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Cube root of mass edition

Previous thread >>44624598

GURPS 4th edition Books:

Older Books:

Additional resources in the PDF.

Current Project: making a compendium of vehicles for fourth edition.

How you can contribute: write up a short but interesting description of a real, mass-produced vehicle. Ideally the vehicle should be common, a good representative of it's type and/or an iconic design.

Really helpful mode: try to find out vital stats: empty weight, top speed, acceleration, maximum load, number of seats, armour or hull thickness, range (or at least fuel capacity), price (new), included equipment and weapons and the dates it was produced.

Extra helpful mode: convert those stats to GURPS rules.

Currently looking for more civilian cars and motorcycles, plus emergency services vehicles (fire engines, etc) and construction equipment.

All other GURPS discussion is of course on topic as well.
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1 B, 486x500
A guide to helping with the vehicles project.
Latest version of the collection.

Now with Airships, Bulldozers, Cargo Ships, Dirt Bikes, Excavators and the A-10 Thunderbolt II
So, re-asking then.
Anyone here ever played GURPS with randoms on Roll20?
How did it go? What timezone were they from?
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I'm going to finish the Bradley and then work on some interbellum fighters. Since you mentioned airships, I was thinking about statting whatever plane that was used on USS Acron and Macon. But turns out they've built a parasite fighter for them from scratch, and it is ultra-rare (around 7 planes were built), so now I'm not sure about it.
Seconding this question.

I've only ever seen one or two open GURPS postings on Roll20 and they haven't looked spectacular, but at the same time a game is a game.
I played once a Mage the Ascension Campaign on roll20. Was pretty awesome. There's actually a Discord group to 'organize' the GURPS players. Here it is, at roll20: lfg/listing/21648/gurps-hq
I wasn't planning to do the Acon, so probably not worth doing it's planes. I was going to do the Coastal class as the other military airship and then try to find a civilian passenger one which wasn't a zeppelin (trying not to have multiple entries from the same manufacturer in one vehicle type, but it's tricky when all the good ones are made by the same firm).

If you are going to do depression-era fighters take a look at the WW2 books (in the MEGA archive if you didn't get them already): a lot of slightly outdated hardware is written up in them.

I would suggest just skipping over obscure fighters though, there's more than enough really famous ones to fill the entry: Spitfire, Zero, Me 109 just in WW2, then all the cold-war jets... plus maybe a German WW1 fighter like the Fokker Dr1. and one or two modern ones. There's no room for the less notable ones.
If the stats are done for a less notable one, why wouldn't it be on the .pdf? It's not like it has a page limit.
Speaking of Cold-war jets - I've found some plane stats in Pyramid 3-53, though the entries are really bare-bones.

I was planning to do two stars of Spanish Civil War for inter-war planes - Fiat Cr.32 and I-16. Since Mustand is already done, then Bf.109, Zero, Spitfire and Yak 9 will cover WW2 nicely, but I would like to see P-38 Lightning and Me.262 as well, for the sake of diversity.

Also IFVs are ready. I ended up statting SPG-9 recoilless gun even though it wasn't mounted on any vehicles, because it uses same ammunition as BMP-1 cannon.
http://rghost dot net/7CJCYSv8n
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Terrifying beast.png
96 KB, 246x432
>tfw I bumped with the wrong image because of filenames.
Which sourcebooks are useful to prepare spy stories?
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How would you guys stat a LOTR orc?

The standard ones seem to be quick but cowardly and weaker than humans. And probably some IQ penalty in sunlight.
Hallo, GURPS guys, i wanna very close DmC-style game and some kinda experienced dudes told me GURPS -- real thing for that.
So how do that DmC gameplay with GURPS? At first glance his weapons is not things, but natural attacks, and he has a very high skill levels and lot of extra attacks, right? But that aerial combos and hookshoots, have no idea...
Mysteries, High-Tech, and Action if you're thinking more 007-style "spy." Actually, Action might be useful regardless, but more as a "this is what spy's should have" resource in terms of skill lists.
1. Take Goblin from DF
2. Add some disadvantage as sunlight intolerance (maybe reduced IQ with limitation "only in sunlight")
3. Use the points from that disadvantage to buy new Talent "Technology Lover" (Traps, Armoury (All), Engineering (Combat), Machinist, Smith, Carpentry). Because technology is evil, mmmkay? Only orcs and bad guys like it.
So, I was reading about Improvised Forms enhancement for Morph, and I wanted to know how far can the changes go. Could you change physical state, as in, add Injury Tolerance (Diffuse) to simulate being a liquid or Insubstantiality for a gas?
Technically yes.

I mean, you change and it becomes a physical component and it's the type of Advantage but it's going to be real hard to explain how you went Insubstantial as part of your Morphing ability.

Injury Tolerance makes more sense.

It's a GM call I guess, although really there's a few more weird traits that shouldn't be the case (I don't know any known animals that have insubstantiality capacities)
Meh once you throw on "Improvised" all natural things are out the door. That being said, in a fantasy game I could see the ability to shapeshift into a ghost being a thing.

Like most things in GURPS, its setting/GM dependent.
How did that work out, mechanically? Did you use the 3rd edition conversion book or something from Thaumatology?
look at the DC superhero Martian Manhunter
The guy can turn into a dragon, and can phase through matter. He also has a few disguise humanoid forms, and under pressure can mimic someone if required.
>Martian Manhunter
Martian Manhunter is some serious bullshit. Dude has Shapeshifting + Psychic Powers + Flying Brick.
Hmm, I wonder if you could stat him in GURPS. How many points do you think he would be?
Take Superman, take out cryo breath and laser breath, replace vulnerability to magic with vulnerability to fire.
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