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Heel turns
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Post stories about characters betraying their bros in shocking fashion
I really wouldn't use that gif as an example......
The party swordsman betrayed us for some dragon queen pussy.

Did she put out?
From my experience betrayal within the party is always lame. I'm sure there may be cases where it's appropriate, but it doesn't feel right that one player gets all the focus and the others are duped.

>first time playing with these two guys from LGS
>One of them is running an Eberron campaign
>The rest of the players have never met each other before or anything, but things start up nicely.
>Everything except the other guys' character. An elven assassin with all this crazy back story and lore. Higher level than the rest of us, "because he's from another ongoing campaign".
>While we're going through our first dungeon, getting to know each other and actually role playing, these two start passing each other notes.
>DM asks certain players to roll spot checks and such.
>After right after our first encounter, the elven assassin kills two of the party.
>"WTF, why?" One of the players that was killed is confused it was his first time ever playing.
>DM bursts out laughing like it's the funniest thing in the world.
>"His character is actually a Chaotic Evil Assassin in the other campaign! So of course he would kill all of you! *Snort* Lololololol!!!!"

Probably one of the stupidest things I've ever seen at the gaming table.
Well which was it, pussy or ass? That's an important distinction
By the way, he didn't really snort, I was exaggerating for the sake of making him seem like a pig, but that may be a bit unnecessary...
Had one time where a lady bard -who I suspect was some kinda closeted feminist, the player said her character was 'sex-positive' as a reason for her to mack on anything that moved- ended up selling out the party to the BBEG after she tried to sex him up to get him to change his mind about the whole 'reshape the world' plan he had, and he apparently rocked her world so hard she changed HERS. Ended up leading us to a tower of death that we barely made it out of alive.

Out of character she was actually really apologetic (which we mostly grumblingly accepted) but in character there were harsh names being called.

She didn't survive the campaign. The bard, not the player, the player was fine, although she said she'd never play anything like that again because it was too stressful.

Didn't see it coming at the time, though.
Pussy is Charm Person, ass is Hold Monster
So, did he actually go 'Lololololol!!!!!"
I had a geriatric gnome wizard loose his cool before the bbeg fight and go back home. It just seemed in character for him, he was having fun but didn't have the nerve to keep adventuring.
I feel like you just had a very shitty set up for the betrayal and no actual emotional payoff.

In the long campaign I played in, I ended up betraying the party paladin after we were the only ones left after the final battle of the campaign because he wanted me to give up my macguffin sword because it was part of some magic thing that would restore balance to the world. The plot was contrived as hell but he didn't know it was coming OOC or IC. We were also a tight knit group so it was fun playing that out with them
Thanks for the clarification.
I honestly can't blame him.
Was it worth it? I kinda wanna hear what happened here.
No, but he did have this high pitched annoying squeal laugh, kind've like Spongebob or something. It was sort've eerie. I think he thought we all would find it hilarious that he wasted all of our time and making characters before we drove to his house and got killed by him and his stupid friend.

They also had this weird habit of unironically pronouncing every word they could wrong.


But now I'm just nit picking
Talk about rolling versus point buy?
Dude tried to get some draconic clam?
>Please, good sir, regale us this tale!

I'm not mad, just kinda amused. Tis a silly place, /tg/
Eh, you're welcome.

I feel like story time on /tg/ gets a little too exaggerated for the sake of "the lulz". Maybe if we tone it down every once in a while it would make things enjoyable again.
story time pls?
Probably both. He had some dragon blood in him.

Well, he ended up marrying her and becoming king, so probably.

Basically, she was revered as queen and goddess by a large group of people and formed an army to attack a nation and create her own kingdom. The current king was an old friend of the party, and asked us for help.

At a point, during a battle, two players (him and a goliath cleric) were captured by her army. The cleric managed to escape his cell before execution and rescued him. When they came back, he secretly helped bring her army inside the castle through a secret passage and killed the cleric that helped him during the final fight. Me and the ranger almost killed him but she arrived and we ha to run away.

And then he tells us, off game, that she said she wanted him to ber her king because he was a mighty warrior and has dragon blood, or some bullshit like that.

Final result: Two party members killed (one by his hand, the one who almost died before to save him nonetheless) during the fight and the total failure of a 7 months campaign.

Yeah, i'm still pretty salty about it.
Just think, had you been in that position, would you have done it for the smokin hot dragon sex?
No, dragon sex is not nearly worth such wretched betrayal. the position of power, but not if it evolved fucking a lizard. Even if you could tank a battle ax to the face, could you survive getting naked under a 30 ton reptile that breaths fire?
No, even though her humanoid form was supposed to be hot as fuck. My character is an womanizer, she would murder him if she found out. But i am planning on seducing her just to get my revenge.

Thank god i didn't use Charisma as a dump stat.
>Connected series of one-shots set during a demonic invasion
>Cast switches each session, but there are two primary consistent PCs
>My paladin, Hans, and my friend's monk, Falko
>Session 1: We begin in a tavern that we've barricaded from the outside
>After some conversation, Falko starts shit-talking my PC for being a "Bloody noble"
>Decide to deal with it, end up with a rivalry between the two
>Fast forward some time
>Falko and Hans rarely travel together, but often end up in the same place (due to there being few safe havens)
>The rivalry has grown, but both PCs think that the other has good intentions
>After a battle, Falko is contacted by a succubus (a recurring villain in the campaign) who offers him a deal
>She'll do him a favor if he helps her get rid of the angels that have been helping fight back against the demons
>Falko doesn't like the angels anyway, considers them to be the celestial equivalent of nobles
>Says he'll consider it
>Fast forward some more
>Falko's NPC friend dies during a battle
>Falko calls up the succubus
>"Bring him back I don't care what I have to do"
>NPC comes back, good as new
>Now Falko has a choice: Obey the succubus or lose his soul
>Now guess what the good-hearted rebellious character does in this situation
>He follows her orders to the letter
>One battle later, the former standing army of thousands of people as well as angels is reduced to:
>A few PCs
>13 NPCs
>Falko and his other NPC friend, who died during the battle HE RIGGED
>He immediately sells his soul AGAIN to THE SAME SUCCUBUS to bring his other friend back
>The soul he just killed thousands of people for
yes. reptiles are squishy.
Good luck with your revenge plot
> survive naked under huge dragon

Obviously you leave the armour on, brah.

I've had an inevitable heel turn laying in the wait for about two years now.

In all of that time, nobody in the party has realized that their paladin is actually an antipaladin.

They will soon though. I can't wait for their reactions.
In our first ever adventure as a play group this guy in our group tried to use a bunch of villagers as bait to see if the area was clear. We had already confirmed that it had enemies Beyond our safe zone. I was a lawful good paladin and the gnome (the guy was chaotic evil). Everyone else was pretty beat up from the last fight (I rolled well and didn't even get hurt) and they were all either chaotic or neutral and agreed on sending the villagers as bait. I smited that fucking gnome into oblivion and when everyone turned on me I killed another of the party and then they decided to stop playing becuase I was ruining the game
The party ranger let the head of an assassin's guild go under the promise that he not work for the cultists he did any more, he give her his sword, and he would basically leave forever.
I'm planning on having them come back for the final battle as surprise allies.
The betrayal bit comes from the part where she told the party that he's supposed to be dead, even though he has a tendency of not dying in situations he shouldn't survive.
I do hate when DMs have annoying voices. I shouldn't, considering I have a bit of a lisp myself and that makes me hypocritical, but goddamn.
What a cunt.
>two years
Fucking hell boy-o that's a long time to wait on a heel turn.

Please give us a storytime once it goes down.
Some context but we defeated a BBEG but weren't sure about killing her, so we captured and imprisoned her, ideally in the hopes of reforming her but either way for her possible help against other big threats in the setting.

To keep an eye on her, one of the players volunteered to just marry her, since what better way to keep her captive and make sure she doesn't do any shit, than by being married. Well eventually overtime they sort of became close anyway or at least he did, and he started to be more lenient with her and she ended up teaching him things.

Before long he turned on us and while he didn't just turn evil, he went down a path to power that we didn't approve of. He kind of went lawful neutral with the still evil but kept in check BBEG wife, and formed a third party that wasn't good or evil (and was more inclined to help us against evil than help evil against us) but still vied for power and control.

So yeah, he got a powerful evil wife and didn't turn evil himself, but still turned against us in a pretty shocking display.
Thank you for sharing that. It was a wonderful story
We were the last two players at the end of a dungeon. Once we were finished everyone that died would re-roll. We were about to collect our loot, and I shot the guy point blank through the back of the neck with a crossbow.

I took all of the loot for myself, and everyone re-rolled a new party. In-game no one knew I was now filthy rich, but the guy was pretty salty meta wise.
I miss /wst/
Another one, my player got badly injured while protecting the party's interests, enough that she couldn't fight back or flee from an angry mob. She ended up getting lynched and the party did nothing to save her, some even watched. Because of her physiology though she survived the ordeal, and later on rejoined with the party under a different identity, with the intent of getting revenge.

Kind of sucks because to get to that point it took like, at least 7 years, I'm not kidding. The game though died really recently, only a little time before the character was set to take her revenge and reveal her identity/the truth in what was supposed to be one of if not the most shocking turn of events in the game till that point.
>my character

Meant to say.
I miss Seth
So before I get this story started let me give you a bit of context.
-We just defeated a dragon
-we got an awesome enchanted sword out of it
-I was playing a Human fighter looking for a cure for a disease his sister had
-made friends with the paladin and the rouge of the group while wizard was eh and the barbarian princess respected me kinda

So we got back to town after defeating the dragon and we were praised as heroes and had a feast held in our honour. During said feast I was approached by a shady looking figure with a hood and he begins speaking to me then he casually mentions my sisters ailment before offering me a deal, I steal the sword and douse it with the blood of my companions to unleash it's power or what not in exchange he will cure my sister and of course I could not refuse. So while my friends were out partying I began setting my plan up and with my meager amount of money I paid a baker to bake me some sweetbread with needles in them then went back to the feast. the next day we travelled out of town I offered them the sweet bread then carried on, everyone accepted except for palibro an hour later everyone is too busy choking I took the sword from the barb and me and slaughtered palibro in one on one combat then killed everyone who has yet to die from choking now I was expecting to be betrayed by the hooded figure but nope he kept his word
Damn, thats cold
Oh I have a good one:

>Start 5e game in homebrew setting. 7 players and my friend as the DM. I'm playing a slightly homebrewed bard class that we named the "conman" that revolves around debuffs and trickery. I picked no combat spells at all
>Party is assembled under the pretext that we were all hired to steal something from the king's vault for a mysterious benefactor
>Have a lot of fun playing, do a few "preparation" quests. Conman character quickly develops himself as an asset due to his disguises but is a social degenerate with his whoring and drinking. Develops a catchphrase: "you're doing a bang up job"
>A few real life months pass and DM comes to me saying that he has to go overseas to work soon and will be gone for 2 years. He doesn't want the campaign to end however so he asks me if I'd be willing to take over as DM when he leaves
>Of course say yes but then what will become of my character?
>We hash out a few options and come to the conclusion that the coolest thing would be if my character betrays the party after the heist and steals the Mcguffin and leaves them for dead. It's in character and sets up the next story arc
>Spend next few sessions making my character more and more unlikable

to be continued
>So the heist session finally comes around and we've done all the preparation. Everyone is focused on making sure this heist works out well but the whole time, I'm setting things up for my character's escape
>Just before we begin the heist, party wizard hands me a rod of spell storing with a fireball in it, "since I know you don't have any combat spells, this is just for an emergency"
>mfw I can't contain my shit eating grin
>Pull off the heist, party gets the fuck out of dodge and makes their way to the docks where we had arranged safe passage out
>DM describes however that when we get there, sitting in the middle of the wharf, covered in blood is our fixer who yells out that it's a trap. Suddenly the boats are revealed to be full of armed men and we're quickly surrounded. Everyone roll initiative!
>My initiative ends up being the last of the party members. Can't have timed this better.
>By the time my turn comes up, it seems the party may just barely scrape through this ambush.
>As party fights for their lives, I describe my character calmly walking out of the group and standing next to the guards who let him through and pulling the McGuffin out of his sleeve (which I rolled fairly to pickpocket from the guy who was holding it)
>"Consider this a severance package from our employer." Proceed to whip out wand of spell storing and fireball the whole party.
>As they're lying on the ground, knocked prone from the fireball, character runs away saying, "you really have all done bang up jobs."

Party was stunned and were kicking themselves that they didn't see it earlier. They party survived by sheer luck and have devoted themselves to hunting down my character and killing him. Because of his penchant for disguises though they're completely paranoid whenever they meet a new NPC and do a thorough insight check to make sure it's not my character.
File: shocked stark.gif (973 KB, 500x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
shocked stark.gif
973 KB, 500x240
>First game we ever played, some weird Marvel Super Hero game from 'round the turn of this century.
>The players are a sort of ad-hoc Avengers: Doctor Strange, an OC, Iron Man, Kitty Pryde, etc.
>Guy who introduced me to RPGs decides to join as the Vision. He and I want to do something.... special.
>They have a big fight with the final baddy. As they're engaging, Vision's turn comes up.
> "Ok, I put my hand through Iron Man's head."
>Everyone has a good yuck.
>Alright, roll for damage. Iron Man's not expecting the attack, so he can't defend.

Their faces when.
Your character's an asshole
File: 126546309.gif (367 KB, 319x155) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
367 KB, 319x155
This is actually funny! You, I like you!
Sounds like he was a prick. The character, I mean
File: game_propaganda.png (303 KB, 380x444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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We staged a successful revolution after a long and hard struggle, but the people rose up with us and we cast down the monarchy. All was well in the land and we could finally make a country worthy of us, worthy of the struggle, the sacrifice.

And then she took over with bought loyalties and hired muscle or just plain dirty tactics, and installed herself as a dictator, bumping off any competition or opposition and hunting down those who survived or fled. Thus ended our game's ill-fated communist revolution. I suppose we're largely to blame though, she was a criminal plain and simple, and we should never have trusted her with anything more than low-level work.

>tfw she removed us from pictures
Yeah, she was a pretty capable and ruthless criminal, at least organizing things. Most everyone overlooked her either because her gender, background, or that she wasn't physically imposing. If I remember correctly, everyone had sort of a cute but somewhat insulting pet name for her in the country's language, "Little Bird" though as she became more dangerous it changed to "Hummingbird" because she was always so terse, and hummingbirds don't sing.

After awhile it was pretty clear by the player, that she took some inspiration from real world figures and dictators, in the creation and play of her character. I guess because of that, we should have seen a betrayal coming.
>grapple monk luchador build
>just introduced character
>delving into political family activities
>I would recommend never doing this
>track bastard down to warehouse with a couple of big goliath guards
>charge in while squishier party members take supporting positions
>turns out guy is a sorcerer
>tentacles everywhere
>high maneuver defense gets me out
>can grab sorcerer as he begins to levitate upward
>20 feet up he starts blasting my face with scorching rays
>fuck him, I hold on and roll to grapple
>get a hold on him at about 30 ft and powerbomb his ass back into the ground
>-1 health
>bleeding on floor
>everyone tells oracle to heal
>he smiles
>"I cast fireball"
>never trust a goddamn oracle, motherfucker was possessed all along.
>die a fiery death
>character was new enough and party had enough influence to get a resurrection
>the oracle got a shallow grave
great times
Just for background: This took place in the fourth and final year of a multi-party campaign that pretty much destroyed my personal life and wrecked my GPA. In retrospect, I had an awesome time. At the time, I felt like death from running two four-hour sessions a week.

I have a practice of making underpowered tagalong NPCs. They don't say much unless you talk to them and don't have any initiative of their own. They're basically there for three purposes:

1. To fill any party roles that need filling
2. To give exposition if the players ask

It's cheap, I know, but I've never had any complaints.

The main plot of this campaign revolved around dark elves and their ongoing attempts to kill everything that isn't a dark elf. That involved rebellions, ancient doomsday devices, murder, mayhem, werewolves, alien invasions, and increasingly elaborate plots that the party had to unravel.

And, as the plot went on, people got trapped in them. Case in point:

> Group A is investigating necromancer cult in magic university with aid of bard girl NPC
> Bard girl doesn't do much more than Inspire Courage and pick locks
> Group consists of archetypal stick-in-the-ass conservative human Paladin played by a hippy liberal, a half-elf Cleric played by a man who I think is actually a Christian monk IRL, a werewolf Ranger, and a warforged Evoker played by a shy, submissive, nerdy computer science guy
> Evoker starts doing awkward flirting with bard girl, basically acting like Data from Star Trek
> Insert jokes about full functionality here
> Starts convincing bard girl to open up forbidden sections of libraries for him
> Studies necromancy, becoming convinced that he's going to crack the mystery by learning all about the cult's powers
> Interrogates undead using torture (holy water) and mind control (using necromancy), getting more and more brutal as he goes
> Paladin doesn't know shit, since the Evoker gets the bard girl to convince him he's out of his element and has nothing to worry about
File: 1336273086449.jpg (249 KB, 1600x682) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
249 KB, 1600x682

> Group dynamic strains as the Evoker starts to expose the party to risk in order to acquire cursed items and dark magic
> Paladin just thinks the Evoker is being a dick
> Out of character, Evoker starts making plans, giving me texts and clues about what he's doing when the party's back is turned
> He's playing his cards close to his chest
> Party finally catches up to the leader of the necromancer cult
> He's stolen a cursed item from the university vault, which is holding the spirit of a lich trapped within
> Paladin, Cleric, Ranger and Evoker enter combat, in that order
> Get text saying "Bard girl Stealths up to necromancer"
> Shrug and play it as written
> Party dukes it out with the Necromancer as the bard girl sneaks up
> Text: "Bard girl grabs the artifact"
> It's done -- the NPC fails her Will saves, and the spirit of the lich possesses her body
> Evoker turns to everyone and declares that he's grabbing the bard girl by the hand and casting Teleport
> Paladin screams and tries to attack him, but it's too late > Without the Evoker, the fight gets even harder > Ranger gets disintegrated > Paladin cuts the Necromancer's head off and tries to find out where the Evoker teleported to > Evoker tells them he's teleported to a very familiar area > The party's home base
File: 1339544515918.jpg (71 KB, 617x864) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 617x864

Going by the campaign as written, the bard girl NPC is now possessed by the lich
> Somewhere between Arthas and Sauron
> Evoker bows down before her
> Tells her that he had calculated the party's chances of succeeding in their main quest
> "The odds are clear. Unless a new force arises to assist them, their cause is doomed."
> "I studied you before you were trapped. I know we have a common enemy."
> "Aid me in this quest; bring your might to destroy the dark elves, and you shall have my undying allegiance. And when it is over, we shall conquer the Earth."
>Lich considers this for a moment
> He's a warforged, so he's useless as a corpse
> And he's making a good point
> They strike the deal
> Paladin is howling bloody murder
> Cleric is staring daggers at Evoker
> Evoker turns his sheet in
> He's changed his alignment to Lawful Evil He's the villain of the upcoming campaign.
That's a really nice one, anon.
>chargen for new adventure
>player goes for apathetic build
>GM somehow doesn't autokick

"Buh muh char WOULD carp constantly and randomly walk off the jerb, gaiz. It's called ROLE PLAYING!"

This concludes another episode of Shit That Never Happened.
>GM auto kick

I still find that to be hilarious.
You stay away from table long enough and you have to roll a new character, I guess.
That sounds fair, just the term used to describe it is humorous to me.
>tl;dr female Stalin
File: 1452723173691.jpg (107 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107 KB, 640x640
>character's named Falco
>don't expect him to be a prick
>group of highschool friends organizes weekend-long D&D campaigns
>Starts Saturday morning, ends Sunday evening
>3 DM's, 12-ish players
>very little emphasis on character development IC due to time limits and structure of the event
>the DM's approach me to ask if I'd be up for a heel turn this year.
>all I have to do is make sure I get hold of a maguffin book and give it to the BBEG of the campaign, after that I can do what I want
>agree and end up with a favored soul of Nerull, who pretends to be devoted to Kord
>write a short backstory about how he's just a sailor passing through, no real connections to the locals but overly helpful
>campaign starts
>play my character as a dim boyscout with a hero complex, help party members when I can
>as a result I'm treated as a party face
>my party is the one to come across the maguffin, my character volunteers to keep it safe.
>party is completely fine with this, by day 1 I am holding the book IC and OOC (the DM's actually handmade a little book to serve as prop)
>day 2
>parties get mixed up, end up with a dirgesinger devoted to Nerull
>he figures out my character's secret
>since we serve the same god he decides to join me
>when everyone gathered to face off against the BBEG, the two of us broke off from the group and handed him the book.
>group is shocked, BBEG uses it to turn into a bigger BBEG triggering a boss battle
>party is out for blood
>Dirgesinger casts gaseous form and drifts off
>I cast invisibility and air walk off the island
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