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Social Music Thread.
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Social Music Thread.
- Must post picture of self.
- List three songs that you enjoy .
- Others rate you and your music.
- Enjoy some new tunes.
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Alright lets do this.



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first one is noise to me. second is meh. third was a little interesting.







it's a photoshop troll
Thanks for the honesty anon, anyways here is what I think

First one is ok
Second one is really good. Like the beat it has
Third and fourth not really fans of them.
Fifth one is chill as fuck. love the ambient tone.
sixth one is also rad with the various instruments
Seventh one is ok, but I preferred the song previous to this one.

Overall good shit anon. Thanks for sharing.
Well I figured so. Willing to contribute anon?



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I'm fucking my ears this Valentine's Day.

>Dreamcrusher - Fear (and No Feeling)
>Leviathan - The Whole of Deceit
>Cancerslug - I Want to Fuck Your Girlfriend
not bad not bad at all
You're a handsome man anon i'll give you that.
Anyways here what I think:

First song: Really good like it a lot
Second song: So fucking bizarre, and I love it
Third song: It's ok
Fourth song: IMO the best one so long, yet so good

Nice taste
If I could only listen to three songs in a loop for eternity it would be this:


Song one: timetravelling right back to high school warped tour with this number.
Song two: ... is this RPG Panic at the Disco?
Song Three: Well I don't know how to respond to all that desu.

5/10 + 1 for song three - 1 for song two that was ridiculous.

song one: I am not the target market for this.
song two: Wouldn't turn this off until at least the middle!
song three: Yes. Into this. I accept.

Me too man, me too
Here is what I think:

First song: Don't even know what is going on yet I can't stop listening
Second song: Pretty good, then again i'll listen to anything metal
Third song: Fitting for the day no?

I like what I hear. Thanks for sharing.
1.kinda basic hardcore, its okay just kindof a whitewashed genre.
2. RPG Panic at the Disco
3. My head bob was on point
1. Im not one for poppy music but I actually liked it. Also I want her sweater.

2. eh

3.I like the baking instrumentation and almost trip hoppy backing but he could serve to do less stereotypical pause-sing vocal patterns
song one: Well look some pop punk heavily influenced by Queen! It's like Mika with more people.
song two: It's like Beetlejuice got turned into a musical!
song three: man you really dig harmony.

8/10. It would be higher but after a while any normal person will need to listen to something that doesn't sound like musical theater.

song one: I know they're doing interesting things here but I don't know anything about them so...
song two: also beyond my depth.
song three: his voice kind of sounds like the dude from Fifteen and I approve.

7/10 I guess but I've no idea what's going on with most of those.

song two:
Each to their own taste
Here is what I think:

First song: Really nice tune could listen to this, then again I have a soft spot for female vocals
Second song: Really catchy I can get into this.
Third song: I'll be honest here and say that I maybe a little biased here . That being said it wasn't that bad of a song, and I enjoyed the beat

Try this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVUasL9wauE
Thanks for contributung!

Really good Glitch hop thing Ive been listening to with black metal influence also theres a chicken beatboxing
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Happy Valentine's Day btw
Robyn is a superhero.

The suggestion isn't bad. Thanks for the heads up, friend!
Thank you! Same to you.
Here is what I think:

First song: Man so trippy. Makes me feel really calm after hearing it.
Second song: Fucking love System of a Down. For me Aerials is one of my favorites.
Third song: Actually had to dance to this in grade school. Never learned the name of the song until now.

Thanks for sharing.
1. whatever that was I want more

2. I have a soft spot for this song as it was the first I learned to play on drums

3. This song makes me feel all kinds of nostalgia
Dude that was so fucking weird, but damn do I want to listen to more. Love the music anon!
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i like it. I wonder if there's any real girl as cool as the one in the first vid.
Alright here is what I think:

First song: Man the song was really good. Really enjoyed the drumming in the track.

Second song: It was alright. Not the biggest fan, but certainly not bad

Third song: Rammstein has that unique aspect that gets to me. Always a treat to hear them.

Great songs man. Thanks for contributing!
Thanks man, other than classical and orchestral I really just listen to Funeral doom, black metal and some death metal, but a couple of bands, namely Rammstein I've just always loved.
what classical music do you listen to?
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Watch me break the rules, cucks.
Am curious as well anon.
Song 1: Vocals I'm not as crazy about but the music itself I like,
Song 2 Same opinion really, I'm not as huge of a fan of the hardcore/metalcore vocal style but I did like the instrumentation
Song 3: I am a little drunk and trying to decide how I feel right now
I like a variation of stuff, Nothing very obscure if I had to choose more specific pieces they would be

-Beethovens 5th, the 7th 2nd movement is probably my overall favorite
-Dvorak - For a New World
-Mussorgsky - Pictures at an Exhibition and Night on Bald Mountain
-Gustav Holst - The Planets
-Edvard Grieg - Solveigs Song
-Prokofiev - Dance of the Knights
Vivaldi Four Seasons
A lot of stuff by Bach
Wagner I really like too
Very nice. I'm quite fond of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Tr0otuiQuU
thanks, will check em out
Absolutely, Moonlight Sonata is amazing!
it's a bot
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stuff ive recently put on a playlist- not necessarily faves but all stuff i do like:
headphones - mounties
sprinter - torres
dance hall days - wang chung
song 2 is a little too silly for my tastes but that is a top notch video
hard not to like all of these
Yeah I feel you. Those three aren't my favorites either, but just stuff I have listened to recently.

Here's what I think:

First song: Jesus man skeletons? Scary stuff, but in all seriousness, pretty nice song, and pretty relate able.

Second song: Pretty mellow tune, Lovely vocals, all overall pretty ambient.

Third song: Eh, not really my cup of tea, but to each their own.

Thanks for sharing.
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