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What's the most disturbing thing that...
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What's the most disturbing thing that has happened to one of your characters?

Is that the one where he started carting the bitch around? Jesus, your friend is a freak.
Touched by Slaanesh, possessed by daemons, tortured and raped by said daemons on multiple occasions, all before reaching the age of ten; raped by Astartes; ended up falling in love with the primarch of the same legion as her rapists. Also eats her friends and resurrects them with biomancy.
Murdered two men responsible for her rape in cold blood while they begged her for their lives. She did it in front of the man she loved, weeping the entire time because she had been struggling to change herself into something that wasn't a big pile of damaged goods for his sake.
My Fairly big party of 6 got split up in a Maze.
We found the corpses of the Knight, Witch hunter, and Bard in a dead end. The Knight and Witch hunter just had a few Gashes on their stomach and legs but the Bard was put through multiple spikes and splashed with acid.
We found the Three of the ghosts later in hell, at that point the ghost's players rolled up new characters. The Knight and Witch hunter were fine with death but the Bard's Torture continued there. He was and still is apparently being crushed to a pulp by giant Columns. And due to magic, he's still feeling pain in that glob of ghostly meat.
DM said that the Demi-god of that was responsible for their deaths really hated bards,
Can you go into it here? Or do you have players lurking?
>the Demi-god of that was responsible for their deaths really hated bards
Must've been asexual
I was brought into a game as another character's child. It was fun playing a parent/child duo but eventually the other player instigated an incest situation, which was expected to be played out with some level of detail. Worse still I was pressed upon to continue the trend with my own character towards their child.

I wish I had just walked out but it was one of the first games I ever played so there weren't really alternatives and it might have turned me off the hobby altogether.
Rapidly pupating sub-cutaneous larval infestation. He was so disturbed that he thrust a lit torch into all of the wounds in an attempt to burn away the larvae, nearly killed himself from shock. He had issues after that.
>Rapidly pupating sub-cutaneous larval infestation
I... kind of wish this would happen to me...
What. What Race/Class was the Parent? Where you the same Race/Class? Was it Mother/Son, Father/Daughter, Mother/Daughter. Father/Son?
Mind rape.
Enslavement and rape by a dragon.
Threatened imprisonment and rape, and effectively surgically extracting her bloodline, (which to her was much worse than the rape).

All different characters.
Years ago when one of our gms got his hands on a midnight game, he threw us into their jungle like area.

In the jungle, we got to an area where we had to hold off these rune dog flesh golems so the mage equivalent could pump enough power in to teleport us into another continent to search for mcguffins.

I was the last one holding the door, and the gm remembers that the things are supposed to cast a confusion effect each round. Fail 5th of 8 checks and go down. Trapped on this side, was promptly eaten and the scene of me being birthed out of the one that ate me as one of the flesh golems and starting to advance on the portal right before it closed. Probably the only real weird thing to ever happen to my character, besides another dm trying to set me up with another player through our characters when I am not gay and neither was the other player but he was convinced we were and that we lusted after one another when we never talk to one another outside the game.
No, you really don't. I'm talking showers of exploding flesh as the resulting demon-bug creatures grew thumb sized and burst out by in dozens per clutch. Had the torch plan not worked there wouldn't have been a whole lot of him left.

Wasn't one of my characters, but someone else in the party, but we got contacted by the spirit of her unborn child who helped us through a maze/test/hell cavern which wound up killing the unborn little girl.
oh jeez

why not both?
The larval part, though. I imagine it would feel quite good, the way they squirm around in your flesh.
>raped by Astartes
Explain how this is supposed to work when space marines can't even get it up in the first place.
Think he might mean slanessh corrupted CSM
Raped by a party member while the others watched/laughed.
It's a... VERY canon-inaccurate timeline.
You are a very odd sort of person. But this is /tg/ so I'm not surprised.
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Was eaten by pic related
>was female barbarian with great sword
>got grabbed then swallowed (damn DM vore fetish)
>rest of party fought like normal
>I however, had to hold my breath and fight off her unborn children in her gut who were trying to eat me
>finally begin to cut my way out her ass, spinning like a god damn buzz saw
>burst out like a chest burster covered in slime
>stand and stare at party
"Thou shall not mention this again or you shall me the same fate as she!"
>stomp off angrily
Oh it was mother/son. She was sorcerer/human, I was the same. When it turned around to my character, it was father/daughter.

Basically her character was part of a group of survivors that the party was, and the only magic person remaining, so she ended up being made queen by right of power. When the DM worked into the pace of the game continuing over generations, she acted upon her idea of creating a bloodline magic based monarchy to keep her and her line in power, and keep magic out/away from the rest of the populace. Her plan was come up a ways into the game so I was already playing, when she turned towards my character looking to found her imagined bloodline monarchy.

So yeah it was a pretty weird and fucked up situation that led to a disturbing game.
Honestly, it's one of the less disturbing fetishes I've seen on here.
My character got raped by a lamia.

Two of the other characters got raped by a futa succubus, so I'd say I got off easy.

This wasn't even an ERP campaign.
Had one poor character mutate, intentionally possessed by her Inquisitor, and then exorcised after going on a rampage and killing multiple people. Her sanity wasn't too great after that even though she was nigh unkillable.
Got Ganked by the party.
Another player, but he ended up fathering an entire huge population with some big female rat monster thing, which became a very serious threat to the region and took out many cities. It was gross but also a pretty sad situation and he was a broken man by that point, eventually we had to kill him to put an end to it.

>tl;dr player created the skaven
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Well that's an odd fetish
Dealing with demonic aliens. They infected people through larval teeth. One bite, and several of the "sharp shrimps" burrowed inside.

There was this woman which seemed pregnant, until I realized no baby belly could have knobs like that. I... spared her from the suffering, although she was so catatonic that perhaps she wouldn't feel anythin either way.

According to a biologist that did this to his own arm, it tickles.

Brooms. It's how you rape rapists without being gay in prison. And those that fight against dictatorship.

One can also get splinters inside the rectum, or the torturer could break the broom inside it.

One hemipenis, two as in certain reptiles, or the whole tail?

Been considering a lot of lamia sex lately, for a story

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man I misread that at first and it was slightly more interesting
>this entire fucking post
>the end of that video

You have a wicked GM, mate.
That wasn't the GM. I'm the loremaster of the group, the guy who comes up with the stuff the GM uses.

I invented the demonic aliens, inspired by slaad, unhealthy readings of the "wonders" of nature, medieval paintings of the devil eating and shitting people at the same time, and the video.

The woman, except for the parasites, was based on a pacient of an asylum I worked. The difference is that she had cancer causing her belly to bloat. I didn't expect the GM to use my experience like that, but it fit very well.
one of my PCs played a dwarf who had been violated as a child by goblins during a raid. He played a CN dwarven ranger and had goblins as his fav enemy. I allowed it that he could roll a check to rape the goblin he was fighting. This process eventually backfired and he was kidnapped and taken into a breeding pit of the goblin matriarch. Took a few months real time to "find" him (several years in game) because the Player wanted to play a new character. We eventually rescued him, though by that time he had killed the matriarch and her consort and had fathered an entire new generation of half goblin/dwarflings. helped bring peace between the two races actually and now have formed their own place in our campaign world. The resulting offspring depends on the mother. Half-bugbears are almost half orcs, but not as stupid and etc.
Everyone in my player group acts as loremaster. If I like it, i include it. makes for some fucked up games.
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That's pretty neat and very creative. I wish my group operated more like that, it'd save me some trouble.
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The rest of the group doesn't do much. If they do something cool, it's included.

Or I may spend three hours planning how to make sense of their ideas. This kind of challenge really drives one's creativity.

I honestly call myself the loremaster because while others play LoL I read wikipedia articles and make up stuff. There's more of my input in the setting than the GM and the other players combined.

Thank you. But then they would be like me, and even I don't want to be me sometimes.
DM here

old guy got murdered by PC's

reason? they didn't like his split pea soup
I was about "eh whatever" at your story, but sounds like the character is a monster
Are you actually participating in the campaign, or just making up stuff for it?

I did something similar (they called me a co-DM), but I was also a player and got to see how my ideas were used, which caused problems.
Player in my group let his wife get Loss'd in front of him because she and the babby were being held hostage for his money.

He died soon after.
Nothing, I've never lost agency or a fight during an rp.
I play almost exclusively "crotchety old fart" wizards, so I've never been raped thank god.

Once my guy was swallowed by an animated furnace and was rendered unconscious before the party killed it, but that's the most horrific you really get playing a boring old man.

My friends, however, have been through hell. Rape, mind rape, soul absorbtion, the whole nine yards.

Should I freshen up and play something else?
I like the original drakainas better. They would be what we call lamias nowadays, snake-women.

>Herakles walks around with his cattle.
>drakaina steals it.
>will give it back if he makes her pregnant
>He continues his way, leaves her his bow.
>She has three sons from one laid
>Only one is strong enough to fire his father's bow
>He becomes a king, and founds Scythia, his mother's name.
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I'm a PC, but I'm also very good at metagaming.

Which kind of problems did you have?
I wish it would happen to you too.
Fetish fags.
Not a PC story but something my party did to a paladin during our slavery campaign.
>be fighting do-gooders whioare trying to free our slaves
>leader is a female paladin
>her best friend is the high priestess of her religuons kical church
>track their church down
>raid it when the pally is away and kill everyone
>capture pally when she returns
>throw her in cage and starve her
>shes on the brink of death
>begin to guve her food to keep her alive
>food is meat off her best friend
>continue to feed her her friend, plus some orphan children
>throw the remains of her friend and the orphans into the cage with her
>explain to her what shes been eating
>stop feeding her
>she ends up eating the remains we threw in her cage to stay alive

She ended up turning evil because of that and became our nemisis, the DM thought we were fucked beyond belief but at the time it seemed reasonable to us. Looking back on it though its a bit much.
Really? A slavery game and you capture a female paladin and don't turn her into some sex slave? Bullshit. Nobody on TG would be mature enough to avoid doing that.
Well, it was my first game, and I didn't have a full understanding of what a TTRPG should be like and had even more of a stick up my ass than I do now. I'm not very good at most fun.

Basically, it all came down to 'you're doing it wrong.' I fluffed out an elvish faction that was basically half mongol, half Native American. Tribals resisting the encroachment of a larger human empire, which was the obvious bastion of civilization and used golems in battle.

We're escorted to the elvish kingdom by one of their military patrols, all horse archers and such like I'd planned, but the first town we reach is a pretty generic medieval town, complete with castle. I take the GM aside and argue with him a bit - they weren't supposed to maintain any permenant cities at all - and we compromise that they'd recently taken the city from humans. But then later, he has a fairly generic nobility and king be present, which is the opposite of the tribal stuff I was going for. He still had that going on, mind - he just wasn't including it everywhere it was supposed to be.
Well the barbarian raped her a bunch of times but for the rest of us it was way out of our comfort zone. Even the bard wouldnt rape her and he was the one that came up with the cannibalism thing. Evil campaigns are strange that way
>Okay, let's just go down the list of evil things we're cool with doing. Slavery?
>Massacring everyone our paladin foe cares about, some of them orphans, and her best friend?
>Capturing said leader and starving her?
>Of course.
>Forced cannibalism, the meat being of her best friend and the orphans?
>Yeah, but keep it a surprise at first, and then force her to make the choice herself later.
>Alright - how about breaking her will and maybe sanity, causing her to fall as a paladin?
>Totally cool.
>And what about rape?
>What? No. That's evil.
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When it comes down to details there's stuff they get "wrong", but also could atributed to variations from average.

I have a nomadic faction. They have permanent cities as meeting points and markets, and there may be a "king" or "chieftain" with a castle (like castros/nuraghis/hillforts), more interested in riches than traditions.

Scythia and other nomads had places like that, even if they were civilized colonies which were allowed to exist in their territory for trading.

You could have thrown in a cooler option for him to stick with, like a caravan of giant animals with rope bridges between their backs.

Finding images that convey what you want and showing them before or during also helps more than any writing, they stimulate the imagination of the table.
Really? Wow. I mean if I was an evil bard I would have abused Charm spells and diplomacy checks on a captive audience to corrupt her.
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That's a very good point, and if I was going to do this again I would definitely follow your advice. But I had no idea of that at the time, was honestly working with pretty crude ideas that I wasn't fleshing out too deeply, and wasn't going out of my way to look up any resources or art. Not well planned, not well done, and I underestimated my role and how I should've rolled more with what the DM was doing.

Also, I was pretty not fun. Looking back on it, the paladin with a rock painted like a watermelon waving it around and screaming it was a piece of the moon god was hilarious, but back then I was annoyed with the whole thing.
My Thousand Sons Sorcerer once deep-thorated a female Slaaneshy demon prince.
On the bright side i got amazing navigating knowledge.
On the dark side i may now be possessed by a Slaanesh daemon.
After the cannibalism thing he did use enchantment magic to force her to do evil things but she got away from us soon after
Kek, like i said evil campaigns are strange

I didn't watch that one but I did watch that one about the chicken getting a rimjob
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I'm sure some anons here will like pic related.


We always learn more. For me, looking back and not liking what I was is a sign of improvement.

In my case there's some obssession involved and I have almost as much fun "loring it up" as playing.

It's really weird, but real criminals sometimes have this kind of "arbitrary" line they won't cross no matter what. It seems not a lot for us, but for a criminal, it works as a way of not being completely evil, that there is something worse out there.
>I may be like this, but at least I'm not like that.
Probably going to go with seeing his ten year old self from another timeline.

Younger me took a look at older me, a hitman with delusions of divine instrumentality, and decided that he wanted to make sure he never became that via an heroing with a gun.

The other option was a mage that had God, as in the stereotypical "all loving creator of goodness" tell him flat out that his initial plans for atonement- mercy killing his world- were the only viable solution to saving other realities.
One year ago, my PC entered in a deadly trap room and by deadly I mean my DM designed it to kill anything that enter it.
I actually survived by making 5 crit rolls in a row losing an arm in the process but still alive
So I got cocky and taunt my DM asking is that all he got? He didn't like that so the god entity that was apparently watching over the old ruin my party was scavenging manifest himself and cursed me.
My PC is doomed for eternity to bite his tongue each time I spoke in/off game losing 10HP.
The cursed is still in place to this day and it seem I cant get ride of it since it's a godly decret.
I think it's the idea that the players doing evil shit for fun are often just being shitters for laughs or to be edgy. Rape more often gets into magical realmy stuff. My friends and I try to avoid nearly any form of sex ingame, consensual or not, just because it makes things less comfortable for the rest of us imagining this is probably fap bait for the player making the move.

That's my take on it at least.
Well I can say I have learned - I can be a little nofun still, but overall I feel I'm a great player and a good roleplayer. And I've started fluffing out a setting, though I may never use it. It's fun to work out the details, but sometimes I feel like I can't both work on the wider picture and get into the little things.

But this is the first time I've heard of anyone else doing something like being a loremaster, and there's probably not going to be a call for me to take up the post again - partially because now I'm in college games with DM's already volunteering and with settings in mind, and partially because I'll probably end up in games like Shadowrun or Dark Heresy where a custom setting isn't really needed.
Wait, did your ten old year self decided to kill the future you, or to commit suicide?

Either way, that's an interesting situation for a table.
Well that's shitty.
Lots of people worldbuild by themselves without ever showing to others. Crossing and relating everything can be a big pain, and be assured there'll be gaps you didn't notice.

And you can still do your part. GMs have lots of stuff to plan, some help with fluff will be welcome. Let's say, a single city or distant republic. I started fleshing out the origin city for my PC, and the whole thing went up from there. The setting already existed for 15 years before I met the GM.

And as WH40K has light years of unfluffed space, one can make a whole non-average sector for Dark Heresy.
He was eaten alive by a gigantic spirit-dog.
That seems amazingly petty on your DM's part.

It's hard to see the forest for the trees, and vice versa. I have a habit of building outwardly-I'll have a vague idea of what's going on outside the immediate start of the campaign but really focus on the initial area, and as the players travel or seek knowledge about different areas, I'll fluff as I go.

It helps me with time management and I'm decent enough of an improviser that I can wing it when necessary. With the miracle of hindsight, you can make anything you came up with fit into the rest of your campaign and setting.
>Playing a campaign with some friends.
>Been playing for a while so we're all around 7-8 at the time in terms of levels.
>I've been playing a cleric which the party has come to love for my skills not only in healing, but diplomacy and melee combat with a mace.
>Outside of the campaign the rest of my party had been doing shit to piss off the DM.
>DM was a bit of a immature and spiteful cunt.
>Next session we make our way to an abandoned fortress to investigate reports of a goblin armor.
>Fortress is in the shadow of the largest mountain in the campaign.
>Investigating for a while, don't find anything.
>Suddenly earth begins to shake.
>The mountain heaves up, and as the land separates we see the hide of a Terrasque.
>DM has had enough of the rest of the party apparently.
>Party attempts to run for it, Terrasque closes in on us.
>Cleric makes an extensive prayer to their god as they are running.
>In the process sees several of the party grabbed, and either eaten whole or crushed, under very detailed DM description. Crazy gore.
>DM chimes in as voice of my Cleric's god.
>Cleric asks if they can save the party.
>The God says they can only save one.
>Only ones alive are Cleric and 2 others.
>Cleric asks to be saved as she watches one of the last 2 others get crushed under the claw of the Terrasque. (I figured I'd cut my loses as I knew the DM just wanted the others dead)
>Cleric appears in a church of her chosen god in a town they recognize.
>Cleric finds out later through means of a seer that the Terrasque had fallen back into slumber in the mountains, and that none of their friends survived.
>Makes prayer to their god, asking if they made the right decision.
>Cleric, faith wavering in themselves now spends much time drinking at a tavern to try and forget the slaughter they witnessed.
The portion of her lower right butt cheek as seen from the front, along with the cleft of her leg, looks like a penis and balls at a glance.
A green dragon "raped" a slightly younger drunk gold dragon on another planet
>It was spelljammer
>they were both male
>The green was a huge homo and had a crush on the gold
>The green took it the worst and had a mental breakdown because "he inevitably destroys everything he loves"
>the incident made the gold racist against elves for some reason
My arrogant elven wizard and other PCs were permanently polymorphed into kender.
He was killed by a stray bottle after one-shotting five enemies in a row.
>One hemipenis, two as in certain reptiles, or the whole tail?
As far as I know, it was female, so no penises, but it was fade to black so what actually transpired is anyone's guess.

>Been considering a lot of lamia sex lately, for a story
Do it.
>the incident made the gold racist against elves for some reason

I don't get random insanity tables either but if you can't think up something on your own then I guess that's what they're for.
I don't get to play often, but one of my few characters witnessed Death itself crit-fumble to death.

There's a reason I'm a forever DM.
I have an outline. I'll take it to my writing teacher for some tips. I plan to post it on hentaifoundry.
Our quest at the time was sneaking into an old mansion and retrieve a magical artifact, if we could also kill the evil wizard inside there would be extra gold. We broke in and eventually got outnumbered and surrounded.
Turns out the evil wizard was the former lady of the house, now a powerful necromancer, she was rotting and decomposing as she explained everything to us. She gave us the option of sparing our lives of we became her willing servants and her agents in the world. We agreed. And to seal one of us would have to lay with her for three days, in her coffin, and be all slow gentle romantic like. My character was the one to do it.

After that she pretty much became our questgiver, it was fun. Go to do her biding, go back to the mansion, recieve cool new loot, my character goes back in the coffin for three days, she gives us a new quest, rinse and repeat.
If background events count - extensive cyberware installed with not anesthesia at the early age.

If in-game only - got liver cut out, but that was well deserved and not fatal, because undead.
You know what I would do, but of course I'm a bit fucked up, I would graphically describe her crying and soiling herself. Then after a while, I would make her try to kill herself by slamming her head on the floor of the truck. Make her say that she wants to die, that they'll do terrible things to her, stuff like that. That'll force the players to either let her kill herself and watch and realize they did this to her, or hold her to prevent her from killing herself and realize they did this to her. Fucked up actions come with fucking up results. And with desperate situations come desperate actions.

This is also a reason why I'm having second thoughts about DMing dark heresy. I like grimdark, but I dont want to scare my friends away, you know?
>the pain would be insane
well, no, nerves go both ways, so if they're cut, there's no pain at all
But I want your PC's to realize that this is what happens when you do shit like this.

Question, does your NPC have a brother/father/husband that will go to the end of the world to save her? Probably join their town incognito to save her or revenge her?
not really disturbing but one of my players decided to jump on and hug anti tank missile mid flight for some reason
There was this one character that was dragged kicking and screaming into a world of rape and slavery that mankind was never meant to witness, run by some sadistic God of autism and bad pop culture references. I feel for that man. And every man and/or squid to follow him.
Call of Cthulu. Had my investigator inject himself witha substance to save the life of a hostage (long story).

After a damning second of silence, he coughs. The frequency and intensity increase rapidly. Soon blood spills out. He starts to dissolve.

Scanner readings taken after the sequence indicate he regressed to a type of "proto-matter" that predates all human life. Signs of consciousness remain unknown
Username pls
As a trainee medical professional I have to say not necessarily if it's severed fully, now a neuropathic infection on the other hand... HehehahaOhGodHohoheahh
Something like this: >>45042862
He got infected by a spider-monster's eggs, waiting to hatch and devour him alive from the inside out ... well, the usual story, you know.

The actually disturbing part was the spider monster itself and how it inoculated its eggs. Its body was much like a human's, although bloated, wrinkly, pale, blistered and entirely hairless; it had eight long arms, that except for their lenght and disposition would look pretty much like human arms. The eggs were injected orally through an oviipositor this bastard had in place of its tongue. Basically the monster had four chelicera that looked like human fingers and were hidden under its lips, which it used to pry the victim's mouth open (once it managed to grab and immobilize them with its many hands) and force this long ovipositor tube in their throat.
I played an Elven cleric who was raped by Orcish refugees. The guards didn't help her because the Queen had ordered that the Orcs be welcomed, and my poor cleric was arrested for false accusations and spent the rest of her life as a rape slave for hordes of cruel Orcs who mutilated her vagina and beat her whenever the pleased.
I've posted this before, but it was at the bottom of a thread that died quickly, so I feel like nobody saw it.

This happened to another player's character, not my own. The worst fate my own character suffered (not counting backstory because that doesn't count) is just having his tongue cut out and being emasculated. He got better. He'll be referred to as Guard, and the other player's character, Ninja.

>Be a little sneaky ninja dude, Ninja
>Honorable, dependable, all that
>Maniac escapes hospital where my character, Guard, works guard duty
>Promises to kill literally anyone who asks and she decides deserves it
>Takes out a fucking anonymous ad to say so
>Hires people to pass out business cards promoting her services
>No fear because Maniac is a cyber'd up military nut with military grade equipment, apparently unlimitted amounts of high explosives and kevlar skin
>Measure her explosives used during all this as somewhere in the $150k range of cost
>This is explained later
>Guard and Ninja find that she's been spotted around an apartment complex owned by the Yakuza frequently
>Ninja has past ties to the Yaks
>Goes to investigate, gets caught
>Yaks very politely ask him not to investigate further
>Yaks very politely remove his eye and tongue for getting involved with them again after promising to never touch them again
>This isn't the biggest problem because he and my character don't speak the same language so we always communicated via what are essentially psychic communication chips in our neck but it still sucks
>We fall back, nurse our wounds, talk about the time my character got his tongue cut out
>Shit ain't so bad man
>Guess so bro
>Get back to work
>Ninja finds a way to get into Maniac's apartment unseen, sneaks around while she's busy tinkering with her guns and grenades and building firebombs
>Finds that her escape was orchestrated by the city corporate police
>She was transfered to the hospital from an out-of-sector prison and given the keys to her own cuffs
>Told to play up the insane act (which isn't hard) but to only go after targets approved by the police
>Ends up that the only people on her list are gun runners, gang leaders, things like that
>Yakuza are being paid to protect and shelter her
>Me and Ninja decide that we're alright with this actually
>Maniac has decided to go about doing her job by blowing up fucking everything and killing dozens of people in the streets and burning down buildings but in this far future and age of the disposable human the city government doesn't really care so long as her targets are killed
>After a week of terror; no targets actually killed
>I mean how hard is to kill someone lady
>Yeah we're less alright with it now that we think about it
>Especially now that one of those gang leaders on her list has promised us BIG DOSH in order to figure out what all is happening
>Ninja sneeks out, unseen, reports all this
>Yakuza find out
>Yakuza decide not to be polite
>Yakuza manipulate local nutjob Ripper Doc to give Ninja an offer he can't refuse
>Free knife fingers man
>Despite knowing her reputation, Ninja shows up, to get some of them sweet sweet knife nails
>Gets put under for surgery
>Wakes up with new under-skin deployable knives
>Cool! Let me off the table now
>Nighty night
>Wakes up with a robotic eye, a robotic arm, and a robotic leg
>His arm and leg are just sitting on a chair
>Ripper is in the middle of sawwing off his hand when he wakes

In the setting, chrome causes great physical and mental strain on people. Typically those with poor constitution cannot handle chrome without contracting PDS, essentially, robotic psychosis disease. Ninja had put basically no points into health and constitution. Mild cases cause irritation, loss of self control, and a loose tongue. More severe cases escalate this into murderous rage, total loss of control or will to control yourself, and the full furious will to murder anyone for any slight with your newly gotten chrome, before the strain of it burns your brain out and kills you.
>Ninja wakes in the middle of hand being sawn off
>Readouts in the operation theatre read LETHAL PDS in red flashing lights
>Ninja cuts straps with only remaining hand, still full of knife fingers
>Runs out into the snowy night, dressed in only a hospital gown
>Running through the frozen streets barefooted with just a hospital gown to cover himself, soaked with his own blood
>Screaming bloody murder over the before-mentioned psychic communication chip, which many in the city have out of convenience
>please stop saying how you're going to kill everyone over public chatter it's quite rude
>Angry mental shouting wakes my character
>My character is one of the few Ninja trusts, and as such, isn't hostile to him
>You gotta help me man
>What happened bro
>Oh shit hold on
>I run to another sector to meet with a contact I know has a very mild case of PDS
>Keeps it under control with strong medicine, one pill a day keeps the anger away
>Beg him for all of it
>He only has three pills left
>I run back to Ninja, he nearly attacks me on sight, I force the mostly empty bottle into his hands and run
>He downs all three

Sup /pol/, here's your (You).

Her name wasn't pol..
>Because of poor constitution, ODs immediately
>Barely-coherent pleas for help between foaming and sputtering
>Find him face-down in the snow, frothing at the mouth and having a seizure
>Scoop him up
>Run across the city AGAIN
>Into the hospital
>Emergency chrome removal surgery
>He is now 40k in debt
>The hospital can't detox the chemicals from the pills in his tenuous condition
>The chemicals have blinded him, but he's no longer dying
>They couldn't take the arm or leg because then he'd be crippled, so he still has a severe, if nonlethal, case of PDS
>Walk him home
>He kills himself later that night because he can't handle the pain, and his clone won't remember, having not updated his genetic backup recently
>Falls on his sword
>Wakes up in the clone vats
>All is fine!

In the setting, cloning has essentially replaced life insurance. Made cheap and affordable, most with a decent paycheck can afford the price of a clone, and it's far cheaper to get a genetic backup, rewriting the body and mind of your clone with your current one. The cost of this cheapness is its risks. Clones suffer the same problems xerox papers do; the more times they're copied, the greater the chance of errors being made. When something goes wrong with the process, it's Degenerative Clone Disorder, or DCD. Very rare in initial copies, but the more are made, the greater the risk.

>Ninja is fine! No memory of the pain, still has his eye and tongue. I fill him in on what he missed while he was dead
>Who fucking knows how many times he's died at this point but DCD is rare, he'll be fiiiiine
>The next day
>Oh god what's wrong with my face
>Why can't I see right
>DCD has struck, in some minor and some major ways
>Has blackened one eye, blinding it
>The ear on that side has dropped low, and his whole side looks generally off balance
>Red, rash-y splotches have grown around his eyes and scalp
>Worse is to come.
>Fuck fuck fuck
>He rushes to find a cure
>Local company offeres relief for this clone, but the next will suffer far worse
>Costs 10k
>Fuck it, punch it
>Take out a loan from a friend (read: extortionist contact) for the money
>Get the cure
>Oh by the way, this doesn't work immediately, the DCD will slow down over time
>Ninja, by the time the effects stopped entirely, is a upper twenties/lower thirties year old man stuck in the hobbled body of someone in their mid-sixties
>Cannot clone-update or be stuck in this body forever
>Cannot re-clone or will be struck by even worse DCD
>Now a grand total of 50k in debt plus favors owed to that extortionist

And that was Ninja's very bad week.
No, but yours is.
The infection wouldn't be just below the cut spinal cord bruh.
Gods, that body. I'm panting and can barely contain my saliva.
My half-orc warlock was clever enough to convince our cleric and paladin to give a blood sacrifice to a tree that imprisoned a pit lord
that blood sacrifice being our group's elf
File: Bw54Yr0.png (58 KB, 642x412) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 642x412

I know, anon, I know.

If it helps, it's the concept art for a miniature. The artist doesn't have anything more like it, very unfortunately.
Doesn't sound that bad
Was he named Baron M√ľnchhausen?
Non-canon side-story to the campaign written by the DM for keks and gigs, my character eats the bard non-digestion vore style. Stupid ensues.
>party gets trapped in some maze
>turns out its the BBEG's own little funhouse maze
>usually just throws in random idiots he finds and rabid monsters and sees how long either party lives
>tends to keep the final survivor after their cannibalism fueled bodies give out
>managed to funnel us into it under the guise of saving civilians who were long dead
>party will be dying of hunger soon
>BBEG offers us a deal
>give over one of us and he lets the rest go
>no casters allowed to prevent serious escape attempts
>thats me the fighter or the bard
>give myself up willing for the party
>party needs a new fighter so i roll up a new one who's background is revenge since the BBEG kidnapped a family member who surived the maze and came out an almost unrecognizable monster
>after some shit and killing my own father we get this note from the BBEG
>he's bored of my old fighter and is willing to hand him over for a price
>manage to get to the meeting area
>its just some random clearing no one in sight
>trap door opens up
>all of us end falling down this chute into a room with 5 chairs and a big glass window into a dark room
>BBEG's voice from room tells us to take a seat
>collectively tell him to go fuck himself
>says he'll wait
>try for an hour to get out
>chutes sealed up and the walls are seamless and indestructible
>glass is unbreakable
>we all know its hardcore railroading but fuck it the game won't progress for shit if we don't play along
>sit in chairs
>immediately get clamped down and hands encased in some sort of liquid metal that sets hard
>mouthgags, head restraints, and eye openers finish it all off
>light flicks on in room
>fighter sitting in a similar chair minus the more serious restraints
>seems a little worse for wear but nothing really off
>BBEG walks in from essentially off camera and starts beating fighters legs and kneecaps in with a metal bar then fucks off for a smoothie
>OOC we're all bitching about is this really necessary
>DM says its perfectly in character for the BBEG and it was
>time passes and we get to listen to my old fighter so uncontrollably for at least a day
>BBEG's back but this time in a pink surgical smock and facemask
>rolls up a surgeons tray full of shit
>starts to saw into fighters skull
>know immediately where this is going and call it quits
>everyone else joins me
>we don't invite kevin back to game time or allow him in jump-in games at the local store anymore
I wanted to post just that the moment I saw that post.

Thank you.
My party's bard managed to seduce a legendary Gibbering Mouther. Sucker was so big it fired 10ft. meatballs of itself as projectiles.
Anyway, it stopped, turned, opened its largest mouth, and began to reach for him with its tongue.
We managed to pin the tongue and our Dwarf NPC companion axed it.
When he cut it, it recreated the scene from the Evil Dead when Bruce Campbell shot the wall and blood came gushing out like a fire hydrant. So he got showered in blood and...whatever else is inside a Mouther. Poor guy had his mouth open to.
Iselor stared quietly at Stitches, a confused look on his face. The two took up position on the other side of the street, in the dark. After a while, the door suddenly opened, and out stepped Ilm with a large dark sack slung over his shoulder. It was hard to see, but he was still crying profusely in the dim moonlight. He stepped to the alleyway near his house and dissapeared in the dark. It was now or never. Stitches drew her small knife and crept forward, Iselor closely behind. She could see him now, kneeling forward to put down the sack. She turned to Iselor, and made a stabbing motion towards Ilm, and then moved both her hands towards Iselor before motioning back towards Ilm. He nodded. He understood. Stitches crouched and walked forward until she was right behind the greiving man. It was easy. He was in emotional dissaray. She reached forward and plunged her knife into his lower back, severing the lower spine and paraylzing both his legs instantly. Immediatelly, Iselor rushed forward and threw himself atop Ilm as he crumbled to the floor. It was easy for the vampire to wrestle the man down, and hit his head repeatedly against the cobblestone. When Ilm was no longer resisting, his arms were bound with rope behind his back, and he was carried inside his house by Iselor. Stitches closed and locked the door behind her, holding her hand against the wall and releasing a burst of magicarus that would seal any cracks. Wouldn't want any neighbours to hear what was going to happen in here tonight.
Ilm was tossed against the wall and thrown onto his couch. Stitches stood in the living room, as Ilm's wife appeared at the foot of the staircase above. She was screaming in a language Stitches couldn't understand, but she looked furious and worried.
"Come down here!" Stitches shouted. The woman couldn't understand her either. She turned to Iselor and stated, "Throw that bitch down here." He made his way up the stairs and grabbed the woman, slamming her hard against the nearby wall and then throwing her down the stairs. She screamed wildly as she fell, and Iselor was upon her when she hit the bottom.. He grabbed her hair and one shoulder and hoisted her up, before slamming her against the wall once more. Stitches said solemnly "Hold her down so I can bind her as well."
The woman was held down, and Stitches tied her arms and legs with rope, and left her lying on the floor near her husband, who was slowly coming too.
Stitches stood before him, staring down with her grey eyes wide and her expression stern.
"W-what is this! What is this!" Ilm shouted frantically, looking around. "What do you want from us!?"
Stitches stared down upon him. "You don't recognize me?"
Ilm stammered, trying to get up. "My legs! I can't feel my legs!"
Stitches kicked him hard in his mouth, and then again and again until he was spitting up blood. She turned to Iselor "Get the daughter down here."
He nodded and headed upstairs to the screaming protests of Ilm and his wife. The upstairs room was small, but had a door on either side of it. The youngest girl stood before a crib in the other room, staring wide eyed at him. He didn't like hurting children, but he had no choice tonight.
"W-who are you?" The girl stammered, shaking. Iselor motioned towards here, "Come downstairs."
The girl shook her head, still trembling. She was on the verge of tears. Iselor walked forward silently, and seized the young girl with both hands. He dragged her kicking and screaming down the stairs to her two thrashing parents.
Stitches was pleased, but showed no sign of it, her expression still blank. She walked to Iselor, and began hitting the girl repeatedly in the head with her fists. The girl fell from Iselor's hands, screaming and trying to block Stitches with her arms. Stitches grabbed the girl by the hair and dragged her to the centre of the room, her parents screaming for her to stop and leave them alone. She had no intention of that. She hit the girl more, blood streaming down her face, until Ilms daughter no longer resisted. Stitches then reached down and pulled the girl's nightgown off, exposing her shivering naked body.
The girl was crying and her voice was slowly becoming hoarse.
Stitches pointed to Ilm, who had exhausted himself with his struggles and lay there, a look of fury upon his face as his chest heaved.
"Pee on him, you little cunt."
Tears streaming down her face, the girl frantically began saying no over and over. Stitches hit her in the head as hard as she could, knocking the girl off balance. She screamed wildly, hitting and kicking the girl furiously until she herself was exhausted. She sat down before the screaming parents, and stared them in the eye.
"Terror to my enemies, as I devour them."
She grabbed the man's daughter by the hair and dragged her into the kitchen, where the girl was barely able to stand any longer. Iselor stood before the thrashing couple. He didn't like what he had to do this night, but there was no other way to go about it. Compassion would serve no purpose in this Hell. Stitches began beating the girl again in the kitchen, slamming her head repeatedly into the wall for nearly ten minutes until the child's skull finally split. She took her dagger and stabbed at the daughter's face repeatedly, until she punctured deep enough to penetrate the brain and end her suffering at last.
She let the body fall to the wooden floor, blood as dark as the night pooling around her wildly messed hair that splayed over her little head. Stitches began tearing up table legs, breaking open drawers and anything wooden she could find.
Iselor stood over the exhausted couple, who had spent themselves struggling and screaming, and now lay their wild eyed and panting. After nearly half an hour, Stitches emerged from the kitchen, holding a wooden cross that was fastened from iron wire, nails and broken wood. She stood on the luxorious fur couch in the back of the room, getting Iselor to help hold the cross straight as she nailed it to the wall. Then she went into the kitchen and emerged again, dragging the daughter's corpse behind her. The parents screamed wildly, beginning their thrashing and begging anew. Stitches ignored the screaming and pleading, the begging and crying as she brought the body to the couch, had Iselor hold it up, and began nailing the girl's hands to the cross; crucifying her. She closed the girl's legs so they were both pressed against one another, and binded them with rusty metal wire. She then leaned in with her knife and began cutting the girl's head off. It was difficult to get through the bone and took her nearly three minutes of sawing and hacking, the blood flow not helping one bit. When the grissly piece was done, Stitches stepped back. Her dress was drenched with life blood, and the crimson liquid was running down the daughter's naked body, over her pale legs and dripping all over the couch. The parents were on the verge of unconciousness at this point, but there was one last person to deal with until she moved onto the main offender and his wife. She headed upstairs herself, now aware of high-pitched barking behind one the closed door directly opposite of the baby's room. Probably a small dog, no worries.
She went to the sleeping infant, and lifted it from its cradle. She looked away from it as it came too, making odd little noises. Stitches carried the infant down stairs and stood before its parents.
Her horrific raspy voice filled the room, "You people took from me, and now I shall take from you, a thousand times over."Their wild screams would be heard from across half the city where it not for the magicarus barrier Stitches had put up earlier.. She took the infant by the leg, and began slamming it down on the ground as hard as she could. It took half a dozen thwacks against the polished wooden floorboards before the baby stopped screaming. She carried the still, bloody infant to the crucifyed daughter before tossing the corpse onto the couch. She ignored Ilm and his wife as they screamed wildly, hurling insults, threats and begging for forgivence all that once.
Stitches leaned in and sliced open the daughter's stomach, reaching in with one hand and pulling out everything she could fit into a handful. The intestines, womb, uterus, kidneys and stomach all came out in a gory heap, and Stitches sliced into them with her knife, loosening most of the innards and emptying the girl. She tossed the insides behind her and picked up the baby, using her knife to cut off thick slabs of flesh from the infant. The skin, muscle and fat came off in long, bloody strips, further soaking Stitches sleeves and the front of her drenched pink dress. When the child was mostly skinless, it was stuffed into its big sister's open cavity, nestled within her dead flesh.
Stitches turned and sat in the corner of the room. Ilm and his wife were unconcious from their thrashing and screaming. Stitches and Iselor waited an hour for the couple to wake back up, when they began crying and begging again. Stitches walked to Ilm's wife and began kicking her in the face repeatedly, screaming at her in fury. The woman's nose caved in under Stitches shoe, blood gushing out and covering the floor. That's when she struck back. Stitches felt the sharp jolt in her ankle as the bitch bit into her leg. She scream, drew her flintlock pistol from her side and without thinking or aiming, pulled the trigger quickly. A bright flash, loud boom, and a huge cloud of smoke erupted from the weapon as the lead ball was loosed. It struck the woman in her solar plexus, ricocheting off the bone and shredding her throat. She lay there, sobbing and hissing, thrashing about wildly as blood poured out of her nose and mouth. It took several minutes for her to suffocate in her own blood..
Ilm was no longer himself. His mind had been shattered by the sheer brutality enacted upon his family. He was crawling forward towards the window on the other side of the room now, wriggling above like a worm with his legs useless and his arms bound. Iselor grabbed the man and threw him across the room. He landed without a sound, face blank, and began crawling once more for the window.
Stitches walked to the man and began kicking him. Iselor joined in. The two beat, kicked and stomped on Ilm for twenty minutes until he was a bloody, bruised and broken mess. He no longer moved, and the death rattle that passed his lips as the air emptied from his lungs signaled the end of this night in Hell.
Stitches and Iselor stood in silence for a long time. They had done it. Another cultist was dead, and his suffering was immense. Stitches went to the kitchen's pantry, and opened a clay jug and used the water within to crudely wash as much of the crusty, dried blood from herself as she could. She then went upstairs and changed into one of the daughter's dresses. It was a pretty blue, made of silk and cottom, and was extremely comfortable. She re-noticed the barking behind that one closed door, and decided to wrap up in this house. She drew her now reloaded flintlock pistol and approached the door, opening it a crack to the sight of a small grey dog that pushed against the door, barking and wagging its stubby tail. Dogs in Zerie were very rare creatures indeed, and Stitches had not seen many. She put away her pistol and picked up the dog, carrying it downstairs. It was obviously young, as it didn't react adversely to the hellish gore-stoked scene in the living room, instead looking around and sniffing furiously. Iselor didn't say a word as the front door was opened. Stitches put down the dog, closed the door behind here and looked about. The streets were empty and surrounding houses dark. It was late at night. She shoed the dog away and it disappeared down the dark street, and the two made their way back to their inn on the other side of the city

When the fuck did they cut the character limit on comments in half? Jesus fucking christ.
Christ, what did Ilm even do?

Edgiest shit I've ever read

>slaughter entire family
>oh but let's leave the dog alone

Fuck is wrong with you?
High ranking member of a Demon-worshipping cult. Stitches is a evil piece of shit that likes hurting people and takes every little act against her WAY WAY WAY too far.
Same campaign the DM gave us a Deck of Many Things. Every card had a different effect ranging from fully healing you, to causing a solid grey jester to appear behind you and shank you in the kidney for 1d8 of damage.
We were at the endgame, our party joined with 2 others for a huge final battle, which my party ruined completely. People from one of the other parties came over and asked if they could draw a card. Nothing serious until the last guy

He was a human paladin, I think? that was incredibly racist against Orcs. He drew his card and became 9 months pregnant within the span of 10 seconds. When he gave birth it was out of his ass and the child was a full-blooded Orc. We had to take a break after that.

>crucify naked loli and then cut her head off

This is too metal.
I also burned alive in a Hell Circus, a result of the deck, and had my soul trapped and crucified afterwards because I was a cleric. My party had to play a game of wits with the Ringmaster to get my soul back.
After 20 real world mins. of them trying to solve riddles, my character woke up in the material world with every feeling and experience striking me all at once.
Even if the DM was on board with this, I find it hard to believe the other players would be. Is this fanfiction?
One DM, two players. Modified WFRP 2nd system.

>its fucked up/excessively graphic so that means it didn't happen

Not everyone only plays lighthearted shit like you do.
I'll add that everyone was uncomfortable the entire time we were doing this. That was the point. So before you go 'hurr they were a bunch of wierdos with some fucked up fetish", the point of the campaign was to be gruesome and fucked up, and after playing RPGs for over twelve years we took the game pretty seriously.
Your DM is a child lmao.
>"playing RPGs for over twelve years"
>can't possibly be older than 15
I'm 24.
>hurr anyone that plays grimdark shit must be a middle-schooler

You are no better than he is. Fuck off.

That's me
>tfw mom won't let me say fuck and shit irl
Hello there Mrs. Sue! How is the daughter?
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