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Standard MTG Thread
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There isn't one up so I thought I would make one

>what are you playing
>favorite Oath cards to use
>what does your meta look like

Game day is coming up soon
I'm playing a Jeskai prowess deck, in thinging of replacing the Thunderbreak Regents with Zada Hedron Grinder because I can copy my cantrips. But the dragon is a strong card that almost guarantees damage.

2 x Zurgo
4 x Swiftspear
4 x Stormchaser Mage
2 x Reflector Mage
2 x Elusive Spellfist
4 x Mantis Rider
2 x Thunderbreak Reagent

4 x Roast
4 x Defiant Strike
4 x Slip Through Space
3 x Titan Strength
4 x Send to Sleep

21 x Assorted Lands

I'm currently build an RU Prowess deck; just waiting on a few cards to come in the mail. I've had terrible luck with non-basic land pulls (Only really have the painlands from Origins) so I've been nervous about trying out a three color deck.

I was thinking about side boarding Devour in Flames just in case an opponent actually runs a few of the beefy flyers out there.
>Favorite OGW cards
Deceiver of Form
Matter Reshaper
Reality Smasher
Thought-Knot Seer
Eldrazi Displacer
Immolating Glare
Iona's Blessing
Wall of Resurgence
Slip Through Space
Void Shatter
Containment Membrane
Crush of Tentacles
Cyclone Sire
Grip of the Roil
Bearer of Silence
Dread Defiler
Flaying Tendrils
Inverter of Truth
Sifter of Skulls
Witness the End
Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
Immobilizer Eldrazi
Kozilek's Return
Embodiment of Fury
Vile Redeemer
World Breaker
Bonds of Mortality
Embodiment of Insight
Natural State
Oath of Nissa
Pulse of Murasa
Sylvan Advocate
Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim
Cliffhaven Vampire
Reflector Mage
Stormchaser Mage
Stoneforge Masterwork
Ruins of Oran-Rief
Sea Gate Wreckage

This set is bonkers.
Especially after BFZ, the set feels really high power
Yeah, if you ask me its the perfect power level, far above BFZ / Dragons with usable cards in all formats but not quite as insane as Khans / Fate.

Really, I can't wait for it to be April so that those two rotate out. The meta is pretty stale as it is and could use some fresh air. With any luck SoI will be around OGW in terms of power (perhaps a bit above) and we'll have a fun meta again. My only concern is that we may see a shift towards control if Reflector Mage sees too much play.
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You forgot about this guy. Favorite card in the set.
Fourth from the top.

I actually forgot Stone Haven Outfitter though. He is GREAT.
File: Nice board faggot.png (1 MB, 908x1116) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Nice board faggot.png
1 MB, 908x1116
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Bernie vs hillary.png
910 KB, 680x693
I'm only going to mourn the loss of Ghostfire Blade because I feel like it's the main thing enabling my budget RGC eldrazi aggro deck
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Better version
Just use Stoneforge Masterwork. It costs 1 more to equip it but since you are playing an Eldrazi tribal odds are the boost will be much greater.
The 1 more to equip is a pretty big deal (also the deck is RBC not RGC, what the fuck was I typing there)

Turning a 2/1 into a 4/3 on turn 2 hits up a clock
Guess you are right, Stoneforge is more midrange / lategame material. It's still one of the best cards you can use in tribal decks.
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3 MB, 2560x1871
I'm going into regionals in a few weeks

What deck should I be packing?

I was thinking about the B/W superfriends eldrazi control list that made top last SCG. Looks promising
>traded off my CoCos for 2 polluted deltas earlier last week
>they've almost doubled in price since then
I hate these buy outs
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So I'm a complete noob at magic, I've got a few decks I jerked together myself, I want to go to a FNM at my local store but I'm scared I won't be able to handle the autism and I don't want to get yelled at for fucking up.

Is there a retard proof budget-ish deck out there that is a good place to start?

Fuck white, every other color(s) go. Green color is best color. Thanks in advance m8's.

[/spoiler]I really don't want to spill my spagetthi at FNM.
Right now there isn't too many "easy" decks in standard with all the fetchlands and 4 color mana bases floating around

I'd just say pick whatever deck you are most comfortable with or some mono red aggro jank and go with it

I don't know about your LGS but the ones I've been to everyone is pretty friendly and don't take FNM that seriously. I really doubt you'll get your head ripped off for anything
Are there any cool decks or ideas with landfall?
File: M'lady.jpg (157 KB, 500x681) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Going to my first OGW 2HG with a friend next weekend, anything that has proven to be a reliable tactic? Going for Surge seems obviously like a good idea, but are there any particular decks to aim on building?

Posting best gent.
If you're too scared of spilling spaghetti it might be a decent idea to go to a FNM without playing first and see how the atmosphere and people are. Test the water and all that.

Usually, there's at least 2/3rd of the players being nice and decent people, just stick with those. You won't be winning against the veterans right off the bat anyway and might end up not even playing against one if you're still a beginner. If you're unsure about any rulings, just ask your opponent or, if push comes to shove, ask the local judge. You're definitely not the first new player they'll have and there's no reason to be ashamed if you make some seemingly obvious misplays or mistakes.

It's just FNM after all and you're not aiming to be super competitive either.
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There can meme only one!

Creature (16)
4x Abbot of Keral Keep
4x Elusive Spellfist
4x Monastery Swiftspear
4x Stormchaser Mage

Instant (14)
4x Dance of the Skywise
2x Fiery Impulse
4x Titan's Strength
4x Wild Slash

Sorcery (10)
2x Magmatic Insight
4x Slip Through Space
4x Treasure Cruise

Land (20)
4x Bloodstained Mire
3x Island
5x Mountain
4x Polluted Delta
4x Shivan Reef

>not beating your friends with a strictly better Temur Battle Rage
>not force-shoving a Zada in there for instant-speed, 2CMC Day of the Dragons

And they even keep the extra damage collected from Prowess before it went off!
>turn 1 reaver
>turn 2 mimic
>turn 3 mimic
>turn 4 dust stalker
the pain is real

Just considering what it'll be losing, do you think UR Prowess will still have enough tech after Khans and Fate get cycled out?

Losing the Swiftspears is going to hurt.
How viable do you guys think "mono colorless" will be? Almost got the deck finished and was somehow able to even hold up to some modern decks with it.
>How viable do you guys think "mono colorless" will be?
not at all.

Omnath, Locus of Rage x2
Mina and Denn, Wildborn x2
Undergrowth Champion x4
Embodiment of Insight x3
Embodiment of Fury x3
Sylvan Advocate x4
Jaddi Offshoot x4
Dragonmaster Outcast x4

Nissa's Pilgrimage x4
Seek the Wilds x4

Fertile Thicket x4
Blighted Woodland x4
Cinder Glade x4
Forest x6
Mountain x6

Pretty standard stuff made on the go. Durdle with Jaddi Offshot and Undergrowth Champion while ramping at full speed and enjoy the benefits of fully grown Champions, Advocates and Dragonmasters. I use a different, Awaken/Landfall WUG deck that works differently, but you specifically asked for this, so I thought I'd make something more basic.
So beta, grow a pair.

Seriously, if anyone's got an issue with your deck they can go get bent. You are there to have fun and play magic, and if some fuckface laughs at you he's not worth a speck of your time.

Don't be a fag.
Damn man, thanks a lot
That's why I want to play the deck this gameday, once Innistrad 2 appears I'll make something else.
Its not so good, if you want I'll pass you the list of my Awaken deck so you can choose which you prefer.
I'm voting for Hilary.
Literally or in that example?
building jund and i love sylvan advocate. Tempted to run more 3 mana spells for side board goblin dark dwellers

I haven't looked yet, but im planning on going out and getting some OGW and Battle of Zendikar.

Any good swarm builds?
So, how will Naya Prowess hold up? The deck looks fun and I'm just getting back into standard after a hiatus.

Monastery Swiftspear x4
Seeker of the Way x4
Abbot of Keral Keep x4
Monastery Mentor x1

>Other Spells
Myth Realized x4
Defiant Strike x4
Titan's Strength x4
Temur Battle Rage x4
Dromoka's/Atarka's Command x2
Stasis Snare x3
Become Immense x3

23 of the appropriate landbase
I was just thankful for an idea, but yea I'd love to see your other deck
Well, you can swarm a bit with Scions, but it's not really good.
Aw, thats a shame.

I might just go with a aggro build like i usually do.
If you like combo, there's an infinite loop in Abzan colors that kills your opponent immediately. That one involves recycling scions over and over again.
Eldrazi Displacer + Zulaport Cutthroat + Brood Monitor
>no Sweep Away

Other than that, 9.5/10 list.
OGW rules.
That'd be such a depressing loss.
You could also sub Zulaport for Altar of the Brood and infinitely mill your opponent and then just say go.
Sylvan Advocate x4
Reflector Mage x2
Halimar Tidecaller x4
Wall of Resurgence x4
Noyan Dalar, Roil Shaper x4

Scatter to the Winds x4
Encircling Fissure x4
Immolating Glare x4
Planar Outburst x2
Roil Spout x4

Lumbering Falls x4
Yavimaya Coast x4
Mirrorpool x4
Plains x10
Island x2

Reflector Mage x2
Eldrazi Displacer x4
Planar Outburst x2
Iona's Blessing x3
Naturalize x4

This is clearly a control deck. It has the characteristic that it lets you adapt quite well for games 2 & 3, letting you modify your strategy in a variety of ways. Against token decks you have Iona's blessing, which when applied to a wall makes for an unsurmountable obstacle, Naturalize for R/W Equipment decks and Displacer for Reflector Mage shenanigans and to keep you up on the curve for the midrange game.

The gameplan is as it follows: you stay on top of the curve T2 with Advocate, T3 get VALUE with Wall of Resurgence, T4 get Halimar, another Wall or Advocate, T5 Noyan Dar and then you start casting spells until you cast Planar Outburst, your wincon. Albeit they'll probably be dead by then.

Of course the opponent won't just sit there and do nothing so you've got an assortment of disruptive and removal spells to slow him down to a crawl, buying you time to execute your strategy to fill the field with tokens. To that end the spells have Awaken, you won't be using it too often, but little things are more game ending than an awakened, Mirropol-ed Cancel that puts 12 +1/+1 counters on up to 4 lands you control. In fact, this is your secondary wincon.

Protip: If you put +1/+1 counters on a Lumbering Falls you can pay its ability cost to transform it into a hexproof flier (with Halimar) 3/3 with that many counters on it.
I'm still playing b/u aristocrats. This version seems more fun than 4c rally. Any ideas on upgrades now that oath hit? I'm still new and kind of lost.
There's a new legend, Kalitas, he has huge Aristocrat hate. It remains to be seen if it gets any play, but come SoI if an Aristocrat deck is assembled (and there are some interesting pieces like Rot Shambler or Smothering Abomination) then he IS going to bea thing in Standard. Will probably see a spot in quite a few sideboards.
Can anyone explain to me why Esper control fell out of favor? Was it just a metagame shift? For the past year and a half I've had to work Friday nights making it so I couldn't go to FNM, so I pretty much stopped playing standard all together. When Origins came out I built Esper to play at the Indy 20k, but then never touched it again. I don't have to work Fridays anymore, and I was wondering if I showed up to a semi-competitive crowd would I get absolutely stomped?
Awesome friend, thanks again.
Yeah I saw him but I already have 2 infinite obliteration main board. And 2 more in sb. There were 2 guys trying to find playsets of Kalitas at my lgs. I'm hoping for something nice in soi I guess.
As a matter of fact, there you go, a possible Kalitas deck.

>4x Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
>4x Bearer of Silence
>4x Wasteland Strangler
>4x Eldrazi Mimic
>4x Inverter of Truth
>4x Carrier Thrall
>4x Matter Reshaper

>4x Flaying Tendrils
>4x Corpse Churn
>4x Grasp of Darkness

>4x Sea Gate Wreckage
>4x Ruins of Oran Rief
>4x Mortuary Mire
>8x Swamp

Monocolor is cool. It makes mana base so much less worrisome.
I'm relatively new myself, just built my second deck. Most people have been very friendly since I'm new.

Just go and let them know you're new, if they're decent people they'll be happy to have a new player there, if they're sperglords then just be friendly anyway and don't let it get to you cause they sure aren't worth your consideration.
If you like swarms you might like R/W equipment.

X4 Stoneforge Acolyte
X4 Stone Haven Outfitter
X4 Weapons Trainer
X4 Kazuul Toll Collector
X3 Firemantle Mage
X3 Ondu Champion
X3 Resolute Blademaster

X4 Captain's Claws
X4 Stoneforge Masterwork
X4 Bone Saw
I'm thinking of making an equipment deck. If you use Outfitter and an equipment that only costs 1 to equip, Ghostfire on a colorless for example, I can draw to my hearts content with a few tokens on the field
So I pulled a Dust Bowl EXP yesterday, reckon this card could see any play at all or should I just sell?
I do like the idea of destroying Shrine of the Forsaken Gods and Ally Encampments tho
File: Image (1).png (116 KB, 223x311) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Image (1).png
116 KB, 223x311
Image maybe
>4x Inverter of Truth

the absolute mad man
2 at the very least is terrifying
Expeditions aren't standard legal since they're technically not part of the set
It's the wincon dude, you want to have 4 copies so you get at least one.
It's an EDH staple so unless you play Commander you should just sell it. If it was standard legal the card would be busted.
B/u/g Devoid midrange. The occasional turn 3 Seer / turn 4 Smasher are just incredibly satisfying, and Pulse of Murasa a Smasher or a Seer back is just lol.

Reality Smasher
Thought-Knot Seer
Bearer of Silence
Pulse of Murasa
Void Shatter
Stormchaser Mage
Slip Through Space
Among other things.

Assortment of weird brews and netdecked lists. Very aggro/ramp heavy.

Brewing a budget U/R prowess list. Probably a U/W Displacer soon after.
So, I'm mainly an internal player, but due to my lgs hosting loads of standard for some reason now, and wanting to play at gameday, I require a deck. Now I don't particularly enjoy standard a massive amount, so I don't want to spend much money. Thinking of building a mono red goblins list, anyone got any ideas about this sort of thing?
Typing is hard, meant to say eternal player
Is there anyone uglier than Yuuya Watanabe?
You kind of already have Grip of the Roil in BFZ, but yeah, Sweep Away is good for monoblue.
>inverter in a deck exiling it's own critters
I would love to see some mono-colored deck ideas. If it needs colorless mana it's not quite a mono-color deck.
as someone who loves opening packs, and is moving to mtg, should i bother with oath packs?
yeah oath is pure value
and even the cards that arent worth alot are still very good
I am getting into standard again after not having played since Innistrad/RTR, is the current meta any fun? It seems fun, desu.
Not really, It did get better with Oath and will probably be even better when Innistrad comes out. Currently the mana base makes every deck 4color good-stuff until khans rotate.
strictly worse than atarka red
I think standard right now is actually pretty neat

However if you are getting into standard I would DEFINITELY wait until the next set comes out

Because then all the fetchlands rotate and your deck is gonna be a lot cheaper

> Two more months where if you don't have full sets of Fetch Lands you can't be complete
> Two more months of dreading Eldrazi decks completely hosing you with Ugin

I want this ride to end.
>>what are you playing

>>favorite Oath cards to use
Elemental Uprising

>>what does your meta look like
4-Color Goodstuff, Rally, Atarka Red and Leldrazi

Needs swell of growth and or atarkas command but i really like this
Can't decide if I should play rattleclaw or Sylvan advocate main in Eldrazi ramp. Sure rattleclaw dies to k return, but the deck is way more explosive.
rattleclaw definately. Return doesnt matter when you turn 3 thought-knot or veggie explosion.
File: OJ91ogm.jpg (25 KB, 375x523) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 375x523
If SoI pulls some shit like Khans did....i dont know if i can take it.

i just want to have fun

Them bringing back Fetches, including Delve and then adding in the Zendikar dual lands was pretty absurd for Standard.
Why are basically all builds skipping 2 drop ramp creatures for hangarback, advocate/offshoot then? Only the mono green build is playing 2 drop rampers. They're a pretty huge nonbo with ugin, chandra and k return too. That speed tho....
I don't see Jace

What program/site is that?
Sylvan 100%

>ramp well
>play a big guy
>it gets removed
>draw into another big guy
>removed again
>wait for the inevitable loss
Ramp is so horribly inconsistent or just outright folds to removal. You need early pressure or midrange-y responses or you're fucked most games
I've played the deck a ton, but have been on ug builds until the new set. I'm not really sold on that knot main unless there's 2 drop ramp to play him turn 3. I mean he's fine but I think I'd rather play oath of nissa.
Building mono-green bullshit on a budget. Someone tell me how my deck is. I am building this on $35 and a Nissa I pulled at prerelease, so don't judge me too harshly.

4x Jaddi Offshoot
4x Undergrowth Champion
4x Blisterpod
3x Avatar of the Resolute
2x Hooded Hydra

4x Retreat to Kazandu

4x Nissa's Pilgrimage
4x Seek the Wilds
3x Explosive Vegetation

2x Nissa, Voice of Zendikar

3x Slab Hammer

23x Forest

SB: 4 Leaf Gilder, 3 Bane of Bala Ged

The SB is mostly to counter Eldrazi (Bala Ged is my only way to take out Ulamog). The deck basically durdles long enough for one of three possible wincons - bring Undergrowth Champion to a retarded P/T and swing, pull out a ridiculously high-power Hooded Hydra and laugh, or shit plant tokens everywhere with Nissa before activating her -2 and bringing out an Avatar of the Resolute.
>Someone saved my edit
There's no limited thread, but I feel like an absolute madman. Drafted straight UB control into fatass eldrazi and I'm wrecking.

Also opened a Rugged Prarie

Feels good

BW Eldrazi is pretty fun

I'm glad wizards thought IoK was too anti-fun for standard but Thought-Nazi was okay
It's been years and years since I've played Magic, and my little brother and I are going drafting tomorrow for some bonding.

Is there anything about the current block/drafting in general that I should know?

If this isn't the right thread, I apologize.
Eh, remember lands and your 17/23 split. Maybe try draft a Mono deck but hey play for the banter.
Hi tg, I want to build a red/blue burn deck. Are the intro packs from origins or gatewatch a good foundation for it?
If so, should I buy them both or just one?

The Oath deck is a pretty good start. Comes with two Stormchaser Mages.
Will be getting that then, thanks. Say, is there anything else I could add, like the new legendary merfolk? I also have a few of the new goblins lying around.
>Are the intro packs from origins or Path of the Gatewatch good foundation for it?
No. Not at all.
Thing is, Burn is dead in Standard because key spells like Lightning Bolt aren't in the format. Right now your best option would be an UR Prowess deck. It works similarly to Burn.
Forgive me for asking, but what is prowess? Have bben sitting out the last few sets.
Prowess is a new evergreen keyword (evergreen means its printed in a few just about every set), creatures with Prowess obtain +1/+1 until the end of turn for every non-creature spell you cast.

Prowess decks often rely on a balance of prowess creatures and an assortment of cheap utility/offensive spells to boost them along the way and swing for a lot of damage very quick.

Good creatures to base a Prowess deck on are Stormchaser Mage (which flies, which is huge because evasion works great with prowess) and Abbot of Keral Keep. There's also a new legend, Jori En, Ruin Diver, which will help you fuel your hand, as Prowess oftentimes requires a very aggressive style of play, casting several spells a turn. Jori En palliates this making you draw a card everytime you cast your second spell in a turn.

If you are interested in building Prowess I must remind you that one of the best creatures in the archetype, Monastery Swiftspear is rotating out of the format soon. Prowess will still be plenty viable but you might not want to include Swiftspear in your deck lest you have to take it out in a couple of months.
I run a 4C Ramp deck with an extremely greedy mana base. It's been treating me extremely well. It was Bant ramp at first during BFZ but with the release of Kozilek's Return, not running a single Mountain for it is bad.
Lands (25)
10x Forest
4x Shrine of the Forsaken Gods
3x Sanctum of Ugin
3x Island
2x Lumbering Falls
1x Plains
1x Haven of the Spirit Dragon
1x Mountain

Creatures (15)
4x Jaddi Offshoot
4x Sylvan Advocate
4x Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger
2x Dragonlord Dromoka
1x Kozilek, the Great Distortion

Sorcery (12)
4x Explosive Vegetation
3x Map the Wastes
3x Part the Waterveil
2x Nissa's Renewal

Instants (5)
3x Dig through Time
2x Kozilek's Return

Planeswalkers (3)
3x Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

Sideboard (15)
2x Dazzling Reflection
2x Winds of Qal Sisma
2x Negate
2x Dispel
2x Nissa, Vastwood Seer
2x Sphinx of the Final Word
1x Void Winnower
1x Kozilek's Return
1x Desolation Twin
I'm thinking of building a B/W Vampire Allies deck. How fucked am I? Should I just make a U/R prowess with the two mages, one jori en and one fumarole i recently opened and work from there, instead?
So I got Chandra, Flamecaller in one of my booster packs recently, and I'm wondering if I should sell it, put it in my next deck or exchange it for cards to build said deck.
Next deck. If it doesn't fit in your next deck, keep it. This is pretty much the only really good Chandra card they've ever printed, and there are enough lore fanboys out there who want it that the price is going to skyrocket, even ignoring who plays it.
Are you sure? The people at the FLGS said it's better to exchange it or sell it since it's new, and the price and value is going to drop the longer I wait.
B/W vampires is actually pretty good and cheap to build. Plus you can be sure we'll get plenty of top notch vampires come April, so there's no doubt the deck will be good.
Could I get some help? Newbie here trying to build my first deck (first one was composed by the FLGS owner) to prevent it being absolute shit.

General idea is a Red/Black Ally/Landfall deck, with some spells thrown in that do direct damage. I'm just wondering how to make sure it's balanced and playable.

1 x Vampire Envoy
1 x Guul Draz Overseer
1 x Kalastria Healer
1 x Kalastria Nightwatch
2 x Makindi Sliderunner
2 x Ondu Champion
1 x Reckless Consort
1 x Tunneling Geopede
1 x Cinder Hellion
1 x Chasm Guide
1 x Goblin Freerunner

1 x Chandra, Flamecaller

1 x Sure Strike
1 x Beacon of Destruction
1 x Shock
1 x Magma Spray
1 x Outnumber

1 x Bone Splinters
1 x Sign in Blood
1 x Boiling Earth
1 x Boulder Salvo
1 x Flame Slash
1 x Sparkmage's Gambit

1 x Untamed Hunger
1 x Retreat to Hagra
1 x Vicious Shadows

1 x Looming Spires

Any help with completing the rest of the deck, either filling out slots on cards I have or replacing cards would be much appreciated.
Sorry to say, but your deck is pretty shit. Don't worry though, that's perfectly normal at first.

Try this RB Eldrazi aggro deck. Its not what you asked for but its what Red / Black does best.

>Reaver Drone x4
>Eldrazi Mimic x4
>Immobilizer Eldrazi x4
>Flaying Drone x4
>Dominator Drone x4
>Vile Aggregate x4
>Dust Stalker x4

>Grasp of Darkness x4
>Swarm Surge x4
>Molten Nursery x2

>Smoldering Marsh x4
>Ruins of Oran Rief x4
>Swamp x8
>Mountain x6
Good point, completely forgot about SOI.
Guess I'm completing my kalastria healer, drana emissary and that new 2/4 playsets.
Wasn't there a site with lists of different decks and you could just type in keywords and it would find decks with those cards?
I know it's shit. It's hardly a deck at all. I was asking if it's possible to create a feasible deck based on the cards I already have, exchanging the ones I don't need for the ones I do.
Heh, I'm building B/W lifegain as well with those same cards. Word of advice, throw in a couple Captain's Claws. They esentially are free Rally triggers for your Healers.

What's your deck list?, I'd like to see how our decks compare.

Then sorry but no. As it is its just a pile of cards that don't really work well together. I could make you a BR Allies list that'd be very cheap for you to complete buying singles.

The Eldrazi deck would also be very cheap for you to get, less than 10€ and actually both standard viable and simple, easy for a beginner to use.
>Playing RW Equips Aggro
>Collected Reflector Mage Everywhere
>Rattleclaw allows Company turn 3.
>Only able to win when Flipping Kytheon and Silkwarping everything

This meta is going to be a mess, don't even bother with Jace.

I don't know about cha'll but I like this
>Playing RW Equips Aggro
List?, I've been meaning to put together a R/W or R/W/G Equip deck together.
So I've been making a Eldrazi Displacer deck about flickering creatures like Wingmate Roc & exiling the opponent's at instant speed with Hallowed Moonlight. How do you think it will fare /tg/?
>Reckless Bushwhacker x4
>Expedition Envoy x2
>Firemantle Mage x3
>Weapons Trainer x3
>Stone Haven Outfitter x3
>Stoneforge Acolyte x2
>Kor Bladewhirl x2

>Silkwarp x4
>Roast x2

>Plains x11
>Mountain x11

>Stoneforge Masterwork x4
>Bone Saw x4
>Captain's Claws x4

>Kytheon, Hero of Akros x3
>Chandra, Flamecaller x1

Chandra is only there because she is sexy and I pulled one yesterday. You'll never be able to cast it.

Valorous Stance x2 (For big guys)
Surge of Righteousness x2 (R&B Aggro)
Rendering Volley x3 (Seriously fuck Stormchaser Mage)
Lantern Scout x1 (Actually very good, swap for Chandra)
Hedron Bladex1 ( Eldrazi Killing meme)
Devour in Flames x3 ( Fuck UGIN)
I still don't have a decklist, so can't really show anything. But yeah, I intend to put a Captain's Claws in. That's just value every time I attack, besides, with Kalastria Healer and Serene Steward, it guarantees at least one +1/+1 counter. I probably should put a couple of those 3 mana instants that give +1/+0 to my guys and indestructible till EOT, at least in the sideboard, no?
Red/blue intro pack guy from earlier in the thread - I wen´t and bought the deck and made a few adjustments. Unfortunaly, can´t playtest until tuesday.
So, what do you guys think of it?

>2 – Windrider Patrol
>1- Sphinx of the final Word
>1 – Zada Hedron Grinder
>2 – Zada´s Commando
>4 – Lavastep Rider
>4 – Umara Entangler
>4 – Stormcaller Mage
>2 – Rolling Thunder
>2 – Ugin´s Insight
>2 – Grip of the Roil
>4 – Expedite
>4 - Anticipate
>4 – Pyromancer´s Assault
>4 – Containment Membran
>2 – Wandering Fumarole
>4 – Skyline Cascades
>3 – Looming Spires
>6 – Mountain
>5 – Island
Thanks, I think I'll change Bonesaw for Stormrider Rig to get more value out of Outfitter (which I'll add one of) and maybe change Rending Volley for Spidersilk Net.
Personally I just use March from the Tomb to revive Allies I want back since I also use Vampiric Rites as a card draw engine and Ayli as a threatening 2 drop, but yeah, Make a Stand could work very well on the deck, specially if you have a couple Dranas on the mainboard like I do.

Will post deck list later.
Trust in bonesaw, it helps a lot getting bushwhacker surge cost and effect.
I'm planning to splash green, so I can get Sylvean Advocate, Veteran Warleader and Collected Company.
Thing is, I think I'm letting go of Bushwacker for Weapon Trainer. I'm not a fan of including a worse card just to trigger the effect of an otherwise pretty mediocre creature that doesn't really have a synergy with the deck. Trainer on the other hand seems like a much more consistent 2 drop to me. Won't get as much early damage, sure, but I think it'll pay off lategame.

Warleader I really wanted to splash for too but I'm not sold for Advocate here unless you plan to run Needle Spires here. I myself am thinking of Including Oath of Nissa and the new Nissa. That -2 is really sweet on a deck like this and the Oath not only helps dig into the deck, but also makes her so much easier to cast.

Also what's your take on Gideon, Ally of Zendikar?, Worth running?
r8 my dick m8s

Collected company is a card
Creature (28)

1x Angelic Captain

4x Firemantle Mage
4x Kor Bladewhirl
4x Lantern Scout
4x Makindi Patrol
3x Munda, Ambush Leader
4x Sylvan Advocate
4x Veteran Warleader

Land (23)

4x Ally Encampment
4x Battlefield Forge
3x Forest
2x Mountain
3x Plains
4x Windswept Heath
3x Wooded Foothills

Instant (9)

4x Collected Company
2x Dromoka's Command
3x Ride Down
My Rhinos got raped by G/R ramp, please help.

It wasn't even a good build, he was just spamming one Bane of Bala Ged after another he had 3 of them on his hand Thrice. .
Yep, that's a thing. Bala Ged is poor man's Ulamog, and it's surprisingly good at what it does. 7 mana for Annihilator 2 on a big stompy body is pretty good, especially if you can ramp into it fast. I would, but I can't afford the Atarka's Commands and the manabase to play GR, so I'm running the mono-green version. Admittedly, I've got my Banes and Leaf Gilders in the sideboard so I can play more land ramp and Undergrowth Champion, but still.
>what does your meta look like
100% aggro.
i still have my jeskai heroic/prowess deck it runs only painlands and some tris and i have no mana issues.
My curve also tops out at 4
My Semi-Janky UR Prowess beat an obscenely overtuned Four Color Goodstuff to take first place tonight at FNM so I'm feeling pretty good about it. First game win came from Negating a Crackling Doom to push my Stormchaser into lethal damage. Second game win came from flipping Origins Chandra which was satisfying because the guy utterly hates Chandra.

But the store was out of Gatewatch so I just got credit for later.
Just got my arse kicked by a single scythe leopard twice

Who should I pray to at night for good draws?
Just finished brewing a budget U/B Eldrazi deck I know it looks like shit

1x Kozilek, the Great Distortion
1x Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger
1x Walker of the Wastes
1x Bane of Bala Ged
1x Prophet of Distortion
1x Thought Harvester
3x Mist Intruder
1x Benthic Infiltrator
1x Gravity Negator
2x Bearer of Silence
2x Sludge Crawler
2x Sky Scourer
1x Slaughter Drone
2x Kozilek's Shrieker
1x Sire of Stagnation
2x Fathom Feeder
1x Mindmelter
2x Pilgrim's Eye
1x Horribly Awry
1x Slip Through Space
3x Spell Shrivel
1x Transgress the Mind
2x Complete Disregard
1x Witness the End
2x Hedron Archive
2x Sunken Hollow
1x Shrine of the Forsaken Gods
2x Submerged Boneyard
5x Wastes
6x Island
6x Swamp

Oh god those tiny little legs are freaking me the fuck out.

I really hope something good comes in Shadows to replace the Swiftspears, Shu Yun and Wild Slashes that my U/R Prowess will be losing. Those losses could be crippling to the entire playstyle. Which is a shame because of all the decks I've played in the last few months it's the most fun.

But one other thing to consider is that cycling out of Fetches is going to drop Standard's meta right on its head. I can't wait for that.
I'm sorry, but that's just too bad. Is it your first time putting a deck together?

If so let me give you a hand, would you rather play on the offensive, the defensive or balancing both?
If you're offering help then help
I'm getting back into magic after not playing since Shards of Alara.

Want to build a deck not using any of the core set since it's getting rotated out soon, what colour combination should I go for? I played Esper back in Alara.
Is it at all viable to play standard without dropping a few hundred every couple of months?

I tried it out when I was new to magic at the end of Theros and was so thoroughly burned by being outclassed that I just haven't tired it since, been sticking to casual EDH and Modern.

I mean, it didn't help that all of my opponents were literally autistic and bragged about how they beat me, literally laughing at me for having no mythics, but I'm sure I can find another LGS to play.

I think there is a casual thread going around. Check it, they might help with your pile of shit.
File: 1453855635165.jpg (100 KB, 303x311) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100 KB, 303x311
>I can help you
>ok what can I do to improve
>go to someone else

Man no wonder standard players are insufferable cunts who suck at magic

Just build a deck without using anything from Khans of Tarkir and Fate Reforged. You have at LEAST half a year with Dragons of Tarkir and Origins. Maybe try a Black/White Lifegain deck as that will be mostly Battle for Zendikar and Oath of the Gatewatch.


If you're willing to drop some cash early on in a set's release you can keep up with sales and trades throughout Standard to basically stay around zero sum.

Currently the Fetch Lands from Khans of Tarkir are seriously screwing with Standard's balance.

If the people you play against are like this just don't go there.
I wouldn't recommend buying into standard right now as a lot of the high value card played are about to rotate in 2 months.
But invest in the standard land from Origins/BFZ/Oath (Painland, dual and manlands) they're pretty cheap right now and will be played a lot.
For the moment i would recommend playing budget decks or decks that don't require fetches. Check the BW Control deck that Jeff Hoogland carried to a 6th place at an SCG Open like 2 or 3 weeks ago.
No fetches and the only expensive card is Gideon that will not rotate.
Next you have Sorin/Ob Nixilis and Secure the Wastes.
And that's it. Overall the deck is under 200$ and very competitive. Cheaper than an aggro deck right now.
>Not realizing I'm not the one who offered to help

>Throw some shit
>"Hey look at my shit"
>"Yep it's shit"
I like all this strawman and backpedaling you're doing m8. Really fantastic work you must feel good

The biggest issue with helping with your deck construction is that right now is that it lacks any real direction. The huge variety of singular Eldrazi that you have makes it hard to determine.

My cousin runs a lot of Ingest drones before dropping an Oblivion Sower to get an Ulamog and/or Kozilek out pretty quickly. I'll try to get his decklist within a day or so.
My friend wants me to draw him some Sliver tokens, I know the basics of MTG but not really anything else. Would you kindly post some of your favorite Sliver art for me to get some inspiration from?
File: 1.jpg (44 KB, 636x467) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 636x467
Not a real Sliver, but Diffusion Sliver is bae
Them hips man
I've fapped to this image and feel no shame
File: Sliver_Token.jpg (13 KB, 200x285) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 200x285
Pic related is a sliver token and a good starting point.
If you are making tokens it is sort of hard to design an interesting generic sliver because slivers can be all 5 colours and the colours they are often reflects their design.
I'd google sliver cards, ignore the more recent cards (the ones with the more anthropomorphic designs) and get some inspiration from them.
I'll post my favorite sliver next.
caramelldansen sliver is great
Modern player here
Since the death of Twin, I am in physical pain from the lack of Rhinos
Is 34 Rhinos a good deck? I have not played standard in years
File: Image.ashx.jpe.jpg (31 KB, 223x310) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 223x310

I would recommend to make an eldrazi ramp, as it WAS cheap. I doubt it still will be a case tho, especially considering proTour.
Man, its hard to know what your deck does because youve got so many 1 ofs
I did this when I first started playing MTG, and im sure everyone does.

How are you going to win the game. By rushing to late game and casting fatties? Cool, that works.
In that case youre going to need to have 4 of all the little guys that give you mana, as well as 4 of the bigger guys that give you mana.
Then you want your fatties, the Kozilek, void Winnower, etc. The exact number I am not entirely sure of, but no more than 6 in any ramp deck.

Another note - if youre going to run removal like Transgress the Mind or Ultimate Price, it has to be for a purpose. These cards are generally better in control, midrange and tempo decks. If youre swarming the board with "0/1 - Sacrifice to add 1 to your mana pool" I doubt you care about what he is doing.

I would consider counterspells, maybe 4 dispel and 4 negate, though no more than that.
With Sylvian Advocate and Veteran Warleader you're able to hold on the game longer, no need to desperate struggles to finish the game by turn 6.
In this terms, Gideon Ally of Zendikar works very well. Provides extra power for Stoneforge Masterwork & Veteran Warleader, triggers rally for Lantern Scout and gives extra Cohort to Acolyte for free every turn. There's no reason not to run it on RWG.
It's too slow for RW, Bushwhacker and Kytheon are the best choices for this.
SOI spoilers cha,cha,cha! >>45251395
>Madness with Lilianna
Can I get any help completing this r/b aggro deck? Here's what I've got. Rate and advise.

Creatures (36)
4 x Kalastria Healer
4 x Vampire Envoy
2 x Kalastria Nightwatch
2 x Guul Draz Overseer
2 x Chasm Guide
2 x Goblin Freerunner
2 x Tunneling Geopede
4 x Reckless Cohort
4 x Makindi Sliderunner
4 x Ondu Champion

Planeswalker (1)
1 x Chandra, Flamecaller

Enchantment (2)
1 x Retreat to Hagra
1 x Vicious Shadows

Instant (4)
1 x Outnumber
1 x Shock
1 x Beacon of Destruction
1 x Sure Strike

Sorcery (7)
1 x Bone Splinters
1 x Sign in Blood
1 x Boulder Salvo
1 x Flame Slash
1 x Boiling Earth
1 x Sparkmage's Gambit
1 x Magma Spray

My main.worry's that the mission statement is too broad. As of now all creatures are either Allies or have Landfall, some with both and some with Rally. All the spells are About directly dealing damage or buffing creatures.
File: CaptainsClaws.jpg (33 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 300x300

Since you have enough Rally effects, you might consider tossing in a few Captain's Claws; at the very least it'll play into more agro.
Your creatures aren't very good for aggro. If you want a good R/B Aggro deck check >>45232080. Its really effective and dirt cheap to build.

If you want a non-Eldrazi RB list I can cook up something for you later.
Looking over the stats of my R/U Prowess deck (Jace-less and Fetch-less), I noticed my Red to Blue ratio is about 65-35% but I have equal Mountains and Islands. Should I drop two Islands so I can get a full playset of Wandering Fumaroles?
So, any opinions yet on the new SoI leaks?
Madness returns, Delirium, 1/1 devils that deal 1 dmg on death, flipcards that interact with flash creatures and put stuff in graveyard to power delirium.

Chances of Liliana / Goyf reprint?
stock up on Jace, that shit's going to skyrocket
>50 euro
yeah fuck that shit anyway
I'm not considering jace a card I am able to play
>asking someone what they play
" Oh yeah like jeskai black I think, or mardu green"
I look forward to fetches rotating out
Got a rules question. Does chandras oath trigger in the end phase or do I have to play a planeswalker for it to happen?
Sorry, wrong thread.

At my local FNM we have a lot of people that play budget decks or decks that can't cost anything more than 100-120 dollars. Like we have a 14 year old that bought the Ultimate Sacrifice deck when it came out and has only added stuff to it when he wins cards from FNM or makes trades from cards he doesn't use. Then we have a few other people that bought intro packs and did similar things...

Then we have a guy running Mardu Blue with a full playset of Jace and 12-16 Fetch Lands in it. It is kinda cute watching him get REALLY worked up when someone in the nearby vicinity hints that they saw that deck build online or that he still loses fairly often with his deck that costs more than everyone else's combined.
Jace is already expensive as fuck, I guess I'll bank on Chandra's instead, her 0 will be godly.
When did you start playing? RTR?
How will the revealed cards affect Standard?, Do we all agree Clues, Delirium and Madness are gonna be all huge?
actually, yeah
Delerium is reminiscent of goyf in many ways.

People are gonna eat that up, especially BG graveyardfags

The return of Madness is gonna be a massive circlejerk like the good ol' days after 9/11

Clues will probably be the least popular of the three
You kidding?, Clues will be huge in affinity, maybe in Boros too, if a deck pops up or an artefact block follows this one.
Does this trigger Zada's spell copying gimmick? People are saying it does, but it technically affects two targets.
Mono Red Eldrazi
>favorite Oath Card
Mirrorpool is literally the best card ever.
About 50/50 Aggro or 4c Good Stuff. Notably absent are Rally and Ramp. Lots of Atarka, UR Prowess, Jeskai Black, and Mardu Green (both the standard Dark-Dwellers copy and past and a reanimator version that kicks serious ass). Also a couple random things like BW Tokens, Esper Dragons, Mardu Allies, Bant Scales, etc
Mess around with UB Pact a bunch in my free time, as well as a budget Rally deck that runs 4 Abzan Ascendancies. The card can be nuts.

My current Red-razi deck is a brew too. 4-0'd last FNM.

Hangarbacks and Matter Reshapers both apply and relieve pressure vs control/aggro respectively. Backed up by a bunch of red removal (and a smattering of <> ones), the deck grinds you down until you can't fight, then wins off of the back of Seers and Smashers supported by:

4 Mirrorpool
4 Sea Gate Wreckage

These lands are incredible. Draw step copying Seers, pre-combat-main copying Smashers, or copying an Exquisite Firecraft.

Did I mention the uncounterable Outpost Siege?
>get a fun idea for a deck
>realize it would be strictly better with jace in it
>drop the idea because I can't afford it

I hate this standard.
don't worry, only 10 months till he rotates out :^)

I'd tell you to go play Eldrazi, but Modern just made the deck expensive as hell.
Well her 0 ability is a wheel effect and the next set is confirmed to have madness cards so she may see some play if we get good madness cards
Just print out a counterfeit Jace and sleeve it. Who's gonna stop you?
What will happen to the meta when the khans block rotates out?
There's no "technically" about it, the spell explicitly targets two creatures.
>what are you playing
I've played 4C Rally, Abzan Company, Esper Dragons, Abzan Blue, Jeskai Black and Mardu Green. Wasn't a fan of any of them really. I'm playing R/B Dragons right now and I love it. Great deck with a simple purpose. Stands fantastic with the meta right now.
>favorite Oath cards to use
Matter Reshaper. By far the best card in oath along with Reflector Mage.
>what does your meta look like?
Here in SBC we have a very concentrated and competitive scene. Most people play tier 1 deck lists and are capable of top 8's, with the addition of several professionals. I'm proud to be among the best here since Tom Ross moved to Roanoke.

Game day I'll be on R/B Dragons. I've got two byes going into GP Houston. Hopefully walking away with $10K.

>yelled at for fucking up.

Yeah you don't get yelled at for fucking up at any REL, especially FNM. FNM is where people go to make mistakes; if you're going to play badly, play badly at FNM. Nobody expects you to have m4d 5k1llz and if you suck, they'll just enjoy the easy win.

Fetches are causing Standard to be expensive right now, which is not fantastic but they rotate out soon and as such you should ignore fetches if you're looking for a budget-ish deck. I personally love the look of UR Prowess and as far as I am aware it's not a particularly pricey deck but I've not seen much of it so could be mistaken.

If you like Green, play Eldrazi. Pick up a playset of World Breakers and build ramp.

We'll see fewer three+ colour decks in favour of more two-colour decks. I don't think there are any viable mono-colour decks right now except maybe mono-green Eldrazi.


Zada, Hedron Grinder {3R} |Legendary Creature -- Goblin Ally| 3/3 Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell that targets only Zada, Hedron Grinder, copy that spell for each other creature you control that the spell could target. Each copy targets a different one of those creatures. ·

As the spell doesn't target only Zada (it also targets another creature), Zada's triggered ability will not trigger.
>>what are you playing
5c Bring to Light, should be playing RB dragons but this is way more fun.
>>favorite Oath cards to use
Pulse of Murasa
>>what does your meta look like
Midrange with a bit of atarka red
My Bring to light deck

2 Kolaghan's Command
1 Cinder Glade
1 Sunken Hollow
2 Treasure Cruise
4 Bring to Light
4 Fiery Impulse
1 Prairie Stream
4 Smoldering Marsh
4 Polluted Delta
2 Wooded Foothills
2 Bloodstained Mire
1 Mountain
1 Swamp
1 Ruinous Path
1 Languish
4 Crackling Doom
1 Siege Rhino
1 Dragonlord Ojutai
1 Forest
1 Canopy Vista
4 Goblin Dark-Dwellers
1 Crux of Fate
1 Read the Bones
1 Island
4 Evolving Wilds
1 Mardu Charm
2 Roast
1 Transgress the Mind
1 Plains
1 Fathom Feeder
1 Pia and Kiran Nalaar
2 Pulse of Murasa
1 Utter End
SB: 1 Sultai Charm
SB: 2 Flaying Tendrils
SB: 1 Talent of the Telepath
SB: 1 Exert Influence
SB: 1 Virulent Plague
SB: 2 Demonic Pact
SB: 1 Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
SB: 1 Self-Inflicted Wound
SB: 1 Duress
SB: 1 Torrent Elemental
SB: 1 Infinite Obliteration
SB: 1 Rending Volley
SB: 1 Valorous Stance
File: 1387310524510.jpg (47 KB, 499x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 499x468
jace doesn't go in this deck, anon. he isn't a noncreature spell and he doesn't tap for mana.

the entire point of it is to ignore you and combo out on turn 3-4. honored hierarch would actually be a better fit than jace.
>tfw my deck didn't arrive before gameday

Rate it regardless
Mono white weenies are viable.
If shadow of innistrad is out, could we play some sort of prowess/madness deck or is it incompatible?

Madness not so much, flasback is the mechanic that would make prowess better.
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