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Ripoff character
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Have you ever played a character who is a blatant ripoff of something else?
I once played a character who was basically the singer of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPAr7kL-mmg
One of the primary systems my group plays is Mutants and Masterminds and basically the whole point of that game is to play rip-offs. Off the top of my head we've had
>Half-Snake Iron Man
>Ezio Auditore
>Paraplegic Iron Man
>Doctor Who
>Green Lantern
>The Shadow
>The Punisher
>Solid Snake
>Crocodile Dundee
>Jackie Chan Adventures talisman guy

When I was GM I lifted entire story arcs straight from the comics, which was glorious because no one else in my group actually reads them so they all think I'm a great GM
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I played the medic from TF2 once. Dnd. Iw was fucking great till the DM up and said "fuck you" and stopped the game.
I was stuck in a Pathfinder game that I wasn't really into, so I decided to make a character that took very little effort to play but could still contribute.

I made Tor from MKX. Basically a direct port, just with a name change.

Homebrewed Half-Ogre Brawler. He basically didn't talk, and just kinda faded into the background when combat wasn't happening / raw muscle wasn't needed. Wound up being quite helpful to the team, greatest moment may have been when he threw a spear to its maximum range increment from one island to another and absolutely fucked up his target with it.
Played Revolver Ocelot in a d20 SWRPG. Had ISB agent PrC, used mah authoritah to co-opt a stormtrooper squad to help us when they were sent to stop us.
Please Elaborate upon your tale
Haven't gotten to it yet, but wanted to play as The Batter from OFF. Also an Evil Freddie Mercury.

As long as a player is actually invested in the idea and doesn't just look at it as a novelty, I really don't care if he rips off a character. The key thing to test, I find, is asking if he can describe the character without appealing to known media about it. Don't tell me you're playing [That guy from that movie], tell me you're playing [a dude with the personality traits, skill, and goal that that guy had].

As for myself, I basically ripped off Setsuna from Evil Zone once, though I changed some minor elements. Instead of being granted megukal grill powers by a ghost, she was the kid from 6th Sense insofar as seeing ghosts was her only real power, and she stole a soul-sucking sword with a spirit trapped in it from a creepy antique shop so she could figure out how to set it free, because that's just the kind of thing good people do when they see someone in need.

Campaign died pretty fast but I still liked the character. Even got some artfaggotry done because we had a drawfag.

>Left to right
>Evelynn, ghost bound to spoogy soul sucking sword
>Karen, her new friend and wielder of the accursed blade, until she finds a way to destroy it anyway
>Bradley, strongman alien with an acting career. Superman meets Brad Pitt
>Garett, twitchy and nervous super genius with dakka to spare. Addicted to a super serum that boosts his attributes to superhuman levels

M&M games are the best
My current Rogue Trader character is, personality wise, basically sundowner, as well as being bald and using a power machete.
havent got the chance to tell someone to GIVE WAR A CHANCE yet, unfortunately
>Mariner's Revenge Song

You have some excellent taste, my Nubian friend
>Big LoL and Pathfinder player
>New Sion came out and was he was awesome
>Did not want to play human
>Idea pop into mind
>I mixed Volibear and Sion together
>Was a good bearborn Barb
>Sadly he died in the end
I played Solid Snake as a Mercenary Rogue. Somehow nobody caught on, even when I refused to part with my headband over my eye. It was actually a really fun game in all, including a scene where I got to fight a guy hand-to-hand as my comrades disassembled his ritual circle
PbP rpg-lite has few rules and lotsa shenanigans. I play a Thief who craves attention and leadership roles, while my DM attempts to cease my never ending stealing spree with increasingly convoluted counter-measures.
>MFW the lowliest guard is equipped with night vision goggles
I played a character whose powerset and mindset were basically just fem!Shiro.
Ironically she was psionic instead of a magic user, and tended to break her brain often whenever she failed to properly create or launch her swords.
One day, I want to run the whole of pic related in Burning Wheel.
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Unfortunately, I'm in a group where most (I'm talking 90%) of the player characters are rip-offs of anime and video game characters. This has also extended to the DM side, with one of our DMs having us play one of the worst campaigns of D&D I've ever played, essentially being some sort of shit-tastic amalgamation of the DM's current interests to the point where the Big Bad was an anime villain ripped straight into the universe with no explanation. Definitely one of the cringiest moments I've ever experienced with table-top.
Please, tell me more about your party and villains.
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ika horrified_1.jpg
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>90% of the PCs are ripoffs of anime and video game characters
>The DM is also ripping off anime and video game characters
>"Eh, whatever, he's just a whiny nerd. It's probably fu-"
>worst campaigns of D&D I've ever played, essentially-
>campaigns of D&D I've ever-
>of D&D I've-

Oh. One of those.

And here I was hoping for a BESM or Anima game or something.
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Alright, I know some of those guys browse here but what the hell I'll tell some.

Part I
>be me, 20
>live in buttfuck wisconsin
>been wanting to get into tabletop for a while but my direct friends weren't into it
>discover a game shop nearby after some hunting and meet a group of about 4 other people, whom I will refer to as A, B, C, and DM
>now A, B, and C are pretty agreeable, unoriginal of course but nevertheless agreeable. Their characters were anime characters from shows I've never heard of, but being an anime pleb, I had assumed they were original.
>this was my first mistake
>DM was less than agreeable; an argumentative neckbeard who unironically wore fandom t-shirts almost every-time we had a session. He was nice initially, but soon devolved into a horrible cringe monster who held his own master story above our own enjoyment.
>he was also the oldest of us by far at a gruff 29, the rest of us being 20-22
>when we first started sessions, I was new to both D&D and the table-top world, and so at every encounter I was amazed at the creativity and originality of it all.
>my simple warlock felt strangely out of place in most of the setting and among the other PCs, and as I began hanging out with A, B, and C, I began to see why.
>our characters at the beginning are gifted with special powers from an alien-cat being in exchange for our souls, which we must keep on our person.
>at first, I am amazed at the idea of this
>I then learn this is from an anime
>the main quest is to find specific swords in order to take over a kingdom
>I later learn this is from an anime
>we meet large, robust mayans who can steal life essence through physical contact
>I later learn this is from an anime
I am unfamiliar with the swords part, but it already sounds like a horrible clusterfuck.
First it's Madoka(or really any mahou shoujo), and then Katanagatari probably? The life-essence contracting mayans don't sound familiar.
Describe the other PCs so I can guess their sources.
>The life-essence contracting mayans don't sound familiar.

JoJo Part 2. It's the Pillar Men.
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Part II

>as the campaign drew on, I was becoming more and more cynical as all the bosses became dark souls bosses, blood borne bosses, and other nip-game bosses shoe-horned into this horrific campaign
>we partner up with people who can become weapons, which we have to use
>we meet mages who have heroes from history as summons, all of them girls for no reason
>we become locked in a town where we're forced to solve a murder and if we don't, we all get killed
>I soon learn that DM's unoriginality did not orbit entirely around anime, and we soon encounter references that even I get.
>we enter a city where everything turns to black and white and a man who the DM described as looking exactly like Bruce Willis needs our help
>a viking from a far away land who can shout needs our help in slaying a dragon
coincidentally around the time that bloodborne came out, we started encountering cthulhu monsters and werewolves out of nowhere and without any explanation 'story' wise from DM
>I'm in so much pain
>our choices as characters slowly dwindle, leaving us on a railroad I couldn't leave if I tried
>want to leave the group desperately, but fear it'll make relations with A, B, and C awkward, since they seem to be loving it
>finally, after trudging through countless dark souls bosses, bloodborne bosses, and skyrim bosses, we make it to the BBEG.
>I love the BBEG, simply because he isn't from any media that I know of; he's a simple stupid Lich.
>I'm ready to end this
>as we approach the Lich's final room, he turns to us, and the biggest smile appears on the DM's face
>oh no
>the lich tears off his mask, and behind it is the face of a golden-haired vampire
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fabulous custodes.jpg
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Ah, I haven't seen JoJo's, but I'm... somewhat familiar with the Pillar Men
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just dio.jpg
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Part III

>I die inside
>It's just Dio
>It was always just Dio
>Dio TPKs us in 2 rounds
>campaign over
>A, B, and C seem fine with it
>I'm angry
>I spent too much of my time playing this shit and putting in emotional investment for fucking dio to end everything in a fight we couldn't even win
>I openly confront DM
>he gets mad
>real mad
>says that D&D isn't about originality, he was just trying to make us happy and put in cool things
>he says this despite the fact that after level 9 we were railroaded to the point where we would get struck with 'mystical lightning' if we didn't do exactly as DM said
>I'm shaking in anger
>A, B, and C agree with DM, says that Dio was too cool for us to kill off
>I don't say anything, I just leave

I still play with them from time to time, but to this day I have never played a straight game of D&D. I have never played with original characters in my party. I have never played in a campaign that wasn't ripped from a show or game. I feel like I've never had the simple joys of a good ole sword and sorcery story. I want to die.
One was some kind of hunter of something, his player gave him a german accent for whatever reason. Another was emo I think and was the son of satan or something. The last one was a little girl and I have intentionally tried to block that character from my mind.
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>Dio TPKs us in 2 rounds
>campaign over
>A, B, and C seem fine with it

>D&D isn't about originality

>Dio was too cool for us to kill off
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Got invited to a Force and destiny campaign with pre-made characters this fall (the starting adventure.) The campaign sucked but I got to play a one armed Twi-lek mercenary...
All the time I play Star Wars.
I like playing star wars with my group because that's what inspires them the most but I'm not that keen on star wars lore.
But since the expanded universe have all kind of expys, I just end up picking a good novel and searching "what's (not!) dune in Star wars?"
It's Sevarcos II
And when I don't I'm loosely ripping off neal stephenson characters half the time for the base idea then playing them my way.
I sincerely feel sorry for you that this was your first RP experience.
That is fucking dreadful. I've blatantly ripped off Jojo's before for boss encounters but never to fuck over the players. Turns out AOE fire spells are pretty good at dealing with Vanilla Ice, if only Avdol hadn't been dunked like a bitch.
I managed to adapt GARcher to D&D 3.5e with a DM's permission, on the stipulation that I never pick up a single piece of loot ever. My meals/loding had to be paid for by allies or I had to do a successful performance to sleep anywhere that wasn't a dark rat-infested alleyway.

Overall, it was worth it to be able to clone the opponent's +5 Scythe and shove it up his ass. Fighter feats get crazy when you never have to worry about proficiency and you can basically have any weapon you want at any given time.
>on the stipulation that I never pick up a single piece of loot ever
But why?
Archer had at least one magic item of his own, even if it didn't get mentioned most of the time.
I was allowed to have the ability to clone any weapon I'd ever seen and examined for more than a round or two, on a whim, without ever having to worry about getting sundered. Additionally, any tricks the enemy used in conjunction with that weapon (such as flurry of blows with a quarterstaff) were also fair game, provided I saw them used. From Level 1. Additionally, it was a campaign that allowed Gestalting, and I was Fighter+Rogue.

We considered it a fair trade. He let me have +2 Dragonhide armor (that for obvious reasons I was never allowed to upgrade), he gave me a few hours in a basic bitch weapons shop at the start of the game to get some starting weapons traced, and we went from there.
A good aligned drow with two sabers!

Fucking hell I loved that series when I was a kid.
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As a GM, I mostly just ripped off the villain.
I played the Ultimate Warrior in a D&D 5e campaign for 2 sessions.

>Totem Barbarian
>Entertainer Background
>Grappling build
>Marketed himself to kids and made residual income from merchandising
>Lowkey had a "moon-sugar" addiction
The latest campaign I'm running is pretty much a beat for beat rip off of the Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone expansion pack with some of the details and characters slightly changed.

None of my players have played it, so they all think it's pretty great.
Guilty of it. Mostly for one-shots or quick campaigns online, mostly of weeb characters. The funnest part is when the plot develops them in a completely different direction or an incredibly appropriate direction.

Some memorable moments:
>playing part of the Dirty Pair accidentally triggering a nuclear explosion in a mission and later crashing a giant cruise ship in a joyride
>Baccano character in a gangster/superhero game trying to adopt Spiderman-expy
>Amelia Wil Tesla Sailune from Slayers converting most of the Southern Hemisphere to Catholicism and immediately signing a peace treaty with the Jews and Muslims to ensure world peace under an Abrahamic Triumvirate
In our shadowrun game we named our face Harvey Dent as a joke.
On our first big run he was nearly killed after taking an explosive round to the face.
What started as a joke now progressed into something more, as we now have Two-Face in our party.
If you're really good at filing away the serial numbers, you can get away with a lot.
>Have you ever played a character who is a blatant ripoff of something else?
All my characters take inspiration from other fictional characters, but I usually pick and chose aspects from so many different sources that I've never been called out on any of it. The end result usually isn't any similar to any of the characters that inspired them.
My current character is sort of an amalgamation of Cecil from Final Fantasy IV, Mel Gibson's character from the movie Signs, and underrated character actor Sam Rockwell.

Does that count?
Pic related, except he was undead, was an assassin for hire, and thought he was death's heir.

Really he was a mix between https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZAY-78zhmw , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3NoDEu7kpg , and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ocm8QdNR_d8
Only one I've played was Jek the Snek Gobberts, a pro-wrestlin goblin in a far-from-serious Savage Worlds campaign. rode a python named Snek, swore that an elbow drop off a high tree branch was what drove the Xenomorph off. Good times.
As a player, I've seen a fellow player be Lightning from FFXIII.
As a GM, I've got a player who's more or less a blatant rip of Meru from Legend of Dragoon.
Upcoming, the dude who played Meru is running a game, I'm going to play a blatant rip of Captain Hans Gunsche named "Lieutenant" and see how long it is until he and the other player recognize him. Anima, though, so blatant anime rips are common, if not encouraged.
absolutely based.
Played a bard named Kayne East in a 5th ed D&D campaign once, renamed all of his abilities as songs off of MBDTF
Was he at least fun and charismatic?
Gaunter O'Dimm..
pls stop my memories are being haunted like so.
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dude hey no.gif
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Our rogue literally named himself Ezio...
Our group had repeatedly ripped off discworld characters.

Most recently I decided to play Nobby Nobbs IN SPACE.

It was fun.
>former military man
>bodyguard to a noble
>framed for his assassination
>escaped, out for revenge
>formed a pact with a supernatural horror to be able to do it
My group never pointed out the parallels, but to be fair the lack of a skull mask, rapier and hand crossbow, or teleporting around summoning rats might have helped keep it subtle enough for them.
i think the jojo part is pretty cool and would like to see stands incorperated into dnd
My nigga
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Not DnD but /tg/ related
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Thread images: 20
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