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>waiting for spring training edition

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/V9c2a6wU

old thread dead

>what you playing anons?
>CMON Kickstarters

Dredging this up from the last thread because curious.

Explain why the above deserves any sort of hate.

>Hey guys, here's a game, if there's enough interest via funding we'll make it
>for backing this from the get go, here's some free shit that we'll do because it's making enough money to warrant it

So like, are you mad that you are broke when the kickstarters happen? Or that "founders" get bonuses?

As far as I know, retail versions of CMON stuff is complete, all the Kickstarter stuff is extra.

I want to write it off as petty whining, but the urge to know more is stronk
I'm not sure exactly, but probably because they have a pretty high msrp. Some people are a little turned off by kickstarter as a whole. Others find pause when it comes to the games all being mini heavy. I personally found all of the cmon games to be a little lacking. In my view they try to compensate for this by the whole 'cool mini' aspect. In the end I'm pretty neutral about it all. I'll play the games but I don't get hyped at all for them, nor do I contribute to kickstarter.
Stronghold 2nd edition.

Surely the defender will hold next game, they got kinda close this time!
>As far as I know, retail versions of CMON stuff is complete, all the Kickstarter stuff is extra.

If CMoN kickstarted a new edition of Talisman and a third of the characters would be exclusive to the backers. Characters with different features and mechanics than those in the base games.

Still kosher?

I would back it and get the extras.

If I missed it I would probably buy it second hand for a sensible price.

If I missed it, couldn't find a second hand Kickstarter version, I would just get retail and be sad I missed the opportunity.

At no point would I be angry at the people who gave me a chance to buy it. That's just stupid.
It's the board game equivalent of day 1 DLC. Also,

>buying secondhand for a reasonable price

>get retail and be sad
This is what happens to most people, hence the dislike for kickstarter exclusives that are more than cosmetic / fluff pieces.

>at no point would I be angry
well that's up to you, some people feel more strongly about poor business practices.
To be fair you enjoy the shittiest of the shit.

So being treated like shit is probably par for the course for you.


Its equivalent to day 1 free dlc. If you want the DLC for free, then preorder the game. Deciding not to preorder the game, then bitching because the DLC isn't free, is retarded.

>Second hand

Sounds like you're just terrible at bartering. Won't hold that against you, many many people lack the adequate social skills to barter.


Give examples or have your point be invalidated.

>poor business practice

>multiple million dollar kickstarters
>loud minority whine because they didn't buy it when it was available

I guess if proper business practice to you means not selling things then sure

The only thing you're saying is that you're too poor to afford kickstarters and that makes you bitter. Thing is I completely get that. I really do. Missing out on something because you don't have enough cash sucks.

However, when you hide behind this incredibly silly mask of what you think is validated anger, you just look stupid.
Part of it is the exclusives, which you can proxy, iirc wasn't always the case and only became a thing after a bunch of people bitched at CMoN. It's fine if they're just extra sculpts, but if they change the experience (and they have before) that's less cool.

Part of it is the terrible customer service, CMoN is on par with Queen games for terrible response times to some customers, and you might be waiting well past the retail release to get your game, though that happens in a lot of kickstarters in general.

There's also the whole point of this being a company that doesn't seem to NEED to use kickstarter, but does simply as a way to get direct pre-orders. There's nothing really inherently wrong with that, but compared to a company like FFG which years ago said they wouldn't use kickstarter because they felt their products didn't need the hype machine, it feels a bit cheap. Some of these games are also clearly fully designed and ready to hit print, which seems to go against the original intent for kickstarter as a tool to help fund design and innovation.

I'm gonna come off as an old man here but I remember a time back when you just showed up to game stores on release days, bought the new release, and went on your way, instead of having to pre-order every game and make sure you picked the right store for the best exclusives. Then again I also remember watching a middle aged woman shove aside some little kid in a melee at the local Best Buy when the Nintendo 64 came out, so maybe pre-orders are a good thing; but it doesn't give me the chance to grab the last one off the display and hand it to the kid before she could reach the front.
The Kickstarter exclusives really turned me off Arcadia Quest. I don't dislike Kickstarter, I back Sodapop Miniatures to get their shit cheaper, but I am pretty sure all of their gameplay related stuff is not backer exclusive. Arcadia Quest had backer exclusive heroes, and knowing that I would probably not get to play those heroes unless someone decided to sell them. It is just about it being a timed thing that turns me off and just keeps me from wanting to buy their games. I wouldn't really call it a good or bad business practice, but I don't really like it.
Given that you defend anti-fun design decisions like roll to move, I suppose it's only natural that you also defend anti-consumer marketing decisions.
SPM actually split their partnership from CMoN for exactly that reason, the designers said they didn't want you to miss out on models due to discovering a game late, so they wanted to offer everything in the online store later. CMoN said no, so they split off; seems to have worked out well for both sides, AQ is a big hit, and the SPM guys have gotten big enough to buy up other games under their Ninja Division parent co.
That is pretty cool. Glad to know SPM didn't want to keep things exclusive. I will definitely be happy to keep supporting them if they keep the quality up.
Gotten to play with Deke at a couple of cons the last two years, talking with about being a semi-reformed 40k player made me appreciate their policies a bit more. Haven't gotten a chance to meet the other two leads more than a quick hello, but he was really serious about just wanting the people there to have a good time with his toys.

>change the experience

What was this pertaining to? I imagine some people out there would actually think an alternate pose model changes the experience.

>Customer Service

Can't really remark on this. I can't think of their CS being either great or terrible in my dealings. Not to say my situation is the same as anyone else's.

>legitimate KS need

I agree that it's not what KS was originally about, but KS is making money off the way things are, and I don't see them stopping it. Things change.

>ye olden days

I miss preorder/release events. Pokemon ccg was insane, still remember my excitement for the D2 expansion.


>not liking timed special releases

Makes perfect sense, and there's nothing wrong with that. I imagine it would feel like you're being rushed into a purchase, which is pretty aggravating. "You like this? Well you've got 30 seconds to buy it, or you'll buy it in a week and get substantially less for your money"


I really want to like ND, but man they've just had so many duds for me. Relic Knights was terrible, SDE was...ehhh, just kind of lackluster. Especially now with AQ being out. I've heard a lot of people are mad about ninja all stars, dunno why though.
I haven't bought Relic Knight, but I heard it was a clusterfuck.
I really like SDE though, it is a lot of fun and is easy to get my more normie friends into.
NAS we will see, I am getting a second hand kickstarter pack on wednesday hopefully, but a lot of the stuff I heard people complain about didn't sound super bad to me. Like the air and wind dice being useless, even though they really don't seem to be so.
And yeah timed releases are a massive turn off for me, but if I had made the first Arcadia Quest kick starter I would probably be playing it as much if not more that SDE.
>At no point would I be angry at the people who gave me a chance to buy it. That's just stupid.
>Makes perfect sense, and there's nothing wrong with that. I imagine it would feel like you're being rushed into a purchase, which is pretty aggravating. "You like this? Well you've got 30 seconds to buy it, or you'll buy it in a week and get substantially less for your money"

So you find Kickstarter exclusives aggravating, but you think it's stupid to dislike companies who do the practice?
Some characters had vastly different abilities making games easier/harder, like I said the ability to proxy them removes this being a big deal. Xenoshyft supposedly adds a lot with the exclusives.

As for Kickstarter not being what it intended, yeah I accept that it's become something different, and that's totally fine, I've never kickstarted a game and I don't intend to. Nor do I buy CMoN products, because I know it'll bug my completionist tendencies. Like I said I'm an old man, and the way they run their business just feels like they're cheapening the brand by trying to overhype and make things ultra exclusive. That said, I totally understand the desire to make more money, gotta do what works best for you.

On the topic of Ninja Division, I'm with ya Relic Knights was bad, though I do enjoy SDE, especially since they cleaned up the game with the v2/FK rules. I think AQ vs SDE mainly comes down to if you want more PvP in your game, or PvE/GM. My group mostly breaks it out as a replacement for when we need a break from our current RPG campaign, or have to cancel a session last minute. Our GMs are all about creating memorable sessions so SDE works as a backup. Ninja All Stars just has an absolutely terrible combat system, they tried to do something really different and it backfired bad, as I understand it people who playtested told them about problems and they didn't really heed the feedback.
>>change the experience
>What was this pertaining to? I imagine some people out there would actually think an alternate pose model changes the experience.

One example would be Kaosball. Base game comes with 4 ringers that which are available to bid for at the start of a game. There are another 4 or so that you can buy as blisters to add some variety. The kickstarter had another 10 ringers that were exclusive to the kickstarter. None of these are alt sculpts to the existing ringers, and some, like Maze, introduce mechanics unique to that model.

It's called empathy. I understand why he might feel the way he does, but that doesn't mean I feel the same.


I'm about to crash, so I can't give your post the attention it deserves, but I will say I just watched vassal explain the combat system. Holy shit what a mess. Those guys need to realize that making something radically different and unique doesn't mean it's good.

Also, tfw I collected a decent sized noh army, but have no idea how to make use of the cool models, because I'm certainly not playing RK again.
So you're empathetic towards him, but you call his position stupid and muse on it being "petty whining." Gotcha.
My only real gripe with the CMoN style of heavily incentivized backing is that it punishes the choice to wait and see if the game is any good before shelling out for it.
It's certainly not unfair or unethical or anything so dramatic, but it's not how I'd do things given the choice, and I don't like encouraging it.
Certainly I'm willing to back games occasionally if I think they'll be worth it, but I'd rather think I'm doing so due to the merit of / my excitement for the project, not due to fear that I'll miss out on exclusives for a game that I might have otherwise waited on.
Played Panamax and The Bloody Inn for the first time tonight.

Panamax's rules were a major undertaking. We probably spent an hour parsing each step before play. Gameplay is the definition of a brain burner. Very cool integration of stock trading and action selection. Still have numbers and dice flitting across my eyes

The Bloody Inn was absolutely bizarre. It has the strangest set of mechanics, and yet it's weirdly intuitive and creates all sorts of challenging decisions. Build an efficient engine? Go straight for points all game? Minimize upkeep costs? Push your luck to set up for a big payout? Very cool experience


It doesn't make sense to me that a well-established company needs to pay 10% of gross earnings to Kickstarter in order to run their preorders for them.

It doesn't make sense to me that anyone would buy a new, unproven game based purely on marketing, paid previews, and hype.

KS editions of games are often in higher demand than the retail version, and always in shorter supply. Most, if not all, of the sellers you'll come across bought multiple copies with intent to sell at a profit. They will have no problem finding people willing to pay their price for exclusive items
I played Nexus Ops with my dad. I liked the battle order system and the stat mods for some units being in certain types of terrain. Really want to try it out with more than 2 people, though 2 seemed just fine.
>what you playing anons?
Played StarCraft again this weekend, 2 people didn't show up but we still had fun at 4.
You can play Starcraft with 6? THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!
>day 1 DLC
Day 1 DLC isn't bad.
On disc DLC is, and that's what CMON is.
>Roll 2 dice:
>1-6: You lose 2 life.
>8-12: You lose a random item.
>7: You get a random item from the Shadow Assassin Awesomeness Pack™ available if you pledge at least $400 for the KS campaign or after the game's release for $199.99.
In my humble opinion the game is best with 6 hard core players at the table. Don't try to play 6 player games with newbs (or make it 2 experianced people, 4 newbs and play 3v3) because the game will stretch out too long.

When people know what to do and there's no analysis paralysis the game flows very quickly, the only parts when it slows down to a crawl is when you're the top player and it's the last two rounds - you can bet your ass everyone and his mother will try to block you.

With experianced players:
1. People that can resolve their orders independently, do so
2. Building and research steps are skipped and the next player goes on (though sometimes people wait to see what will be bought)
What's a nice light 3+ player game that takes less than 15-30 minutes per play? Other than the bluffing games like Love Letter, Mascarade or Skull. Genre and theme aren't important, just want something that can be played for when you have more than two players and you're too tired to play anything heavy.
Melee is pretty great for that slot, but it only goes to 4 player, and your first play will probably be more than 30 minutes.
Very tight little war game that runs on bidding mechanics.
There's lots of good choices, but that's one that doesn't get mentioned much here.
Sushi Go is good, as is Red 7. Tsuro used to be my group's dedicated filler for between heavy games when we needed to reset our brains or do somethin fast while others went out for smoke breaks, beer runs etc. King of Tokyo can be played in 30 minutes, or Bang! (dice game not cards) and is pretty mindless dice chuckin. Dexterity/kid's games work really well here too, assuming you aren't threatened by enjoying a good game with a low entry point. Rhino Hero, Animal Upon Animal, Coconuts, Toc Toc Woodman, Push a Monster, all fun to play with your brain turned off. The least brain involved game I've ever owned though is Flowerfall, the hardest part of it is picking up the cards after it's over.

This too. Also waiting on that second game report of World of Yoho.
I'll look through all these, thanks! I completely forgot about Sushi Go, that has an expansion/stand-alone thing coming out soon too right? And yeah I don't mind dexterity/kid's/low entry point games, though I would probably forego them for a game that involves less clean up due to our venues usually being public places.
I'm still waiting on that second play.
Group's been a pack of deadbeats lately, it's netrunner tournaments and twilight imperium gamedays or nothing. Might get it in this weekend.
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>had thunderstone advance with all expansions and numenera
>tfw left all of them behind when I moved
>they're all oop

Reprint when? I loved Thunderstone but I don't want to shell out to buy the out of print stuff off amazon.
Might not be one; when you compare the release schedule they had for Thunderstone vs Advance, they had basically 2 year cycles and were done. AEG is hard to figure out lately, they're clearly going to pump out as much Smash Up and Love Letter as possible since they're the big sellers, but they've also had a lot of other games come out that've been solid, and get very little press/support post release. It looks like they're done with the Tempest line of games, they finished the Trains/Planes/Automobiles, seems like the only thing aside from their big 2 that gets love is Doomtown.
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>shilling intensifies

That was his first post on the subject, man, and he said he was asking to learn more about the opposing perspective. His initial impressions were that it was stupid, petty whining, but if he now empathizes then clearly there's been a shift on that point unless he now admits he too is a stupid, petty whiner.

I mean I understand having beef with name and tripfags with stupid opinions but come on, be rational about it.

You'll notice that his responses are constantly aggressive, and instead of presenting his case he just throws insults and tries some pretty weak attempts at deliberately misconstruing what I say.

This while other posters have no problems presenting how they feel and why

Manchild or shitposter, it matters not. Give both pity and silence. Eventually they get better or go away.
It's more that I was pointing out how he made a total 180 without acknowledging the short-sightedness of his original position. Or apologizing for his initial snarkiness. But I won't deny that I was needling him for personal reasons. He's just a very aggressive guy with a chip on his shoulder (in addition to stupid opinions), and I don't like that.

It's really not worth derailing the thread for, in any case.
>what you playing anons?

Nothing right now - but really want to get in a game or two of Archipelago. That said, I've got the solo expansion for it so I might give that a go before playing with my regular group. I've got to find a good play through video if possible as well.

>As far as I know, retail versions of CMON stuff is complete, all the Kickstarter stuff is extra.

Well, 'complete' is a relative term. There are plenty of games (including) some of the CMON KS releases where the 'complete' base game is kind of 'Meh' only really becomes enjoyable with the expansion items. Which isn't a big deal if they're readily available, but seriously sucks if not. So, while I don't have a problem with the idea of limited edition rewards for KS backers, I can fully understand the dislike - particularly in the latter case of 'really desirable' extras that make the game go from 'Meh' to 'Great'. Nothing sucks more than being hyped for a game after trying it only to discover you're not likely to every own the items that made it a blast to play the first time.
Caved in and bought Bora Bora. Poor thing stood there on a shelf for months and nobody took her home. (Amazon would have saved me 40% but I try to support local businesses...)
Attempting to learn the rules atm.
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Eldritch Horror question. How many times can you re-roll? Say you have a bunch of re-roll abilities and roll one dice for a test. How many times could I re-roll that dice?
>>what you playing anons?

Thinking of putting in an order with CSI...

In the running is either:

A - Fury of Dracula & Mission Red Planet (both Asmodee / FFG games) + Stronghold 2nd Ed for the free shipping.


B Kemet & Expansion (both Asmodee / FFG games) + Stronghold 2nd Ed for the free shipping.

I'm leaning a lot more towards 'A' as I already have a number of 'area control' games. And I want to snag most of the FFG / Asmodee items on my list before any online discount "issues" crop up with their new pricing / service policies. (Fookin' Bankers...)
Unlimited, as long as you can pay for all the re-rolls.
I remember you. Finally decided on the "ALL THE GAMES!" approach, huh?
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Is there any other way?
We had this posted a couple threads ago. I'll reiterate what I said then. Conceptually cool game that suffers from a lack of continuity and theme. Much too random for my taste.
I asked around, and the randomness is actually limited mostly to a single character.

Considering there's like, a lot of characters, that seems somewhat better to me, tho it's understandable if any amount of randomness is enough to ruin immersion or something.
I played this game on sunday and really enjoyed the story apect of it. Is Tales of the Arabian Nights a good game to buy if I liked above and below?
Incan Gold can go by pretty quickly if you put a timer on the "do i stay or do i go?" phase. It's a game of chicken after all. Doesn't need a minute to decide when you are just gonna die anyway.

No Thanks and Bang the dice game both play pretty quickly.

Had a group that could play 7 wonders in about 15 minutes at a full table. Those were fun evenings. Just playing 7 wonders non stop.
Sirlin can go rot. Nope nope nope.
boomp shak-a-lak
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>what you playing anons?

Finished our second game of City of Remnants the other night.

It's got a good feeling to it, and there's excellent escalation, the game starts out with the impression it's going to take all night to finish but by the 3rd or 4th round you realize there's probably actually only 2 more rounds left and it all took just a couple hours.

In the first game I had the impression that getting hit by the police patrols even just two or three times completely shafted a player (because it was me), but the unlucky fellow this time made a decent recovery, even if he still placed last.

That said, it's less of a gang war game and more of a city sim game. Combat is so dreadfully brutal that our players have effectively sworn it off outside of desperate grabs at high Renown generating developments in the final round once people's standings are clear. If someone even loses a couple of gang members, it will ruin an entire round for them, possibly even spilling over into the next. I could accept this brutality a bit more if it weren't for how easy it is to simply avoid stepping on the other players' toes, so other things which I imagine were intended to be dangerous - like waiting on sell actions to efficiently move as much product in one go, are actually risk free because it's not worth the effort to anyone. This board needs to scale down one size so that halfway through things get cramped and players get desperate for developments as the available Renown tokens start slipping away.
Oh? Why?
Looks a bit like the computer game Chaos Overlords
/bgg/ seems to be dead in these hours so maybe I'll try to spark a discussion.

What are the board-game genres (go as coarse or fine-grained as you want) you are aweare of and what's the best game in that genre acording to you.

> Bluffing
Sherrif of Nottingham
> Co-op
Ghost Stories
> Grand Strategy
> Deck builder
> Tableau builder
Imperial Settlers
> Abstract
> Euro
> Duel

Only game I've ever cared to play that fits this category is Werewolf. Well I played resistance too, didn't enjoy it much at all.

> Co-op
If I can ever get a damn game in, I think space alert will be my favorite. In the mean time, I guess I'll just go with Xenoshyft

> Grand Strategy
Talisman, of course. (Only one of these I've played is TI3 so yeah)

> Deck builder

> Tableau builder
Does Suburbia fit here?

> Abstract

> Euro
Suburbia, again. I generally find euros incredibly boring and unimaginative.

> Duel
I'm not a fan of the dice rolling of Ghost Stories. Nothing wrong with random factors and chance in a game, but I hate when it comes down to "Lets roll a die/pull something from a bag/draw a card to see if I wasted my time completely."
Let me start with saying that I hate the unbridled randomness that is dice.

That said I think it fits the game.

Mechanically: the game is beatable if you take a "if it can go wrong it probably will", and I can't think of any other mechanic that would be boring and had that "tower defense" feel.

Thematically: it makes sense - the game is a pastiche of kung-fu movies (especially Big Trouble in Little China) and messing up when you should have won is a given.

Fun factor: rolling "impossible" dice is one of the things that makes Ghost Stories so remembable. The game is fun to lose at and you remember the series of bad throws as well as the miracle saves.

All in all: while I hate dice I think they fit into Ghost Stories. But yeah everybody has their own opition and I doubt I swayed your's in any way.
Don't get me wrong, I play the game occasionally and enjoy it when I do. I agree with a lot of what you said. You can have an acceptable win rate if you approach it right, and a lot of its unique feel would be lost if you took away the binary success or failure combat. I can't think of anything I'd actually change. Still, I don't like having a turn be entirely nullified by chance, same as if you outright skipped me. I'd probably put Ghost Stories in my top 5 co-op games, but no chance at #1 for that reason. And you can probably guess what my favored player powers are.
Friend of mine is working on a Boardgame, here are the rules


I'm guessing:
1. green - retry dice throw
2. yellow - get a token
3. blue - do an action and a fight in the same turn.
Right except for order. The yellow free token is my favorite, blue action+attack is second, 3rd is green reroll.
In light of several people here having a negative opinion on dice, I'll pose a scenario and question.

>Your investigation leads you to the local city docks, to a pier not unlike the many that surround it, save for a unique number and assortment of crates lining its length.
>As you approach the mid point, you are startled to see a large crab like monstrosity pull itself up from the depths just ahead of you.
>Leveling your handgun, you fire into the armored creature as it makes its way to you, smashing through several crates in the process

So, in short
>testing a skill while under duress
>dealing with obstacles
>dealing with possible armor

How would you work through this scenario instead of using dice? I can't think of anyway that doesn't kill realism (auto hits, static damage, no cover system) or make things really convoluted (like using a deck of cards).

Speaking of cards, I wish Malifaux had a better system. As much as I love the aesthetics of the cards, it just feels so clunky.
In my opinion "throw to create narratives/terrain" doesn't add realism, it diminishes it. Events and environments aren't IID random

Testing a skill while under duress:
Cards with actions, discard them when you take damage or stressful events happen.
Obstacles - static penalties
Dealing with armor - make it dependent on attack type or skill, possible AI deck with bonsuses to armor and/or dodge.

That said everything has it's place. The dice in Ghost Stories don't bother me, and if you're going to have a lot of combat then individual fights become unmeaningful - trying to craft a system like BattleCon for a dungeon crawler would make the game crawl not the heroes.

I don't like dice in a setting where you can get your shit pushed in by the unconstrained randomness and long runs of high/low values will swing the game in your favor/disfavor.

- You roll the dice when armies meet to control a terrain
- Players clash over resources
- Player 1 is lucky (currently has a high run of dice), Player 2 is unlucky (currently has a low run of dice), Player 3 is average.

After combat the lucky player will be ahead in resources, mitigating his lack of luck in further phases and the unlucky player will be out of the game.

Lucky/unlucky runs aren't that random. If you don't belive me try a RNG/rolling dice in a series of 5 and see how many of them are "low" runs and "high" runs.

The number of high/low runs will be the amount of *bad* games when you let randomnes run.
Timed tile matching similar to those pipe games maybe? Obstacles add blank tiles, skill adds revealed tiles. A simpler version would be discarding and adding cards to a hand to get a certain sequence, two pairs, full house, etc. Then there's the "reveal combat cards at the same time" method, you can draw from an obstacle deck if you shoot through obstacles that may or may not affect your Attack, or the defending player can sneakily include an Armored card to boost Defense. Maybe even setup a "firing range" using random pieces of wood and flick a piece towards a target. Arrange domino pieces in a way that simulates the shot. Press a pencil on a piece of paper and flick towards the target.

I'm kidding with those last suggestions, but those are alternatives to using dice.

>or make things really convoluted
You mean compared to the various charts of modifiers depending on terrain, target, weapon, obstacles, or weather that's usually included in a game that lets you have and wants to simulate every detail in such a situation?
By the way, does the Starcraft board game really capture the feeling of an RTS game?
I played 1v1 a lot. It doesn't even compare to the meta there there's no decisions like "toss does fast expand, let's go with mass hydra and do a break".

There's almost no such thing as worker harras (something that I thought important in sc:bw) and the combat is obviously less tactical than in the RTS (I don't think you'll often have more than 15 units on the table, and 20 is maximum I'm sure). The game coms with 11-12 unit types but only 3 copies of each unit (not counting: marines, zealots and hydralisk - x6, zergling x 9)

That said it still feels like StarCraft just in a different scope - the decisions you make are similar: Tech, Expand, Economy or Army. There's more back and forward when fighting for a single planet (comparable to 1 expansion in the RTS) - often a single planet will change ownership 3-4 times before the game ends.

Each unit feels similar to the unit in the game, though there are differences. Archons are more powerful than in the game, as are marines, some feel weaker (especially Battle Cruisers, Carriers, Siege Tanks)

Most of the game mechanics is tactical (not getting order blocked and resolving orders the way you want), and resource and hand management with strategy arching over that.

It captures the feeling of StarCraft Campaign for me. It doesn't even get close to the intricacies of 1v1.
Good to know, guess I'll look closer into that game. Lately I've been thinking how one would capture the feeling of Company of Heroes in the form of a board game, so might as well check out some other things.

Like, Project Ares (or something like that) is often called a game that's supposed to be an "RTS board game", but you only fight over one are - the Frontier. It gets kinda abstract in this aspect in my opinion.

A CoH-esque board game would have to be more about area control, as capturing sectors is crucial gameplay element - it gives you resources, some abilities work only in your sectors, and cutting of enemy sectors from opponent's base denies him resources.
>Speaking of cards, I wish Malifaux had a better system. As much as I love the aesthetics of the cards, it just feels so clunky.

Out of curiosity, what another the system feels clunky? I quite like the system, especially the control hand for mitigating luck and the fact that most modifiers are flip extra cards and pick the lowest/highest as opposed to a static modifier.
Haven't played COH so I can't comment.

In StarCraft there's a lot of meaningful AOC/resource management. The game is played on planets, each having 2-5 zones. Each zone provides either:
> gas
> minerals
> victory points

You control VP zones if you have a unit or base there.
You control gas and minerals if you have a unit or base on it or you're the only player on the planet.

Like I said there's a lot of back and forth with exchanging a single planet mostly for the VPs it's worth.

For me feel more like an RTS I'd like:
> Choke points
Right now you can move to from a neighboring planet to any other area on the next planet, as such it doesn't make sense to have a strong front somewhere because it's easy to bypass that front.
> Static defense
The only thing that comes close is the "limited planetary defense" which makes it impossible for the oponent to directly attack your base... unless he has the offseive module which let's him do just that if he sacrafices a transport.
> Freedom of movement
The planets are connected directly or through Z-axis, compare that to the board game where ground units have to follow the terrain but you can drop everywhere. Sometimes it's impossible for a player to do something meaningful because he's bloked by terrain.

I know this is a contrast what I said about choke points but the game is organized now the choke points are too coarse grained - 1 planet has to be fully populated to be a choak point for it's neighboring planet
File: foamcore.jpg (717 KB, 1200x1800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
717 KB, 1200x1800

> Upgrades
The only upgrades you get in StarCraft is tech, I think this could be improved further by something like "weapons upgrade/armor upgrade" so it would be similar to the RTS
> Worker harassment
It's just missing...
> Better worker management
Workers are really currency in the game - the only way it differs from currency is that you can spend it on a planet and somebody may control it, and at the end of your turn you'll be forced to sacrafice all of your workers spend on that field.

I think that it would be much better if workers belonged also occupied space on the board and you could face decisions as to where to move them, and opponents could harras them if possible.
Could you tell me more how hand managements work in this game? What's the purpose of the cards?

> Bluffing
Either Cash and Guns or Sheriff of Nottingham

> Co-op
Definitely Eldritch Horror. Just the right combination of despair and triumph.

> Grand Strategy
Closest thing I have is Eclipse and it was pretty fun.

> Deck builder
Thunderstone Advance (gotta play epic thunderstone mode though) with Core Worlds close behind

> Tableau builder
Roll for the Galaxy

> Abstract

> Euro

> Duel

>Dungeon Crawl
Level 7: Omega Protocol

>Area Control
Chaos in the Old World

I'd first like to say that I've played maybe 5 games, and my teachers were kind of shit. Honestly, I've come to realize the average person is a terrible teacher. For example, I saw someone teaching someone how to play infinity a few weeks ago by starting him out with a full sized army to manage, which is ridiculous.

Anyways, from what I remember of the system, to do something you had to use a card. I believe it had to be higher than your opponents. You could cheat to beat them. Then you had to consult with another unit specific chart to see how much damage you did.

It just felt really clunky, but I do want to revisit it some day
File: EDudMHf.jpg (2 MB, 5000x4900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 5000x4900
Cards correspond to the attack/health values of units and "spells/abilities" used. You attack zones. Zones have unit limits.

There are two types of units: "normal" units (zealots, marines, vultures, archons etc) that have attack/health values and assist units (queen, defiler, science vessel, medic) that don't but have powerful assist cards.

If you attack you must engage as many normal units of the defender with as many attacking units.

You attack with a 2 zealots and a templar
> Ex 1: The defender has 1 zergling
You assign 1 zealot to attack, the other zealot supports (adding 1 attack value). Assist units always support.
> Ex 2: The defender has 3 marines
Skirmish 1: You assign 1 zealot and templar to a marine
Skirmish 2: you assign the other zealot to another marine

The defender then assigngs the third marine to support Skirmish 2 (adding 1 attack)

Then you both choose cards. If your card correspond's to the unit in the skirmish you use the major (outer) values on the card for attack/defense. If it does not you use the minor values (inner).

You can additionally add 1 assist card (with a + sign) to a skirmish, assist cards add health, attack, detector status, splash damage etc

Zergs and Protoss have a hand limit of 6
Terran has a hand limit of 8. When attacking you draw 3 cards, when defending Z&T draw 1 card, P 3. After each skirmish Z draws 1 card.
>CoH-Like board game.
Heroes of Normandie scratches this itch to near-perfection in it's combat, but doesn't have the sector control = resources element. Would be an interesting houseruled system to apply to it, might give that a shot sometime.
File: ZmbgMLH.jpg (2 MB, 5000x4900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 5000x4900
When you resolve a research order you
1. Draw 3 cards
2. May buy a technology adding it to your deck (a form of drafting).

At the end of a turn you must discard cards to your card limit. Cards share "units" with each other (e.g one card has attack values for both zerglings and hydralisk) so some combinations of units work better than others.

Card management boils down to:
1. Knowing what cards you must leave in the discard step to be most effective
2. Resolving research orders to draw +3 cards
3. Attacking to get +3 cards

There's a lot of bluffing with the assist cards, for example one templar technology (psionic storm) adds +2 to attack, the second (hallucination) forces the opponent to discard his combat card.

You also have to keep track of what cards the oponent has lost for example one Ultralisk card gives him 10 health, all other ones are either 9 or 8 (so you know what cards should *you* play).

It's really hard to explain I guess combat and card management is the most complicated aspect of StarCraft (the manual should be easily available on bgg if you want to read more)
>Heroes of Normandie

I've heard that recommended many times and it does seem very interesting, but its skirmish nature and, as you mentioned, lack of sector/economy element makes me doubt if it really scratches that CoH itch. I really need to play this one.

So wait, are all of the cards in the same deck or are there separate decks for combat and research? If I build a new unit, do I put it's card in the deck? How exactly does that work?
>want to play BSG
>don't have friends
How do I cope with it?
Have to literally watch cooptional lounge.
Maybe try finding some people on the net to play on Vassal or if you're more "hip", use the Tabletop Simulator. It works great for simpler games like Bang: The Dice Game or Secret Hitler.
File: pic1354178.jpg (3 MB, 3648x2736) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3648x2736
At the start of the game you have 20 cards in your combat deck. You shuffle them and then draw 6(P/Z), or 8 cards (T).

Additionally you have a technology deck (all the cards from the images that have minerals and gas on them).

If you buy a technology (spending it's resource cost) you take all the cards with the same name (e.g Burrow has 2 copies) and you add them to your discard pile and shuffle it with the rest of your combat deck (a golden version of the order let's you add that technology card to your hand).
You're right to be skeptical, that's a big part of the game to be missing. I feel like the emphasis on prediction helps make up for it in other areas and the overall feel of combat is similar.
Idea of houseruling in a sector-based economy is seriously growing on me. Would make for a significantly longer game, I expect, but that's not horrible.
Plus, in the video game, there are many abilities that target specific sectors or units in said sectors. That's also a big part of the game.

Getting special units/abilities from doctrines to complement your vanilla forces is also important. Really makes the game for me, as at some point in the game you're going to make a choice that will affect the entire match.

>Area Control
Chaos in the Old World


>Worker Placement


>Role selection
Race for the Galaxy ex aequo with Puerto Rico


>Resource management
Castles of Burgundy ex aequo Troyes

>Dungeon Crawler
Gears of War

Robinson Crusoe

Marvel Legendary

King of Tokyo

>Card Drafting
Sushi Go!
That part's pretty well represented actually, between forces with inherent/purchased special abilities, the generously-replenishing hand of action cards including things like offmap artillery / air support and limited-use special attacks.

And something like a Tiger is, if anything, even more threatening and gamechanging in HoN than CoH. At least until you manage to detrack it in a bad corner of the map.
Exclusives a shit

KS a shit

Buying goods sight unseen with no review and absolutely no idea if they'll be good or not is pants on head retarded

Exclusives for pre-orders are shit. They are convincing you to buy a game you have no clue about. I wish pre-order cancer would leave. You people are morons.
File: 1378679102075.gif (2 MB, 250x231) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 250x231
In the mail for me now are Blood Rage, Forbidden Stars, and War of the Ring. I can't wait to longingly look at them on the shelf while people choose to play shorter, lighter alternatives.
File: image.jpg (62 KB, 500x479) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 500x479
>I can't wait to longingly look at them on the shelf while people choose to play shorter, lighter alternatives.
You're not exactly saying anything new there, buddy.
Tru dat.
Do I give a fuck?
Obviously not since you think /bgg/ is your blog and think you're big shit for re-stating what most people here already think.
Let me clarify. I don't give a fuck what you have to say.
Obviously you do if you keep responding.
Do you give a shit what I have to say, anon-kun? ~
I'm not the poster you're replying to, BTW
I care about you anon, just not that other person.
Oh, ok. He's probably a faggot or something.

So what the scales for you, anon? For me it was the retail prices of Cthulhu Wars.

I'm at work so there's only so much I want to do from a phone. Anyways...

>Spelling mistakes. Faction is spelled fraction in a few instances
>Theme is wierd. When I think of pirates I don't think of a gang of guys doing parkour and brawling across a city.
> Grand Strategy
Triumph&Tragedy, absolutely fantastic.

> Tableau builder
7 Wonders, if that counts.

> Euro
Dominant Species

> Duel
Twilight Struggle, if that counts as a duel game?

>Area Control
Chaos in the Old World
File: HEMAD.jpg (76 KB, 404x439) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 404x439
>Have a good group
>Always have fun with group
>But group only plays board games every other week or so
>Decide to start up a second group
>Get a few new people interested, have some short times and they all enjoy the games
>Plan a meetup for friday, going to be me+3
>Send out texts the day before remining people
>Day of no one shows up at time/place
>Call people
>One person is just a bit late, one person got sick yesterday afternoon and didn't say anything, one person took a trip to [city four hours away] for the day and forgot to say anything
>Play some light 1v1 games with only person to show up
>Next week is a repeat with different circumstances

Why is it so hard to get games played?

Are you trying to get games in every week? If people have even moderately busy lives, you expect too much.
I would like to get games in every week. I have work 9-5 on weekdays, no extra responsibilities besides keeping my house looking alright and only hobbies to entertain me outside that.

The reason I started group 2 was to not put too much pressure on group 1. My thoughts were to have both groups playing every other week. The reason that we tried the immediate week after is because everyone said they were up for it.

I don't mind if people are too busy to do these sort of meetups, but it frustrates me when people commit to times and then decide to not show up and never say anything. Like in the first circumstance I don't mind that the person got sick, but I would have liked to have known to not expect him, and the person who took the trip to the other city just decided to do it for fun and completely forgot about the game night.

I gotcha. Flakes can be fuck all annoying. I also thought you killed group 1 to make group 2. Things sound much more reasonable.
Yeah, could have been more clear. Group 1 still exists and plays every other week consistently.

Group 2 is different people and is intended to play on the alternate days of Group 1.

And I was hoping to occasionally get both groups together to do some big games like Panic on Wall Street or Mafia de Cuba.
>>Theme is wierd. When I think of pirates I don't think of a gang of guys doing parkour and brawling across a city.

Someone obviously hasn't seen 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. (And no - I'm not suggesting that's how real pirates operate. It's merely how Hollywood *thinks* they operate.)
File: STH75151.jpg (190 KB, 1050x583) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
190 KB, 1050x583
Why /bgg/, there are TWO parcels here, just for me! And it's not even my birthday!
File: STH75152.jpg (164 KB, 1075x806) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164 KB, 1075x806
But whatever could be in these parcels?


Dragon dildos?

Dragon dildos filled with bees, to give that 100% natural vibration?

Only one way to find out...

I've flaked with BS excuses. It was because everyone else flaked, and I wasn't close enough friends with the guy in question that it wouldn't be worth driving 30 minutes away

It sucks, but you have to bait them in and win them over. Some do it with charisma, others with free food/beer, and others get a charismatic ally to help. If none of that works, just rotate more reliable people into your group and rotate the flakers out. Gamers can be found anywhere
File: STH75154.jpg (165 KB, 1075x806) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165 KB, 1075x806
Bubble wrap, how lovely!

But what could be inside the lovely bubble wrap?
File: STH75155.jpg (117 KB, 1075x806) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117 KB, 1075x806

Could it be?
File: STH75156.jpg (287 KB, 1075x806) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
287 KB, 1075x806
It is - Viticulture: Essential Edition! Everybody's favourite wine-making simulator, now available to buy for a price that isn't completely fucking retarded!
I knew you were lying about living in the UK.
File: STH75160.jpg (233 KB, 1075x806) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
233 KB, 1075x806
Ah, but there is another parcel to open...
Please don't report me to Police Constable Gonemad!
File: STH75162.jpg (245 KB, 1075x806) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
245 KB, 1075x806
File: STH75163.jpg (420 KB, 1075x806) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
420 KB, 1075x806
Yes, Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Board Game! Some anon said it was awesome, so I decided to give it a shot - it was only £10...
Maglev train set?
File: STH75165.jpg (357 KB, 1075x806) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
357 KB, 1075x806
>not tying up the cards with rubber bands before shipping
>that British stand-up that /pol/ makes fun of
Hah I started a thread with an image from BtVS:TBG a while ago. Please tell how it playes after you've run through a couple of games.
File: STH75170.jpg (356 KB, 1075x806) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
356 KB, 1075x806
Apparently, Essential Edition adds a bunch of shit from the Tuscany expansion, and tweaks things so you can't pull that "getting shit without actually making wine" shit, which one guy I know always tried to do for a laugh... then making wine, because he didn't want to come last.
You're probably the reason I bought it. I'll definitely try and bring it out as often as I can, and tell you guys how it went in excruciating detail.
File: id=376586.jpg (203 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203 KB, 500x500
Has anyone tried Yashima yet? Waiting for my kickstarter edition to come in within the next few weeks. Between battletech and neuroshima, I need more hexes in my life.
File: riker.gif (2 MB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 250x250

Why I'm busy designing my own cyberpunk tabletop lightish-wargame. Someday I'll hit it big and make a hundred bucks off of a 10k Kickstarter.

>what you playing anons?
Playing some shadowrun crossfire (a card game of course so I'm mostly cheating) with the wife.
>bluffing/social deduction
Love Letter
>hidden objective
Shadow Hunters
>area control
Ankh Morpork
>party game
Word Whimsy/One Night Ultimate Werewolf
Pandemic: The Dice Game
>dice game
Bang! The Dice Game
>worker placement
Marvel Legendary
>Monopoly substitute
Monopoly Tropical Tycoon
>Munchkin substitute
Ninja Burger

>Ninja Burger

Wanted to like this game so badly. I might have played it wrong, but when it was me and a couple others at a con trying it out, we just took turns losing missions until we just stopped playing.

Is it kind of like betrayal in that you keep doing a thing until a trigger finally happens and the game speeds up?
Ehhhhh... it's kind of one of those "with the right crowd" games - if you think the mission descriptions are funny and read them out every time you roll, it definitely helps.
File: mrw.jpg (675 KB, 1134x752) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
675 KB, 1134x752
pic so very related
>Monopoly Tropical Tycoon
Get Monopoly Deal, especially knowing you like Bang The Dice Game, you want this; just make sure you get the old edition not Millionaire Deal, which has shitty art changes.
I lucked out and found a seller in my country who wanted to charge a reasonable amount.
I was thinking more for the actual Monopoly experience, but Deal is some damn good shit.
File: 1385308025027.jpg (27 KB, 500x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 500x200
What's that one genre you hate? For me it's:
>dice games

Pic unrelated.
SJG has pumped out so much Munchkin you might consider it a genre.
Dungeon Bumpz
Does /bgg/ like XCOM? Most of my friends are normies who only play magic, but I figured with the new game coming out I might be able to get the idea of modern board games in their heads if I show them something familiar.
>so much Munchkin you might consider it a genre
At least they're coming out with some more content for Ogre Designer Edition. I like the game and the scale. Hooray!

I'm glad that you were finally able to get a copy that wasn't: A - damaged, and B stupid expensive.
Fuck munchkin. I've played it three times. One play is acceptable I'd wager. The last time I played it our group was three guys and one girl. One of the guys totally m'lady'd and was playing around trying to help her not do so shit. He was a competitive munchkin player. Yes, such a thing exists. At any rate, he was so caught up trying to dick us other male players and be all cutesy with the girl that once the other guy reached level 9 I just offered to help him get to 10 and win the game. The aforementioned m'lady type then went into a maximum overtip of his fedora and got all pissy I would help someone else win the game when I'd get nothing out of it. To which I told him
>if he wins, you lose
>gf sends me a link
>board game tournament in a game store
> it's not even that far away
>look closer
>it's a Munchkin tournament

I don't know how I feel.
She's trying, but clearly needs to learn a little more.

Or she has shit taste.
The former, I assume.

I mean, for one she really enjoyed Flashpoint and Saboteur, but had her doubts about King of Tokyo. Plus, after I told her how Cards Against Humanity plays, she had her doubts too. On the other hand, I really wasn't doing CAH any favours when I was explaining it to her.

There's still hope.
File: pic2724181.jpg (228 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
228 KB, 1024x768
Ok thread is dozing again so another stupid question.

Do do DIY your board games?
Which OOP board games are both easy to DIY and are worth it because they're so great.

I've been planning to DIY Dune for some time now but we mostly play StarCraft right now so it's not a big priority. Pic related someone's pimped out Dune

If you're playing it primarily because you like XCOM, prepare for possible dissapointment. The heart and soul of XCOM is brutal ground warfare, with everything else leading up to or modifying the way you conduct said warfare.

The board game is about everything except combat. I mean, combat is there, but it's like "you need 1 heavy weapon troop, one sniper troop, and two of either troop to proceed. Have the troops? Roll a d6 to pass the mission.

Fuck that noise.

However, outside of poorly representing XCOM, it keeps the theme and difficulty, and it's a coop where everyone has a specific job so everyone feels special. Generally people in my area liked it enough, but I haven't seen it on the table in some time.
Are there any currently popular naval-ish wargames available? Other than Star Wars Armada of course.
Only Dreadfleet and Merchants & Marauders come to my mind.
Yeah, there was a time when I didn't think I'd ever get a copy in decent condition for less than £60. Fortunately, there was one eBay seller who wanted £43 for a brand new copy.

Now I just need to find a copy of Corto that isn't £40-50 with shipping...
Based anon.
The hero /bgg/ needs.

I'd be really tempted to DIY Dune if I wasn't so satisfied with Rex as a second edition.
The setting of Rex doesn't speak to me at all but I'm tempted to steal the improvements from Rex (I've heard that there are some).
Man, why didn't you guys ever tell me how awesome Heroes of Normandie was?!

It's fast, looks nice, highly customizeable. Pretty excellent entry level wargame, scratches that WWII itch pretty nicely.
Only downside is the amount of money I'm spending on cardboard.
And the fact that the british and canadians are a lot more expensive.
The map's cleaned up a bit, some of the less important fiddly bits have been removed, a few ability changes and some interaction cleanups. The differences aren't huge, but given the choice I'd always rather play with Rex's rules.

I certainly like the Dune setting better, but the Twilight Imperium setting matches the game's theme better than I expected, and has a really pleasant casual campiness that's easy to enjoy.

I don't know what you're complaining about, I'm shilling that game at least a couple times a week in here. The cost does add up quick if you go full completionist though.
I must have missed it apple-ogies.

And yea it's like Xwing in the cost department. I got myself a core and suddenly I had 2 army boxes, scenario boxes, and terrain tiles.

But god damn it feels so good.
Yeah, it's been a lot easier for me to splurge on HoN than Xwing because there's no need to pick up duplicates.
I still need to punch out Pegasus Bridge.
>tfw you perfectly predict an opponent's activation order and either kill or outmaneuver every single one of his marked units before they get their shot.
That's a good point. I always feel like I'm getting more new toys with HoN. I love how they do the list building too.
I find I'm more on the receiving end of that feel, my poker face is terrible.
>tfw attacking a dug in Fortified Farms position and your opponent predicts your activations.
Mistakes were made.
Attacking fortifications in HoN is suffering, especially if you didn't bring artillery/tanks/grenades.
I really enjoy how strong a mindgame element the order system introduces to the game, very unexpected.
>doubts king of tokyo
>doubts memes against humanity

What's the problem, exactly?
I like how buildings really feel like strongpoints.

Those bluffs man, those fucking bluffs..It does feel a lot more intricate than it looks at face value, I've been really happy with it.
I love that the scenario boxes added the ability for damage to buildings to blow open new entrances, but feel like it was undercut a little by how liberally they added the ability to jump through windows to so many paratrooper/fallschirmjäger units.
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