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So guys tell me about your current character,...
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So guys tell me about your current character, what yall hope for them and what his/her goals in life are.
ADAD 5th lvl barbarian, chaotic good, just got a vorpral sword from a wish and some even chain so I can keep my dex bonus. Ice got about 80 hit points because of my con bonus. He's trying to remove all foul wizards from the world and our party wizard and illusionist are pretending to be clerics.
*elven chain
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Hot damn I love inter-party shenanigans. Our halfling rogue was put in prison for murder and our half-orc barbarian just became captain of the city guard.

He's going to have him fight other inmates on death row in an arena to earn his freedom
>half Orc barbarian becomes captain of the guard
Sounds like a story to be told
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He comes to the city, sees that the guard are voting for a new captain and that anyone can nominate themselves. After us explaining very slowly and in super simple common, the barbarian gathers that:

>guards stop crime, so they're pretty strong
>the leader of a group is always the strongest
>therefore the captain of the guard is the strongest in the city

Seeing as he's all about proving he's the strongest and shit, he nominates himself, gives a bloodthirsty Conan-esque speech and wins, mainly because the main other candidate was another PC, who was an alcoholic druid with daddy issues.

He's now running an underground fighting pit using inmates on death row as his gladiators and it's beautiful
Now when yall start owning city's have a barbarian as the captain of the guard for each. The world will soon know peace and gladiatorial combat
>druid with daddy issues
I wanna hear this one too
His father was one of the PCs on a previous campaign. From what our gnome sorcerer has gathered from reading his mind, his father was

>a great hero of the people
>also an alcoholic
>constantly disappointed that his son wasn't as great as him, despite only being a child

The druid has a whole slew of Freudian problems, including naming his horse after his father and setting up a shrine to him in the party's house. The sorcerer plans to probe deeper so that the party can figure out what the fuck is the deal, as the druid refuses to talk about it.
In Pathfinder I have a 1 armed Cavalier who's basically a 'nam vet with battle fatigue from when he was on a crusade. He has a locking gauntlet as his wooden hand, which he uses for his shield mostly.Occasionally he'll have flashbacks whenever the DM comes up with some sidequest for us to do. Like when we were exploring the sewers he started freaking out about being "back in the tunnels" and kept crawling through pipes with a lantern in his hand and a knife in his teeth.
Aww that's sad. Maybe your DM will make it a quest, like going inside his mind and he defeats his father or something and he says like "I always knew..*coughs up blood* that you'd surpass me"
>nam vet cavalier
That's cool as hell, also nice taking a disability (one arm) for your character. Adds to him, my group doesn't di much backstory for characters
I gave him 7 dex as his dump stat to illustrate his lack of a hand, which sucks for certain things, but it makes playing him that much more interesting. Gotta use your noodle to figure out how to get around that terrible reflex save, and usually that involves thinking like a soldier.

Also it gives me an excuse to do this:
Ok so why are they having a nam flashback?
Also assuming it's an aliens reference
While at war he had a bunch of terrible things happen to him and his fellow knights, like watching his friends drown in their armor after their boat overturned or seeing someone burned alive by a sorcerer. He grew to hate his enemy, which means he did some pretty terrible things too. He helped burn an entire village down, murdered civilians, even sold PoWs into slavery. When he lost his hand he was sent back home but he couldn't turn the war off. He drove his wife and children away and he became an alcoholic. It wasn't until he started following Iomedae that he began turning his life around. He's no paladin, but he tries to keep himself in check, and he's bound and determined to set things right somehow. However his past keeps catching up to him hence the flashbacks.
Oh I meant the video but im glad he has a good backstory. My barbarians is just he's the last of his tribe. Went on a hunting trip and a neighboring tribe whipped them out, now he's trying to gain power to destroy or assimilate the tribe. His hatred of wizards is just because he thinks it's natural and cheating
Oh, it's an old MST3K reference to Aliens.
Oh thought so with the "marines we are leavinggggggg"
Pathfinder, level 7 Cavalier, chaotic neutral. Currently playing the Mummies Mask campaign.
Dohmnal al'din, a kalishite adventurer of no renown whatsoever before joining forces with 3 other nobody adventurers with the hopes of plundering the old tombs of Wati. There is little to speak of his past, youth spend merely riding as an currior between the desert settlements. Quick on his feet and even quicker in the saddle, hes been able to outrun or run down almost anything with kopesh and bow. His sole purpose is dedicated to making money or gretting famous. Preferably both. His mount however is far more interesting, affectionatly dubbed Ewebarsted. And generally unpleasant to anyone that it comes in contact with, including its master. The paladin of thr adventuring company has been consistantly confused by the powerful pings of pure, unadulterated evil radiating from the horrible beast. Chaotic Evil by nature, and unbeknownst to Dohmnal, a worshipper of Rovagug.
>half elf ranger
>lived in a canyon city called "Gran Canon" his entire life
>wants to see what lies beyond the canyon walls, even if everyone else believes the world beyond is dead
>gets to lead an expedition to see the world beyond
>So far so good

I hope to explore his eccentricities more as time goes on. Seeing a mountain range for the first time should be fun.
"I didn't know the ground could go that high!"
Vengeance Paladin in a homebrew setting, used to be a soldier in his homeland before earning a lordship after a violent revolution. He decided to leave his homeland in search for his missing son/adventure. Basically I hope for him to return to his homeland and remove the violent tyrant he helped install.
Have a Hyuuga Samurai, Lvl 3, NTTRPG.

Aced past two years of highschool and passed a standardized PT test with one of the best scores, never dropped a question in the Academy where we learned our abilites, but wasnt the number 1 student, got elected class president, things were looking up in a mary sue way, but then foreign invaders showed up and war broke out, so my grades and school pres, all in the trash, and im falling behind in Sam Acad cause I can't figure out Samurai Sabre Tech. GDI.

So goals...probably learn Sabre, pass by the next game year and be drafted in by a higher samurai so I can leave the hidden undercity to start saving our non ninja/samurai students from certain communist demise and start taking names like a jedi.

Finesse based blade in one hand, tenkatsu blasting, maybe pick up some gen and get a gun for longer range if I can take someone down who has one.

...Pretty hyped.
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