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/skg/ Roleplay Edition #4
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/skg/ Roleplay Edition #4
Soft on the inside Edition
>dinner is finished

That was delicious. Thank you sir!
F: "You're welcome, Anon. Did you have a good time?"
Mm, yes sir! Thank you for having me!
I: "Well Anon, that's how this tour ends..."
>I can't, and don't really try, to, hide the fact that I'm a bit disappointed
Already? Well, nothing lasts forever...
Thank you again fro having me here.
>She sighs but smiles again
"You know...this isn't the last time we'll see."
. . .
"I have more plans..."
Oh really now? Intriguing...
"Spoiler alert? Restaurant."
Oooh, sounds fancy.
"But now it's time to go!"
>It's very imperceptible for you but her voice has some pitched tones
(Hm, is that joy or tension in her voice...)
>she leads me back to the front door
"Before you go..."
>She kisses you on your lips quickly
>I'm frozen in place from the shock, my face again bright red
>She looks away, blushing
"If you don't hurry up you won't get transport..."
Um... right... goodnight Ikaruga...
>I leave, still in a bit of a daze

>I eventually make my way home and go to bed
>but really, its all a blur as the day's events keep playing over in my head
>particularly the kiss...
>After she came in again, she had a few words with her father
I: "..."
F: "What's wrong, Ikaruga?"
I: "..."
>Her eyes are teary and her voice gets pitched tones
I: "You didn't have to pretend you care about me..."
F: "..."
F: "I can't allow Phoenix Conglomerate's reputation to be spotted."
I: "..."
>She wipes her tears
I: "I'll go back to the academy tomorrow, as we agreed."
F: "Understood."
. . . . . .
>During your absence, Homura got plenty of information about your interests
. . . . . .
>They have seven days...
>the next day
>I awake from a somewhat troubled sleep, and the memories of the day before come sweeping back
Ugh...maybe if I go back to sleep it'll all go away...
>You doze off and end up in a plane. You have a lamp on your lap and a drunk Haruka at your side
>after a second to come to grips with everything I look around, still thoroughly confused
What... the ... fuck?
"you look cute lwhen yo'urre confused, hehe."
>She gets closer to you
"come ehre and let me kibss oyur cheeks."
What the fuck, Haruka?!?
>I try to pull away, when I notice I've been handcuffed to the seat
Okay... fear levels steadily rising here...
>She kisses both sides of your face, turning your head. After that she licks her upper lip and rests her head on your shoulder
"anonp, do you thindk i'm cute, or adoruable?"
>She giggles
Um, I never really gave it much thought, I suppose...
Can I erp in here?)
"wihy yes, deavry! we're ncot aloneb..."
>She takes her upper clothing off, showing her breasts covered by her bra
"now you have mnore company..."
>She proceeds to take the lamp (which lights inmediately) in order to sit on your lap, resting her feet on her previous seat
As long as it's Senran Kagura ERP
I want to have sex with Ryona.
>I can't help but admire her breasts, and I try to fight off a blush on my face
>I try quickly turning away
Okay, Haruka, talk seriously here. Where is everyone else, and who's flying this thing?
Get in line, muchacho.
>There's a RP story with both sisters and Saika Totsuka.
(Sorry that I wasn't able to respond today, I got caught up all day today and now it's late.)
Let me rape her already!
"dit cakn be minori for all i care...abut if we get drowned, i think yfou'd artbher dto ivde win them~..."
Saika, you need to talk with Anon here.
Oh for cripes sake, you look like you're about to pass out...
>I also try struggling against the handcuffs to no avail
"sshhhhhshhh...let mommy atke care of thhis."
>She guides your head to her cleavage and starts humming a lullaby
(I feel conflicted between letting this continue and worrying about the fact that we may crash and die...)
>In this situation you can see anything. Only listen to
I: (Echo) "Haruka, what are you doing?!"
H: (Echo) "hmmm~? hbe was scared os i'm calmnig him down!"
I: (Echo) "This is disgusting! How dare you-"
>From that point you can hear their voices but not understand what they say...
>You wake up with your face against your pillow
>my head snaps up so fast I almost get whiplash
What the fuck was THAT about?!?
>I go to the bathroom and splash some cold water on my face
>a look in the mirror shows I'm not hurt or anything
(Was that some kind of freaky dream?)
>I head to the kitchen, deciding that some coffee would be very nice right now
(Can you repost what Ryona and Ryoubi did after Saika got embarrassed. I did not get to see what happened.
Rbi: (Thinking) "What a cute idiot..."
Rna: (Thinking) "If he goes any cuter I swear I'll-"
>The next day goes normally, or that's how it seems at least
. . . . . .
>They have six days
(Thank you.)
"C-can you lead the way then?" He asked them, embarrassed and a bit cautious, trying to not make a fool of himself again.
. . . . .
>Ryouna glomps you so hard you both fall on the ground
He fell down on the ground, hitting his head against the ground. "Ow... R-Ryona?! Did I do something wrong?! Did I offend you?!"
>She grabs you from your back with her arms and from your legs with hers, rubbing her face against yours
"Haaaaahhh~ Saika is absolutely adorable every ti-"
>She feels the ground stained with blood
"Ehhh!! Saika got hurt!!!"
Rbi: Whaat?!!"
>She comes to check you, looking at your head
"Huh?" He places his hand on the back of his head, quincing at the pain then brought his hand in front of him, observing his blood covered hand. "It's... not that... ba." The sight of blood was enough to cause Saika to pass out. No matter how brave he was the sight of human blood was his weakness.
>Ryoubi grabs him by his clothes, shaking him
Rna: "We have to go back home!"
>Having experience in taking care of wounds, your plans change
Blood was dripping down the back of his head, dripping onto the pavement as you carried him all the way back to your house.

What game is this from?
Senran Kagura
>Leaving all their belongings, they got ready to treat your wound. Being unconscious made it easy for them to press on it.
>You were allowed to sleep in Ryouna's bed by her own decision (her sister never reproach her for what happened, seeing how bad she felt)
After a few hours he started to come back to the waking world. "Mmm, my head is killing me." He said as he looked around, wondering where he was. The last thing he could remember was heading to the beach.
>The "fun" instruments were there, along with his shopping by the door
He got out from the bed, staggering forward a bit as he tried to gain his balance. He then waled towards the bag and instrument that was by the door. "Where are they?"
>The ears and the tail were left in Ryoubi's room after starting to get ready to go to the beach
He let out a sigh and opened the door and traversed the hallway, heading to Ryoubi room. "That's strange. It's almost like a deserted house." He said to himself because he couldn't hear Ryona's loud moans or Ryoubi cute shouting voice.
>They come in from the main door carrying some stuff for dinner. Seeing him, they leave what they bought and come to him
>Ryouna holds his face
"Are you okay? Does it still hurt?"
"Huh? Oh, you mean my head. I am perfectly fine, though it does hurt a little bit."
Rbi: "Well you can keep resting. We'll take care of dinner this time..."
>It's about 19:20
"No, I couldn't let you two do something like that.... Please let... me. Huh that's weird, I feel a bit light headed." He said as his entire body began to sway a bit.
>Ryouna catches you
Rbi: "Go to rest now. We'll wake you up to eat."
His head resting on Ryona breast. "Fine.... I feel a bit weak though. I feel so pathetic but can you carry me?"
>Ryouna carries you piggyback back to her room
"Thank you." He whispered into her ear, smiling despite his situation.
>She gave a little shiver
"Oooh~ please keep whispering~"
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Bum bum bum bum bum. Mister sandman. Bring me a dream. Make him cutes that I've ever seen. Give him two lips like roses and clover. Then tell him that his lonesome nights. Are.. over.
Hello friend.
H-Hi Cell...!
>a new day dawns
>the crazy lady is busy stocking up on canned food and shotguns
>I'm sitting on my couch, lost in thought
>Your daydreaming gets interrupted by someone who softly knocks on your door
>I ponder just ignoring it and saving myself more trouble
> but inevitably I get up and answer it
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Call a Senran
Murasaki! What brings you here?
"Um, hello..."
"Last time you said...we were welcome here...any time..."
I did, didn't I?

Would you like to come in?
"I-I didn't know when...was appopiate to come...so I had to know first..."
Oh. Well, now is good. Come on in, make yourself at home.
"I can't..."
"I didn't bring any game...and Bebe-tan is not with me..."
"I have to come back for them..."
Oh, I understand.

Well, feel free to if you want. I'll probably be here all day, assuming no more... odd things happen...
>Thinking you were talking about her visit as odd, she goes and comes back with Bebe-tan and some games
Hey, welcome back. And hi Bebe. Come on in!
"Bebe-tan says 'Hi.' I brought games we could...play together..."
Ooh, Mario Kart!
"Do you want to...begin with that one?"
>Murasaki goes as Peach
>I go with my old standby Koopa Troopa
>Murasaki: 1st
>Anon: 3rd
Man Murasaki, you still got it.
"Mhmm. Since Mirai defeated me...I've been training."
Looks like its paying off.
"Let's do it again."
"Shall we?"
>This time is Battle Mode. She goes as Daisy this time.
>this time I try Yoshi
>I lose again

Bah, I was never any good at Battle Mode...
>This time is Versus and she goes as Peach again
>I go with Bowser, and thanks to a well timed Blue Shell, I win
"How could I forget that...these things exist...?"
Heh, don't worry Murasaki, that was mostly luck.

I'm gonna get a drink, you want anything?
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"Soda...if you have..."
Coming right up!

>I come back with two sodas
>we play games for hours
>Murasaki consistently wins, but I manage to get in a few victories
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"You've defeated me a few times...and I can't bear it..."
"I've defeated you many times...but compared to me you...don't give a farthing about it..."
Uh, I dunno. It's just a game, I guess. Besides, it's about having fun, not winning or losing.
-warm smile-
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"Bebe-tan says you're nice..."
Oh, why thank you Bebe-tan!
>She pushes Bebe-tan against your chest
"She needs help to hug you..."
Does she mind if I hug her back?
"She says it's okay..."
>I hug her
She's very soft...
"You're welcome."
"I take care of her well..."
She's lucky to have you.
"So am I...truly..."
-stomach rumble-
Hm, I'm hungry. And nothing to eat here...

Hey Murasaki, wanna tag along while I go get some pizza?
"I don't understand...what you said..."
Well, I was gonna walk downtown to the pizza place and get some dinner.
Do you want to come?
"Oh...I was confused because...I didn't know if you were...asking me to go or stay."
"I'll wai-"
"I want to go."
>we walk to the pizza place, get a pizza, and sit at one of the outdoor tables
"Sometimes I feel bad for Bebe-tan. She can't eat..."
Aw, that's okay. She can still have fun with you, right?
>She looks at her
"'Though sometimes we need to...stay away from each other'...That's what she said."
"That's why she didn't come last time..."
>before this can get awkward, however, a voice rings out behind us
>Hibari was coming to you two, with Yagyuu at a certain distance behind
H: "Hi! Hi Murasaki!"
M: "...!"
M: "Hello..."
Hey, Hibari.
>looking back, a bit louder
Hi Yagyu.
Y: "HI."
>She waves
H: "I'm sorry I couldn't come last time, but now that you're here we can have some fun!"
Oh, uh, what did you have in mind?
H: "Well...nothing. I just saw you and came here."
Y: "What's going on?"
H: "Now that Anon's here, we can all have fun!"
Y: "I...I see..."
H: 'But I don't know what we can do..."
. . . . . .

Anyone have any ideas?
Y: "We could try bowling."
>we all ponder it for a moment
H: "I know a place!"
Y: "OK but, we have to wait for them."
>You still have pizza
Oh, not much. We can just box it up.
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M: "I've never played ir before..."
Y: "Same, but we could try."
H: "Let's go, then!"
>Hibari points with excitement
>she happily leads us to the place she was talking about
>its a slow night for them, it seems
>Murasaki goes behind everyone shaking. She expected to come back inmediately, so she is shaking for not wearing enough clothing tonight
You alright, Murasaki?
Y: "Why do you even ask? You can see she's shaking."
>Murasaki blushes
Oh geez...
Guys, maybe I should take her home...
H: "You can't~! We're too close!"
Y: "How close?"
H: "Over there, big blue letters!"
Y: "Oh."
Wait, hold up Hibari. If Murasaki is too upset we shouldn't force her.

Murasaki, you alright? Or should I take you home?
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"I'm not...upset..."
"And besides...we are closer to the building...than your home..."
Well, okay... if you insist...
H: "Run Murasaki, that should make it!"
>Hibari takes Yagyuu's wrist while running, making her run as well to the bowling center
This is gonna be one of those nights...
>I sigh, walking behind them
>You all come in and get ready to play
H: "I'll go first!"
>6/10 pins
Y: "My first time..."
M: "..."
M: "It's your turn..."
>gutter ball
H, Y, M: ". . . . . ."
H: "Well, it's my turn again-"
Y: "Y-yeah sure..."
Hey, its my first time...
Y: "..."
M: "..."
Okay, second...
(The joke was that they got more pins down and yet it was their first time)
Y: "Here comes nothing..."
Whoa, a strike. Nice on Yagyu.

>the game continues
>I still suck, but the girls are having fun
>even Murasaki seems to be enjoying herself somewhat
>After 1.5 hours of bowling you all go
M: "I like this place..."
Y: "And I wouldn't coming here again. It was a good idea."
H: "But, I think Anon is not having much fun..."
Sure I did! I'm just, er, really rusty, that's all...
wouldn't mind coming*

Y: "Well, we need to go back."
H: *complain noise* "Do we have to?"
Y: "Yes, we do. We have school."
H: *sigh* "Okay."
Y: "Good night."
H: "Goodbye Anon and Murasaki!"
M: "Good night..."
Bye girls.

Well, Murasaki, ready to head home?
". . . . . . . . . . . . . ."
? You alright?
". . . . . ."
>She's shaking
Whoa, what's wrong?!?
>Low voice
Oh... Oh! Yeah, I don't blame you, it's bitter out. Come on.
>I walk her back to my house for Bebe and her games, then to her house
>we're standing out front now
"Thank you for...having fun with us..."
Heh, any time Murasaki. And Bebe, of course.
Well, it's late. I better be going. See you around!

>I head home and go to bed
>happy that today was relatively stress free, I fall asleep pretty easily
>They have five days
>It's a cloudy morning but it doesn't seem like it's going to rain. Mirai's Valentine strategy is mostly defined but she needs to be sure about an important issue...
>I decide to head to the local superstore for some groceries
>but first, a visit to the electronics department for some game demos...
>There's a first-person one about giant monsters attacking Tokyo
(Damn Toho...not letting them use Godzilla...)
>A giant monster starts chasing you from afar
Bring it, chump...
>I let loose a barrage of weapons fire
>The monster starts crying out and after a while stops, unable to carry on
>Once you turn back you get jumpscared by a roar in your face by another giant monster
Okay, enough of this...
Back to shopping.
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Meanwhile, this girl is shocked by that jumpscare
>while walking past her I point to the demo with my thumb
Do yourself a favor, skip that one and go play the WiiU.
>She just stares (though blinking) at the screen with an open mouth
>I watch her for a moment, then shrug and move on
>Looking for vegetables, you feel like someone is whispering around you, although you should expect that since there is plenty of people
>I occasionally look behind me, but never see anyone
>paranoia sets in
>You hear something about "got busted" and "show up" before they finally do the latter
>It's Hikage and Yomi
Y: "H-Hi, Anon. How are you?"
H: "Hi."
Oh, phew, it's just you two...
Y: "A-And you could hear us..."
H: "What's the point of hiding? He know us."
Y: "We're not supposed to interfere with the environment!"
H: "That's not what I heard when you questioned him for not buying this and that."
Y: "A-"
Y: ". . ."
Y: *ehem*
Y: "Since you're more-or-less aware of what's going on, you can see coming why we're here: for secret reasons we need to know the kind of food you eat."
Oh, usual stuff, I guess.
Cheeseburgers are my favorite.
Y: "I mean, we need to know what you can't eat under any circumstances."
Oh. Uhhhhhh....

Bugs? I won't eat bugs.

Or onions. Hate em.
Y: "Allergies? Religious prohibitions?"
>I look to Hikage, who just shrugs
H: "Bugs and onions, can we go now?"
Y: "Wait! One last question..."
. . . . . .
Y: "What do you tjink about bean spro- HEY!"
>Hikage pulls her away from you and they go
Y: "This is important! I need to know what he...!"
>I can't help but chuckle, then go back to shopping
>You cam hear someone running towards you
>I turn around, but again find no one
>although I'm pretty sure I hear the muffled shouts of someone who's mouth is being covered...
>The reat of the day goes normally, or that's how it seems.
>They have four days
>the next day...
>"You died!"
>Wha-? Mister Hanzo, what are you saying?! No, he didn't!
>"Ah, hahahaha!"
>Just...let me take care of this, please
>"Fine but that would have made things more interesting!"
>And darker
[spoiler]Forgive me, but I'm a bit lost here...context?[/spoiler]
[Mister Hanzo is trying to messing up the story]
[spoiler]How meta.[/spoiler]
Thread replies: 202
Thread images: 11
Thread DB ID: 503151

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