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Quadrant is a Sci-fi RPG set in 4 star systems connected by hyper space gates and controlled by massive and faceless Mega-Corporations. Play as a space-cop type Enforcer and hunt down criminal scum. Or be a high value corporate spy and master of industrial espionage. Or Maybe you are a nobody down on your luck and fighting to survive. Failing any of these you could also be a captain of a small transport ship just trying to make ends meet by hook or by crook. There are 4 main game types in Quadrant that are all totally cross-compatible. Quadrant has no levels or classes and focuses development on how the character is played.
So over the last three months or so I have been making my own Role Playing game called "Quadrant". Basically I have Been playing RPGs for about 15 years and I really love a lot of them! Some favourites have been Call of Cthulhu, Rogue Trader, Eclipse Phase and of course Pathfinder! But each had strengths and some had weaknesses, so I sought to Frankenstein a new system with all of the best bits! Obviously the only way to do that is to scratch build a system.
So here where my goals for the game:-
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1) A nice blend of realism and fantasy.
I love Sci-Fi and fantasy, Lasers space battles and magic I'm fine with, but if I'm watching a film and some henchman unloads a fully automatic weapon at the hero from three feet away, and the hero is unscathed because he ducked behind the curtains, then that is a step too far! In my head the hero repeatedly being shmashed in the face with a great axe wielding muscle bond Ogre, but being fine because he still has 2HP left and then dying because a goblin farted in his general direction is the same sin. STOP IT!
2) A sleek and elegant character creation and development system.
I'm not just trying to be a pompous wee shite here, I would like to put the emphasis on real character development and role playing not traipsing through a massive book for three hours only to answer the question "So what is your character like?" with something like "He's a 6th level half-elf Paladin.". I'd rather spend ten minutes making a character that can be described as "A chain smoking recluse but a man of grit and determination with a powerful thirst for justice and a serious gambling problem."
3) A book that breaks immersion as little as possible by blending rules and story so one reflects the other.
"What?!" You know in 40k fluff how Space Marines are like one man armies but in the game they are all right but can still be killed buy a luck grot? Yeah well NOT that! So in the book I went to lengths so the equipment descriptions sound like product reviews that you'd find online. I want even looking through the rules to feel world building. A-list is one way of doing that and Adverts for the Corporations are another.
So do you have material, or are you just being the idea guy?

Because if this isn't in some form of completion, take it to the Game Dev general thread and get working.
4) A Vast array of equipment flexibility to ensure that no character is equipped the same as another, and to make the setting feel large.
No one cares that your character has a pistol, but if its the .50AE Pantheon “Nero” Magnum then that's some thing we can geek out on! Further more there is the modular power armour with millions of combinations so your character's abilities can change depending on what you have equipped. All this stuff has the Corporations from the plot wove in to the Equipment making even this process feel like it's still in game.
Oh I got it started. ht tps://www.dropbox.com/s/g3ml9l3zrlm6fuz/1%20Quadrant%2003.01.16.doc?dl=0
5) Limited world size to allow for rich world building.
It always annoyed me in Stargate SG1 that what ever was within three miles of the gate was what kind of world they where on. What about other continents and nations? Our world isn't all the same! Stargate is not alone in this, "Forest moon of Endor" or "the Ice planet of Hoth", but anyone who has tried making a sci-fi setting or playing games like Rogue Trader knows that's what happens! A whole world becomes one thing. Well lets not do that, My plan is to have like 20 planets and force players to keep exploring areas of the same world.
Here is the book file and character sheet.

Okay, I took a brief look at it, and it failed to impress. The setting is thoroughly generic - I was put in mind of Eclipse Phase, but with all the weirdness, conflict, and themes to explore removed.

Without a strong setting, there's nothing left to draw me back in.
Ok Grant: Tough question time. What is really good and unique about this game, and then what is bad about this game?
I'm not a designer myself, but "frankensteining the best bits of other games together" doesn't seem like a sound design process. Rather, you ought to have a clear image of what you want to accomplish with your game, and design for that.

A quick glance at the rules make it seem like a rather bland d100 sci-fi game, with the one thing standing out being the convoluted damage mechanic.

You cited Eclipse Phase as an inspiration. EP is mechanically kind of a mess, but it is interesting (to me) because of all the transhuman fuckery that goes on.

What >>44650904 said.
D100 roll under is terrible. So is "keep track of hit locations for 6 different body parts". This seems like a game designed in the seventies.
>base mechanics are simplified d100 roll under
>30 pages of weapon/armor/equipment ejaculate
>no examples on things like "you take this much damage when you fall" or "when they dodge or use cover this happens"

You combined the worst parts of rules-lite and rules-heavy systems.

Iou know what people playing DND want? It certainly isn't less rules on how to handle being lost in the wilderness. You know what apocalypse world players want? it certainly isn't twenty pages of weapons that all do the same basic thing.

I mean it seems like a lot of work was put into this, which is unfortunate because this is a perfect example of why big projects need a project manager or something similar.
A central design principle beyond "That thing I saw is cool, gotta have that in my game" also helps
Well not as hash as I expected from TG but ok.
Yeah the fluff has not had as much work as the rules, but that's because I wanted them to work.

The damage system is very simple but descriptive giving it an immersive feel. Not unique but very sound.

"Transhuman fuckery"is what I liked about EP as well but the mechanics of it was bizarre.

The setting is a strong one with the Couriers and the different cultures of the planets and Mega corporations with very different styles as well as factions like Anathema.

The popular features are the Power armour and the Augments and the combinations of each.

As for the lack of a brief, please read the brief above.
Further examples:
>strangely specific skills. using different sizes of guns is 4 different skills, but medicine or persuade is 1 skill.
>Int, dex, and Per are the only attributes you need. Add in some cha if you care.
>using a rail rifle on a civilian doesn't actually kill them, just wounds their head a bit.
>you have different ammo calibers for some reason. Literally why should we keep track of this?

you damage system doesn't make sense. The only thing that matters is if you do enough damage to actually get over their fort/10 round down. If yes, they get a little worse at something. if not, then they are literally untouched.

Two guys standing still and shooting each other with pistols will take multiple turns till one guy is dead.
One of the things to keep in mind is that the fluff is secreted in the Item descriptions to build on the ultra-capitalist vibe of the mega corporations.

I find that the players I know dont need to be told how much damage to take from a fall.

Over all the games we played.combat is brief and uncommon but hits tend to kill. I will go over the damage system again I have not worked on it since the start. It seems to need more examples. Any shot that fails to over flow HP causes a stun check.
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>Call of Cthulu

Oho, I'm interested

>Rogue Trader

Hah, sounds kind of fun

>Eclipse Phase

Uh-oh, I have a bad feeling about this...

>Of Course, Pathfinder

And that's it, I'm out of here.
>hits tend to kill
Not with these rules. A rocket to the chest of a naked man won't even keep him from returning fire with more than a -20% chance to hit you.

Sorry you're getting shit on OP. I hope you don't give up on your idea. Just make it less retarded, it's okay. I think your setting sounds kinda cool.
I would like to add the following question(s).

"What is your game About, and how is this expressed in the Rules?"

Hey, this is /tg/, not your local forum. Anyone not being prepared for salt here is a fool.

But honestly, while I can only hope OP the best, this really needs a less generic setting and less derivative rules
What rocket? How are you figuring out that ? Thunder rocket, 21-30 damage. lets say you have a large man in good armour. 4hp on most body areas. 12 armour all over. He is jam every time. as in he has no arms legs or head on the minium damage.
Click on the numbers in the top right of a post to reply to a specific post you newfag

Does damage carry over? Didn't read that. That makes a bit more sense then.

Although then fort 10 to fort 20 is a 100% increase in effective hp.

With decent armor and fort you are untouchable though from all but the craziest weapons. multi-fire weapons don't really work and aren't worth the high cost they have.

also why are there over 50 weapons? holy shit.
Re rule I like mine to work as opposed to be different and gimicy.

The game is about colourful character development of interesting characters in a provoking setting of culture clashes caused by an ultra capitalist drive of business and industry.

The rules do that by branding everything in the book with a corporate faction. There area huge range of weapons and other equipment because that is what adds gravity to these corporations.

(My play testing group really like guns and geaking out on them.)

Look, you don't really have any place to make claims about what is provoking and interesting. That is the audience's job.

If I wanted hypercaptialism, I would play Shadowrun. Or Eclipse Phase. Or refluffed Paranoia, with Friend CEO. Each of those provides something special (C4 & beer, Company is using lobotomized nano-cthulhus to make toaster ovens, Friend CEO) that your setting has no equivalent to.
Yeah I mainly lurk. Not one for posting. I find there often a language barrier.

10 to 20 on fort is 1 HP difference.
Conviction is also a very important stat, as that is your ability to not be a quivering heap.
Yes, it is 1 hp to 2 hp difference. A 100% increase. what is your original language?
Couriers. Neo-barberian culture, A-list are all with out compare.

Paranoia is not and RPG. EP has horrible enthral rules, I have never liked the Shadow run setting but admit that I am not familiar with the rules set.
Good maths! my first language is English.
I like the idea of equipment based character advancement, with a modular combination system.

I like classless systems too.

I think I'd like that over a dungeon world type framework compared to this.

Equipment gives you unique moves. Equipment combos change these moves. For example a flame thrower gives you the move to easily start wild fires. But combine it with the tight beam enhancement and it becomes a welding long range plasma torch. Or something.

I must be imagining this convenient link to "Paranoia (role playing game), then.


"Couriers" is not a neat setting piece. Literally every setting that involves more than one group of people that communicate with each other will have couriers.

Neo-barbarian means basically nothing - new non-Greek people. Well I should hope so that there's more out there than Greek people.

I don't even know what you were aiming for with that third thing, no idea what an enthral is, and Shadowrun at the very least has some flavor in the setting (Dragon runs for president, etc)
Sorry I was talking about the game at the rout of the thread. If you have no interest in reading it that's fine but it makes me less happy to read your posts.
Paranoia is a laugh where every one tries to kill each other. no roles are ever played.
>Colourful charachter development
Sorry, can't really see that.
>Everything tied to corporate warfare by limiting PC equipment to whatever hypercorp they sided with, unless you're a courrier.
Knd of arbitrary, but not all that interesting.

Let me give soke examples. Whether I or you like these games is not important. What is, is that their central concept can be seen in the rules.

Burning Wheel is about What Your Character Believes In. This is mechanically expressed by the fact that acting in line with your PC's beliefs, goals and ideas gives mechanical advantages ánd gives access to character progression resources.

Blades in The Dark is about crime. This is mechanically expressed, because the whole ruleset is geared toward the planning and execution of heists, robberies, smuggling, drugdeals and assassinations and dealing with the consequences there off.

Sagas of the Icelanders is about the social structure and norms of the Iclandic settlers. It does this by using PbtA movesets to give different people differt forms of agency.

MAID rpg is about wacky animu maid hijinks. This is mechanically expressed as how your actions specifically affect your Master and fellow maids.

D&D is a game about killing monsters. Most of a PCs abilities are geared for fighting, navigating a hostile environment, or dealing with the consequences thereoff.

Torchbearer (BW derivative) is about how shitty it is to be an adventurer. This is mechanically expressed by tracking the mental and physical toll of such a life style.
> at the rout of the thread

Wait wait wait is there a battle going on? Was this thread defeated in a previous leg of the campaign? Who are we fighting?

You said English was your first language. So, I highly recommend that you speak the Queen's goddamn English in a manner where you can actually be understood, and aren't just ignoring what people are actually saying.
Did you have a point?
Page 5 of the book covers that fairly well. The setting can be explored in any way the players want but over all the game is about making players actually a role in order to provoke emotion. It does this buy giving each character 2 or more ambitions which grant not only political direction but also goals. This is enforced with merits and flaws that allow players to paint a more detailed picture of their characters. These ambitions also cause the characters within the party to have points and subjects with which they can interact.
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