asks where do I live in the UK
>eventually lets me through
>get my suitcase and walk in the crowd towards customs. Customs officer in uniform is scanning crowd and I make eye contact with him for literally a millisecond "Fuck, fuck, fuck"
>as soon as I walk through the gate, "Come this way sir"
>He searches all my shit and scans my bag through x-ray scanners, opens everything and checked, questioned by an English speaking female in uniform as to why I am there over and over
>finally let through into the arrivals and the police are everywhere due to heightened security and eye me up instantly
>get the fuck out of there and get in a taxi

Yeah, felt extremely sketchy overall.
>Leaving big island
>Been on 7 planes in 2 weeks this is the last one
>Go through metal detector only had one or two squares
>Scan comes up
>Red "T" shape around waist and crotch
>Guard yells at friend about to get in detector and looks at me and says "OK thats terrible im gonna need you to go back in again"
>Pretty fukken nervous everyone watching
>Get scanned again await results
>somehow looks even worse with more red on thighs
>guy puts on gloves
>oh shit
>ok im gonna hold out my hand and check for anything around your crotch area and around your legs
>more people watch not sure where to look
>gets up says hmmmmmmm while staring at my crotch
>token black sassy guard says are your trousers wet sir?
>think for a sec
>realize im sweating a fuck ton
>well it is a hot day
>out of nowhere guy just says ok your free to go
>people continue on
>other guard gives me my bags and says "do you think shes into me"
>i just look at him like wtf
If you didn't do anything then ultimately you'll be OK. It's just a question of how much they waste your time and act like dicks first.

Friend of mine is Indian background, grown up here in Canada, and is a Catholic (his entire family has been for generations immemorial). But somewhere up the line, a Parsi converted to Christianity, probably on account of a marriage, and so my friend has an ultimately Persian (vaguely "Muslim") last name. We've travelled together a few times, and naturally enough he's been stopped and grilled 5 or 6 times while I sail through. He makes a point of dressing well, being clean shaven, he was born here so has no accent.

>mfw it's great being white
Tell him to wear a cross visibly.
>But somewhere up the line, a Parsi converted to Christianity, probably on account of a marriage, and so my friend has an ultimately Persian (vaguely "Muslim") last name.
Generations? Then it was probably back in biblical times? You know, the time of the Apostles. Don't forget Christianity and Judaism predate Islam by centuries. It's a bastard lineage faith intended to compete with the others.
>It's a bastard lineage faith intended to compete
Unlike all the others...
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>be Thanksgiving
>heading to airport after a weed comma
>my Muslim friend who is going with us had some weird idea they would give him a hard time.
>mfw this is a Midwest small airport
>mfw I get stopped.
>lol okay
> had a knife that I forgot about
>they whip down my bag
>gotta check for that "bomb juice" lol
>tell them to toss the damn thing
>mfw the same shit happens when I'm heading back through JFK
>this time it's herring leftovers in a plastic container
>"Sir we need to..."
>it took me 4 minutes tops each time to get through security.

Don't fight them, a lot of you they really had good reasons to be unsure about but otherwise they will realize the muck up and send you on your way.

Although I really want to go to some Arab countries but I don't need Big Brother losing his shit for me fucking the brains out of some arab chick and coming back with my balls still wet and thinking she made me join ISIS.
>>1065339 How useful is a second passport because I'm a US resident with another country's passport. Can I apply for my US one and just use my other for the sketchy travels?
Two passports = getting assraped

I'm eligible for two passports but it's just not worth the hassle. Any country where it's a problem will give you the stamp on a separate paper anyway
It's pretty useful for me and my situation. Having travelled to some sketchy places (Kabul, Karachi, Pyongyang - for both leisure & work) it became annoying to wait 20-30minutes at the border of frequent hops to places like Bahrain, Oman etc.

It also depends on what your other passport is. I have 2 UK ones, which means I get to travel to a lot of countries visa-free. So if costs are an issue I'd recommend battering your US passport to travel and using the other one to present a "clean sheet"
So they just give me a visa on paper and I just have it on handy whenever I need to show it?
What do you do for work that enables your travel anon?
Nah, surprisingly perky.

Trust me, I know. :^)
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Security at airports are generally douches.


Similar thing happened to me but it was four stone pencil holders I bought as souvenirs (in Croatia). Didn't miss my flight though and they didn't swab shit though, they just made me unpack my bag.
I have this theory that some airport security act like real hardasses because they think they'll be heroes if they find someone with a bomb. They're too chicken-shit to join the military, so this is the next best thing for them.
I spoke recently to a coworker about this, she said that her friend who is a border guard actually went for a few weeks of training on intimidation tactics. They are literally trained to be dicks to random people. My understanding is that it makes people fearful of them and in turn they are more likely to fuck something up when answering basic questions. There are certain trigger words that the guards look for in particular.

What I hate the most is that I'm treated like a criminal cause I travel alone. I always get asked "do you always travel alone?" "why do you travel alone?" "who are you going to meet there?"

not sure, but once the asshole machine didn't want to take my card and let me pass and the guard nearby got flustered and started questioning me about where I was going

>going to barcelona mate
>point at barcelona on my ticket
>"no you're not"
>yes I am
>"babbling in local language"

ended up shuffling me to the disabled scanning area for an extensive rubdown of my legs, which despite everything still got me past security faster than any of my mates who ran off ahead of me

it was my first time travelling abroad without any authority figures so that shit fucked with my head for a few hours

airport security is retarded
This happened to me at O'Hare a few days ago. First time I'd ever been pulled aside as an infrequent flyer the past 8 years or so. I was wearing my Pyramid Head shirt while they frisked me. I felt like I deserved it somehow, although I had nothing in my pockets.
Just be cool. Anyways those are retarded questions
A fly by Lufthansa mate? U didnt specify
is there any chance that a man can get a female qt to give him a strip search, cavity inspection or otherwise grab his junk ?
>is there any chance that a man can get a female qt to give him a strip search, cavity inspection or otherwise grab his junk ?
Not quite what you want but most Chinese long distance stations have some qts doing pat downs at the metal detectors.

The guys are nearby on the xray usually, if there was actually a problem then they'd call for the armed police outside.

I don't think I've ever seen a guy doing the pat downs and occasionally, I've felt like I should tip the girl.
It is cool that asian airports and train stations often have female cleaners working around the urinals as well...

I left the states 2.5 years ago to work in Turkey. Visited Lebanon while I was there, and accidentally stumbled into an ISIS backed city in the north. No prob, got the fuck out of there. Spent the next year in the stans, which was completely safe, and I'm scared it might trigger some alerts. Skip to now and I'm in Africa, still haven't gone home, but I had to get a new passport. Now I have a new passport that's empty save for one visa.

My question is: Will passport control have a digital record of where I have been when I get back to the states? Will they know I have been gone for some time ? If the answer is yes, then I've got some 'splaning to do lol

Sorry if that was bit of a wall of unreadable text .
>qts doing pat downs on males
I guess asian countries dont give a fuck. In the canadian military we are instructed not to search people if they are the opposite gender unless you are tactically unable to get a person of the same gender on location. I assume this extends to our border officers.
>not to search people if they are the opposite gender
If it was men patting down women then there might be complaints.

As it is, probably only the qts are complaining and they're paid to do it.
I just recently got swabbed, but that's because I kept forgetting to take different things out of my pocket when I went through the 3D scanner. Surprise, I really am that dumb!
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