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File: Mom Halbardiers.jpg (86 KB, 808x765) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Mom Halbardiers.jpg
86 KB, 808x765
Get in there everyone than likes fantasy minis but doesn't have a General to hang around.
Today get Hyped be Momminiaturas new resin halbardiers in process. Any fantasy game without general are welcomed too.
The good thing about mom is the price, normally a human sized infantry mini is one euro the piece, while an hero is 4 (like the banner-men in pic). The quality is good too, it has minis ideal for Frostgrave, Morheim, Song of Blades and heroes or KoW, or for some WHFB proxies.
Warmonger Miniatures has to have some of the most interesting orcs out there, look at those Not-Landsnechts orcs. Wargames Foundry is a bit pricer (metal minis after all) but has lots of old school cool pieces.
File: Kevin Adams Goblins.jpg (283 KB, 1600x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Kevin Adams Goblins.jpg
283 KB, 1600x1600
Wargames foundry also has Kevin Adams goblins (Kevin Adams is the one than made the Gw classic goblins if I recall well) he is doing some aweseome ones for crooked claw miniatures.
Another good source of High quality minis is Cadwallon shop.
In there you can get Rackham Confrontation minis, more or less for 8-12 euros the human sized heroes, with high quality details and poses, all with beatiful aesthethics. A pity Rackham fucked up they made some of the best minis.
this shit looks terrible and old
>Not liking classic minis.
Ral Partha isn't for you then. Even when they have some kekworthy minis here and there.
File: goatknight.jpg (57 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 720x960
Westfalia is making an entire range of armed hobbits.
This one looks fucking cool, that helmet specially.
Also anyone has tried ShieldWolf minis? The orcs look interesting and the prices are good.
These are fucking beautiful.
They are 6th Edition State Troops, brought into modern times. Brings a tear to my eye.
I really wish he will make more in that style (inspired on the tercios, landsknecht or both) I think he is making some Lion cavalry too.
I'm not a fan of their orcs. The jaws look like they're not attached to the head, like all the orcs are missing their lower jaws, and just wearing fakes to cover it up.
More minis, those are from Tale of War, a company than does some Dark Faery tale style, not cheap but they aren't bad for adding some character in your Mordeheim, Frostgrave or SoBH gang.
I don't dislike them tought I see what you mean.

Also for Ogre lovers and pirates, look no further. Titan forge has plenty of quality too in bases, mechanized dorfs or undead orcs.
How is the cadwallon shop? I really would love to order some stuff but I have been afraid.
I never bought in it, sorry bro I only like they minis.
I am after some egyptian skeleton themed miniatures, more precisely horseman and chariots. literally the only thing keeping me from doing a TK army, the official models are fucking shite but they could be so fucking good, surely someone made some so fucking good version of them right. any tips?
Ok thanks anyways. Maybe I'll just take a chance then. I really like the rackham stuff and the eBay prices are nuts.
Crocodile games has Egyptian themed skeletons, but I don't remember chariots or mounted warriors.
Depending on how many you want, you could kitbash them.

Here are some nice looking Egyptian chariots for $7 for 2. If you can find skeletons and horses, they'd work.
I've been compiling a list of miniature and terrain manufacturers as well as bits sites for a while, if anyone want it, seems like this thread would be a good place. It's not all fantasy and sci-fi though, lots of different things, 50's spacefarers, pulp heroes, historicals, you name it. And of course, I'd love to add more names if you guys know any more.
I would love to see it anon. I have a list than I pimped myself from the ancient KoW threads.
For you, anon. I'll have to post it here, I just have it as a note on my phone:

Curious constructs
Hitec minis
Blightwheel minis
Black scorpion
Pig iron productions
Anvil industries
Zinge industries
Secret weapon minis
Kabuki minis
Red-box minis
The battleforge

Titan forge
Urban war (celtoslegion.de)
Iron wind metals
Westwind minis
Warlord games
Otherworld minis
Paulson games
Full borer minis
Black hat minis
Bad robot minis
Chapterhouse studios
Ramshackle games
Heresy minis
Gorgon studios
Mom minis
Crooked dice
Eureka minis
Hasslefree minis
Copplestone castings
Reaper minis
Antenociti workshop
Quantum gothic
The assault group
Perry miniatures
Wargames factory
Victoria minis
Zealot minis
Brother vinni
Toy soldiers depot (for IG cannons)
North star minis
Dark age
Avatars of War
Fenris minis
Dice bag lady/ bad squiddo games
Dgs games
Frp games
Tabletop-art (basing and treasures)
Shieldwolf minis
Ainsty castings
War torn worlds
Meridian minis
Dark-art studios
Scotia Grendel
Troll forged miniatures
Hexy workshop
Blue moon manufacturing
Hydra minis
Hirst arts ( terrain molds)
And the space is supposed to be dark sword minis.
That's a huge list, saved.
I think I will make a pastabin some day of these with the Fantasy minis like this one.
That's a great one too, anon! Thanks for that!
Omg that is a crocodile with a fucking cannon strapped on his back.

Friend of mine picked them up are they are pretty decent, I had expected them to be restic or whatever but they are proper sprued plastic with plenty of bits.

The heads are a bit weird and I think they'd be the biggest point of contention.

Plenty of companies do alternate orc heads though so that's an option as, like I said, the rest of the kit is pretty good.
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