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>Join a tabletop game with an existing...
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>Join a tabletop game with an existing party, developed campaign
>Learn all the rules through the hundreds of pages in the books
>Set up a character with a history, motivation, and pretty good stats
>Have to roll outside the game for work duties and salary
>If work roll fails, penalty roll must be taken for relevant categories
>Critfail 4d10 rolls in a row, contract AIDS and die before I ever see the playing field

So /tg/, how was your week?
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Well damn but my week >pic related
I do dare.

What are the chances?
This pretty much sums up my week.
That DM thread? Or just "Shitty Settings" thread?
that would be 10 to the power of 4, or 1 out 10,000 chance.

So, I won the lottery of pain and agony.
What kind of retarded system lets you die during character creation?

It sounded interesting, so I looked into it, but unfortunately you are only allowed to roll characters, instead of creating what you want
See also Mutant Chronicles first edition and Mechwarrior 1st-3rd edition.

While your chances of dying during character creation in Mechwarrior are pretty low, your chances of washing out of training and ending up with a character who can't be a mechwarrior, thus meaning you had to start character creation OVER were unacceptably high.
How did that even happen? Did you write the character up then rolled it, or was the thing that ended up killing it a separate thing?
I am not OP, just saying that you can die in Traveller's character random generation
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>Have been in a RPG meetup group from Meetup.com for a while.
>Seems to be doing okay.
>Running GURPS Cyberpunk.
>GM is kind of an Autist, a bit obsessed with details, but a competent storyteller which I supposed is a DM style that lends itself to GURPS. He's also something of an outspoken Libertarian, bordering on Objectivism.
>Be finishing up a run and planning to dump stolen goods on the black market.
>Learn that the thing we were hired to do was meant to manipulate stock prices so our Mr. Johnson could get rich, but causes a recession in the short run.
>One of our players, whom I will call FailedTroll cracks a joke about Keyensian economics and "where's Bernie Sanders when you need him?"
>"You didn't..."
>Loud argument quickly starts about how awful Sanders would be. FailedTroll responds by pointing out how bad the Republicans are.
>Myself and BroPlayer try to calm things down, tell them to leave politics at home.
>This has about as much effect on the rapidly growing argument as a fly splattering a freight train's windshield does on the train's velocity.
>Argument soon turns into a full-scale screaming match.
>This is in an FLGS, BTW. Players from other rooms start poking their heads in and telling us to pipe down.
>GM finally snaps, grabs his laptop and with all of us watching, logs on to Meetup.com and EJECTS AND BANS FAILEDTROLL FROM THE GROUP.
>We protest, but Asshole GM pulls rank. Tells FailedTroll to not come back next week.
>FailedTroll demands his group dues be refunded.
>Asshole GM refuses.
>Store comes in and tells us to stop screaming or leave.
>Asshole GM storms out, still won't refund FailedTrolls' money.

I'm no going back, and neither is BroPlayer. We're going to start our own group and neither AssholeDM or FailedTroll will be invited. FailedTroll should have known better than to throw a grenade like that.
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If my character dies before I really get to play them; my next character is their identical brother.
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Pretty hectic, what with the 12 hour trip abroad to hunt for a new job and all that jazz.

But tomorrow I should be able to still hop onto skype and play with my group as per usual, if everything goes well...
That wasn't a grenade, it was a funny joke.
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>miss two sessions in a row due to work and other obligations.
>talking to other players a bit, get wind that some shit went down while I was out.
>whatever, can't be that bad.
>get back in game.
>three out of characters are in critical condition.
>the fourth is about to Butch And Sundance his way out of a police stand off.
>my character is watching all this unfold on the evening news after catching up with the party.

Seriously guys, what the hell?! I can't leave you alone for two days in game without things blowing up!

Last week's news but nothing much has happened this week so:
>Was gifted a large bag of bits from 40k
>WHFB Ogres, Orcs, Goblins
>40k Orks, CSM, some Daemons
>WHFB wizard kit, two figures, unopened (well, now it is)
>Dark Vengeance CSM Lord
>Some old metal furies and Chaos Spawn
>Also an old metal squig
>It looks smug
Post smug squig.
Meh joke, but not worth ditching the player over. Your GM was aspergers though.

Anyone who buys into a 'pure' form of any economics system in this day and age and swears by it is delusional in a scary way.
>First session
>First combat
>First time playing a level 1 character (always used to start at level 2).
>Get hit by a crit arrow and get knocked unconscious.
>Die since nobody else can get to me in time to stop the goblin from coup de gracing me with his shortsword.
Yeah, really love these kinda games.
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