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Inkling quest da furst
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Hello! and welcome to Inkling quest!
Today you graduate cadet school and ascend to the ranks of the Tentacorps.
Your insect overlords have seen fit to grant you a "Quest badge" and choose your very own weapon!
But first you must choose your color and gender, and name.
>Different colors have different abilities.
And choose your starting weapon.
>Paint brush
>splatter shot jr.
>Splat roller
>Splat charger
>Heavy splatling gun
>Dual Ink squirters
>Centri buster blade
>Iron sword
>Angel halo
That's all the weapons you access to as a 10 class quester; inorder to get the better stuff you need to rank up a bit first.
>The rules: all rolling is done by a base of 20 plus whatever multipliers and negapliers you have.
>you have 4 base stats and two specail stats.
>Str(ength) for melee weapons and grapples
>Agi(lity) for dodges and parries
>Dex(terity) For trick shots and precision slices
>Int(ellgence) For magic and technical using
and the two special stats
>Tenta(cle) For luck based moments and rng
>WO(OMY) For musical moments and interactions with other inklings
>Natural 20s are super crits
>-negative rolls are fails or crit fails.
>anything between 5
10-19 is pass.

That is all, I look forward to playing with you anons.
Heavy Splatling Gun
So wait, are we a Squid now?
Color orange
Name: agent 3
Weapon: splatter shot Jr.
Forgot my name:

Bari Bari IV
We're kids now!
Bari Bari the fourth it is!
Now to stat our dear friend we got 60 points:
So will there be one character or more than one?
>will there be one character or more
post a character and maybe we can have an all inkling party.
str: 11
agi: 13
dex: 10
int: 5
tenta: 13
WO: 8
Alright we got our MC people.
I have no squid images.
>You stand in parade salute as the drone that taught you and your friends since you were a (whatever babby squids are called) give a truly rousing speech.
What it was about you have no idea because he half shouted the thing in ancient Centarian.
>But you feel the emotion he put into it.
What you do notice is him turning to you and giving you all an honest to god smile."ATTENTION!"
>You ready your new and improved Splating gun with kung-fu action grip.
>And give the 20 Ink salute.
>"And may the ink be with you."
>You turn towards your classmates maybe your friends will have some idea of where to begin.
>There's always the quest board where beings from all over post their troubles in a attempt to get the Tentacorps to fix it.
>There was also the arena.
>A place to try to hand an earn some cash in a turf-war.
>So many options where open to you now to
Roll d20 + 13 for our huge tenta score.
>Go find some lads
>Go to the "quest board"
>Go have a turf war.
>mill about and wait for the plot to come to you.
You still there qm?
Rolled 10 + 13 (1d20 + 13)

>>Go have a turf war.
>23 nice
>You grab the gear handed down from your father to you.
>His fang mask fits perfectly and his boots offer the right amount of comfort and ruggedness.
>You jog over to the arena, it appears that a turf war was just about to begin.
>You see a massive crowd around the battle field.
>You walk up to the tired looking inkling at the booth.
>"We're sold out kid ,you're gonna have to watch somewhere else."
>You correct the "man" you can't tell under his/her long tentacles and tell him that your here to praticepate.
>She starts to smlime.
>"Woomy! another fighter huh? we have 3 matches getting ready to go."
>She shows you the arenas
>The Sewers, filled with sludge and high rises; this place is full of sudden drops and super jumps
>Techno, This crazy club's just right full of strobe lights and a fog machince it's a groovy place to be.
>And The Doomsday spot, the site of numerous weapons testing this place is geologically unstable and prone to sudden shifts in position.
>You look up and choose.
>The Sewers
>"Nice choice and they're green just like you little guy."
>Your team Impresses you, for a bunch of pit fighters.
>The Changer and Roller seem to work together well.
>The Roller points them and the changer inks them from half a arena away.
>the Reds seem to be all changers.
>Seemingly out of nowhere a ink shot would snipe you from across the arena.
>You and the Roller meet up for a push into the red side.
>They are nowhere to be seen so you both go in weapons hot.
>The Roller outta nowhere dives into the ink.
>You do the same, suddenly where you just where and hail of ink splats everything.
>The Roller winks at you and makes for the source of the shots.
>Keep them distracted so simple even a ork can do it.
>You fire your splatling gun into walls and where ever the shots come from.
>You even get a few kills.
>The ink shots decrease until you see the Roller on a disco ball, facing off with the Red captain.
>The Roller looks at you with the same grin.
>An ink bolt headshot's the captain.
>he turns and run towards the spawn see the last member of your team run out of cover.
>She fires her noozlenose and every single red thing in a mile radius.
>She shout's full of glee.
>An red inkbolt shoots toward her.
>You throw down your ink shield just in time to intercept it.
>After muttering a quick "your welcome". you turn and see the Roller and Changer splating and painting even more of the wall.
>At this point you'd say 95% to 5%.
>The match end's soon after.
>Both teams shake hands and head off.
>"Hey new kid!"
>You turn seeing the rest of your green team walking from behind you.
>"Yeah did well out there."
>The Roller seems to growl it out in an heavy accent.
>The Changer pips up
>"And your distraction saved the match."
>"Basically what we're saying is..."
>The trio speak's all at once.
>"We want you to join us!"
>You look at them and say
>I'll join you guys!
>No you join me!
>Join me on my adventures.
Rolled 6 (1d20)

>>Join me on my adventures.
plus 13 = 19
Holy shit almost nat 20
>Your friends look at each other then back at you then back at each other then back at you.
>They all nod.
>"We'll follow you anywhere."
>"But we need your name."
"Bari-Bari the lV nice to meet chu."
>The Roller steps forward
>"Devon the V It'll be nice to travel again."
>The charger bows in front of you.
>"Woomy! I'm Levante."
>She gives you a deep embrace.
>The noozlenose steps forward and wraps a arm around your shoulder.
>"You can call me Daria Bowie"
>Now that thats out of the way you move to more pressing matters.
>What do we do with all this money?
>Buy a vechical
>new weapons
>New gear
>a little of both
>You have (in all) 1500 squidbucks.
I have to go now qm. Don't be discouraged. Try again later.
it's 12 in the morning.
Night anon i think I'll hit the squidkid too.
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Thread images: 1
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