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ITT: The worst toy in your collection
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tbh fam smh.jpg
181 KB, 1500x1183
The left arm on this thing is an abomination.
>Barbell wrist joint breaks almost immediately
>Superglue that shit back together, looks like shit now
>Try to remove arm for swappable arm feature
>Entire arm assembly comes out instead, falling apart like legos
>No reason for any of it to even be separate pieces as far as I can tell, none of it snaps back together like it looks like it should
>Have to superglue that shit back too, takes multiple times to work just like the wrist
>Superglue all over the fucking figure now, try to use nail polish remover to get rid of it
>The only thing it removes is the chrome finish
What really happened
>OP rips the box apart
>grabs the figure
>uses his Gorilla strength to tear the hand off
>Realizing his mistake, he uses his Gorilla Strength Gorilla Glue
>Rips the arm off thinking it comes off at the shoulder
>Glues it
>Gets turned on at his crippled mazinger
>Hotglues it
>His cum is acidic and removes the chrome finish
And his name was greg
File: 1337664827036.jpg (373 KB, 1000x864) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
373 KB, 1000x864
I have the original release and never had any problems exchanging arms or hands.

>Superglue all over the fucking figure now

This is proof that you're hamhanded as fuck.
So I've heard before.
The only place the glue is really noticeable is on the arm itself and the right shoulder. Shit sticks to your fingers, man, comes off even when you think it's all dry. It ain't like I just closed my eyes and squeezed the tube
Holy fuck so you did rip out the arm?
Christ youre fucking retarded

Only the forearm comes out you hamhanded fuck
And that's what I tried to pull out. It wasn't even the first time I had even removed that arm. The connections were just so shit that the rest of the arm came out with it that time.
File: image.jpg (35 KB, 720x481) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 720x481
srcs are junk, i bought the same one, and had some different but still bad issues. thighs were obnoxiusly loose,tried tightening screw beneath cover, and to my surprise, the thigh socket was all ABS, so the screw just ripped through tye plastic. hips themselves also refused to work properly, almost entirely because their diecast, and diecast is shit for joints.

then there's the getter... knees that can't even click back all of the way making the collpaseable piece useless, more horrible hip joints, and, yet again, ABS holding the thigh together. Many people reported the right thigh being too tight that the two part ABS segment would start to separate, and it's because the actual joint is so tight it just forces the pieces out, as it's just a diecast block. I hadn't moved the thing more than accouple of times, and while taking it apart, saw that the piece didn't just pry it apart, but nearly destroyed the wall keeping it in place.

never again will i buy another one of these completely overrated pieces of shit.

SRC apologists are the worst, as SRC is one of the worst bandai lines

How I haven't just thrown it off a cliff into a desolate wasteland of filth is beyond me
>breaks Mazinkaiser
>blames it on Mazinkaiser
Oh okay buddy.
>breaks Mazinkaiser
dr hell and the general of darkness must be really jelly of OP
I was a SRC hater for the longest time before I got to mess with the new SKL. It's actually pretty good.
It's so-so with them for me. Shin Getter is irredeemable garbage, Mazinkaiser and Gurren Lagann are a little flawed, but Zeorymer and Getter-1 seem to be fine.
Tell me about how you hate figuarts too

And how takara is the worst thing to happen to transformers.
i was referring to getter 1, it's garbage. a shame, too, because i love the sculpt,

i don't hate figuarts, hell, my favorite figure line is RD, and there's been some bad releases there, but nothin src shit tier. But they're all fundamentally flawed either way with the diecast joints. and i don't give two fucks about tfs.
Which part actually broke, OP? That sucks if yours fell apart like that.

I'm hamhanded as fuck and thankfully I havent had mine fall apart.
You know how the rear of the arm is in two pieces for some reason? Those two pieces came apart, and the upper one of those pieces detached from the shoulder. I don't even know what held it all together because glue was the only way to get it back how it was.

I actually tried again with Shin Getter and it's great. Everything holds together fine.
The tip of his horn broke in-box for me.
It looks cool, but that goddamn hand with minigun, i can't even look at it without it falling.
I also bought the Bruce Lee figma recently, but i still haven't unpacked it. I really need the shf one.
That said, I fixed it with plastic cement and it's an otherwise fine figure.
File: images (6).jpg (21 KB, 470x313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (6).jpg
21 KB, 470x313
Oops, forgot image
The only one of mine that I really dislike is classic, pre-Kai Play Arts Rinoa. No accessories makes her shit. Not even sure why I bought her.

Squall is nice, at least. Gunblade is well done as fuck.
All of my Revoltechs.
I don't think GL is really flawed at all, unless you mean aesthetically.
>Everything holds together fine

What is your secret? Mine can hardly even hold a standing pose without the legs flopping everywhere for me.

One of his legs is a bit loose and swapping out hands is a pain. Good figure otherwise though.

Somebody doesn't know what it's like to own a revoltech MP Eva or Getter Go
Really? Maybe it's because I haven't played with him much but he's probably my favorite SRC so far, aside from the neck being tricky to align with the head. Also I don't like the placement of the wrist blades but that's mostly aesthetic. The accessories are especially cool, and unlike Chin Getter he actually has a Getter Beam effect.
>Somebody doesn't know what it's like to own a revoltech MP Eva or Getter Go
or revo skelly
or revo xenomorph
or revo layton
or revo raiden
or the queens blade/gate revos
or revo woody, outdated memes aside (still wished he came with an angry or scared face)
but to his defense, probably he picked up the really old ones, and those combined cut joints and revo joints, which can make them a bit too hard to pose appropiately
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Thread images: 5
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