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Let's hear your saddest backstories...
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Let's hear your saddest backstories and in-game moments.
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A little cliched, but the saddest I've ever made a character's backstory as I tend towards the more well adjusted in terms of characters.
>Half-elf, who are discriminated against in the DM's homebrew
>His mother was some higher up in the Elvish government, his dad was a adventurer of some description.
>Mom forced his dad to take the baby, he dumped it at an orphanage, orphanage didn't want it either and just left him in the street
>Imperial Library Keeper is out on a nighttime walk because he's a fucking weirdo and takes the baby
>Raised in the deep stacks of the library, abused by the library keeper and forced out of sight whenever someone is around
>Has zero outside contact besides the Library Keeper until he's about 12 when he discovers a "talking book"
>Talking book is actually the contact point for some sort of Outer Being/Elder God, becomes a warlock by accident by being in contact with it
>Elder God is an okay guy actually, but Library Keeper is still an abusive asshole and regularly beats the kid
>At age 19 a group of looters break into the library looking for shit to steal during big riots outside (this actually factors into another characters backstory)
>End up killing the Library Keeper in a scuffle
>Kid is pissed, blasts them with eldritch magic
>More people show up after sounds of a scuffle, kids hands are basically still "smoking"
>Assume he did it, as he's some kind of rogue elf wizard they've never seen before and there are five dead humans at his feet
>Chase him out of town, but not before he grabs the book
>Becomes adventurer/mage for hire because he has nothing else he knows besides what he's read about and polite circles want nothing to do with half-elves

It's all panned out alright for him in the long term though. So that's good.
Seems like a better use of cliche. What all happened campaign-wise for him?

>want to hear the good end, or alright end, whichever
Why was the mob after him ?
There's no explanation given, but it was probably something other than race given the setting.
where can i find more of pic related?
>read the bottom of the pic
>go there
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>Zombie Game
>Long-time couple playing long-time couple in game (though not themselves)
>Shit goes sideways
>PCs dying
>Trapped at bottom of a mine, thousands of the dead between them and the surface, barricades breaking, ammunition depleted.
>Girlfriend finally broaches subject "we're going to die down here."
>Just her and partner alive in small bathroom, dead outside.
>Girlfriend: "There's nothing for it. I still have ammo left. Let's make sure we both stay dead down here together."
>Boyfriend argues a little, "Let's just wait a little longer, I'd miss you too much if we died..."
>Power goes out, door starts to give. Boyfriend sighs and nods at girlfriend. "I love you."
>"If there's anything after... wait for me." They kiss again.
>Girl says to GM "I shoot him, and I stay with him til he's gone."
>GM narrates sad, dignified death. "And I take it you shoot yourself after?"
>Girl [jaw set] "I only had one bullet left. I just wait. At least he didn't suffer."
>Flurry of sheet-checking, but she's right. She used the last bullet on him.
>Stunned silence, GM closes book, session closes.
Well his days of adventuring aren't quite over, but so far things are going alright. He's actually become pretty sagely, has a small accidental cult following, and is married to the party paladin with three half-Ayy kids.
Half elf or half ayy?
>be playing Hunter-esque game for 2 years
>my PC ends up getting married to DMPC (which made players awkward) about a RL year after we started playing
>GMPC gets murdered by Coven leader's underling hitman (partly for story purposes, but also to remove GMPC from gameplay)
>happened at end of session. Knew it was coming (GM and I had mutually agreed on decision for role play reasons) but still a little stunned
>I was fine until I got in my car after session ended, and heard Boston's "More Than A Feeling" playing
>GMPC was murdered while we were sleeping in-game
>"I closed my eyes, and she slipped away..."
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pro feel.png
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Half-Ayy. Courtesy of their "Grandfather". Varying degrees of gribbly-ness though.
Remember that image with the dragon rape and ruined mother winding up with a half-dragon girl?

Decided to use that as my backstory.
>son of assassins who were mainly cytologists and carriers of secret messages in DM's homebrew.
>Dictator declared all assassin guilds/clans to be heretical and must be demolished.
>Son watches family and friends burn alive.
>Raised in Dictator's own Imperial Keep as a Eunuch.
>Balls cut off to stop his family line altogether as Dictator collected children, cut their genitals, and added them to his "collection."
>Age 15. Secretly practicing his family's ways while attempting to record what he remembers of his family after countless brainwashing sessions by magus under direct command of dictator.
>Writes segments of his history that he remembers on tiny parchments hidden underneath bed.
>unbeknownst to him, Spymaster rewrites the parchments ever so slightly, effectively changing his history in the long term.
>Eunuch rebellion. Setting for the party.
>17 year old joins the rebellion for answers and attempts to get answers from dictator.
>Unfortunately, indoctrination sets in. Becomes Manchurian candidate. Attempts to kill party members but is stunned and eventually healed.
>Psychologically broken at this point as the words used were magical in origin and were meant to summon a tiny demon slug into the guy's ear.
>Main bad found dead. No answers to be found. Based on skill checks.
>Eventually succumbs to his brain damage as the slug devours his brain with no medical help.
>He remembers his father burning before dying.

Character I made and decommissioned after a series of failed rolls led to the party almost dying and failing most quests.
I was not prepared for these feels.
Should have brought a hammer.
The game had a pretty grim realism tone, about a large group of refugees that our characters were a part of, fleeing a natural disaster and the resultant conflicts. My character's backstory was that her family died or went missing during the chaos and fled from it all to try to survive till she met the group.

She had skills in hunting and survival so was useful to the group, and became close with a guy who she was paired with because of his foraging skills so they made a good team. They were set to have a baby when the guy got captured and enslaved by raiders who kept harassing the group as we went along, and he suffered a pretty horrible (and magical realm, thanks DM) fate. So she had the baby and had to take care of it on her own. Later on while hunting she got savaged by wolves and only barely survived because she was protecting the baby. Finally in another raid she was bedridden because of the wolf attack and couldn't run away well enough, that a raider attacked her and ended up inadvertently killing the baby.

The game went into a hiatus since the holidays, ending on her burying the baby amid the snow and struggling to keep up with the group as they moved on.
Jeez, the only games I've seen that dark are Ars Magica.
Not ashamed to say I bawled like a little kid, man. That was a suckerpunch.
his parents like raped them and stuff
I saw nothing about race issues in DD. The team is multicultural with crusaders, arabic casters etc.
>Wait what?
>Why did he take the rabbit?
>Why give her the crossbow?
>Why the fuck is she leaving, she's gonna get killed
>Oh shit that's dark.
>I need this game.
The team is, because they're all filthy mercenaries down on their luck, ready to push into the worst shithole in the world because there's nothing else for them any more. Races and nationalities are the least of their worries.

The rest of the world probably isn't as accomodating.
Comes out Tuesday with 20% off this week! Steam if that's your poison, GOG if you want the DRM-free version. I've been looking forward to it for over a month.
I lost the last original member of my Kill team. Its not much but it kinda hit me harder than I thought it would.

>Have Last Survivor trait from the get go. Character doesn't handle loss of a teammate well. Sees it as a failure on himself
>Squad is basic 5 man team. Black Templar, Salamander, Scythe of the Emperor, Knight of Blood, and My Happy little Imperial Fist ass
>I'm on off Squad lead because my character feels he must be redeemed through leading, to honor the brothers he lost before the Watch
>Five real life years of gaming together
>Knight of blood leaves because player left
>Storm Warden replaces him
>Storm warden went crazy and attacked the Black Templar and died
>Get new teammate.
>New guy Leandroses us for shit that happpend
>Scythe and Templar had been at each others throats for a while. Scythe was basically fucking a lot of things over diplomatically because he was as crass as he was useful.
>Templar leaves after fighting Scythe in what was originally a fight to the death before I stepped in
>Lost my Templar bro
>Scythe gets taken away due to compounding mistakes and accusations of heresy
>Get a bunch of new squad members, don't even bother to learn their names.
>Only the Salamander is left.
>Get tasked to clear a space hulk. Its full of Enslavers.
>Last fight, Squad in full on Glorious suicide mode.
>Salamander sacrifices himself to save me even though not long after the encounter ends.
>Salamander died in my arms
>I am alone again. I failed my team yet again...

Still haven't fully accepted it yet. Expecting to have the Salamander in my squad next session. Instead I have a team of entirely new faces, all within the span of a couple months real time. Didn't expect it to hurt.
>crossbow not an african weapon
>father dressed in well-to-do european clothing
>brick house
They appear to be relatively well-off and entrenched in the community, which you wouldn't expect if race was a concern. Accusations of witchcraft or heresy on the other hand would be a major problem in this setting.
That last panel with the running crying little girl clutching the crossbow is just heart-rending.
why did he take the rabbit?
the only reason I can think of is if they burnt down the house they might think she burnt with it if they find the bunny.
Because it is an object of her childhood, and she cannot be a child any longer.
Because she didn't need the rabbit anymore. She needed the crossbow.
She has to escape, she cannot afford to carry anything that would slow her down without keeping her alive.
How dense can these fuckers be right?
He couldn't let her die, but he couldn't bear to be unable to hold her in his final moments. So he took the rabbit for her most important possession to keep with him, and gave her his most important possession to keep with her.
>about to be a father
>see this
>imagine it happening to my own child and having to pass on the glock far too early
>tear up
>why are you such a shitty class? My husband bled to death while standing behind you
>get him out of our roster
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>I'm a father too!

Don't be a pussy, dad!
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>no more childhood for you!
>here's a crossbow; love it instead!
When do plan on giving them their first big kid gun?
One of my players has a monk whose parents sacrificed themselves to protect him from spectres that aged them to death.
His brother was caught by the monsters as well before adventurers saved them both.
However, his brother died of old age very soon afterwards.
As a result, this monk seeks immortality.
Game is coming out already?

Hope it has enough content, game got repetitive quite fast.
>she still kept it into adulthood
It doesn't.
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When they're ready. It will depend on their maturity. I got my first real gun when I was 8, and was hunting at 11, but I'll just be teaching them with the BB gun until they've shown they can handle it.
Justice, adventurer style
Really? Even watching a really retarded let's play-er go through it, I was more interested in the game to keep watching than I was enraged by his constantly forgetting shit he'd just read and making dumb decisions that got his guys killed.
Well, I played Batman once. So, yeah.
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I kinda have a thing for making sad characters. Not entirely sure why but i get mocked endlessly for being edgy about it, heres my latest. Im sure /tg/ will let me know if its terrible.

"Arthas took up the sword late in life, quite content to live the normal life most people do. He worked his profession and eventually he married, with one hitch in his otherwise menial life. He could not sire, weeks turned to months and he had lost hope. That is, until a robed man offered him an out. He convinced arthas that he was able to produce him a child, desperate as he was he accepted the offer without a second thought. Nine months later Arthas was alone, both his wife and child died in labor, the robed man approached him the next day and revealed itself to be a glabrezu helpless against such a powerful beast he could do nothing, the creature did not even have the courtesy to put him out of his misery, seemingly delighted in his despair.

Many men would be broken by the treachery and the loss, Arthas pursued revenge and took up a sword in holy purpose, for years he found it... Difficult, no god would grant him holy power when used only to serve his own end, not theirs. No order would accept a man who could find no redemption in the guilty, no mercy for the sinner. Unwilling to set off alone to die a pointless death against the forces of chaos he found himself cultivating a rose bush with his own blood, a standard practice to join the black thorn knights. The devil that accepted the roses questioned not his motives and instead graced him with power, the lines for good and evil began to blur, who could call themselves good for denying a father his vengeance? Who could call one evil for exacting justice?"
>for who could call one edgy for writing a terrible backstory?
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I reread it and realised that i the way i typed it made it sound misleading. I meant im not sure why im drawn to making those characters not that i was being mocked
>GMing Dark Heresy
>Players are investigating a Slaaneshi Chaos cult among the planets nobility, pretty standard stuff.
>They eventually track down one of it's chief members, an Imperial Admiral stationed on the planet.
>Motherfucker knows he's been found out, so he calls for the planned invasion to start immediately.
>Fighting breaks out in the streets, with the rest of the cabal sneaking off world and word of a Slaaneshi warband on route leaves the party to decide to bail for now
>They steal the now dead admiral's light cruiser, as it's crew was unexpectedly free of Chaos taint
>As they're leaving the atmosphere, the Warband arrives with a full strike fleet, up to and including a massive capital ship.
>Refugees fleeing in a motley fleet of transport vessels get spotted by the Chaos fleet
>Civilian captains send out desperate SOSs and the holds of refugees wail into Voxcasters across all channels, coming in loud and clear as the Inquisitors prepare to enter the Warp.
>An argument breaks out amongst the players. One of them says they won't put a dent in a fleet that size with the guns they have but another says they have to at least distract them from the civvies.
>Eventually the veteran Inquisitor punches the accelerator and steers the ship towards the Chaos flagship, now gaining on the civilian vessels.
>The party stops arguing, but does not stop the ship.
>The wailing over the Vox goes silent as the ship accelerates towards the Chaos fleet.
>I play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npxCAvQG3e0
>The ship slams into the side of the flagship at full force, reactors going critical
>The cheering civilians drown out the cursing of the Chaos commander as the ship detonates, taking the flagship and a good chunk of the Chaos fleet with it.
>In honor of the saviors, the people of the world have mastercrafted heavy bolter commissioned and gifted to the Inquisition, christened Thunderchild, a weapon that is now a recurring loot item in my 40k games.
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>Human Bard
>Setting is that Humans got too powerful, made floating sky cities
>Gods withdrew their favor due to human arrogance
>Sky cities landed on everyone else
>Grew up in small town
>Bigger town only a short distance away
>Bard doubling as conman
>Attract attention of local Thieves Syndicate
>The Capo is the Baron's niece
>Baron's brother planning coup of his brother for the Barony
>They realize I'm too close to her and know too much
>She betrays me and the Baron's men(her corrupt enforcers) sell me into "indenture" to halflings
>Use gambling skills and charm to become trusted enough to work as an "escort"
>Make friends with another grifter
>Kobold with a big plan
>Tribe was driven out by halflings, but they didn't find all the tunnels
>Spent a month preparing the needed tunnels, food and water, and the plan
>Break into the keep via cellar, shiv a couple guards
>Stole all the gems and a few sacks of gold from the treasury
>Return to tunnels via cellar, take the tunnels out of town
>Dak leads us through the Underdark, we find the remnants of his tribe
>They shelter us, we travel, I use our money to journey out and buy food(I'm human, they're kill on sight to most towns)
>A bounty hunter catches up to me in a town
>Kill him, flee the town guards, steal his horse
>Grow a beard and shave head to change description
>Split from Kobolds immediately after(we ate the horse)
>Travel across continent as a hobo alcoholic to throw off pursuit
>Start the session with the party by arriving in the Dwarven capital
>Find an inn, get wasted and sleep it off in the stable
>Wake up, spend last of my gold on fine clothes and head to a bath-house to spend my last coppers and clean up
>Put on fine clothes, trim beard, dashing!
>Seek rumours
>Dwarven King hiring Adventurers
>Charm my way into the shortlist
>Charm my way into a personal audience
>Charm my way into being appointed head of the expedition
>Meet the players

Sad part is how it all ended.
Well don't leave us hanging.
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>Party slowly helps Albert quit drinking
>Keeps a half full flask on his beltpouch as a reminder and a test
>Has grand adventures
>Keeps the party's secrets
>Rewrites a letter in a leather wallet all the time
>Hoping that if someone finds the letter, they'll try to get it back to his family
>Just in case
>Loses faith in deity(the god of civilization or whatever in 4th ed)
>Feels guilty for not going back to try to see his family once more
>Feels guilty that he never went back for REVENGE!
>Wind up in a crystal that houses a pocket dimensional prison as part of a quest
>Find a one man(and a bear) cult to a nature god
>Realize we won't be able to pass through again unless someone converts to his god
>Albert forgoes deity in favor of nature deity
>Undergoes ritual
>Skin gets tougher, barklike, gain a point of fortitude
>Other results could have been a tree
>Continue exploring
>Dreadful place
>Game ends irl for irl reasons
>No one knows what happened to the party
>They just vanished
>The letter never made it out
>Albert never came home
Here goes nothing
>3.5 Campaign
>The party has had this NPC traveling with them for a long while
>Masked one armed monk named Ken
>Even though he only has one arm his unarmed abilities make him pretty useful
>Always very cheerful and helps the party many times over throughout the campaign
>The party is getting the final artifact to stop the Big Bad Guy
>Big Bad Guy is actually a corrupted wizard they ran into on their last adventure that's been resurrected
>Ken leads them to a small tranquil grove in the woods where the artifact might be
>Betrays the party and leads them astray for the first time, huge shock
>Puts up a good fight, even knocks out 1 member but is overwhelmed
>In his death throws he reveals that he only wanted to stop them from killing his old friend the BBG
>only used non-lethal damage to knock them unconscious so he'd have time to convince his old friend to end his reign of terror
>He simply wanted everyone to live, including his lost friend of many years
>When his friend turned he left Ken disfigured and with only 1 arm, still fights to save him
>Dies in the grotto having to fight those he called his partners
>Party buries him under a shady tree by a small stream
>Playing Pathfinder
>Me, playing Paladin
>Pretending to be human, actually Undead
>Use full armor and enclosed helmet to conceal my true form
>party has a brooding edgelord with a dark past, a rogue or some shit, can't remember
>Adventure goes on for a while, nothing noteworthy happens
>While camping for the night, RP a bit with the party
>Brooding edgelord starts telling the tale of how his family got gruesomely murdered by some guy, and how he is living for revenge against this.
>Also spout general considerations about how his life is shitty and dark, yadda yadda, usual things
>Say nothing this time, let it pass
>Eventually, we clear out a bandit camp
>Some of them died, the others fled
>While the others stackk the loot, i take care of the corpses
>Start praying for their souls, go on with the proper rites for their funerals. Don't want for these guys to come back as undead
>Edgelord gets near me, start asking why i'm wasting time with this scum
>I answer that it's my duty, and we should show respect for the dead after taking their precious lives
>the bait is in position

I kinda set up the trap for this to happen, but it's not my fault if he fell into it like a moron
>Guy start talking about leaviung them for the wolves, saying that life is worthless and that are probably better off than us
>i say something on the line "You shouldn't dismiss life like this. Life is the ultimate gift of the gods, the most beautiful and sacred thing we have. Taking another man's life is no thing to be proud of"
>Guy gets angry, says life is actually worthless and unfair, recalling the fate of his family. Says i'm an idiot blinded by my faith, and that i don't know shit about real life.
>I walk up to him
>"Everyone i ever knew and loved is dead"
>remove helmet, show my skeleton face
>"I am dead"
>"You think i don't know about real life, i tell you this. Life is the mostt beautiful thing a man has. You brood and cry about the fate of your family, but you can still feel the wind on your skin and through your hair. You can feel hungry, thhirsty, sleepy, you can drink and taste and sleep and dream. You can smile, or frown or cry."
>"Don't talk to me about loss. You are so self centered and obsessed you don't understand that life, in all his aspects, is the greatist thing you have"
>"You should be grateful you can still feel pain, or pleasure, or even hunger, because it means you're alive, that you can better yourself, that you are alive"
>"So don't come talking to me about your loss, rather try and wnjoy life while you still can"
>I am almost finished, about let him reply but add a last thing
>"And don't disrespect the dead ever again or i am going full smite evil on your sorry ass"

Needless to say he alerted the party about my undeadiness but since everybody was still cool with me, he tried to kill me himself
Accused of banditry? Murder?

Crossbow is unlikely to be used in hunting, he doesn't look like he's part of the guard. No wife to be seen too.
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Holy crap. I just looked these up. Dumping for ya'll.

The feels.
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the broken glass of the last panel looking like the stressed symbol is a nice touch
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Seeing as the world of Darkest Dungeon is supposed to be bleak, depressing, and grimdark, I'm not surprised by any of these.
Oh Dimass.
He's never that accurate
I fucking love the leper as a character. He probably was a warrior poet, a paladin on a crusade before getting the disease, a great example of a simple idea of a doomed fighter.
"A ruined man, a warrior, and a poet. The Leper is most effective when given a turn to focus himself before raising his massive blade. When he swings, it is all or nothing - crushing blows and massive damage or the empty whistling of a glancing blow. He is entirely self-sufficient, drawing strength from his life of trauma, and able to channel it into heals, protection, or unrelenting fury."

Nailed it.
Saddest in game moment
>playing Cyberpunk 2020
>party is Sketch the nomad artist; James the slick corporate; Rex, a South Am War vet; and Rook, a Norwegian man that loves denim
>party has been invited to a Christmas party by one of James' corp friends
>they go
>party is fun, have christmas music playing to set mood
>party gets the Die Hard treatment
>group manages to slip away
>no one is wearing their battle gear because this was a formal event, they just have some 10 sp vests on under their suits
>party is doing pretty good, trapping and killing goons
>two goons come through a door
>Rook tries to disarm one
>fails his check
>goon puts a .300 WinMag round into Rook's face
>nothing he can roll can save that
>Rex hears the shots
>runs in and sees his best friend's brains splattered on the wall
>goes full rage mode
>shoots one goon down and rips the other's throat out while crying
File: 1452923243853.gif (3 MB, 200x170) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 200x170
I played a Gnome Illusionist in a grimdark setting. The party came across a lot of horrific and brutal things and everytime we sat at a campfire I would entertain everybody with some cool illusions. Even when things were tough I was always there to put a smile on their faces. Eventually though the illusions stopped. The party had come across a group of undead that were attacking a small caravan and after the fight we checked the bodies only to discover that one of them was my deceased wife that had been brought back. After that my gnome started to slip away slowly. It got to the point where he ran off for a bit and when the party caught up to him he was no longer the cheerful gnome they had come to love, he had a look of sadness and depression on his face and only said one thing before taking his own life ''In the end, the real illusion was my happiness''.
Damn... I Got hurt by a gnome..
Dad takes away the rabbit and gives a xbow.
It symbolizes losing the childhood.
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Manly Tears.jpg
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>Thunderchild, a weapon that is now a recurring loot item in my 40k games
And now it's gonna be in my games.
Tell me, what was the planet they were on. I want to have an NPC from there.
I'm not quite sure if this is really sad. It is in a way.

>Character drafted into WW1
>Fight overseas
>Lucky enough to survive various kinds of gas attacks, trench attacks, ect.
>Finally return home after the war
>Government left him in New york, with no fare or capability to return home.
>Very little money given for his services because they can't pay for every solders wages
>No jobs for an untrained veteran, even if there were competition would be high
>Barely feeding himself with odd jobs
>Have an encounter with a young kid being accosted by two thugs
>Lacking in common sense and probably a bit drunk, he manages to fight them off
>Kid was the son of a mob boss
>Gets offered a job as a hired gun
>Has been sending letters this entire time to his parents telling him of his problems, says that he's got 'a new job' and that he'll be home soon.
>More he works for the mob, the more he realizes that he may not be able to do anything else
>Eventually realizes he never wants to go home
>He has a new family now
>Keeps making excuses why he can't afford the trip home
>Eventually just stops sending letters entirely
>His mother died never having seen her son ever again, even though she hoped she would
>lives in the woods
>has a weapon

Maybe he was a highwayman? Even his coat is similar.
He's black
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>Running paragon level campaign. Story is that a rival kingdom has enslaved the Goddess of Death and siphoned her powers to wage war against the rest of the world and are definitely winning.
>Penultimate session has the party rallying their army for a final stand against the enemy as a diversion for the main party to sneak into the Domain of Death and rescue the Goddess
>Since this is the end of our campaign, I make pretty much every single NPC the party ever met/befriended show up as part of the army.
>Diversion is successful and the party sneaks into the Domain of Death
>Domain of Death has this cool thing where portals will open whenever anyone is about to die that shows their death and then transports their soul into the Domain
>Since a war is going on, there's a fucktonne of portals everywhere with everyone dying
>Party makes it all the way to where the Goddess is being held. In the meantime, portals show that the party's army is getting slaughtered
>Climactic battle with Death's Jailer occurs. At the end of every round, a portal opens on the battlefield showing one of the NPCs dying in battle. Each one dies a heroic death
>Battle drags on, more and more NPCs die. The bro general of the neighbouring kingdom that they enlisted to help, the little orphan boy with psychic powers they took in and raised, the gruff mercenary they turned from enemy henchmen into best friend in their very first session, they all die trying to buy them time to rescue the Death Goddess
>Finally beat Death's Jailer. Party has one final conversation with all the friends they met during the 2 year campaign
>Pfw they go back to the real world and hold a funeral for everyone who died during the war
why would they kill his father?
Dismas a best
good eye
Hitting something you didn't want to is almost the same thing as missing.
>play a game focused around caravans
>decide to go as sole survivor of another caravan
>game is going great, not to sad
>we lose some caravan members due to avalanche and party gets separated
>use local cave systems to get back to them
>cave creatures kill everyone but my character
>find caravan is dead too

Had to track back and report it.

Being the sole survivor become a common theme for that character, being the only character that made it to the end of the campaign and then the only one to stick around after the end to keep guard after everything.

When the gm had us write up epilogues for our characters, had him return to all the graves of his companions and move them to proper burials or made monuments for those that had been eaten and another killed by dragon acid. Last anyone heard, he watched over the bbeg's lair for as long as anyone could remember.
god damn.
and here I thought the zombie horror genre had nothing left to offer.
>Character unwillingly got dragged along with the group
>Is a pretty normal girl, while the rest are typical crazy PCs
>She's always unfailingly loyal though and did the best she could and put herself in harms way for the group
>At one point of the game the group gets accused of attempted assassination of the beloved town mayor
>Whole town on the lookout for them as anger and bloodlust rises
>Eventually an angry mob forms at the inn the group was staying at
>Character was injured earlier trying to protect the group so wasn't completely aware of the overall situation and went down to smooth things over with the mob, while some of the group without letting her know took the chance to escape
>She gets taken by the mob, beaten and suffers pretty badly by them
>Eventually gets dragged to a big town square and put up on a tall statue base before a gathering angry crowd
>The group in parts makes it to the scene but stands back to avoid being noticed, either because it's too risky or they don't care about her
>Noosed and eventually hung to the screaming delight of the crowd while the group just watched
>As far as they know she died, alone and afraid

Her main character conflict was coping with them all getting stronger overtime while she remained the same more or less, and things got more and more dangerous and deadly for her. She couldn't decide to try and stick it out with the group and try to be useful as always and hope for the best, or if she was getting in the way and to just leave and go back to a quiet life. Unfortunately the crowd made the decision for her.
alright I'm not sure I follow this one
trying to save the kid / get to the camp, kid gets blasted near the end
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Judging by what appears to be a crown in the first panel, he was probably nobility/royality. No surprise considering he might be partially inspired by Baldwin IV of Jerusalem.

And I'm with you with Leper being one of my favorite character. A man doomed to die early and painfully by leprosy and so walks away from what appears to be a life of relative easy to go fight and die in the depths of a hellish realm.

"This man understands that adversity and existence are one and the same."
Is that a crown being taken away from him in the 4th panel to be given a mask instead? It would explain all the fanfare at his departure.

>He's like the leper king from Kingdom of Heaven but gave up the crown and went dungeon delving
That makes a lot more sense now, actually.
I normally don't do sad backstories with my characters, since I've found it can be a bit of a crutch for gameplay purposes.

However, I have only had two characters die on me in my entire gaming career, both times were fairly sad.

My first character who died was in what can only be described as a killer DM 5e game.

>Playing as a 20 year old human blacksmith's apprentice named Danny Kent (level 1 in a party mostly comprised of level 7+ characters, was my first 5e campaign, so I wanted to learn from the bottom up).
>Joins the party, first as a guide to the local forests, but quickly finds that he really likes being a hero
>Decides to stick around and see what he can do to help
>Usually gets pushed to the back during fights because he's kind of wimpy compared to the Dwarven paladin of Kord and the Half-Orc Barbarian, but still earns his keep in fights (funnily enough, despite the GM's best efforts, Danny went several sessions without taking a point of damage)
>During a particularly hectic fight with some high level undead as well as a small pack of Wargs things start to go sideways
>Barbarian gets his throat torn out by a Warg, but doesn't fall before killing the beast (it was fucking sweet) and once he's good and dead, one of the undead begins to devour his corpse.
>Our cleric gets dropped, but isn't dead
>Sorcerer freaks the fuck out and does a super powerful spell (can't remember, but he did burn some sort of point on it)
>Botches the spell and summons what the GM describes as a stone Beholder.
>Stone beholder starts attacking everything in sight, clearing out most of the wargs and the last of the undead.
>Our rogue gets hit by a lazer in the process and dies.
>Danny somehow doesn't get hit at all during this and watches two of his new friends die before his eyes
>Beholder disappears after 30 seconds and everyone agrees to GTFO
>As everyone is fleeing, the party is beset by miniature versions of Quetzalcoatl


In b4 Lou

Being a king also explains his weapon of choice. An executioner's sword was also referred to as a Sword of Justice and some kings had them.

Leper is an amazing character.
Why would you give a child a crossbow the size of them? They wouldn't be able to draw it back for a long time.
Because they don't make child-sized crossbows.
Because many crossbows have mechanical assists that make readying them fairly easy. The real question is why that crossbow is already drawn tight.
>All that remains of the party is the Ranger, Sorcerer, Cleric, Paladin and Danny (a level 3 fighter)
>Quetzalcoatls quickly begin to curbstomp the party
>Ranger is doing his damnedest to get the sneks to piss off to little avail
>Danny and the Paladin manage to kill one, but there are still half a dozen remaining
>Paladin gets nabbed by a snake and is dragged off into the forest
>Danny rushes after him to rescue his friend
>With some hacking and slashing, the paladin is freed and the duo get running back to the rest of the party
>No one has been downed yet
>Another few rounds pass and Danny gets grappled by a Snake
>Sorcerer says that he can try to save Danny, but it's a long shot.
>At this point, Danny is down to single digit HP and is basically surrounded by all of the snakes
>At this point, Danny is willing to give anything a shot.
>Sorcerer wants to do an AoE lightning spell on the snakes
>Issue is, it'll certainly hit Danny and possibly kill him instantly
>Danny smiles at the sorcerer and says "It's okay, I trust you!"
>Sorcerer drops a wall of electricity right on Danny and the snakes
>Everyone gets hit, including Danny
>Danny is knocked unconscious and fails his first death save
>The snakes then proceed to dash back into the middle of the forest, taking Danny with them.
>On a somewhat bittersweet note, the Ranger manages to kill the Quetzalcoatl that was carrying Danny and manages to recover his body
>Cleric isn't powerful enough to revive Danny and there aren't any good or neutral aligned temples in the area that would be willing to revive him.
>The remainder of the party ended up conducting a funeral for Danny, most notably with the Paladin saying that he has earned a place in Kord's hall, and burying Danny with his pendant of Kord.

>And now, somewhere in a dark, lost patch of forest lies a simple blacksmith's apprentice who died far from his home.

>Perhaps some day he and the Paladin will meet in Kord's halls
The character is the son of a lesser noble, somewhat akin to a spanish hidalgo, they don't really have a proper titel or own any land, they just sorta "are".
His father was the fencing instructor for an "actual" nobleman, and besides being paid, they also lived at the estate.
My character was assisting his father in instructing the nobleman and his son, and him and the noblemans son would go out and drink and party and do what young nobles would do, and over the years they became very good friends.
However the nobleman also had a daughter, and over these years, my character and her started to develope feelings for one another, but as my character is not a true noble, the noblemans son hated this love affair, not finding my character worthy of his sister, this culminated after a single night of passion, the brother fought my character, and during the fight, something got knocked over and caught fire, my character fled the estate as it was burning, and in fear of being persecuted, joined a ships crew as they were leaving port. He doesn't know if anyone survived the fire, now he tries to drown his sorrows in booze and women, and earns his coin by selling his sword, while trying to hide it all behind an easy smile.

I haven't really played this character yet, I am kinda waiting on the right campaign, while I try to flesh out the character and so on.
>being upset that the people in the wagon you shot at died
Well what the fuck were you expecting to happen you criminal scum
>feeling remorse is bad when you made a rash decision that hurt someone

Alright, Coldsteel
Nice backstory!
>pssh... nothing personnel, kid
This one's a biggie, and his extremely powerful start will make sense in context.
Let's call this character 'Cain', and his brother, Abel.
>Cain was born a prince with dragon's blood, incredible sorcerous potential and the best older brother he could imagine.
>His mother, however, was cruel, wanted a warrior child and nearly killed Cain in a rage before Abel slew her in defense.
>Abel inherits the throne, is a kind prince, but doesn't desire it.
>Cain trains under a silver dragon for a short period before entering elven academia for magic, was an expert artificer despite not being a 'true' wizard.
>Ambitious, he soon became stifled with the slow rate of material, gained a set of rivals.
>Cain came across necromantic information that would allow him to transfer memories from one person to another.
>Realizing the potential, he set about attempting to create a clone of himself so they could study twice as hard and eventually wow the whole world.
>But he needed help, so he turned to make a warlock pact to create this 'clone'.
>A young human woman who found him dashing convinced him to join the fey cult she had, when he had met her in the library studying multiple times.
>Cain gained the ability to cast any spell that he could learn and the materials in exchange for service at an indefinite time.
>Mixing techniques from the spells Simulacrum and Clone, he slowly developed what he thought would be his masterwork with the help fo his recruiter.
>But when he had completed the clone (while accomplishing his studies, of course), he found that it was not a clone at all, but an infant girl.
>Not only would have killing the child have triggered the building's alarms, but he did not want to kill her, feeling a mixture of fatherhood, shame, and curiosity.
>The woman who recruited him before took the child, before secretly confessing that she had tampered with his experiment with her hair- this was in a way, their child.
>A bit hurt at being betrayed, Cain allowed her to keep the girl while he continued studying, promising they would raise it together later.
>Overjoyed at this, she was a good mother and spoke to him often.
>Cain's rivals realized who she was and secretly searched Cain's research notes and found out he was a warlock.
>Exposed, Cain found himself facing trial.
>His lover had been associated with an evil goddess, and the cult was known for atrocious deeds.
>She was sentenced to death and he was kicked out from the school.
>The circumstances of the trial were kept secret to prevent panic, but Cain was villified and his word was taken as falsehood.
>Left with the child, Cain returned to Abel's kingdom humiliated and depressed.
>Abel welcomed back Cain with open arms and took care of his child as if it had been the crown princess.
>Cain tried to use his magic and artificery to help Abel, but one of Abel's subordinates saw the 'royal family' as weak and wished to supplant them.
>Cain, realizing what was going on, tried to kill Abel's subordinate, but failed, making an even greater pact in the process.
>Again revealed as a warlock, Cain was banished by force by Abel, who thought he was trying to steal the throne.
>Fleeing with an ancient magical item and unable to protect his daughter, who feared her own father at this point, he found himself with the cult his lover had been part of.
>They were the closest thing he had for family left, and he slowly began to recover from his great fall.
>However, the king of the nation he fled to foresaw a cult attempting to destroy his kingdom, in a set of dreams he shared with his son.
>He sought out all the warlocks of the land, had them do various dangerous tasks for him, and when they returned, exhausted, he killed them.
>Gaining both the benefits of the cultists' tasks and ridding his land of 'corruption', he killed most of Cain's group, and Cain was left to die in the winter's cold.
>Wondering what he had done to deserve this, Cain was about to give up and die before finding it within himself to live.
>His drive and future position attracted to him a dragonborn, also a warlock, who took him in and whose cult gave him, once and for all, the respect he thought he deserved.
>He was treated like a master of magical arts, which, to a certain degree, he was.
>Arrogance born of anger, newfound pampering, and the injuries of his past turned him into a proud, hateful, paranoid man, whose concerns soon turned to revenge.
>As he crafted magical items for the dragonborn, who became his master and the father he had never had, Cain learned enough to seek out and destroy the rivals who had ruined him.
>Stealing their notes and obliterating their dorm while they were in it, he returned to hiding, and crafted a blade named after the woman he had loved.
>His twisted image of her made the blade completely compliant, unquestionably loyal, and flatter his ego at every step.
>Finally, with such a stock of magical items, he eventually created a black market whose tendrils stretched throughout the world.
>To prevent his master from being found out, Cain left and went south, where he whipped a set of bandits into his loyal servants.
>An old professor attempted to contact him, but he refused to reply.
>Eventually, the law enforcement in the area became an issue, so he tied up a trap that would level the town if he died and killed the head of the guard's wife.
>His fall into darkness was complete.
Hope you guys liked that, because I just spoiled one of my main villains.
Pretty edgy, but I'm a sucker for tragedy.
I remember those. The tentacle monster with the paladin and all.
>Only War
>joined late
>rolled up tech priest because last one got fried and player rolled up heavy gunner
>make in and out of several missions
>party has grown, some even becoming more machine than I
>spend most of the time fixing things, being a skill monkey and staying behind the fight
>final mission and we got full scale chaos invasion
>have to split
>one group has to hold AA turrets and comms
>other goes for shuttles to get to fall back position in orbit
>on team to hold towers
>shit gets heavy at shuttles, heavy and commisar break for them to assist
>I keep their comrades and constantly work on aa guns
>they make it to the ships
>on the way to get us
>otherworldly shriek as helldrake swoops after them
>they turn tale and run to orbit
>commisar files report saying I died before they left
It comes up a lot when I'm on this board. Fits a lot of categories for discussion I suppose. Doesn't hurt that it's my favorite character I've ever played.
I must say while the artist is good, he has no idea how to do a comic.
The one OP posted is a fucking work of art.
There are some directional issue. Like the rabbit being taken away. It's the first panel of the row, but the action is moving away from the next panel.

While it may not make sense narrative wise compositionally the second row benefits from having the panels flip because the first panel should lean to the right to guide the eye to the second panel.

The father's shoulder should be leaning toward the viewer while clutching the chest with his right arm. Girl should have her hand on the father's hand to direct the eye downard and the rabbit's ear should droop downward to the left as well.

As I said, good artist, but he doesn't understand comic language
I stand corrected. Interesting critique, thanks.
Well he made a concious decision to rob a stagecoach, he killed two men in cold blood and without remorse.
He killing a women and a child while aiming to kill a man and feeling guilt for it doesn't excuse his behaviour.
But that does not mean he should completely abandon his guilt.

His judgement will come, he knows this.

You can be a murderer and still feel remourse. It comforts very few but it does let some take strength in knowing that the monsters that prowl the world are but men.
Nobody was saying it excused his behavior. The comics are meant to show the demons in each character's past. Obviously he had no remorse for killing other men, but finding out he'd killed a child was deeply scarring. He may have felt himself honorable in some fashion--at least he's not the sort of scum who would hurt a kid, he's just trying to make his way in a hard-luck world!--only to discover that he's fallen to the ranks of those he'd derided as the lowest of the low.
Every one loves the whole lovable oaf story, so here's a tale of Cupcake the Ogre, and how he made everyone cry...

>Long story short he was raised on a farm his whole life, and wandered off one day (Can do back story later)
>Party finds an ogre wandering the woods eating random things
>Weary at first and on edge they call to me
>Wander over and ask them "Food"
>Worried I thought them food they pull out food and offer it to me
>Eat it with delight
>They ask name
>Party bursts to laughter
>Follow them and some fighting happens, I earn there trust
>Had a bag on me but fell asleep all the time
>Would wake up to random person always feeding me
>Must be my master
>Protect and help him always

>Get to the boss fight
>Start round asleep
>Master calls there there is a "Bad Guy"
>Get up and start wailing on big bad focused only on him
>Master goes down in fight and i don't notice
>Miss attack and accidentally hit already dead master
>Cupcake thinks he just killed his master
>Starts tearing up and raging at boss until he is pulp
>Carry Masters body over to the person that healed cupcake
>Through tears I muster up I look at her and say "Fix"
>Healer looks at me very saddened
>Cupcake repeats "Fix"
>Tears start rolling at table
>Healer obviously distraught as she can't fix the dead
>I get louder, "You fix me, Fix Master"
>She shakes her head
>Defeated Cupcake wanders away from the party and makes a shallow grave and tombstone
>Stays there for two days before party is able to pull him away

No one ever told him it wasn't his fault
The players I play with come on /tg/, so if they spot this, two of them will be asking questions, but fuck it.

My character is a Satyr in a setting where Satyrs are Fauns that decided to leave the great forest to live in cities.

My satyr was a social butterfly, a veritable charmer, a lady's man as well as a bit of an artist. He would have made for a very good bard had he actually put time to study the magical arts of the song and chants. He lived frivolously and with little care for responsibilities, being the son of a very mighty merchant house. He was know across many towns and taverns, theaters and groups of artists for his talents and generally being a nice guy... Until he was baited into a dark alleyway by a shadowy figure and stabbed in the eye and brain. He was killed on the spot.

Splitting this in two
>No one ever told him it wasn't his fault
Way to go, guys!
Partie deux

Now this is where things turn spooky. He feels himself being pulled from the comfort of wherever he was by a cold influence, something like it was gripping him and pulling him back to the dark. And he regained consciousness. The first thing he noticed was that he was in a dark, cold and dank place, the shadowy figure from his last moment in front of him. The man ordered him to rise, and felt compelled to obey, he was under a necromancer's control. For a few months, he was his slave and magically bound to follow The Master's orders, until a group of adventurers came and unmade the vile being. He begged the adventurers to spare him, that he would do no harm, that he seeks refuge. It took some convincing, but the adventurers agreed and escorted him to a church dedicated to the goddess of death and the lost souls.

When my character revealed himself as an undead, an intelligent one at that, the Bishop was more than tempted to set my character free from his "torment", but he refused, he wanted to make the most out of his new life, reborn from darkness and would walk the path towards the light. He was kept around the church and made in charge of funeral rites and grave keeper of the local cemetery.

As time went by, the Bishop made him pass a test that all members of the Orthodox Church undertook to detect if they are able to channel the divine and perform miracles, and to everyone's surprise, he was capable.

Along with his duties, he was formed as a proper cleric of the goddess of death.
>character is the son of a mortal man and the goddess of hope and fire
>gifted with powers of healing and flame
>wastes his life as a spoiled junkie, abusing powers to entertain at parties and cure the symptoms of his opium addiction
>joins the party in this state, and continues to be a fuckup for most of the campaign, only going along because his twin sister pushes him to (also in the party)
>after a sixth month long game and tons of hardship, finally starts to act like an adult and stop being such a fuckup
>plays a pivotal role in stopping a powermad sorcerer from abusing the hammer of a dead god
>during the final fight against the sorcerer, achieves an ascension into demi-godhood, the source of his powers finally revealed to all the party but his sister, who already knew
>everyone believes we've won and the game is over, leaving just wrap up
>deciding what to do with the hammer, party even considers entrusting it to the newly minted demi-god to protect. Before they wouldn't trust him to hold his own share of the loot
>during the discussion, and due to some serious fuckery that happened in the past most of us didn't know about, Asmodeus himself manifests, demanding the hammer.
>party collectively shits themselves starring at this 100ft tall devil-god
>junkie steps ahead of the group and hands the hammer to the dwarf "Take it to my mother. I've got this."
>confusion, rest of the party was ready to just give him what he wants. "Are you high? You know who that is right? The fuck are you gonna do?"
>explodes into white fire, becoming a 30ft tall fiery god-thing, and hurls himself at the devil-king
>a brief and heavily one sided fight occurs, leaving him as a helpless pile of flickering cinders painted across a canyon wall with a gravely offended Asmodeus looming over him
>last he's ever seen
>rest of the party escaped, nothing left of that area but a blackened crater half a mile in radius
This actually reminds me of a character I had.

>Made a middle aged mercenary who had his throat torn out from a long time ago. Was heavily armored and wielded a large shield in battle, the de facto tank
>Was seen to be gruff at first glance, but had a good heart to friends and children
>Party does party things, doing contracts and bounties to make some kind of profit
>Make way to a building where a notorious bandit had made his home
>We find the room he's in, with a slave huddling in the corner
>Battered and bruised, she can't be more than seven or eight.
>After killing the Bandit leader, chaotic neutral suggests that we kill her so that we don't have to deal with finding a home
>Merc gets mad, picks her up and sets her on his shoulders
>Point to her, and point to myself, and make fingers crossed
>She's coming with us now.
>Find trouble at first trying to find a place for her to fit in our group, since a traveling band of contractors is not the safest place for a little girl
>Eventually get her a pony with some saddle bags that she can put what she wants in, teach her how to ride so she can keep up
>My merc becomes a father figure she never had, with everyone else but the chaotic neutral teaching her skills that will help her when she grows up
>No one who Merc doesn't know gets past to her, he's now called 'Papa'
>Plans to hopefully get enough gold to buy a large enough cottage, where she can grow up like a normal child and he can retire in peace
>Get a big contract for a wizard whose been terrorizing some towns
>She isn't allowed to go outside the camp we set near the wizards base, because this one is going to be really dangerous
>We get to the contract, and he puts up a hard fight. Cleric almost dies and chaotic neutral loses a hand
>Merc stabs him in the heart, wizard manages to let out a few words that we can't make out before he dies
Ill admit, I cried man tears there.

>leaving us hanging

Please, not like this...
>We get back to camp, she's completely fine
>After this contract, there is finally enough money to get that college and live relatively comfortably
>Merc starts to find a house, but daughter starts to slow down a bit
>The longer that we go on, the slower and weaker she gets
>Start to get very worried, cleric can't figure it out
>Go to apothecary in town that we're in, he can't figure it out either
>Few weeks pass to no avail, she's frail
>Prefers to walk carrying her than let her possibly fall on the pony and break something
>Finally a church finds out that she's been cursed by someone, what must have been a powerful wizard
>We realize his last words were cursing the thing that we cherished most. Her.
>We demand some form of cure for her
>'The only form of cure is acceptance and letting her go in peace'
>Merc refuses to believe it, rampages across the church before getting thrown out
>Try to go to the next town for a cure, stop at village a few days away from it
>She can't go on anymore, looks dead in Merc's arms
>Buy a cottage in village that day, pay in full gold for everything
>Lay her in bed, we're all kneeling beside her
>Everyone else says goodbye, even chaotic neutral
>I stay beside her for the last hour
>'Even without talking Papa, you have the best voice. I love you.'
>She dies right there in front of me
>I could protect everything but the one I cared for the most

My Merc didn't have much left going for him after that. He died the very next session later, defending that same village from a bandit raid that wanted revenge for a previous contract on them. They buried him right next to his daughter, in a small patch. They didn't even write his name on the grave, only a few words.

"Best Friend. Defender. Papa."
>Not going down to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RcVzevWX4U

Welp, I'm done... I thank you for this feel.
Not really a backstory, but more of a sidestory that ended up being the DM tricking me into character development.

>Everyone picks a low level magic item.
>The catch: The DM gets to write the story behind how we got it as a player-secret backstory element.
>My character was a smarmy roguish type, pack of cigs and a scruffy face, so mine was a magic lighter.
>It was a low-tech campaign, so a lighter that would never run out of fuel was crucial for survival.
>Everyone else got less practical shit, except the wizard who picked a Book of Many Topics.
>DM smirked when he saw my sheet and description.

DM Storytime start
>You had been traveling the wilderness for weeks, slowed by your lack of matches. Your failed attempts to start a campfire have led you to consuming raw meat and tough vegetation. The impact on your health is clear, your senses are dulled and fatigue overtakes you throughout the day. You met a priest in your travels. He carries a small trinket with him like nothing you've ever seen. It cracks in twain with the flick of a wrist to reveal a candle-like flame and just as quickly as it can split, it can be snapped shut. With it, he lights a campfire with ease and you both share a hearty cooked meal in your trusty iron pot.
>"You've been quite hospitable, traveler. But it seems we must part ways. With you, I'll leave my lighter. It's eternal flame will every glow brightly so long as you stave off your vices and stay the righteous path."
>And with that, you said your good-byes, a chance meeting you'll never forget. In your hands remained the small metal clasp which bore your saving flame.
DM Storytime end

This isn't even the sad part yet, but I'm pushing character limit, I think.

>Some stuff happens, we find ourself in the middle of a murder mystery.
>My character lacks the stats to be anything more than muscle, so I wander off and smoke a cig.
>Do the same thing while the players figure shit out.
>While I'm outside, I remember that smoking's a vice.
In your defense, they did not figure out that smoking was bad for you until the scientific era.
Damaging your body, so generously gifted to you by god, for an addiction is a sin.
But it doesn't really count if you don't know its bad.
>After I finish my cig, I head back inside and ask the DM what's up with the lighter.
>It was the first time in game that my character had smoked, but the lighter's been really important.
>Says it still works.
>I take a guess that it was just flavor
>Fast forward a few sessions.
>I'm on scouting in Dunwall, my hometown.
>Winter in-game, so I light a cig to stay warm and walk the streets.
>Thinking it's on a three-strike system, I double check with the DM to see if the lighter still works.
>DM says it still works.
>Other players get kind of curious.
>Fighter makes a move after our party regroups.
>"What's the deal with your lighter? You seem mighty suspicious of it every time you use it."
>I tell him it was a gift to me from a priest.
>I repeat that bit about "It's eternal flame will ever glow brightly so long as you stave off your vices and stay the righteous path."
>But, it still works fine, so I tell him it's nothing to worry about.
>He's not convinced
>Asks the DM to describe it to him.
>DM describes it as a dull orange light.
>start to call bullshit.
>"Why didn't my character ever notice that?"
>DM: "It's been long since you met that priest. Since, you've been a habitual smoker by your backstory."
>DM: "The flame's eternal, it still burns and it still burns hot, but the light is noticeably dim."
>DM: "Looking at it now, you honestly can't remember how brightly it burned before."
>stood up from the table and walked outside.
>nearly cried.
>Not because I felt cheated or anything by the item.
>the metaphor just hit me really hard
>threw my cigs in DM's neighbor's trashcan walked back in
>crossed the pack of cigs off my inventory sheet

I still don't know how bright my flame burned before I started smoking, but I quit in real life over that moment.
>Game set in world where dragon are hated by most people
>Bronze dragon finds cute human waifu that doesn't hate dragons
>Waifu gets pregnant
>It's a girl
>Takes after her father
>Mother and newborn leave their town and move in with father to hide their obviously draconic child
>People are sent to find missing woman
>Repelled by dragon
>Besides these incidents, fairly normal early life
>Fast forward to age 15
>Dragon is known to be there, but towns can't afford to keep throwing people at it
>In comes BBEG
>Special dragonslaying sword
>Half dragon catches a peek of that and fucks off
>Papa and mama (who has learned magic by this point) stay to fight him off
>Both killed
>Half dragon girl flees after the man leaves
>Spends 5 years fending for herself, going from town to town, trying to find a new home
>Eventually stumbles upon a small guild that takes her in
>Continues to work for said guild, hoping that this is the home she needs
I really like this story because it manages to be very sad without anything super horrible actually happening to anyone.

Most people can write a sad tale where people are brutally harmed or killed, or about extreme unfairness in life. Writing a sad tale where nothing objectively bad actually happens to anyone, on the other hand, is a significantly harder task.
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Aoife Duffin 1.jpg
187 KB, 640x560

First of all, this was all randomly generated.
>family, 2 sisters, 3 brothers, both parents still alive
>all of them (rolled individually) hated him with a fury
>(negatives was) large pox scars, withered appearance
At least he had huge bonuses to charisma, and had magic talent

Back story became:
>son of a mercenary leader
>abused a ton due to drunkard father and being the youngest runt
>hanged out with the medic who taught him how to read
>found a magic book pilfering through the ruins of some burned-down town
>a book of necromancy
>deciphered the spells within, and due to his unusual talent actually managed to learn a few cantrips in secret
>his father was set to assault a fort held by the PCs
>betrayed his family and poisoned the food storage as he fled to the other side

In the campaign he was:
>the first one to get insanity points when he read a insane man's mind
>got blinded while trying to dispell a magic darkness
>reasoned that since he was blind he might as well continue down anyway
>fell two floors and broke his legs, also unconscious
>other party members broke two of his ribs trying to resurrect him (and failed)
>was then used as a living shield
>got killed in a TPK due to demonic flies

On the plus side he managed to score some serious badass points when he stayed awake during (and even study) an demonic ritual to both mend his bones and strengthen his body, described as "painful beyond this world".
Now that's some manly tears.
> Medieval post apocalyptic setting
> A coastal village is partially submerged with waste water and dangerous critters
> Party is paid to escort survivors to a nearby place
> The place is crowded, only the richest people can enter. The poor are cast away
> An ill mother and her 8 yo child are part of the few people remaining homeless
> Party take pity of them all and decide to escort them to a remote haven
> They cross a river, go deep into a forest, encounter a village of not-so-peaceful mutant hidden in a vitrified crater, etc etc
> Each day the mother is sicker and paler
> As a DM try to pull the emotional string as much as I can within reason
> It works and they cringe each time I inform them of the mother's health
> They sympathize with the child
> Final scene, the remaining group is stranded in tiny canyons full of red dust, tracked by bandits
> The mother and son disappear as the PC lead the final battle for survival
> They overcome the enemy
> They find the kid over his mother, sucking her soul out
> The creature flees the scene
> Turns out the woman was never the kid's mother, just an hypnotized mental chalice that he used and exhausted throughout the adventure, while he was led to safety by clueless adventurers

> PCs loved the kid and pitied him and his mother
> Party is successful but feel bummed
> Abloobloo
Bonus : new nemesis acquired

Sounds a bit cheesy but it comes from the fact that i'm not going into much detail, the game was more subtle. I left a lot of clues about the constant soulsucking but they completely ignored it, mostly because of the more immediate dangers around them.
>Playing a crusade based military game with long time group.
>Playing as an old man, an elite general with the experience of a hundred campaigns behind his saddened eyes.
>Always carried with him the stuffed toy of his dead grandchild.
>One session, a raid on an enemy castle goes wrong. Learn that reinforcements are on their way. Need to escape before we are trapped in a pincer attack.
>"You go on, I will hold back the pursuing hordes"
>Cut the rope to the gate, separating me from the rest of the party so they had no choice but to accept my selfish heroism.
>This is what my character had been waiting for. A final release from this mortal coil by steel.
>Go all out, using every resource and reserved power to take out as many enemies as possible.
>Manage to eliminate all enemy elite while my former mates managed to escape the reinforcement hordes coming from the east.
>Character bleeding out, can hardly stay standing.
>A single enemy remains. A fresh merc, barely a man but no longer a child. Literally still wet behind the ears and can hardly hold his blade without quivering.
>Strikes down this aged veteran, my characters chipped and worn blade falling to the dirt as a the peerless virgin blade pierced his heart.
>Several weeks later, the stuffed plush bear my character carried with him was delivered to our kingdom, the head missing and covered in blood.
>The king was my son.
>The Crusade was rekindled.
Nice....... I'm stealing this.
>Cries manly tears
......Then what happened? How did the sister react?
This is..... oh god this is sad. Holy shit man why did your guy abandon his family for another one!?
This one was kinda meh.
Yeah she lost her father but how exactly does that drive the arbalest to explore the darkest dungeon?
Okay then.

After my character fought his way into the evil knight's fortress to rescue his kidnapped fiancee, the girl grabbed his hand and said (with equal parts desperation and shame):

> "Wait!"
> "*Please* don't kill him. I love him."

It didn't end well for anyone, especially since I still had to duel that guy to the death.
They created what they hated and feared the most... How perfectly ironic.

The most cursed body, sometimes holds the noblest of spirits.

Many men have regrets, but not all are of their own making.

The cruelest of fates may sometimes set a soul on the path to absolution.

You mis-understand, Anon. Look at the child once again.

The resemblance is striking, don't you agree?
Why didn't she just line up their heads and kill both of themselves.Was she fighting the undead with a .22?
Star Wars
>playing an ignorant force sensitive during the Dark Times
>get 'discovered' by an exiled Jedi
>Jedi had also fallen and gone mad with vengeance against Empire
>flee him with rest of party but get picked up by Empire's radar in process
>spend half of game running from bounty hunters, half of game running from Inquisitors, make contacts with Rebels in process
>at one point get caught by a Clawdite (shapeshifter) Inquisitor but escape
>lose Empire and bounty hunters for a while, lead Rebels back to now MIA fallen Jedi's loot hold, actually gets CR-90 and fighters for group
>everything finally coming up Milhouse
>Clawdite infiltrates CR-90 crew
>corners character during what was supposed to be a one man courier mission
>character has option to vent the ship but chooses to survive
>surrenders hoping her capture and known whereabouts would keep the Empire from hounding her crew

She got her wish, but the rest of the party went on to be more like Hondo and less like Talon Karde, and under the Empire's guidance she fell harder than a jealous Bastilla and is currently a side villain in a post-Endor campaign.
Holy shit.

There were some great stories in this thread but this one has to take the cake.
Clichés are not inherently bad. Pretty much all. Tarantino movies are well-arranged clichés and tropes
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>passing a hand grenade on to your kid
Playing in the most cinematic game I've ever been a part of. Rifts, New Quebec, two teams (cops and revolutionaries) each swapping back and forth from the play room trying to work out our next best move in the down time.

>me with the cops, an ex-military Glitterboy pilot character, ptsd and drug/ alcohol abuse in short back story.
>Current partner, my gf irl, is a cop psychologist assigned to keep tabs on me, inspiring me to kick old habits
>strong/silent, cold turkey type causes me to have a fit after extracting a bomb from a building,
>in partially repaired glitterboy armour, I lose my arm. boom and gone.
> still pursue the remaining revolutionaries, catch up with them before my partner can.
>Take out one with last missile at close range
>take out the next one by crashing his motorbike, he survives but flees
> feeling pretty stoked and invincible, partner closing fast, might actually win this having gained the offensive for the first time in 3 hours
> Second to last revolutionary does spot check for a weak point, obviously sees the hole where my arm should be.
> Uses jetpack to flyby, rolls a near crit
> Takes aim in mid-flight, crit for stability
> Third roll just to hit me, near crit again
> Rolls for damage with mega damage sniper rifle and max damage (x100)

>There is nothing I can do, GM takes pity on me, and I roll to see if the bullet passed through, or ricocheted in the armour
>crit fail for me, that mega-damage shot bounces around like a pinball wizard
> exit suit through arm-hole as a fine red spray
>gf arrives, snipes at the jetpack guy and takes his head clear off mid-flight
>gf to hq "The suit is down, it's over"
first time I had to hand over my sheet. My first proper character arc, and so far my last. I've never been able to get invested in a character in the same way since so I've stuck to gm'ing and I always give dying characters that one last roll, just in case.
>young boy raised by abusive drunk chicken farmer
>mother takes him to see local wrestlers at night to get away from his rages
>the boy admires their great strength and victories over many insurmountable evils
>trains in his chicken coop using the fence as a ring and his only friends, his chickens, as opponents
>accidentally kills a chicken while perfecting his finisher: a flying backflip suplex called "Pico de Gallo"
>his father, in his rage, kills his mother
>he runs away from home, perfecting his skills in the ring and earning a name for himself in the small villages of the world as "El Gallo"
>he returns home with the intent of publicly beating his father into submission
>only to find alcohol has beaten him to it by a number of years.

This character was great if only because I got to educate the entire party on the glory that is suplexes
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>>he returns home with the intent of publicly beating his father into submission
>>only to find alcohol has beaten him to it by a number of years.
That's no excuse- you're an adventurer!
Go to Hell and offer to entertain the resident ruler of the underworld with the grudge match one shattered family and two decades in the making.
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>nephew of the king, didn't aspire to be a great warrior like his many siblings
>ran away with his buddy and became humble fishermen
>some pirate shows up, demands money
>calls you a thief when you refuse, takes the money
>buddy grabs him and tries to take back your things
>this pirate and his buddy just open fire, buddy puts up a good fight but dies
>all you have to defend yourself is a fishing rod
>pirate cuts off two of your arms and leaves you for dead
>train and become strong
>devise methods to overcome the pirates heavy armor
>return to the capital to seek assistance from the king
>ambush him, try all the tricks you learned to fight him
>get absolutely destroyed
Poor NPC. My players are dicks.
He dindu nuffin
>Human girl born to stay at home wife and not very well off father.
>Father takes extra hours working at the inn, wakes up super early and comes home late.
> A few years pass, around age 4 they realize she still hasn't said her first words.
> Find out the child is incapable of making more then grunts, groans, and wheezing.
>Has been a quiet child since birth.
>She was born mute, but thankfully learns to understand others and write in common.
>Parents do all they can to raise her lovingly.
>Father gets some old chalk boards from around town and sets them up around the house to make it easier to communicate.
>Tell her stories of knights and princesses and monsters.
>She takes up a love of pretending to slay beasts (fighting the chickens in the local farms until she got in trouble).
> As she gets older, grows a bit tall and big. Runs in the mothers side of the family.
>Local children pick on her for her muteness and sight, as they often do.
>Takes up job at the lumber mill down the road from the town. Taxation by the local lord rises every few years and she doesn't want her mother to work if she doesn't want to.
>Work there a few years, gather up some muscle and a good arm with an axe.
>Bandits attempt to assault the lumber mill in order to get some wood and tools.
>Mute manages to (albeit sloppily and gaining a few scars after) fend off the Bandits and impresses one of the local town guard.
> Is made an honorary guard member and allowed to take up training to become a full fledged one.
>Parents scold her for being so reckless, mostly out of concern for their child.
>Furious chalkboard writing as she believes her parents should be proud of her. She wants to make more for her life when she grows up. She wants to slay beasts, save princesses, be a hero.
>Her father tells her she will never be able to do that.
A man wakes up on a beach. The water around him is red with blood.
Next to him lies a sword.
He has no memories, the only thing that gives him a pointer to his past is a wedding ring, with the inscription:"In good times, and in bad times".
He has no idea what happened. He doesn't know whose blood he was washed up in, or if he even was washed up. All he knows is that he is married, or was, or was about to.
And he must find her.

>Catches himself too late, the damage is done.
>Daughter runs upstairs in tears, bars her room. Later that night gathers some things. Chalkboard/chalk, clothes.
>Sneaks out of the house, but not before leaving some of her earnings there for her parents. Buys just enough supplies to get to the next town.
>Makes her way to the owner of the mill's house. Explains her intentions, he says he'll send some gold to her parents now and then. Says she needs a journey like this, might help her grow up a bit.
>Takes her trusty woodcutting axe.
>It's good week or two before she makes it into the next town, but it's a veritable hub of traders and adventurers. The perfect place to get started.

And that was when she joined the party, as a level 1 Fighter.
As my crazy friend in another campaign said: "No one likes a hero." Still though, those guys were assholes.
PCs are dicks, I really feel for this poor kings nephew fisherman
> She went through many adventures with a fantastic group of people.
>A half-elf rogue who was tired of being a street rat and wanted to use his skills to plunder tombs and forgotten keeps for treasures.
>A male human brawler with a wolf-dog companion, the two of them being a rather fearsome duo in a fight.
>A female tiefling bard who got into more then her fair share of trouble in taverns.
>And finally an elf sorcerer, who was later discovered to have the blood of a silver dragon coursing through her veins.
>They stopped cultists, slayed mighty beasts.
>It was like she had always dreamed.
>With each new adventure, however, she felt a tug on her conscience.
>The older she got and the more she did, she felt ashamed for how she up and left her parents.
>Now in her mid 30's. Has no idea if her parents are still alive. Companions ask her to go on one last quest together.
>Town in the north has been under the assault of a White Dragon. It had been taking young maidens and their livestock.
>Group is now very seasoned adventurers, got a bit of an ego, figure they can stop the dragon.
>It's a long trek up a massive mountain, but they eventually find the dragon's massive cave lair.
I'm gonna reuse that one next time I need a paladin backstory. Sounds like an excellent reason to want to smite all evil.
> The fight with the White Dragon didn't go well. Several members of the party ended up gravely injured.
>The beast, however, was showing signs of wearing down. Growing ever more violent and desperate to survive.
>The dragon rushed forward in an attempt to claw and bite the group.
>Mute manages to scribble something quickly on their small, battered and chipped chalkboard.
>Takes greatsword in hand and leaps right into the beasts mouth.
>The dragon is taken by surprise and skids to a halt, the party members all in a panic.
>It lets out a roar of pain as it flings the fighter from it's maw against the wall of the cave.
>It stumbles around a bit before collapsing with a crash shaking the cave a good bit.
>The sorcerer, rogue, and tiefling rush over to the fallen fighter. She has a tooth stabbed through her armor, and right through her chest.
>She's gone.
>The rogue pulls the greatsword, with some difficulty, from the inside of the dragon's mouth.
>She'd stabbed it through the skull and into it's brain.
>As the brawler picks her up, the rogue also grabs the chalkboard from the cave floor.
>Scrawled in messy writing were the words, simply; 'Take me home.'
>It's a lengthy journey, but the party manages to bring their dead friend back to her hometown.
>Pass the lumbermill to get in, the old owner had retired but still supervised. Saw the body, and asked to follow them. Said he'd show them to her old home.
> Make it into town, parents are still alive.
>Mother is old and sickly, rarely leaves the bed.
>Father is old, aching from the work he still does at the inn.
>They never expected that knock on the door.
>A funeral is held later that day as they have to bury their child.

And that's what happened to my first Fighter I ever played.
Bit of clerification, her old axe she used to use broke in one of the sessions. She later got a greatsword. Like the heroes in the stories her parents used to tell her. Forgot to add that, my apologies.
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Your first? Thats a great story friend..
I had a habit of playing more mystical characters and races for the longest time. Sorcerers, Magus, Tieflings, Elves. You name it, I've played it, and it was likely edgy-to-the-max. Tried something a bit more down to earth with the fighter.
He started off as just an associate. He was going to make enough money to buy a train ticket home then tell the Boss he was no longer working for him.

Problem is he was VERY good at his job. The boss wouldn't want him to leave. And neither did he. He might have felt a bit of subconcious guilt over what he did and couldn't face his own family over it.

Could you have faced your parents after realizing that the only reason you can see them again is you had to hurt, threaten, and kill people for money working for one of the notorious Crime Families?
>It's a lengthy, intensely smelly journey, but the party manages to bring their dead friend back to her hometown, now somewhat decayed.
Dying in the cold of that dragon's cave likely helped to stave off some of the decay I'd imagine. Still the thought of the flies and shit around the corpse as they bring it to the parents is morbid and hilarious.

>implying gentle repose isn't a thing
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>playing Black Crusade for the first time
>buddy had a companion for his psyker
>named Bruce or Clint or some shit
>friend makes genuinely interesting back story and we all like Bruce
>party is investigating an abandoned military base
>stumble upon demon ceremony
>all of the sudden surrounded on all sides by khorne demons
>all flee from base
>escape from base through broken down wall
>have to pass agility test to get through it
>everyone gets out except Bruce and my friend
>friends character makes it through
>demons closing in
>Bruce attempts to get through
>demons within inches of Bruce
>all of us on edge of seats
>Bruce attempts to get over again
>fails roll falls flat on back
>demons surround Bruce
>all of us flee or the same fate will happen to us
>GM ends game describing the screams we would hear from Bruce and the death
>all of us sad over death of Bruce
>friend misses Bruce to this day
It's awfully cliched and overused as fuck, but I tried playing a non-evil character from an evil by default race, but not going the usual my people are awful and I want nothing to do with them route.

>3.5 game
>Technically core, but DM allowed slight stuff from outside since it was our first game and he was only going to vet obviously OP things
>playing Kobold sorcerer
>started LN transitioning to TN later, according to GM
>backstory was simple, random adventuring party attacks their lair because nearby towns were scared of the dragon they served
>extremely cowardly, instead of fighting to death like everyone els, he hid among the bodies
>feels pretty guilty about it, but decides to travel somewhere else
>eventually meets the party and joins them for protection, they're distrustful at first but slowly that improves
>still pretty much uses most of his slots with illusions/transmutations to look like a halfling and have his familiar talk on his behalf when interacting
>a couple of sessions in, we've already gone through lots of battles and adventures
>city was hiring for clearing a smaller tribe that was wrecking havoc in the region
>try to convince party to take the job, saying he'd solve this some other way
>they accept it
>goes in alone, reasons with the local kobolds they'd be dead by sunrise and convinces them to flee
>bard comes over and warns they saw at least two more groups coming over
>it was a big reward
>asks party to buy time
>meanwhile, by improvising with a ring of feather fall, prestidigitation and fly he takes them through the only other exit: jumping out of a cliff
>most of them escape before the rest of the party burst in with other adventurers, killing the rest (the former missing attacks on porpuse)
>directs them to a land where there aren't many estabilished settlements, tells them to settle down there and not threaten anyone, that then they could build some trust and live well
>returns to the party after being thanked, they were pretty pissed for not getting a full reward, but we had lost shit before because of the racist elf
>we keep on having adventures
>eventually come by the region I mentioned
>they also were having kobold problems, only the small villages were pretty much hostages at that point
>seeing the first adventures in months, they beg for help
>he still didn't get what was going on
>gets party to let him talk them over again, but it's his last chance
>they had rebuilt a settlement far bigger tham before
>his story was passed down as if he was some sort of reptilian saint who led them o that sacred land for them to rule
>he still can't compprehend why they keep acting like this, begging to be killed eventually
>begs them to stop, go elsewhere or try making amends
>meanwhile they kept telling him he should lead them towards expanding their territory further and further
>deny and just give them the words to be careful
>we remain around for some time, stopping attacks through non-lethal methods, but people around still feel unsafe
>they do request other aids and eventually gather another band of adventures
>go warn them
>party tells they're done with this shit and say they'll wait in town and that he's welcome to return when he's done
>has just enough time to prepare a plan
>manages to get his hands on a teleportation circle scroll, creating it in the depths of the cave
>takes most of the kobolds to his original lair while he stays behind creating walls non-stop
>then dispels it, a few of them remaining, refusing to run without fighting
>with no spells left to get them safe, he goes invisble and hides in a corner
>they get offed quickly
>they do also know true seeing
>find a cowering kobold in a corner, begging not to die
>they get rid of him

Later got ressurected by the party who got worried and we did have a few more incidents like those, but I liked the idea behind the character and felt pretty bad having him die.
But then it wouldn't be decaying.
Maybe they could've stuffed it inside a bag of holding, but I'm unsure if the bacteria need oxygen to decompose.
>Me and my irl brother playing in game brothers
>two elves, him older me younger
>Both from an ancient noble house
>spell plague hits and father goes insane, drives house into ground, mother leaves for another elf
>I was considerably younger so I only remember the good stuff, he remembers everything
>I stay to try and (unsuccessfully) revive the family's house
>he disappears into the wilds to live as a ranger
>hear about a quest to help a town, with a reward of a lot of money
>send word to him and our mutual friend, a human who may or may not be the true heir to a kingdom.
>meet two other dudes who aren't really important to the tale
>adventures are had, my character plays aggressive (duelist-rogue/warlord), he plays it safe(ranger/rogue)
>I always get knocked out, he always saves me
>get trapped in a dungeon, get knocked out being stupid
>he gets pulled away by a giant spider creature, others leave him and try to close the door
>wake up just as door is sealing
>scream for him, punching and kicking to try and get under door before it closes
>GM had previously given us magic rocks that we can use to resurrect each other should out bodies be lost
>spend all my money back at town on resurrection ritual, cashing what's left of my estate
>I just want my brother back
>ritual about to complete
>bro passes dm a note
>it fails
>ask what when wrong, raging and grabbing priest by his robes and screaming
>he just says one sentence
>"His soul didn't want to return."

Irl tears
Why didn't he want to? Tired of saving your ass?
Irl he wanted to play a new character
In character (my character never found this out) it was because he was finally free of the burden of his lineage and could finally be free to hunt in the realm of his God.

My character just blamed himself and assumed it was his fault. He had a breakdown and ended up doing a complete 180 personality wise and started being responsible and protective of all his allies.
Seconding this. C'mon >>44844618, give us some sauce material.

I had a GM who said Resurrection could be used whether or not the soul was willing.

He used it a punishment if we didn't follow his dragon GMPCs. They'd kill someone, resurrect them so they'd lose a level, and do it a few more times to sink it in that you shouldn't oppose them.

I left that game after two sessions.
Damn son. That one got to me. You told it really well.

Side note: I love the name "Danny Kent". It's so archetypically small-town-boy for a fantasy setting while sill being unique, and really drives that part of his character home.
Very compelling. Be sure to come back and update us about it when he gets some play in.
My man.
Holy shit I don't blame you. I would have left in the first session if that happened to me.
If the keeper didn't want the kid then why did he pick him up in the first place?
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124 KB, 1273x1394
Capped for posterity.
This thread gave me all the feels.
>implying a bullet will have enough force to completely penetrate two heads.
Unless they were using high caliber bullets I find that unlikely.
9mm has enough energy to penetrate two skulls. So it could happen.
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3 MB, 320x170
Was going crazy, had terminal cancer due to rads. Pushed friends away, and eventually killed self by driving a motorcycle full of explosives into the BBEG monster.

Players cried.
I actually can't remember the name of the the planet, it was a really long time ago now. It was a pretty standard civilized Imperial world, with a strong military background and relatively quiet industrious people.

The weapon itself is, of course, named after the ship from War of the Worlds which the whole thing reminded me of. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tb4BWSUV8mM

In universe, the weapon was fashioned from the wreckage of the carrier that fell to the planet and named Thunderchild because the collision happened in the very high atmosphere, and the thunderous explosion was heard all over the planet. The whole event is celebrated as a holiday by the population of the planet because it broke the spirits of the Chaos fighters and inspired the PDF to win the day.
He did want the kid, but he was also a fucking lunatic.
>playing that hot D&D with my first RPG group back home
>we all settle in for a new campaign, some adjustments made for the spotty attendance of some people
>game starts at Level 1

>I am a Goliath, who was 'expelled' from his tribe
>was abandoned, per practice, for making myself a burden with an idiotic teenage mistake during the hardest leg of the yearly migration
>left in the mountains with a multi-fractured leg to die
>found, on the brink, by a party of adventurers from the Guild the campaign will be based around
>rescued and brought to the Guild with them, I decide to join, both for lack of other purpose, and to give them the life they gave back to me
>seal the deal when I take the Guild's membership tattoo, breaking Goliath taboo over trying to 'overwrite' one's destiny that is recorded in their natural markings
Thus was created Ni'onilgan, who I originally only made to test a fucking stupid build for low level 3.5.
I did not expect his story to go on the way it did. Should I continue?
This came from a TMNT & Other Strangeness game I ran around the time I first started GMing. It has a happy ending but I totally thought it was going to be the first time I killed a PC. Starring: Z, the pigeon-man gunslinger, and Slips the psionic salmon inside a robotic fishtank.

>Z and Slips are on the trail of some missing kids and end up at the entrance to a network of underground tunnels
>Inside the children are being held by a hive of mantis men
>Instead of a stealthy search and rescue operation, Z straps on a jetpack and blasts through the tunnel to get the attention of the entire hive
>Slips comes in behind and starts releasing the children and giving them instructions on how to escape
>Eventually they end up in a strange altar room where the mantis men are sacrificing prisoners to an enormous toad monster
>As the last child is sent on her way Z and Slips realize they are quickly getting outnumbered
>They make for the only exit, a narrow tunnel behind them
>As they come out of the tunnel they realize Slips' robotic body isn't going to be fast enough to escape the approaching swarm
>Z gives him his jetpack and tells him to go as he holds them off


Now, I was about to tell Z's player that he would still be fast enough to escape but he starts going into a tearful farewell and I decided to roll with it. They roleplayed a flashback scene of when the characters first met in college. The players were also best friends who met in college and were getting teary eyed during the account.

>Slips blasts off towards the exit waving goodbye to his friend
>Z readies his assault rifle and aims down the tunnel as the sounds of an insect army grow louder and louder
>As the swarm appears Z pulls the trigger to empty the magazine into the enemies

This is where I thought it would end but then the player rolls a 20. For crits we double dmg. In this system one bullet from an assault rifle does 1d12 dmg. When you empty the magazine you do 1d12x10 dmg. He rolled a 12 for dmg. That's 240 dmg worth of bullets flying down a narrow tunnel that contains an entire hive of 5hp mantis men. They were obliterated.

>Panting, Z looks at the carnage of green goo and shattered exoskeletons splattered on the walls of the tunnel
>Lowering his weapon, he turns around to meet up with his friend
I try not to make my character's back story too sad but here goes the story of Reshmier Script, Professional Moiramancer.
>Middle Classed Mage with a pretty good life, he never had to deal with the loss of a family member
>Every week my character would go off to a local tomb with the rest of his Mage Classmates and Bar Buddies. 6 Classmates, his Brother, his best friend and his Girlfriend.
>The'd study whatever they'd find and try to go a bit further each time, they have some fun killing the nee-height spiders in the cave.
>One time one of his friends, no, not Best friend, Brother, or Girlfriend, was surrounded by the Spiders and died due to poisoning
>We were able to cut him out of his Web and prop him against the Wall before he passed
>The Group Vows to try and stop death from taking another life at all costs
>They become Moiramancers, Healers and Necromancers who try to reach immortality and find the cure for death, then spread it worlwide.
>The Order was spread too thin, and Reshmier gradually lost contact with the other members of his Class
>He spent most of his life adventuring with other people. He'd try to help as many people as possible but would put his research before it within reason.
>He was my longest running character and spread through many campaigns
>My eventually made me kill him off due to old age, he was only human and his research only made very minor progress into the Immortality and raising the dead fully.
>He spent the last years of his life stumbling to find an apprentice or a big break.
>The Group played a campaign I didn't take part in in which a NE Gnome Druid took my research, burnt it, and destroyed Reshmier's soul.
>this happened four years ago and I'm still pissed Reshmier's soul is destroyed.
>Should I continue
The answer is always, ALWAYS yes anon. If you have a story, just post it. Someone will end up finding it interesting. There's no point in asking rhetorical questions like that.
please not today, thank you
I see a lot of stuff go unresponded to. I want to make sure I'm not just going to eat posts if I have something lengthy to type up.

Suppose I'll get to typing.
Writer here, thank you kindly Anon. Never had my stuff capped before.
>retarded parties without clerics general
>the only game is Caster Edition
>not bringing a priest along for the ride in wod
>doesn't read the thread before posting: the poster: mk 2039485 electronic boohoogaloo
Sorry, got distracted by a friend foisting good anime on me.
Ni'on was a Fighter in 3.5. Not a lofty aspiration by any measure, but as I said, I just wanted to test the efficacy of a Goliath with a tower shield and fullblade at low levels.
He survived to level 15, and presumably beyond.

The early levels passed by quickly, with a quickly rotating cast of gross-incompetents. The only persistent face was the cleric Sallah who had joined the Guild's patron faith to repent for her murdering a man in a rage at the turn of her adulthood.
Eventually, by level 6, a stable cast had formed.
Damn near all of them died or disappeared, and I, the dedicated defender of my peers, had to watch it happen.

>at one point, the druid Marcus was an important member of our Guild mission to undo a madman who sought to create his own plane of fire
>later, he would be struck down by a maddened construct - a tangible and flawed representation of the Inevitability of Death - and buried in the mountains, for we lacked the time and the capital to attempt his return

>the rogue Skinley was by my side for years, bringing a light humour and a skilled hand to many problems
>the archer Mala was my only partner during my first dragon hunt, and proved a reliable companion through some of our most terrible encounters
>we three would acquire a keep together, or own castle, a private piece of the planes, and fund its growth
>Skinley and Mala would even go onto have a romantic fling together
>Mala would disappear one day, returning only seasons later to request a buy-out from the Keep, and die forgotten in a dwarfhold's dungeon
>Skinley I had saved time and again - even bringing him back from death (I would not bury another friend!) - but in the end his very soul was destroyed, a seeming punishment for his lackadaisical attitude in the face of danger
>At the end of all things, I found myself in the keep, alone

But that is not the whole of it.
There were other characters who never came back from a mission, though their relationships were less personal.
There were others who were maimed or scarred in other ways, ways mortal magic would be hard-pressed to fix.
Ni'onilgan originally collected his scars as trophies, though in time he instead used them to remind him of when he failed. By the end of the game, he had a prosthetic arm that he refused to Regenerate, because he felt that the constantly painful connection to his body would keep him sharp, never let him forget what he allowed to happen.

The worst death, though, was Elouise.
>Eloise began as an outcast elf, and a chatty one
>she always talked, like a nervous schoolgirl to a boy she liked
>she would learn the healing arts, and in time, became the most proficient healer the party was aware of
>after I survivined a few harrowing turns of fate by her grace, she settled down and opened a shop in the Guild
>eventually, she became involved with the resident Paladin of Freedom, and by him became pregnant
>by a complicated series of events involving the tyrannical main benefactor of the guild, a misappropriated gift, my lawfulness, and the paladin's stubborness, Eloise was tried for felony crimes against the Guild
>found guilty
>and soul trapped
>all while the assembled PCs and heroes who had come to rely on her ministrations tried and failed to prevent the inevitable
>a mission was made among them, and after months of work and planning, her soul was recovered and laid to rest
>the paladin spent a fortune securing a masoleum for her, out in a desert few but him knew, with only a reliquary holy symbol containing a bit of her to serve as guide to it
So it was for a while, an open wound among all involved. One character - and his player as well - would go on to break down crying in the waterworks of a burning city he could not save, able to put only her name to the grief of his failures.
Her death, at least, was one fully accounted for.
>I came to the paladin in repentance one day, and asked if I might visit her tomb
>I was saving something particular from my adventuring to serve as a gift when the child was born, and now I wanted to offer it on her grave in apology
>he assented to lead me, and so we set off
>days passed in silence as we walked the lands
>deep into the desert, he finally turned to face me, and put away his unique compass
>then he drew his blade
>we fought then, and bitterly at first
>he named my crimes and his sentencing for them
>I defended my reasons, and cited the hubris of all his actions
>he claimed she wanted only to be loved, and was betrayed
>I said I did love her, in my fashion, but the betrayal was not mine
>he declared my worthy death
>I declared his newfound inhumanity, that he had become "a doppelganger born of spite"
>indeed, the paladin would have fallen here, and he knew this, he appreciated this, and he did not care
>I let my blade aside, kneeling and bent, weak from bloodloss
>he stepped forward to land the mortal blow
>in that instant, Eloise appeared there, and held his sword to stay it
>as she vanished, so did his killing intent
>we then continued on to her tomb, the fading trace of her appearance a hot glow upon the reliquary compass
>we two parted after, and never spoke to eachother again
It was a simple ceremony in the end, but the small gesture of being able to make peace by her held fast the failing, little sanity and magnanimity Ni'on had.

That paladin would also die later, destroyed by an evil faction of PCs, while he was out trying to make a legacy he could give to his other, still living children who would surely outlive him.
He was kind of a slut for evil-associated creatures.

Taking questions now.There's a lot of hanging threads and details in the above, and I'd be happy to explain anything.

>Take this unloaded crossbow. Hopefully you can get bolts for it somewhere before you starve to death.
Bumping thread, writing and don't want it to die
There is a reoccurring NPC, called old jii. A half PRC battle herald/warlord depending on the system.

He was a former adventurer, military hero in his homeland given governance over a well off farming town and community. Always with a smile, friendly advice and open arms he greets every adventurer.

Over the course of three campaigns...
>Loses wife to BBEGs plague
>Eldest son lost to war.
>Heir murdered by house guests (the party) over attempted resurrection of heirs wife.
>Home burnt down in said attempt with his lover inside.
>Daughter disfigured to ruin marriage prospects by political rivals, becomes pirate and flees country. Jii was told drowned instead.
>Foreign born bastard son that he raised considered a war criminal.
>Best friend murdered, party not only fails at solving murder but loses the body.
>Adopts said dead friends daughter, has to hide all evidence, her lineage and pretend she is another bastard.
>Farmland ravaged by war.
>Almost killed by favorite celebrity.
>Tries to adopt party fighter but she is too dumb to realize it.
>Last remaining friend is undead he plays chess by mail with. The mail stopped.

Players complained all the NPCs they ran into hate them. This is the story of the one that didn't, but should have.
>Heir murdered by house guests (the party) over attempted resurrection of heirs wife
Jesus, why?
It involved a demon.
And getting killed by his idol?
Fuck that gnome.
>Christian, Human Time Thief (3pp PF class)
>Rich, cocky, CHA high
>Tries to fuck anyone vaguely attractive
>Tries to fuck ANYONE vaguely attractive
>Worms his way into the party, flirting and lying about his "royal bloodline"
>Actually a bastard child with way less ties than he says

>Despite bad first impressions, he eventually earns trust
>Becomes a friend, asset and comedic relief to the party
>Despite selling out the party for women twice, his friends would always end up being put first

>Chris's party is on a mission
>Defeat the followers of a long-sealed god of chaos, before they can bring him back and enact his vengeance
>The party is carrying a legendary sword, used to seal the god away last time
>One night, the sword suddenly speaks to Christian
>It knows who he is
>It tells Chris his powers are from an estranged bloodline of the god of time and fate
>The blade itself is a splinter of that god, and has it's own time-aware powers

>The knowledge that he's basically a mythical hero and not just a magic charlatan soars his ego
>Until the blade brings him back down by asking about the flings met throughout his travels

>It tells him that he is, at this moment, already a father; his child's mother is just not aware of it yet
>The blade asks about what he plans to do about Melanie in the future.

>For once, he has no idea what to say, no witty quip about it

>This news doesn't really change his ways
>Even still, Christian is uncommitted to any kind of relationship
>In honesty, he's overcome with fear, scared of settling down for a child he never wanted
>Religious party members, somehow his closest friends, are each uncomfortable and irritated at this
>Having sold them out before with his lust only makes it seem worse
>His nightly endeavors turn from women to taverns, looking to drink worries about his friendships, his upcoming family, and his future, out of his mind


Wow what a bunch of morons...good to know it just need a sob story to manipulate you sorri asses kill thenselves muahahahaha

T.dick lich
Melanie would be the name of the woman carrying his child.

>Party relations have soured further from his drinking
>He attempts to flirt with one of the few party members who don't think less of him
>At this point, "flirting" amounts to outright getting her drunk on tavern drinks, and taking advantage of her.

>He's successful in getting her drunk, but a moment of sobriety hits Chris when he brings her to bed
>Chris's sudden reflection on what he's doing causes a nervous breakdown, reflecting on just how much this will tear the party apart

>He backs out, swearing to himself that he's going to improve
>In the morning, he purchases a ring with the money he's earned over his travels, even setting her up with a nanny.
>He's going to sober up, quit womanizing, and be the husband Melanie deserves.

>The party then sets out for their final part of their travels
>At this point, this involves going through the armies the god of chaos has amassed
>Chris, despite having a sword of legend, was never much of a fighter
>Although he is sorely outmatched, he pulls his own, aiding his friends by healing their wounds, hasting their attacks, and saving more than a few lives

>At the end of their battles, they finally come face to face with the god of chaos.
>Chris, again, puts saving the lives of his friends first- even nearly being crippled to save one brink of death.
>The party eventually, with the aid of the god of time himself, defeats the god of chaos, and in their weakened state, succeed in sealing him back within imprisonment.
>Chris's bloodline god appears before the party, taking his sword back, and grants them all an individual wish for their endeavors.
>Chris wishes his bastard nobility be instead recognized as a king. Not just because of gold, but to give his soon-to-be-queen all he can.
>The tale of the sealers becomes a legend well renowned, Chris settling down to have even two children with Melanie.

No, of course it doesn't end on a happy note. Cont.
>Years pass.
>A liar and cheat does not make a good king
>Chris relegates much of his rule to advisers, preferring to care for his family
>His friends, although still in contact, have since seperated

>DM sets up a new campaign, with a new party of a b-tier inquisitor group
>Children are abducted across the land for reasons unknown
>The party connects the dots that most are of descent of the sealers, or of noble bringing

>The DM brings me into a private session
>He asks me for Chris's sheet, not my new one

>Chris is awoken from bed to screams of his children
>He rushes from his chambers, using power to run faster than his guards can even react
>Entering his children's chambers, he is, even with his powers, unable to react fast enough
>His children teleport and vanish into the night
>Chris immediately calls for searches and tracking

>Months pass without findings
>The new party, an inquisitorial squad, manages to destroy a cult in the middle of their sacrificial summonings
>Finding the children, they return only one child to Chris's domain
>They were unable to save both

>Chris takes his daughter's death harshly, blaming himself for not acting fast enough
>Believing that his wish has done nothing but paint a target on his family, he becomes paranoid of a similar event happening again
>He separates from Melanie, cowardly leaving in the night without a word to her, his daughter, or even his friends or advisers.
>Within days, Christian vanishes, blaming himself for leaving a broken family and a failed leadership.

Chris used his money to spiral back into drowning himself on cheap booze and countless women.
He did everything wrong, he did everything right, vainly trying to earn a happy ending, and he would never find one- ultimately giving up on himself and everything he'd accomplished.

I blame the DM, honestly.

My character's power came from a magical sword. When she held it, the blade could cut through anything; when sheathed, she was extremely resilient to damage. It was only one or the other, not both at once.

Our PCs were fighting their opposite numbers, and her opposite number was her elder brother turned evil, who was a master swordsman in his own right. He had a really horrible daemon weapon of his own.

Now, my PC had been raised to inherit her weapon. When her elder brother ran off to become a reaver, her father trained her instead and told her, on his deathbed, "My daughter, you are the son I never had."

Anyway, there's a lot of hatred between the siblings, particularly because her brother is the family's black sheep. The two of them eventually dueled, and her brother won. As she lay incapacitated, he threw away his demon sword and took hers instead.

Now, it took her YEARS to attune to the blade. And even then, she was still discovering the weapon's secrets. But the moment he took it in his hand, the blade roared to full power.

My PC was pissed, and shouted at him:
> "Why? How can YOU wield it? You're an evil piece of shit!"

And he told her:
> "Because I'm Father's first-born son, his true-blood heir. And you are merely a daughter."

Then he put the sword through her heart, and walked off with his trophy.

The DM later told me that this was so that none of the other players could just take up my weapon. All of my character's points were tied up in that, and they'd basically double in level if they did. Her brother - as an NPC - simply refluffed his abilities to be wielding his ancestral sword instead. His total point-value didn't change.

But boy, that was fucking mean-spirited.
Jesus. What a fucking dick move from the DM.

It makes a great tale, but...

Yeah, it left a bad taste especially because while he had the same powers, his 'moveset' changed to reflect his new weapon. Like, with the demon sword, he could shroud himself in hideous demonic armor when fighting. This wasn't as good pound-for-pound as my character's invulnerability, but he could use his weapon when his shield was up.

The thing was with his new sword, his 'demon armor' was fluffed as 'invulnerability while wielding the blade' implying that he was BETTER than my PC because he could have both powers up at the same time.
I take it your character didn't study iaijutsu to game the shit out of the way your sword worked.

Shit, I didn't think of that.
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Your wife may be having a baby, but you aren't about to be a father :^)
Improper usage of the name Medusa to describe a Gorgon has triggered me multiple times in this post.

No wonder her brother beat her ass, she wasted her entire life.
>What are settings with no/reduced "get back up from being exploded" magic?
>What is the player deciding to refuse resurrection because they felt the character's death was more dramatically appropriate?
>What is the player just deciding they'd like to try out a new character?
B8 harder, m8
i dont want that feel again
>so that none of the other players could just take up my weapon

They can't. it took you years to attune it.
If he can't wield it then why could they.
Jeesus. that's rough.
Kudos to the DM
I have a story about a dracula if you're interested. I've even got one about a frankenstein.

Welp I didn't want to be happy today.
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