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Your Worst Character
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You have (most likely) grown as a roleplayer. Either as a player or a GM, odds are that you have some sense of what is and is not okay for a given setting or game. You probably shouldn't be making Card Captor Sakura in D&D, or a Tzimisce fleshcrafter in Maid.

But you had to start somewhere- and odds are that it was somewhere mired in shit. Be it a brooding edgelord or an anachronistic anime reference in an otherwise average fantasy setting, what are your own personal worst offenders?
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Starting off the thread with the first character that comes to mind.
When I was new to P&P RPGs in general, I made a drow assassin who would brood on rooftops to avoid the city guard. Everyone else in my party was clearly playing just for shits and giggles (seeing as how we had another rogue who disguised himself as a stalk of corn), while I was busy being 2deep4u and pondering my cursed existence as a drow on the surface world while simultaneously thinking everyone else was beneath me. I basically played the D&D version of Shadow the Hedgehog.
Does it count if it was intentionally bad character in a bad game?
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I meant more along the lines of cringy "oh god I can't believe I was such a 12 year-old dumbass", but hey, whatever keeps the thread a-rollin'.
When I was very young the only person that would play D&D with me was my dad. So I rolled 5 elf characters all named after various warcraft characters and he DMd.

Dunno if it's cringy, but I know a lot of people here hate elves and warcraft so maybe.
>stalk of corn
Need more info.
Agressively god-hating Gnoll Barbarian that killed their owners and escaped after being raised for gladiatorial combat.

I was such an idiot when I was 12. The GM kept warning me away from the idea, but I kept at it. Fortunately the game collapsed before I became edge incarnate, fedora-tipper of worlds.
I've played a complete copy of Sanji from one piece and also cloned another book character
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A half-demon trying to control his monstrous side. His dad raped his mother.

He had an Asian girlfriend.
I started playing AD&D when I was pretty young, and my earliest characters were mostly just obvious self-inserts (in the tamest sense, they were just "me as a wizard" or whatever) that a friend helped me put together. Most of my cringe-worthy characters came out of my edgy high school years.

The worst one I can remember off the top of my head was some kind of weird half-angel/half-demon thing I made in a BESM game.
Our misunderstanding of the rules was flimsy at best, and we failed to note that despite having a disguise kit, we could not magically disguise ourselves as... well, shit like that.

The other rogue was on the run for murdering Olga the Wrestler with a cannonball he'd been carrying since the start of the campaign, so he quickly ducked out of sight and got a nat20 on his disguise check. Again, we figured nat20 on anything meant success, not just attack rolls, so...

The guards were bewildered as they ran about the tree near town square, noticing a strangely out-of-place stalk of corn amongst the other plants, but then continuing on their mission to find the murderer.
It was a superhero game, she worked in a pet store normally, and as a superhero used the animals from the pet store to fight or perform checks.
depending on the details that actually sounds pretty good for a more silly and lighthearted supers game
It wasn't like she could control animals or even actually speak to them. She just carried a bunch of animals around and threw them at or let them loose on people. Usually throw though since you can let loose puppies on someone and they'll just jump all over them and want to play. She even had a fishtank on her back for the fish in the store.
2nd ed d&d...
3d6 in order.

Only option was thief. Made him neutral evil. Rolled traits. I had a bad cough ( minus to hiding and moving silent), and a limp.

So I was a weak, coughy, clumsy, not wise, not smart, not likeable guy.

I went full murder psycho. Killed beggars for their copper coins. Stole fucking blankets even. Eventually caught and hanged.
Now I'm just picturing this masked vigilante hurling puppies at people like fuzzy baseballs, it's equal parts terrible and amazing.
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My first character I ever RP'd. I'm just going to make a list.

>Was named Kyros cause I thought greek was badass and changed it from 'Kairos' to make it cooler.
>Was a 'were-dragon'. Had a humanoid form with black/white feathered wings and slit pupils.
>Dragon form was like a a fusion of the dragon from Dragon's Dogma and a panther. Also Black and white.
>Used light and darkness magic.
>Went through a total of 5 different types of swords, each named and with some bullshit powers I can't remember. One was sentient.
>Had a robe of invisibility and 3 enchanted necklaces in his arsenal.
>Ate his parents at a young age in a monstrous rampage when he first transformed into his 'dragon' form.
>Spent most of his time on rooftops moping.
>Married an angel, a kitsune, and a princess.
>Knew several spells from the Tales games, Negima, and various other weebish shit.

I've definitely grown since then, and made far less cringeworthy teen edgelord snowflakes since. I shudder at some of the stuff I've made.
Amazing. 10/10.
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My worst character actually started of pretty decent. A chill rogue who was only there for gold and adventure. A simple yet enjoyable concept. But somehow, later on in the game, he became a brooding dark edgelord, planning vengeance on every conceivable life form on earth and actually killing another teammate (He didnt really kill the PC, but rather made her kind of... unplayable).
Tbh, I still believe that his development, actions and decisions were still kinda appropriate (as was his pathetic and miserable death) but it was overall just highly concentrated cringy grimdark edge. Thinking back I feel ashamed of what a "I hate you all!" sort of character he became. Maybe I was just going through a angsty teen phase back then.
trying to get my character laid as much as if not more than a bard, often to make sure the rest of the party were able to progress forward in their objective.

some guards coming by when i'm loitering because the party is doing some spying? i get them quickly busy in the toilet nearby. was dumb shit that somehow helped

it got more fun after i stopped doing that stuff though
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special WTF.gif
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It started when he decided to get drunk and roll to see who accepts his flirtations. It was Olga.

At some point during his romp back at Olga's home (who, while being human, had the charisma of a rather surly half-orc), he sobered up enough to realize the mistake he was making. He figured it was a good time to try and rob Olga blind and run for the hills, but she caught him in the act and grappled him.

First round- can't escape.
Second round- still can't escape. One more round and he's unconscious from a choke-hold.
Third round, he squirms free and grabs his blackjack. He manages to smack the giant, ugly unarmed woman over the head with We thought it would end there with her unconscious, but he decided now was a good time to use the cannonball he found on a beach at the start of the campaign.

Despite our OOC protests that Olga was innocent, he somehow saw himself as wronged for the wrestler trying to defend her home from a "seductive" thief.

He later did a perform check to disguise his voice as sounding like a woman's, luring a man from his bathroom in naught but a towel, where he then critted him in the exposed testicles with a mace, causing them to explode and the man to die immediately from pure shock.

Other escapades included using his spiked codpiece to face-hump people to death and crafting armor made out of gnoll bones.

We were both That Guy. He was chaotic stupid and I was the edgelord- but at least he got more interesting stories out of it.
My worst character... Wasn't due to my design, but due to a mix of DM scrooginess and bad luck.
D&D 3.0. A mage.
Let's say my character ended like a reversed Raistlin. Started lawful good, turned chaotic neutral. Had pink eyes that saw beautifulness and bunnies everywhere. Insisted on burning everything (Ended up burning an entire forest to kill an orc fortress), and didn't knew more than Burning Hands.
>mfw I was a TF2 pyro years before I leant about the concept of it.
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Oh boy, I had a lot of bad characters. I played on Freeform RP forums. Typically some Anime high school setting or some shit. This was back in 2001 or so, when I was like 12.

One was pretty much a werewolf in anything but name. He was created as an experiment with alien D-cells (Literally dark cells), had an alternate form transformation and a huge sword for some reason. Plus a Desert eagle as a side arm. His alternate form was really edgy and he could 'barely control his bloodlust'. At one point during training with another student he straight up stabbed her and went on a killing spree. But they were NPC cops so no one really cared.

Some of my other characters after him were... much better. Like the Kitsune that possesed a baby not knowing what gender it was while ending up as a male kitsune in spirit with the body of a loli. I was real obsessed with Kitsune there for a while...
I was just thinking that my characters have all been pretty good ever since my first game of 3.5 years ago. Now you remind me of the shit I did in freegfreeform rp chatrooms.
Freeform RP "fighting" is a truly cringe inducing can of self important aids.
That's amazing. Good on you for sticking to it.
Worst I ever made was a half-elven summoner (this was Pathfinder) who accidentally dropped his childhood best friend into another dimension, bound her to him as an eidolon, and was questing in an effort to undo it.

Either that, or the human bastard sorcerer from a city where magic was illegal, who accidentally lit a tormentor on fire and fled the city rather than be made effectively a royal slave.
Hey, I will do everything I can to give my character a fair try. Even if they're weaker than normal.

I stole bread and food from simple farmers. Total bottom feeding type of thief. He met the only end he could have.
...Is a brooding drow character necessarily automatic cringe material, though? I may or may not be playing one at the moment...
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My first character. It was in a Dungeon World campaign.

It wasn't that I did anything too unacceptable other than using the player narrative power to turn the campaign into a magical realm full of monster bitches, though every player had a part in that, it was just that I did not think much about my character, his goals/motivation, or his personality.

He was a human priest of a water god, and I didn't really put much thought into it. I didn't really know what I wanted to do with him as a character other than "He'll be a human and do priest things." Yet when he was asked about what kind of priestly duties he would do, I said "I-I don't really know."

He often said and did actions that conflicted with things he said and did before. Would often do things that are obviously terrible ideas, but still went with them anyway, along with many other offenses. To be quite fair, I think most of it had to do with it being my first time playing a tabletop RPG, and I don't think I made my character until around an hour before game time. And also to be fair, none of the other characters were that fleshed out either.

Somehow though, according to the other players, he was apparently the most developed of the PCs. Though as I said, that really isn't saying much. He did end up getting together with a kitsune alchemist (ended up playing their daughter in another campaign at the party's request too) and stopping a bank robbery late into the campaign, so I get the feeling that the later game stuff is what had the lasting impression on them more than anything.
It depends. I'd only really consider it problematic if while trying to be a dark and/or mysterious character, you have very little interactions with the other characters.

That's the real problem honestly. If you're off brooding and sulking in your angst while the party is doing something like gathering information or interacting, you're not really adding too much to it from a roleplay perspective.
I roleplayed as an atheistic paladin for my first character. The DM was new and young.

My second character was a half-orc barbarian with long flowing black hair and a katana. That was back when I was a nascent SJW.

If I still had the character backgrounds I'd show you how heavy-handed and badly written they were.
My worst character? Probably my first.

I remember I started with D&D 4th, about a year before 5e came out. He was a dwarven cleric of Pelor afraid of the dark.
He felt and played really strong, and the fledgling DM with the rest of the party were dragged along while I drove the campaign into the ground searching for a lich to fight.
The DM gave me one, but built it lower so that we could beat it at the amazing level of 4.

Back then I didn't get what my friends referred to as 'protagonist symdrome'
DM told me we'd be playing a mid level pirate game. I made a huge Gnoll pirate lady, "Dread Captain All-Beard", spent most of my dosh on a whole pirate ship, with cannons, longboats, davits, ballistae, the works.

I was all ready for high adventure on the high seas.

Apparently between then, and when the game started, the DM decided to change the setting to magical girl high school, and everybody but me got the memo. We decided to roll with it.
I use jack sparrow as an npc in my campaign. I even call him captain jack (but no sparrow surname)
Holy shit we have a /thread

The thread is called "your WORST character", not "your BEST character."
>jojo's bizarre adventure
More or less though she didn't only use puppies. She had cats, reptiles, rodents, spiders, and the fish of course.

Eventually she got a pair of electric eels and rubber gloves so that she could reach into the fishtank and grab them to swing as electric weapons.
There should be a story where, like, Mary Sue characters sign themselves up for rehab. They spend the majority of their days cursing their creators and exchanging details about each other's pasts that made them want to sign up for rehab.

They have to go through therapy in order to get over their anger at the way they were created, and sometimes one of them will have a hot-flash relapse and go all *Teleports behind rehab nurse* "Nothing personnel, kiddo."
Right around the time Assassin's Creed came out, I tried to play a Altair knockoff in Riddle of Steel - a game system and world that, as you might expect, favors Conan the Barbarian types and has a pretty high lethality to it.

This on it's own would not have been so bad, if not for the fact that I also tried to do the same shit that Altair does without even half of the skill necessary. In the end, my character's accomplishments over three play sessions amounted to getting beaten in 1 on 1 combat, getting hyper-intimidated by some evil noble chick, getting embarrased by an escaped slave, and dying in two rounds of combat with a fully armoured knight.
I had a freeform superhero RP character named Styx who was basically just an Iron Man rip off. He came from a secret hyper-advanced underground city who hated the surface dwellers. He was a merc and if I remember correctly his personality was literally "nothin personnel, kid"
In college, I was once invited into a game specifically because the group needed a healer. It was a first time GM who was having trouble gauging encounter s. So figured I'd bring in a minmaxed CoDzilla just sandbag down to the rest are f the party's level. Then the GM tells me she came up to ith her own setting, most of the phb races are off the table, but the anthroanimals from savage species are in. So I come in with anthro-bat cleric named Bru Su'waan.
My first ever character was nicknamed "Goatfucker" by the rest of the party. It wasn't just one goat, either.

It seems like most people made a lolrandom character at some point early on. I think it's a natural reaction to being placed in an imaginary world and being told you can do anything. Sort of like being a college freshman- it takes you a little while to figure out that just because you *can* get drunk on a Tuesday doesn't mean you should.
>I actually like this character as a NPC
>mid level pirate game
>change the setting to magical girl high school
I want to hear the story of how THIS happened.

Also, what >>44932614 said.
I've always hated elves. As everyone in my group does. I intended to make an acceptable and likeable elf.
I ended up with a whiney tropey typocal IHATE HUMENS elf...
Originally was supposed to just be a kid cleric healer teammate for the barbarian woman, because I was young and never played before and didn't grasp the game well.

He ended up just becoming /ss/ fodder instead.
I created my first character along with another player, so we ended up having a mutual backstory. We were basically freedom terrorists, with my char being in it just for the money/thrill of battle and his for ideology reasons. We wanted to use the big guy/small guy routine, with me being the bulky scary bald man who was a psychopath and a cannibal and him being more collected, intelligent and pragmatic (while being a good guy in general).

It was pretty good at first because my character had the small guy to keep him in check if his lust for blood got too great (I even let the small guy have tranquilizers with the right doses for my character's build) and always paid attention to him, but after maybe ten sessions or so the small guy's player suddenly decided to leave the campaign with no explanation. That's when the dynamic between players broke and we ended up with an evil character that didn't fit the party.
I tried to cool it down a little but didn't want to just remove the character's developed personality, but things pretty much got out of control (it didn't help that the GM always had NPCs offering my character deals to buy one of the alien party members) and he simply left the party, but the damage was already done.
The worst character i ever played wasn't when i was new, but rather intentional.

So the GM decided to do this thing where we all pulled a random card from a deck and depending on what we got our character would be gifted some special secret gift. Now personally i don't like this, but it can be done well...it wasn't. Generally you also keep it a secret until everyones powers were revealed, but the GM was too full of himself because he's "so genius" to bother with that so he would just tell people what they would get. again not too bad. so one would think you would give the players some kind of power off a pre made tree? have them somewhat related maybe? nope he used it as an excuse to just try out random shit.

Well heres where mine comes in, my character got the power to copy a power ability or set of stats from anyone he could see (still doesn't sound all that bad), but he threw in one little change to mine because he felt like it, he said my character would lose all prior skill/stats and everything would be reduced to a flat 0, no attack stat, no HP, etc. they were gonna get wiped. I was upset but said "i can woe with this, this can be good, ill copy one guys attack bonus, another guys health, and another guys magic, this can work" then he realized this is what i was gonna do and instead changed it to "you can choose to be a copy of one person, you pick one person and you get their powers and stats"

so since i knew i was going to lose everything i decided to build a character that would slide into that. i built a total fucking asshole shithead with no feelings for anyone other than himself, full of anger and hate, lone wolf, basically the thing i hate the most. BUT with the intent that when the GM gave us this power in the 2nd session that my character would lose all personality, and instead adopt the personality of the person they copied.

In the end the GM cancelled after the first session and everyone thought i just chose to play a selfish dick.
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I can't remember the exact character exactly, it was back around late middle school.
-Almost- had cloud strifes backstory pretty clearly somehow despite me not ever having played FF7 at that time, with a couple chuuni twists here and there. (1/4th demon, his missing sister was 1/4th angel, that kinda shit)
Started out as a 8th grade syndrome how fucking wacky can I get bullshit and eventually ended up as one of the most feared people in the land. Completely dived into debauchery and cannibalism, especially the cannibalism. I had a miniturized monster (some golem that gathers corpses and hangs out in graveyards) that was specifically enchanted to find parts that I enjoyed eating off of people/monsters I killed, impale them on one of the many spikes it had, which would then freeze for later eating.
I eventually ruled over a coven of vampires/ghouls who in turn ruled over a city that might as well be commorragh but a little bit more focused on eating body parts.

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>exact character exactly
noticed that as soon as I was posting it, fuck.


A friend made a character who for some very legitimate reason (without making them rape/murder/steal or do anything bad to anyone essentially in any way) made it his quest to inflict a purge upon halflings. Complete and utter genocide. he had entire room furnishings made out of halfling bones. He got so good at it I actually got sick of eating halfling and started begging him to hold off so I could just not be tempted to eat it in an attempt to " not waste food" if that makes any sense.
I'm fairly certain he was pretty set on doing it personally/with good friends, so I think when we ended the campaign he decided to just keep killing halflings as an ending. Made a deal with some devils to live as long as halflings still survive, did rituals to make halfling souls end up in hell (most didn't normally being fucking halflings)

File: 1343185977912.png (21 KB, 196x229) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Last character went pretty standard lich,
(there was a decent bit more, forgot most entirely, he was pretty vanilla compared to me and the Luis Garavito/Mao Zedong for halflings) except he somehow manged to clone his phylactery through extremely complicated shenanigans.
Problem is all of Him couldn't stand one another, paranoid as all hell about getting backstabbed by another.
And so we have "bob the first"s evil lair, "bob the alpha"'s evil lair "Numero uno bob"'s evil lair, ect just sending numerous adventurers/armies/powerful curses at each other.

Fucked up to all hell and looking back on it I have no idea what we were thinking but it's one of the most fun campaigns I've ever run.
Would not even attempt to make a character like that now, though.
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Ugh, buddy ran a game, mostly overpowered dmnpcs having big epic battles and all that. Buddies playing mostly dark broody types. Fuck it, let's do evil then.

But lemme tell you about this cleric I rolled up. Forgot his name, but he was a half-orc cleric of Gruumsh. He hadn't lost an eye yet though. I pick up some pretty sick necromantic powers along the way. One of our adventure "breaks" though, the DM decides it's high time my orc gets a love interest. Enter Hagatha. We're at a tournament, blood rules, but with resurrection insurance for fighters in case of death and doing different ladders for killers and first blooders, with the overall best for the semifinals.
Being a cleric of Gruumsh, my choice is clear.

Night before the tournament, DM introduces Hagatha
>Love at first sight
>Go out drinking
>Murder a cow
>Cook the cow
>Eat the cow
>Retire to own separate rooms
>Prep my horrible spells, going for maximum fuckery
>Tournament in the morning
>Pulp a halfling immediately
>Next match is a human, break both his legs and both arms
>Other party members doing first blood except broody elf party member
>Come up against dark broody elf and ask if he paid the insurance
>No... why?
>Quit or die.
>Third party member in first blood rankings in semifinal
>My match is going to semifinal
>If he wins, we fight
>Who's my opponent?
>Offers that we both quit so we can split third place prize
>Smile, lean forward, tell DM I caress her cheek
>DM is pleased
>I hand DM a slip of paper
>DM looks
>See pic related above
>Paper reads
>"Slay Living, touch based attack"
>DM rolls for her to see through my deception
>Rip her soul from her body
>Condemn her soul to my god's realm
>She can't be rezzed because her soul is gone
>Broody elf gets third prize
>worth it
>I'm awful
my first character easy

his name was X
he was a 110 year old elf who spent his entire life a slave to an ork tribe until he finally sneak attacked them all in their sleep Cutting his way to freedom. CN dual weilding punching daggers.
The first time I ever roleplayed it was on a freeform forum I got linked to by some (banworthy advertising) on Blizzard forums when I was something like 11. I didn't really have creativity back then but I drew inspiration from MtG cards and wanted to have Heartseeker (http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=51074) as a weapon, since being a MtG kid I thought it was the coolest and the set released earlier that year.

Fortunately when they told me "um no, an instant kill weapon is dumb" I played it off like a joke and integrated pretty quickly after that because apparently even 11-year-old-me had some sense of shame.
DMPC with a book with all spells. No planning prior. Ripped off Drakkar maps left and right.

Whew... it was bad. I've made so many mistakes since then but it's like reading my writing from when I was that age - I can't get two paragraphs in before I cringe and stop. Everything I did was one stage of plagerism or another.
Good drow with two sabers.
I'm actually having a lot of trouble recalling a bad character I actually got to play with
uninspired ones maybe, mechanically topsy tipsy and difficult to play maybe, and there were a few in there which were made simply to fill as many missing roles as possible, resulting in an overall pain in the ass to play.

but I think it might be notable of the time I got kicked out of a campaign before it even started, the only time i've been kicked out infact, the gm did not appreciate my attempts at humour when told I needed to point buy to make a character that is not min-maxed. (I've played with characters who's stats were all below 10 before)

meet crumpled shinbone the level 5 gnome wizard, done in pcgen, entirely by the book, for pathfinder
I did entirely intend to play this character and have 11hp the entire campaign.
How the fuck did you even wind up with 1 dex?
venerable age

I actually had to spend points to raise my strength from -1 due to the -8 modifier i had as a venerable gnome
I have a moderetlyish sized post planed but its bedtime so I'm going to bump this in hopes its still here later
That's just too edgy.
That's not awful, I say that's pretty damn in character. Though your DM can't be helped.
I avoided that cringy shit and made a nutcase whose entire village died in goblin 'nam. He worshipped Sam colt and a god of profanity and told war stories a shit ton. He was just a run of the mill nutcase.
Sounds like it could've gotten a bit chaotic stupid. Not saying it was, just saying it could have been.
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A Feral World assassin that had been raised from childhood to be the perfect killing machine who raped people in the name of the Emperor. He had Eagle Vision and also a 12 inch penis.

According to my friend, he had 665.6 hours of rape throughout his lifetime.
>neutral evil elf wizard woman
>I act like a fucking asshole constantly
>first adventure I ran out of rations
>I started eating corpses of people we killed behind our Lawful Good human ranger's back
>Neutral Neutral 2nd wizard joins me
>I think I'm a bad influence on him because now he also acts like a fucking asshole
>Fed the ranger a human stew without his knowledge
>mind-raped a friendly NPC when he didn't tell me what I wanted to know
>obliterated another when he had no more information
>act the hero in public to gain fame and glory
>hire a lowly alchemist woman to be my magic pupil
>secretly also a lesbian sex slave
>almost left the ranger to die in an oubliette he was exploring (I was holding the rope)
>have a collection of skulls in my pack
I feel like shit whenever we play and our party is always on the point of dissolution.
Drow princess antipaladin. I mean I was evil and it was an evil campaign but I was so ineffectively evil that I was actually more of a lawful good. Took slaves and treated them with kindness and dressed them in nice clothes because that shows I have more power than the other people taking slaves. Took loot and then used it to buy dresses invigorating the nation's failing economy. Taught kobolds how to read so they could read my approved religious books. I was going to have a tea party but with extra machiavellian poisoning but I got mad and died fighting a paladin. Killed the fucker but bled out after.

I think it fit the feeling of the game so It wasn't too bad. We had a necromancer drow bone lord, someone playing an autistic gunslinger, and a back stabbing human diplomat all serving a lich that was only a head as the rest of his body was alive but scattered. A drow antipaladin wasn't very out there for the setting I guess.
i played a barbarian named o'rly

the first adventure we were supposed to find some criminals hiding in a tavern

the dwarf bouncer wouldn't let the druid's pupper in so i threw a bottle of alchemist's fire at his head
I actually like the idea of shenanigans caused by a bunch of cloned liches.
> PCs work for one of the clones
> intrigue and backstabbing of undead variety ensues
Probably stealing this.
i played a surface drow once but i was more emulating ryan gosling's character in Drive than anyone else

Reminds me of "The Home for Manic Pixie Dream Girls"
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Shit man it was a game of Vampire: The Masquerade, I think it was my first tabletop game - in a gameshop where they used to make one-shots and short campaigns for first timers

I only knew about Vampire from the Redemption and Bloodlines games so while I was mostly clueless I had some knowledge of the setting and general feel beforehand, so I went "well, it's kind of a gritty dark modern fantasy so I should go with something serious but not entirely edgy" - mind you that we were supposed to have human characters and we'd be embraced later on.

So I was almost set on learning and while the GM was explaining the rules I'd figure a small character I could play, and looking back at it now, it sounds pretty bad.

>17 year old
>From new orleans
>Her mother left when she was a kid
>Her dad used to beat her on a daily basis
>One day she decides to draw the line and poisons her dad
>Takes a backpack full of stuff and his dad's shitty sniper rifle he got from a bet
>Learns the trade of assassination, but does so unhappily
>Lives in various shitholes throughout her last two years, getting paid to assassinate
>She wasn't targeted by the vampires to turn her, but the guy that was supposed to get embraced happened to be one of her assassination targets
>She gets invited to a hotel where I spend my social turns taking a shower, watching tv and sleeping - I didn't even remember to get paid for my last job
>She gets embraced by a middle-eastern vampire of an assassin clan
>She procceeds to be the happiest, comfiest vampire, completely breaking the feel of the campaign
It started like it was going to turn super edgy, but it doesn't sound so bad considering the end result.
thing is I didn't commit to a character, it was more of a "hey assassination's bad but you gotta eat, right" and it was pretty boring for everyone involved
bump for interest
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