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MTG Deck Development Thread
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>What Decks do you have completed?
>What Decks are a Work In Progress(WIP)?

>What Decks do you have completed?
Standard: None
Modern: Grixis Delver, Mono U Merfolk
Legacy: Dredge (Turbo Edition)
Vintage: Grixis Thieves
>What Decks are a Work In Progress(WIP)?
Kinda finished brewing for the next 6 months.
>What decks do you have completed?
Standard: That format is gay.
Modern: UG Eldrazi Tron w/ Newlamog
RG Bloodrush Anal Rodeo
Legacy: BG Walking Dead (Humans & Zombies)
Vintage: None

>What decks are a WIP?
Standard: That format is gay.
Modern: Gave infect a go. Didn't really work out so much.
Legacy: I was thinking about trying Miracles but no one I know plays Legacy.
Vintage: None (so far).

It ain't easy being wheezy
>What Decks are a Work In Progress(WIP)?
Grixis Eldrazi for Standard, though it's mostly a challenge of finding space and figuring the ratio between exilers and processors, as well as the right combinations of lands that can support the color setup while also introducing colorless for stuff like kozi and endbringer.

I also wanna build UR Goblins for Legacy but that shit's mad expensive
>What decks do you have completed?
Standard: I'm almost done with my Black/White Lifegain deck. It'll pretty much be minor tweaks from here on out.
Non-Standard Magic: Yeah, no.

>What decks are a WIP?
Standard: Thinking about doing a White/Red (possibly W/R/B) Ally deck and a Red/Green Landfall deck.
Non-Standard Magic: Not really planning on spending that much money, sorry.
Thinking of building BW lifegain because I like Ayli. I've been out of Magic for a couple years so I'm trying to see what I can build using only Dragons, Origins, and the BFZ block so my shit isn't fucked by being rotated out.
>Any other nonstandard format that isn't EDH
I'm shit at magic so never.
The only two things that Modern, Legacy and Vintage differ from Standard are the sets of cards that are legal and the older (some being obsolete) keywords and abilities that are tricky to read.

It's easy and fun to get into the hang of it. Standard is just so...dry.
Literally just got into magic, bought an intro pack of dark and light - lots of vampires, kor, a few humans etc. - any tips and so on/cards I should look into for this kind of deck?
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I'm really hoping Shadows over Innistrad shakes up Standard because it is currently hella shit but I wanna go to FNMs to meet with friends I don't see all to often so I'm contemplating making the WB deck since I don't really feel like making an Ayli EDH but like the card.

I don't really have the money for the other formats and I'm not super competitive either so EDH and kitchen table are something I prefer to play if not Standard.

Modern also seems very uninteresting right now with the big focus on non-interactivity with your opponent to win.

Limited is fun though.
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This one.
Well here is your first look at the new modern meta till the pro tour reshapes it again at least.
Notice the lack of tron and the immense tron hate in every single deck.
Pleasant surprise, but it does seem pretty awful that we now have two "Affinity-level" decks.

Affinity-level decks in the sense that "Tier 0.5 deck that every player needs incredibly narrow hate in their sideboard to stop it from dominating"

Sideboard slots are limited. Affinity already eats a few and Tron doesn't share the same hate-cards all the time (4 Crumble to Dust in Jund? that won't do against Affinity...)

Tron's effect on the meta is awful. So is Affinity's, but at least Affinity doesn't stop entire decks from being viable at all.
Yeah, but I prefer Standard. I got into Magic later on so the limited card pool is nice- I don't have to know as much, own as much, etc. There's also usually a lower power level for the cards, which I enjoy. Plus, the decks rotate out faster and are cheaper. I like being able to switch it up every so often and would get bored playing the same deck (against the same decks) over and over (on the competitive side). For the not competitive stuff, I can use older cards in casual/kitchen table games and EDH just fine. To each their own.
And that one plays REALLY well with the Liliana from Origins. I have them both my B/W Lifegain deck and it's been pretty easy to pull off (so far).

I'm contemplating making the WB deck since I don't really feel like making an Ayli EDH but like the card.
I recommend it- it's pretty fun!
>All casual, because kitchen table master race

White weenies equipment
Kor tribal/equipment
Mono-W Knights/flanking
Soldier tribal
W/U morph
W/U Merfolk mill
Azorius flyers/some control
Esper Master Transmuter
Esper artifact recycling
U/B Faeries
Grixis Zombie tribal
Thraximundar EDH
Mono-B Vampire tribal
R/B mean nasties
R/B wither
Mono-R Goblin tribal
Mono-R Elemental tribal
Straight burn
Burn with lots of pingers
R/G Beast tribal
R/G Warrior "tribal" (virtually no actual tribal mechanics, mostly just aggro where every creature happens to be a Warrior)
Elf tribal
Joraga Warcaller
Green stompy
Omnath stompy
Naya aggro
G/W Allies
G/W landfall
G/W lifegain
Orzhov bleed
U/R suspend/storm
B/G Quillspike combo
B/G reanimator
Simic graft
WURG Slivers

>WIP decks
Mono-W banding
W/U control
W/U Kamigawa hand size
U/B shadow
R/B Oni
R/B Goblin tribal
Mono-G Eldrazi ramp
G/W Kamigawa lifegain
G/B Thallids
G/B spiritcraft
Brion Stoutarm EDH
Doran's Defenders Fight Back
>37 decks
>13 WIP's

Why not pool your resources and make like 5 dank decks?
So I cracked a pack today, got a foil Wastes, sold it for 10 AUD which translates to about 7 bucks for you amerifats.

I assumed the price was just gonna drop but im starting to rethink now.
Did I dun goof?
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I'm testing a retarded turn 3-4 modern deck. I am completely aware that it is bad, but I guess I just get excited over a fun brew and I like to play dumb combo decks on forge while a computer tries to stop me. Maybe some day...

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I first read this as you got an expedition wasteland and I almost began to sob. The price of a foil Wastes will probably depend on if they start being played a lot in modern (I have no idea whats going on with modern Eldrazi), but its honestly probably not a big deal. The price will never reach that of like a foil Unhinged Island or anything.
You're probably fine. Right now Wastes are nearly useless. I assume they'll get better one day, but it's not a guarantee, and it's still just a foil basic - even if it is full art - so it'll take ages for it to go past $7, you did good.
Are Wastes going to feature in future sets at all? Is this the not-sixth colour that people have speculated about for so long?
Thanks friendo's
Appreciate the halp.
Rosewater said it'll show up less frequently than hybrid mana, but yes, it'll be around.
You say that as if my decks actually contain enough competitively-viable cards (and cards of such a level that all fit together into the same kind of deck) that I could somehow distill them down into something that could hold its own off the kitchen table. It's not like I'm trying to spread my good cards evenly across all of my dozens of decks; some of them are definitely better than others, and I try to prioritize those to get the best cards I have to fit their strategy. But even my best decks aren't anywhere near competitively viable.

I simply don't have enough of the right cards to make any kind of competitive deck. Particularly in terms of manabase; I have all of jack and shit for nonbasic lands that see competitive play. So multicolor decks are right out. And for monocolor decks, I just don't have half the cards that really make them tick competitively even if I could get away with an all-basic manabase.

I suppose I could sell off all my jank cards in bulk and hope to make enough to buy the 2/3-3/4 of a deck's worth of expensive singles I'd need to build something competitive around what good stuff I already have. But honestly, I have way more fun playing casual games with gimmicky theme decks (and having a bunch of different themes to pick from as the mood strikes me) than I do with competitive play anyway.
Are you a chill dude? You seem like a chill dude.
I have an intro deck from Dragons (massed ranks) that I use to play against noobs that I made better, I still win all the time
Completed BW Tokens, selling it, building Lantern Control and 95 percent finished coco Elves
Building Canadian Threshold (duals, forces and goyfs are proxied) finished manaless Dredge

You can build most non-standard decks for relatively little money. Mono green devotion, mono green stompy, mono green Infect, budget U-Tron are reasonably good and cheap modern decks.

Honestly modern and legacy are always interesting as long as you have a way to beat the meme decks
UR Twin...
Probably will show up again when emakrul becomes story relevant again. Lotta people thinking she might be in shadows over innistrad so it would make sense for wastes to appear there if so.
How many Liliana and Ayli do you run? What's the skeleton of the deck look like?. Trying to get a flip Liliana for my Meren Edh but I wouldn't mind looking to grab a set if needed.
Yeah, you could probably say that. I'm pretty low-intensity about pretty much everything.
>What Decks do you have completed?
Over 12 or 15 Edh decks.
Modern: mono u tron, bw tokens, soul sisters, troll worship, green stompy, RD-that-W on a budget, Poached Eggs, boggles, GR shamans, heartless summoning combo, endless renewal combo and some more modern janky brews :D
Pauper: tron, burn, boggles, white weiners
Trolling: turbofog and a tainted remedy deck

>What Decks are a Work In Progress(WIP)?
Living end, restore balance, abzan aristocrats

I'm pretty sure I missed many decks. No standard nor legacy /vintage
Forgot Emeria control which I love to play with
>What Decks do you have completed?
R/B aggro and U/G combo mill for standard.

>What Decks are a Work In Progress(WIP)?
$35 U/Waste Control (See pic, left is "Perfect", right is the irl version.)
In modern I'm trying to perfect my black/white skeleton tribal deck (purely for the kitchentable games, it's my baby. spent wayyyy tooo much money on it). I'll post what it is comprised of later if anyone wants to know what the fuck it is. I think I'll take it to a modern tournament in my area one day for shits and giggles.

>skellington tribal

sounds spoopy, post decklist
Been out of MtG for years, and I'm lost - why would you ever want a 1 colorless mana land?
In the latest set, they added cards that require colorless mana for their casting and/or abilities.
Huh - I always thought colored could could stand in for colorless. So they've basically turned colorless into its own sixth color? Then how do you pay (X) costs?
Numbered costs can be payed with any color. Colorless costs require a colorless mana, and have their own mana symbol.
No, the reason they added the new <> symbol is to differentiate specifically-colorless mana costs from generic mana costs (which is what the numbers in costs have always represented).

So all your old cards still work the same as normal. It's just that now there are some new cards that have costs like 3<>, meaning you have to pay 1 specifically colorless mana and 3 mana of any color (or colorless). So in that respect, colorless can sort of be considered a pseudo-color, insofar as it's something costs can specifically require some amount of.

And since generic mana only appears in costs (again, nothing new here, just a detail that previously hasn't been relevant or easy to distinguish), everything that produces colorless mana will be printed using the <> symbol from now on. For instance, Sol Ring costs (1) (generic mana) and taps for <><> (two colorless) -- nothing's functionally changed in existing cards, it's just a new symbol added to more clearly differentiate the difference between colorless mana and generic mana costs.
>What Decks do you have completed?
Standard: Format is real expensive, and don't want to buy a $260 playset of Jace. Also format is pretty boring. Played Naya Zada Hedron token combo, now playing Jeskai Zada Hedron token combo with Slip through Space and Expidite for fun.
Modern: GB coco elves and Esper Mentor
Legacy: 2 Gaea's Cradles and a Glimpse of Nature away from completing elves
Vintage: I don't play MTGO or own power... If I ever pick up power then workshops probs seems fun.

>What Decks are a Work In Progress(WIP)?
Standard: Nothing I only play jank decks at FNM cause I don't like the format. A little boring, and everyone is trying to find ways to play allthebestcardsinstandard.dec
Modern: Regionals is in two weeks, I'm thinking the format is going to consist of Tron, Affinity, and Burn. Though Merfolk did well over the weekend at the SCG invi and classic. Regardless, I think I want to build BW hatebears as a metagame call. Its good against Tron cause LD, good against Affinity in the board, and pretty sure I've never lost a match playing against burn in the mono white or GW versions of the deck...
Legacy: ANT seems cool, might build towards that once elves is done.
Vintage: Any
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anon i have a shitload of casual decks just like that. I just like to play with my buds every week.
How the fuck are you gonna pull that off in legacy
Deck in progress here:
4 Coiling Oracle
4 Sakura-Tribe Elder
4 Kitchen Finks
3 Restoration Angel
2 Sun Titan
2 Primeval Titan
1 Sigarda, Host of Herons
1 Akroma, Angel of Fury
4 Path to Exile
2 Aether Spellbomb
1 Detention Sphere
2 Supreme Verdict
1 Unburial Rites
1 Gifts Ungiven
2 Worship
3 Flooded Strand
1 Windswept Heath
3 Temple Garden
2 Hallowed Fountain
1 Breedong Pool
6 Plains
1 Island
1 Forest
4 Ghost Quarter
4 Emeria, the Sky Ruin

It's a take on Emeria Control with a small green splash. The idea is to ramp into Titans and Angels while stalling with recursive bodies that feed into the ramp. Thoughts?
Does anyone have the mono-black mindcrank deck image saved? I am looking through the modern general archives and cannot find it.
seems more like a four color gifts deck. In which case you want four gifts. Also Emeria doesnt count as a plains, so you dont want four, just two, they are fetchable with titan anyway.
The latter point is fair, the four-of Emeria was a holdover from the UW version that had to run 4 for consistency. Gifts is there as a cute one-of to fetch out beaters to reanimate with Emeria or Unburial Rites, it has no other function in this case.
So I'm new to the game.

I bought a deck builder's box... two years ago I think and I'm finally trying to build some decks out of it to use at the table with myself and my roommates.

Right now I'm working on a Red/White deck, but I need some input. Do I want to be running cheap creatures like Reckless Reveler, or can I get away with running creatures like Forgestoker Dragon?

Actually, now that I think about it, if I were to try and make a Dragon deck, would I want to only use red?
Currently building 12 post for legacy. its almost done, i just need vesuvas, and tops, and a about 5 other random cards. and some stuff for the side. I havent quite decided what to run in the side yet. I have kind of a catch all side for Xmage, but I'll probably change it up once i figure out what the local meta is like. What do you guys think of changing out top for expedition? Ive tested it and its nice, but it seems kinda useless if you dont open with them.
Dumb MTG Question here, didnt want to start a new thread:

Just starting out with the BFZ. If I have a Zulaport Cutthroat and another creature on the board, and someone casts Wrath of God, does Zula's effect work with all creatures that are killed? So my opponent would lose 2 life?
Mono red for dragons is fine, but you can also go red/green, red/black or red/green/black(like me). Seething song and dark ritual as well as a couple green ramp cards keep you mana going decently, and you can run things like heelkite overlord.
Or is Zula killed 'first' and no other effects take place?
I don't quite know which cards I have right now and am just trying to cobble together a few decks so we can fuck around when we're having drinks at the table, but that's good to know.

Is there some sort of collection manager online or something that I could use to generate decks out of the cards I own? That'd be cool.
No one who wasn't retarded thought Tron would be important post-Twin

It's that Tron would now be one of the only two pillars of the format, the other being Affinity.

Tron insta-loses to Affinity and other aggro decks.

The format is now nothing but aggro as was fucking obvious from the get-go to anyone with half a brain

Everything that dies or ETB simultaneously (as part of a single spell) "sees" every other thing also die/ETB.

So yes, a WoG will have your opponent losing life for every creature that dies.
Thank you! Last question, what does ETB mean?

Sorry, "enters the battlefield."

So, for example, if you had an effect like "When a creature enters the battlefield, place a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control," and cast a spell that put 3 tokens onto the battlefield at once? Each of those creatures would gain 3 +1/+1 tokens, for the same reason that Zulaport Cutthroat works the way it does.
Thank you again for the help. I have not touched MTG since the Apocalpse sets. But I was young then and played cuz my friends did. I just recently started getting back into it so I bought a few boxes of BFZ and 1 of Oath. So I'll be building a deck and going to FMN for my first time since like 2004. Im pumped. I think I might do a sealed deck on Saturday too.
Alright friend, here's my skeleton tribal deck:

Plane's walkers (6)
2x Liliana heretical healer
2x liliana of the dark realms
1x liliana of the veil
1x liliana vess

creatures (25)
4x tenacious dead
4x reassembling skeleton
4x dimir house guard
3x drudge skeleton
3x death baron
2x Athreos god of passage
2x underworld sentry
2x paragon of the open grave
1x flayed nim
1x champion of stray souls

spells (14)
1x dark prophecy
1x mind slash
1x whip of erebos
2x day of judgement
2x edict of erebos
3x oblivion ring
4x dimir machinations

1x nyx, shrine to nykthos
4x godless shrine
4x tainted field
11x swamps

Like I said, it's mostly for kitchen top play, but I fucking love playing it.
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Thread images: 8
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