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Tell me about how your first pen and paper...
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Tell me about how your first pen and paper session went.
My brother made me play D&D 2E because he didn't have enough friends, he proceeded to bully me most of the campaign until I killed his boss with a critical.
It was fun. We played D&D 3.5e at a friends house and while it was fun it also happened to be goofy as shit.

One player wouldn't stop trying to shoot enemies in the eyes with his crossbow, another kept trying to suplex enemies.

The session ended with a character successfully suplexing an arch demon into a table and killing it.
A rich, expressive story, expressed in the way that only a 15-year-old stoner could
Holy shit those were my first ever dice!
Also pretty badly,I had to DM a pregenerated campaign I had not seen before.
The guys playing the elves were predictably sneaky assholes who tried to undermine the party at every step, one guy was playing some sort of magical realm golem maid, and me and a guy intentionally trying to be the biggest dick at the table were the only two who would actually move to advance the plot without quietly texting the GM and shooting shifty looks around the table.
We met at the tavern, then went on adventure. We killed few goblins, a mud dragon, a boar and few orcs. It was more like hack n slash than rpg, but it was fun enough to want more.
It was 22 years ago.
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Now do you understand why you aren't supposed to play dungeon world?
I joined a gameshop VtM session where we started out as humans and had different reasons for the main vampires to turn us

I was a short black girl that ran away from her new orleans home because of family issues and picked up the trait of being a sniper

She wasn't that good at anything besides surviving and doing her job, and she happened to get paid to assassinate the person the main vampires were supposed to turn, and someone inside vindicated for me and that's how i ended up as a vampire living the dream of getting a comfy hotel room and hot water after living in various shady dumps

The session suddenly ended when my DAD (note that I was 19 and I used the bus to come and go without any issues) showed up in the room's door suddenly and told me he came to pick me up

There was an akward silence of around 5 seconds until i mouthed "o-kay" and said "welp goodbye everyone i guess"

I don't play in that gamestore anymore
Vampire the masquerade. Got the rules explained to me but I was never explained how to actually know how many dice to roll until halfway through the session. I made a tremere, the ST gave me the half deaf defect and let me have the pyromancy thaumaturgy path first.

I spent the first session going 'I'm sorry, what?' after every big npc speech, calling the ravnos a cheap knockoff and getting Presence'd to all hell by the Toreador.
When some brujahs started beating the toreador up and I was walking away, he called onto me and I said I couldn't hear 'cause I was half deaf.

I had fun.
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>centered around saving a female elf princess from a dragon.When we finally caught the dragon we killed it in like 2 turns, then we took the female elf princess and one of the characters sexually assaulted her because she wouldn't tell him where some magic sword was.

Is this... is this crystallized cliche? It's like a geometric repetition of cliche formed from the nucleation of a supersaturated cliche solution.
It was a game I can't remember the name of, since it was probably around 20 years ago back in grade school. A guy brought in the books during lunch time, and it was basically navigating 10x10 rooms that might have a door or three, with random drawers and other furniture to search through and the occasional random monster.

I remember being really excited that there were dinosaur stats in the monsters list. Not much else though.
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We're still in our first campaign a month strong. Theres 5 of us and we're doing a book campaign because we are all first timers thinking it would be a quicker adventure to get a hand of the ropes.

Our party consists of a stubborn half orc paladin hoarder, multiple personality teifling bard/warlock, the quiet monk who only ever says something when hes mumbles about killing an NPC, and the greedy stuck up blade singer elf who is always pissed off because the orc never agrees with him and drags him (sometimes literally) into situations he doesnt want to be in. I only regret not playing this game sooner. I've had just as much fun in just about every session of this campaign than i have had in years of playing MTG.
I had been trying to spread the good lord of the word(or wait, is that the other way around? It's been so long since I lost faith I can't remember) to a couple of outcasts and I saw one of them carrying a first edition WFRP rulebook. I told them RPGs was the work of the devil and they said I was wrong and offered to run a session for me to prove me wrong.

I rolled a Human Mercenary named Krarak and claimed he had grown up among orcs. (Look, no one had told me about the Warhammer World, okay. I didn't know the guy didn't fit the lore.)

We came into a village that had been attacked by goblins. We fought two of them, then found the rest holed up in a house. All of this was communicated via circles and lines on graph paper.

I was instantly hooked.
It didn't. It was that awful.

Bunch of terrible kids, and I was the one whose dwarf wouldn't stop drinking for any reason at at all.
I was a That DM who made it a game of creating as many roadblocks through fiat as possible, even through blatant metagaming and singling characters out at their most vulnerable. We were like 13 though.
The first one I ran or the first one I played

Played was pretty boring, just some combat in a homebrew.

The one I ran was the same homebrew system. Party was kidnapped on a boat, had to escape. Absolutely terrible, had no idea how to write or run the game.
I accidentally edgy-d
but then I nailed myself to the floor by accidentally shooting an arrow into my foot somehow, retrospect kek.
Happened a few hours ago. We mainly just fought a bunch of bandits with extremely simplified rules, the DM (who is winging it) had to make an effort to not stomp us because of extremely unlucky rolls. It was fun though, had some good laughs.
Tried pathfinder. DM just got done explaining what happens when you roll a 20 or 1 on a d20 (all I remember is 1 is a crit fail). Buddy is playing a borderline retarded dwarf. We get into a mock battle, buddy asks if its possible to tame shit. He has nothing in his tame creatures spot so DM says he has to roll a 20, without fucking fail he nails it. Was pretty funny watching the DM trying to come up with some story to go along with it in between bouts of laughter and "I fucking hate you"s
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It was this.

So it went pretty well.
that was pretty much what the aftertalk was like
It was fucking terrible. We had an after school strategy games club, and decided to try out D&D 3.5. Every single person went full homebrew, nobody knew how to do anything right. The dick DM literally made rocks fall on me 15 minutes into the session for no reason (fuck that guy). Played sessions on and off once or twice a year for awhile, but it almost never went well. A few were decent, but always fairly autistic because no organization. To this day I've only had 2 or 3 sessions that werent garbage as a player. Got sick of it, decided to GM with no preparation. IT went terribly. Decided to try again (just this weekend) it was fantastic, by far the best session I've ever had. Will continue to GM myself until I find somebody else that I trust to run for me that isnt a complete retard.
we've all been there. Highschool D&D is fucking chaos
It hasn't happened yet.

I'm only here for everything /tg/ does besides pen & paper games
My first ever roleplaying experience was with some friends over skype but it was an improvised campaing,it lasted about 1-2 hours and we didnt understand shit, then i played as dm about 5 o 6 one shots until one day i met some guys that played 3.5, it was an unique experience and learned what i know about role playing(common sense, voice acting and stuff like that)
D&D and WoD with my older cousin GMing for me. I couldn't have been older than 8. Fucking drow dungeon. I didn't even last 5 minutes in WoD
8 hours with 4 first-time players and 1 moderately experienced GM, though mostly as a player.

D&D 3.5, A Dark and Stormy Knight oneshot free adventure.

We almost died to rats. We spent at least one hour arguing over whether a Bard could use Prestidigitation to distract two hobgoblins by throwing his voice to their assholes. Two of us did die to the zombie hobgoblin knight at the end of the adventure.

I want to play more D&D and RPGs but I don't have the time.
I joined an ongoing D&D 3.5 game back in 7th grade. The edition update had just come out so the group was grappling (heh) with the rules adjustments. I played a human Fighter 6, GM handed me a pair of +1 Keen Shocking Longswords and I sliced and diced my way through a couple of unremarkable enemies and then a Gelatinous Cube. We ended up getting wiped by a Blackguard with Whirlwind Attack after surrounding him for the flanking bonuses. Session ended there and we actually ended up starting up a new campaign the next time I played.

I had fun but that GM ended up being pretty shit-tier. Lots of 'rocks fall, everyone dies' moments, like one trap that shot 100 Magic Missiles at the party when we were level 10 or so. I eventually had to make a Favoured Soul healslut because of the insane damage we were taking. Ended up using raise dead or similar spells twice a session at least.
We burnt an entire hill just to get inside a halfling's house in order to force him to pay a debt.
>Hey anon you like fantasy and shit. Come play some D&D with us. We'll help whip up a quick character for you.
>Dm made us cheeseburgers and gave us beer.
>Play a fairly average session as fighter but it was fun as shit since I was new and all. Investigate ruins, find a weakened necromancer, steal his magic macguffin, DM says next session we'll find out the macguffin is, and why the necromancer had it, and who kicked his ass before we got there.
>Group is disbanded over a facebook group chat, turns out nobody had overlapping free time.

It would be 2 more years until I played a pen and paper RPG again.
Wonder what the macguffin was.
It was an orb, clutched by a skeletal hand that we couldn't remove. Nat 20 on arcana check and DM just says, "You can tell it's powerful, and can tell it was made by death magic. You don't know it's origins or purpose though."
Join a group, you'll start to appreciate those threads even more.
That is sad because it sounds like a comfy start.

Fuck I want a cheeseburger.
Don't tell me what to do
Tomb of Horrors in 3.5

Not only did I survive, I also saved my teammates from getting killed quite a few times over. Wizards in 3.5 are just that broken. However, we only played one session of it.
It was everyone's first session. I was gm. It took them 4 hours to kill as many wolves. We made it through that one encounter before I called it quits for the night.

Things rapidly improved in future sessions though.
There was a dragon. We were just supposed to see it in the background flying away. The party's wizard casted a light spell to get its attention, he wanted to talk to it and befriend it. The dragon fucking roasted a party of level 2's because the wizard wanted to befriend a god damn dragon that was supposed to be the bbeg of the campaign
DnD 3.5, the entire group rolled for stats at the start, I rolled 18, 17, 16, 16, 12, 10.

I figured that was a bit strong, so I made a Paladin, because I had heard that 3.5 paladins were weak, then I made my paladin a gnome, because I knew that small races suffered damage-wise.

We went into a sewer system underneath a town and fought monster smugglers. I only remember one spoken line from that campaign, from the DM in response to our devoted evoker/elemental savant seeing a door open and immediately loosing a maximized lightning bolt through it and incinerating five of the six guys on the other side in one shot.

"I don't even know why I bother to stat NPCs anymore"

It was goofy, but it was very fun
here's my first time playing deathwatch

>Invited to play a game of Deathwatch
>First game for the GM
>Not fully aware of the game mechanics
>Only he and one of his friends know the lore
>Some of the rules had to be improvised
>Rolled a Blood Angel Devastator (and they should be melee, not heavy firepower)
>The Silver Skull is a medic (and also a cannibal)
>Has to do a will check not to try to eat anyone of the team during operations
>The Salamander technician decides to have a flamethrower penis
>Its called Prometheus
>Play for a bit
>Get along with the Wolf
>We meet Imperial Guardsmen
>They are ready to join our mission
>The squad leader decides to show our power
>"Salamander, activate Prometheus "
>He whips his dick out and start throwing flames around
>The commissar is disgusted with this heresy
>He takes out his gun
>The Wolf tries to storm him and grab the commissar
>Critical fail
>Wolf falls in the shit
>The entire planet is covered in a shit like substance
>I have the most points in Fellowship and try to reason with commissar
>Critical fail
>He shoots me in the head
>The Wolf gets up and gets out his gun
>Critical fail
>He shoots the squad leader in his secondary heart
>The army men are pissed
>Activate Prometheus
>Kills them all
>Medic barely contains himself not to eat us while operating
>Tyranids show up later on
>Space Wolf tries to jump on them
>Critical fail
>Falls in the shit (twice)
>Ancestors dishonored yet again
>Sniper Raptor (leader) tries to shoot
>Bullet misses
>Hits me in the leg
>I get stabbed by big mother fucker
>Wolf's hand is impaled
>We manage to get out of this jam alive
>I get operated
>The medic almost loses control
>Going towards wounded Space Wolf
>Willpower check
>Critical fail
>Is about to rush him
>I try to reason with him
>Critical fail
>"EAT HIM!!!"
>Medic jumps on him and bites off a part of his arm
>suplexing an arch demon into a table

>I was invited to a session of DND 4e. The characters were all Level 2.
>The basic plot was that vampires and vampire zombies were overrunning the land.
>My character was a neutral good human cleric who is afraid of the undead.
>The other characters were a couple of edgelords that were secretly chaotic evil, a guy with lightning powers, and a paladin (Or maybe he was a fighter. I can't remember.)
>At the start of the session, my character is freed from a dungeon cell by the party, and joins them.
>We kill a few zombies on our way out of the dungeon.

>After that, we have to protect some dude's castle from this vampire wizard (who is also an NPC that appears in all of the DM's campaigns, though he's portrayed differently in each campaign).
>The wizard hypnotizes a bunch of innocent people, disguises them as zombies, then sends them to kill us.
>We don't find this out until after we kill them all. Everyone's characters are angered by this.
>The wizard attacks us, but we get the upper hand. He tries to retreat, only to get knocked out by a wave of spells and arrows.
>The edgelords decide to use the vampire wizard as a sacrifice. They get a table out.
>My character, still angry that the wizard tricked him into killing some innocent people, helps the edgelords sacrifice the wizard by dragging him over to the table.
>Since they were out in the open in front of the other party members, the edgelords decide to quickly impale the wizard with a cross, so as to not reveal their evil nature.

>After that, we went to an abandoned city, had to hole up in a tower as zombies swarmed after us, then we fought another vampire.

Overall, it was a fun session. There were no That Guys. Not even the edgelords were that guys, since they were pretty tame compared to the shit I've read on here.
My elven fighter killed a goblin warlord and acquired the cursed blade that drove him to bloodthirsty maddness.
I technically have two answers for this one.

The first session where I had a vague idea of what I was getting into was 3.5 D&D. I played a Dwarf Fighter who attempted to keep his party safe, flirted with everything with his staggering 7 CHA, bitch-slapped the druid for making out with a succubus that she absolutely knew was a succubus, and screamed in defiance and terror for like a minute straight while a giant toad attempted to eat me. It was a great fucking time.

The first ever PnP I was ever a part of technically was when I was like...7 or 8? I was being watched by a family friend and he took me with him to play what I think was Werewolf. The guys there seemed pretty chill, let me roll up a quick character (I was a scientist I think? I don't remember it very well). I just remember thinking werewolves were fucking sweet and rolling what I'm assuming was some kind of crit and having a man I'd never met before describe for me how I bit a giant spider's face off. It was also, in its own way, a grand ol' time.
I made a spoon with a leaf and a stick, my horse yanked my arm out of socket, me and a hobgoblin shattered each others kneecaps, I was killed by an old man and then rezzed by said man, I bought a dog, burnt down a barn, stuffed a wet cat in a rucksack, went mobile hunting, washed myself in the horse trough, broke a sword, got turned into a vampire, swapped deities, got lightning bolted out of a church, made the mage fuck a splintered hole in the wall, drank something that made me immune to alcohol and it's effects, witnessed a man get skinned alive, ran from guards, got my money stolen, killed a guard who stole my money, got arrested for murder, broke out, got punched by a mage, bribed a drunk man with more alcohol till he passed out and couldn't give me any info, my dog sprained his dick getting some and was then useless for a week, and lastly I saw a big ass Dragon carrying a big ass sword. And I have since never played him again, that was my first taste of the game and playing a paladin.
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I played D&D 3.5 as an Elf Ranger, specialized in archery, woodsy lore, and acrobatics.
>first encounter: our group is waylaid by an orcish warband
>Me: "Cool, I speak Orcish. I step forward, ask them to stay their weapons, and inquire why they've stopped us."
>Roll Diplomacy
>DM: "You accidentally inform the warband's leader that his mother likes it in the ass. The orcs advance, pissed off."
>Me: "Shit. I try to defuse the situation."
>Roll Diplomacy
>Natural 1
>DM: "Your correct yourself, and inform the warband's leader that his father likes it in the ass. Roll initiative."

We survive the encounter, but can't make it to our destination before sunset and have to make camp in the forest.
>Me: "Cool! I'm a ranger, so forests kinda are my thing. I use my knowledge of woodsy lore to find us a safe site to camp."
>Roll Knowledge (Wilderness)
>Natural 1
>DM: "After a few hours of intense thought, you come to the conclusion that there are a lot of trees around; you are almost definitely in some sort of forest."

Later, tracking a necromancer through a cavern:
>narrow natural bridge across a pit filled with thorny vines
>Me: "Cool, I have plenty of ranks in Balance and excellent DEX. I gingerly make my way across the chasm."
>Roll Balance
>Lose balance and stumble off the side of the bridge
>Catch myself by fingertips, try to pull myself back up
>Roll Balance
>Barely make it, crawl back to my feet.
>DM: "Alright, you're about halfway across. Make another check to finish crossing the bridge."
>Roll Balance
>Natural 1

pic unrelated, but awesome.
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As expected of elves.
We couldn't get enough players in my podunk little town, so it was just me and two friends with one DMing. The other friend wouldn't take much of anything seriously. I was Hroth'gar the orc barbarian, and he was NiggerFrodo BigDick the halfling rogue. That campaign lasted all of 2 hours, but it still hooked me.
I ran a daemon over with a truck.
My groovy Pagan buddy invited me to play some 4E because he knew I had the system.

I rolled up a LG HE Paladin with a great-axe and a smite boned.

First combat encounter occurred immediately after I suggested we go to the town's church, our group's insistent Chaotic Evil "that guy" announced his intent to burn the church, acting in character I intervened, and found myself in combat with the Warlock.

He won the initiative and critted me with his daily, and put me on my pass.

The DM ruled that the guards surrounded the Warlock and carted us all off to jail, after a triage team brought me round.

Warlock was released on bail with us to perform a penance quest to exterminate some cutebolds, killed some, group collapsed, thereafter I more or less became forever DM.
id greentext but fuck my phone its annoying

party of 4 friends
see red box dnd 4e at barnes and nobles
run first encounter
no attack bonus's
gm is rolling spells vs ac so two mages need 17-20 to hit
4v4 tanky guy runs forward gets flanked and rocked 1 turn
tpk after an hour of desperatly fighting

got me into it but god was it awful
Alrighty. After introducing my friends to the 4e Redbox and plowing them through the rules they were ready for their first adventure. Some already played an RPG called Dark Eye (or Das Swarze Auge, I can hardly play it because my german isn't that good)

The characters:

- A human ranger who shared the same looks, age and name as the player (which I forced him to change, his name became Tibbes)

- A half elf bard called Kittykatardash (or Kit for short) with the 'never knew her dead parents' backstory (a trope of hers)

- A dragonborn paladin of bahamut called Melbar (in chainmail armor even though I would've granted him platemail if he asked)

- A minotaur barbarian called Commander Ox T. Bovine, a war veteran of 80 years old who disrespects anyone younger than him but treats ladies fairly and I allowed old alignments except Evil. So he chose Chaotic Neutral. (my regret came later)

The first session started with only the bard and the paladin. Because of this small group in 4e, I added my wizard character from the Redbox as well. A halfling wizard called Lender (and yes, he shared my likeness, I'm short). The three of them were walking around the city of Eldercolumn, the capital city of Everglow (which is in Standard Fantasy Setting number 34512,5). Suddenly one bumped into a group of goblins who got pissed off and started a fight. They fought besides a fruit cart full of apples but nothing was done with it. After defeating the tightly packed tactical goblin group, they found a map on one of them. It had al lot of the sewer entrances crossed off. The back of the map showed that it was a wanted poster of a little tiefling girl.
They first wanted to talk to the one looking for this girl. It seemed it was her wealthy father. A tiefling who lives in a fancy house. Somewhere in front of the house, though, was a pile of goblin corpses. While inspecting the corpses, they heard a group of fire beetles approaching. The bard and wizard tried to hide in the bushes, but the paladin refused and stood his ground. They fought the beetles and gotten their XP. So afterwards they talked to the noble father. For someone who was missing his daughter he remained very calm. The fact that he was sitting by a fire didn't seem to rise any suspicion for the players, though. They did mention the pile of corpses close to his front yard. He thanked them for telling, that's all. That ended the first session.

The second session had all the players. They were informed that they needed to go down through the sewers to find a little girl so they hired a ranger to help out. Upon entering the sewers they found this hulking minotaur who was also looking for the little girl. Together they fought enemies literally around every corner. First rats, the bard kept missing, the ranger wanted to shoot while in melee range, the barbarian wanted to use his minor action to stomp on them and the paladin mumbled his attacks to which I couldn't help him because it all sounded like somethingsomething-smite.

Then they encountered goblins who were running away, some were immediately stopped by the barbarian. He used Intimidate to stop them and it worked, then he used Diplomacy/Intimidate to force them to give all their weapons and armor and tie themselves to the bard and him. He wouldn't hurt them if they cooperated. He also asked their names. (Sigh, erm... Glendarius aaaand... Bob. His parents weren't that creative.) But it seemed that they were running away from oozes. So they fought the oozes, Bob died right away because the oozes focused on him. And eventually they fought another group of goblins who found the little girl.
They first used stealth/scare tactics, which worked moderately. Then they just defeated them all until one was left. The barbarian wanted to break it's neck and chuck it away. And then the paladin and the ranger stopped him "because they were Lawful Good". He eventually threw him across the sewers. (I improvised his throwing range according to his Athletics. Then the ranger player went: "Oh is THAT how it works?!" and starts throwing his dice to see the results.) They tried to calm the little tiefling girl down but I hadn't mentioned that it was a skill challenge according to 4e. I learned that using multiple Diplomacy checks to calm her down was dumb, as I wanted them to succeed in this, so I let them.

Above ground they washed their stuff and the girl explained that her father wanted to 'eat her'. The group looked puzzled. She said that he didn't want anything to do with her until she became 13 years old and could produce purple flames from her hands. She was a Sorcerer in puberty. Then tangents with the group happend. They explored this city that I improvised but expected that I told them to know what the city offered instead of asking if it existed. The barbarian tried to sell the goblin gear for full price (which shouldn't be the case according to the 4e DMG) but the player studied economics for a year, so his real life bartering skills trumped my poor bartering skills by a mile. I had to allow it to just let the session go further. They were all goofing off like cartoons; wrecking the place by entering without opening the door.

So they finally got to the tiefling father but didn't want to leave. They interrogated him. Asking him what he wanted to do to her. And so a battle ensued. They tried to throw him in the fireplace, but tiefling are fire resistant, so he was safe. They eventually gave him no room to escape and beat him down. The paladin held him to the ground.
I forgot to mention that the characters went to a magic shop, the slow halfing behind the counter told them that there was one person who ordered supplies for a magic-vampiric ritual. The ranger tried to mess with me asking for every single name of buyers on the list. I made the list shorter than he expexted. (Dick.) He also tried to sneak in the back before entering the shop. So I improvised a lock on the door.

>"Okay, I pick the lock."
>>"With what?"
>"A lock pick."
>>"You don't have a lock pick. How about a knife?"
>"Yeah! I pick it with a knife!"
>>"Do you have a knife?"
>>"Perhaps you could try with an arrow, but it does have a -2 penalty."
The check fails.
>>"The lock starts to magically shrink until it cuts off the arrowhead."
>>>Paladin: "Stick your finger in it."

The tiefling got his monologue, which had a stutter in it as I was thinking, improvising and acting at the same time. So the ranger's player corrected me; "You said that already". It really pissed me off and I yelled at him. I had to finish my monologue; "The power should've been mine! It's been in my family for generations! Why did it skip me?! Why did you meddle with affairs that were not yours?!"

So they had to choose to either kill it or to put him in jail which took ten minutes. Jail it was. The End.

So that was my first adventure. I was railroading, yelling, given them an unoriginal and typical first level adventure full of enemies and obvious plots. And yet they kept playing until it all fell apart because the entire group (including me) was shit.
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My human paladin died to a crit Scorching Ray.

Half an hour later, he was resurrected as a Bugbear and hit 22 Strength.

It's been so long I can't remember much from it, but I DMed Palace of the silver Princess for a group of friends, as awkwardly as a first time DM would.

Didn't go too bad.
It was last week, one of my friends ask me if i wanted to play it, so, as I was intersted and lurking in this board i went.
He didnt have a book rule so we used BASIC rules but I think we actually screwed up our statistic.
He didnt use a premade settings and made something on his own.
It was sort of Steampunk but not with all the gears bullshit, explorers discovers floating island during colonisation and settled there, beastmen are also involved he didnt gave us much information and he want us to discover things gradually.

It was me and two of his friends.
I played a french boxer, another guy play a man-bat and the last one was almost That Guy, playing a smooth-talker.
The DM didnt make many rolls, he wanted to introduce the story, I wont develop that it is not the most interesting thing, the most notable thing is that i push a commercant to kill himself.

What I liked it's that the Dm made some effort in the presentation of the game, nice background music, a weary map all burned and even some radio propaguanda.

It was nice
My brother wanted to try his hand at DMing, and he wrangled my half-brother and I into a game of Pathfinder. I rolled a basic human monk, my half-brother a claymore-wielding fighter. I don't remember much about the session, but my half-brother kept confirming crits left and right, while I, not quite understanding how to RP alignment yet, kept trying to drown enemies while traversing the sewers, only to nearly drown myself.
I fought a demonic horse in a dark stable, decapitated it, then slept in a ditch for eight hours.
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