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I have a story from school for you, it's...
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I have a story from school for you, it's technically v but I think it fits more here.

>Be 8th grade
>Learning about ww2 in history
>He decides that playing this simulator together would teach us a lot about it
>Some turn based game similar to hearts of iron
>Basically you play as any nation during the years before ww2 and during
>Teacher is USA, and gives all A students major allied powers
>The rest is first come first served
>Wanted a major Axis power but was too slow and ended up with Argentina
>Best friend in same class takes egypt
>Start of game, I see that argentina is actually fairly powerful, but still much weaker than major powers
>Decide I want to go big, so put everything into expanding industry
>See that Chile has pretty weak army compared to mine
>First thing I do is to simply invade chile to see what happens
>My army goes into Chile territory and basically anhillates them
>After 4 turns, Chile is mine
>Feeling confident, I invade several other SA countries
>Most have small or no military at all, so I take them after only 1 turn
>After 3rd country, Brazil places trade embargo on me for my aggression
>Brazil is stronger than me militarily, so I stop taking over until I become stronger
>Focus on industrializing what I have
>Other classmates have at this point not done much
>Countries ranked by points, mine has doubled while rest has barely increased
>I keep going with rapid industrialization, even though country is in massive debt and goods shortage
>Tell buddy to do the same, since it pays out in the end
>Just as the invasion of Poland begins, I decide Argentina is strong enough to take on Brazil
>Start by producing goods so as to get rid of shortage penalty
>Then just spam military units
>Keep a few cities focusing on research, since Argentina is behind and I would probably need tanks later on
>After about 20 turns and 50 divisions (plus a few tanks) I feel ready for Brazil
>Just mass the units at southern Brazil and push upwards
Hearts of Iron AAR are decidely /v/ or /vg/, yes
You have my rapt attention op
>Brazil holds out for a while, but still loses since I have about 3 times his infantry +tanks
>After Brazil, rest of SA follows
>At this point no one had even noticed that I had conquered SA, since they were either still trying to figure out the game or busy watching Poland get taken by Germany.
>Decide to focus on industry again, but at a much reasonable rate this time
>Also focus on getting better units
>Germany continues it´s advance through europe
>Takes over most of it save for Soviets, UK and Spain
>Great Brittain getting beat badly in mediterranean
>Player massed battleshps at Gibraltar and is now in full control of it
>Italy proceeds to invade North Africa
>Tell my buddy that this is his chance
>Egypt, who was allied with UK at this point, leaves the allies and joins Axis
>Unlike IRL, Italy's invasion goes smothly
>Him and egypt split North Africa
>Continue on to Middle East
>Egypt has okay industry but still lagging behind me
>Decides to use industry to pump out massive ammounts of infantry
>With italy giving Air and Artillery support, Middle east falls pretty quick as well
>Still 1941, but Axis much more powerful than how they were IRL
>At this point, teacher thinks they have become too strong
>He tells Soviet Union to atk, even though Germany had done nothing to them at that point
>Soviet army is big, but is stopped noetheless
>It's clear even Soviets will lose, so obviously teacher is gonna jump in as USA pretty soon
>Axis players were generally better (save for Japan who was getting his ass kicked by China) but Allied were more powerful
>USA is especially powerful, enough to probably take on Axis alone even now
>Decide that I can't let Ais lose
>Proceed to mass units
>Planes, tanks, infantry, battleships etc
>Use some of the troops to take over Central America and Mexico while I wait for overall number to grow
>Central America goes down easy, save for this one part that America controlled, which I avoided
Please keep going I am very interested
>Mexico is actually fairly strong, but I have pretty good tech at this point
>Use planes and tanks to take him out
>Teacher Actually notices how big Argentina is
>Only says "good that you are liking the game anon"
>Not long after Mexico falls to me, something big happens in Europe
>Spain, who had at this point joined the Axis, has a massive invasion from the sea by USA.
>This was all happening before pearl harbour, so no reason for US to atk yet
>Some people tell teacher this, but he just replies that Axis had become too strong in europe, and the US woulnd't allow this
>Huge army with highest tech units in game
>Spain was good, but there is nothing he could do.
>Big fleet goes into mediterranean, wrecks the German fleet easily.
>Proceeds to invade North Africa as well
>It's smaller than the European invasion force, but still big
>Pretty much only Egypt and some Italian forces there
>Egypt has a few tanks and lots of infantry, but not much more
>Dosen't look like he would survive long without help
>Now is the time to act
>All while this had happened, I had been loading all of my units into transports and escorting them across the ocean
>My fleet is pretty big, but no match for the american fleet, so I can't go help egypt yet
>Decide to go help Axis in Europe instead
>I decide to land in Northern France and go help Germany and Italy to the south
>Landing goes well, I declare for axis and easily destroy the few american ships that blockaded europe
>With my help, not only is the advance stopped, but it turns into an offensive
>USA stops sending reinforcement everywhere except spain
>Massive battle happens
>Hundreds of tanks, more than a thousand divisions and more units coming in from both sides
>Since USA fleet now covered spain with many more ships I coulnd't help them more
>Still produce land units
>After a while, I have a pretty big Army back in SA
>Since they can't go to europe, I decide to take on continental US.
>Usually this is a pretty bad idea, since US was
File: 1452243714863.png (124 KB, 423x370) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124 KB, 423x370
>Usually this is a pretty bad idea, since US was
>mfw alternate universe argentina underwent a successful Operation Valkyrie
Full of spiders
>Usually this is a pretty bad idea, since US was heavily fortified and it would take a lot of units to even break the border
>But atm I had a huge army just waiting to be deplyed
>Move up troops to Mexico
>US dosen't notice and I quietly have my whole army there
>All of them attacks the south
>Since US sends most soldiers to Europe, the place didn't have as much units as expected
>I manage to actuallu break through, but lose a third of my army
>After that I just take as much land as I can before america regroups and begins his countreroffensive
>Manage to take over 10 states before his army comes
>He has both tech and number on his side, so I now I can´t win
>But since my atk, almost all reinforcement abroad has stopped
>He panicked after I atked the states itself and focused everything on me
>I look over North Africa and see that Egypt is in the process of retaking what the Americans took
>Spain still has a huge US army, but now that he is focusing on me the Axis should be able to get some breathing room to fight back
>It dosen't take long for US to take back his land
>He dosen't stop there either, but continues down
>My fleet in SA is bigger than his in NA, so he can't invade by sea again
>But even going through my defenses, he marches on
>Hoping that to get help soon, but US army in spain is stronger than I thought
>The americans have already taken over Central America and is pusing in to South America
>Things are looking grim for me
>"Shit, well it was fun while it lasted" I thought
>Out of fucking nowwhere, Japan enters with like 50 Aircraft Carriers
>To put that into perspective, US had about 20 of them
>Apperently he had been building them nonstop since game began
>Just pumped out Aircraft Carriers
>500 more Aircrafts now entered the battle
>I had about 100 and US 300, but with Japan that meant we owned the skies
>Thanks to that help I manage to stall his advance
>Axis in europe finally take spain and prepare to help me out
File: Heavily fortified.jpg (23 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Heavily fortified.jpg
23 KB, 640x480
i can almost enjoy the pain

Shouldn't've done that. . . He was just a boy.
Sounds like the game really wasn't a very good simulation of history.
Or even plausibility.
>Everyone of them pinches in to the massive relief force
>Even a few Egyptian forces are there, now that he has retaken North Africa
>They land in Brazil and together we utterly crush the american offensive
>We then easily go into continental US and take over
>After about half the states have been taken we finally see it
>Big fucking cheer from all the axis players
>Don't think i've ever been so happy to win a game
>Look over to teacher
>All this time he has been pretty quiet and hiding behind his screen
>He walks up to us
>I think hes gonna be mad for ruining his game
>Says "I've played this game with every class since 4 years ago, but this was the first time I had this much fun"
>Proceeds to congratulate us on our victory and encouraging us to play it on our own
>Gives all of us free access to play in computers as much as we want after school

And that was a story of how Argentina changed the outcome of ww2
Sounds like Risk
File: 1422593644779[2].png (236 KB, 739x823) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
236 KB, 739x823
>Sounds like the game really wasn't a very good simulation of history.
Well, a famous saying from the Paradox-Jew Johan himself is that historicity isn't a factor. Paradox has become a meme of itself with its multiplayer focus, a horrible failure in implementing "believable worlds" and bird mana. Not to mention the absolute fucking worst DLC policies I've seen in all of gaming. Not even EA pushes its luck this hard.
>Axis in europe finally take spain

they never heard of Azul Division i assume?

or that Spain was Fasist
Almost positive this is pasta but good read anyway
File: 1445535314175.jpg (571 KB, 1920x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
571 KB, 1920x1200
>Well, a famous saying from the Paradox-Jew Johan himself is that historicity isn't a factor. Paradox has become a meme of itself with its multiplayer focus, a horrible failure in implementing "believable worlds" and bird mana. Not to mention the absolute fucking worst DLC policies I've seen in all of gaming. Not even EA pushes its luck this hard.

Nigga wat
File: 1450041657536.png (56 KB, 401x372) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Great Story Anon
>mf throughout the entire thing
what happened to poland
did the land of my ancestors make it out okay
File: 0mKXcg1.gif (1 MB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 640x360

I like it.
When has Poland *ever* made it out okay?
Saltmine pls go
good story, op wasnt a complete faggot today
This was badass.
the us invaded via mexico was particularly fun...
File: 1308534899001.gif (450 KB, 268x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Out of fucking nowwhere, Japan enters with like 50 Aircraft Carriers
Last I saw they were still under Axis control.
What game?
Complete fantasy.

Is this the game?

If this is, that reminds me of my brother's take on it, where as Germany almost any action would cause WWII and everybody to explode.

His solution was to load up his entire army onto boats, invade Texas, and then come back to Europe after conquering the US and nabbing all that sweet sweet industry.
>ITT: anon makes up story about non-existent strategy game, fa/tg/uys lap it up because hurr durr Axis wins US loses

You guys are so fucking predictable.
Like anon has said, this never happened
Good fucking job.
>Out of fucking nowwhere, Japan enters with like 50 Aircraft Carriers
Oh me, oh my.
Poland has a "Hit me first" sign plastered to it's back. It, by default, loses the game, and really should just be an NPC.
My dad played a PBM strategy game in university. Every NPC nation was named Poland X (Poland 1, Poland 2, etc.)
I think it's more the allure of a big competitive roleplaying grand strategy thing than the Axis winning.

Yes, it's clearly not because /tg/ is full of fascists, who are amazingly easy to pander to.

>inb4 someone interjects with "who cares if it happened or not! It's a good story!" as if that's not just proving my point entirely
File: CarrierHasArrived.png (320 KB, 585x327) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
320 KB, 585x327

>You have to be a fascist to enjoy a good story
>/tg/ is full of fascists!

Now that you've normalized fascism and made it attractive to people who aren't faggots, you should go back to /pol/ and tell them that you've done what they've been trying to do for years.
File: Heil Largo.png (4 MB, 1108x4030) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Heil Largo.png
4 MB, 1108x4030
Look, guys, I'm just saying, most of the problems in our HOBBY can be traced back to a small group of international bankers who manipulate our HOBBY and our MODEL PRICES to their own ends. Everyone believes this, I don't think anyone denies it, the problem is, we all blame each others' LOCAL GAMING STORES for it, when in fact, they're playing all of us equally. The Rockafellers donate to the GAMES WORKSHOP and the MANTIC equally. Soros funds one side, the Koch Brothers fund the other. The entire system is rigged, its' not about left or right, it's about up and down. We need to band together, to end the corruption created by these backstabbers, to take our HOBBY back from these villains who would control our HOBBY and turn us against our HOBBIESTS.
In other words we need to THIN YOUR PAINTS, DRYBRUSH NOW
>A good story
>Literally none of the characters have any personality
>The only reasons the audience has to care is because the narrative relates to real-world nations and historical events
>It's based on some awesome, world-spanning strategy game
>And/or the fact that a smug, real-world teacher got their comeuppance
>Except said game is never named, and no-one here has ever heard of it, so it most likely doesn't exist
>If said game doesn't exist, then neither did the smug teacher
>Ergo, the only reason to care about the story is because "lol Axis wins"
>A fact not helped by the screencap being given an extremely racist title

If you want an actually real, actually good, not-fascist-wish-fulfillment story about a massively multiplayer strategy game, look to Shut Up and Sit Down's videos on Watch the Skies, an analog "megagame" that places teams of real players in control of world nations, struggling to keep their shit together as aliens descend on Earth. Here's a link: http://www.shutupandsitdown.com/videos/v/susd-play-megagame/
Thanks for actually providing something better. This is some high quality shit here
>filname indicates fascism
It's an /int/ meme you fucking retarded cock sucker.
Just get the fuck out if you can't appreciate the story for what it is and need to inject your political crap into it.
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Didn't read. Thank you for your contribution to National Socialism.
>m-muh racist title
South american here, learn to take a joke and lurk more.
>extremely racist title
Argentina can defend itself from the savage bantz without mighty whitey's help.
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What is this game, I must know!?!?!?
File: 1437082365953.jpg (206 KB, 940x1020) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP here, from seeing some gameplay videos I am 75% sure it's this game. It was a really long time ago, but it seems familliar.
I understood him fine. Are you alright, anon?
Why the fuck are poeple like you still so attached to the ideological sides of ww2?
It's been 70 year m8, we can joke about it now.
Dude listen. I don't condone fascism, nor did I join up with axis because I like them. The reason I joined axis and the reason I think people enjoy is because they are the underdog in this story. That's it, nothing more. Everyone loves a good story about underdog winning, and that's what people liked, not that they were facists. They could just read "mein kampf" or something for that.
Nobody cares that it was Axis
We care that a clever player who started small managed to do big things through skilled play.
You must also be pretty new here if you don't know one of the unwritten rules of /tg/: A story that is good, is good. It doesn't have to be true.
Where's that image you posted from?
I need to know for uh... reasons.
this is the incase adult comic
holy shit
>skilled play
Cute story, shame it was all fake and gay.
stay mad ;^)
>story: 9/10
>buttrage generated: 11/10
Sounds like a pretty cool history teacher desu, stuff like this doesn't happen anymore.
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