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What's the kindest thing your character...
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What's the kindest thing your character has done for another?
57 Orc cocks
helped a fellow pc come up with the money to free her mother from slavery.
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Accidentally NTR'd the Party's Paladin with his fiancée.

If I wouldn't have shown him what a filthy slut his fiancée is that sleeps with random men who save her life he would have had married her and found out later!

Oh yeah, apparently they were childhood friends too.
Punched a god to bring a friend back to life. The character wasn't at a level where punching a god would be easy or remotely advised.
Died and bore the name of assassin, his name becoming a curse and a byword for treachery of the highest order, all so a friend could bear away the young (8 or 9yo) heir to a kingdom from the evil influences surrounding him enforced by a conspiracy to destabilize the future kingdom. The child was in training with rebels when the campaign got cut short, but it was the single greatest moment in my rp experience to date.

Group was running after a series of relics with which to gain access to another plane of existence- each relic also had an unrelated power, one of which my character desperately wanted/needed.

My character was cursed by an entity called Rise Of Autumn, and was consequently being hunted by a juggernaut creature known simply as The Ironwood Beast, It was responsible for a LOT of deaths, both in my backstory and in play.

When we got the relic, we also received notice from the group leader's wife back home- the village had fallen under a magical affliction that conventional medicine couldn't cure.

As I explained when I handed the relic over, I'd spent most of my life running. I was starting to get good at it.
My characters haven't done anything too worthwhile, but a party member chose to sacrifice his sanity in order to transfer it to a trapped spirit who was our only lead on stopping an out of control wraith-god. The spirit ended up being the wraith-god's former mortal lover and managed to reign it in, meanwhile our poor party member couldn't stop wailing.

I guess as a tertiary act of kindness, another party member agreed to look after the insane one forever. That's kind of swell. I wanted to just put him out of his misery but I don't think that qualifies.
My immortal bard, a holdover from the last campaign, realized one of the new characters is a descendant of a character from the previous campaign.

So once his secret was discovered he told her the family history she had been so desperate to learn about.

That's part from saving multiple party members, trying to redeem a tarnished hero, and generally trying to be the fun friendly character who make the others get along.
I've given up literally all my gold to prepare ritual to fix broken elven standing stone that was drowning nearby lands in its twisted magic. It was a nice thing to do.
He got the party nerd laid, and eventually into a legitimate relationship with the girl.
I crafted two rings that permitted the bearers to communicate trough it for our party fighter and the wife he was leaving behind.
In a row?!
I was THAT GUY and I made my pc was kill.

The kingdom was rejoice.
Killed a bunch of fictional jews.
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>Playing paladin
>Save the blacksmith's son from the mansion infested with undead.
>Wasn't easy, that place had a lot of undead, and an anti-paladin was the boss.
>Was offered a reward, but turned it down, just happy to help.
>Blacksmith still gave him his best sword as a thank you, a +1 minor lightning sword. Accepted it and told him he would take good care of it.

As a side note, that sword ended up being helpful later on
>Level 15 now, in final fight with BBEG
>Lightning sword became obsolete long ago. Still kept it in his handy haversack because he said he's take care of it.
>Down to the wire, been disarmed of main weapon and at low health. Wizard's running out of spells and the clerics almost tapped out.
>Look at sheet to see if there's any weapons I still have left in the haversack. By now I'd forgotten about the sword.
>Mfw the sword is all I have left
>Mfw crit
>Mfw the blacksmith's sword from 12 levels ago ends up killing the BBEG
>GM's face when he totally forgot I still had that sword.

And that's why I fucking love playing paladins.
Since someone posted stuff about blacksmiths:
>Village is overrun by zombies and undead.
>Smith's son is killed, only his machete remains.
>My character asks for it and party tracks zombies to old temple.
>Kill undeads and necromancer that was up to no good.
>Come back to town and hand over machete, lie and say it dealt the killing blow.
>Smith goes from un-named npc to regular penpal with our group's base.
>Plan on taking him to be apprentice of our smith, who's dying of lung cancer.
In the same campaign:
>Party h-elf distrusts humans in general.
>Saves dirt-poor human from guards in a town when trying to escape himself.
>Dirt-poor human treats him like biggest hero ever.
>Invites the whole party to his house.
>Not his house, owned by brother and wife, who think this guy is a lazy bum.
>Party member asks our group leader to find a job for human guy, taking care of the stables.
All at once.
Not my character (I was the GM), but...

>PCs are after a known criminal
>noble, not much of a fighter; mostly used henchmen
>they were told to try and capture him alive as he did nothing to merit capital punishment
>turns out it's the same man who had the group paladin's family killed years ago
>they have no way to prove it
>they capture him alive
>paladin says they should hand him over to authorities
>the PCs do so, session ends

>later that evening
>one player contacts me for a bit of individual play
>his NE assassin PC sneaks out at night
>infiltrates the prison where the criminal was locked up
>"There has to be some justice in the world, not necessarily LAW justice, but justice justice, and that's why I'm going to kill you."
>murders him in cold blood
Seen this before, I am sure
Have you posted it more?
No, it was a decent campaign but there wasn't anything extremely unusual to report to /tg/. The assassin didn't survive it though.
Shared one of his last beers and one of his last smokes with a dying enemy while waiting for the (friendly)heavy weapons fire to cease.
Put down another PC who was killed and turned by a Lich. He fought him as honorably as possible, and buried him according to the traditions of his people. I then went and returned his sword to family, along with the entirety of his reward for slaying the Lich and half of my own, which started a neat little side quest for me, that turned into another side quest before meeting up with the party again.
Childhood friends and STILL slept with your bards skanky ass?

Damn, she really was a slut.
Exposed the King's wife's infidelity and the parentage of her royal bastards, championed for the King, and when offered his pick of any woman in the Kingdom to marry once raised to Lordship, settled for one of the King's lowly bastards from before he was King.
Half hentai, half kawaii.
Well, my character is in the process of putting together a legit SIN with a full ride Scholarship to University of Washington. For a street urchin prodigy who has no other real out, except Running. For free.
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Why bump a thread just to post worst girl?
but that's not Amalia
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Not tear my way out of the barbarian like a chest burster
My Oracle has done plenty of good things, but that's kind of his gig. When you are in the business of being a personification for all that is good in the world you do a few nice things. Including but not limited to; spending downtime rebuilding ruined towns and healing sick, injured et cetera free of charge, establishing & running orphanages, employing the homeless in an attempt to build up the base city substantially and improve the quality of life, generally using magical power and finances to make lives baller.

However I feel it's the kind things my Shadowrun Character does that are more remarkable. He's a criminal for hire who has no problem giving people dirt naps so anything he does that's positive I find to be more important.

> Playing Shadowrun with a Sneak Bastard
> GM going progressively grimdarker almost grim derp
> Organ leggers taking children of the street to feed ghouls and selling their eyes
> Team hired by the Leggers to distract security near an orphanage
> Nuyen is Nuyen
> What's the worst that could happen?
> Find out who the employers are during distraction due to laser microphone
> Team quickly splits into two groups
> Team Alpha continues to keep the security distracted
> Team Bravo (Including Sneak Bastard) heads back to save kiddies from being ghoul chow
> Don't even question it. Nuyen isn't worth kids on my hands.
> Plug the Leggers.
> Character gets mad, real mad. Gets a vendetta and starts a one man crusade.
> Resources poured into taking down the Legger Cell
> Adopt a kid of my own
> Start investing in the kids future, pay for him to have education that Sneaky Bastard never had
> Improve lifestyle slowly for the kid. Stop taking drugs, find a partner and become more selective with my jobs.
> After the Organ Leggers are all dead my character retires from running and goes legit.
Here's my story, it's a bit long and not very good. I'm not used to writing these kinds of things.
Only doing this because this was one of the best role playing experiences in my RP career to date.

In the resistance army with party, opposing power hungry prince turned avatar of some dark god or some shit. Party leader is a paladin, next in command is a cleric, rest is misc. Doing a good job, rescuing civilians, defending the innocent and speaking for the downtrodden masses.
Meanwhile i played a wizard apprentice, put into the custody of the paladin as a part of a sentence for murdering a few other apprentices. (I still feel fully justified in that, but that's another story.)
My execution is contingent on the judgment of the paladin, some magical mark or something.
The thing is, while they do the upstanding thing, raise an army, inspire the people, make rousing speeches and such, the prince is gathering power. By summoning a few demon spies and blackmailing a guild of assassins into doing some wet work i secure enough information to determine that we have a hard deadline. we had 6 months before the prince would sacrifice a large number of innocents in some fuckhueg ritual, turning him into something we had no real chance of stopping.
I relay this information, not mentioning my sources, and team good redoubles their effort. Problem is it isn't going fast enough.
Meanwhile, i'm calling in whatever favors i can to slow the progress of the ritual, using every tool at my disposal to gather information and throw a wrench into the works of the BBEG.

Every. single. tool.

I had no illusions to the outcome if we didn't stop the BBEG, necromancy, blood magic, dark pacts, even human sacrifice of condemned prisoners, were preferable to what would come to pass should he succeed.
I didn't pretend what i did was right, only that it was necessary.
Meanwhile i worked on my final act of perversion, a spell to utterly destroy the soul of a sentient being, releasing huge amounts of magical energy in the process which could then be shaped into a curse.
The power of the curse was correspondent to the power of the soul. (IE more levels more ouch.)

But some day the paladin and the cleric, unsurprisingly, got wind of this. I cant remember what the exact thing was. I think it was the paladins wife who had been a double agent of the prince. I used Dominate person on her to feed false information back to the prince before i murdered her and made it look like an accident to spare the paladins feelings. Anyway, long story short. The web of lies came undone and most of what i had done was discovered. I had made sure that all the clues were there to find, but not too obviously.
Though, bear in mind. These guys were righteous. Genuinely good, altruistic men border lining saints at this point. So instead of doing the sensible thing and having me stabbed to death in my sleep they decided to confront me, to try and reason with me.
And so they did.


So, i did the only thing i could possibly do. I spoke the command word that would remove the permanency'd death ward on the cleric, just as planned several months earlier. Then gave a well practiced monologue about how i would kill them and join the Prince, just as planned. Then i forced the hand of the paladin by targeting the cleric with a Finger of Death (Empowered by blood magic to ridiculous DC.)
And as the paladin spoke the command word that would trigger the contingent Mark of Execution, my own little spell, contingent on my person, triggered. The spell i had created, weeks earlier. My 9'th symphony. It destroyed my soul and cursed the prince to a crippled state, stripping him of his connection to his dark god. Leaving him, still a warrior without equal, but comparatively powerless, and most importantly unable to perform the dark ritual.
All without them ever knowing.
It was the only way.


I knew them too well. If i had but begged for mercy, or even explained. They would have listened. They would have understood. And despite not condoning, they would not be able to bring themselves to condemn.
Everything they had worked for, the courts of justice they had built, the trust of the people they had won, the safety of their citizens, would be forever be tainted by the unspeakable monster who they had let live out of some misplaced sense of friendship.
It really was the only way.


2 Months later the prince and his closest lieutenants was slain in the battle of Red Meadow in melee combat with the paladin commander of the resistance army and his trusted guard.

And to this day, a lone grave sits in the cemetery of the capital city. In unhallowed ground, with no visible name on it. He who lies there is remembered by only a handful of people. And by them his name is spoken only in curses and with bitterness.
As it should be.

It really was the only way.
>Code Geass in a nutshell.png
Pretty simple, Human Fighter erected a shrine and founded a holy order after the sacrificed herself to kill the BBEG. He also adopted the children of an NPC that grew close to the group after he died. That was a game of some damn feels.
Yeah, not my most proud moments, but what the hell, the whole point of that campaign was to be as badwrongfun as possible

Kinda sad I lost her contact info after the group broke up, I would love to play something like that again
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My friends and I were playing a Pathfinder game. I rolled up an evil inquisitor of Asmodeous, specialized in having a very high intimidate score. I managed to get my intimidate up to +21 (this number will be relevant later). My character had had a rough childhood, and joining the inquisition of Asmodeous gave him not only a way out of poverty, but a purpose in life and a way to use his skills.

Well, we were playing the pirate campaign. I had been scooped up with a bunch of other characters, including a druid, who was the nicest person that I'd even met. We first became friends when I started sneaking food from my job in the kitchen to her elk, which the pirates planned on selling. Throughout the campaign, we became the best of friends, and we protected each other from all kinds of dangers.

Well, eventually, we all face a challenge that is too great for us. For our party, that challenge was a sorceress, who emerged from a hut in a village we were raiding and brought our party to the brink of destruction. I ran into the fight in order to protect my druid friend, and was promptly left dying.

Well, my character was not going to die, not like this. I remembered that a few sessions ago, my Game Master had said that getting the attention of a god required a check of DC 40 or better. As I lay their dying, I decided that I wasn't going to die, not like this. I made an intimidate check in order to get Asmodeous's attention, and rolled a 19, +21 for my character's intimidate bonus. Asmodeous sent down a devil, who offered to restore me to life in exchange for the soul of the soul of the druid, who would slowly turn into a devil. I could see the face of the druid's player sink as she heard this deal being offered to me. I did not want to die, but I also did not want to sell my friends soul.

Ultimately, I turned down the deal. I was eventually saved by my companions, but Asmodeous stripped me of my powers.

I ended up retiring the character soon after.
This is what SR is all about, to me.
Not what you do, but how it ends.

>Character typically refuses to wade into the fray, opting to stand in the back and sling buffs
>Not above running away if the battle seems hopeless
>Tends to view most allies and party members with indifference to outright hatred
>Raiding enemy keep with allied party, which included a loli sorceress
>Maternal instincts awakened, instantly vowed to protect sorceress at all costs
>Did her best to keep hostiles away from the girl, dragging her out of danger and acting as an elven shield
>Final fight was with an oni
>Deathly afraid of onis due to past trauma
>Stood paralyzed in fear but still shielded the girl with her body the entire fight
>Oni was defeated, sorceress successfully protected
>Gave the sorceress her most expensive piece of jewelry and made her an honorary member of the party before they parted ways
>Softened up and started caring about allies more after that
>Team Rocket PTU game
>General shenigans, party is going murderhobos in pokemon, playing prima donna greedy but otherwise nice, in character disgusted with a lot of the stuff they're doing.
>Leader hyper beams A KID to prevent him from throwing out more pokemon and making the fight more complicated.
>Kid is severely hurt, crying, many injuries (steps on the way to death)
>Abandon mission to go save kid.
>GM takes me aside. Not mad ooc but he was keen on keeping people unaware out of room. After doing their spiel, has me carrying the kid, hes crying and staining my gal's clothes (it was a big deal to her, was my entire concept was basically evil jessica rabbit as a Rocket, with buckets of lying)
>Kid is terrified of pokemon now
>Spend my off bit showing him mine and explaining they're nice, go down ranks and get busted down to grunt as I return to the others.
>Only 2 pokemon. My rarest confiscated.
>Rest of party kind of pokes fun at her, and ill feelings as they weren't able to get every objective as I am the only good liar.

FFW later.

>Party is about to become execs, I am set up to become an assistant to them as they become a council of johto.
>Part of my promotion is the kid. He is now a pokemon trainer. He is given to me as a target. Exec Adriana sent to supervise as well as two of the guys from the party (including Cpn Hyper Beam).
>Kid doesn't remember that, but I'm to take his pokemon (exact wording of the objectives).
>Well fuck. Wait...

"So Kid, remember that night we met, how you got hit by something bad?"

>Kid remembers gyarados. Terrified of them now.
>Toss him my magneton. Walk over to him, and point out the guy who did it. Explain to him that if he wants to see what I have, walk my path, and still love pokemon, he'll have to let me teach him.
>Wants me as a teacher

>Your first lesson is going to be revenge.

"Don't let anyone think they can wrong you, that they can walk on you and take what is yours, and then act superior."

Kid and I proceed to double team my own party, though rank was lower I WAS just as leveled in pokemon and had 1 trainer level on them, so even match.

>Comes down to Kid using my Magneton and me with two left, and the only pokemon my party mates had was a Blissey that was mine originally, but had been a bitch to me lately, never healing my pokemon and just joining in on putting me down. Other exec sends the gyarados.

>Kid gets revenge with me, the NPC Exec promotes me to Council head, one of the two (NOT the gyarados douche) refuses to allow me to rule him.
>I get to choose his fate.
>Bust him to grunt.

But the best was the 'epilogue'

>Kid is my little helper. Invites me over to his place
>Lives back in Celadon, go back
>Has single Dad he left behind.
>Kid wanted to hook my char up with Dad.
>My char and father start 'dating,' GM explains that it is known she is a Rocket.

>Next game will be in Kalos, GM left it to me, can play as my kid.

Should clarify I did have to take his pokemon to complete my orders. But replaced them and made him an 'honorary grunt' with some of mine after it was done. Just told him it was a trade.
My PC personally broke into a prison dimension to save another PC.
freeing a kidnapped slave being forced to fight in an arena by taking his place, despite there being no way either of them would survive the battle.
Though my DM decided that doing so did not make my character a martyr.
Well invite me if you can if you find a game like that again.

my email is [email protected]
Depends on the context:

1. My PC hired a merc and tracked an injured Roc (I was level 4), put it out of its misery, and used the fresh bones, and gems bought with the rare/ alchemically useful parts to make a dagger to replace the monk/ paladin's ceremonial, blessed dagger. Bare in mind, the original dagger was lost because I stole it, unlawfully killed a mad wizard with it, and fled before the authorities were the wiser, basically getting us banned from there.

2. The monk/ paladin took a flaw that made her claustrophobic, and we travelled down a very small spiral staircase, hidden in a tower. Passing a spot and heal check, I saw she was freaking, stopped her from trying to punch past the ranger's raptor mount to get to open air, and brought her down singing a gnomish sailing song to distract her. At the end she whispered thank you in my ear and we held hands all the way down the stair well. Less effort, but more sincere.

Which is best /tg/?
My character got an innocent tavern owner killed after giving him a cursed item out of good will that I didn't know was cursed. The man ended up being possessed by the item and hired assassins to kill me and anyone I was associated with. The assassins killed many good aligned NPCs the party was allied with, most of which actually had children. I ended up adopting the children and spent every last gold piece I earned from adventuring on raising them. I had the WBL of a 3rd level character at level 12.

8/10 bretty gud
I saved a child from a pack of marauders.

I gave a small fairy a pair of enchanted gloves.

Saved some people from certain doom.

TBH though if I listed the bad things I've done, I'm sure it'd outweigh the good things.
Playing a scifi/fatansy mixed game as a human wastelander ended up travelling the stars for a while until returning home and starting a country and about to fight the true end game in this 5year long campaign with a group of my best friends
1. I saved the good empire from destruction by bringing an extremely large amount of supplies and frigates when they needed it for what wouldve been their final battle.

2. I saved the refuges of many races and gave them a home.

3. When travelling solo in the middle of a warzone I found a kid about to be burnt alive and decided to save him by using my incendiary rifle gm got the perfect moment and got all three soldiers in the head and saved the kid tried to find his parents but they had died so I raised him as my own

4. After fighting a large group of raiders of the same race I put a bit of my territory up as a refuge for a dying race
5. Saved 5 AIs from insanity and/or destruction throughout my journey and they now are some of my most trusted allies and friends
My group seems to want to help everyone they come across in trouble. From the very start of one campaign, we helped a rather naive noble who was in way over his head with some very nasty folks, rescued an enslaved wemic (lion-centaur) and a young skivvy from an undead dragon cultist, and generally did our best to offer most of our enemies a chance to surrender if we had any hint they'd be willing to do so.

In another campaign, our druid gets so mad at the bad guys killing people we like (generally minor NPCs who've been helpful or likeable) that he's starting to just keep the ingredients on hand for reincarnation spells. So far he's rezzed two - a girl who gave us a quest (she returned as a dwarf) and a city guard captain who was both helpful and one of the more competent people around (he returned as a kobold, but one of our characters had enough pull with important local mages that she got them to fix THAT too.)

We once came upon a merchant caravan that had been hit by raiders, and we didn't kill the survivors. We DID take all their stuff, tho. Full disclosure: We did kill SOME of them.
You win. So long as the nerd wasn't you, and you're talking about IRL.

Sacrificed herself to give a chance at redemption to the arc's BBEG, as she viewed herself as more corrupt than her foe.

Long story, but before she found the Paladin's Light, she was a warforged general who ended a war by completely obliterating an entire nation from the map.
Holy shit, that guy has short arms
Utilitarianism is the only moral answer.
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Playing a super cybered up Ork. We're talking under 1 Essence, here. He's cold, quiet, and freaks the party the fuck out because of how ruthlessly efficient he is in combat. Most of the rest of the party were talking about what they'd do if he went full psycho behind his back. He's also a street doc on the side, whom the party refuses to use the services of for fear he'll just sell their organs. The Bad Rep flaw doesn't help.

One of them has a particular, mutual hatred of him. An elf adept that hates cyberware and everything to do with it, stating that the corruption of your soul is the worst thing you can do. Ork has a minor racist tendency towards elves, which isn't helped by his near-cyberpsychosis.

One run, things go south, and the elf gets badly wounded. Has to spend Edge not to die, but then the rest of the party abandons him (On his suggestion), thinking they have no chance against the Red Samurai squad bearing down on them. He hears them run off, preparing for the end. He goes unconscious, as I pass the GM a note. The GM asks everyone to leave the table for a moment. They're confused, he's not the type of GM to do the separate RPing thing, and this is SHADOWRUN, which is complicated enough. But they go. I stay. (cont.)

Hours later, the elf wakes up, feeling groggy, aching like a motherfucker. Feeling like shit. But he's alive. Thinking he's probably in a corporate lab he jumps up and readies himself, only to see he's not alone. The ork is there. The elf sneers at him, says something along the lines of "at least you came with me". Then he notices as his vision clears that he's not in a lab. He's in a dingy backroom, makeshift operation chamber. He notices the ork is bleeding badly. And not responding. Checks his pulse, there is none.

I swear there were some misty eyes when the elf's player (and the elf) figured out what happened. Everyone left him, but the ork that hated his guts and vice versa. He managed to kill the entire Red Samurai team by himself. He dragged the elf back to his chop shop, and patched him up while slowly bleeding to death, knowing he only had enough time to save either the elf or himself. He chose the elf, and died minutes after finishing up his work.
I rolled a new character. It took me an entire day to do the sheet. But it was worth it, I think. Totally worth it.
Killed them in the most brutal way possible so they could be one with their god.
Accidentally vaporized some backwater village during a high altitude wizardfight.

There were only a handful of traumatized survivors that stood in a daze at the remains of their village.

I mindraped all four of them and changed their memories so that they belonged to the same family and teleported them to a nice safe city with a decent pension to get them started on their new life.

>Your GM didn't make them go through traumatic nightmares hinting at their past
>Your GM didn't make them slowly realize that they couldn't possibly be related due to lack of physical similarities
>Your GM didn't have them finally snap out of it and realize their entire lives were a lie, and there was one man responsible for their torment
>Your GM didn't turn them into an antagonist party you meet some odd years later or alternatively make them the new party with the previously mentioned plot hooks in the same game world when you guys resolved your campaign and wanted to play a new game
Played a battle cleric, the party's main defender. The others in the group were a rouge, druid and a paladin. The paladin was the leader, the rouge and druid seemingly sharing the position as second in command. Over the course of the quest the paladin became a father figure and taught me how to fight more effectively, the druid taught me some healing spells and the rouge taught me some nifty tricks.

We come to my home village, a small place, but peaceful and quiet. We find all the homes empty but they seem abandoned, no blood. I rush off to the church (I was raised there) hopefully find someone. I do. The entire village is in the church they're either crying or hiding under spare blankets. The rest of the party catches up and are freaked out.

I try to ask what has happened but nobody seems to recognize me. It'd been about four years since I went adventuring but they should still know what I look like. After finally getting some information it turns out the old priest that acted as a guardian for me had died shortly after my departure, to make matters worse they had been bombarded by plague, drought and famine and many of the older people died off. The rouge had been going through the upstairs and found an old book with details toward some kind of legend referring to spirits that make the land plentiful. I ask the party if I can stay behind and look for the places in the book. They agree on the condition that they come with me.

We set out right away and follow the signs eventually reaching our destination by nightfall. It's filled to the brim with undead and other nasty things. We clear them all out and get to the innermost chamber and find a Lich experimenting on the area. I was nowhere near strong enough to take that thing on and everybody knew it. After a long and fierce battle the paladin takes a fatal blow for me and smashes the phylactery. The druid and I try every healing spell under the sun to bring him back. Paladin grabs me by the shoulder and says "What I've done. Who I was, don't forget it. I had no wife, but I had you. I had a son that I am proud of and I can die knowing I've done my job as your father. Go back to the village and live, lead and remember your friends, remember your family"

Upon returning to the village the rouge told me that the only way the droughts, plagues and famine would stop was if a sacrifice of love was made. She shows me the relevant page and I break down sobbing. I was sobbing in real life.
>>Be a 7ft shock trooper mutant of a long dead evil army.
>>working with a group of good heroes who fight a lot becouse im only good at fighting and adventuring leads to good money.
>>planning to use the money to try and remake the old nation as best i can, a huge pipe dream but that is the only thing he can think to do now.
>>grappeling a dwarven mage
>>parties monk/luchador tries to drop kick him as i hold his arms.
>>1/1/20 he critically strikes be in the face with a drop kick, sending me flying into a wall and breaking my jaw.
>>I only broke 3 of his ribs and 1 leg.
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