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Fallout Wastelands: Louisiana Wastes
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Working on Fallout: Wastelands v2.0 and I figured I'd drum up some interest by posting the information the men and women of /tg/ helped me come up with for a Fallout tabletop game.

It is February 17th, 2228, two hundred and five years since the Great War that reset the clocks and sent parts of the world back to the Stone Age. Men, women, and children hid below ground from the atomic fire, praying that they would be spared. Buildings were destroyed, cities leveled, and some of the greatest feats of human engineering were wiped off the face of the planet for good.

In Louisiana the Mississippi River –now known only as the Black Water- flows free once more, no longer fettered by levies and dams. Baton Rouge is a glowing pile of rubble, no longer a proper city. Lafayette has been looted, torched, and leveled, with only a single town remaining within its borders. But not all hope is lost. Not all of Louisiana has suffered their fates.
(Shit, when Anonymous for the OP)

New Orleans is waking up. She’s starting to feel like herself again. The combined forces of the Aristocracy, the All-Saints, and the Silver Dollar Sams have managed to get the city back up and running. Every day boats pack the canals and sound of workers can be heard across the city, and each night the lights shine on the water and music floats through the air.

But there are those who would take New Orleans for themselves. The Brotherhood of Steel grows ever closer, having taken control of an Old World Vault to use as their headquarters. However, where some fear an iron-fisted rule, many in New Orleans see only opportunity.

In the swamps to the east tribals grow restless, and people have begun disappearing in the night. But these are just stories told to keep children from wandering off into the swamps, which have their own, very real dangers. Mirelurks, yao guai, and deathclaws alike call the swampy lands around New Orleans home.

Those are the problems of tomorrow, not today! Louisiana is alive again! Towns and even a city have sprung up in the swamps. Sure there are some problems with raiders and tribals, but the bright lights, sounds, and drink of New Orleans drown out all but the deepest of sorrows! Soon the Great Festival, the ancient tradition of Mardi Gras, will begin and all of New Orleans will be swept up in the celebration! Forget all your worries for a time, friends! Sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself, for tomorrow you may die. Because after all…

War. War never changes…

Overall description of Louisiana coming in next.
The Louisiana Wasteland consists of the lands south of Interstates 10 and 12, going from the glowing ruins of Baton Rouge down to the marshes and deltas that make up the southern Louisiana coast. The Great Black Water (Mississippi River), a massive river, runs through the Louisiana Wasteland. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of the wasteland, the Black Water is polluted and carries radioactive material, making it unfit for consumption or use. Large, mutated crawfish live in the Black Water- dangerous creatures known as mirelurks.

Swamps cover much of the Louisiana Wasteland and are home to all manner of creatures ranging from simple bloatflies and wild dogs all the way to swampclaws (deathclaws with more alligator-like traits) and yao-guai. Combined with fierce tribals and merciless raiders, these creatures make traveling through the Louisiana Wasteland dangerous as best and downright suicidal at worst.

But not all hope is lost. The pre-War city of New Orleans still stands as a beacon of hope for the people of the wasteland. While the breaking of the levies and the flooding of the Black Water have submerged much of the city, New Orleans still survives as a post-War American Venice. Canals filled with boats and canoes run through the city, allowing people to travel quickly and (relatively) safely from one end of the city to the other.

The entire city is run by a mysterious and distant group known as the “Aristocracy.” Little is known about them aside from the fact that they are all ghouls that were wealthy, prominent figures before the Great War.
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The Bombs aren’t what destroyed New Orleans. At least, not directly. Sure some buildings crumbled when atomic warheads detonated near the city limits, but none of them hit New Orleans directly. No, what really hit the Big Easy was the breaking of the levies. Waters from the Gulf and Black Water flooded New Orleans, sweeping away the streets and destroying many of the buildings and drowning several thousand people that managed to survive the worst of the Great War.

One section of the city managed to remain relatively untouched: the French Quarter. Thanks to its improved levies, the French Quarter withstood the worst of the flooding, although the radioactive materials in the water did result in the transformation of the Quarter’s inhabitants into ghouls. Not a group to let the sudden bestowal of immortality go to waste, the survivors in the French Quarter worked quickly to consolidate their power and rose up as the leadership caste of New Orleans: The Aristocracy.

The city of New Orleans is made up of the following districts that managed to survive the Great War:
>The All-Saints Superdome
The Big Easy has changed a lot since its heyday back before the Great War. Broken levies, drowned districts, and the massive influx of slavers and criminals have contributed to the degradation of civilization in the New Orleans area. While the city itself is a one-of-kind jewel in the wasteland, it lacks order. It lacks structure.

But there is a shining beacon of light in this den of darkness and shadow, and within it rests an ancient order of valiant knights, sworn to defend the innocent and punish the wicked that would attempt to bring harm to New Orleans and her people. These men and women, these knights of the wasteland, are called the All-Saints. It is said that anyone with a stout heart and a willingness to learn can join the All-Saints, although the Knight’s Trials are difficult and it is known that many have died trying to complete it.

The Superdome itself is a veritable fortress of steel and concrete. Massive doors that can only be opened from within are powered by a combination of solar batteries and microfusion breeders. That’s nothing to say of the All-Saints themselves, heavily armed and armored men and women that patrol the seedier, more dangerous parts of New Orleans in an attempt to establish order.
Oh shit I remember that thread, my dick is diamond waiting to see what you prepared
>The Colony
While West Bank is certainly no pre-War park, it pales in comparison to the Colony. Filled with “lepers” (the nicknames given to ghouls not wealthy enough to live in the French Quarter), the Colony is a wretched place suspended over the Black Water. It is not uncommon folk chunks of the colony to fall into the river, drowning its inhabitants. While most of the Colony’s population are ghouls, there are some humans and even a few super mutants that have been exiled to the Colony. No one watches out for the lepers there, and it’s a common practice for the Silver Dollar Sams to come in on a regular basis and sell off the inhabitants that can work to various groups to serve as laborers, and most of the humans to the Sawney as meals. The ghouls and super mutants are safe, as the Sawney won’t eat their “cursed flesh.”

>The Hanging City of Danzinger
Old Danzinger Bridge was a pre-War masterpiece of engineering, so much so that it actually continues to function to this day. While the term “city” is loose at best, the Hanging City of Danzinger is a fully-functioning town that serves not only as a residential area, but separates New Orleans from the rest of the Louisiana Wasteland thanks to the fact that it is the only place left that can cross the Black Water.

Danzinger is separated into two sub-cities: Waterside and Topside. Waterside is the poorer of the two regions and is owned almost in its entirety by the Pontchartrain Boat Service, New Orleans’ premier guild of boaters and fishermen. Most people that live in either part of Danzinger work in Waterside for the Boat Service, either as mechanics, pilots, or fishermen. Topside is somewhat nicer and has taken to the use of hydroponics to grow enough food to feed the citizens of the Hanging City without having to rely on the rest of New Orleans, much to the chagrin of the Aristocracy.
>The French Quarter

The oldest part of New Orleans, the French Quarter survived the floods thanks to its state-of-the-art levy system. Those within the French Quarter quickly rose to power over the rest of New Orleans citizenry and established themselves as the ruling elite, the Aristocracy. Since the Great War, the Aristocracy has funneled large amounts of resources and money into fortifying the French Quarter and turning it into a veritable fortress. Heavily outfitted and highly trained guards patrol the walls of the French Quarter and assure that no one is allowed inside without the express permission of the members of the Aristocracy.

Only the wealthiest and most influential citizens of New Orleans may live within the French Quarter and partake in its many pleasures. The population is fairly low, with each resident usually owning an entire house for themselves. Amongst residents of the Quarter, the ghoulish aristocrats from before the War are the truly elite, and they often look down on the shorter-lived humans that “pretend at grandeur.”

In the post-War history of New Orleans, the French Quarter has been besieged by residents of the rest of the city no fewer than thirty times, with each attempt ending in disaster for the unwashed masses that live in the filth of New Orleans’ canals. In certain parts of town, murmurings of a thirty-first invasion attempt can be heard.

Perhaps the most important part of the French Quarter is the fact that it contains the largest water purifiers. More than three-fourths of New Orleans’ drinkable water comes from the French Quarter, and without it, the city would die.
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So far it's just a recap, but I've had some ideas floating around in my head these past few months.

>The Rail Yard
What was once a center of land-based shipping in New Orleans has become one of the most dangerous parts of the city. The Rail Yard has become the city’s center of industry, with pre-War factories rebuilt and running so that the entire city may benefit. The Aristocracy’s Martha Gosnold (Madame Goldenrod) officially owns the Rail Yard, as she poured her family’s money into rebuilding the area. However, it is the muscle of the Silver Dollar Sams that keep the area under control.

Despite the danger of the Rail Yard –the machines have been known to “eat” workers and the Sams aren’t the friendliest supervisors- most of New Orleans’ working population is employed in the Rail Yard. The next project Madame Goldenrod has for her workers is to get a train engine back up and running, then extending a railroad to the town of Cypress Union to the west. If word of any other civilized town were to be heard, Madame Goldenrod wants her trains to run there.
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>Super-Duper Towne
Built on a hill in the old Lower Ninth, Super-Duper Towne is a fairly large sized district within New Orleans and serves as home to the city’s poorest residents. Built inside of the remains of a strip mall dominated by an old Super-Duper Mart, Super-Duper Towne provides modest living accommodations at low prices. The entire district survives almost entirely on the scrap industry, with residents searching the most dangerous ruins of New Orleans in hopes of finding something to sell.

When the flooding began, the people taking shelter within the Super-Duper Mart began building walls from just about anything in an attempt to hold back the water. Cars, concrete road barriers, shelving units, and any other sort of junk that could hold back the water. The walls held, barely, and over time they were reinforced into proper levies, although leaks still spring up from time to time. Super-Duper Towne is near the outskirts of what remains of New Orleans and is therefore beyond the interest of the Aristocracy. No protection is provided to the residents of the area aside from that which they can provide for themselves. A small band of super mutants from the west have decided to settle there and have come to be known as the Super-Duper Mutants.
Uptown is for those who are too wealthy to be seen in Mid-City, but lack the proper connections to set up residence in the French Quarter. Those who live in Uptown rarely have to work, and if they do it’s usually just a discussion with another resident who happens to own a rival business. The buildings in Uptown, while nice, are old and haven’t received the same care as those in the French Quarter. Violence in Uptown is nearly non-existent, although during each of the thirty riots it got hit hard due to the lack of proper walls surrounding it. The only way to get to the French Quarter is to travel through Uptown.

The Silver Dollar Sams are headquartered in Uptown in the Continental Hotel, an Old World luxury hotel run by Fat Frankie’s friend Winston. However, despite Uptown being the location of their headquarters, the Silver Dollar Sams don’t have much of a presence in the district. Some say it’s because the residents aren’t intimidated by them. However, most people agree that it’s simply because the Marquis doesn’t want them terrorizing the most prosperous portion of the city.
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>Vault 28
Built within the confines of New Orleans, Vault 28 was an experiment in dividing people into different levels and forcing them to compete with one another to rise to the top. Rather than having a single Overseer, Vault 28 had a ruling council of twelve Overseers that would determine what sorts of tests would be issued at the end of each month to the residents of Vault 28. Due to the constantly shifting nature of one’s caste, residents of Vault 28 tended not to form lasting bonds with one another, as one never knew if a friend was true or just waiting for your guard to drop so they could use you as a stepping stone in the next month’s competition. The ultimate goal of any true Vault 28 resident is to join the Council so that they can dictate the rules of each month’s competition. The last thing anyone in Vault 28 wants is to fail out of the Vault and be exiled- forced to live among the savages outside of the Vault’s walls.

While Vault dwellers that are exiled are never allowed to return to Vault 28, members of the top two levels and Councilors are allowed to freely leave and enter the Vault, usually on diplomatic and resource-gathering missions. For most, a life lived entirely within the walls of Vault 28 is all that is expected, and truly all that is desired.
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>West Bank
The slums of New Orleans, West Bank is the home to the city’s poorest residents. Most of West Bank isn’t even built on dry land, but instead is comprised of ramshackle huts and houses built on to the sides of pre-War buildings in an attempt to keep everything above water. There are three levels of West Bank that are constantly being built up and torn down as the tides and Black Water flow change. A large portion of New Orleans’ population resides in West Bank, with most of them traveling to the nearby Rail Yard to work from sunrise to sunset.

West Bank suffers from severe drug and alcohol problems, and more often than not people tend to “mysteriously disappear.” It is too far from the Superdome for the All-Saints to properly patrol it, so it falls upon do-gooders within West Bank to keep their neighbors safe. There are not many do-gooders in West Bank.

That's the end of Old New Orleans herself. I'm going to take a break and see if people want locations outside of Orleans or the factions within the city limits before I keep going.
You know I do, but I'm only one guy so...
More on the city factions would be very cool

City Factions it is!

>The All-Saints
From their own legends, the All-Saints were a group that can trace their ancestry back all the way back to the time before the Great War where they served as bold warrior-knights (some claim they were merely “ath-o-leets” that were part of a sports team) that would duel other knights in mock battles across the United States. One such battle was taking place (against the hated Falconers!) when the bombs fell. The spectators began to riot, some in anger and others in fear, but the All-Saints and the Falconers put aside their differences and worked together to calm the masses.

The Superdome, thanks to recent renovations by its paranoid, Red Scare fearing owners, was designed to withstand the worst the Great War could throw at them. Air purifiers kept radioactive materials out of the stadium and a supply room filled to the brim kept the hungry crowds fed for weeks. The doors to the Superdome opened only once before the supplies ran dry, and that was only to let in a band of soldiers from the Jackson Barracks inside. With the help of the soldiers, the All-Saints and Falconers were able to keep the area secured and even arrange for supply runs. The All-Saints and Falconers selflessly volunteered to go on these runs, inspiring many of the fans that had come to watch them fight to join them.


Over the years the soldiers from Jackson Barracks, the All-Saints, and the Falconers became a single group under the name of the All-Saints (as it was their castle they all called home). The Superdome itself became a bastion of civilization under the leaders of the All-Saints while the rest of the city –save the Aristocracy’s own French Quarter- remained a place of chaos and anarchy. Crusades were launched in an attempt to tame the city, but for every raider or feral ghoul killed, it seemed that three more were there to take its place. Outnumbered, the All-Saints were forced to retreat back into the Superdome.

In a joint effort with the Aristocracy and the Silver Dollar Sams, the All-Saints managed to carve out a bit of civilization in New Orleans and even helped build the great walls that surround it today and ward off raider tribes and feral ghouls from Baton Rouge. Now the All-Saints focus most of their energies on keeping the lands around the walled city of New Orleans safe and secure so that wastelanders can breathe easy when they arrive.

The standard armament of an advanced All-Saint warrior is pre-War T-45d Power Armor brought in by the National Guard soldiers from Jackson Barracks. Lesser warriors wear combat armor or reinforced metal armor, while squires wear leather armor. The old uniforms from pre-War times are left in the Hall of Heroes to be honored by the All-Saints of today. Standard weapons include spears, machetes, bumper swords, and assault rifles taken from the National Guard Barracks. These weapons are kept in pristine condition at all times, for replacement parts are few and far between.
>The Aristocracy

A group of well-to-do ghouls from the pre-War era that are the self-proclaimed rulers of New Orleans (not that anyone disagrees). Most of them were either born into wealth before the Great War, worked their way to it, or looted enough valuables after the bombs fell to be considered rich enough to enter the French Quarter. Nowadays they live within the French Quarter, commanding the city from Beau Chene- a fancy country club that managed to survive the Great War entirely intact. It is here that they handle the day-to-day issues of running New Orleans, and it is here that they host extravagant parties for the wealthy elite and the fortunate few that they deem interesting enough to attend such gatherings. As a result, earning the sponsorship of a member of the Aristocracy is a big deal in Orleans, and citizens of the town will compete for the chance to enter Beau Chene.

For the most part the Aristocracy believes itself to be the last bastion of true civilization and culture in the Louisiana Wastes –all others are dirty laborers at best and savage tribals at worst. Most members are very aware of their appearance and will do whatever it takes to draw attention away from the fact that they are ghouls. Some don masks to hide their faces while others wear elegant clothes to draw attention away from their bodies. They bathe and wear colognes and perfumes so as to remain refined at all times.

The Aristocracy hate feral ghouls and will pay large sums to anyone that brings them proof of an exterminated feral. Image is important to the Aristocracy, and feral ghouls are bad for their image. Some believe that the members of the Aristocracy fear that they will inevitably succumb to their baser desires and become feral as well, but the Aristocracy scoffs at such notions.


While outwardly the Aristocracy come across as socialites and highly civilized men and women unfit for violence, they have many dark traits and secrets they hide from the public eye. The leader of the Aristocracy, a ghoul called Marquis Jean Villeneuve (better known as “the Marquis”) has close ties with Francis “Fat Frankie” Tomasino, the kingpin of the Silver Dollar Sams and uses the gang to enforce his will upon the poorer sections of New Orleans that do not willingly bend the knee.

Along with his dealings with the Silver Dollar Sams, the Marquis is known to buy slaves and set them loose in the swamps around New Orleans for he and his friends to hunt down and kill. Few slaves escape this fate, but those that do tend to be recaptured by the Sams and those that are killed are sold off to the Sawney clan that lives in the swamps outside of New Orleans.

Lastly, the Aristocracy deals in drug trafficking, although they reroute most of the actual labor through the Silver Dollar Sams. The drug trade funds many of their events and parties, but most of the money goes into the annual Mardi Gras –an ancient festival of debauchery wherein the entire city celebrates for seven days, giving into their most bestial urges. Anything goes in Mardi Gras, and the Aristocracy stands only to earn a profit from it all.

The Aristocracy are the de-facto rulers of New Orleans, having built most of it back in an attempt to continue living their lives before the Great War. They seek to preserve the current way of life and thanks to their alliance with the Sams they are currently doing a fantastic job of it.
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>The Blue Note Boys

An up-and-coming group originating from West Bank and Mid-City, the Blue Note Boys have earned quite a name for themselves thanks to the cache of instruments and working jukeboxes the founding members discovered one afternoon. With a little bit of spit and polish, the Blue Note Boys managed to get an old Mid-City jazz club –the Domino Lounge- back up and running and now they pull in insane amounts of Caps every Friday night in their clubs.

Each member of the Blue Note Boys is a skilled jazz musician as well as a capable brawler in his or her own right. The need for violence came during the formative months of the BNB, as the Silver Dollar Sams tried to exterminate them for fear of the Boys becoming another prominent gang in New Orleans. However, the Marquis stepped in and put an end to the violence and even put several Blue Note Boys on retainer.

Now the Blue Note Boys own several clubs across the city, many of which serve as safe houses for members of the Silver Dollar Sams. Each year at Mardi Gras, the best of the Blue Note Boys are hired on by the Marquis to play during the opening ceremonies of the festival. Their leader, Joseph “Buddy” King, has performed each year for the past fifty years, and it’s believed that he is going to step down this year and let some fresh blood take the stage.

Unknown to Fat Frankie and the Silver Dollar Sams, King plans on elevating his own boys to a higher place in the eyes of the Marquis and the Aristocracy, perhaps even replacing Fat Frankie and the Sams entirely. King and his men have been building weapons based on those they’ve pocketed from drunken Sams in their clubs and tweaked them using various instrument parts. Everything from trombone rifles to tuba-style blunderbusses to guitar cases disguising machine guns have been developed as King prepares for the next step of his plan.


Now the Blue Note Boys were an idea created by a /tg/ Anon. I was originally going to keep them in mostly as a sub-faction, but as I thought about it more and more, I started to entertain the idea of having a sub-plot involving the Silver Dollar Sams and the Blue Note Boys fighting for control of the streets/canals of New Orleans.

While the Sams are backed by the Aristocracy, the Marquis figures he stands to profit regardless of who wins, so he's more or less stopped anyone in the Aristocracy from intervening in conflict so that no matter who wins, they can sweep in an offer up an alliance (or demand one, more likely).

The Silver Dollar Sams have better weapons and more firepower, but since they've taken on the role of the Aristocracy's enforcers, the people of New Orleans *hate* the Sams - perhaps moreso than they hate the Aristocracy. This gives the Blue Note Boys the edge of having the support of the middle and lower class people, which means shelter and possibly mooks to absorb bullets.

Any enterprising wastelanders could ally with the BNB to help gain some power and authority in the canals of New Orleans.
>The Mississippi Moon
Owned by a fairly honest, if not opportunistic, man named Hamilton Chase, the Mississippi Moon is a refurbished multi-class riverboat that offers all sorts of amenities to the discerning customer. The Moon caters to all denizens of the Louisiana Wastes- offering booze, men and women, and all sorts of games of chance to those who want to spend a few Caps and feel like a king or queen for a few hours. Its fine, white hull and clean, courteous staff give the Mississippi Moon an air of old southern luxury aboard the bayou as it chugs along from one sunken town to the next, gathering vagabonds and wealthy alike to its rooms and gambling halls.

Those who run out of money for gambling may stay aboard and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Louisiana Wastes as the ship sails along, although if they don’t even have the Caps to afford their room they may find themselves dropped off at the next port. Anyone too drunk and ornery to behave like a civilized person may quickly find themselves taking the “rail exit” over the side of the Mississippi Moon. People thrown overboard are sometimes offered the chance to get back on the boat- at triple the usual rate.


The owner, proprietor, and captain of the Mississippi Moon is Hamilton Chase, a man whose past is a mystery, but with a laugh that can draw a smile from even the poorest of sports. Despite his geniality, the wise know not to cross Hamilton, as he carries himself like a natural-born killer. The truth is that Hamilton used to be a member of the Silver Dollar Sams, although he swore them off after he was left for dead floating in the docks of West Bank. Using nothing but the Caps to his name and some good, honest labor, Hamilton broke his back funding the Mississippi Moon and spent the last six years cultivating his image.

When Fat Frankie and the Sams caught wind of his success and figured out who he was, they threatened to reveal his origins unless he helped them out. Now, Hamilton tries his best to keep rumors of drunks and losers from being kidnapped and Shanghaied from his boat. He may need some help soon, and the man would be willing to pay a small fortune to keep his name and legacy clean.

Dear Emperor man.

Use fucking paste bin.

The Mississippi Moon is another idea I received from /tg/. It was originally called the "White Star," I believe, but I've changed the name as a reference to the Doobie Brothers (I quite enjoy the song).

I'm thinking of using Hamilton as the way to get the players into the Bayou, as he travels all along the coast. They could be stowaways or guests on his boat looking for a way to get to the Big Easy without traveling through Voodoo Territory.
>Silver Dollar Sams
Led by Francis “Fat Frankie” Tomasino, the Silver Dollar Sams are the most successful and powerful mob family in New Orleans and have slowly been taking over various parts of the city thanks to their connections with the Aristocracy. They were nearly wiped out by the All-Saints during the years spent building up New Orleans, but by the time the All-Saints were ready to make their move the Sams had already gotten in bed with the ghouls running the city.

Nowadays the Silver Dollar Sams run an entire black market of drugs and guns, getting supplies from the more corrupt members of the Aristocracy, including the Marquis himself. They also run a few side businesses including being the slum lords of West Bank, the foremen of the Rail Yard, and forcing the poorer merchants of Mid-City to play “protection fees” lest they get set upon by “ne’er do wells.” Some honest folks have done what they can to weaken the Sams, but Fat Frankie has his boys so well entrenched that it would take a miracle to get them out of the city.

It’s also believed that the Sams dabble in the slave trade, although no one is sure if it’s true or just a rumor to help keep would-be heroes from acting up. Rumor has it that those who fail to pay their protection fees or otherwise cross or annoy the Silver Dollar Sams disappear into the night. Whether or not it’s true, people have seen members of the Silver Dollar Sams leaving the city to strike trade agreements with the Sawney, a local tribe known for its cannibalism.


The Silver Dollar Sams control the following:

>The Pontchartrain Boat Service and Guild of City Boaters
More commonly called the Boat Service of Boat Guild, the Pontchartrain Service provides transportation to both businesses and the private citizens of New Orleans. They have been a prominent guild for the last fifty years, serving the great New Orleans area and traveling as far as Fishtown to the west, Boeing to the south, and north past Baton Rouge when necessary. It’s believed that the Pontchartrain Service might have some ties to the Silver Dollar Sams and it’s said that those who go against the Pontchartrain Service or the Sams wind up nailed to the underside of the Guild’s boats.

>The Continental Hotel
A luxurious hotel owned and operated by Ian Winston, an amicable, if not somewhat reserved, character. The Continental Hotel, or Continental as it is more commonly called, is one of the few buildings in Uptown that managed to survive almost entirely intact. Winston spent much of his life earning money and putting it toward buying and restoring the Continental so that on the day the gates of New Orleans open to the world, the wealthy tourist will have a place to stay that has the perfect touch of Old World luxury.

Behind closed doors, however, the Continental is the prime safe house for the Silver Dollar Sams. In fact, Fat Frankie has the entire top floor closed off for his own personal use, including the rooftop garden. While Winston and Fat Frankie are friends (as much as anyone can be friends with Fat Frankie, that is) some would have you believe that Ian Winston is looking for other potential allies in the underworld- allies that maybe aren’t so crude, but are equally as violent.
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The Pitt.jpg
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>The Union Jacks
The Union Jacks, more commonly called “the Union” or “the Jacks,” are a group of Mid-City and West Bank workers hoping to create some equality within the city of New Orleans. Tired of being spit on by the Aristocracy and beaten by the Silver Dollar Sams, the Union Jacks have spent the better part of the last six years working to unite the city’s laborers into one, cohesive work force so they can stand opposed to the Marquis and Fat Frankie. They were successful for awhile, but when their old leader Adam Sinclair was killed by a Silver Dollar Sams hit squad, the organization was shaken to the core.

Now three people lead the Union Jacks- Martin Little, Inez Fuller, and Stephen Stewart and while their ideals and goals are singular, their methods are very different. Stewart calls for the continued rallying of supporters and using acts of charity to get more people to join their cause before holding a summit with the Aristocracy to have their demands met. He is opposed by Little, who believes that the time for peaceful protest is over and that they should take the fight to the French Quarter and burn it to the ground if necessary. Inez believes that the city of New Orleans would fall apart without the laborers of Mid-City and West Bank, and believes that they should all simply leave the city and start a new life somewhere else in Louisiana, perhaps Cypress Union.

Without a solidified leadership, the Union Jacks have begun losing influence and support, as they have yet to accomplish anything since Sinclair’s death.

The Union Jacks were the original rivals of the Silver Dollar Sams and the Aristocracy, but I'm not as keen on them as I previously was. I want to change their name (possibly to the August Revolutionaries) so it fits the more "European" feel the Aristocracy is trying to make. They're styling the city after Venice and themselves after the French aristocrats, so I feel like "the Revolution" should have that same feel.
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As a fellow Louisianian, I want in on this setting SO hard. By the way, do you have a copy of what you have so far until you put out 2.0?

I will post it when I return to my computer! It's about 80% complete and I'm hoping to have it done (or at least playable) by the end of the month.
File: Damnit Lebron.gif (3 MB, 385x217) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Damnit Lebron.gif
3 MB, 385x217
fucking Lebron, even in games he pull some goofy shits

Here it is. Based largely off of Jason Mical's Fallout PnP game, so it's based around the d100. All that I really need to do to finish it up and make it ready for playtesting is weapons and equipment.
Not a bad start at all. Definitely gonna keep an eye for when 2.0 comes out.

I'll be moving on to Factions outside of New Orleans next.

>The Blood Circus
Who says Mardi Gras has to be but once a year? That’s the idea behind the Blood Circus, an organization of revelry and debauchers headquartered in a sealed off section of the Bogue. Led by a strange man named Axel, the Blood Circus is a den of vices. Whores? They have plenty. Chems? All you can imagine and some you can’t. Gambling? There are cards, slots, roulette, and even a fighting pit where those who want to put their violent talents to good use. Axel is nearly impossible to find outside of the Circus grounds, and inside of it he is more protected than a king in his castle.

Just a small faction that would allow the players to get involved in blood sports for a few Caps or get a reliable (if not expensive) source of chems.
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>Brotherhood of Steel
These aren’t your technophiles from California or do-gooder knights from the Capital Wasteland. No, these are the harden men and women from Texas, come in search technology and power. After “stabilizing” Texas, the Brotherhood of Steel has set their sights east in continued search for Old World technology and more land to clam dominion over. So far they are content to settle in Vault 47, which has databanks filled to the brim with information the Brotherhood of Steel can use to its advantage.

While Elder Cyrus commands the Brotherhood back home in Carbon, the local chapter is overseen by Head Paladin Nadia. Without an Elder to keep a balance between the Knights, Paladins, and Scribes, the Vault 47 Brotherhood is considerably more aggressive and favors military action over just about any other form of operation.

The Brotherhood of Steel controls Vault 47, Sulphur, and Boomtown and more-or-less rules over the Hanged Men Camp, which they can freely travel through. Their sights are currently set on Cypress Union and Fishing Shanty, the next closest settlements.

What Fallout game would be complete without the Brotherhood of Steel? Now admittedly I haven't played Tactics or Brotherhood of Steel (though I've heard the latter is trash), so I'm a little flimsy on the Brotherhood's lore outside of California and the East Coast. These guys basically want to secure the technology of the region as well as eliminate anyone they feel might be a threat. The fact that the All-Saints use power armor sets up the Brotherhood against New Orleans, although they are just as likely to recruit the All-Saints as they are to level the Superdome.

Any help with the BoS in particular would be appreciated!
>Church of the Mother
A small group of religious fanatics that worship an entity known only as "the Mother," a woman believed to be an aspect of the Virgin Mary. There are three different locations of the Church of the Mother- the Basilica in the French Quarter, the Church located near Winnebago, and an unnamed monastery hidden way in the swamps. The Church of the Mother is officially located in the French Quarter and run by Mother Veronica- a ghoul woman who claims to speak with the Mother each night in her dreams. Only women are allowed the join the Church of the Mother, although men may serve as castellans and guardians of the Mothers and Sisters.

All women who wish to join the Church must take a pilgrimage to the hidden temple where they study for years until they are assigned to one of the other two major churches. From there they are sent on missions to various towns and settlements in the Louisiana wastes to aid and educate the population. The Church of the Mother appears to many to be an altruistic organization, but no one really understands their end game.
>Grease Monkeys
A gang of machine-obsessed raiders believed to have splintered off from a group of technophiles further west, the Grease Monkeys focus on locating pre-War vehicles and getting them back in working condition. They are a largely nomadic group with a base of operations in the southwest corner of the Louisiana Wastes near Texas. This town, known only as “the Factory,” is actually an Old World automobile assembly plant that’s been restored to nearly working order and is run by the Mechanic, who uses slaves to scrap unsalvageable vehicles and modify those that can still run. The Mechanic also found the parts to a few machines capable of making and recharging batteries ranging from microfusion cells, energy cells, and electron charge packs.

The Brotherhood of Steel has attempted to claim the Factory for themselves, but so far the fast-moving buggies and almost insane raiders have proven to be too tough of a nut to crack. Until reinforcements arrive from the west or the local recruits finish their training, Head Paladin Nadia is forced to accept that the Grease Monkeys will continue controlling the Factory.
>The Hanged Men
A local tribe near the Louisiana-Texas line, the Hanged Men are the first and most loyal of the Brotherhood’s allies. Named for their strange ritual of self-hanging, the Hanged Men are an aggressive, warrior people known for shrewd tactical acumen and a willingness to fight an opponent no matter their strength.

The Hanged Men and Brotherhood went to war at first, until the Brotherhood realized that it was unlikely they would be able to defeat the Hanged Men without calling in for reinforcements. Impressed by their enemy’s martial prowess, Head Paladin Snake struck an alliance with the Hanged Men, trading lower-grade weapons (still leaps and bounds beyond what the tribals had) in exchange for support. Since the Brotherhood’s arrival many of the younger Hanged Men have petitioned to join the Brotherhood of Steel, but only six have been accepted so far.

The Hanged Men have a peculiar ritual that they use as a passage into adulthood. Whether man or woman, an adolescent hanged man drinks a mysterious concoction for a week straight that supposedly toughens one up. Once the drink is consumed, the adolescent is subjected to beatings until he or she can no longer stand. If they can survive for a day, they are considered full-fledged adults. Adults have the opportunity to hang themselves from the branches of one of the Sacred Trees, where they must stay for thirty minutes. Those that survive are considered blessed, for they have crossed over into the Underworld and returned. Only these warriors are truly considered to be Hanged Men.
>The Rockin’ Rollahs
A gang situated just south of New Orleans in an old roller rink, the Rockin’ Rollahs are a fairly small gang that uses loud noises to intimidate and disorient their enemies and psych themselves up. Once their enemies are off guard, the Rockin’ Rollahs move in on roller blades and skates, using maneuverability and speed to take on larger groups of enemies. The Rockin’ Rollahs dress strangely, wearing crazy spiked leather armor and growing their hair out long before arranging it in large, almost mane-like fashions. Most Rockin’ Rollahs wear strange war paints that make them look like sadistic clowns. The most common rumor is that the Rockin’ Rollahs are all chem fiends, and those rumors are most likely correct.

>The Witch Doctors
The Witch Doctors, usually called “swamp folk” by the inhabitants of New Orleans (although to be fair, city folk call everyone “swamp folk”) that seem to possess some sort of innate control over the animal denizens of the swamp. They are a small tribe that is currently allied with the people of Boeing, although they are not truly allies with the citizens. In fact, Metrejon –the chieftain of the Witch Doctors- plans on taking the town of Boeing over and made into the new Witch Doctor settlement.

The Witch Doctors have tamed several wild beasts, including a swampclaw and two yao guai. It’s said that Metrejon himself rides the yao guai into battle and wields a spear poisoned with deathclaw venom to bring down his foes.
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>Silent Children
A large warrior tribe that roams along the Louisiana-Alabama line, the Silent Children are the descendants of refugees that took shelter in caves just after the Great War. The initial survivors were attacked by roaming bands of rapists and cannibals and the survivors were left to starve. However, a select few volunteers bravely chose to attack the cannibals and draw them away long enough for the others to go out and gather food and water. Those that survived these suicide missions were called the Braves. Today, the Silent Children travel across southern Louisiana and hunting deathclaws and mirelurks. Many also raid smaller settlements and kidnap children, taking them back to their caves to raise as Silent Children.

A strange ritual of the Silent Children is that of the Great Scream. Before a battle, all of the Braves (warriors) that are to join in the battle scream until they can no longer speak. They will then fight in complete silence, using spears, machetes, and bow and arrow. Some elite Braves will use silenced firearms, but they are few and far between. It is widely believed, but unknown, if the Silent Children are cannibals, for not all of the bodies left behind from Silent Children raids are left untouched.
>The Sawney
Cannibal folk from the eastern swamps with an almost religious reverence of dogs and the like, the Sawney are single largest tribe in Louisiana thanks to their almost Herculean sex marathons and they more or less control most of the lands east and north of the Black Water, stretching from its banks to I-10 and I-12. However, the Sawney have few permanent settlements, preferring to live in roving “packs” consisting of hunters and warriors while the women, children, old, and sick stay back in more permanent (read: slower moving) camps.

Years of inbreeding and exposure to radioactive food and water has left most Sawney horribly deformed and none-too-bright. This is only expanded upon by some of the more savage practices of the Sawney, including the filing of teeth and the growing out and sharpening of their nails into pseudo-claws. However, despite all of this, the Sawney are usually quite friendly toward outsiders and won’t just eat anyone. They consider themselves “enlightened” cannibals that only eat slaves that they purchase and member of enemy tribes captured in battle.

The current leader of the Sawney is a brutish hulking man named Jim the Humongous. He rose to the rank of leader years ago and through brute strength and a surprising amount of cunning has remained in charge of the vicious Sawney and earned the respect of several lesser pack leaders.
>Whistlin’ Dixies
When New Orleans was first waking up, the Silver Dollar Sams weren’t the only organized crime family running the streets. Their rivals- an old family called the Whistlin’ Dixies, controlled more than half of the canals and bridges running through the Big Easy. However, they weren’t looking to make friends with anyone, and so the Dixie were unprepared for a joint attack at the hands of the All-Saints, Aristocracy, and Silver Dollar Sams.

Beaten and driven out of their city, the Whistlin’ Dixies have scattered across southern Louisiana and now stretch from Pearl River all the way to Cypress Union. For the most part the gang has been decentralized, with each holdout following its own rules and codes, but when called upon, the different cells of the Whistlin’ Dixies will come together to help take out a larger threat.

The largest concentrated force of Whistlin’ Dixies is in Fish Shanty. While the crime rates have gone up since their arrival, the Dixies are tolerated since they keep smaller gangs out the area and have so far managed to root out any members of the Silver Dollar Sams and “take care of them.”

The unofficial leader of the Whistlin’ Dixies is a man by the name of Mike Gilligan. The Silver Dollar Sams have a one-million-Cap reward on the man’s head, but so far no one has been able to find him, much to Fat Frankie’s chagrin.

The Whistlin' Dixies are a potential third option for the players to use to control the canals of New Orleans. Since the Dixies are looking more for revenge than their old heights of power, they could be coerced to join the Blue Note Boys, although the idea of running New Orleans again is appealing to Gilligan.
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