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Standard thread for a Standard format.

Just found out there's an IQ in 11 hours at a shop in the next town over.

Question is: what do I play?
>Atarka Red
>R/G Landfall
>Five-Color-Fuck-You Midrange
>Temur Collected Memes
I sold ALL my jaces when they hit eighty dollary-doos, so no jace decks.
mono black eldrazi it fun as fuck
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threw together 4c landfall

literally r/g landfall with marshes and vistas so i can board out swiftspear and board in dro-co against surge of righteousness+silkwrap decks and murderous cut+virulent plague against atarka red and token strats.
should be a good time. i never get to play standard anymore.
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Is Ob Nix good enough for anything or should I just sell him now?
he's ok. sell him anyways if you're not 100% on him.
Any potential speculation for the future?
I mean, he'll be around until March 2017
you don't have time for den protectors.

if the game goes that long you lose.
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>play 2 drop with unblockable clause
>use pump spell
gee whiz

bonus: it doesn't get blown out by Surge of Righteousness
>decide i want to get back into mtg
>order a box of bfz a few days ago
>pick up a bfz holiday gift box thing while at walmart cuz why not
>get a gideon and sunken hollow from gift box
>bfz booster box comes in this morning
>get an expedition windswept heath, a second gideon, and 4-5 more dual lands
so i guess i should sell the heath and pick up a deck that uses gideon huh
sure anon, but be warned, many decks cost alot due to Jace.

look up the major teir 1 archetypes.

Jeskai Black
4 Color Rally
B/W Warriors
Hardened scales.
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I'm a newbie and want to build an eldrazi deck for standard. I grabbed this budget build off the net, any recommendations?

I would wait until OGW comes out for starters. I've also got the feeling that Orzhov Eldrazi could be a real thing, but it needs some more of the gas that Oath is bringing to push it over the edge. Stuff like Thought Knot Seer, Bearer of Silence, and Reality smasher are all excellent cards that could propel this deck from casual to tier 3 or 2 at least.
Well next block will be innistrad so there will definitively some love for black, and Ob could perfectly fit in some Grixis control or black aggro as a curve topper. If you're not sure anyway just wait a few weeks before selling it to see if some eldrazi B/something brew can find a place for him once OGW comes out, maybe his price will grow.
looking at B/W control now, seems like the heath alone will pay for the majority of the deck

i should probably just wait and see what oath brings up anyway
How is RU looking? The Surge mechanics look fun.
so is everyone gonna be forced to run anus mana for this new eldrazi stuff or do painlands suffice?

You'll probably have to run some number of colorless lands to pull it off. That being said, there's a lot of great colorless utility lands that you can run that other decks can't leverage. Corrupted crossroads, Sea Gate Wreckage, and Ruins of Oran-Rief are all fantastic.

You might want to look at this brew over on Reddit, it seems like a good jumping off point: https://www.reddit.com/r/spikes/comments/406wlb/standard_bwc_midrange/
Depends on how many Anuscards you want to run. Keep inm ind that your Anuscards won't be castable now if you don't have Anusmana available.

Maybe try splashing in that 4-drop Anusrock from the last set?
I'm still confused on how it works. Does the (1) from painlands count as anus mana, or do you actually need the new lands that says it produces <>?
Everything that used to produce colorless mana now produces Anus mana
ie Anus mana is now the official "Colorless" mana.
Colorless costs (anything with a number), is now know as a Generic cost, which can be paid with by any type of mana.
MtG is pooopy. Any constructed format is literally one deck copied by 7 people. There is no genuine people in constructed. Now that being said, MtG is fun at times and the best way to play the new stuff coming out is Drafting.
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Eldrazi Black.jpg
32 KB, 586x212

Exactly. Anything that produces colorless mana counts as anus mana. The nice thing is that you get to play with a ton of awesome utility lands that other decks can't use. Like here's a mono black Eldrazi list I came up with.
File: Eldrazi Black.jpg (30 KB, 576x196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Eldrazi Black.jpg
30 KB, 576x196

Whoops, just realized I accidentally put 35 lands in that list. Here's an updated corrected one.
Building R/B Eldrazi aggro. Can someone point me to a few sideboard cards that are good for taking down ally shitters? They're fucking everywhere at my meta.
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