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>Package stops at NTX P&DC
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>Package stops at NTX P&DC
>Hasn't moved in days

Am I fucked, /toy/? Anyone get their package after it goes to this hell hole?
Anyone have experience with this place? Its got bad reviews apparently
Considering the shitstorm of weather that hit the east cost, maybe the delays there are trickling down and affecting carrier speed elsewhere. I dunno, man.

Look, the fact of the matter is that no matter what other peoples' experiences have been at that place, it has no bearing on what is happening to your package currently, so it doesn't do you any good to ask on an international image board. The vast majority of people here have no idea what place you're even talking about, and no one here has any idea what is going on with your package because we don't work for the company delivering your package (you didn't specify who it was; USPS I guess?).

If you're really concerned, call up the carrier and see if they can help, or go to where you saw the bad reviews and ask the people there.
Thanks, yeah its USPS and I tried calling and didn't really get anything. I'll be a little patient for now knowing the storm may have affected things. But it's supposed to be shipped to NY with 2 day shipping, but it's been in that one place since Friday. I figured I'd ask here because I saw similar USPS complaint threads, and certain anons were talking about a specific place, so I thought maybe it was the same one.
Thanks though!
Postal worker here

Our volumes today are tiny compared to typical Mondays, and we've been warned via email that most offices will get hit hard with parcel volume mid-week. Even a package I sent to the UK last week got delayed and instead went through San Francisco instead of Philly or NYC.

Blizzards fuck shit up man, just be patient
That particular center sucks. Ive had stuff stuck there for up to two weeks.
True, thanks

Okay yeah, I knew it was the place that sucked, although I'm sure the storm isn't helping...
So, you did end up getting the items though? I guess it's okay as long as I get it, in the end, although the wait sucks, and I'm hoping it's two weeks max...
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Hate to hijack the thread, but I know I'll catch hell if I make my own thread about this.

Everyone's talking about the blizzards up North affecting parcel travel. I guess that's true, but does anyone have any positive experiences with NY Customs?

I once had a package stuck there for almost 3 weeks. After constantly calling after week two, it mysteriously appeared at my doorstep on week 3 without any updates.

I guess my currently parcel that they've had for over a week is doomed to be there for another week or two thanks to the storm, right?
Yes, eventually. Worst part is, that place is ten minutes from me, I could have walked over there and gotten it, but they wouldn't let me.
Ah okay. What if im in New York though? Why is it in Texas then? Is that unrelated?
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Shipping gripe thread? Shipping gripe thread.

It's been like this for weeks.

This is why I usually never take SAL.
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I have come to accept that I am never getting this package. Lesson learned, never using SAL again.
How come some people have the worst luck with SAL? Anything I've ever ordered with SAL has arrived within 3 weeks or less.

I've used SAL a bunch of times, but only was screwed once so far; on a D-Arts Mewtwo right before the prices bounced back up. Got it for $53, in August, and it never arrived. It'd be nice if it popped up somehow, but I doubt it. Amazon is such a crapshoot with Japanese sellers that I no longer deal with it. I've gotten EMS shipping covered under the price sometimes, but othertimes registered SAL. I hate how they go by the regular shipping categories from the US site rather than telling you if its SAL, EMS, DHL, Fed Ex, or what ever else.

Like I got a Hot toys Robocop with chair for $280 a year ago. I chose the free shipping(which was stupid to take that risk I realize now, but I wasn't importing as much back then) and it ended up being EMS shipping. That was nice, but it wasn't specified at all.
Oh yeah man, people in the BST have total control over how a package is routed by a carrier. You've been totally scammed!

Dude, seriously, don't be so fucking stupid. I know you're not too bright, but come on bro, don't go full retard.
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