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rotating sad.jpg
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>be child
>always visit shop where they sell school supplies and toys
>see warrior toy line titled "warrios from the end of time", think the title is very cool and deep
>there are also other lines, always want to complete the colection
>find out the producer died
>years after the shop keeper and dies and his wife closes it
>i-it will open again someday
To this day its stil closed, i wonder where are all the warriors and soldiers are
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>be eight
>visit my cousins with mom
>bring my awesome hacky sack to play around with it while there
>let my older cousins play with it a bit
>at the end of the day my mom lets them have it
Am I a cunt or is it okay for me to still be a little pissed that my mom took an eight year old's toy and gave it to teenagers?
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>get crazy bones after lurking and finding out they sell them near my grandmas
>realize its been around for years and had no idea of its existence
>look around online and see really cool ones
>realize theres hardly any info on anything and wonder if I'll ever in a hell of chance get Amy
That's a pretty dick move by your mom. I've heard of parents taking away toys and giving them to younger kids, but older ones? Shiiiiiiit.
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Nah, that's a pretty normal feeling to have when someone gives away your property without consent. None of that parental "I bought it for you, I'll take it away" shit because I guarantee if your grandparents or somebody gave them a new car and then later decided to take it back when they were getting accustomed to it and give it to some other family member they would be mad as fuck.

>be 13
>massively into robots
>have a bunch of Gundam, TF's and Zords
>stepdad decides I'm suddenly too old for that shit
>mom gave all my MMPR stuff and everything I kept from my childhood to some co-worker
>stepdad gives all of my TF's to his dumbfuck 3-year-old nephew
>mfw I kept all that shit in pristine condition
>mfw thousands of dollars worth of toys that I can't sell now and are astronomically expensive used with missing parts
This thread is too hardcore for me. I will just wait for another one.
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Fuck my hacky sack.
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>Have giant collection of GI-Joes, Knex, and Bionicles, as well as a talking Pikachu I slept with EVERY night
>Turns 13, have a happy birthday with a surprising lack of toys in my present haul. Dad seemed to shake his head at me the whole time as I looked for the bigger boxes.
>Dad barges in my room with Garbage bags. "Sean, you're getting too old for these toys. you barely play with them anymore, only playing that Nintendo of yours. You're throwing EVERYTHING OUT."
>Trying to act mature, I try not to cry as I hug Pikachu one last time, listening to its cute voice before Dad rips it out of my hand and throws it in the bag
>The Kinex were easy, since I only made toy swords with it. the GI-Joes? not so much. I had a carry-box for them and painstakingly sit them in the box, telling them with tears that they were going on one last mission...
>Dad sees me playing with them and yanks the box away from me, spilling the Joes in heartlessly and the open box afterwards, telling me to "Grow the fuck up" and to stop taking so long.
>After desperately trying to talk him out of this, I manage to save my Bionicles...or at least until I left the room to play with my friends.
>when I came back, the toy-chest was gone, and so was my Bionicles. EVERY SINGLE SET FROM 2001 TO 2005.
>I cried
>Dad told me to "Shut the fuck up and get over it"
>years of resentment to my Dad begin to boil at that VERY moment.
Did you beat the shit out of him?
I think I'd have cracked my old man if he'd treated me like that.
>Years later, I managed to collect the newer Bionicle sets, the early sets gone forever...all except a Blue Hau I found under the bed the night of the "Cataclysm", which I called the "Mask of Survival"
>I had been actively building and rebuilding, playing out scenes with a close buddy, the ONLY time I felt TRULY happy as I was able to be a kid again.
>I turn 17, the lines were on their last legs as the Glatorians, but we still had fun. I made a Grim reaper with some Inika and Metru parts, as well as a bitchin' cape. he wore the Blue Hau, which I had my friend look weathered and worn out, even if it STILL clashed with the colors of the MoC.
>Dad walks in and tells me once again "You're getting too old for this. you should throw this all out."
>Being 17, I try to convince my Dad that it'd be smarter to give the Bionicles to my friend. HE still uses them, and he's OLDER than me.
>Dad tells me that I shouldn't give things away, EVEN THOUGH IT'S PERFECTLY FINE TO THROW THINGS THAT THEY WOULD WANT OUT.
>I tell him no, and needing space, I go to the Mall, which is literally across the street from me.
>When I get back, there's a heavy garbage bag at the curb.
>It DOESN'T smell
>I give it a kick and it makes the distinct clatter of Lego.
>YEARS of resentment to Dad Boil over and I get FURIOUS, but I realize I can do nothing about it because he's Muscular (and an alcoholic), I'm a Twig, and he can break me in two if he wanted to.

>I fish out my Reaper from the bag and put him on display ontop of my TV (yes, I STILL had a Box-set instead of a Flat-screen).
>Next Morning, he's gone and the trash is taken out. All of my Legos are gone...
>I slip into depression.
>I move 10 hours south a month later, never to see my friends again.
>My depression worsens
>I'm refused my Social Security Number, effectively denying me the right to get a job and make my own money.
>Three years later, and I don't even want to get out of bed. I tried other hobbies, but nothing was the same.
Happened to my grandmom. Kids those days only have one toys, so she had one only doll, and her dad still gave it to the daughter of visiting friends.

It was traumatizing enough for her to talk to me about it 60 years after.

What a cunt man were. Favoring other people's chiold over yours.
What the flying fuck? I'm mad for your poor grandmother.
sounds like you're just severely depressed and need to go back with all the other mental patients on /r9k/
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tupe sad.jpg
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>Being 13
>Still love my K'nex, beastwars, terminator toys...
>Parents telling me all day every day that i'm too old for toys
>realise that gradually some of my toys were dissapearing when I come back from school
>first the ones I lked the less, then the rest
>get apeshit and they stopped
>still concerned about me because I stil make k'nex robots and vehicles for my toys
>gave up and agree with them
>put all my toys in a box to give them to the poor children
>while repeating myself it was for the best and that im too old
>years later started collecting tengen toppa revoltechs
>then figmas and started browsing /toy/
>look back to notice I miss my toys and everything
>now they're really expensive and hard to find
>feel like shit
>now living my second childhood with my new toys
>but still looking for a good moment to spend money in k'nex again
Bro, that is the saddest fucking story I ever heard. I say that if I ever met your dad I'd drop him, but in reality I'd prolly do no such thing. But what I do know is that I want to help you rebuild the Reaper. I don't know how, and being unemployed I don't know when, but I want to help you. Give back the life that was stolen by your father. It won't be the same, but I want to at least get you that mask back. The Mask of Survival. Because that's what we do, we survive. Because you can survive. And it may not be the same, it can never be the same, but maybe it can help make something almost as good.
This thread is too much...

I can't believe so many parents would just throw away or give away toys. Do they not notice how valuable toys are from when they grew up? You at least keep that shit in a box in case the toys let you roll in the dough later on.
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To be considered a man you need to do 4 years of college and get a house without mortgage, with a high paying job.
I'd just cut ties with him as soon as I was independent.
>I'm refused my Social Security Number, effectively denying me the right to get a job and make my own money.
>Three years later, and I don't even want to get out of bed. I tried other hobbies, but nothing was the same.
Well fuck. Guess that's not an option. The fuck does he expect you to do? How can you "grow up" if you can't get a job. And what does your mom think of this shit?
My dad won't even give me that much. I talk to him on occasion and when I told him I wanted to go to college to get a job I enjoy, he told me college would be a waste of money and that I should just bust my ass for a living like him.

And to keep this post relevant; When we moved alot of my toys were kept in boxes under boxes piled in the rafters of our barn. Was always told I couldn't get them out because I would make a mess, that he'd have to put all the boxes back when I was done, or we just didn't have time/space. One day I get home from school to find that he'd done some cleaning, which meant separating trash/unwanted stuff from other stuff.

Most of my toys were deemed trash.

My parents burned our trash.

I don't even want to think about everything that I had lost. I was 14 at the time, I could have gotten the boxes out and put everything back. I was a fucking moron for leaving them, abandoning them. And lastly, what kind of parents just burn this kind of stuff? Not just the ones from that day, but any things that they had thrown away while "cleaning", which typically meant losing accessories, parts, or occasionally whole figures. Why burn it? Why not give me the option to save some stuff? Oh, right, because "You'd just want to keep stuff you never cared about before and it would just clutter up your room." Well I DID care. I still do.
Move, out.
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>substance abusers
>telling other people to quit stuff and move on
I live in a shit part of Texas where either you need experience farming or you need college experience to get a decent job. The other places I could work are too far to walk, and he never drives me anywhere because he's always busy. Can't just borrow the truck because it's a "Company vehicle, and if something were to happen it'd be my ass on the line!" I'd keep ranting, but I know I'd end up getting carried away and fill the thread with posts about why my dad in particular is shitty when this is a thread for all collectors to agree their parents unanimously suck.
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>have a chest of Lego
>build pyramids and houses and towers for my younger brother to knock over
>fast forward to about 18 years old
>friend shows me a Lego build he has
>it's a lot smaller than I remember Lego being
>look it up
>I never had Lego
>I had Duplo
>turns out mum had led me to believe that they were the same thing
>she never got me normal Lego because she didn't want to pick up all the little pieces
>years pass, Lego Movie happens
>Lego is fun and Duplo is evil and for kids
>something wells up inside me
>I get my first Lego at 20 years old
only thing thats suck is you not getting your social security number and you're 20. sure I'm in no position to speak but at least my dad isn't some dumb texan.
He doesn't want you to grow up, he won't let you so you'll be his whipping boy. See if the local authorities can do anything, legally it's your SSN not his. I don't know if it's identity theft or not, but I'd see what I could do legally.

I wouldn't stand for that shit, then again my dad's not a provider, if he was I'd probably just bide my time until I snapped.

Your father is a piece of shit, start working out yourself. He may not respect you, but he's a piece of shit, you don't need his respect. You can make it, but your father won't. I don't know what I could say to help you, or get you to do something about it, but I will say this, you need to get out of there. He thinks he'll be able to abuse you forever, you don't need that, but he does.

I could tell you all the horrible shit I'd do if he was my dad, but I won't, I'll just tell you to get out. It's up to you what you do from there.
We were poor so I didn't have that many toys, but my parents never pulled that sort of shit on me.

Also I chuckled at those dads and moms thinking throwing away your toys without your consent will prevent your turning into a toy collectind man childr... It appears to have the opposite effect.
At least we're not doing drugs!
I'm not that annon, I HAVE my social, just no way to get to any sort of job places.
my parents didn't make a lot of money so we had a bunch of the cheaper toys, like those cheap plastic dinosaurs. I didn't care though, dinosaurs were my favorite and when I was a kid, it wasn't about having the latest electronics. My mom threw out all of our toys for no reason and I love to remind her constantly that she through out toys that would be worth hundreds if sold today.
what the hell do you mean "refused my social security number"?
I do like sniffing the plastic fumes on new figures though. I wonder if they bottled that smell....
I asked for it repeatedly so I could fill in an application. He'd dodge the question or tell me no, before having me do yard work or weeding... Or some other menial task to keep me from having thoughts he
Doesn't like. And he made sure I can't leave since I moved FAR away from Anyone I used to know. Friends. Family. Classmates. Gone.
> needing your dad to get a social security number

I am not american but I found that after googling.
If his father isn't giving him his social security card, I doubt he can get ahold of his birth certificate, let alone having a photo ID.
IDs aren´t given out to parents and should be easier to get ahold of, there should be some way around it when the parent is being a dick.
My mom would take toys and either trash them or donate them to thrift stores without even asking. I don't get it, why would a parent think it's ok to just steal things from their kids?
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disgruntled banjo.jpg
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>have all the first two LEGO Harry Potter sets
>displayed on a big table in my play room
>brother and I have friends over
>we're horsing around and some faggot trips, lands on the table
>all those sets, in a gorillion pieces
>no instructions saved because I was stupid
>had no idea instructions could be found online
>just sweep everything into the LEGO bin
>punch friend hard, never see him again outside of school
>Be 4
>Brother takes me to Toys R Us
>See DragonZord and Green Ranger set on endcaps, dozens of them
>Beg for it, don't get it, but do get a nifty Retro batman from the Mask of the Phantasm line
>Decades go on, lack of Dragonzord haunts me
>retro ones too pricy on eBay
>See Legendary Dragonzord at same TRU as I saw the Dragonzord endcaps as a kid

Childhood spirit put to rest.
>be agoraphobic
>can't go out
>will probably die in a few years with infection i've had for half a decade
>sleep with the teddybear you got when you were a newborn
>pray I dont die
>buy happy anime figures to distract me from these thoughts and horrible anxiety
>people judge you for spending autism bucks and think I'm childish and immature and creepy
You can call doctors to your house you know. Might want to get someone on that infection.
>Lego is fun and Duplo is evil and for kids

You never actually quit being a gullible kid, it seems.
I don't see the problem if you found instructions online.
>Be in school
>Some thing where we visit a classmate's house to bake a cake
>The kid has a huge collection of Lego spread out in the living room
>A friend decides to steal some minifigs
>Asks me to do the same
>Win a contest weeks later and receive a few Lego sets

>The friend is caught, he returns only some of the stolen Lego
>Some classmates suspect me of having the rest
>Never able to clear my name
I was a dumb kid and this was like 2000, I had no idea instructions were available online. I'd have rebuilt the whole castle long ago but Mom convinced me to dump all my LEGO parts at Goodwill.
It's a reference to the Lego Movie...
Christ, I'd have straight-up killed him.

Not even joking, robots were serious business to teenaged me.
Join a gym. Channel all hatred of this cunt into lifting and eating for a couple of years. At the end of this period ask for your social security number.

If he doesn't give it to you, break his arms and legs.

I know, but the guy's using it as a crutch to hate on perfectly fine toys.
> not just building a giant model out of the shitty sub models

Lego really needs to come with some kind of manual reminding people that you can build more than just the set, could have helped in my childhood as well but not as drastic.
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>Be me 10 or 11
>My uncle give to me a chest wit some toy of his friend son
>Very happy day a lot of beautiful toy
>Find a blue tiger i Think OMG V..Voltron!!
>Start to dig in the chest for the others
>find all the tigers
>I used to play a lot until i grown up but Voltron was alway on my desk
>10 years ago we make a "house renovation"
>All my toy disappear my mom say they are in my uncle attic
>I never went to look for the fear to have a bad news..
They're fine if you're 7 but shit's dull, you can't do anything with it.
Anon,i want you to get a job and get /fit/ go to your dads house and beat the ever loving fuck out of him then as his mangled corpse has the audacity to wisper "w-why" you kick his head and yell "GROW THE FUCK UP THATS WHY"
and then in a horrid tard frenzy grab all his shit, and I mean all of his shit his shoes his tv his clothes,his car,his phone,his food and throw it into a trash bag take it outside and set it on fire,oh and make sure you wear gloves and a mask
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Silly girl, you're doing it all wrong.
>Be 27 in 3 weeks
>Everyone I love is depressed because of me
>Even my toys
>doing straight builds
>more than once

Such people exist?
Temjin doesnt care
Temjin knew you were unworthy from the start
> never needing one specific part for a Moc so you would take apart a model but don´t bother to replace the part properly
> not alternating between using a set as Moc pieces or as the complete model

I also knew one kid that said he never assembled any of his sets. He was one of the most normal people I ever knew, I wonder what that says about us.
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Have any of you taken your toys to school? I have and I wish I didn't.
>be 7 or 8 years old
>have a massive toy collection of TMNT, WcW, X-Men, and Pokemon.
>used to take some of them to school with me just because
>on the last day of school,teacher said we could bring anything we want from home and share with it, in class
>first off, I pop out my Pokemon, I had a bunch of light-up ones, where you shake them to flash colors, and a talking japanese Meowth.
>teacher filps her shit and said pokemon is not allowed in school and takes them away from me.
>never got them back
>be outside in the school yard, playing with my X-men and TMNT in the grass, having an epic battle.
>a bunch of black kids walk over to me and ask to play
>they take my toys and start making them have sex with one another
>I looked at them like wtf are you doing
>then one kid said, lets throw the toys at the truck over the gate
>before I could say anything, I watch Leo fly into the air, and land on the street and then flatten by a truck
>felt a single tear come down my eye, like a part of me was broken
>go ape shit on the kid and give him a black eye by using a rock that was on the floor
>get in trouble, teacher call my dad.
>he comes in all pissed, doesn't want to hear my side of the story, takes my toys a throws them at a bunch of kids at school
>lost all my toys that day, and never got a toy again
long story short, I lost all my toys because of my stupidity, when I was a kid, after that, all my focus when into gaming, at lest they can't take that from me.

At the age of 25, I got back into toys again, thanks to my wife who got me back I to it. Trying to rebuild the pokemon collection I lost, little by little
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I know but my agoraphobia also affects that. I'm trying. A few years ago before my anxiety relapsed or whatever, I waited 6 months to see an ENT but he was shit and was one of the reasons I relapsed in the first place. He couldn't even speak english, we let anyone through here.

I try to collect toys that help motivate me to get outside. So like Lego Log Cabins. They remind me of my parents and my childhood and outside, so I'll want to go outside if I see it on my shelf. It helps so much to do something creative too. If I look forward tot he next day I'll want to get better too.
Sorry if this is half not toy related.
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>be kid
>get pikachu stuff toy transforming into pokeball
>favorite toy
>fat dyke kid next door asks if she can borrow the toy
>ask her next day where my toy is
>says she forgot it in mc donalds
>never saw it again
>never lent anything again
> Be 9 or 10
> Dad picks me up after school
> Takes me for ice cream
> Unusual but awesome, thanks Dad
> As we eat he tells me he's donated most of my stuffed animals.
> I had dozens. Each had a name.
> Get home, rage
> He didn't donate my absolute favorites
> Didn't get mad when I was upset
> My parents aren't bad parents at all.
They think that, as your parent, they own you like a car. so all of your belongings are theyrs, and it's up to them to decide if you can have your toy or not, and if some cute child of a visitor looks at your lego shelf she is free to give everything away.
>be 10
>dad works with some heavy equipment
>dad gives me huge steel ball bearing bigger than my fist
>love this thing
>act like its a magic ball that can fly
>pretend it is one of those silver balls in the horror movie phantasm (not allowed to watch it, but saw commercials)
>rare night shopping trip with parents
>told not to bring ball bearing, but secretly bring it.
>trip is to a home center/lumber yard type place
>tons of building materials all over the place
>big cube of drywall sheets or something is perfect for rolling my ball bearing on
>rolling it all over the place and having a good time
>ball bearing rolls off the drywall table and under a pallet of some other materials
>can bend over and see my ball bearing but cannot reach
>its time to go
>if I tell them i have brought it ill be in trouble
>being a kid assume they'll have to get a fork lift in here to get the palette off my ball bearing, but think that nobody would do something like that for a kid
>take last look at my ball bearing and say good bye
>so sad
>feverishly ask and probe parents to go back to the store for weeks hoping I can find it
>store closes
>no hope
>for 25 years when I pass that spot I still remember my ball bearing.
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i want to punch her into face

but its your fault too. How beta are you?
>be young
>have a quick draw Woody action figure
>bring him everywhere with me
>at grandmas house where she has a HUGE tree out front
>throw Woody high enough to go over branches and come back down
>one throw is a little bit weaker
>Woody goes up but only his hat comes down
>tell drunk uncle and mom before nap time as I cry
>wake up to find Woody with a bandage around his quick draw arm

My uncle climbed the tree while drunk and my mom bandaged his arm as it had broken at the elbow hinge. I still have him, to this day.
File: 23838601[1].png (367 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>want to get, say, 3 figures
>they're Japanese so browse the top three nip figure sites for the ones in stock
>site 1 has figures A and B
>site 2 has figures B and C
>site 3 has figures A and C
>shipping is $15 and up because overseas
>sometimes no site has a figure you want in stock
>look at figure that came out a couple years ago
>retailed for only $20-25
>see it for $30-35, not too bad
>a month or two go buy since you have no money
>figure is now going for $45-50
File: 1404677669050.png (402 KB, 623x636) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ball Bearing had a hard life...
File: img0167sm.jpg (119 KB, 500x464) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119 KB, 500x464
i have different kind of feel
>have that TMNT-action figure with turtle that transforms into regular turtle
>so cool. love it way better than regular turtle toys because this one has rubber parts and ball-joints so i can do many things with it
>leave it with the other toys on a table. go to sleep.
>during the night my dog comes and chews the fuck out of it, chewing Raphael's leg completely.
>im devastated. i don't know what to do.
>the toy is obviously broken and become garbage now
>mom tells that my turtle lost his leg in a battle with Giant Dragon but he still can fight!
>im happy. my turtle is a fucking badass hero of all times!

Im 29 and i still have that TMNT figure. one leg is chewed off but it still clean and fine. I played with it many times and his "BATTLE SCAR" only made it cooler.
its pictrelated but lighter-green
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>see figure at $40 I kind of want
>slowly dropping all the time
>it's at $25, maybe I'll get it soon
>Come back a week or so later
>$200+ dollars and rising
>the only figure I need to complete the set
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>be in sixth grade
>Attack of the Clones just hit theaters
>itching for Jedi figs and a Jango Fett but mother is vehemently against toys at this point in life
>somehow convince her to let me get a Dooku and Ki-Adi Mundi
>go to school the next day
>sitting alone in lunchroom
>a bunch a nigger girls sitting across the table start talking banter at me
>tfw crippling embarassment for the next month

Fuck I was stupid
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After reading "Darth Bane: Path of Destruction" and "Darth Plagueis", you seem to have the ticking time-bomb of unleashing latent Dark Side energy and killing the old bastard. Give in to your anger, Darth Anon.
When I was in 3rd grade I was obsessed with Toy Story, especially the aliens from the claw machine. Burger King had toys of them before any other licensed ones were released. My parents never took me to burger king because it was 15 miles away. One day after school they take me to burger king because it was nearby while running errands. I was crossing my fingers and bargaining with God even though I didn't really believe in anything. They fucking had the alien toy and I got it. I swear I wept tears of joy. I felt like I had willed it into reality. Like every good deed and chore I did that year had somehow paid off in that one moment when I got my alien toy. I kept that thing with me until his pupils wore off. Good feels.
The pop out eyes with the two piece claw, right??
>some kind of manual reminding people that you can build more than just the set

How stupid are you? Shit was even advertised on the back of the boxes.
>be collecting Spider-man figs as a kid
>build a huge display on the coffee table in the living room
>just one Spider-man and many various enemys
>come back home from school one day
>my display all over the floor
>turns out the dog destroyed it, only chewed on Spider-man though
>He lost most of his left hand and part of his foot, also couple of scratches on his torso
>figured that leaving him all alone with green goblin sandman and co. was a bad idea
>used tinfoil to give Spider-man 'mechanical' replacements for the limbs he lost
>after this incident I started to gather a small army of about four different spider-men
>the handicapped one served as their mentor

shit was awesome

> wait til asshole is drunk/asleep
> burn the house down with fucker in it
> pretend to cry
> all documents lost in fire, get new ones
> fuckshit old man is out of your life

do this. fucking shit deserves it.
>Read this thread
>Realize I'm talking to a bunch of children
>Wonder why I'm on this fucking site
I agree with anon, fuck that guy
what? can we pool some money together and buy a doll for this poor old woman?
File: 3716.jpg (48 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I had a similar incident...
> internet in fledgling awesomeness
> find out dude's posting ego instructions on the web
> build my most favouritest ever Police chopper (pic related)
> put chopped in my Locker because whatever I loved that shit
> some complete douche sees the chopper in my locker
> as I bend down to take some binders from the lower shelf, he comes over, grabs the chopper, and throws it against the wall.
> Lego shrapnel everywhere
> I go red, push him back, and end up clocking him in the jaw
> he stumbles, laughs, and leaves
> later, during the bus ride home, after I've finally composed myself after finding all of the pieces for my chopper, he proceeds to continue harassing me
> by the end of the bus ride, I'm nearly in tears (this guy was about 4 years my senior), and he shoves a piece of gum in my ear as he departs the bus, and his girlfriend (my neighbour) shoves gum into my hair.
>that's it, I can't control it anymore, I get off the bus in complete disarray
>tears are pouring out of my eyeballs, I can't control it
>I'm sobbing the whole 400m to my driveway, the douche and his gf 100m in front of me
That night, I vowed revenge, but what could I do. The douche was graduating that year, and his girlfriend lived right next door to me. It was one of the worst moments I had ever had in junior high school, but oddly enough the last time either of them ever did something like that again.
Needless to say, I stopped bringing toys to school, I even left my GBC at home just in case.
my dad collected the <couch> playmates star trek toys when I was little, as an investment--but really also because he loved star trek so much as a kid. they're all mint, but also, all kinda worthless.
sounds like your dad just doesn't want to take on college loans. fuck him.
Now that's good parenting.
Pretty much. The only ones I know of that held any real value were the TOS 7-pack box set, Gorn and Borg Queen. The rest are $2 apiece at most.

And like a lot of worthless 90s toys, I actually think being MOC HURTS the ability to sell them. That sounds funny to say, but it's due to postage costs- the toy might be worth $1-$4 MOC, but shipping that MOC toy is going to be $6-$8 in postage. You might want a $2 toy, but mailing it is an extra 350% cost increase, and this is probably a big deterrent to selling these toys online. It's why it seems thrift stores and comic shops might do better in selling those than internet shops do, because if you're going to pay $10 for a $2 toy, why not just go buy a brand new $10 toy instead?
Oh boy

>be me as a kid in second grade
>really like collecting pokemon cards
>I got this one really cool ho-oh card
>take it literally everywhere
>one day, I take it to school
>I accidentally leave it in my cubby
>get home and freak out
>it's ok anon, you'll get it tomorrow
>get to school next day
>not in my cubby
>sit in my seat and cry internally
>class starts
>anon, you left you poogeyman card on here. Please don't bring these around anymore.
>everyone giggles
>I go get it and notice the "popular" kids give me a look
>don't really care though because I got my card back
>fast forward to recess
>the "popular" kids walk up to me
>hey anon, you still like pokemon? that'd for babies
>they snatch my card and run off laughing
>I run after them
>you want your card back? here you go!
>they rip it in half and throw it on the ground
>I start crying and go tell a teacher what they did
>anon, you know you aren't supposed to have those
>she takes it and throws it away
>my heart sank
>that'll teach you a lesson, now go sit on the wall
>sit on the wall while the kids laugh and make fun of me
>they and the rest of my class proceeded to make fun of me the rest of the day
>after school, a kid walks up to me
>I'm sorry about what happened to you anon
>he hands me a box made out of notebook paper
>this is for you anon
>he dug in the trash and taped my card back together

To this day, I am still really pissed
whats the deal with pokemon cards being forbidden in school anyway.

I remember me and my friends would always secretly trade them on the schoolyard like we were dealing drugs
it's funny that you say that, because me and the kid that got me my card back got in trouble one day because a teacher thought we we doing drugs but we were trading pokemon cards. What a bunch of cunts
I had all sorts of battle damaged toys as a kid.
>Favorite pokemon was Hitmonlee
>Get a pack with both Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan
>Lost Hitmonlee outside in the yard
>Days later I find him in the grass missing a leg and a hand
>It seems the lawn mower got to him first

I also had a good number of GI Joes who lost their thumbs and other fingers from overuse. There was nothing more sad at that time than a Joe who couldn't hold a weapon.

I had that with my Throwbots when some dipshit kids would call them GI Joes. I wasn't even sure what to say to such an idiotic comment. They looked nothing like them, so I went with my usual "shut up" that I was so well known for using.
They become a distraction, simple as that.
If you tell kids they are forbidden to do something, they will do just that but secretly.
If you tell them they are allowed to do it they sooner or later lose interest.

The thrill of maybe getting caught is what made trading the cards so very interesting in the first place
I remember having two fights in school because of them and then they were banned. Granted, they were more just us talking about them and other things happened that really led to the fighting. It's easier to just blame pieces of paper than people.
This smells of so much fake that I call bullshit.

Are you that autistic Sora kid from BZP? He had shit-tons of fake pity stories worded exactly like this on there, not to mention the ones about him getting into fights with adults while buying Lego.
Yesssss thats the one.
...umm...what's bzp? And who's Sora? I'm a little lost...and no, I'm not autistic, but My Dad IS a monster who hates anything that keeps me away from doing whatever he deems "the right way" to live life
Whey are Dads like this?
its crazy mine kinda went this way when I was around 12-13
he didn't throw anything out but I had to keep it all
boxed up in the storage room that was connected to the
rumpus room/TV Room/family room what ever you want to call it
he would refer to it as my "Junk" or "Garbage"
which is weird it was only toys he seemed to be against
because I was into Comic Books also, I always was and still
am and he had no problem with Comics He would even drive me
to the Comic Books store every week before I could drive myself
he promoted and pushed my interest in Comics
and ever to this day he is all "Did you see that (superhero movie)
yet?" the same with Video Games he also has nothing against
them and has even played Nintendo with me when I was in my
teens. But having toys around out in the open ended when I
was around 12-13. When I moved out when I was 21 I took
all my stuff with me and happily have it out in my own place.
Nigga, this is not a poem thread
This is beautiful
This whole thread is teaching me to cherish my toys because one day they might be gone
>be a parent
>see/hear about needy children
>see own child's used toys

the fuck. it's like you want to be charitable, but you're too cheap to go buy some new toys so instead you steal them from your own child

"growing out of" toys is a cruel joke, people who pull this shit just want to control their kid. my mom used to butcher that one quote that's like "when I was a child I played like a child but when I became a man I put aside childish things" like she was some kind of reverend mother of the platonic ideal of adulthood

so I hid my shit. out of sight, out of mind. when my friend's abusive megabitch mom made her throw out her pokemon/etc toy collection I hid it in the garage up in the rafters until she moved out. I kept cds for another friend and d&d books for another.

thx for the memories, church-going american families! I'll never forget the book burning in the church parking lot. I really learned a lot watching your unfortunate children cry while you burned their belongings
OP you don't need your dad for your SS number, you can tell them he is abusive and won't give it to you. I've had friends go through the same shit. Pursue it, you will get your number.
Good man. You were smart, and used your smarts to help others. I'm like you, the second I got wind of anything like this I would have started stashing and squirreling things away in every nook and cranny of my house. I completely don't understand the mentality of the anon(s) who saw this coming and left their toys in plain sight, unattended. Like, what did you think was going to happen? When times call for it, you gotta go into survival mode.
>Be around 6
>Dad is a drunk who likes to beat me up
>Playing in the Hall connecting to the living room
>Dad hears me; drunk as a fuck
>Picks up my precious Armada Hot Shot and throws it against the wall
>Tell me to "get a fucking life, you cunt"
>Hot Shot is permenantly broken; arm is shattered
>Crying and getting my usual punishment
I feel that pain OP; My Dad was the fucking Godzilla of the household. May the plastic souls from my childhood rest in peace. [spoiler]Your situation sounds similar to me not too long ago. Do you have an e-mail, Mr.Mask of Survival?[/spoiler]
Wow, fuck. Lots of abusive childhoods coming out in this thread. I'm now really grateful my parents didn't abuse me or try to throw away my toys, something I took for granted. Hold strong bros, especially those of you who are still living in abusive households. I hope shit gets better for you soon.
My parents took my favorite stuffed animal when I was in 1st grade and gave it to my younger brother.
I would have told you guys to do what this other guy referred to. Get filthy rich, buy them a car and a house and then take it away... but man I read on and this shit is just too much and makes my blood boil.
Here's what YOU should do. Gain their undying trust, get filthy rich, make sure they'll be on some life-threatening condition that needs special machinery and equipment.
Pay for that shit.
Then take it away and let them rot like the worthless piles of matter they are.
Pleae of fuck me i hope this is fake
if not. provide names and a fcukign address. im sure 4channwill be able to afford some hitman with exerptise inntorturing
oh my fucking god. imwant your 'dad' to die
lol this is autism defined
>be child
>have battle-damaged first movie Spdier-Man toy
>play with it a lot
>super cool and poseable
>wonder if it will survive a fall from the stairs
>cant stop thinking about it
>have to do it
>let him drop down the stairs
>nothing happens
>loljk Spidey lost his arm that day
>go cry and tell grandma
>she tells me it's okay
>he can be a disabled superhero
File: gummibears.jpg (13 KB, 343x331) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>grandma, aunt and mom buy me a kickass board game with unicorns and shit out of nowhere
>none of them want to play it with me
>only child
>no girlfriends
>have a board game where all I can do is open up the box and admire all the pretty gems and unicorn figurine
>local tru has no new tf generations fo months
>learn that they receive one case
>rush to store and discover that most have been taken by scalpers
>see and purchase the last single minicon assault team combiner
>stomach rumbles
>go to restroom
>while shitting, open new toy and fiddle with it
>after shitting, flush toilet
>helicopter minicon pops off and falls into toilet
>helicopter gets flushed with shit
>go out depressed and furious
>see kid at mcdonalds with the same toy
>steal the helicopter minicon while kid was distracted
>kid noticed missing helicopter and tells mom
>mom yells at kid for losing his new toy
>laugh all the way home
>be child
>no siblings
>get everything I ever wanted
>8th birthday rolls around ask mom why isn't my dad ever here
>mom says he isn't here cause he didn't want you, thats why I buy all the toys you want
>scars me so bad I refused to have toys in my house from that day up until recently.
It's because they thought you were gay, but had reservations about acting it out with you. Did you become a brony, dude?
Even if not true, still hilarious.
File: 1406920245346.jpg (35 KB, 400x299) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 400x299
Fuk off nyukkah
File: Dick_Dastardly.jpg (48 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hahaha, wtf.
File: 1405992443511.jpg (176 KB, 1600x1201) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I had some old Unicron trilogy toys that lost their missles and the like. I stole some from other riends who had the same stuff
File: come feel with me.jpg (66 KB, 781x699) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
come feel with me.jpg
66 KB, 781x699
>only get into transformers due to the DOTM deluxe $5 sale at family dollar a couple years ago
>end up getting most all of them and top the collection off with voyager prime and megs
>not super duper into TF after that, buy a prime here and there but nothing major
>all these new dinobots and even voyager prime i find to be fucking glorious
>really want to buy
>don't want to start down the slippery slope and become clusterfuck transfag and shit up my living space with 600 static posed robots
>hound looks so cool though
File: Groundspike.jpg (112 KB, 578x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A similar thing happened to me when I accidentaly dropped my Groundspike in the toilet. Fortunately I hadn't started to shit yet and managed to fish him out.
Why I am laughing at this?
Maybe they felt bad about it so they left you alone.
> Kids bring expensive toys to school
> Kids lose/steal/break them
> Shithead parents try to push the responsibility onto the school, demand compensation

And that's why we can't have nice things.
Holy shit, this guy had a seizure and still managed to solve a captcha.
>they felt bad about it

Stop smoking crack.
File: 1406678518496.jpg (73 KB, 480x608) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I remember that my sister and I used to have some of those old Sonic the Hedgehog figures

Like every good parent, our Mom threw them away when we moved.
>> future sonic boom toy.
This thread is a reminder on why /toy/ is so fucked up and has such extremely odd and extreme attachments.
Where do you think we are?
I'm that guy:

Your comment made me laugh. No, I didn't have a seizure. It was just quite late and I'm writing from my iPad although the main reason for writing like that was that I felt quite... agitated and wanted to give my words more emotional impact... I guess.
I apologize.
wow ok wow
this is scary as shit
I remember giving my parents the OK to sell all of my old action figures at a yard sale when I was about 13, I really regret it now. Fortunately, I didn't sell anything super-valuable, the biggest items were the Super Zeo Megazord, a big talking Beetleborg, and a flea-market knockoff Voltron.
Story of my life. Every Christmas, I would get a board game, nobody wanted to play it with me though. One year, it was "pass the bomb" (boggle, but with cards instead of dice), another year it was "star wars trivial pursuit"(I liked star wars, but that was easily the most boring game Ive ever played with myself) and another year it was Battleships(this was cool because I could pretend the carpet was an ocean and have naval battles with the game pieces). Ive still got them all, in a box somewhere. I think it was easier to go to the board game section of Kmart and pick a random one, than ask me what I wanted for Xmas.
This is not a "toy feels" thread. It's a "pity me" thread.
File: 0803142215.jpg (253 KB, 800x1205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fuck, I suddenly remembered something I wish I hadn't

>visiting relatives
>mom and cousin-mom back from shopping
>had pokemon cards for me and cousin
>pull a Holo Charizard
>card becomes pride and joy

>take it with me to camp weeks later
>show it to cabin-mates
>"oh yeah can I see it?"
>"uh, s-sure"
>hand it over
>proceed to play demented form of monkey-in-the-middle with my holo Charizard
>runs with hands on the ground dragging the card FACE DOWN ON THE FLOOR who even does this
>finally get it back
>scratchmarks all over
>children laughing
>vow to never bring anything I actually like to camp ever again
thats actually kinda nice. sounds like a good dad for the most part
[spoiler]its a reprint[/spoiler]
No way man, I got this guy when the rumors of Charizard's value were at it's height. Around 2000, I think?
It was never at that value.
Not $2000, the year 2000.
Oh, whoops.

And yeah, that Anon is correct in the sense that it isn't a 1st edition (which are worth the most, and that's what people want.) Also isn't a shadowless on that topic.
My story or the perfectly normal Knuckles toy I found a picture of on a /co/ thread?
Oh hey, I never knew that. Not that I ever planned on selling it, but now I know it's an unlimited version.

>more you know
My grandma had something similar.
>grandma is super into Katy Keene comics
>girl comics about a model with paper dolls on back
>makes money doing chores for neighbors to buy books
>her mom is notorious for giving away toys to her younger cousins so she hides paper dolls in shoe box under bed
>every now and then her mom finds them and tosses them all out
>grandma buys new ones and even draws her own sometimes
>as she gets older she moves onto fashion design sketches
>her high school art teacher thinks she's really good
>helps her build a portfolio
>gets her a chance at a full scholarship to design institute in city
>she comes home to tell her parents
>her mom tossed out her portfolio
>thought it was just more paper dolls
>her mom won't let her go to city
>eventually she gives up, gets married, has kid
>kid is boy (my dad)
>takes him to buy action figures
>sees a doll
>looks just like Katy Keene
>called Barbie?
>buys doll
>makes them clothes
>finds out this is a thing other women do too
>there's pattern books and magazines and collector clubs
>makes enough side money selling her doll designs
>buys all the old dolls she wanted in her childhood
>buys her son every playset she can afford
>he gets older and gets all into some kinda new movie franchise about space knights and princesses and some kinda bear thing
>husband says he's too old for those toys now
>thinks about her paper dolls she was too old for
>buys son literally every damn Star Wars thing she can find in the store
>puts them in her doll cabinet
>tells husband they're her dolls
>gives them to son when he moves out
Your grandma sounds like a badass
I have a special place for MotU knock-offs and would have loved that line as a kid.
For you, OP: http://knockoffcollector.tumblr.com/post/52580205885/galaxy-warrior-end-of-time-the-last-battle-is-far
I have two small stories for you. The first is only slightly related.

>parents want to get a new car
>go to a mercury dealership
>they have an N64 set up for kids to play while parents shop
>brother and I beg parents to get us an N64
>get it for Christmas. We are very delighted.
>mother throws out our Sega genesis and games to go with it

It okay now though, I got another genesis and games.

Second story is toy related to make up for that one not being strictly about toys.

>4th grade near end of the school year
>teacher says to bring in a toy for show and tell and to play with during recess
>bring earthworm Jim figure (one that launches his head)
>playing with it during a break we had and the head pops out
>I go find it and its broken between the part that fits in the launcher/suit and the earthworm head
>angry but realize it was my own fault

I did find more of those figures later on though and bought a replacement of the one I had plus the battle damaged earthworm Jim. Big lots can be so great sometimes!
> throwing out every fucking thing

Do all americans really do this or is it just an underclass thing?
No wonder you can´t improve with that retarded thinking. Could at least try to sell the shit.
File: IMG_1293[1].jpg (305 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
305 KB, 1600x1200
>Looking through old toys to try to get rid of stuff
>Find one I always liked, I wondered why there was never anything else like it from the same line or anything
>Start reading the box (Which I either never did as a kid or it's been so long that I forgot)
>It was designed by an 11 year old kid with Leukemia, and the toy was produced as a one-off in conjunction with the Make a Wish Foundation
It's not exclusive to Americans. I know a guy who did a foreign exchange program in Japan and came back with a bunch of toys and manga volumes his host family was just going to throw away.

But anyway, reselling in most places in America (goodwill, pawn shops, etc.) is usually a pittance and not worth taking it to the place. Or, it's some place like eBay or craigslist, which can be slightly time consuming if you just want to be rid of it now,, and most people don't know what shit they're throwing out is; which leads to either hilarious lowballing (like getting a console and a ton of games because the seller mislabeled it), or ridiculous highballing (people thinking any given He-Man figure or something with Pikachu on it is worth hundreds)
This toy looks cool.
>Wonder what happened to kid
>Last article is of him winning a science fair 11 years ago and surviving cancer
An underclass thing? Selling items isn't always feasible, especially if they're aren't worth much thus aren't worth the time and effort.

Personally I donate unwanted items to either the Salvation Army or Goodwill, to include cheap unwanted toys.
So /toy/ needs to get Leukaemia and use make a wish to get any figure they want.
That's pretty badass looking.
And also made me almost cry. Almost.
We're too old for people to care if we get cancer. I believe you have to be under 18 for Make a Wish.
Can you make other shots of this figure? How is articulation?
That picture's from google, my figure is packed away right now, but the articulation is 90 degree knee bend, slightly less than 180 front and back on the hips, 360 at the shoulders, and 360 on the hands. Head has a joint too but the mold of the feathers doesn't really let you move it much, and the wings can spin freely up until the point of actually hitting the other wing. It's just really basic, it was from 1999 or so. The farret in the top left doesn't have articulation either.

Figure is just called Razor the Eagle but not much shows up without googling it with make a wish foundation too.
Two stories
>Second grade or so
>pokemon cards have just come out in the states
>get a pack at toys r us one day
>holographic 1st ed charizard
>everyone at school's bringing their cards
>of course bring charizard
>but the thing is I liked blue version better
>kid approaches me
>fifth grader
>proposes trade for it
>holographic 1st ed gyrados
>fuck yeah I love gyrados
>get told later that day by neighbor that I got ripped off bad
>try to get it back next day
>"slap jack no trades back"

>Sixth Grade or so now
>G Gundam's a thing
>Have all the goddamn G gundams
>even the fucking snake ball thing
>Dark gundam was my favorite tho
>Point is one day my dad tells me one day I need to get rid of toys
>Fill up a box with things I never played with so he could donate it to goodwill
>Box looks exactly the same as box where I kept all my gundams, zoids, and other shit
>dad takes gundam box by mistake
>end up with wrong box

At least some poor people or orphan kids got some cool robots, I guess.
When you live in a small home you have to throw stuff away if you don't want your home to look like a clusterfuck or worse a dump.
We don't all have the luxury to live in empty castles we can endlessly fill with our stuff.

I have an aunt who has the same mentality as you. 2 entire houses filled with ancient junks she can't throw away because 'it might be useful someday'. Her houses don't look really nice and tidy even if she spends a lot of time cleaning.

I can understand parents wanting their kids to get rid of some of their toys as they grow up in order to not have them filled all the space...

Another solutions would be not buying lot of toys to them so they can keep it all.
Then just throw it all in a box and sell it in one go instead of piece by piece, even with a job this this can´t be time consuming. Or list the shit as free on Craigslist but straight to the dump?

> my house is big

The basement may look like shit in two or three rooms but the living areas look no different and I would say everyone in my family has hoarder tendencies. I wonder how much shit you people own but it is still retarded to throw things in perfect condition away. Throwing away a game console + library instead of at least trying to sell it as one package (if not just keep it, there is still value in it when you have fewer games for the new console) or give it to someone else but just calling everything across the board junk is plain retardation. Hell, the guy with the Bionicle line up till 2005 probably had stuff thrown out that he hasn´t even owned for longer than a couple of months, when you plan on throwing this shit in a dumpster anyway you might as well warn them to not spend any more money on it but this all has nothing to do with logic in the first place.
>throw it all in a box and sell it in one go
Tried that. Nobody was interested. I had three lots of themed figures listed on eBay multiple times. Lots of watchers, no bidders (the starting bid was $1 with flat rate shipping.)

I'd rather donate old toys somewhere I know they'll be put to good use instead.
She is. She did basically the same thing for me. Let me put anything I was afraid my mom would toss out into storage at her house. After seeing how valuable my dad's toys got, she decided to start keeping the boxes and paper work for my toys too in some little cubbies in her attic. Not a whole lot of my stuff is valuable now, but I appreciate it and some of it was worth keeping.
>Eat it, you K9 son of a bitch!
>be a child
>playing with transformers in front of house
>asshole teenager that lives down the street rips Grimlock out of my hands
>Calls me names and punts Snarl at my garage
>Sister comes home and sees I'm miserable and crying
>Tells her boyfriend what happened
>Later on that day sisters boyfriend brings back Grimlock and a couple other Transformers
>See asshole the next day with black eye
>Think sisters boyfriend is the the coolest guy ever
>He probably did it just to get in her pants
>Still cool
Grimlock probably kicked his ass though, hahaha
You got back your Grimlock, and your sister got a rim and cock.
>be a kid in the 80s
>family friends spend xmas with us
>be close friends with their kid
>open xmas presents
>i got the ghostbustes firehouse
>friend was also excited
>we play with firehouse
>my parents see that friend is having fun with my gift
>give my gift to friend
>friend couldn't believe
>but anon it's xmas
>protest more
>get grounded for being selfish
>kid friend is cool though. he told me that he won't accept it
>the following day they left
>firehouse is left with me
>parents see the firehouse
>scolds me for stealing my friend's gift
>dad drives firehouse to family friend's house the following day
>family friends migrate to another country
>never see my firehouse again
Fuck this sucks
It´s like parents want their children to be possessive.
This is the one happy story in this thread. Everybody came out a winner!
What the hell is wrong with these parents?
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It's not nearly as bad as most of the stories in this thread, but my parents sold all of my transformers and bionicles I had as a kid without telling me, and I've only found out about this recently. A lot of them were very rare, like the decepticon who transformed into a purple two-headed dragon (forgot the name) and a 20th anniversary golden bionicle who's name escapes me as well. Also lost all those cool as fuck lizard warrior bionicles. Shit sucks, I had established autismal universes and fond memories for both lines.
File: 1402271686868.jpg (58 KB, 720x439) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Megatron's name escapes me
>20th anniversary bionicle
either im an idiot or you are
I'm pretty sure his sister's boyfriend came something, at least.
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i know that feel.jpg
102 KB, 560x622
>tfw my pa have told me to never throw away my old toys beacuse his childhood house burnt down, making him lose his
>I still have them
>Be 13 or so. My dad was big into army models.
>He knows I like Gundam and buys me the hg gp-01.
>Loved it. We built models together for about a year before he got an auto immune disease.
>it wrecks his fine motor skills. No more models for pa.
>Be 18. My grandfather dies, dad is devastated.
>Grandpa flew an F4U Corsair in Korea.
>Buy and build a model of the Corsair to give to my father. End up putting it on hold to focus on school.
>19 now, graduated, etc.
>Finished painting it like a month ago. Decide to wait until my Dad's birthday in September to give it to him.
>Out of the blue my Father died on August first.
I never got to give it to him. ;-;
>Age: young, 8 or so
>Shopping for shoes
>See giant whopping newly opened toy section in the store
>"Can I go look around, Mom?"
>"Yes, but try on these shoes first" she promises
>Shoes are okay
>Start slowly approaching toy section, feeling like in a movie, almost as if in a slo-mo shot
>In total awe of all the colorful plastic and kid-appeal packaging
>Abruptly pulled back
>"We're going" she says
>Too shocked to even say "But you promised."
>Never forgive.

Looking back, though, I probably would have picked something shit that would have ended up broken and dumped into some box like most of my early toys. More likely, we wouldn't have bought anything due to lack of money, and I would've left the store feeling even more disappointed.
Being a TF fan in Central Europe.

>No Generations figs since 2010
>>When asked why, local Hasbro representatives say it's for all ages and they're targeting only kids
>All figs cost 2 or 3 times their American price. At times 4. Or more.
>Toy waves sometimes come in half a year late
>Only get oversimplified, kiddie shit or toys that don't even transform
>More KOs in stores than actual TFs
>Try Amazon?
>>No one ships here.
>Try eBay?
>>Asian sellers whose packages get through customs easily: Their figs are overpriced or KOs.
>>US sellers whose figs are dirt cheap: Shipping costs more than the fig, and extra import tax.
>Try British online retailers?
>>Those still have the same insane European prices, plus would have to pay extra for shipping.
>Maybe there are some good German online shops?
>>They offer the same shit that's available locally, plus would have to pay extra for shipping.
>Give up collecting?
I know this feel.
Same Anon as these two. A recent story:

>Finally have enough money to get some old TF figs
>First order arrives: They're awesome!
>>One week later, somehow one of the toys had its paint rubbed off real bad in a very obvious spot. Fuck.
>Second order arrives: It's awesome!
>>One minute later, paint starts coming off.
>>Transforming it for the first time into bogus third mode: fragile part snaps off. Glue it back on. Still comes off. Fuck.
>Third order arrives:
>>Can't even reach the "It's awesome!" phase because the figure breaks the moment my bro touches it. Glue still doesn't work. Seller offers to replace it. Maybe not fuck?

But fuck for the other two.
anon, you made me feel
File: 1406531124736.png (26 KB, 647x849) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm sorry anon. He sounds like he was an awesome dad.
Here is my history of Transformers as experienced by a german child

> see the first couple of episodes of that one Anime styled cartoon on RTL2
> like it
> go into store
> see only two packages, green bulldowzer and Optimus Prime
> get Bulldozer because it´s cooler
> at some point they get Starscream and I buy him
> don´t watch the cartoon for one or two episodes
> suddenly they are in space
> don´t even know what´s happening anymore
> I don´t give a fuck anymore
> it´s cancelled
> I never heard of Transformers until Bayformers

Apparently the cartoon was Armada and they skipped in the only airing of the show from episode 7 on one day to episode fucking 40 on the next day. And even better, they aired it directly before christmas so the last few episodes got all drowned out in the christmas programming.

It´s as if they want this shit to fail over here.
But good for me, I don´t want anything TF related anymore.
Ha-ha, where I live, they only started showing TF: Armada in 2011. A bit late to promote all those 2002 toys, wouldn't you say?

Also, the dubbing was dreadful.

Man, I have sooo many feels stories for Transformers, especially about how my country kept fucking up the cartoon and movie localizations (but that's off-topic here).

So, on the topic of TF: Armada toys, here's another story of sorrow:

>Looking for Red Alert on eBay
>Find one for a good price
>Look up info about the toy until it arrives: everything about it looks fine
>It gets here
>Open it excitedly
>Broken right out of the box. The panel on the left leg snapped. Can barely use its function. Didn't even need to touch it, it broke inside the friggen box! I thought these things were sturdy!
>Try gluing it back
>Glue doesn't work, but the leg is full of superglue fingerprints
>FUCK, should have bought the more expensive one

Well, at least I had money for a nice, juicy Japanese TF fig that I wanted to have for ages. And it had an awesome price on eBay with free shipping.

>Check the listing
>Price went up by $20
>What? HOW?!
>Check again later that day
>Is now $30 more
>Jesus Fuck!
>Another seller lists the same toy for a much better price
>Shipping isn't free, it costs the same as the other one
>Jehovah Fuck!

Also... should I continue? I have many more dreadful eBay disappointments but just thinking of them pains me. Well, my captcha box says "enough xemsails", so I guess I should listen to it and stop for a while. Stop with these xemsail stories.

>He doesn't want you to grow up, he won't let you so you'll be his whipping boy

I'm seconding this. He's trying to keep you around so that he has someone to take care of his lazy blob of an ass when he's too old and suffering from liver failure to even move. He doesn't see you as a son, but as a future servant.
I seem to be one of those who have an inversion of "shitty parent who gives/throws away your toys" cliche.

>be a kid
>dad always the strict parent in the family, often would get angry for most trivial shit
>still on the other hand, he'd be the one to buy us all sorts of crazy, fantastic toys other kids didn't have, since his job would often have him travel around the world
>as I grew older, we'd often argue about shit that would piss him off on that day, not even related to me or any of other members of the family
>he always seemed to have anger issues but tried to keep it in check, but I never really saw it that way
>I'd always get angry at him for his tantrums
>occasionally I still collect toys, he never says anything about it
>every other day there's some argument about shit, making me more and more angry at him
>last year we're at some meeting with friends
>one of the people starts mocking me for collecting toys
>dad calls him out on his son being a drunkard deadbeat who's in prison
>they start arguing, I barely manage to talk my dad out of it and we leave the party
>we're quiet during the trip back home
>as we enter the house he puts his hand on my shoulder
>tells me that I shouldn't give a damn about what others have to say and how glad he is that I have a hobby that makes me happy, even if he doesn't understand it, and how it's at least better than doing drugs or drinking my ass off
>one of the few times I saw him smiling
>regret all those times I wished to deck him in the face for arguing with me over trivial matter
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>Go to shopping mall
>In front of Toys r us right now
>There's a sale
>Want to go in to check in they have Marvel Legends Star Lord
>Too insecure to go in
Even if they had it you'd have to pay $25 for it.

Good trade story here.

>Have no Charizard
>Trade my Zapdos for my buddy's Charizard
>we each had duplicates
>Sort of pressured him into it because I wanted Charizard so bad

week later
>Dad picks up me and my bro
>He got us a Charizard (probably cost $60+)
>Got us a couple booster packs too
>Bro opens first one, guess who the holo is

I traded my buddy back after that, but the allure of three Charizards almost had me like "no trade backs bruh"
>Kindergarten Era
>Got a cool new toy police car
>Show it to other kids
>Busy doing something else, let another kid borrow it
>He asks: can I have it?
>I respond: yes

Shit, I thought he mean "have it" as in "play with it for the day" not claim ownership over it!

I can't remember if I got it back or not.
>central europe
>no one ships here on amazon
>expensive shipping
>pay more than any country out there
Mah Eidgenoss. This shit ain't easy here.
That's putting it lightly. I had many sleepless nights after browsing American toy collector forums and ogling over the stuff they get for being Americaner. Really makes me feel like I'm living in a third-world country. It's like the Soviet era all over again, just with toys.

Heck, I'm pretty sure desert-dwelling nomads find more and cheaper Transformers under piles of camel droppings than we do in toy stores here in Mother Europe.
I'm glad my dad was a man child like me and encouraged toy collecting.
Does your dad bathe? wait for him to take a shower and barge in, drop a toaster in the tub. Write a fake suicide note and act devistated.
There, I just improved your life.
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Christ anon, that's heavy.

Break something of his and take a picture for us
Just to show that our kid selves can be cruel too.

>mom had a vintage stuffed panda bear from her childhood
>inherit it and play with it for years
>one day decide to tear off the black rings around its eyes
>now it looks stupid without those
>mother tells me that she liked it and is sad that I damaged it
>even at that young age, feel like shit about it
>still do
If he actually has it just go find it. Rip up everything in the house and shed. Sorry but you sound like one of those sad elephants stuck on a paper thin rope not realizing how strong it is.
His was lost/stolen, so he needs to go through the lengthy process of getting a new one. Sounds like the dad is using his identity to get around his bad credit.
Where you live my nigga.
File: 1331686670868.png (178 KB, 910x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My Mom is super adamant that all of my old Power Rangers and Toys never get thrown out. To her they are momentos of my childhood that SHE will never forget. Which makes me feel really sad when i come across almost anything from my childhood that reminds me of her in any sense of the matter. It just makes me sad of my inevitable mortality.
>Religious families
See heres the thing.. the most of this I ever got as a kid was Card Captor Sakura had a pentagram beneath her when she transformed. And my mother heard that form somebody and never watched anime type shit with me anyways. Like, she didn't have anything against me watching it but, still. I think the only time she ever refused to get me something for my birthday was when I asked for Battle scarred Wing Zero Gundam. Still, she's hype religious but, she loved X files, and Science Fiction, Buffy and Angel, all that stuff. She and my Dad just told me the same thing all the time "Know the difference between reality and television, and know what you should and shouldn't do. Don't copy what you see." Which was a good mantality and it's one i tell my kid sisters, like my old man let me watch ALIEN and Predator with some minor.. remote control censorship for the scenes he thought might be outta my league. But if i got spooked or anything like that he'd say he'd turn it, and never to repeat what I hear. That said... I tried kamehamehas all the time, also Hadokens. Shit was legit.
I do, but I wish not to share it here, I'm sorry.

Yeah...Child abuse isn't fun, and an overly controlling Dad is worse...his wife (stepmom) is nothing more than a yes-woman.

at least Mom actually gave a shit >_>

It's real. my Dad has been doing shit since early Childhood, which is part of the reason Mom divorced....though it's really weird. I was kinda just ignored (so long as I did my chores and homework and stayed in my room or at a friend's) until my sister started her rebellious phase. suddenly, it was up to me to take care of the ENTIRE house and Grow up REAL fast, can't have nice things yanno!

Oh, and I recently got into Chogokin because "Hey, Adult collection hobby! you can't take that from me!" aaaand no, he's plotting the demise of my GaoGaiGar SRC collection...they already let my baby niece play with GaoGaiGar and Galeon's ears chipped off. Still mad. especially since GGG is SHARP in a LOT of places.
Same e-mail anon here. Understandable and acceptable. But Jesus does your Dad sound like a carbon copy of mine. My parents never divorced to my knowledge because Mom is a clingy beta.

On a personal note, I took revenge a week before my HS graduation by knocking my Dad to the ground and showing him how a true warrior does combat.
Really shouldn't have threatened my friends nor damaged my car. MY ONLY CAR.
I seriously feel bad for you dude, but keep fighting the good fight.

On another note, he must be a fucking dumbass to let a kid play with anything that's sharp. Hahaha, I remember building Gunpla before, and my Mom used to get freaking pissed over the fact that I would use a scalpel to cut the pieces out. (and cut the nubs off too.)

...Wait a second, why are your Chogokins over there? I thought you said you moved?

Things did get better sort of. I have my own little apartment now where I display my glorious collection. Also read above^
One of Drift's small sword went in the toilet once. Same situation as >>4332591 although, so I saved it.

Where are you from? Italy maybe? Because I know that feel.

>We get no Leader Ultra Magnus
>We get no Waspinator
>We get no Wreck-Gar

>ROTF toyline
>Many cool toys
>Voyager Long Haul and subsequent never released here
>Leader Jetfire released as a store exclusive
>That store chain is everywhere except where I live

>January 2010, NEST figures are out in the US
>Commercials for them air in Italy too
>Me is excited
>I search for Bludgeon, Lockdown and Mindwipe everywhere
>Never find them
>I later buy Bludgeon on eBay
>In 2011 I go in Spain for a school trip
>Go to the ferry shop while we're on the boat
>Spend 60 bucks to get Lockdown, Brawn and Ratchet
>Teacher gets mad at me because I wasted money, schoolmates look at me curiously and we play with my new Transformers for a while

>Generations/Powercore Combiners/HFTD/RTS
>Only wave 1 of Generations is released there
>PCC get a full release apparently, but not in my town for some reason
>HFTD skips waves 2-3 of Deluxe, so no Tomahawk and Terradive for me
>RTS haves only Legends, Scout and Wave 1 Deluxe figures
>TV commercials promise G2 Optimus released in Italy, except it doesn't

>Everything is released this time
>We actually get Walmart exclusives released here as exclusives for the Toys Center stores
>Rejoice. Kinda

>We get everything again
>Missing only wave 2 of Legions, and Voyager Bulkhead is not released everywhere

>Beast Hunters
>No Lazerback and Prowl
>No Shockwave
>No final Cyberverse Commander wave

>No Generations because Europe haves them as Toys 'R' Us exclusive and there are no Toys 'R' Us in Italy
Growing up my brother and I loved G.I.Joes. Our best friends (also brothers) also loved Joes more than any other toy. Sometimes we would bring all our Joes and vehicles to each others houses for massive Joe battles combining all the Joes we all had. This was during the 90s when they were no longer making new Joes so it was obviously pretty difficult and at times expensive to get new figures and vehicles.

Well once during a family vacation we saw a sign that said "G.I.Joe sale". It looked like a garage sale sign but for a Joe sale. We begged and pleaded with out parents but they refused because we were on the road and had places to get to. To this day my bro and I remember that regretful day.

But we still had tons of G.I.Joes. Our best christmas was when our parents found a local guy selling like a dozen and a half of his Joe vehicles for a good price and that was our big gift that Christmas.

That's really my only childhood toy feel story.
Stop buying toys and move the fuck out.
To be fair, it could've just been 12'' figures and generic army dolls they thought were Joes.
That's true. Countless times I've seen the CORPS! action figures in antique stores listed as G.I.Joes. If you don't know them the CORPS 3 3/4" figures are basically off brand Joes.

The CORPS! were so cheap that they were the ones we would blow up with fireworks. No way we were going to damage our actual Joes.

Our favorite Joes were the 3 3/4" ones but we also had quite a few of the 12" figures with vehicles/buildings.
>have this cool little Doraemon plastic statue, where you can put your eye close to this little hole on the back of his head to see various little pictures of him and the gang, switching them by flicking his arm
>one day, take him to school
>accidentally drop him from the desk
>he breaks up so badly that he can't even flip the pictures anymore
I still feel bad about this, i didn't have the guts to show it back to her after that.
>i didn't have the guts to show it back to her after that
Forgot to mention 'my mom had this' somewhere up there in the greentext.
File: 41jcW3OE6oL.jpg (24 KB, 360x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Watch the Iron Giant as a kid
>Absolutely loved the movie (still do) 10/10
>Mom lets me buy whatever toy I want because she works in a hospital and makes a lot of money
>Go into TRU and see Iron Giant stuff on display.
>Mom doesn't want to blow her wad of cash on the big one because she has an expensive date later on in the week
>I get the smaller one that gets blown apart and you can put him back together
>Two years later, Mom is having a garage sale with my aunt
>Mom puts several of my toys in a bin and sells off some of my favortie toys
>The Iron Giant figure is sold to some young brat, who is championing his kill like a lion.
>Never forgave mom for that incident, but I still loved her and I know she didn't mean to.
>TFW you look on eBay for another one, but they are fucking through the roof in price
PIC very much related
File: SMD.jpg (285 KB, 1600x1271) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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To counter all the shit things parents have done, including my own, here's one that makes me feel terrible to this day.

>wanted Sailor Moon figures for a few years
>mom would never let me buy any
>it's my birthday
>my mom is really, REALLY excited
>I look at this huge box and get excited as well
>open it up
>complete disappointment it was a bunch of these ugly dolls
>my mom bought most of the characters
>she notices my smile disappear and feels like shit I'm so unhappy
>has to take them all back
I should probably go apologize again. It was one of the kindest things she did and I fucked up because I'm not good at lying or hiding my disappointment and I'm a brat. Excuse my emoticon, but man...I still feel bad all these years. ;_;
Did you hear that some hipster-y company is making a really nice, high-end one? Super-articulated, huge, lights, accessories, the works. Sure, it'll probably run like $200-$300, but don't the old ones already go for a similar amount?
File: tuxedofaggot.png (71 KB, 323x306) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The best (worst?) part is the end of that quote is: "...including the desire to appear grown-up."
Yeah, that's not a real toy. It's a VacMan from the Stretch Armstrong line. So if you were referring to that particular toy, it never existed.
>Where are you from? Italy maybe?
Hungary. We have it worse, cuz TF never got a big media push before the movies and we didn't get cartoons till Energon. What a way to start, with the shittiest show!

I got into TFs during Cybertron because Energon literally made me feel sick, and even then, I had a feeling that this won't be a smooth relationship.

Our troubles started with Classics, the first waves never got released.

Animated's distribution was more mucked up. Only got the first couple of waves, and stores ordered hundreds of Blackarachnias and Ratchets. Everywhere I went, it was always these two. Because what are kids into? Cool cars that turn into manly robots.

>some fat old bastard who's a dull red and white ambulance
>John, order a million of these. These will sell like hotcakes. Oh, and tell the local TV companies not to pick up the show. Yeah, these will sell so good that we won't even need the cartoon to advertise them.
>they don't sell, line is discontinued
>What went wrong, John?

But, I'm glad they didn't import the cartoon cuz Hungarian Transformers dubs are fucked up beyond your wildest imagination. They would have raped Animated.

I don't think we got the NEST line either. I later ordered Bludgeon off eBay, but the parcel got lost or the seller didn't ship it in the first place. At least I got my money back.

As for PCC, HFTD, RTS, WFC, we had the exact same stuff here, except without the false TV ads. The last Generations toys I ever saw in stores were WFC Prime and BB. Didn't even get Megs and Soundwave.

The pricing was also hilarious.

>DOTM shows up
>price of Voyagers goes from the equivalent of 35 USD to 45
>HFTD Seaspray, who came out a year earlier, costs 45 in huge store chains, 55 in normal toy shops
>one year later
>DOTM Voyagers go down to 15 USD
>Seaspray, who was by that point shelfwarming for two years, still costs 45
>Voyagers are 55 USD by default, maybe 45 if you're lucky
Continuing because I have more things to bitch about...

>TF: Prime Ultimate Predaking and Optimus.
>in US, people bitch because they cost like 35 USD in some stores and that's too much for them
>here, people rejoice if they can find them for less than 100
>A FUCKING 100 DOLLARS for those shit figures! And that's considered cheap over here. In some stores, they went for like 130. How the fuck does that work?

The rest is the same as for you. No TRU stores here either. Not that it would help any if we had any TRUs. I heard that Austrian TRUs don't carry Generations either, only the smaller stuff, like FOC Soundwave's disks. But not Soundwave himself, mind you.

I'm kinda glad we didn't get Gen Metroplex because his price would probably have caused a country-wide aneurysm.

>reading TF fansite, members are on vacation in Greece and shit, they say those places have even less TFs -- you feel sorry for them
>one member goes to France, reports that they are bathing in Generations figs -- you feel angry and jelly
>tfw you realize the the farther you go from Japan and the US, the harder it is to be a TF fan
Loved TMNT as a little kid, had almost every villain figure. My mother's boyfriend decided to destroy each one of them because he had some kind of issue with me. Worst part, Scratch was in the lot. I have most of what I lost but Scratch doesn't go for less than £200 out of the box on eBay and nobody had made any replicas of him. Sad times indeed.
>Can't even reach the "It's awesome!" phase because the figure breaks the moment my bro touches it. Glue still doesn't work. Seller offers to replace it. Maybe not fuck?

Update on this part: the seller can't replace the broken piece, but he will send me the entire figure again. What a champion bro... even if the seller is actually a woman, I don't know.

But what will I do with this incomplete one that I have now? Eeehhh... I only needed that one part. Maybe glue the part back on permanently and never transform the figure?

Wish I could give it away to some kid or offer it to some toy shop. But all the shops that I approached last time with my unneeded figs kindly told me to fuck off because they were looking for other kinds of Transformers figs.
I forgot about Beast Hunters OP and Predaking...
>Optimus is released almost everywhere, and after Christmas pricecuts for him are everywhere
>Predaking is released only in 3 stores and they keep the 80 € pricetag even now
ultimate predaking and prime cost about 100 here in the US too

at least where I live
>be in 5th grade
>own a cute cat plush, practically begged mom to buy it a few years prior
>classmate casually mentions how'd she love a cute cat plush
>my cat plush is just stored in the closet
>strange feeling overcomes me, decide to give the cat plush to classmate
>classmate is overjoyed
>transfer schools & lose contact with classmate
>mom passes away
>feel bad & stupid that i thoughtlessly gave away that plush my mom bought
>classmate and i meet each other again after 10 years
>she brings up the cat plush, remains grateful for it after all those years
>what is this warmth & calm i feel in my heart
>have not given away or sold anything whatsoever in my 21 years of life
>desperately need to
>every time I try to, every vague memory of whatever I'm trying to sell returns to me
>can't do it

Worst feel
This post gave me some good feels. I'm sure your mom would be glad that you selflessly made someone so happy.
thanks for the kind words man, now even your post has given me feels
Yeah, but I still saw multiple people complaining about the $35 price tag that some shops sold it with, when it was first released. They should have been glad that they could find it for that much, regardless of how good the toy really was. Compared to most places, that was a steal.
Your Dad was a hero. *salutes*
Whaddya selling, strangah?
I would high-five you if I could. Just touch your screen :)
my feels have no end
How old are you that they are still at risk of being lost to your parents? Hell, I'm 19 and still live with my parents (university is expensive) but they respect me enough as an adult to not give me grief over my figures.
Your mom would be proud you made someone else happy.
I also have a similar story:
>buy HFTD battle blades optimus prime
>totally awesome and been messing with it all day
>get up to piss and take figure with me for some reason
>towards the end of my piss I move his arm
>gun falls out of hand and into toilet

I just kinda stared at it and then fished it out and washed it off. Now no toy follows me out of my room.
Kill your father, it's the only way.
Do you have any kind of income?
Do you live alone?
I would totally sell stuff to you if it didn't cost me $60 to get a small box to you.
>collect pokemon cards
>decide i no longer like pokemon card
>more like told I don't like them and I believed them
>sell all them for shit prices at car boot sale
>shinies and shit going for 50p
I want my cards back, I had all the cool ones.
Several Shiny charizards.

>friend comes round
>he decides to rip the hands of my 10th doctor figure and the head of my pyrovile
>hurr now it's a headless pyroville varient
fucking hate him so much

>live in uk
>toys r us don't have anything good
>can't import figures for risk of extortionate customs price

>I'm suddenly too old for that shit
>mom gave all my MMPR stuff and everything I kept from my childhood to some co-worker
Was the co-worker 8?

they cause fights
>wah he took my card
>fight breaks out
File: 1235602100271.jpg (40 KB, 752x564) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Luckily I never really had an issue with my parents throwing out toys, not on purpose at least.
They did frequently threaten to throw my toys away, but those were empty threats to motivate ("Clean up your room and put your toys away or they'll get thrown out").
I do have these though

>Be like 6 or 7
>Have Bruce Wayne/Batman figure from the Animated series (pic related)
>My favorite toy at the time
>Go to grandma's farm with dad and sister (who'd be about 4 or 5)
>Dad fixes windmill while I play in the creek and sister plays on the bank
>Get sister to throw me Batman figure
>Play with him
>Dad calls me up to windmill to help him
>Leave Bat's on big rock a few metres from water
>Help dad
>Come back and Batman is no where to be found
>Ask sister where he is
>"I threw him in the water for you"
>Try to find him but can't
>Spend the rest of the day crying

>One of dad's friend gives me this wooden Service Station play set, which I think he may have made himself
>Fucking love it
>Sister at some point gets a bunch of different doll furniture of varies sizes
>She throws out anything that's too small for her Barbies
>Rescue the thrown away furniture because it's perfect size for my figures
>Turn Service Station into base for Luke Skywalker and his friends
>Normally leave Station under my bunk bed, out of the way
>One day, when I was about 13, accidentally stand on part of it and break it
>Nothing major, just broke part of the roof and a wall
>Decide to put it away in our shed with the intention of fixing it one day when I'm older
>17 or so and decide I want to fix up my old play set
>Look for it in the shed
>Can't find it
>Ask parents
>"Oh we threw that out a couple years ago because it was broken and just left lying around"
>Well fuck
>be European
>like Godzilla and other old-school monsters
>no toys or collector figures in your country
>too pricey to import
>look at American kaiju toy collections, feel envious
>give up being a fan
>fastforward to 2014
>think of getting one of the toys that was cheap last time on eBay
>costs like twice as much
>but hey, new movie coming out
>get excited that local stores will carry Godzilla toys
>movie fails in your country
>only one toy comes out because Godzilla has no market
>it's one of the sucky gimmick figures
>also overpriced and laughably small
>looks like shit, also
>give up being a fan
>>No Generations because Europe haves them as Toys 'R' Us exclusive and there are no Toys 'R' Us in Italy

I still don't get this. From what I read once, somewhere, they canned Generations because other, more kid-appeal-ish lines, like the movie toys, were performing better. I was kinda hoping that with the good AOE toys being sold under Generations, maybe they'd start selling Generations as a whole again, especially what with the big 30th anniversary and all that.

But no, they continue to ignore Generations, even the movie series. What the actual, genuine fuck?

>movie toys are top-sellers
>distributors cancel Generations
>new movie toys are sold under Generations
>distributors don't care
>no movie toys (save for those flipformers or whatever they're called)
>no profit
>of course there's no profit if they don't even sell the damn things
>mfw this is my first time on /toy/ and this is the first thread i opened
>newest Bionicle sets are released
>go to store
>"Can't buy anything, hon, have no money."
>stand there staring at all the awesome new sets
>tfw don't even have money to get the cheapest one

>awesome exclusive limited edition Bionicle is released a year late in your country
>stand there, looking at the toy shelves again
>have no money
>another store still has 2002 sets for a discount
>still have no money
>now they cost a million times their original retail price

That feeling that most toy-crazed kids feel... standing inches away from your prized Holy Grail toy... knowing that it'd be discontinued soon and sold for ludicrous prices on the webs...


>went to shop
>saw some old batman figures
>the "toys r us exclusive" sticker convinced me to buy
>take to till
>left wallet at home
>probably won't go back to town for another week
At least the man said he'd hold it back for me
>now they cost a million times their original retail price

Since when is Bionicle worth something? I tried so many times to sell shit and look at sold listings online and prices are at worst as much as the original sales price (and that just because of shipping because of the fuck huge containers).
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109 KB, 919x720
You want to know feels? I will give you fucking feels.

>Get a toy from my grandpa shortly before he dies.
>It's a weird-ass alien thing with purple tentacles, monster face and removable diving helmet.
>Favorite toy ever.
>lost it.
>i don't know what line (if any) that toy was.
>I will never get another one.
>I'm sorry grampa!
>be six
>always visit card shop with grandmother and get Pokemon cards and one time a TY Beanie Baby [his name was Boomer; he was a fireman]
>great memories of getting a Machamp holo from EX Hidden Legends and my brother getting Ninetales EX
>nicest Asian man owns this store [somewhere in Torrance LA]
>one day place just closes
>never see the man or the store again

also lost that fucking machamp
Oh my. I know that feel. I wanted Godzilla figurine since i was fucking 5. Dammit, Japan. Just let me have it!
Check either Nautilus from the Outer Space Men toyline or Octo Punch, a pretender from G-1 Transformers.
File: G1Octopunch_toy.jpg (54 KB, 550x553) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 550x553
Sweet Jesus! That's him! I was looking for this damn thing for like 10 years. I knew that you guys at /toy/ were good but not THAT good!
You sir just made my month.
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>mfw this is my first time on /toy/ and this is the first thread i opened

R9K has been leaking into /toy/ for a while now and its honestly, kinda annoying.
>Obsessed with these walking with dinosaurs toys as a kid
>Sister who is 20 buys them for me
>She always buries them in soil as a fun thing because its like doing a dinosaur dig
>Christmas is coming
>Have to guy her a gift
>She is going to buy me the Postosuchus (long crocodile one) which is the last one I need
>Have to buy her a gift
>Go and spend days finding the right gift
>Pretty stupid at the time and assume it will be best to put the gift in soil like she does with the dinosaurs
>Its christmas
>Get my Postosuchus
>Happy as fuck
>Give her her gift
>She smiles when she sees it in soil
>'Digs' with a spoon to get it out
>Her face recoils with disgust
>Pulls the gift out of the soil
>Its a hamster
>Thought it would survive for a week underground
>Family thinks I murdered it
>Don't believe me when I explain the truth
>Have to have therapy
>No toys for 4 months
Holy Crap, I think I've been to that same store. Didn't he have Gundam models behind the counter that were like 40$ a pop?
Depends on the set and where you look, but a lot of the more sought-after ones are a bitch to get nowadays. Especially larger ones, people can demand hundreds of dollars for some of those on sites like eBay or Bricklink. MISB, of course. In used condition, they cost about the same as when they were new.

Except for some rarer ones, like the Exo-Toa or Karzahni. Those can be costly even if they're used but otherwise in good condition.
I don't get it, what is this wet substance coming out of my eyes?
>this entire thread
I was always the cautious kid who never brought toys outside of the house, and yet i dont really feel good about that anyway. What is this feeling?

I mean there was this moment where i was around 11 years old, i had to give away 3 big boxes of childhood and i couldn't even keep ONE toy. Not just because my parents forbade it, but all those toys were pretty much family themselves. To separate one from the others was just a decision i couldnt make. I just decided that my younger cousins and some orphans should make that choice.
As a youngin I went to a private school, everyone loved Pokemon, only white kids pretty much, everyone brought them to school and traded 1st - 8th we all had a common love... Good times.

Side note, I liked pikachu and traded a charizard for raichu, biggest regret of my young life....
That kid who retrieved your card and tried to fix it sounds like a fucking bro. Do you still keep in contact with him? And speaking of Pokemon...

>be 6 or 7, can't remember
>had a bunch of those Pokemon plushies
>remember I had Pikachu, Poliwhirl, Squirtle, Snorlax, I think Raichu and Charmander too
>basically my collection was huge
>cue extremist church telling my parents Pokemon is satanic
>naturally they buy it
>the next day dad lectures me into why Pokemon is satanic and why I'm a bad person for having toys of them
>then he grabs all of my Pokemon plushes, rips them apart, then throws them away
>then he proceeds to hit me
I still hate him for that to this day
I guess he's religious enough to strike a child, but not religious enough to read where Ephesians says not to do that.
Man, looking back at my childhood, I was somewhat a greedy cunt.
>import $150 high quality toys
>just leave them behind glass
>buy cheapo toy at a discount, or find old figures at thriftshops missing some accessories/out of package
>fiddle with them for days, get more enjoyment from it than "better", pricier toys
>feel like I can't tell /toy/ I enjoy these because eI feel like a poorfag
>can't really display them either
Okay I laughed and then felt bad for the kid in your post
In my country, Hound's a rarity. Bunch of collectors had to go early on a Monday morning just to grab the 10 VoyaHound shipments. DOTM, it was Topspin and ROTF, it was Sideswipe.
Bringing toys to school is a scary thought. Either you lose it or you risk the big kids bullying you for it.
10/10 would be bro in law, even if he did do it for the pussy.
we were for a while, but we haven't talked for a really long time. God damn we had some good times together
Everyone here feels her pain. Did she have it stitched back?
Not sure if good feels. Did you guys become friends after the meetup?
can't find ho-oh, but this is the card he gave me when that teacher thought we were doing drugs
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