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Let's talk about board wipes today.
>Best ones?
>Worst ones?
>The ones that get rid of all permanents?
What's the best hybrid one-drop for a Boros deck that's not Boros Recruit
There are only three in Boros colors and Figure of Destiny is far and away the best.
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Best one so far for me
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Fuck that noise, I don't want shit coming back EVER.
Yet again nobody plays filthy casual. Get good you lazy freeloading fucks. If you can't pay the $80 to make a competent deck then stop playing MTG.
I understand that this is just someone trying to poke the thread with some flames, but it's really sad that people genuinely do think like this.
Pull From Eternity into Reanimate :^)
I don't think you know what this means.
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Pfff, not haste, not protection,
Hope you enjoy playing against dredge/delver/reanimator
Sixth turn? why cast a spell when you already lost the game when you can pay only 1 mana?

Now serious, i posted on last casual general but i did not see any answer, so i post again. i want to do a uw angel control deck, with treasure cruise and dig trough time, but that still remains budget, what can i put together?
>Game being over by turn 6
Guess I'm a complete been but most games I play with my groups get to at least turn 9.
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deceiver of Sifter.jpg
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Thinking of making a Eldrazi deck with Scion Ramp and utilize these cards.
Should I just stick to Golgari or dip into blue to get shit like 4x Ulamog's Nullifier and Void Grafter, Drowner of Hope, Tide Drifter, 2x Ruination Guide and counterspells/taps?
A thing I can do with Sultai is to control the opponent more and perhaps use Traumatize and then Nihil Spellbomb or Bojuka Bog.

Perhaps Jund instead, for 2x Vile Aggregates, Flayer Drone and Forerunner of Slaugher?

Glint is way too risky IMO.
>no turn 1
what are you girls doing?
Dip to green and get yourself x4 From Beyond because those things are killer if you get two or three on the field.
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bait of baits.jpg
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Well, I'm already in Green/Black (Golgari) and I have 2 of From Beyond, since I already use Catacomb Sifter
The question was if I should splash some Blue or Red in there or just focus on Green/Black.
Focus on G/B. Getting three colors in one deck sets yourself up for a hand of all X while you only have Y, Z, and YZ lands.lands
Alright, but what if I add some Holdout settlement and Springleaf Drum to get the sweet effect of tapping the scions and then sacrificing them for that sweet 1 mana of any colour+square mana?
I'm baiting for the terminus or for the uw angels?
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I'm quite a fan of Planar Outburst. I really like the art, I feel like it really captures how powerful the Roil and Zendikar's Elementals are even compared to the Eldrazi. Plus, it feels great to use in my control Awaken deck.

Sylvan Advocate x4
Reflector Mage x2
Halimar Tidecaller x4
Wall of Resurgence x4
Noyan Dalar, Roil Shaper x4

Scatter to the Winds x4
Encircling Fissure x4
Immolating Glare x4
Planar Outburst x2
Roil Spout x4

Lumbering Falls x4
Yavimaya Coast x4
Mirrorpool x4
Plains x10
Island x2

Reflector Mage x2
Eldrazi Displacer x4
Planar Outburst x2
Iona's Blessing x3
Naturalize x4

I use it in Standard. Its really fun to play for a control deck. There's nothing more satisfying than casting Planar Outburst and be left staring down at the opponent with a battalion of hueg land creatures.

What does Casual general think of my deck in particular and land creature generation in general?
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Go hard senpai
The best wraths are 4-drops.
How to absolutely, positively get rid of a creature and make sure it never, ever comes back:
1. Enchant it with Song of the Dryads, turning it into a forest.
2. Use Liquimetal Coating to turn it into an Artifact Land - Forest
3. Cast Bludgeon Brawl to make it an Artifact Land - Forest Equipment
4. Cast Magnetic Theft to equip it to any creature token.
5. Cast Reality Ripple on the creature token. It will phase out, taking the equipment along with it. Because tokens cease to exist when they phase out, your victim will never return.
I thought phased out permanents phased back in at the start of your next untap step. Sure, the token disappears, but the permanent attached to it would phase back in if unequipped.
I really like this one flavorwise.
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tragic arrogance.png
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This thing is so fucking cool.

Personally I like pic related quite a bit. It kicks so much ass in my Commander decks that I haven't bothered to try it in anything else. Art's pretty bad though.
Looks good, however generally I'm not a fan of land creatures.

As stated last thread, it turns creature removal into Land removal (though your Lumbering Falls certainly help to stop that).
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+ It that Betrays.jpg
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I prefer this bad boy.
702.25f. When a permanent phases out, any Auras, Equipment, or Fortifications attached to that
permanent phase out at the same time. This alternate way of phasing out is known as phasing
out “indirectly.” An Aura, Equipment, or Fortification that phased out indirectly won’t phase in
by itself, but instead phases in along with the permanent it’s attached to.
>Casual general

Off topic from your specific topic but

Making my first budget (less than $100) modern deck for fun. Is $30 burn deck or goblins the only way to go?
>hate this colossal meta of 2-turn victories where you cannot possibly plan for every instance
>good decks are a money sink
>bad decks are an even bigger money sink

>go to my first draft in years
>have loads and loads of fun, proud of the deck I made
>I will never use these cards again

This is the strangest feeling.
Green stompy is playable. $100 burn would have no goblin guides and therefore suck. Find the modern thread.
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Emeria angel. As a control deck you want 26+ lands, and she turns your lands into threats. Could also throw in some Emancipation angels and Mulldrifters
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Go budget zombie hunt

Zombie infestation x4
Treasure hunt x4
Reliquary tower x4
Lands x48
Emeria Angel gets you flyers, counterspell and Mana Leak are pretty damn cheap, I advise preordain because it's fucking awesome. Exalted Angel is an oldie but goodie, along with whatever angels got you into this deck idea in the first place. Finally, get your 4 mana Wrath of choice out, Day of Judgement is pretty cheap these days. Wrap up with your card draw and 26-28 lands.
Draft is pretty rad, it got me back interested in MtG during college when I did rtr/gtc/dgm draft and stomped with red/white/black. For a while my limited win rate at my LGS was insane, but now I'm a casual scrub again and I spend my time theorycrafting for multiplayer.
I'd actually call 'pick whatever cards you want' LESS casual, since your pool of cards isn't limited and you can just make an unbreakable populate deck or whatever.
Don't go to the Modern general. Its not really your place.

You should go to Standard general instead. You see, Modern is a format that includes every expansion since Mirrodin. This means decks are very powerful and very expensive.

On the other hand Standard is a format that only includes the last few expansions, rotating cards in and out everytime a new set is released. Smaller card pool means less powerful, much, much cheaper decks. Overall Standard is the most newcomer-friendly constructed format of them all, allows you to put together a reasonable deck with your pulls from boosters and you don't need to know much from the get go.

Most of my standard decks are around 20€ and even fare decently at Modern tourneys at my LGS.
Its not very cheap at the moment.
Unglued version of other card game
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Muh brethren.
Here's a G/W Warriors deck, WIP

3 Sunblade Elf
3 Aven Skirmisher
4 Heir of the Wilds
3 Cavalry Pegasus
3 Kin-Tree Warden
2 Mardu Woe-Reaper
3 Seeker of the Way
3 Herald of Dromoka
2 Spire Tracer
1 Dragon Hunter
1 Ampryn Tactician

2 Angelic Gift
2 Oppressive Rays
2 Tandem Tactics
2 Divine Favor
2 Titanic Growth
1 Phytoburst
2 Fog

2 Blossoming Sands
10 Forest
10 Plains

It's not really based off of anything, so I'm figuring out what to keep and what other instants/enchantment stuff to put in
Guys, I found Dr. Doom
It's quite... Weak?
None of the creatures bar Herald of Dromoka and Sunblade elf really have any kind of synergy with each other.

I'd look into getting some cards which boost your entire board at once. Dictate of Heliod is a good cheap one. It's like 40 cents, gives +2/+2 to all of your creatures for 5 mana, and has Flash so you can pull it as a combat trick.

Alternatively, given your cheap creatures, you could get the somewhat more expensive at a bit over $1. It puts a +1/+1 counter on all of your creatures whenever another creature enters the battlefield.
Rank game stores, and rank attitudes are why I am a kitchen table player. I suppose those reasons are why you play competitive. In a smelly store no one will recognize the stench coming off your stunted, and degenerate personality. Or do you febreeze your fedora?
>more expensive
That should be the more expensive Cathars' Crusade.
My new group is not as competitive as my last group. I don't want to intentionally nerf my decks. At the same time I don't want to steamroll them each game. So lately I have been restricting myself to commons and uncommons only. It is an interesting challenge.
I generally just try to construct decks from a singular block.

Right now I'm stuck in Return to Ravnica.
Just finishing off my Izzet deck, then I want to make Azorius and Rakdos ones.

I mean, I wanted to make an Eldrazi one, but then modern went and blew the prices well out of my budget.
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If you're gonna wipe, might as well do something useful with it. Also, fuck reanimator.
>Planeswalker deals 7 damage to target player. That player discards seven cards, then sacrifices seven permanents.
> When you put this creature into the battle zone, your opponent discards 7 cards from his hand.
Does avarage mtg have 7 or more cards in their hand?

How does the lore of Emeria based angels work now it has been revealed that Emeria was Emrakul?
I did an American burn deck with mostly return to Ravnica cards. I am considering do a Izzet spellslinger deck next.
Thie angels existed prior, when the titans came to Zendikar Emrakul enslaved them. When the titans were bound the angels kept thinking Emrakul was a benevolent god. I think they broke that control by the time the titans woke up again.
Look, just play a cheaper modern deck and slowly build into it over time
The creatures for burn are something like
4x Wild Nacatl
4x Monastery Swiftspear
4x Eidolon of the Great Revel
4x Goblin Guide
1x Grim Lavamancer

The Goblin guides and eidolons are expensive, but nothing else there is

If you really want to you can run stuff like vexing devils which are cheap as hell, though less good. Ive known people who run him as a better lightning bolt though.

The burn suite is cheap as hell with the exception of cards like Atarkas command. Its also really customisable as to what you like, I prefer running really valuable stuff like Lightning Helix over rift bolt, but its up to you.

Burn is fun, but you could also play Elves which is fairly cheap with the exception of a few cards (Cavern of Souls, Heritage Druid, Chord of Calling if you are playing that way, Horizon Canopy if you are Gw).
How do your standard decks do against Tron, Affinity, Elves, Merfolk and BW eldrazi? I tell you what, I seriously dont give a shit when you silkwrap any of my Elves because I have 10 more and im coming in for 20 turn 3.

Just put 4x Eldrazi displacer. Flicker the land you don't want destroyed, comes back in as a land without it's +/+ counters. I basically have this exact deck except with displacers and brood mother for infinite combo. Oh and 1 Kozilek for luls
Its a very expensive plainswalker, which means it was intended for EDH
If you could copy the spell multiple times you could win the game with this guy quickly. I think super friends plays him
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Image (1).jpg
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I used to have a janky deck that tried to get out pic related and Righteous Fury (4WW sorcery:Destroy all tapped creatures. You gain 2 life for each creature destroyed this way.)
It was a terrible deck, but amusing when it went off.
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Me when I went to a modern tournament with Zombie Hunt and a sideboard of the 15 most expensive modern cards (I borrowed off my group).
What is the difference between "casual" and "shitty deck"?
I played "casual" with my brother and he always got butthurt that my "fun" decks were too efficient over his "fun" decks.
My "fun" decks weren't t0-2, but could still probably win a match or two in standard at the time. Is that not 'casual' enough?
Casual really just means you don't care about conforming to any format.
Your problem sounds like there's a discrepancy between the power levels of your decks.

Which is really easy to do, when you consider casual means you can essentially see people using modified Battle for Zendikar pre-mades against the most bullshit of Legacy decks.
SOI spoilers :D >>45251395
What should my lands be like if I have three colors that equally take up deck space? Assume 25 lands.
Silly combos are why I play the game.
Affinity eats me alive, its just 2fast. The closest I was to wining against it was getting my pal down to 9.

Tron is a tossup. Turn 3 Karn I loose but if I get to T4 I usually win.

Elves plays almost like a mirror match, except Elves is slightly faster than my deck, but I do have ways to deal with it.

Merfolk no one plays at my shop. Same goes for BW Eldrazi.
Page 10 bump
Unluckly, cards like that are "too stronk 4 standarshit"
Look what colores do you want to cast earlier in the game and just put more of these
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