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SS13: Nobody made a thread edition
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BYOND Download link: http://www.byond.com/download/
To connect: Open BYOND, click the gear in the upper right. Click "Open Location" and paste in the IP above. Click "Ok".
Welcome to d20Station, a rule light, low moderation server filled with custom content.
wiki located at
Currently sorely in need of content.
>What the fuck is Space Station 13
A top down atmospherics simulator with a "whodunit" on top. Survive in the station and do your department's job, while fixing the problems that the antagonists cause.
>How the fuck do I play this game? I keep hitting myself with things.
Use OOC and ask someone for help on how to play. People will almost always help you get a grip of the game if you're polite about it, just don't reveal too much in-round information in OOC.
>Hey /tg/ station I...
We are a separate entity from /tg/ station, we just host our threads on /tg/ as the server was made by fa/tg/uys for elegan/tg/entlemen.
We occasionally run Dorfstation mode, a roundtype where the crew must build up from a bare-bones station. Dorf will be run less often then usual, probably on the first and/or last of every month now. Dorf is ran on a separate server, found at byond://
>How is this station different from [station]?
Our changelog is recorded at http://d20station.ddns.net/changelog.html, and we try to keep it up to date as much as posible. The changelog has been cleaned up to show changes starting from the base code of the /nt/ branch.
Code branch from NT (also named d20Station) is updated a few times every week with fixes and new content.
If you have a bug, contact an admin in-game or on the thread to report it.
Note: This is NOT SS13 general.
>nobody made a thread

Yes they did but it got archived

And the next ones will be archived too if you people keep shitting on the newbies
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>Still shitposting
>has no arguments
>meme response
Anyone having issues getting ss13 to open? Is it just because the last patch was large or something?
Byond itself updated recently. There should be an update button on the opening screen when you open Byond.
It says my byond is up to date.
have you been able to get other games or servers to open?
Liberty's last army boots up after downloading the patches.
alright then it's possible that somehow your cache is messing things up I guess

click the gear on your client, go into preferences, games tab, clear cache button.
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if you keep shitposting i'm just going to get rid of you guy
It was the only other server I could think of at the moment, since I've been on there a couple times since freeman talked about it.
Trial by fire newbie. We all suffered through it. We are more robust people because of it.

Be shit
Talk shit
Get hit
Know shit

The cycle is complete.
Yep, that's what we all have to deal with. I got shit on rather regularly and got robusted frequently. I still get robusted. It's the cycle of shit
Honestly the day is not complete until someone pushes your shit in and you learn from it.

Rage Cages are also a great way to learn something new. Participate in your local rage cage!
also something that came up with the lighting update dropping fps for someone apparently
and I'm wondering now just how many of our players use cold war era computers

has anyone else noticed anything? because I sure as shit havent
FPS issues? The only issues I ever have with the game is connection ones causing me to skip around. I guess that is kind of an FPS issue, but I know it's connection based.
I'd add my two sense if I could get on the actual server.
nah I had none, but I was practically glitching in the meteor short round since I was the last person alive
Go ahead and do it, I already found another server with friendly people. Just giving friendly advice, if you really think that humiliating newbies is the way to go you are wrong.

Lol no, the admin is all butthurt because I exposed his shit and is already threatening to ban me.
getting shit on IS part of learning the game.
wanna learn how i got good?
slare killed me every single round 5 times a round for 50 rounds in a row till i was good enough to robust him when he didn't expect it then he stopped and now im good at the game
every newfreind goes through this you cant skip it the only way to avoid it is to not play
you arent gunna be the one guy is SS13 history that got gud but somehow didn't get trashed or shittalked
if you press r and someone throws something at you you will catch it
so what do I even do when someone starts throwing me on the floor and playing basketball with me while slowly taking me to the space door
thats easy friend
you watch
its never wrong to learn even from your enemy
once you have been spaced 20 times you will know how to and how not to be spaced and you will be better for it
observe everything around you people,things,words,names,actions and one day you will master them
this is the way,there is no other
File: 1435532502421.jpg (81 KB, 660x546) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 660x546
good riddens then
that server can deal with your inability to take responsibility for anything you do
you learn how to avoid that situation in the first place or how to get yourself out of that situation
you looked like you had no problem spacing a braindead yesterday
>that server can deal with your inability to take responsibility for anything you do
How butthurt can someone be?

>you had no problem spacing a braindead yesterday
Someone taught me how to throw shitters around, and the guy was dead

I don't even know what the deal was with him, he had attempted to kill me three times by then but when I finally caught him off guard and killed him he was all like "WTF ARE YOU DOING". And apparently wasn't the traitor in the end.

It isn't necessary to get dunked on to learn by and means. It shouldn't be a prerequisite that all newbies should be hassled simply because they're new.

Note that I say "simply because they're new". The guy who is very salty in here was not spaced because he was new, but because he fucked up engineering due to thinking for some reason that just because he learned how to dismantle things, it meant he should dismantle anything he could without asking whether he should.

Even then, it wouldn't have been a problem if he had just said "sorry, I'm sorry if just testing stuff out", instead of indignantly saying "No, I know what I'm don't, I'm making it better."

People are forgiving or people who are simply inexperienced, but when you make them think you're intentionally messing stuff up, they're just got to assume you're a shitter, because SS13 does get a lot of people joining servers for the first time just to grief, and pretending to be new is a common tactic.

If you are new, show some humility, but if you act like you're intentionally messing stuff up, as you did, then prepare for a bad time.

Also, you should really show some backbone and not rely solely on people teaching you and holding your hand.
Wow, autocorrect fucked that post up hard.
Actually I did say "Sorry I won't do that again let me back" but the butthurt admin kept up his act anyway to show to his circlejerk friends he is the alpha male. You are completely right on your points.
>"i'm improving it"
>doesn't even know what it's for
at this point I lost any will to let you near anything in engineering if you thought you could just start ripping things up and telling me you know how to make it better
there's about 20 other jobs on the station for you to fuck around in but you insisted on respawning as an engineer over and over to prove a point
have you ever considered that all this yelling and such doesn't lead to anything good?
you can refuel a welding tool at a welding fuel tank but make sure you turn it off first
After I learned some more about engineering your constructions were awful, someone built the correct system a few steps to the left but you didn't see it and still kept a system that would only take a two clicks for a bare handed traitor to destroy, so do remind me of how superior and perfect you are and what keeps the other players from stealing your ID and job banning you from engineering. Because from what I remember, the other guy there simply built the correct system in an empty room and recommended you to follow it instead of doing a scandal.

you are right as always
but watching this game die due to inactivity because of a few faggots who can't be nice to others is painful to me, I liked this game a lot and think more games should follow its principle
You saw the correct system but kept yours anyway*
And what would be the "correct" system?
File: 1433718614788.jpg (201 KB, 680x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201 KB, 680x750
no nernums built a system that would input O2/N2 or air in an 21/79 ratio and output it in another ratio.

I made the same thing albeit on a larger scale and directly on the scrubbers/air distro and in a more needlessly complicated and roundabout manner. He showed me what he built before you even got on and I said "wow that's a neat way to do it but I really don't want to rip up everything I set up and leak all of the air in the system just to build it" and so I continued what I was doing.
>two clicks for someone with bare hands to destroy
but it doesn't
you just started ripping shit up without telling anyone what you were doing or without even having the pipe dispenser nearby leaking all of the air and shit from the scrubbers line into engineering like someone who has no idea what he's doing and I threw you out of engineering after finding out you nearly blew the entire place up with your bumbling incompetency, being new doesn't mean you're entitled to the hugbox treatment
there isn't a "correct" system, just different systems. You're foolish to think there's only one way of doing things.
Something that is not completely clogged with wires. There were several components that, if turned off, would blow up the entire place in a few minutes. Or wires that if disconnected would also RIP everything. That place was more dangerous than the engine room pretty much. See his own posts and how he says that I almost blew up the entire thing. All I did was turn off a few things and disconnect one wire or two, took me like 10 seconds. The other system was way more compact, there's no wire mess, the options of the traitor are way more limited and spotting the tinkered system becomes easier.

>I did the same as his but mine was better
He literally said yours was awful and that you were bad at it, but I know you won't admit to being wrong so keep going on

>two clicks are not enough to kill my system
Literally use a wrench on the top right N2 barrel and remove it from the system

>you started ripping shit up without telling anyone
You are right on that and I don't deny that, but I apologized for it later, came back and just stayed on a completely different room examining the machinery, but that didn't stop you from being childish and following me around the station while trying to kill me and get my ID and the jobbanning me.

>being new doesn't mean you're entitled to the hugbox treatment
Being new doesn't mean I am entitled to your faggotry either, most other people were nice to me and taught me things until they saw you throwing shit around, then they had to follow your steps because muh admin

>There isn't a correct system
Allow me to rephrase it: The better system was to the left
Did Freeman just get rekt
newfriend this is lee maybe you should calm down its better to talk about all this when people have calmed down
there is nothing wrong with nodding your head and saying ok when someone says something you dont like
if you use a fire extinguisher in space you can steer with it
File: 786845d959.png (11 KB, 407x107) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 407x107
you are fucking retarded
you were fucking with pipes, not wires
>components if turned off would blow up the station
none of them would because none of them were using gas above 20 degrees C
the only way someone would blow the place up is if they syphoned a fire because the scrubbers line was directly attached to it, and if someone syphons a fire the entire station is fucked either way
>almost blew up the entire thing
you almost blew up the entire engine, not what I was doing. You were tearing open scrubbers lines and sucking air into/out of engineering through those lines because they weren't connected to anything. Also
>touching people's shit without permission
is a good way to get bonked on the head with a toolbox
>traitor options
if a traitor wants it fucked up they can just unwrench whatever you have in place, or you know do something actually destructive like mess with the TEG instead of whatever nernums or I built.
>he said yours was awful
awful in the scope of what nernums builds, there was a better way to do it but I wanted direct connection to the air supply and storage for excess O2 and N2
>use a wrench
and disconnect the N2 canister?
So? The N2 then just sits in the pipe and the filter turns off because there's no more space for air. You didn't do anything but stop me from harvesting N2.
>started trying to kill you
started trying to push you over to table you and get your ID so I can keep you out of engineering because you walked back into the righthand room presumably to start smacking more shit with a wrench
>wahh wahh you're being mean
because you're being an idiot and breaking shit, and I don't want to deal with a toddler who figured out how to smack things with tools
>the better system
it was better, sure, but mine was already in place and pressurized

Also I wasn't the one who jobbanned you. Apparently i'm not the only guy who thinks your engineering escapades are greytide tier.
>you are fucking retarded
Nice admin

>you were fucking with pipes, not wires
Muh semantics, my point stands

>muh fire
Not even true, I learned that the right way when a traitor fucked up the engine room while playing. Gas was leaking from a pipe, that was easy to fix at first, the real problem was when the gases there were ignited somehow. All it would take was to ignite the leaking gas from your system.

>you almost blew up the entire engine not what I was doing
Both you and me know that is not true

>if a traitor wants to fuck things up he can just go to the TEG instead of what I built!
Why would a traitor do what you are expecting them to do? That's the most stupid course of action ever, the real damage would come from unexpected actions, and you just admitted that you didn't expect a traitor to mess up your system therefore you are just further proving my point

>Awful in the scope of what other people build
Considering how the server had around five people online that's pretty awful

>Disconnect the N2 canister? So? That'd just stop me from harvesting N2!
Which is pretty bad and extremely detrimental to the entire power making mechanic? You'd eventually run out of N2 without harvesting it? It also allows the traitor to just mess up the pipe right after thus leaking N2

>you presumably wanted to smack more shit with a wrench, you idiot, you toddler
I literally said I was just observing and examining though

>mine was already in place and pressurized
Doesn't make it good

>I wasn't the one who jobbanned you
That's where the circlejerk comes in place. The fact /tg/ bans people for being inexperienced already tells enough anyway, I literally can't play my best role anymore because my first ever experience with it was subpar
i understand you are upset everyone involved is but this kind of posting will only ever be back and forth shittalking at best
what you should do is simply turn the other cheek my nigga people get mad people make mistakes no one here is innocent clearly just calm down
Doing that won't take away the jobban though

I was perfectly fine with this until they literally jobbanned me for being new while saying "LOL WE LOVE NEWBIES", this is pure hypocrisy, nothing else to it
ive seen people who are perma banned come on here a week or two later and say "hey im sorry" the admins unban em just fine
hell one time i tried to disassemble a singularity engine as a non antag and got banned for two weeks
i came back four days later and literally said "unban pls" and they did it
just take it easy nothing is written in stone its just a game no need to get upset
>It's my best role
>Played it once
Have you not tried any other jobs, and if you have, are you admitting that you suck so much that the two hours you spent as an engineer disconnecting things was better in every single way to those other jobs?
epic productive post friend not only was this constructive and adds alot to the conversation but also provokes deep thought im sure this will be received very well
File: 1452277922935.jpg (1 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1080
>O2 and N2 are flammable
only plasma is flammable
there was only O2 and N2, i.e "air" in the system, nothing that can be ignited
>but if the traitor did something expected!!
it's expected because destroying the station's power generation and also igniting a huge fire in engineering is a good way to get the shuttle called and do a ton of damage
disconnecting an air filter and mixer that moves nothing but inert gases doesn't do anything but pressurize engineering a little bit and piss off an engineer
>awful in the scope of others
I said in the scope of nernums, the guy who built it, the guy who is the head coder and the guy who has played twice as long as I have
>disconnect N2 canister
this air mixer you keep talking about that I made, I think you have it confused with the TEG. The air mixer does not make power. It just splits O2 and N2 from the air supply and recombines it, then supplies the station with that new mix. The N2 would sit in the pipe, the filter would fill the N2 pipe to 4,500 kPa, the filter would stop splitting N2 and O2 from air because the pipe is full, and the system would just stop, meaning its not using or producing anything. I'd just have to hook a new canister onto the line to get it going again, nothing lost but time.
>but I was just looking!
yeah when I was there watching you. who is to say you're not going to go and start disconnecting more shit when I leave like you evidently did the last 15 minutes I was away? I had half a mind to think you were a traitor doing shit like messing with the TEG.
>doesn't make it good
it was already there, already pressurized, and there wasn't going to be any changing of it without draining the entire system first which isn't something I wanted to do.
>bans people for being inexerpeienced
this happens on literally any server
try playing a head or security role, or even an engineering role without knowing how to do anything, you'll get banned
I already apologized several times in-game and begged them to let me go engineer, read the logs. No dice, Freeman is way too butthurt alraedy, they'll never step back

Actually you are completely right.

A few hours spent learning how engineering works (not disconnecting, someone actually taught me a lot after Freeman did his little drama) is already better in every single way compared to the other jobs.

Of course, I am measuring how useful I can be to the station. I also learned how to take care of plants and can do that perfectly by now, but honestly no one ever uses the fruits I produce so I kinda dislike that job and still think I am more useful at engineering.

>muh physics
We could stay the entire time debating how much damage to the station your system would cause with a couple of clicks, that's not the point

>The traitor should do X to win, not Y
Which is why they should do Y, no one is expecting it. The damage might not be the same but that option would be unguarded

>You have the air mixer composed with the TEG
No, I know that the TEG is and I know that it is different from what you built

>every server ever bans people for being inexperienced
And that's where you are wrong, I am the living proof of it

>try playing a head or security role without knowing anything, you get banned
However, those roles are blocked to new players and require days of experience. Engineering is already playable from the start, you'd expect people to tolerate fuck-ups.

And now you know why SS13 threads get archived, look at the admin's mentality.

>if you play a role that is already unlocked from the start and do bad at it, even after apologizing and learning it it's all in vain, you are banned

Am I REALLY the only one in this thread that sees how fucked up this is?
File: 1451837930686.jpg (227 KB, 598x631) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
227 KB, 598x631
but it's fact that it wouldn't have done anything because there was nothing volatile about it, not that you know that, I don't think you really know what you're talking about at this point.
>x and y
because Y wouldn't have done any damage and would have just served to alert people that someone is fucking with engineering stuff
>bans people for inexperience
happens all the time when you act like a retard, you're living proof of being banned for incompetence
>blocked for new players
not on all servers because some people may have experience from other servers. Just because you can play it from the start doesn't mean people will tolerate you breaking almost all of engineering and shouting BUT IM LEARNING
>play a role from the start and get banned then apologize
shitposting in the next four threads like whiteagle is why you're still banned retard
>I already apologized several times in-game and begged them to let me go engineer, read the logs. No dice, Freeman is way too butthurt alraedy, they'll never step back
listen im not telling you how it might be im telling you how it is.
im trying very very hard to help you not make the same mistakes other people like you have made
ive played longer here and i know how these things work just take my advice
dont bother arguing
get into an aurgument with a guy who has a gun,even if you win you lose
it saddens me to say that everyone here has the tism and gets super angry super quickly but only because they have been burned before
let it go for now it will blow over with time not with arguing
Well, all the advice you gave me was right so far, so why not this one either? Okay. But just watch nothing happen.
just stick too it and you will see
Okay, first off, we're not even /tg/station, they're a completely different server. Secondly, Freeman is not "the admin", he's just one admin, and not even the head admin.

Thirdly, I'm not sure what you hope to win by getting in a shouting match with Freeman, who is historically the most angry of the admins.

This has all snowballed out of control, regardless of whether the initial fault lies with you or Freeman.

By this point, most of the thread is telling you to calm down, and your words about how we abuse newbies are falling on deaf ears not due to corruption, but because you are a fringe case, and nearly everybody here cut their teeth in this server, and was taught fine with minimal drama. You were unfortunate enough that you managed to get at odds with Freeman by messing with his shit early on, and so that is your formative experience. If you let that go, you'll find we're a lot more forgiving to newbies than you think.

Also, no, you do not have engineering mastered. You might have the basics down, but you'll quickly learn there's always more to learn. Also, our server is closed source, so we have a lot of features other servers don't have.

Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay from here on out, and if you can show us that you can play nice rather than just tell us, your job ban will eventually be lifted.
he doesnt have the basics down yet trust me hahaha
File: 1312042916451.jpg (18 KB, 343x377) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 343x377
Gunner Wells:
"I'm no hero"
"I'm the gamemaster"
Odd, the game stil won't pull up for me. Either I got banned or byond is fucking me over.
Hit the gear icon in the BYOND window, preferences, clear game cache.
Someone recomended that to me before and it didn't seem to work. I'll try again and see if that fixes it.
>cache clearing didn't work

Okay, do you get an error or does it crash Dreamseeker or what?

Have you tried reinstalling BYOND?

What OS are you running?
>Okay, do you get an error or does it crash Dreamseeker or what?
I'm not getting an error, though that might be because JS on IE is disabled which byod bitches at me about
>Have you tried reinstalling BYOND?
I'll probably try that after I get back to uni tomorow, can't be assed tonight
windows 10
Why'd you disable JavaScript on IE? Do you use IE for class shit and have JS disabled for security?
>Windows 10
I disabled JS on IE because the ads on byond got annoying when it crashed a couple times, I should probably go reactivate it or something.
It's not as bad as everyone says it is.
Better hide yo' lappy
Hide yo' desktop

Cuz as of June 29, 2016, Windows 10 becomes a "recommended" Windows update and will be automatically downloaded to all Windows 7 and 8 machines. The installer will manually launch.
>>It's not as bad as everyone says it is.
>its updates frequently break computers; cannot be made to avoid updates through normal means
>does not shutdown, only hibernates; breaks things if forced to shutdown
>ads on the startmenu; constant pestering to buy more windows products elsewhere
>still too young of an OS to play nice with many things
If you disable Flash on IE, the ads stop. But nernums TV will crash your client if you try to watch it.

I heard mention of a hex edit to the BYOND .exe but I'll have to look into that.
After enabling JS, it told me my byond client was just outdated. it's updating now
jesus christ i forgot how bad the installer looks
Any way to get around it? Other than shutting off the connection to the internet, or is that the only way?
In a domain environment, I can control updates via a central update server. As an end user, my company has not discovered a way to control it.

Yet. We're determined to find a way.

If you can get your hands on a copy of Windows Server, you could set up Windows Server Update Services on a personal domain to control it.
Well that happened
What did?
File: helpmee.gif (366 KB, 140x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
366 KB, 140x160
ten/ten game
toli senpai
So it's settled, I'm not spending time on a server with admins that are too proud to refuse to lift unfair jobbans because of their elitism.

This other one has people that are way, WAY nicer to newbies. They actually teach them instead of just jobbanning every newbie that commits a tiny mistake.

And it's ridiculous that it's apparently all my fault for messing with le famous tripfag Freeman, apparently a celebrity I was supposed to know

A shame that this specific thread and server are damned to die soon due to lack of players, there were one or two nice people there. But I'm sure they will migrate.

See ya, and god helps whatever newbies dare try their luck on this place.
File: dnd 45.png (260 KB, 1274x984) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dnd 45.png
260 KB, 1274x984
I'll tell you when you're older

Basically me, a "thief" with good handwriting, pissant as bigdick mystic guy, and lee was loli elf fuckboy were on a ship. We fought off pirates, and spent 20 minutes trying to rape the last one. We tried to name a business and we do, and we ended up doing whater the price is right or something. We got teleported to Bob Barker's game room where he revealed himself to be a mecha Bob Barker. I unlocked a door revealing a car, Pissant got in and after 3 times hotwired it. Lee got raped for awhile, and then Pissant ran over me and Lee. Lee killed himself, I tried to naruto punch Bob, and died.

I have like 50 screenshots of the text.
post em satan
D&D officially is satanism in spess.
Thanks, satan,
I'll post an imgur link, have to crop em

I think I took a break 15~ things in so it gets a little confusing for some slides.

Suit yourself.
What's new in the new year?
Been out a while, and the changelog only goes to the end of last.
>Lol no, the admin is all butthurt because I exposed his shit and is already threatening to ban me.
>Lol no,
what's this new server you found so that i can avoid your kind
File: 1396661266319.jpg (66 KB, 540x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 540x720
yfw this has probably robusted you before in ss13
I appologise for a drunk.
I wouldn't mind getting robusted by that.
File: 1452287998444.jpg (440 KB, 1353x1014) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
440 KB, 1353x1014
>tiny mistake
>touch things I tell you not to touch and is surprised when I beat you up for touching them
That's Murphy
he is threatening to ban you because your being a shitposter

no admin on d20 will ever ban somebody for calling them out on anything.

Is that a girl or a boy? It looks like a girl, but on 4chan, you can never be certain.
File: notice me senpai.png (4 KB, 70x64) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
notice me senpai.png
4 KB, 70x64
hey thred yer cool dont come to arizona tomorrow
>No one on
Time zones suck
That's not Murphy. Where are the tattoos and piercings? Why isn't she inside a lesbian sex dungeon
Hi Rusty
Hi Lee
who is this
File: 1397255440513.jpg (19 KB, 238x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 238x320
It's an older pic before I got my nosering that is me.
File: 1411084513297.png (341 KB, 399x489) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
341 KB, 399x489
uranium windows will be functioning 100% next recompile
get hype for something that probably won't be used all that much to be honest, family

not being a faggot will take away the jobban however
>i'm new therefore i shouldn't have to suffer any consequences for being a little shit!!!!!

don't let the airlock crush your ass on the way out

>and lee was loli elf fuckboy
jesus christ
who let that happen

File: everything melts.png (269 KB, 1859x979) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
everything melts.png
269 KB, 1859x979
>slare and irvan spend a good round gathering EVERYTHING on the station into one place
>eventually, they confuse smoke emerging nearby a fellow crewmember as being an attempted acid attack
>shoot at him
>he drops a flashbang and a pacid smoke grenade
>rip station
n is for no survivoooors down in the deep blue sea
This is future they chose.
>Irvan throws up while strangling a man
>"That's fucked up man"
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Man this time is the best time to come to Arizona. It's still cool here from the rainstorms
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I have to say, I keep telling myself d20 is dead, but then every round or every two rounds have been fucking glorious, case in point. Not sure how we can have great rounds with like 5 people, it's a pretty big feat.
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