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Writing Thread
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How are your campaign / scenario coming along, /tg/ ?

Let's share our ideas about what we're writing to see if we can help each others.

In case of thread failure, have a qt barbarian.

Remember r8, dont h8.
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I'll shamelessly bump with my current stuff.

I'm trying to write a vietnam war style scenario with the party starting as mercenaries for the invading and being left to themselves in the woods after an ambush. They can try to go back to their initial camp or join the vietcong elves.

I want to have them completely stressed out, with doubt on who's civilian and who's the enemy.

At the end, either using the invaders new massive weapon to raze the jungle or relics from the rebels to push back the army.

I don't have a lot of ideas on encounters beside villagers/rebels attacking them or strange noises in the forest. Any ideas on how to improve this ?
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I've been working on a campaign setting that incorporates my favourite aspects of Arthurian Legend, real world history, Greek Mythology, etc etc.

It's been about a year since I started and I haven't got anywhere near finishing because of other commitments and mental health issues but I'm genuinely proud of the world and hope to compile it for the players to review.

Although, I can never find the motivation to do so.

How does /tg/ deal with motivation and creative fatigue?
Cutting what's not necessary or what can be left vague for the PC to uncover themselves.. Players will, intentionnaly or not, go offroad. So cutting some stuff will ease the stuff left to write.

Else, submit what you got to friends, preferably not the players and take suggestions.
All of this is in the same D&D campaign. We started off running the module Bandits of Iron Route, but after that resolved, the group hightailed it out of Phlan and we've been doing our own thing since then. Long story short, due to a time skip, we're 30 years past that and we're in a kinda Sword Coast area.

>The party just finished an arc where they found a sword at the end of a long dungeon known as the Temple of the False God.
>The sword is actually the key to unlocking the False God, and bringing him into this world.
>Gives visions and dreams to the wielder of the next Demon to slay. (it helps drive the story and gives the players direction)
>Each Demon (7 total) is actually a fragment of this False God and collecting all of them will set them free.

While doing all this, I'm still keeping track of the whole Tiamat returning thing they kind of touched on in the beginning of the campaign, but I want to turn that into something of a war brewing between Tiamat and Bahamut.

Trying to keep multiple story threads running simultaneously, to help drive home that the world doesn't revolve around the players.
Thankfully my friends are my players - Thanks for the response, I'll cut it down to what's essential then build on top of the feedback

Dark Heresy (40k RPG): It's really long and specific, but that makes it perfect for you guys to trim the fat.

Current campaign/mission: Starting fresh with new characters for all, as agreed. Goon squad sent in with an Interrogator to investigate death of a councillor/senator on Roman-Empire-style hive world. Councillor got called out for being a heretic by another councillor (with PDF guys on hand) and was found to have a mark of Nurgle on his body, and was blammed. The Senate and Not!Nero tried to cover it up, but one old military fogey sent out a message to an Arbite guy before that happened. Dickish Dude-bro Interrogator is posing as bitchy effeminate nobleman with the Acolytes as retainers.

Interrogator gossips upon arrival and - after a few days for the PCs to scout the hive after the parties/gossip seshes - gets some crime scene detail goes that reveals the above, with a few leads (where, who and why Nurgfag spent his time). While their guy was gossiping, actually competent PDF are finding small (as in 2-5) groups of heretics and murderising them. Under various pretexts, the goon squad visits each location with their concealed weapons (muh illegal weapons), and do some quick purges when cultists protect some evidences. Hopefully avoiding the PDF, the PCs visit the locations suggested and gather clues, which point to a main base in the underhive, where law is up the shit.

My little exterminators go in, planning to burn the heretic, to find that they've just fought off what seems to be an attack by the local mutant scum and it should be easy enough to mop up. Fight ensues, and the PDF roll up to find dear Nurglebros. What's up with that mutant corpse in the corner? He looks funny... Wait, is that a second-gen GENESTEALER?


Anyway, my mooks are hailed as heretic-hunting heroes, and are awarded by the Governor, Urist McNero. It's worth pointing out that the squad has basically met all the nobles via the whole retainer gig. Guvna is a loon, his right hand man keeps everything running, and the Senate is pretty much a mix of corrupt, senile or scared men and women.

Anyway, Dickterrogator got some weird info at the latest exclusive party he was at, and the genestealer thing puts it all into a new light. Some genuine good folk in the middle hive had been trying to spread Empy's light to the basement dwellers. A bunch of them changed position and a senator told them to stop trying to proselytise the near-mutants because that's totally heresy, plus Planetlord would sign a kill order without reading because fuck reading - and even if he did read it, its about time for the population cull, and a few Emperor-botherers won't be missed. [Vagueness intensifies]

Of course it's jeanpinchers. Not the main nest, but it could be dangerous if left unattended. After the area is cleansed, the guv calls them in and tries to murder them (complete with gened up PDF goons), but his right hand guy rushes in and takes a non-lethal bullet for the team in style. Investigation time! [kinda vague here]

Anyway, they clean up the nest, complete with Papa Genestealer, and find a convenient list of infected peeps. Mass marshmallow roasting commences.

Now, the planet will show up a few campaigns later to reveal it's fucked and the Hive Fleet'll be coming soon. Why? Because the denimnickers weren't stupid. Turns out right hand man bro was the Magus* and had set up a sort of extra cult designed to draw all the attention of any smarty-pants. Hopefully they'd get killed, but if they didn't, the list would hopefully prevent Exterminatus. Plus, Fuckknuckle the Interrogator wrote his report on-planet, and is definitely not infected.


*Not sure of what role a Pysker could play. Maybe he could be a drone sent by the Magus.

Also, before the cries of "Railroading! and " Too much combat!" begin, let me point out that A) I thought of this scenario and its content pretty much 30 mins before I started writing, B) There's more investigating than I let on and C) That was nothing like how my people will act - that was merely an ideal. I fully expect them to throw me a curve ball (stat everything) and if they don't start gunning people down and running for a shuttle and Exterminatus when they hear about the genestealers, I'll be disappointed. It's my job as GM to be flexible, at least in my opinion. I've never had complaints concerning railroading.

Overarching Plot: The Inquisitor is a Radical, and she's slowly falling to Slaanesh. Not in a "bondage gear and orgy" way, more a "extreme sense trip" way. If there's any sex, (which I doubt, but there may be a seductive type among my goons), it will be of the "I've imbedded shards of glass in by vagina, stick your dick in while I use this vice grip on your balls and ram this active shock maul up your arse til you beg for more" kind. Fun fun fun!

Critique my shit, and try not to rage too much.
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Everytime I sit down and try to write something,I realise someone else did this before,and propably did it better.
Im on the stage of "read all the books/mythology" so I can learn what made them great and think what will do this to my setting.
Needlessly to say it takes a ton of time,and I have not actually written anything except of a quick summary of a origin story of a creation of the world
Everything else is still changing in my head
Sounds nice, a bit too rich in possibilities to keep track of it all but nice.
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