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That Feel thread
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>Package estimated delivery is 3 days from now
>"Out for Delivery"
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>order on amiami
>choose sal
>2 weeks no shipping update
It was the last time i went with sal.
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>tfw using bricklink AT ALL
They don't call it cracklink for fucking nothing.
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>looking for old figure
>all places have it for rape prices
>find it for a reasonable price after so long of searching
>oh wait i have never found it for a good price
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>playing with a figure you haven't touched in a while
>forgot how great it was
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>playing with a figure you haven't touched in a while
>a piece of it breaks off for seemingly no reason
File: life.png (318 KB, 496x559) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>playing with a figure you haven't touched in a while
>notice a piece/accessory is missing
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That's what happened with my RD Dann of Thursday recently. The peg hole that connects the foot plate and leg wiring ended up just breaking because of how thin the plastic was + clear plastic to boot.

Thankfully, I was able to fix it and reattach the foot plate easily. No way I'm going to bother with connecting the wiring (plus, it actually improves the figure.)
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>order Sal from one place, ems from another
>Sal arrives quicker
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>after refreshing for months, Amazon has that figure on your wishlist for cheap for some reason
>Mandarake or Amiami gets a figure you really want
>After you just bought something and don't want to/can't spend the money at that time and you know when you can later it won't be there
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> out for delivery
> refresh
> "notice left"

All summer they just toss it in a bag or shove it in the box but as soon as there's even a hint of snow they get all uppity
You got lucky. A hip joint on mine broke when I tried to change its pose after a year of it being just standing on my desk. The clear plastic on that part is this as fuck and cracked by itself under the pressure of the pin. I managed to glue it together but I don't even bother to display it anymore.
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>figure breaks right out of the package
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>figure breaks right out of the packaging
>express disappointment in the appropriate thread on /toy/
>someone calls you a hamhands/retard and claims it's your fault
Who's the guy in that picture?
File: Billy.png (273 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Duhh, that's lord moldybutt!
>Waiting for figure to go back in stock
>Keep missing it
>Finally get it and try and add to cart
>Out of Stock
>Never goes back in stock
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>get multiple figures from a decently reputable toy site that sells some japanese toys several years ago, ~2012/2013
>no tracking on shipping, I forgot the reason why, but I had zero malicious intent when selecting it
>i completely ham-hand a figure right out of the box. the most expensive figure too. i ordered several but this was the absolute worst thing i could ham-hand in my entire collection.
>at the time, i am in such denial that i blame the toy company, and think to myself that the toy was broken before i touched it. only until a few weeks ago did i accept the realization that it was 100% on me.
>i am absolutely furious at the company who makes this toy. and I want to exact revenge on them somehow.
>i tell the site i bought it from that i never received the shipment.
>i literally package the toy i ham-handed, write "fuck you" about 30 times on a piece of paper, fold up the paper and put it in the box, mail it directly to the CEO of that company using a phony sent address
>i didn't explain anything, didn't ask for a refund of any kind, didn't do anything to reveal who I was, because I didn't want them to connect it to the $500+ worth of toys i basically got for free by getting refunded by the toy store. I even scratched off the bar code so they couldn't scan/track it somehow.
>tfw kept all my money, got like 6 free toys, broke 1 and sent the broken 1 to the CEO of its company saying "fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you" and he totally saw it
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Well there it is, the stupidest fuckin' thing I'll read all day.
I have come across loads of those situations recently. I can't stop falling into that trap. At least they were good deals and collectively didn't spend a ridiculous amount.

I had a notification once stating a package wasn't left because they couldn't find a safe place to leave it. Made a receptacle of sorts out of stuff on the porch. A combination of a chair and flower pots by the front door for them to throw packages into.

>Start just leaving them right at my front door now anyway
You knoe who needs a toyline...
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>playing with toy you always play with.
>toy you have had a long time.
>notice its broken
>try to fix it
>end up making it worse
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>have a good amount of spending money
>'oh, there's nothing I really want to buy right now'
>low on spending money
>suddenly a thousand things that you want
File: CUwIZ2-UcAAsYCf.jpg (16 KB, 413x482) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw the only figures you still want are expensive as balls on the aftermarket
>no sign of reissues anywhere
>order a Revoltech off Amiami using RSAL
>order a Revoltech off Manda 2 weeks later using RSAL
>both out for delivery
I'm confused yet excited
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cmon snake.png
237 KB, 400x400
>something you want is released
Oh hey, I don't have money but--
>something else is released
Well I guess that's not gonna be easy, but I'm sure I'll mak--
>figure you've been wanting but never got starts slowly crawling up in price
Well I gue--
>an entire wave of figures you've been wanting are released
What the fuck. Why is this happening?
>another figure you want but didn't get is sold out.
>figure comes back in stock for insane prices
Every fucking time.
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>ordered Josuke(4) Dec 26
>estimated delivery Jan 25-Feb 3
>I got it a week ago
>Amazon says its still being shipped
File: Helix_Towel.jpg (328 KB, 916x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>Parcel you ordered that was estimated to take up to a month comes from Burgerland within a week.
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>Order something rare for amazingly good price on Mandarake
>Realise after flying through the order confirmation the store was Fukuoka
What's wrong with Fukuoka?

I know Nakano/Shibuya/SAHRA are the more expensive branches, and Umeda is the bro-est one.

Was it in a bad condition or something?
Nakano is the bro branch order something at 11pm EST and have order confirmation by 5am EST, they are the greatest.
File: 2013-07-12 120.png (988 KB, 1600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2013-07-12 120.png
988 KB, 1600x900
Fukuoka are absolutely based when it comes to getting seriously rare, sought-after items in stock for extremely low prices.

The problem is that they apparently communicate with trained falcons. Takes days or sometimes even weeks for them to confirm or cancel an order, and sometimes just as long again to ship it.

I sometimes wonder if Fukuoka branch is literally some Japanese guy up a mountain still living like it's the age of warring states.
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>my secret santa said they sent out my package at the beginning of this month
>still hasn't arrived
>mfw they probably just told me that so I wouldn't report them for grinching
>Order something rare for amazingly good price on Mandarake
>Realize after flying through the order confirmation the store was Fukushima
>Always has a good supply of SH Monsterarts
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>every fucking year forgetting about SS until it's too late
File: 1412649755215.gif (481 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>friend asks what kind of action figures I'm into
>Buys me one for Christmas
>It's a bootleg that breaks moments after opening it
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Thread images: 32
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