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JAV Pantyhose and stockings
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Let's go !


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JUFD-200 Reiko Nakamori Superb Woman Pantyhose Ass Whip Soap Ru Nume

thank you man, imo Reiko's the best when it comes to wearing pantyhose
You sir deserve more bumps
seriously, more bumps are needed
Waiting for new links !
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Anyone uncensored? Need it!
I have HXAK-016 in 1080 uploaded to MEGA, but will only post the link if someone provides an uncensored release in 720 or higher, uploaded to MEGA.
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Yeah ok. Go fuck yourself.
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i dont think you understand how it works around here
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[HXAK-016] Cover.jpg
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Now seeding but may take a while. I got other shit in the pipe.

>[HXAK-016] Rei Mizuna - Super Legs Pantyhose Queen 15
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anybody got any good girl on girl foot worship links? pantyhose ripping/toe sucking. stuff like that
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Requesting foot/leg wear focused femdom, bonus for forced cum on/in said. God tier mode: Sissy/Crossdresser/Shemale. Simply perfect tier: Forced to clean up afterwards.


The next two are good, but f on m foot stuff is a boner killer for me. It isn't the main focus and the rest is good enough to watch after skipping.



Really need to get off my ass and find a way to capture my r18.com library. Trying my best to avoid having to use something like FRAPS to package and share it.

When you choose to pay more for the "Own it" option, you can download/stream it as many times as you please. R18 has pretty solid countermeasures to prevent sharing, though.

-If you want to download your purchase, you still need to use their R Player DRM.

-Due to how they handle streaming, they make it hard to use a browser extension designed specifically to grab video.

For instance, I am using "Download Flash and Video" on Firefox. You have to play any flash/video before the button lights up and says "Hey, I see that. Want to grab it?". Clicking the button produces a list of files the extension recognizes.

Sometimes this gets confusing. Multiple hits can share a name, despite having different file sizes. Usually, the hits are for multiple qualities.On top of that, if you play the video and decide to skip ahead on the timeline, it adds a new hit. This hit will be the video starting from the time you skipped to, as well as the video past that. That feature is useful if the video is hours long, and you are only interested in the tail end of it. I use that feature to sample the overall quality of the video so I can see if the movie is worth it or not.

This is relevant because R18 makes sure to stream small packets. Upon playback, you might try to hit the extension button only to see plenty of hits with tiny file sizes. Pic related.
R Player is shit and stuttery. You'll find no matter which way you screencap, you'll either have stuttery playback or shit overall quality.

JAV generally is in a fucked up state. 6000kbps Windows Media Video, holy fucking shit, how dare they call this HD.

I appreciate the thought m8, I have 12 or 13 films on R18 too, but until they fix their shitty player, screencaps will be mediocre at best. I messaged support once, they said they're aware of the issue but don't have a timewindow for when they'll get around to fixing it. Aka they know it exists but won't fix it ever because lol where else are you gonna buy JAV in higher than DVD res?

We need more BD, and we need them internationally. It would literally solve every problem with JAV grabbing/sharing right now. No restrictions to horrible, outdated codecs with tiny bitrates, encodes to whatever fucking format you want, no stuttering, clean rips. I hope I'll live to see that day.
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anyone have this?
Fraps or OBS capture are your best bets, but OBS is pretty terrible.
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Ohh I get it
Uncompressed AVI? Might as well go Dxtory, that allows Lagarith at least. Besides the fact that you shouldn't even bother to begin with, obviously.
whats the specs like
Buying some more related videos today. I'll try to capture them.
Where are they?
Riku in stockings...thread approved.
is this uncensored?
how do you download magnet links on a mac? sorry for being newb
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