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>Cardilels >36-6ers

It's cute when small market teams find some success and suddenly get some fans. Just know that you will never be elite like the Patriots, Steelers, Seahawks, Packers and Cowboys
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How many rings does your team have?
>losing to small market teams

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>teams with no real success
>Seattle not small market

Wew lad
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>small market teams
In a league where EVERYONE is a billionaire and there is a salary cap where every team spends about the same amount of money despite a few million dollars. Ah, to be this delusional again. This ain't the Kansas CIty Royals were talking about here.
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>forgeting the Ravens
How did our ass taste last year, Packer faggot?

>losing to the Cardinals


Win a bowl thwn come back and talk shit.
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Haha I know right, 1 SB and 3 SB appearances and the fans finally forget about the 30 years of failure they can't wash off, that shit is tattooed in your skin Seattle.
Uhhh we have won a SB, more recently than you, pastfag.
We're pretty much the Pats of the NFC West.

Every other NFC West has been insanely irrelevant and hasn't won shit
Don't sound like it if you riding the dick of another team.
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>worst win percentage in NFL history
>still win a super bowl
Let us revel
You lost to a fucking team that we 36-6ed.
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Pats 4 SB in 6 SB appearances, and what 14 play-off appearances in the last 15 years. WTF has Seattle done besides that lucky 2005 year, and what they've done the past couple years, even b4 Russell Wilson Pete Carroll's ass was about to get canned.
Seattle was a "No market team" 4 years ago
Except the Seahawks have sold out games since 1983, you stupid fucking noob

we're about to enter the 16 home game club that the Cowboys, Packers and Steelers have. All across the West coast, everyone is a Seahawks fan
no, the Pats win their division every year and they don't get swept by shit teams in their division.
Seahawks have won their division 3 teams this decade, good fukin job. Panthers have won theirs 3 times in a row now.
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>1 (one) ring
>All across the West coast, everyone is a Seahawks fan

no im fucking not.
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>Had the opportunity to create a dynasty
>Lose to a team that was just as you were before your SB win
>As of now on the same level as the 02 Bucs and 09 Saints

It's okay to feel upset
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>swept by the Rasm
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This is the shittiest b8 I've seen in a while
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Besides isn't there a team in your division that has 5 SB? Not to mention you guys are tied with the Rams and slightly above the Cardinals with 1 SB, so don't forget how irrelevant your division has been until recently. The NFC West was the literal Div II of the NFL. I mean Seacucks, Rams, Saints...whew lad, the only team they had was San Francisco.
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That's some sad shit....
I'm sure those ancient SB's count for anything.
Most of the Seahawks are 28 and younger.....I think they are just entering their prime

What other young team can say that?
I'm sure they will have a banner raising ceremony for that.

Tampa, Jacksonville, Carolina, Tennesee, Oakland, Miami, Cincinatti
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"Those that don't learn history are doomed to repeat it" - everyone with common sense except Seacuck fans

You've won one SB, and fans already call themselves a dynasty, how nice, you all are gonna be like Uncle Rico up in this bitch when your poopin in your wheelchairs in 40 years talking about the good ol' days back when Seattle won a SB, then you'll know how the Jets and Niners feel.
0 its not his team if it were my team I would have the 5 time ballon d'ore winner and leading scorer in the pramira division but I dont cause I just watch barca play ur not on the team u have 0 rings faggot
what is this meme? Cards got blown out in a regular season game after clinching the first seed, why do US 12s try to hype this up? Cards already beat the Seattle this season, and the Cards are still in the race for the owl while Seattle is sitting at home watching.

I don't mind Seattle shit talking when they're actually winning games, but you guys are done for the season. Shut up and let the big boys do their thing
Teams that want to win the SB don't get blown out to the tune of 36-6.

I'm sorry, that's just pathetic. The Pats never got blown out that bad last year
It's the Cardinals though, I would rather keep my injury prone quarterback safe and get the team rested up for the playoffs, even if they forfeit the game. They clinched the division, had the free week off, and chose not to risk any last minute injuries. If they had played their asses off that game and won but Palmer blows his knees out again, they would look stupid as fuck right now. The Cardinals are still in it, the Seahawks are not. That's worth a regular season blowout.
Whatever you say. That's why Arians kept the starters in until halftime.
Did you watch the game? Palmer played the first quarter.
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>be Seahawks fan
>ready to shitpost on /sp/
>see this shitty false flag
>Seahawks fan liking the Steelers or Patriots

Come on! It's 2016 You can shitpost better than this.
>Seacuck fans trying to stay relevant

Nothing to see here folks
He literally said the Pats didn't get blown out at all last year. He's trolling you.
>The Pats never got blown out that bad last year
"We're on to Cincinnati"
This is good bait.
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absolutely 2016.png
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Is Spider y banana man an elite coach?

How did you guys win an owl anyways?
They had an elite defense and the Raider's signals. Take that how you will.
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Teams with no Rings:

0, 1 in the Super Bowl:
Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers
San Diego Chargers
Tennessee Titans

0, 2:
Cincinnati Bengals
Philadelphia Eagles

0, 4:
Minnesota Vikings
Buffalo Bills

Never been to the Super Bowl:

Cleveland Browns
Detroit Lions
Houston Texans
>It's cute when small market teams find some success and suddenly get some fans.
Yknow, just like the Hawks in 2012
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