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Quick! Create a BBEG's personality and...
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Quick! Create a BBEG's personality and history then post a picture, the best one will be used in my campaign.

Doesnt have to fit any specific theme or design.
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A bear
File: spook.gif (955 KB, 360x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A skeleton
A skeleton riding a bear?
All in pic.
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rapist amazon from space
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Kie'Ravel - Shapeless spawn of the Dread god

The lord of all evil was recently (within the last 1000 years) killed by a band of teenage misfits. Now all his demi god children are fighting over the right to be the next lord of all evil. Kie'Ravel gains power by shapeshifting and swearing "Loyalty" to the other demi gods, then consuming their essence as they invariably get spanked by adventurers. Will occasionally also pretend to be a barmaid or w/e else can push the players in the direction of a spawn of darkness.

Personality is basicly that of Matska Belmonde from Carmilla S2, 50% casual threats, 50% sass. All casual insults to adventurers who somehow think they have any chance to kill a god
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It's a intelligent pendant. The pendant is at the heart of an evil treant ranger. The pendant is actually 5 high-level nature hobos, fused into 1 being, that are trying to spread forests over the entire globe. They reside in one such forest, with a mother of all trees dominating it, wherein random gates to the fey world reside, and the mothertree keeps up an aura that rusts all non-enchanted, non-organic matter in a manner of weeks. This wouldn't be so bad, if the tree (which was the pendant's little creation) wasn't also responsible for were-creatures attacking every full moon, for 300 miles around the edge of the forest.

The pendant seems like a normal magical artifact, that helps nature grow, but it dominates the wearer at the first full moon, opening the a gate for dark fey creatures to come through, then tree striding deep into the nearby forest.

The only way to destroy this pendant, is to place it in the place of the heart, of a lich, resulting in the implosion of the lich and pendant.
That TLG guy
Somebody that knows more than you'd think, but less than you'd hope.
Conceited, superior, arrogant, curious, callous, short.
Also a dragon.
He said BBEG not waifu.

>Woman born in slum, has shitty gypsy powers
>Teen king decides all the poor people should gtfo so he can put a shiny new merchant quarter in this perfect spot
>Peeps say no; King rages
>When she's about 14, gets driven out during purge and family are killed

>So far, so generic

>Wanders countryside, steals to live
>Tries to rob idealist wizard
>Wizard sees magical potential and wants to reform girl
>30 years of training later, King Fucknugget gets a scare from neighbouring wizard-assassin
>Tells magic users to gtfo
>5 years later, the now-hermit and his apprentice get found by antimagic dudes
>Mentor dies, woman escapes
>Has formed weird philosophy during apprenticeship
>Already had hate for Fucknugget, swears to take something of equal value from him

>"anon, this is shit"
>it'll get better

>Lady seeks out power
>Finds mucha strong artifact
>Reverses aging, because arthritis is gonna knock in a decade or so
>Begins planning
>Should mention ideals at this point
>Believes that people have a 50/50 chance of becoming dickholes
>Has a theory on a sort of Gnostic-style demiurge and it's relationship with power in the material world
>Plenty of evidence
>Families became dickholes within three or four generations as a rule
>Plan is to kidnap Fucknugget's daughter to satisfy her vow
>Also attempt to reeducate her and thwart power corruption by letting her aid the people and subvert whatever rulings dad makes

>Gets daughter without much trouble
>Witch and king are pushing 60, girl (fifthborn child) is nearly 20
>Education leads to Stockholm Syndrome
>"fucking hell anon"
>But wait; witch is hit with Lima Syndrome
>Decides that her adopted daughter should be put on throne in the best possible scenario for ideals to become a reality
>Both plot to destroy noble power structure

>Fast forward fifteen years
>Nobles families are all fresh
>Hate for magic is at a high due to magical murderising

>All branches of royal family die in fiery explosion during coronation
>Daughter (now 40) comes out of the flames, saying that God's agent, in form of the witch, spirited her away while the great evil swept the country
>Country is unstable as fuck
>Witch steps in as secret advisor
By the time the queen is 65, realm is united and expanding

>Witch fucks off and repeats the cycle whenever the corruption sets in
>Current day, kingdom is massive expansionist empire
>Paladin heaven; magic is considered evil
>Only the ruler knows the part it has played in their success
>Empire is shit at fixing internal problems, and forces conformity on annexed areas
>Records are fucked
>Empire is practically ruled by witch because the royal family is a bunch of dependent leeches with no initiative
>Witch is close to seeing united world which is enlightened and free of the demiurge's influence
>Is oblivious to the fact she's created a magic-hating society that has no long term memory, and has destroyed cultures, traditions and artifacts in their fervour

Oh great heroes, please stop this menace!
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DJ Sagara.png
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A mysterious being, bombastic one second, and cryptic the next. It sheds mannerisms and personalities as quick as rushing waters, adopting what needs adopting and discarding what needs discarding. This entity has existed for countless years, appearing in places far and wide, stirring up unrest in one place and putting it down in another, but always in an advisory position. If someone notices this being's patterns and studies it somehow, they'll easily see a single correlation: change and bloody conflict always follows in its wake.

tl;dr a master mercurial manipulator working towards mysterious ends, playing every single side. Probably some kind of immortal.

>Didn't greentext a line

I have dishonoured my family.
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images (1).jpg
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A life eater older than humanity itself who feasts once a year for 12 days in the heart of winter. He pays for the time he steals from people with little trinkets.
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Bad Ass Necromancer.jpg
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>Born into a noble family
>Faced a political uprising started by another family
>Many of his family died, leaving him the next heir to a destroyed throne
>Escaped into the night with the help of those still loyal to his family
>Spent years trying to reclaim the throne
>Does so by starting uprising, inciting political squables
>Hires people to help in his journey
>Kills them after so they can't soeak
>Learns magic
>Begins resurrecting people after he kills them
>Slowly building an undead army
>Makes attack on small villages to grow his undead horde
>Always wears a mask so no one knows who he is
>Rises through the ranks of several courts, becoming a big deal among the nobles for his charm and kindness
>Helps the PC's on multiple occasions
>Eventually grows his army large enough to reclaim his land
>King gives land to someone else
>Mask is furious, decides he wants the whole kingdom
>Begins leaving clues that the king is really the necromancer
>Party either figures it out or kills king
this is the best suggestion OP
Ruthless, evil ruler with random bursts of completely unnecessary violent tendencies.

Born a nobleman, both powerful and witty, he worked his way up with overambitious plans to eventually seize the throne. When the coup was in advanced stage, king's champion slapped his shit with artifact-tier sword that prevented magical healing/regeneration, resulting in him losing an arm and retreating. Crippled and dying, unable to be healed, he spent all his resources to hire some talented magic users. They summoned a powerful demon lord, hacked its arm off, grafted it onto the human and banished the demon back to hell.

BBEG survived this process, emerged even more powerful, regained his influence and eventually took the throne. Naturally, the late king's champion was murdered. BBEG now uses the same artifact which slashed his arm off in the past.

The arm is slowly tainting and possessing him, though he is unaware. In combat he and his demon arm are considered different characters that act separately, which also means he can do roughly twice as much per turn.

Once the BBEG dies, the demon arm detaches and rapidly regenerates into a full demon, becoming the new villain.
Jack Callister, the Bear Knight. Brought back from the dead to serve the evil lich, he is a shadow of his former noble self.

His skill in combat and mastery of bear mounted tactics is second to none.
an occultist and his occultist waifu are involved in rituals, one of them catches a demon and it ends up possessing her body.

lacking knowledge and expertise to successfully trap or compel it their only course is to trap the host body so that it eventually de-manifests, having nothing else to do. it ends up mortally wounding her body before doing so.

several decades later he's managed to amass enough artifacts and power to invade hell and try to drag the demon out and trap it in realspace. while doing this, finding out the demon's identity and trying to trick it into manifesting again, he's made enemies out of the previous owners of the artifacts, several demons and fiends, and many people concerned about him in general and the idea of opening portals to hell. a few minor magic users and imps are loyal to him because their interest align with the tertiary objectives of his plan.

what he's still looking for is a sufficiently powerful source of torture to place in his trap. he means to install it in some way that might conceivably outlast human civilization, not for a personal vengeance, but for the glory of his dead GF. he wants the story of why you don't cross her to exist after everything else from her era is forgotten.

he's been completely out of fucks to give since his girl's death, has forgotten the idea of fear and has little interest in what to do after succeeding. everyone else is concerned enough to try to delay or attack him, though, since he's in possession of the single largest collection of magical weaponry and cares little for any living thing or himself. the power to be a force in hell could easily be unreasonably destructive in realspace.
John Fairwind

An average man who lived an average life
Had a lovely wife who he'd lay with on a comfy rug
Until one day coming home a horrible scene he was shown
A thug had broken into his house, and left the dying body of his love
Filled with such grief, his tears turned black as he held his wife. His body slowly becoming engulfed with the black tears until all he was was sadness. Wherever he goes whatever he touches becomes devoid of all life and magic. Driven mad, every women he sees he mistakes for his wife.
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Eons old Lich who wants to end life simply because it keeps distracting him from attaining ultimate magic.
The two are not mutually exclusive. In fact they make for good dramatic moments during and after final showdown.

>Join me!

>How could you do this?
>Because I love you
>Because I love her
So says Mr. Stewart.
Wait a minute, that pic?
Is that a photo of the girl cosplaying as the girl from the video game (unteralterbach or something) where the little succubus is a cameo of the girl that is cosplaying?
Bard from an adventurer's party long ago. He already had fulfilled his grand quest, achieved great things, attained great riches, and made bonds that will last a lifetime.

His story is a simple one: an evil overlord and his generals wanted to oppress the world, and a band of heroes opposed him. He was there for support, common sense, and to tell the story after it's done. Today, it appears that the villains have returned and make the same threats. The bard gives the party their starting gear and promises to help their cause. The one thing the bard tells them about the overlord is that he attacks people by killing those they love like family. (bluff to make it seem as though the bard is going to get killed by the overlord at some point for cheap feels.)

At first, he is presented to the players as a mentor. He is kind and often jokes with the players, giving advice that is more pragmatic and grim than tutorial-like, but ensures the players that it is simply a harsh reality that every brave soul must endure. "When you're all in a dungeon cut off from the world, things won't go like this", "If you consider your actions, you hesitate. If you hesitate, you have given them a chance in something they already decided" and such things are said between anecdotes of his life. Each of the stories are a mostly chronological account of his party's adventure. He describes his old friends fondly and their adventures always have at least one detail in common with the player's most recent mission.

After some time and bonding has occurred, he mentions that there are some stories he hasn't told the players because he thought they weren't "ready" for them yet. They recount the final part of his campaign. It turns out the overlord wasn't really the party's goal, but the artifact he had. The bard was caught in a web of betrayal by his once-friends, and he had to be just as treacherous to survive. (cont.)
extremely ancient race of perfect beings that created every sentient species and used them as slaves until they rebelled and drove their masters to almost entire annihilation, the BBEG is the former emperor who for thousands of years accumulated power in a different plane of existence to unleash a magical plague that will get everyone back into his control again
The bard killed his teammates he previously trusted, only to be caught by the overlord in his chamber as the party's leader bled out on the floor. The overlord saw this and decided to tell the bard what the artifact was. It gave power to not the wielder, but the wielder's progeny. This cycle has gone on for countless ages, yet unavoidable by a curse of fate. From this, the bard realized that each of the generals his party killed were the overlord's sons and daughters. The overlord was still attempting to rule the world, he still was wrong, but all the bard could think at the time was how he took part in the very evil he was told that the overlord committed-- attacking one through their family. The overlord gave the bard his artifact, telling him to do better where he did, and threw himself out of the citadel's window.

The bard then pleads to the party to not continue the cycle, but rather allow the overlord to take over. Or, at least, keep the generals safe.

The overlord is still actually the overlord, but the generals are really the bard's children this time around. The bard taught the party not because he wanted them dead, but because he wanted to at least make sure that if they succeed they don't betray each other and continue the cycle.
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Corpse hauler.jpg
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Alane Sharkmaw was always a weaselly little man with little muscle and even less empathy for anyone, he did however have natural cunning and a disdain for human life. This naturally led him to a life of dealing with the dead, or those who would soon be dead. Born without magic he spent most of his young life ripping apart small animals, and as he grew older and larger so to did his prey. Eventually he began surgically operating on humans, learning what little parts he could rip out and still leave someone breathing. Slowly through trial and error he learned every single organ a humanoid had. After learning alchemy he learned it was possible to knock people out and operate on them without them ever knowing. As time went on he was able to acquire certain magical artifacts which he now plants in people. Some items allow him to hear or see through your eyes, others he can cause to explode, and some even allow him to take control of a creature with a simple wave of a wand. Who is a spy without knowing? Can you trust anyone?
Stephanie Joosteen?
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A disembodied voice that can instantaneously travel anywhere in the world and observe the world there-in. Furthermore, it can rewrite anything that isn't written in blood, as it cannot affect the living and blood retains that property even dried. As it has no form, it cannot be attacked, harmed, trapped, or even truly influenced. But, it only has the mind of a man, and all the shortcomings of that.

It's goal is to gather back it's lost body, which it can't find because of the same power that keeps it from altering blood or even reading what was written with it.

It's body is now commonly known as Demon Seeds and when ingested, give that person strange, bizarre powers by manifesting their souls next to them and creating [STANDS]. It is only through the power of [STANDS] that the voice can be harmed, if one knows where it is...
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Having found the secret to bringing their dream self into reality, she possessed her own sleeping body in the dream so that she could always be dreaming, always be lucid, and mending reality to her whims, should she have time to think what exactly that is.
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The young punk who's in over his head
but secretly he was behind it all
A mage who uses magics to make people believe he is the strongest and most competant fighter in existance.

His very appearance makes mortals fall to their knees and he blends in as a civilian; spreading fear into the Kingdom hearts much to the content of his allies in power.
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>You'll never know the atrocities he's seen.

>You'll never know the atrocities he's kept you safe from.

>You'll come to know the atrocities he's going to committed very well.

>You're going to know the atrocities he's going to
She made a deal with Hitler. If she can wipe Belgium of its rebels, superpowred or not, the land is hers to play with. It won't be to hard, as she can teleport about aything to anywhere in her visual space in a fraction of second.
But there's still a war going on...
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They harden in response to physical trauma.
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B-but that's where I live!
>How could you do this?
>Because she let me fuck her ass
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enter the infinite.jpg
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rebel scum
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I actually like that. When silly things are turned into awesome things, it hardens my peen.
It's a chimpanzee with a gun.
I don't know what its problem is but jesus christ its pissed.
One of my Sub-BBEGs is an evil Bard! And the son of a son of a son thrice over of an ancient adventurer.

And now a mafia boss.
Someone help me out here.
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It is said that he can only be defeated by a samurai.
>You and he literally can't even sentences
Well then, get to it and good luck.
A really big lobster.
No, no. Bigger. Imagine is there was a lobster as big as Sardinia. How would you even beat that. It's not sapient or anything, just upset and big.
Donald Trump.

I win. Where can I collect my prize?
File: 1446650256842.jpg (55 KB, 538x930) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP said BBEG
not hero who defeats the BBEG.
File: WELCOME TO DENVER.jpg (85 KB, 1024x683) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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a giant evil blue horse golem with laser eyes!
File: image.jpg (32 KB, 330x328) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A kid who somehow gained phenominal cosmic power, and used it to turn the world around him into a personal plaything. He creates what he wants, destroys what he wants, and treats people like toys and servants. Pretty much just an ordinary kid with any measure of magical ability. He doesn't really understand the full consequences of his actions, and he doesn't care.
Mr. Hab-Sor-Sur would like to dominate everything, forever, and under his rule every being will be brought before him and he will decree their punishment for existing, and they will be made exactly as unhappy as he sees fit.

Dr. Brindgazor would like to disassemble the world in reverse order of creation to better create his own, which he has already decided will be a study in incoherent antagonism and monolithic chaos, which he will enjoy crafting down to the finest filigree.

they both have existed since time immemorial, alongside 997 other fiends, charged by the demiurge's predecessor to trouble its replacement in the new creation
how's he gonna make mexico pay for the wall sempai?
probably by sneaking the bill in some fine print in one of the dozen trade agreements we make with canada and mexico.
Alright, you all got your opinions out there.

Now go back to talking about dragons or get out
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1 MB, 2029x2030
The Lichee, a being of untold evil and necromantic power trapped in the form of a delicious fruit.
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What's Brindgazor's doctorate in?
Where did he go to college and when? Was it when the pre-demiurge ruled? Was it during this creation? I need more information
he went to college at Berkeley 1980 on a minority scholarship
finally got his doctorate in 1987.
took a few years off to travel abroad but opened a small but successful practice in Harwich MA.
Why would he do all of that when he'll just be rewriting the world? Seems a bit counterintuitive.
I like Evil Bjork
oh you've never taken time off to try something new?

besides it was the 80s why would you want to change anything?
well clearly that was in the last creation
Well he's a fiend created by an ancient entity with the sole purpose of messing with the demiurge, so it seems like he should have been more focused on his goals.

Now that makes sense
File: reagan approves.jpg (16 KB, 423x272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
reagan approves.jpg
16 KB, 423x272
>besides it was the 80s why would you want to change anything?
File: 9e9.gif (195 KB, 300x167) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Vs. Hitler-mecha.
Mecha-Hitler piloting a Hitler-mecha.
Thread replies: 78
Thread images: 44
Thread DB ID: 370240

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