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Frostgrave Friday
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It's that time of week again.

FAQ thread where you can ask to Joseph A. McCullough, Frostgrave designer (forum handle joe5mc)

Online warband creator



Warhammer Townscapes: old school Warhammer Fantasy print buildings

Official Miniatures
20x Soldiers and a lot of bits
20x Cultists, and a lot of bits

Wizard sheet
spell cards

Don't forget - you can use any miniatures from any manufacturer, regardless of their race - just make them obvious what they are.

"Required" scenery
>6x6 mausoleum
>6 special treasure token - 3 per player
>Various spooky skeletons
>A Genie
>10 inch+ high tower and enough broken wall sections to make a 12x12 ruined building
>Zone mortalis kind of board + 4 doorways
>6x statues
>1x giant worm
>6 small buildings without roof
>6 wraiths
>a well
>4x 2" diameter discs
>6 columns or ruined columns (or re-use the statues)

Topic of the thread: What are YOU doing with your Captain?
Ooh! The sellsword supplement is out! Reading now...
Yeah, it was more of a pain to clean than the Lich Lord and Golem ones were. Enjoy.
Been waiting eagerly since the last thread went down, don't really have anything to say now. Other than I've been trying to paint minis in the style of Papers, Please and now feel it can not be done well.

Oh wow, you're the best, thanks man.
What do you mean clean it up? You can download it as a PDF
I mean I bought it and it had a watermark. So I cleaned it off, and uploaded it for you all.
Any of you recognize the mini on page 8? The guy in black with a book. I want to get one if it's for sale somewhere.
Nevermind, found it myself. From lich and apprentice pack for Frostgrave.
Oh right I forgot about the watermark. How do you get rid of that? What program do you use?
Ask the pdf share thread. They've got one that's full of instructions on it.

If all else fails, I'll upload it when I'm back from work.
Easy-peasy treasure tokens.

These were made with pennies as a base (heck, cheapest base you'll ever buy). I spread a very thin layer of air-drying clay over them, then carved basic stone shapes into them and let them dry a while.
The coins were made by taking very small pinches of the same air-drying clay and rolling it into a small ball, then pushing the ball flat with my finger. Repeated this about a hundred times.
The gems and silver icons were both bought at a store for a pittance. Got a couple of packages of gems and beads and still have tons left for future projects I might need them for.
Colors - Used Satin Steel acrylic paint for the first coat, then mixed in white for the stonework - adding more white in to make a mottled stone effect and give it some feeling of texture. The coins were painted with a mix of acrylic gold with some (not very much) brown, then the tops of the coins were highlighted with pure gold.
Real easy, but quite effective. I'm absurdly pleased with them to be honest - these are things I'd pay a buck or two for and be happy with to be honest. You'll have an easy time making similar items Anons, I'm sure.
One thing I'm having issues understanding about captains, what's the point of a group activation in the soldier phase? The reason for group activations is moving soldiers in the wizard and apprentice phases, but it seems pointless to do it in the soltdier phase. Am I missing something?
Painting eyes on 8 minis. Any advice? I've been trying, but I suck at it.

Fucking love the bead icons. Nice job, anon.
Paint the eyeballs white. Use a tiny bit of black wash (Nuln oil) around the outsides of the eyeballs. Use a fine tip black art pen to draw the pupils.
Fine too art pen? You fucking genius. You have any idea how much heartbreak you've saved me? I could kiss you.
You're welcome. It's one of those tricks I've learned here on /tg/ back in the day.

Another secret, get a brown pen and use that to do text on scrolls and purity seals. Tattoos? Use a Gray pen on the flesh
My FLGS just received a bunch of Frostgrave goodies, including the rulebooks.
I'm thinking about playing a game next week to try out the rules, before our regular D&D session at the store.
For that, I'd be brining alone a pair of forces using some of the minis I've already got lying around from board games and for D&D purposes.

Do you guys have any recommendations for force composition/spells/scenario?
Keep it simple and just do base rulebook stuff. If you want to do super simple, do no apprentices and keep to up to 3 different types of soldiers per warband. This is so they just get a feel of the game, but make sure you still do existence and roll for treasure and injuries after the game, that way they experience one of the most exciting aspects of the game.

Then let them make their own warbands how they want and start the campaign anew.
File: IceBoulders.png (511 KB, 694x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
511 KB, 694x533
This stuff is called 'vase filler', and it's basicly what it says - items you use to fill up vases and hold up flowers and suchnot.
In this case though, it's a white semi-transparent glass...perfect for icy boulders in Frostgrave! I bought a bag of it for 5 bucks, and selected out some peices to use as my difficult terrain. No need to even build that type of terrain now - any time I want difficult terrain, I can now plop down some of these to indicate it.
I had a lot of fill left over though, so I had to think about any other projects that I wanted to do with it...
Genius! Craft stores are gold mines for this stuff. Last thread talks about making cheap ruins out of wooden birdhouse kits
File: IceElemental.png (718 KB, 950x581) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
718 KB, 950x581
Mutherfukin' Ice Elemental
I actually made several of these of varying sizes, and attempted to paint them to increase their visual presence. But the other two I tried just seemed to fall flat when I added paint to them - perhaps a better modeler than I can take this to the next level.
Still, it's a really imposing peice that was made just using the extras from the ice boulder purchase. It makes me want to get a few more different types of vase filler and see what other types I can make (earth elementals would be easy enough to make in a similar fashion).
File: StatuesandPillars.png (196 KB, 307x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
196 KB, 307x343
Some more cheapo terrain items I found and am working on.
The pillars are from a pet store (aquarium peices). It's a small model of 3 resin pillars ... I simply cut them apart to make 3 individual ones (I bought two of them, to use for the scenario that uses 6 pillars in it). In my haste (I lack the patience of a true modeling wunderkind) I ended up breaking the tops off of most of them - but I chalked that up to a 'happy accident' as they look like greek ruins now.
I found these two king statues on clearance during a foray to the art store. I always wanted to have a couple of those 'Lord of the Rings' ruined statuary peices (without having to shell out the cost for them from the official site, that is!) and here was my chance.
The plastic was a little soft ... more disturbing, when I spray-coated it it always seemed to have a 'tacky' feeling. The paint must have interacted with the plastic the things were made of in some way. A few coats of acrylic grey put on with a brush though seemed to sort it out however.
>>44944717 I'm actually that Anon (well, one of them at least). I'm trying to build a whole FrostGrave board up so I can get people who are locally interested in playing it, so I'm working on them as cheap and quick as I can while still making things look good. The birdhouses just fit the bill for easy-to-construct city ruins.
File: ThePriceOfPower.png (749 KB, 870x559) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Custom Scenario : The Price of Power

'The city of Felstad held many wonders and treasures within it's walls - but it also held it's share of secrets deemed too dangerous to be left in the hands of the undisciplined or unwary. These things were sealed away within great vaults within the city - where it was hoped they would never see the light of day again.
But alas! With the fall and subsequent refinding of the city, many things that should have remained lost are now being found by wizards and adventurers with avarice in their hearts - beings who may have no qualms for using the powers of such items to acheive their own goals. One such item, Foure's Channeling Orb, has recently come to light - the vault protecting it has crumbled, it's protective wards all but faded. Now wizards close in on the location, hoping to harness it's legendary powers for themselves - despite the whispered rumors of the price one might pay for tampering with such a relic.'

<rules to follow>
Setup : Place a ruin in the center of the board. Within that ruin, place an item to represent the Item of Power the wizards will be fighting over (in this case, it is represented by a clearance-sale Christmas ornament - suitably gaudy and sorcerous looking, isn't it?).
Place treasure normally, although each player should place one of their treasures in or within 6" of the Item of Power itself.

Special Rules :
* Wizards and Apprentices within 6" of the Item may use it to empower their spells - empowering now adds +2 to your roll instead of the normal +1.
*A wizard or apprentice that spends a full action (move and attack) in base contact with the item may study it, earning 30XP for his warband (for a total of 60 XP if both the wizard and apprentice both forfeit their turn in such a way).
*Characters with the 'Write Scroll' or 'Brew Potion' spells may spend a full action (as above) making a Potion or Scroll of Power - this counts as a one-use magic item that can be used to add +2 to your casting roll (you can choose to add this bonus before or after you roll) and takes up one magic item slot as per normal magic items. They can spend as many turns as they wish making such potions until the game ends (but once the game ends, they may not declare they are 'making as many as they can).
*If a wizard/apprentice fails a casting roll while within 6" of the Item of Power, a random wandering monster will appear in base contact with the Item on a random side (roll to determine just like if you were detemining a table edge) which acts as normal during the creature phase. This occurs even if the model empowers their spell so it would succeed (via magic items or empowerment).
*Any model slain within 6" of the Item spawns a wraith (if you don't have a wraith model availaible, substitute another undead model if you wish). It behaves as normally during the creature phase.
>I've been trying to paint minis in the style of Papers, Please
Do you have a pic?
You want to end up with the top and bottom edges of the pupil obscured by the eyelid. If you can see the entire pupil, the guy looks like his eyes are bugging out. Goal is essentially "white traingle, dark dot, white triagle" rather than a white field with a dot in the center.
House Rule : You can only learn so much.

This rule limits the amount of levels you can earn to 7 a week. This is meant to help combat Power Creep - the effect that a player who gets ahead tends to stay ahead, and get farther ahead due to winning more victories with their increased power (and therefore getting more powerful).
Getting to the point where people are clearly outscaling their opponents due to many victories (or just getting in more games than other players) can discourage those players falling behind from playing. At the same time, you don't want to punish good players for...well, being good.
The 7 level limit allows players to keep playing as many games as they want without out-leveling their opponents severely (and the fun a good game provides as well!). Note that this only limits how many *levels* you can gain a week - you still gain money, items, and most importantly experience. You just can't use experience to gain more than 7 levels a week.
The unspent experience is simply banked - a useful thing if you want to take a vacation with the family and can't play the upcoming weekend say. Just use that saved XP to keep your warband relevant.
In theory, this keeps the majority of the warbands 'in the running', and should keep one or two players from snowballing out of control with warbands that take an early lead.
Feel free to discuss the merits or downfalls of such a rule.
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Not on me, but later. You won't be impressed.

Glory to Arstotzka.
You overestimate me, comrad, if I had the detail needed to draw two triangles each less than half the size of a 28mm eye with my brush I'd be in business. I feel like my eyes are more like venom's on all my figures. Or, more accurately, Robin's mask if robin had venom eyes
Can anyone answer this question?
Ganging up on some poor fool. This lets the Captain and soldiers basically pile onto something to murder it as quickly as possible.
There doesn't seem to be a point to the Captain's Group Activation rule. At first I thought it was cool, but that was under the mistaken assumption that the games used alternating activations for soldiers, and it doesn't. There's probably side nature situation where it would be helpful yo move your soldiers simultaneously instead of one at a time, but I can't for the life of me imagine one.
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Thank you for posting up the extra splat books, Anonymous! I am pleased by the construct-enhancing magic items in Hunt for the Golem.

Maybe I'm not looking at it correctly, but constructs seem way shittier than demons. But I'm coming from Warmahordes, so I expect my constructs to be murder engines. I'm glad they got a little bump in Frostgrave.
>There's probably side nature situation where it would be helpful yo move your soldiers simultaneously instead of one at a time, but I can't for the life of me imagine one.

Walk a couple soldiers into combat with an enemy. Now both can benefit from the +2 supporting figure bonus when they fight the enemy.
That makes sense. I can see that situation. But so far that's the only thing I can think of.
File: IMAG0465.jpg (206 KB, 927x693) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The difference between demons and constructs is constructs are much easier to summon and stay in your warband until they die from injuries. Demons you need to resummon each game, and can be difficult to get even the minor and major ones. On a casting roll of 12-17 you're only getting an Imp, and on 18-24 you're getting the minor demon, so after a couple levels and some casting items, you generally need to roll high to even get that. You need a minimum of a roll of 25 to get a major demon. And even then the major demon only beats out the large construct barely. I'd take a large construct any day.

Pic related, my Dwarf Enchanter and Large Construct 'Grudgebringer'
If those are glass, how did you glue them together? Is superglue enough or did you use something else? I assume superglue might be too brittle.

Is there a story behind your flags I am missing?
>Is there a story behind your flags I am missing?

The flags are a reference to fascist bureaucracy sim game "Papers, Please," in which you play an inspector at a small border crossing station to a fictional Eastern-European ex-Soviet state.
An earlier poster mentored painting his minis in a visual style inspired by the game, which I imagine would look weird.
File: Cleaning pdfs.pdf (1 B, 486x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cleaning pdfs.pdf
1 B, 486x500
Here you go.
Anyway, OP here. Forgot to upload this.

Anyway, I'm working on my plan for my Captain now. I'm thinking I'll run him as a melee guy in charge of my thugs.

Probably gonna go +Fight, giving him a hand weapon and a dagger. Tricks will be Leadership and Furious Attack, at first.

Good idea/bad idea?
What publication is this article from?
File: image.jpg (175 KB, 764x1079) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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pic related.
I'm the guy who made the pdf in the first place.
Can't say much about the magazine otherwise since I only downloaded this issue for the review.

Aside from that it looks pretty interesting though. This issue has a few articles on building scenery or display bases, an article on campaigns for Lion Rampant with fantasy groups and some other interesting things.
All in all the focus seems to be on historical games though.
Feels a lot like an Old School White Dwarf minus the fantasy/sci-fi flavor for the most part.
Neat. IIRC, they've got a Frostgrave Scenario that's gonna be published, too. Not sure when, though.
Hey guys, let's get a little creative. I'm brainstorming something for a frostgrave campaign with multiple players, and I think it would be really cool to have a map of Felstadt. A big map of the frozen city. And each zone will be labeled on the map as points of interest, and there will be a scenario tied to each zone. And player match ups will be determined based on player movements and rolls.

I'll give it some more thought later, but right now, let's post some maps. Like pic related. With some photoshopping I could freeze it up pretty good, so anyone have any maps that could pass for maps of frostgrave?
The only one I have is this one. Having a map with annotations and split up into sectors is quite nice though.

That aside basically any historical town of some renown will have maps like that. With a bit of shopping it would be easy to split the blocks up into separate areas etc.
I think the one I have here is based on London or some such, so they basically did the same thing here.
For example
File: bonn-merian-1646-b.jpg (384 KB, 1200x858) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh snap, new frostgrave thread, with all the downloads, on my birthday! Thanks for the gift anon, I really did wish for it!
Big Joe M himself said it was so you could dog-pile a poor sod with the captain and friends in the soldier phase too.
And not have to bring the Apprentice or Wizard too close to the resulting fight.
Gotta admit I'm tempted to buy some of these minis just because they look really nice.
That is a nice map. It would beer just about perfect if there wasn't so much junk around it
It's an easy fix with photoshop.
File: Rejoice.jpg (63 KB, 298x452) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not a problem, little anon. I've leeched enough shit from /tg/, I figured I should give back.
Yeah that's pretty nice.

The minis from that Conan Barbarian kickstarter are nice too. I dont want to buy the game but hopefully some of those armored skeletons show up on ebay
Oh yeah, those are awesome.
Personally had my eye on this guy here for my Necromancer.
I heard that if the game does well enough the game is gonna go into regular retail as well, so chances are we'll be able to get our hands on the minis without having to buy everything else.

Tbh it's a shame they made these sculpts in this supercheap pvc. Same with bloodrage.
They had beautiful masters, the final product was just okay.
Yeah, that's a pity.

I've actually ordered one of the Mantic necromancers, to use for my warband. Got him, and one of their Crazy Boxes. Should be here in a few days
I've been meaning to get some of their zombies too.
They seem to be out of stock wherever I go.
Kind of annoying.
I've got their zombies, ghouls, and skeletons from one of (well, both of) their Kings of War starter kits. The ghouls are gonna serve a purpose when I finally get a few people to play, since...Random encounters.
Is the OP rulebook still shitty?

Like all the rules are there, but the format is terrible. Or does the real rulebook have pages with just one line of text or tables cut in half and stuff?
The real rulebook is nice, the digital version is shitty and looks totally different. At least the first one, haven't bothered keeping track.
Unfortunately, the OP rulebook is still shitty.

Next time it goes on sale, I'll see if I can fix that. Depends on how much of a pain in the ass the pdf is to clean.
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