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Where my eternal format players at?

What are we playing/brewing? Where are we going now that wizards has axed all support?

Playing dark ritual storm across all formats, dark petition is a hell of a card
Did dark petition really make vintage storm viable again
Brewing Pauper High Tide
How'd I do?

4 Ghostly Flicker
4 Archaeomancer
4 Compulsive Research

4 High Tide
3 Toils of Night and Day
4 Psychic Puppetry
4 Cloud of Faeries

(unco(C1)) 4 Merchant Scroll
(unco) 1 Eerie Procession
3 Preordain
4 Ideas Unbound

4 Eye to Nowhere

2 Halimar Depths
9 Islands
3 Evolving Wilds
3 Terramorphic Expanse
Don't halimar depths hurt your island count? What does terramorphic expanse/evolving wilds do for you?
>Don't halimar depths hurt your island count?
Yes, but I'm not expecting to play more than one before I combo off, so I can use it to cast the first High Tide.
Still not ideal, but hopefully it will help me enough to justify it.
>What does terramorphic expanse/evolving wilds do for you?
They thin my deck to make drawing into things marginally easier.
My only relevant plays before I combo off are tutoring on turn 3, or Eye to Nowhere-ing a land (ideally on turn 2), so the etb tapped should phase me too much.
>>44765165 *shouldn't
How do you win?
Deck thinning gives you a very marginal advantage, it makes you 2%ish less likely to draw a land. ETB tapped is actually a pretty big drawback, if your opener has double terramorphic you're basically time walking yourself
Why don't people play defence grid in legacy ANT? It seems better than xantid swarm against the decks you want xantid swarm against
I sort of play. I want to build a better version of the old extended Astral Slide deck to play in Legacy, since my local format is low-powered anyway and I loved the deck.

Any ideas for how to make it work better? Would something a little more conventional like a Stoneforge package make sense as an inclusion?
What's in it now? I'd like to try bant loamslide. Rebuying snapcaster mages, vendillion cliques. Using slide to protect JTMS. What's the current list?
>>44765240 Mill.
My win condition is built out of cards that double as combo enablers.
I'll use Ghost Flicker / Archaeomancer shenanigans for infinite mana and recursion.
Incidentally, pic related can be cast on opponents.
I can see the infinite mana, but it seems win-con light
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5 MB, 5312x2988
ANTfag checking in, all hail dark petition. Super jelly of OP's duals, I can't even afford expedition fetches...

As for the legacy's dead meme, I live in a metro area. We have 20 person weeklies at two different shops.

I play it as a 1 of with 2 swarms. the difference between 1 and 2 mana is huge, but it's better against miracles and delver.
Right now? It's basically the list that won Worlds in 2004 http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/24-07-14-julien-nuijtens-wg-astral-slide-2004-wc/

There were some changes I made, but it's been so long since I played the deck that I can't recall what my list was when I dropped it.
>I can see the infinite mana
Ghost Flicker + Archaeomancer + High Tide + [Cloud of Faeries] OR [High Tide + High Tide]
And between all of the digging, tutoring, and recursion; 3 high tides is probably easier to get.
>but it seems win-con light
Again, Ghost Flicker + Archaeomancer + Archaeomancer is infinite recursion as long as you feed it mana.
I understand the combo, I don't understand how you translate that into them dying
Now you're speaking my language. How long have you been on 2 dark petition, no top? I'm trying top out, and hate it every time I draw it.

My thoughts on xantid swarm are that i don't think its even that great against miracles, I'm mostly taking it in against delver where they have 11-15sh counterspells usually. And in that matchup I expect them to leave bolts in, so I was considering uping the count.
You cast compulsive on your opponent over and over to win
If I haven't already found a Compulsive Research, I use my infinite mana and recursion to dig into one.
And then I target my opponent with and recur Compulsive Research until they've draw their entire deck.
Ok that's cool. My only advice is to go mono islands and not muck around with evolving wilds and the such
I was (and still am) planing on trying it both ways, but you're probably right.
Rain of filth, yay or nay
I've been on 2 petitions since origins dropped, taking out top and the 15th land. I haven't changed my maindeck since then (except for a failed run with the 2 past in flame, zero AN list, which was absolutely horrible.)

I agree completely on top except in 3 very specific situations

>Blood moon with no basics
>Discard/lockpiece heavy decks (everything without counters)
>The mirror

Everywhere else, it's basically air. I'd rather play six d tutors.

I feel you on swarm vs miracles, but assuming they haven't assembled CB+top, it practically wins the game by itself.

Haven't tried it, but my gut instinct tells me no. I'm more worried about not finding action cards than being mana light.
My fellow pauper player. I'm on UW tron, and making everyone hate me.

On legacy night I bring DnT.
I was trying 2 PIF 1 dark petition for a while, its actually pretty good if you expect a whole ton of discard decks.

My game plan against miracles is to use discard to take counterbalance, but I take in decays so I'm going to have a lot of draws where I can strip their only counterspell. They're going to have maybe 7 post board, so going1 for 1 with discard isn't impossible. It still might be right to take in.

What do you board out? That's the area where I'm never positive
I like the double PiF in theory, but I'm more worried about the increased reliance on red mana and the graveyard. Double dark rit into AN is a classic free win button that I don't want to lose, and I play against so many incidental cages/RIPs that focusing on PiF seems like suicide.

My usual sideboard plan for miracles is
-2 probe
-1 petal
-2 preordain
-1 island
+2 swarm (usually switch one for grid to catch them if they keep in plows)
+3 Decay
+1 Trop

Keeping them off counterbalance is the priority, as they play very little interaction outside of it. I like to think of swarms as pure bait in that regard. If it resolves, they're banking on a CB landing, and if it doesn't, they have a second counter in hand.

The big problem with relying solely on discard is their ability to float a counter with top. I still shit my pants trying to combo against an active top if there's any blue card in their hand. Swarm lets you play solitaire, and in a pinch can sac to flashback therapy. It's only happened once, but it was fucking glorious.
>have pauper UR Delver/Kiln Fiend deck
>tfw never have anybody to play with

The only thing it's missing are the Gitaxian Probe playset and, for the sideboard, pyro/hydroblast. Other than that it's complete, albeit it's more of a control build than flat out blitz. Seriously, how do you even pilot the full-on blitz list? A guy lent me the cards almost a year ago and I played that deck and I was absolutely useless against nearly everything. I don't have my deck with me right now, but I'll post a list here when I get back home.
>>44766069 I typo'd on my original post, I'm actually a Peasant player.
I marked my 5 uncommons and everything.
My bad
File: RarityDebate.png (138 KB, 1565x2305) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 1565x2305
>>44766589 It's a pretty easy mistake to make, especially considering *my* miscommunication.
To make matters worse 4 of my uncommons (the Merchant Scrolls) could be treated as commons depending on the play group determines rarity from older sets (pic related).
>Paper pauper
>Not superior online pauper

>UW tron
Give list
>how do you even pilot the full-on blitz list
Not even joking, go face ASAP.
>>44766858 Last I checked online peasant isn't a thing
I'd snap a picture of my deck but I don't have it with me, It's my own take on the "All in red"/"Stompy" archetype but with a human creature type theme.

4x Chalice of the void
4x Blood Moon
4x Magus Of the moon
3x Trinisphere
3x Phyrexian revoker

4x Simian Spirit guide
3x Chrome Mox
4x City Of traitors
4x Ancient tomb
4x Cavern of souls
8x Mountain

4x Prophetic Flamespeaker
2x Rakka Mar
2x Koth of the hammer
1x Chandra, Pyromaster
1x Flame-tongue Kavu
3x Hero of oxide ridge
1x Umezawa's Jitte
1x Sword of Fire and Ice

3x Pyrokinesis
4x Pyroblast
3x Tormods crypt
3x Shattering spree
1x Phyrexian revoker
1x Goblin welder

It's very good agains storm and lands.
He's brewing PAUPER anon.
-1 Rakka +1 feast and famine/War and peace
Don't think feast and famine would do much for the deck, the opponent should have plenty of useless cards in their hand (if not, than I'm already loosing) to throw away, and I usually don't need extra mana for anything. Used to play 2x fire and ice just because how quick of a kill it is with flamespeaker
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Chain Lightning.jpg
170 KB, 480x680
>>44766955 and >>44764977 here.
>He's brewing PAUPER anon.
No. No I am not. >>44766555

Also, >>44766858, I forgot to say this in my last post.
>Not superior online pauper
Curse you and your 20¢ Chain Lightnings!
Shits $15 apiece here.
Sorcery version of best red card with a more limited print? What'd you expect?
>What'd you expect?

>$20-40 dollar format, typically $25-30
>Burn decks cost $100
File: 20160114_012959.jpg (1 MB, 2656x1494) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Who /khans fetches and white bordered duals/ here?
4x Urza's Tower
4x Urza's Powerplant
4x Urza's Mine
4x Tranquil Cove
2x Remote Isle
2x Island
1x Plains

4x Mulldrifter
4x Sea Gate oracle
3x Ulamog's crusher

4x Condescend
3x Repeal
1x Overrule
1x Scour from existence
1x Capsize

4x Journey to Nowhere
2x Rhystic Circle
2x Oblivion Ring

4x Expedition map
4x Azourius Signet
4x Phropetic Prism

My sideboard seems to have run off, but the big thing is 2x Curse of the Bloody tome for control mirrors
Huh, how's Jace and Izzet Charm for you?
I run a more classic UB list myself.
Notthing because without proxifags I have no one to play against.

Have you noticed most of the bad news started happening as soon as WotC administrative offices started filling up with cunts? Fucking whores erred the way to Marvel and are acting like the shit they have for IPs and characters can survive without the motherfucking game itself. They don't care about diminishing tournament assistance and their answer to shrinking sales is to ban judges, reduce the number of GPs and threaten to close stores.
Yeah, the "fewer GP's will make them more of a big event" thing is just bullshit. They already are the biggest thing except pro tours. Having to travel all over the world just to play some magic isn't something everyone can do.
Unfortunately I've only played the deck at an event once so don't have much data. Jace definitely felt like he belonged in the deck. Looting is great, flashbacking stuff is obviously great, entomb turning into 1 mana demonic tutor once he flips feels busted as hell. I put in Izzet Charm because I was expecting a lot of Deathrites but I never ended up facing any so idk. If you're not killing deathrites, the card feels kinda mediocre. I ended up boarding it out a decent amount. I think I'll go back to UBg, though I'll miss Pyroblast in the board. Not sure if cutting Petals is correct. Right now I suspect it isn't but eh.
If you want to kill deathrites and go UBg then disfigure might be worth trying out? Is pretty great against Death and taxes as well
Interesting. How do you boardwipe?
I play miracles, you can give the hate to me now
budget legacy fag here, also playing storm but can't get LEDs and infernal's no good without it. I've instead gone 4 manamorphose 2 seething song 2 burning wish which in most cases has been good enough.

I've also playing a 4th duress over the 2nd preordain, what are your thoughts on that?
Going to 8 disruption spells is interesting, but my worry is that by increasing the number of discard spells you also increase the number of unkeepable hands you have. A double duress opener is usually going to be worse than 1 duress 1 preordain
Thanks for keeping all the decks I like to play in check. Asshole.
Fair enough, I'll see how it works. Rather pleasantly surprised to not get a "ree budgetfags get out" reaction.
Welcome to the eternal formats. I've found it way more friendly to players doing their own thing.

Has anyone tried Oath of Druids/Bomberman?
Are you going 4 dark petition 2 burning wish and maxing out on rituals?
>Oath of Druids/Bomberman

Oh I've gotta hear what this is. I'm guessing it's a Vintage deck?
No, only 2 dark petition. the 9 cards I listed (-4 LED, -4 infernal, -1 preordain, +4 manamorphose, +2 seething song, +2 wish +1 duress) were the only difference between the mainboard I have, and what I could make out from >>44765519 's picture. The manabase might be a little different as well since I'm still using shocklands
Yeah, its bomberman (auriok salvagers + black lotus for infinite mana) that runs oath of druids.

The idea is to oath of druids into an auriok salvagers, and bin either a lions eye diamond or lotus as well as a 1 mana cantrip artifact to draw your deck, then kill somehow
Isn't that light on kill conditions? I'd maybe go towards more of a TES build, 4 burning wish 3 empty the warrens maindeck and 1 tendrils 1 empty sideboard
You usually kill with pyrite spellbomb in real life, or kaerveks torch/banefire online
The only real advantage you have vs control/storm oath is that you get to win vs dredge.
But it'd be easier to just put a few mages and cages instead and just play control oath desu.
I have 1 tendrils, 4 cards that always find it (2 wish 2 petition) PiF to dig super deep to find one of those 5 cards, and Ad naus to turn up any of the six. I've rarely found myself losing because I couldn't dig for a win.

If I were to run 4 dark petition I think I'd have to cut ad naus, unless I ran 2 main 2 in the board or something.
I might go all in on burning wish, it makes your g1's a little better against death and taxes and the such
I'll consider it. I mean it's not like I'd be willing to bring this to anything bigger than FNM. I just don't have the $400 for LEDs and infernals sitting around since I'm still in college. almost all of the cards were either standard pickups, or found at the local consignment shop's quarter bin
You can mess around with the deck a bit, but there are definitely a lot of different ways to brew it
What's wrong with paper pauper?
I'm thinking of building a gauntlet of every competitive pauper deck and just making everyone in my University playgroup play with them instead of their janky-ass garbage homebrews because I don't enjoy winning every game before any decisions have already been made.

If it's the prices then I don't really see the problem, since it's a minor issue (except Oubliette, fuck that card).
PP is basically the sunni of Pauper.

Not being an official format like online pauper is.
Honestly, Legacy players are the only cool guys I've met playing Magic.
I remember back when I first got into Magic, the very first event I went to was a Legacy tourney with this janky ass non-combo elves. It still had 2 Cradles because they were 20 or 30 dollars at the time, but I just loved that my opponents would laugh with me at the ridiculously bad cards I was playing (mainboard Terastodon silver bullet against Ensnaring Bridge and Countertop!) and that they actually helped me build it to be more efficient despite how much of a lost cause it was.

I've only recently gotten back into Magic and I can't really justify spending enough money to build a proper Delver variant (holy shit Delver decks are the coolest thing every) or finish out my Elves (although I have most cards but the duals, fetches, Natural Orders and last two Cradles, excluding cute sideboard cards like Null Rod), so I'm considering doing the unthinkable and buying counterfeits to play with in tourneys.
I mean it's not like I'm gonna EVER sell them or trade them away to dupe people, I just want to be able to play what I think is the greatest format with the broest of bros around. Maybe play a GP or two but that's about it.

I might just flesh out the Elves list since honestly, it's doubtful Cradles and Bayous will ever depreciate, but Delver just looks like 100% the deck that I was born to play (Delver? Lightning Bolt? Young Pyromancer? Fucking Nimble Mongoose the best card ever? Fuck yeah)
I'm interested, why the discrepancy in wincons?
Play pauper delver
Honestly that's one of my favourite things about pauper just because of how it always requires a double take from people unfamiliar with Chain Lightning's price.
>no degenerate card filtering á la Brainstorm and Fetches
>no Goyfs, Mongoose if RUG
>no Young Pyromancer if R
>no DRS if B
>no Tiagos
>no Stifles or Wastelands
but most importantly
>no players

Don't get me wrong, I have a fully sleeved Pauper Delver deck and I enjoy playing it, but the greatest thing about Magic is when you're interacting with your opponent and you're testing your skill as a player, and the breadth and depth of options and lines are just so much more staggering in Legacy than Pauper.

It's just not the same when you don't get to beat a player with a Jace on the board to death, or when you get blown out by a trillion Dredge zombies
Does /tg/ play on xmage or cockatrice?
On mtgo you need to click through everything. In a paper tournament you can demonstrate a loop, so once you have the kill you explain it, then they dir. On MTGO they can make you play it out, and you have to click through a mana loop, and clicking through a pyrite spellbomb loop would take a very long time. You only need to do one half of the loop if you just get infinite mana then torch them to death
My advice is to play delver. Elves is fun, but when you run 4 brainstorm 4 ponder you get a lot more chances to outplay your opponents, and makes your sideboard cards much stronger. Its also just really fun to play. Grixis is my jam right now, but RUG is good in the right meta
Not the great fetches, but there's always Branistorm + (Teramorphic Expanse OR Evolving Wilds)
I've been brewing the following lately:

1 Badlands
2 Bloodstained Mire
3 City of Brass
4 Polluted Delta
1 Scrubland
1 Swamp
2 Children of Korlis
4 Chrome Mox
4 Dark Ritual
1 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
4 Entomb
4 Exhume
4 Faithless Looting
4 Griselbrand
4 Lotus Petal
4 Pull from Eternity
4 Serum Powder
4 Shallow Grave
1 Tendrils of Agony
4 Unmask

The idea is to trade the reasonable amount of disruption and consistency via cantrips that normal Tin Fins has for a lot more speed and consistency via really great mulligans. Since you usually want to go off at the latest T2, you'll be using your nonland mana sources a lot more than Tin Fins, so the increased number of Chrome Moxen makes sense. Unmask + Chrome Mox + Serum Powder + Pull from Eternity is an absolutely absurd engine. I've also increased the Children of Korlis count and swapped Goryo's Vengeance for Exhume: harder to hit Emmy, much easier to Storm off, especially considering the Chrome Moxen and Pulls.
that seems like a pretty enormous flaw with the client
Is there no way to macro a series of actions where you're retaining priority anyway?
You can build one, but not within the client. It is kind of a big deal because vintage is biggish online and bomberman is almost unplayable because of it.
I'm not sure if I like serum powder here, wouldn't it be better as a cantrip? You're running serum powder to increase consistency, but trading off consistency for it. I get that you're trying to go all in, but my experience is that serum powder is only great if your deck needs one specific card in its opening hand to function, a la dredge or leylined
It's the synergy between Serum Powder and Pull from Eternity that's important, since with 4 Griz the Pulls are often Entomb 5-8.

get some real goyfs son

Chase Hansen developed the 4C Reanimator list, he's done very well with it. Lots of people are turned off by the list on paper, but it's proven very effective in finishes.
Is EDH an eternal format?
File: inb4noplateau.jpg (6 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 MB, 5312x2988
I'm going to take this to my first Legacy FNM this Friday. Wish me luck.

How can you tell those are fakes?
Yeah exactly my though, but I just can't rationalize spending as much money on assembling all of Delver as I can on just buying a few Cradles and trading for some Natural Orders, so I'd have to go with counterfeits.

I see nothing morally or ethically questionable about it at all, I just don't enjoy the thought of being at the whim of some random deck check fucking me over from competitive Magic for basically forever.
The fu©ks screwed me on the new wording for scorched ruins now my down play with stifle is not legal any more so my artifact stomp is trash now.
Isn't that errata over a decade old by now? You need to learn to let go of a grudge, man.
The alternative is trading your cradles, but that's a good point
>W/x with belcher
>No Endless Horizons
A couple turns of Land Tax does nearly the same thing.
I'm not getting the swords, is this a slow belcher deck?
I'll admit I have no experience playing this deck, but I'll be the first to shill my favorite EDH card, Mana Severance.
File: glue.jpg (62 KB, 312x445) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 312x445
The main wincon is Rest in Peace + Helm, but it's a control deck based around Land Tax and Scroll rack for card advantage and an Enlightened Tutor toolbox for answers.

Belcher is nice because late game it is a one card combo while RIP and Helm is 2.
ded thred
ded format
>>44772935 It's just the one card, too!
Came in second with ANT tonight, lost to belcher. I need to not keep loose hands.
File: intuition.jpg (34 KB, 223x310) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Has anyone ever tried Intuition in Reanimator?
>bins 2 reanimation targets vs DRS
>gets reanimation spells
>gets FoW if needed
>works well with baby Jace
At 3 mana it seems slow and awkward when you're trying to bin one of your 1-ofs. Maybe it's more suited to a more control oriented list.
I could see that in control with a reanimator kill, would you just build reanimator but jam more jtms, lands and reduce the kill package?
I want to brew up doomsday control, looking for advice. The idea is to control the game until the opponent has no relevant cards in hand, then resolve doomsday and get a Shelldock emrakul kill or a lab man kill.

Rough list:

20 Land

4 force
2 spell piece
1 flusterstorm

4 git probe
4 ponder
4 Brainstorm
1 ideas unbound
4 lim-duls vault

4 doomsday
2 dark ritual
1 laboratory maniac
1 shelldock isle
1 emrakul
Probe seems pretty bad in a control shell. Same with lim-dul's. Are they there because of doomsday? Also you're already playing black, might as well play some discard and jam Lili + JTMS.
Probe is a free way to crack doomsday piles, vault is so you can hold up permission then set up a kill on eot. I'm not sure if I want Jace, I'm looking to play control in the combo mirror and combo against control
The two basic piles I was thinking of were :
Git probe/cantrip and LED in hand:
Ideas Unbound, LED, top, probe, lab man

Git Probe/cantrip in hand, no LED:
shelldock, emrakul, 3 pieces of disruption

Its more of a doomsday deck that's trying to run permission
I'm curious too
Have you tried go full arcane and play psycic puppetry?
Probably isn't correct, but might be worth a shot. Made that deck in pauper and it went OK.
God, I wish I could delete my post, I'm tired didn't see you had them, cool I guess.
>shelldock isle with doomsday
pretty funny, but if you can get it to work...
Tell that to Brian kelly
Been thinking about getting into Legacy by building 12post. Any suggestions? Is it fun?
You need more permission. You don't need so many ldv's
12 post is pretty fun, crop rotation let's you toolbox and ramping into eldrazi is pretty fun. Give it a try
The idea was that LDV would let me dig for doomsday while holding up spell pierce. How many would you cut?>>44793592
Its usually better against miracles than a tendrils pile or a lab man pile in the dark. I've seen lists run snap or cloud of faeries so it's not a pass the turn pile
I really hope you aren't talking about playing snapcaster and grafdiggets cage in oath
I meant (normal) bomberman, not oath control.
>What are we playing/brewing?

Brewing Vintage Infect. It has interaction + fast clock, but brainstorm/ponder being restricted really hurts it, but its not terrible.

I feel like I should either splash a third color, either red for blasts or black for tutors/yawgwill. I'm leaning towards black, but I'm unsure.

1 Pendelhaven
3 Wooded Foothills
4 Inkmoth Nexus
3 Misty Rainforest
4 Tropical Island
4 Blighted Agent
4 Glistener Elf
1 Sylvan Library
1 Crop Rotation
3 Berserk
4 Force of Will
1 Brainstorm
4 Invigorate
4 Vines of Vastwood
1 Ponder
4 Gitaxian Probe
4 Preordain
1 Mox Emerald
1 Black Lotus
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Ancestral Recall
1 Forest
4 Mental Misstep
1 Dig Through Time
SB: 1 Bojuka Bog
SB: 4 Nature's Claim
SB: 2 Krosan Grip
SB: 2 Flusterstorm
SB: 1 Submerge
SB: 1 Misdirection
SB: 1 Spellskite
SB: 1 Blightsteel Colossus
SB: 1 Tinker
SB: 1 Life from the Loam

Vines is a port from the Legacy version of the deck and I'm not really impressed by it. Its good vs. Swords, but you have Mistep to answer swords. Thinking of cutting some copies for Cruise/Become Immense.
I would splash black but I'd keep it a conservative splash. Vampiric, Demonic and Yawgwill are the only cards you really need.

Crop rotation seems out of place to me. It can grab inkmoth, but if you really need the manland that badly you can vamp/demonic for it with the black splash.

I really, really like having a tinker package in the sb though, it can really catch some people off guard, but you're going to need more artifacts for that to work (You can technically sac inkmoth to tinker though, so I guess that's a thing).
You are really going to want null rod in your maindeck
Playing Trinket Mage Stoneblade in tonight's Legacy FNM, as usual. Can post a list if anyone's interested.
This looks like a great deck for null rod. Also, your sideboard needs WAY more dredge hate. Try 4 grafdiggers cage and 3 of something else. Maybe bojuka bog if you want to go deep on crop rotation.
So, -3 Vines, +2 Null Rod, +1 Become Immense in the main sounds good?

SB: -2 Grip, -1 Submerge, -1 Misdirection, +4 Cage
Id run mis-d maindeck or not at all and cut spellskite, tinker and blightsteel. You want 7 pieces of dredge hate and 1 null rod side probably
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