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If a solo 29-year-old was to go on a trip in Europe in January, where would he go?

I'm thinking two locations close to each other for sightseeing, general exploration and (if possible in winter) some nature/outdoors/walks/hiking activities.

I've done a lot of Spain/France and the UK, and I'm from Ireland, so any other locations would be great.

Suggestions? Open to anything.
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Definitely Austria.
I'm not sure how into /out/ you are but I've heard Austria's Kalkalpen park is great for hiking/camping/climbing. In fact, the entire country is beautiful. Innsbruck and Saltzburg are really nice, as well as the lakes near Saltzburg. (saltzburg in particular has decent nightlife and a younger population). Depending on how much you'd want to spend, you could go skiing also. I've never been to Vienna but, again, I hear nice things.

pic related is the Chiemsee in...
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I'll check it out! Is Austria better in summer though?

For Ireland, google the Wild Atlantic Way (it's the tourism marketing drive for the entire west coast, which is where the nature/mountains/best landscapes are). You need a car to enjoy Ireland properly, be warned.
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>Is Austria better in summer though?
Probably, but it depends on your tastes desu. Skiing is a huge draw. Not to mention I don't really know of a place in Europe that wouldn't be cold in January for outdoorsy stuff. However, I can still vouch for Saltzburg being good.

And thank you! I'll have a look at the WAW.

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hey trv, new here. Going to Paris and Genova this christmas, was wondering if you guys know some cool places to hang out/things to do on a tight budget?

pic unrelated
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I don't care what any sneering hipster faggot says, that guy and his luggage is cool as fuck
hell ye dude totally agree he's rockin it to the moon
he's cool

also no one would want to steal that one

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hey all. long time lurker and occasional shitposter.

so in a section of my nine months traveling this year my gf and i walked the 500 odd km of the way of st francis from florence to rome via the appennine mountains. i/we enjoyed seeing rural tuscany, abruzzo and Lazio and having had so much entertainment on this forum this is my AMA in return.

we're 29 yo australians with passable italian. we walked over 28 days in september/october. the walk has more altitude gain and loss than the semi comparible camino de santiago (done in 2010). there is a mixture of...
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1/ fuck knows
File: P1012044.jpg (3 MB, 4608x3456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 4608x3456
2/ nfi

train tunnell walking out of florence
File: P1012080.jpg (3 MB, 4608x3456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 4608x3456

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hey /trv/ im about to spend the next two years in japan and i have no idea what to expect. i am VERY excited about the prospect of living in a foreign country seeing as ive only lived in the us for the 24 years that ive been alive.

as i said before i dont really know what im walking into so im doing a little bit of asking around. so
what kind of things should i expect?

if you could could provide me with what youve learned from your experiences and also help me in some fact checking in the research that ive done so far i would be immensely grateful.

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to caveat off of what i sad earlier.

no this isnt the first foreign country ive ever visited. ive been to norway, romania, and several others that i wont mention.

sushi is one of if not my favorite foods in the states(you just have to find the right resteraunt).
Not sure if this is a troll post but
>outsiders are allways just that. it is nigh impossible to be seen as something other than gaijin. is this true?

Yeah, just look at how Zainichi are treated there. Like they'd ever consider a westerner as anything other than gaijin
Post this in the Japan general and delete this. You will always be seen as a foreigner. Sushi is slightly better than the rest of the world. Liking anime is childish but a lot of people do, it's like playing video games.

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african don't believe it.jpg
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>Hehe if you come visit I can be your tour guide~~ :)

How legit is this? I've heard the same thing from a French girl, a Japanese girl, and two Chinese girls. Seems like a red flag.
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I have done it a lot. With dudes/male friends I have made online, as well. Not to mention the women. What makes it a red flag?
Their eagerness yet coquettish demeanor makes me think they'll rob me or offer sex for money.
/trv/ is supposed to have the least autism, anon. You're better than this.

It's a common innocent invitation for a potential date if you go to their city.

God damn

Hi /trv/.I'm planig my first major travel,it will be to South America (pic related) and would
apreciate some fedback and tips,mostly from locals or people who have been there before.


I am fluent in Spanish and English.I'll be traveling just with a backpack (have a 20L and a 40L
but will do my best to fit all my stuff in the 20L one,opinions?) and my DSLR camera.

I lived in Asuncion for 8 months and have a good idea how the city works.

Budget $4000 (after plane tickets).I wont need to pay for my stay in Asuncion, Montevideo...
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AG 1

I'm traveling to Switzerland for work. For the first week I'm there, I'll be in Grancia near Lugano I think. After, I'll be in Zurich for 4 days, Geneva for 3 days then I fly out of Milan. Any suggestions as to what to do? I like museums and history stuff, but nature is cool too.
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When? Soon, in winter?
Yeah! I leave on the 9th and I'll get into Milan at 8am on the 10th, then drive to grancia
Near Lugano, check out Locarno and especially Ascona. It's beautiful.

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I'm a bagpacker in latin america since 2013. I've been literally everywhere in latin america.

Ask me anything
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Ever been to latin america? Did you like it?
Is it safe for me to drive my new van down there?
Will they steal it?
Want to drive it to guatamala chile and nicuragua
Bad idea?
Will girls think I am cool in my fancy rv van?
How many times have you been lost in direction and translation?

With some friends we are planning a travel for Xmas/New Year's by Eastern Europe, and some of them are thinking abour going to Turkey, because is next to Bulgaria.

So, after all of the terrorist attacks, coup d'etat and shit, is it a safe citiy to visit?

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I meant, Istanbul
I was there before the coup

there are a lot of serious issues there

there is the refugee flux, which caused a massive wave of homelessness in istanbul
they didn't strike me as particularly dangerous, had kebabs with a few
but it's a situation that could change rapidly

there is a serious risk of terrorist attacks targeting tourists, there has been a history of them at a rate that should concern sensible travelers
the kurds, syrians, ISIL, lots of troups have beef with the turks
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It's sad how much has changed in just a few years. I went in November 2014 and it was fine. Obviously some of those issues existed at that time, but it all seems to have escalated considerably

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So I MIGHT go home for New Year, flying literally on the 31st of December.

Flight takes off at 19:00 (in theory) and lands home at 22:00.

I was just wondering, how likely is it to get a massive delay on that day? If it helps I would be flying from Heathrow.

Distance from the airport to home shouldn't be more than a 20 minute drive. I obviously want to make it there before 00:00 since it will be a surprise for my family.
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>you've actually spent time typing all these shitty OT travel based threads
>you seriously are a mongoloid with no life of any kind
>OT travel
Can be a horrific day for travel. Factor that into your plans. Where are you flying TO? Any connections?

At least it will still be surprise at 03:00 the next morning...

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Have you ever considered it? Travel the world, learn new langauges, meet and interact with people as a living.

How should I get started? Any experiences?
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Hours of your life wasted on this. You'll be dead with only this trash as a legacy. Kek
>move back and forth between the same tourist sights over and over again
>all while herding a bunch of walking stereotypes on a package tour who try their hardest to get lost and piss you off in some manner
Thanks, I'll pass.

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Autistic question - if I walk around New York city alone all zipped up in a black hoodie, will people think I'm a terrorist?

I'm Asian and look eighteen, if that helps.
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you won't be noticed from the other thousands of Asians dressed the same.
So very true. OP, be sure to carry a selfie stick at all times.

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I'm getting deployed to either Iraq or Afghan, don't get to pick but wanna know which is better
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If you want to learn a bit of the language while there, I suggest Afghanistan. Dari Persian is a much easier language than Arabic.
Where are you from?
Well Afghanistan is mostly peaceful and has some beautiful landscapes, I've considered going there as a tourist. Hell, as part of the military you might get some of the great mountain views near the Pakistani border (Khyber Pass, etc...) where you pretty much can't go unless you are military. Iraq is still fairly dangerous and looks more like a boring desert.
How do you even get to pick? What service are you in. I would personally say Afghan becausr as sketchy as the people are, its beautiful. If you are not combat arms though basically your deployment will consist of sitting on a base and never seeing the country at all.

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Anybody here watched the ball drop in NYC before? Was it worth it? I've lived in West NY a good portion of my life and I've never seen it drop before.

I've joined the Army and now live in the South and various places for a 3 years now wanna go see the ball drop before they send me somewhere else.

otherwise where in the CONUS would you say I should spend my NYE?
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know how much a hotel will cost in nyc during the holidays? priciest time of year to go there, doubt a family friendly crowd would be worth it if you're alone
Cold, crowded, and boring. I recommend doing anything else in the city that night
Like 5K, not even kidding.

I mean, shit, that's like the place to be though.

Where else could we celebrate NYE that is driving distance from GA?

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I finally have a sizable amount (11000 usd) saved and can travel starting in January.

There are a lot of places I want to go but at the moment I'm in need of a fresh perspective, new start, whatever. I know I'm not the only one browsing /trv/ with that vague concept in mind so lets throw some ideas and experiences around.
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leaving your basement is a fresh start

Try that fancy restaurant around the corner.
> I dare you
What regions of the world interest you?

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I'm travelling to the U.S. this Christmas.
Are the TSA agents really as bad as people say?
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Been recently to the USA. Most of them are overweight and unarmed. Most were white and very polite. A chubby TSA qt even started chatting me up while there was some hold up at security.

Unfortunately she didn't want to take me in for a random search.

The border/passport control dudes are fucking wack though. Depending on your luck mostly, be prepared to get harassed for 20min of them asking you the dumbest and strangest questions to make sure you're not some jihad bomber and can keep your cool.
I havent had that bad of an experience save for the fact that everytime there is always a fat Shaniqua yelling at me to HAVE YO BAGS OUT.

Trump was talking about reforming them or replacing them with veterans so we will see what happens.
TSA are people with a lot of authority, who wouldn't have it in other work. But their job requires it, being a jerk is enough to catch many problematic people. One of the worst things to say to them is you aren't currently employed.

If you're Norwegian you probably have enough money and a good enough life in your country that you aren't considered much of a risk.

Usually customs agents are friendly to people from their country, and mean to others.

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How does one find a list of concerts/show etc happening in a city during a set period. I am travelling through europe in May/June 2017 and would love to go to a concert/comedy shows etc but finding it really difficult to find.
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Residentadvisor.net for electronic music
songkick.com for other concerts

Alternatively, find local live venues and see what's on offer.
City's tourism website, event calendar.

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I'm gonna be flying for the first time by myself, and it's gonna be with this airline. Does anyone have any experience and tips for flying with them? I'm gonna have a 15 hour layover overnight, how do you pass the time?
Thanks in advance.
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From my experience turkish airlines is a top tier airline. No bad experiences with them.
> 15 hour layover
go see istanbul obviously. Maybe sleep a few hours in a hote/hostel as well
I think they have a free sighseeing service with that layover

They take security seriously at Ataturk (sometimes), so be back in time, 3-4 hrs earlier.

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Looking for Vegas-related information, such as best hotels, best shows, bargains, right amount of funds to bring for gambling, other cool activities in the surrounding area.
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That's great you need to be more specific. Such as what star hotel you want, when you're planning to be in Vegas (almost all bargain deals depend on when you're going), how long you're staying (this will determine how much money you should bring), what your budget is, etc.
How is the nightlife in the city of Las Vegas (not the strip in Paradise)?
Not OP. How far off the strip do I need to go to find a decent bar? Staying at the bellagio. Something more relaxed to chat with the bartenders and other patrons.

File: IMG_1103.jpg (815 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Newfag here, looking for travel tip.

I'd like to pend some time in New York to visit my family, but I live in the Southwestern side of Florida, along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. I'm looking for relatively inexpensive ways to go to New York. Preferably bus.
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That's a long fucking bus ride, dude

That being said, Greyhound is pretty cheap if you buy your tickdts ahead of time online
Okay, I live not too far from a bus stop, I think. How many days would the bus ride take? How many stops do they need to take?

That picture in my OP is of my shit town. Punta Gorda, Florida. Spanish for "Fat Tip". Something something historical bullshit Ponce De Leon whatever is all this town to say for itself.
>all this town HAS to say for itself

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