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>In the far future the world was given...
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>In the far future the world was given to AI's
>For reasons unknown, they all went insane one after another
>The near utopia they had created crumbled to dust and war
>Unknown generations have passed since then
>the megastructure sprawling across the planet is falling apart
>The only hope is to make a new AI that can usurp the mad rulers
>But the source code has been lost, and has to be retrieved from the minds of the mad ones
>The only way to do this is by diving into their personal VRs and recovering it by hand
>Each AI has its own reality, some even speculate the insanity was from resonating with parallel universes
>Death in the simulation isn't death in reality at least
>Although it breaks the minds defenses and allows ghosts in the machine to bleed into you

What do you think /tg/? Mix in terminators, abhumans, and raiders, alongside whatever flavor of the week you want in the AI's mind
Sounds like a solid premise for a post apoc cyberpunk game. Make sure to have things be arcane enough to be manipulate blend, but not really understood.
"Any sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic"
Spells and Magic could be only when you're in the VR
I think it's a neat idea
doesn't hurt that I have a corruption fetish
but then again, if its been so long that futuristic megacities are falling into disrepair, then the scavenger inhabitants working mojo to ge tlights or heat from ancient machines might not appreciate things in the same logic-based way we do.

Imagine a clapper being plugged into the last light in the last room in the last building. We know to clap to activate the light. Some poorly evolved mutant screwhead might not know what clapping is, and might slap themselves in the face to make the light work, and then come to the logic that self-flaggation makes it turn on the light. and then that might lead to a whole slew of implications like a belief system based on the light god who requires worshipers to beat the shit out of their faces to make the heavens shine.

So have magic be more like the tech priests in 40k
I think that takes the focus way too far away from the AI situation and is frankly just silly.

Abhumans != crazy mutants
Huh, I figured this would grab more traction.

What's come of /tg/ lately?
Sorry mate, probably just slow hours.

Though I could also chalk it up to the image you're using being the same as the OP image used in a specific quest, which may discourage at a glance.
Is the green haired girl Miku or something like that?
I like this idea, and many of the supplemental ideas posted. Might run something like this.
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The seven continents of the earth suddenly become Fantastical landscapes, and the humans currently residing there become different fantastical races.
What continents are now home to what races /tg/?

For example:
>North America=Goblins
>South America=Orcs
>Africa=Dark Elves
>Oceania=Beast men
doubtful, I filter all quests and therefore wouldn't know.
I feel like Antarctica is being left out of the fun. Let's spice them up with Dire Penguins.
>and allows ghosts in the machine to bleed into you

But does it work both ways, or is it just "you're slowly turning into one of us! Surrender to your new, digital existence and become as a god!"

In short... does contact with our minds risk the AI's becoming more human?
This requires fleshing. Exacting things are:

Where are the AI's found? In ruined cities? Hardened bunkers? Satellites? If it's a city, part of the journey could be to parlay with the natives, who might be like >>44679556 suggests. If it's a hardened bunker, overcoming traps and old security protocols is part of it. If it's satellites, then you might have to find/build/repair a relay to communicate with it. Or Launch yourself into space. Added risk if it's a kill-sat.

How do we dive into the personal vr? what is the gear required? Does it require surgery, or does it put users into a trance-like state?

What level was the utopia man had built? Was there travel between the planets of the inner solar system? We need to define if there are, say, a cloud of nanomachines commanded by an AI that listen to the commands of certain "admins" the AI nominates.

How long is the source code? Will the final product be better if we collect more? What is the minimum number of code fragments required? Will we be able to figure out through our journeys to collect the code why the AI's went mad? Will we be able to fix it?

What are machine ghosts? What do they do to the mind? How do you resist them? What do they want?
Are there machine-spirits? weak, almost AI's found in machine suits and weapons that seek to help humanity, sort of like a familiar?

Lastly, wtf is the protagonist? Generations have passed, yet the protag knows about the AI's? How can they enter the VR? Surgical Implants? If so, how did he/she get them?
>For reasons unknown
Best idea for a setting I've seen in a while.
Stealing this.
All three and then some

specialized gear, jacks you in like the matrix

When everything was funtioning, it was multi-planetary post-scarcity, but now nothing works and it's almost worse than being a caveman. I vote against nanomachines though, everything the crazy AIs can send at you should die to bullets in large enough numbers

Source code is as long as the plot demands? the campaign would kind of end when you succeed in making the sane AI, unless you wanted to continue it with like, defense missions and diving side by side the new god you've made in order to hunt down the rogues.

The only way to figure out why they went made is by dying repeatedly and absorbing the malignant code.

The machine ghosts are people who died and were transferred into the machine over the last few centuries, and are all frothing for a body to inhabit. They've tried copying into robots, but that just makes more of them and the original remains in the AI, the only way out is with a flesh jacker

Protagonist is a surviving human. Not everything shut off completely, enough infrastructure could be personally maintained for survival purposes. Or maybe one of the AIs is a military training AI that was isolated decades ago and is in a constant looping simulation of war against itself without realizing it. So it constantly trains "recruits" in everything it takes for them to succeed. This is the only AI it's safe to die in, because it's been used for so long that there are no ghosts left in it. Can't take his source code though, he's too beneficial.
Let me guess, the MC's name is Cibo/Killy?
You say that like it's a bad thing
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