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Monsterhearts Quest - Keep it Blue edition.
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Of course more serious quests are always fun, especially those that are properly planned and ran by experts. And of course we all remember the old Monsterhearts quest; but this is neither of those things.

Since this is the first post, we need a bit of worldbuilding, and I'd like you to help me along. Since it's still a quest, we're doing it on a voting system.


[ ] An all male/female boarding school.
[ ] A small town with a big, secret history.
[ ] A big city, bustling with supernatural activity.
[ ] College.

Work on our character if you want. I'd need just a bit of info:

Looks (Can just use a pic. Drawn or photography):

And finally, I need you to vote on one last thing. Should I pick the Skin we're using but let you choose the moves in a narrative way, or let you pick the skin?
>[ ] An all male boarding school.

>name: Elias
>looks: not detailed
>personality: make it up as we go


Are you THE MH?
Eh, I'll throw a vote
>[ ] A big city, bustling with supernatural activity.
let's ride the metro
the prophetic youth
>Should I pick the Skin we're using but let you choose the moves in a narrative way, or let you pick the skin?
you choose according to setting
[ ] An all female boarding school.
Name: Ellie
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Looks (Can just use a pic. Drawn or photography):
Personality: Timid, moe

I like the idea of letting me pick the skin according to the setting, that way it's not as arbitrary and more fair.

I think I'll only take two more settings + character combos for now, wouldn't want it to become a clusterfuck of various ideas.

So five options introduced by players, and voted by players. Sounds good to me.

I've also no idea who THE MH is, so I assume it's not me.
File: Anime_Girl_necro.jpg (38 KB, 374x447) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 374x447
>[ ] An all female boarding school.
Seconding this.
I'm counting >>44901512 as a vote for >>44901308 as they're based in the same setting, but a "timid, moe" character would be less murderhobo-ey than a yandere one.

Avoid repeating the characters / ideas, people.

Makes it three!

I'm giving you all 10 minutes and then voting time is over.
I'm pretty partial to the Creature skin, assuming you're willing to pick from more than just the vanilla ones.


Name - Sal Montgomery
Gender - Male
Age - 19
Looks - burn victim
Personality - loud, gregarious, maxed out CHA stat as a means of combating the deeply rooted anxiety he feels about his horrific appearance

Moe-girls boarding school is a shit trope and you all should feel bad about fetishizing it this much.
Never seen it, actually. And googling it only brings me to a Patreon link, but the PDF is nowhere to be seen. Mind uploading it?

I don't like Moe-girls boarding school that much, but gotta give people what they want. Besides, I'll make sure to stray from clichés and overdone themes.

Time's almost up!
File: Eldritch Girls.png (1 MB, 680x1052) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Eldritch Girls.png
1 MB, 680x1052

>[X] A small town with a big, secret history.
>Work on our character if you want. I'd need just a bit of info:
>Name: Evangeline
>Gender: Female
>Age: 15
>Looks: pic related
>Personality: Predatory
>Let us pick the skin
>gotta give people what they want. Besides, I'll make sure to stray from clichés and overdone themes.

>Straying away from cliches and overdone themes when the setting itself is a cliche, overdone theme
>Thinking anon will vote for anything other than a hamfisted yuri love affair with the first girl you introduce

I don't doubt that you are a capable writer and storyteller. But you're setting yourself up for failure if you want to defy cliche while literally functioning inside of a cliche.
>I don't like Moe-girls boarding school that much

Then why make it an option...
Second, not going to be participating if moe yuri stuff wins, not my bag. Sorry.
He's thinking of the european girl's boarding school, with smoking and older boyfriends
If it's this and the hunk of a male teacher, I could be down for this.
Because I didn't explicitly made it a Moe-girls yuri option?

It could've been a decent all female/male boarding school. Handled realistically and maturely. Pretty much as >>44902136 said.

I'm not discussing this anymore, but I am giving you more time to vote so we can avoid any more issues and everyone (or at least, the majority) is happy.

So far:

All Male Boarding School: 1 Vote
City: 1 Vote.
All Female Boarding School: 3 votes.
College, Male MC: 2 Votes.
Small town with secrets, Eldritch Horror MC (Might need to be changed a bit.): 1 vote.
Don't go full magical girl, /tg/.

You can do it.

I believe in you.
Heck yes, this is awesome
Sure, I'll back this one.

I'll change my vote from burn victim MC to eldritch horror girl just to shut down the moe-shit.
For everyone backing >>44901956, the character most likely won't look like this.

Monsterhearts is about using monstrous archetypes to express how characters are, while also maintaining the creepy, monstrous side.

So that can be a more "true form" or something, she won't literally look like that at all times.
Original suggester here, the pic was really meant to inform the town's secret more than the protag's appearance. I'm glad people like the idea!
Vote this one
So it's settled then. We'll be playing the Deep One, the Eldritch Horror.

I found a good skin for it so I don't have to build one from the ground up. Let me know if you like it.

And if you do, prepare the build already.

Only focus on the Cover Skin and the Stats. I'll take care of everything else. For this decision, I'll only put the first three ideas up for vote.
So like this?

Flamboyant, Liquid eyes. Mermaid as fuck.

Cold Blooded, Corrupting Our Youth.

I don't know about other skins of movesfor Passing
Nope. To make it easier, this is what you need from the stats:

Add 1 to one of these:
Hot ‐1, Cold 1, Volatile ‐1, Dark 1

I'm already working on the starter anyway. As the stats won't really come into play yet.

Just in case, Monsterhearts is a hack of Apocalypse World, so roll 2d6 plus stats bonuses. 7+ for a success and 10+ for a critical success.
Hot ‐1, Cold 1, Volatile ‐1, Dark 2

From the Creature: Frog Kiss
When you kiss someone while you are
both underwater, they can breathe
water for as long as they remain near
you. If you kiss someone while you are
both on dry land, their lungs fill with
water. They roll with Hot: on a 10 up,
they take 1 harm. On a 7-9 they take
2 harm. On a miss, they drown. NPCs
always drown.
Your name is Evangeline Roman and you're a liar. You're not just a liar but probably THE Liar. But it's not really your fault, it's just how you were born and these things happen.

You're a deep one.

A monster, according to your mother. An accident, according to your father. You're the type of genetic mishap that would've ended locked up in an asylum, mysteriously disappearing or paraded around in a freakshow. But the times have changed and children --even monster children like you -- can't just be wished away. So instead, your parents told you to keep quiet about it. All your life you've been told your mere existence is a mistake and something to be ashamed of. But things have started to change. Your parents keep seeing you as a wild beast to keep an eye on but they missed out on what you really are. Something far more terrifying than the descendant of an ancient, alien horror beyond our comprehension; you're a teenage girl.

Locked in your room -- by choice -- , you're wasting time on your old computer. You should be doing your homework, but instead you're watching some ridiculously gory B movie. Boring and fake, you keep telling yourself you're not scared, but when the high pitched beeping of your IM program informing you of a message nearly deafens you thanks to the stupid mix of headphones and high volume, you jump so far up you almost knock your laptop off the bed.

With an annoyed grunt, you tab out of your movie, to read the sender's name and the message itself.

[ ] Mark Rodriguez, the dark, brooding boy in your Science class. Messaging you to ask if you've already done your part of the project.
[ ] Clarissa Levine, the sweet, nice girl you've somehow managed to befriend despite your differences in personality. Asking if you're up so she can sneak into your room.
[ ] Emmett Ward, the most popular guy in school. The one you've got a crush on. Asking you to sneak out to a party he's throwing!
[ ] Other. (Write in.)
Just in case, but we won't be relying too much in system as I want to make it more narrative and "feral".

>>44903672 , the option with the most votes after 10 minutes is the one I'm doing. This goes for every post from now on.
>[ ] Emmett Ward, the most popular guy in school. The one you've got a crush on. Asking you to sneak out to a party he's throwing!
>[ ] Other. (Write in.)

>Wanda Rousey, the oft-bruised and battered social outcast who has one of the shortest tempers you've ever seen. A small girl even if she does fight like hell, she loses as often as she wins. Apparently she's sprained her ankle, and is asking if you could pick her up.
I will vote for this if we can change the 'hurr-durr MMA reference' name


>Jeff Jeffries, the perpetually greasy weaboo.

This one won.

Should I wait longer for the next choice, maybe 15 minutes? This is my first (serious) Quest thread so I want to make sure no one feels left out.

I'm also changing the last name, so we're good. But I like the idea.
I think 10 minutes is fine. Posting will pick up as the evening progresses.
File: sneakingout.jpg (105 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 KB, 500x333
"eva im @ the old beach & i know u live close by pls come i fucked my leg" Reads the message, from a contact you don't quite recognize until you see her display pic. Wanda Harris. The most you've talked was in line at lunch, where you both "bonded" over your mutual hate for what the cafeteria tried to pass for chicken nuggets.

It's not like sneaking out this late at night is rare for you, so you quickly message her a curt "Wait.", throw a hoodie on and slide out the open window. The drop is only a few feet down from the second floor and onto the veranda's roof right below your window, and the another drop, this time right on top of your mother's flowery bushes.

"The Old Beach" is how everyone calls the less scenic expanses of shore, the part the tourists avoid. A seedy spot, no doubt, you briefly think if maybe agreeing to Wanda had been such a good idea after all. Luckily for you, in case you need to escape, your house isn't too far; a couple blocks and you can already hear the lazy lapping of the waves crashing on the shore. Pitch black, for a split second you feel an odd yearning inside of you, like you just want to run towards the sound. You shove your hands in your pockets and turn away. The only light around comes from the spaced out lampposts that frame the boulevard that follows the coastline, empty at this hour. You walk along it, looking around for any sign of the injured Wanda. But so far you can't see her! You turn your eyes towards the ocean once more, she surely didn't mean the actual beach when she said she was there, right? Your eyes nervously scan the coastline until you see a faint red dot glowing some feet away from you yet still in the shadows... Suddenly, you realize you've been standing around for a few minutes. Frozen in place and still staring at the strange glow. You need to make a choice.

[ ] Run home.
[ ] Call for Wanda.
[ ] Walk towards the weird glow.
>[ ] Call for Wanda.
>[ ] Walk towards the weird glow.
why not both?

Plot hook, or angry girl.

Fuck, that's actually kind of a difficult decision.

>Call for Wanda
File: Legs.jpg (13 KB, 500x341) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 500x341
You're starting to get pissed off. So you decide it's time to act. You bring your hands to your mouth to make sure your voice resounds over the sound of waves. You look around you once more, before opening your mouth and drawing a long breath. "WANDA." You yell as loud as you can. "WANDAAA." You're busy moving around to make sure that wherever she is Wanda can hear you, but eventually you end up facing the sea again. And the faint red light. A faint red light you're pretty sure moved from it's previous position.

Temporarily forgetting about Wanda and her predicament, you squint at the light. It takes you a few seconds to realize that not only is it moving, but it's pretty clearly coming towards you! Loud splashing can be heard coming from the beach, right in the direction you were looking at. Like something's following your voice with clumsy, wet feet. Surprised, you actually don't know what to do at first, only fumbling back scared, sure you've provoked something. Your mind is filled with horrifying images of that movie you just saw, no longer corny and dumb. You stumble backwards, afraid to turn away, when the light finally comes into the illuminated areas and you realize it's just a cigarette. A cigarette in Wanda's mouth which is clenched hard as she's limp-running towards, you a look of pure, abject horror in her face. In a loose shirt and short shorts, with her blond hair pulled up, you've no doubt she must've looked cute earlier. But now she's covered in bruises and dirt, mud caked in her exposed legs. As soon as she sees you, she limps to you.

"ARE YOU STUPID?!" She whispers in a panicked tone, looking over her shoulder as she tries to drag you to wherever she's going. "They heard you, Eva!!! Move, move!" She's the most muscular girl you've seen and she looks terrified. Scary. You realize you can still hear splashing...

[ ] Run along, let her lead.
[ ] Take her to your house.
[ ] Hide into any of the nearby stores, at least one has to be open, right?
I tend to write too much and that fucks with 4chan's word limit. Promise I'll work on it so this doesn't become tl;dr.

Two more options that didn't fit.

[ ] Turn around to face whatever is coming after Wanda. You're not a coward, dammit. You're a monster.
[ ] Other. (Write in.)
>[ ] Run along, let her lead.
"Who the fuck did you piss off?"
>[ ] Take her to your house.

Holy shit Wanda what did you do.
Replies seem to be fairly slow, but I'm pretty excited about this! Haven't ran a more "serious" quest in way too long. So I'm happy to try!

I made twitter, for all your inquiries and so you can read updates without me spamming up the thread, https://twitter.com/Monsterheart_DM
What starter moves did we take?
> [ ] Take her to your house.
I'm back, remember to check / follow my twitter for updates.

I've actually got no idea, sorry!

I'm using these >>44903477 stats and Cover Move.
But no one picked a starting move! Up to you guys.


This choice won.

By the way, remember you can comment / ask questions. Whether IC for the characters or ooc if you want any specific details (within reason. I can describe someone, but I won't tell you what the BBEG's weakness is, or whatever.)
votin' for Unnatural Desires, then
File: Running.jpg (115 KB, 800x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Both of you set off running, without bothering to look back because it would probably be a terrifying sight, if it's enough to get the muscular girl so scared. She's still limping, her leg must really be hurt but she doesn't express her pain or anything. Right now, the girl's main concern seems to be getting the fuck away from whatever's chasing you. She's panicking, so Wanda seems to believe it's a good idea to run down the road parallel to the beach, but you quickly realize there's a much smarter move. You grab her wrist and tug here into the outdoor shopping mall, a shortcut that leads to an empty lot right in front of your house!

The wet steps don't seem to stop, but you're busy with trying to carry the injured girl around, dragging her towards the shortcut. Before long, you're both in the empty lot, everything's dark and you can hear the sounds still, for the first time, you venture a glance back and you can't... Quite understand what you're seeing. Vaguely humanoid shapes are chasing, but you can't quite make out any particular features! Wanda hisses in pain ahead of you, getting your attention. "My leg-- FUCK!" Yells, trying to jump over the high fence. Thinking fast, you grab her by her waist, pushing her up and over. You hear a loud thud and a string of creative curses from the buff girl. Hearing the monsters behind you, you try to jump, struggling a bit you start to panic as you hear the disgusting, wet noises approaching.

You feel slimy limbs reach for you, just a touch and that's when your instincts kick in. Literally! You kick back, foot sinking into someone and that works as leverage, enough to push you over the fence and to the other side!

Wanda is already on her feet, looking at you in horror as she helps you up. Without checking if the monsters are still following you, the two of you run across the road, towards your house. After struggling again, this time to climb your veranda and into your room. You're finally safe.
We'll just take it. Since it seems like it's a handful of players.

I forgot to tell you to roll for Run Away, so I just wrote to keep up the pace. Won't happen again.

[Cont. from last post.]

"Who the fuck did you piss off?!" You hiss out as the two of you scramble away from the window and onto your bed. You just notice your jeans are filthy with mud around the part whoever it was grabbed you. Shivering in disgust, you wipe it all off with a discarded towel.

" No one?!" Replies Wanda, on the defensive. Standing around awkwardly. Now that you're no longer running for your lives, you finally take a good look at her. The first one, really. She's fit, muscular without seeming overtly masculine. Long, dark-blond hair is pulled up in a messy ponytail. She's filthy too, covered in mud, ocean water and something that looks an awful lot like blood. "God. Sam said we should go to the beach, fine?! And we saw ... People swimming or something. My friends thought it'd be a good idea to throw rocks at them..." The usually strong girl looks down, staring at her dirty hands. "... Anyway. I texted you because you were the only one online. When you came, the... The Swimmers were gone back to the water and I was watching them, but your yelling got them angry or something!!"

[ ] Let her use your bathroom to get cleaned up, maybe even let her use your clothes.
[ ] Kick her out. She's nothing but trouble and you've already saved her, no need to bring more issues into your life.
[ ] Press her for more details as to what happened.
[ ] Other. (Write in.)
>[ ] Let her use your bathroom to get cleaned up, maybe even let her use your clothes.
>[ ] Press her for more details as to what happened.

Time for PTSD sleepovers!
>[ ] Let her use your bathroom to get cleaned up, maybe even let her use your clothes.

Goddammit Wanda. Don't throw rocks at people.

Wait, because of our Deep One heritage, shouldn't we be able to, like, bro-down with slimy sea people?
File: messy-room.jpg (663 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
663 KB, 1024x768

Wanda is just to shaken and scared to be helpful. In hopes of helping her calm down, you tell her she can take a bath and point her towards your bathroom, one of the few good things of living in a family whose bloodline can be traced all the way back to the founders of the town is that you've got one massive house. You've your very own bathroom right in your room! Of course it's pretty cramped. With a shower stall barely big enough for you, and a almost no room to move.

But hey, beggars can't be choosers!

As soon as she closes the bathroom door, you jump to your feet and try to fix the mess in your bedroom. Your room's always a pretty messy place, clothes everywhere, ancient books and magazines. It's basically the type of room every girl your age has, but you're still self-conscious!

You hear the shower shut off and jump back on the bed, trying to look as casual as possible, like you hadn't just been running around to clean everything.

Wanda comes out, wearing one of your shirts and sweatpants. Big, loose clothes on you, they look slightly tighter on her. She smiles nervously as she pats her hair dry with a towel, but before she has time to relax, you strike.

"What happened in the beach, Wanda? For real."

"N-Nothing! The Swimmers came over, everyone ran. I fell..." She shrugs, but you can tell she's still hiding something. The girl stands awkwardly, looking to the side. "I think they took Sam." Whispers after a long, awkward silence. "They tried to drag me to the sea too, but I kicked and punched until they let me go... But Sam... " Her voice cracks, squeezing the towel between her hands hard. Surprisingly, she's not crying. But the memory does seem painful. "I just heard her scream..."

[ ] Continue pushing. Specify a question.
[ ] Comfort. Specify how.
[ ] That's enough for tonight. You should go to bed and so should she.
>Comfort. Specify how.

Pat head.

Pat the everloving fuck out of that head.

>[ ] Comfort. Specify how.

"We're gonna go back and check tomorrow, in the daylight."
File: girls in bed.jpg (49 KB, 467x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
girls in bed.jpg
49 KB, 467x700

You suddenly get up. Wanda might be ridiculously buff, but you're still taller than her by a good handful of inches. You stare at her in silence as the usually strong girl seems in some sort of a trance, like she wants to cry but somehow can't. As awkward as both of you are, you understand she's scared and needs some comfort. So you do the only thing you can think of doing, you reach over and rub your hand over the girl's head, awkwardly patting her.

She pulls away, a slight look of confusion on her face replaces the fear. Clearly, she's more used to fighting than she is to being touched like that. She clenches her teeth and fists, smiling after a few seconds. "Fuck, I lost my cig." It's a lousy joke, but she's clearly trying to lighten the mood.

Not willing to let her change the subject with a joke, you slide your hand down to her shoulder, squeezing gently to get her attention. "We'll go and check tomorrow. In the daylight. For now we need to sleep." Thankfully, your bed is big enough for the two of you and she's smart enough to recognize that you're not kicking her out. You slide into bed, pushing your cellphone and laptop out of the way, making space for Wanda. She lies down by you, instantly turning her back on you. "You saved my ass today, Eva. I'll never forget it."

- End of Ep. 1 -

And that's it for now. I'm sorry I'm stopping so soon! I started pretty late today.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to start a new thread tomorrow just yet, but I'll announce it on twitter.
Archived as "Monsterhearts Quest Blue"
I've no idea how to archive stuff, so thanks a lot, man.

I'm still around, just lurking some threads. In case anyone wants to ask any questions, or discuss our game so far.
Thread replies: 60
Thread images: 13
Thread DB ID: 443747

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