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Does your PC character carry any objects...
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Does your PC character carry any objects for mostly sentimental reasons? If so, what are they?
A page from a beginner's spell book, containing the very first spell she was ever able to cast.
A very large axe.

The amount of people he killed with it makes him very sentimental about it.
had a gnome that only used a greatsword for sentimental reasons
My elven wizard years ago never sold the pearl and gold comb he picked up as part of an early treasure horde. No-one else even gave a shit, but I kept that comb. I always meant to enchant it or something, but that group fell apart after the idiots decided, "Lol this isn't enough fun. I'mma start attacking party members for no reason."

As we were trekking through a troll-infested swamp at the time, when the ranger turned on the druid for daring to catch his pet monkey in the periphery of a firewall, while saving the party from troll attack, I teleported the fuck out of there and left them to their doom. With the druid dead, I was the only one left with enough fire or acid to deal with the trolls and our mission only needed to deliver some letters to the various kings, calling for an alliance against the BBEG.

Frankly, I'm glad I'm shot of that group, but ever since, I've never found anyone willing to run DnD, of any addition. Pity. I liked that character. Honestly, stopping to just pocket a single comb gave him more personality than I've often seen in the groups I've run since. Shame...
My Minotaur cleric collects trophies from people who die that he respects
She had an axe her brother gave her before she left.
She lost that really early on and still feels guilty about it sometimes. And probably will when she finally goes home, too.

She's also got some trinkets- mostly money- from a crush she met at one point. It's kinda the same thing, shut up.
My current character in one campaign is a really serious/cocky PF Oracle. She sleeps with a teddie bear because she wanted one as a kid and now she finally has one.

Another character in an upcoming 5e game is a wood elf fighter who carries around a bear tooth because her fight with the bear it belonged to was particularly thrilling.
My Paladin's Holy symbol is a sentiment that he took from the dead body of his long dead father, a Priest from a Fishing town who adopted him.

It's a tear shaped pearl wrapped in metal so it could hang on a piece of fine twine that also serves as the symbol of the Demi god he's bound to since he's really the only believer left as the town was attacked during the middle of a war. It also is something of a phylactery that he plans to use in order to bring her back from her sleep.

Party don't know that it is yet, DM has a general idea and is letting me do it if I can get it all ready by the end of the campaign, so long as it doesn't wreck the setting and royally pisses everybody off because if it turns out well enough, he wants to see the specific after effects might make for a good campaign for me to run.
He carries his shitty resume, to remind him that things are not going to ever get any better.
Fingerless glove on the left hand, and only the left hand.

It hides a branding from when the character used to be a slave. Having it uncovered is somewhat humiliating/axienty-causing due to the memories associated with it.
>and only the left hand
"Hey Jeff, why do not only wear one glove?"
>"Well you see, there's this story behind the brand it covers.. Several years ag-"
"It's coverin' something? Then if you're trying to hide it why not wear both gloves and not make everyone ask why you're always wearing just one? How many people have aksed that before me? Today?"
A small, very crudely forged hammer pendant, the first thing he ever forged.
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A letter home. Apologizing. Explaining that if they were reading the letter, I wouldn't be coming home. Never sent, just kept in my beltpouch in a leather wallet.
>was 4E bard
>very smooth talker
>straight up con man
>met another con artist
>turns out she was daughter of the head of a syndicate
>turns out the head of the syndicate was a crooked earl
>aspersions on throne, because he's the king's cousin and closest surviving heir
>he was the reason he was the closest surviving heir
>decided I was too weak of will to take part
>had his daughter fake "untoward" relations
>execution or exile
>drank way across continent
>stumble into dwarven city
>sing for my supper(aka four pints and a handful of pretzels)
>well and good alcoholic at this point
>hear about a job to free a keep from orcs
>con my way into a royal audience
>silver tongue my way into the dwarf king's good graces
>get appointed to lead their hired adventurers
>meet the party
>spend first three combats with negatives for drinking
Revolver with a last bullet meant for the murderer of his family. In Star Wars. Fuck blasterpistols!
A few trophies of war, a sword he won in a duel with a notable antagonist (honorable undead general).
pieces of dead enemies.

Quite often we hva problems how to butcher a particolar enemy for trophies and what goes to which one of us.
A spade. Forged out of the remains of his weapon, when he took part in the crusades as a rank and file soldier.

He named it after one of the washerwoman following the campaign. He fell in love with her, and now that his leg is crippled and he is unfit for service, he only sticks with the party in hopes of meeting her again.

He uses the meantime to at least try to put as many of the fallen to rest. A thing he had never time for in war.

Grizzled, alcoholic ex-mercenary turned redemption seeking gravedigger on a quest for his true love. Party just thinks he is a pervert with a fixation on his shovel.

A plain bracelet with a small icon-charm of Lathander as the central focus of it. His great-great grandfather (he doesn't know it, thinking him to be his grandfather) taught him a few prayers before his family moved to a safer location. Always kept the bracelet, but time has made him forget most of the prayers.
I always try to have my characters have a bit of their personality in their equipment, like weapons and armor being gifts, but my current ones either got the elderscrolls treatment or have spent most of their life avoiding attachments.

However, a character that I played a while ago in a long running game gave one of the other characters some silver and cold iron shurikans (after coming up against some devils and the player proving stingy). My character is long since dead, but when some enemies required them he had a touching moment when he thought back to his dead friend.

It's a lot of fun to give other characters gifts, because when they're in a tight spot they inevitably go through their entire item list looking for an out, and yours might just be the thing that saves their life.
his former commisar's coat
he killed him and took his place to get outta the guard
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Empty beer bottles that my character puts in his utility belt full of other junk.
Wizard made some neat Masterwork sunglasses in response to my Drow's complaints about the surface world being so damn bright.

He's gone through a few different kinds of armor, 3 weapons changes, and the near loss of one of the partie's ship and he hasn't taken the damn things off.
The lucky fish hook her father gave her. He might never have been a very succesful or visionary man, but he tried his best and did what he could for the family. They might not have seen eye to eye on life, but she still appreciates what he did.

Oh, and also different curios and knick-knacks she finds out there, for her little brother. She can't really spend time with him and she's worried about how he'll turn out, but she at least hopes that he'll appreciate the souvenirs.

He probably doesn't, at least as much as she hopes.
Herbs and spices. He's a cook turned warrior, and can't stand bland food.
Not myself but one of my players carries around a pet rock, becuase she bludgeoned her fathers killer to death with it, it frequently "attacks" people, she's not the brightest...
I used to carry a cross necklace, but I gave it to an NPC (and romance intrest) after he was heavely wounded
She keeps her personal effects at her apartment.
However her ever-present glasses were a present from the rest of the party after her previous pair were intentionally broken during an inter-party argument.
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Thread images: 5
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